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Who is Valedra?

Valedra is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Valedra, including Apeejay Newsroom, Apeejay Education, Valedra developer wiki coming soon...

Developer Valedra Similar Latest Applications
1AI Photo Enhancer – Magus App Support
AI Photo Enhancer – Magus


2N2MobilERP App Support

BusinessN2mobil Tracking System Inc. (org.reactjs.native.example.N2MobilERP)

3Sum Square App Support
Sum Square

ProductivityFung Wan Chan (

4Sorting Monsters App Support
Sorting Monsters

GamesAustin Mccall (com.mccall.sortingmonsters)

5Annapolis Temple App Support
Annapolis Temple

LifestyleAnnapolis Temple (

6Shee App Support


7Circle Within Box App Support
Circle Within Box

UtilitiesNguyen Dien Bien (com.TuShunZhao.FangQuan)

8AIAdventure App Support

GamesShuoyi Ma (org.reactjs.native.example.AdventureGPT)

9UnicTag App Support

UtilitiesUnic Associação de Benefícios (

10STT up cf App Support
STT up cf

UtilitiesRyan Sayler (com.phasex.citedmotion)

11Hope App Support

BusinessDavid Flores (mx.itsoft.hopeMovilApp)

12Team Teach Knowledge Hub App Support
Team Teach Knowledge Hub

EducationTeam Teach Ltd (com.ios.TeamTeachKnowledgeHub)

13Alfabeto Divertido App Support
Alfabeto Divertido

EntertainmentЕвгении Chushkin (

14Asesoria David Chan Fitness App Support
Asesoria David Chan Fitness

Health & FitnessDUDY SOLUTIONS S.L. (io.harbiz.asesoriadavidchanfitness)

15Inside. App Support

Health & FitnessKristina Bagrova (

16Mini Bz Pay App Support
Mini Bz Pay

EducationMirko Frego (com.warme99.MiniBzPay)

What are the signs of iPhone hardware failure?

What are the signs of iPhone hardware failure?

iPhone hardware failure refers to a malfunction in one or more of the physical components of an iPhone. In some cases, these failures may be indicated by specific symptoms or error messages, while in others, the issues may be less apparent. However, understanding the signs of iPhone hardware failure...

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What is the difference between iOS app and Android?

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