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Who is Man Hung Sun?

Man Hung Sun is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Man Hung Sun, including Psychology: Body Language, Philosophy: fun and easy, Photo: add photo frame easily, Recipe Card, Psychology: practical, useful, Winning Strategy: Game Theory, 口袋食譜, Thank You Card, Easy Recipe: cost control, Psychology: Color psychology, Quote: motivate & inspire, Become Polite and Gentle, Activities Ideas Generator, Instruction Manual Generator, Sound Effect & Pure music, Greeting Card: Simple, Quick, Zen Buddhism, Excuse Generator, Positive Energy, Dressing tips and advice, Easy Card Maker, Self Discipline, Easy Image Editor, Meditation: methods & info, Excellent Copywriting, Overcome Laziness, Brain Teasers Generator, Photo: Posture and ideas, Quote: Customize, Greet Card, Provocation: Trash Talk, Problem Solving and Analysis, EQ: Easy, Interesting, Poem: the beauty of words, Psychology: Humanity Weakness, Investment Knowledge, Drawing: sketch & draw, Talking Topic and Ideas, Sleeping info and methods, Luck Generator, Jokes Generator, Improve Concentration, Focus, Survival Skills, Memorization Techniques, Regret, Psychology: Eloquence, Number Maker, Attractions, Photography: Skills and Tricks, Pure Music: soft, relaxing, Man Hung Sun developer wiki coming soon...

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