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What is FlightReady E6B? Description of FlightReady E6B

Over 100 aviation functions, conversions, and utilities, including functions that you won't find in any other E6B.

Each function uses the correct scientific formula to ensure accuracy. Other E6B apps rely on rules of thumb that can be up to 10% off. The most comprehensive, accurate, and easiest to use E6B on the App Store.

E6B Functions > Plan Leg
▸ Groundspeed
▸ True Heading
▸ Compass Heading
▸ Leg Time
▸ Distance
▸ Fuel Required
▸ Fuel Flow
▸ Endurance

E6B Functions > Airspeed
▸ Actual TAS
▸ Actual Mach
▸ Plan Mach
▸ Plan TAS
▸ Total Air Temperature

E6B Functions > Wind
▸ Wind Component
▸ Unknown Wind
▸ Wind Correction Angle

E6B Functions > Altitude
▸ Pressure Altitude
▸ Density Altitude
▸ True Altitude

E6B Functions > Climb & Descent
▸ Required descent gradient (percent, degress, ft/nm)
▸ Required descent rate (ft/min)
▸ Top of Descent
▸ Convert between percent, degrees, and ft/nm

Extra Functions > Performance
▸ Rate of turn for angle of bank and airspeed
▸ Turn Radius for angle of bank and airspeed
▸ Required bank angle for standard rate turn
▸ Turn radius for standard rate turn
▸ Hydroplane speed
▸ Load factor in level turn
▸ Pivotal altitude

Extra Functions > Navigation
▸ DME arc - distance along arc
▸ Thunderstorm cell height (from radar tilt and echo distance)

Extra Functions > Aerodynamics
▸ Lift
▸ Power & Torque

Conversions > Temperature
▸ Celsius
▸ Fahrenheit
▸ Kelvin
▸ Rankine

Conversions > Distance
▸ Statute Miles
▸ Nautical Miles
▸ Kilometers
▸ Meters
▸ Feet

Conversions > Speed
▸ Knots
▸ Miles Per Hour
▸ Kilometers Per Hour
▸ Feet Per Minute
▸ Meters Per Second
▸ Mach @ ISA

Conversions > Pressure
▸ Inches of Mercury
▸ Millibar
▸ Kilopascal
▸ Pascal
▸ Standard Atmosphere
▸ Pounds per Square Inch

Conversions > Fuel
▸ Convert between mass (pounds and kilograms) and volume (gallons and liters) for 100LL, Jet A, Jet B, and Water

Conversions > Weight & Mass
▸ Pounds
▸ Kilograms
▸ Ounces

Conversions > Area
▸ Square Miles
▸ Square Nautical Miles
▸ Square Kilometers
▸ Square Meters
▸ Square Feet

Conversions > Liquid Volume
▸ Gallon
▸ Liter
▸ Ounce
▸ Quart
▸ Pint
▸ Cup

Conversions > Dry Volume
▸ Cubic Feet
▸ Cubic Inches
▸ Cubic Meters
▸ Liters

Conversions > Density
▸ Pounds per Cubic Foot
▸ Pounds per Cubic Inch
▸ Kilograms per Cubic Meter
▸ Slugs per Cubic Foot

Conversions > Power
▸ Horsepower
▸ Kilowatts
▸ Watts

Conversions > Torque
▸ Pounds-foot
▸ Pounds-inch
▸ Newton-meter
▸ Kilogram-meter

Weight & Balance > CG & Moment
▸ Weight
▸ Moment
▸ C.G.

Weight & Balance > C.G. Shift
▸ Amount of weight that must be shifted
▸ Distance the weight is or must be shifted
▸ Distance CG is or must be shifted

Weight & Balance > C.G. % MAC
▸ CG location aft of leading edge of MAC
▸ CG location as a percent of MAC

Time Utilities > Time Calculator
▸ Standard mathematical operations
▸ Convert time

Time Utilities > Flight Log Calculator
▸ Calculate block and flight times in decimal and formatted time
▸ Set standard taxi times in Settings

Time Utilities > Standard Calculator
▸ Standard mathematical operations

Time Utilities > IFR Timer
▸ Countdown timer with audio, visual, and vibrating alerts

▸ Change precision of conversions between zero, one, two, or three decimal places - default is two decimals places
▸ Day/Night modes

What is an E6B?

An E6B flight computer is traditionally an analog device resembling a combination slide rule and slide wheel that performs calculations specific to aviation. For example, an E6B can be used to calculate heading and groundspeed after taking into account forecast winds. An E6B is also used to calculate data used for performance planning such as density altitude. Our version goes beyond the analog E6B and even beyond all other E6B apps by including functionality to calculate time, rate and radius of turns, pivotal altitude (great for flight training use), and more.

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FlightReady E6B App User Reviews

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FlightReady E6B Pros

Top freeTop free calculator so far.MiladmazVersion: 1.9.0

Best Flight Computer EverUser friendly and super easy to use! Saves a lot of time during flight planning..AjebutterrVersion: 1.4.2

✓   FlightReady E6B Positive Reviews

FlightReady E6B Cons

GmuWould be great to be more exact with seconds.GmupilotVersion: 1.6.0

Fuel computation crashingA fairly good app with the exception for the constant crashing of the fuel computing functions.KB8YESVersion: 1.4.2

✗   FlightReady E6B Negative Reviews

Is FlightReady E6B legit?

Yes. FlightReady E6B is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 918 FlightReady E6B user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for FlightReady E6B is 86.2/100.

Is FlightReady E6B safe?

Yes. FlightReady E6B is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 918 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for FlightReady E6B is 90.7/100.

Should I download FlightReady E6B?

There have been no security reports that makes FlightReady E6B a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

FlightReady E6B Screenshots

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Product details of FlightReady E6B

App Name:
FlightReady E6B
App Version:
Aeroapps Technology
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Navigation, Utilities
App Size:
9.54 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
11 October 2015, Sunday
Last Update:
16 July 2023, Sunday - 16:55
IOS 15.1 or later

FlightReady E6B 1.12.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

Bug fixes and performance improvements..

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