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Who is Jay Bauer?

Jay Bauer is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Jay Bauer, including CounterSocial, Jay Bauer developer wiki coming soon...

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1TriangleCatchCards App Support

LifestyleFerhat Konay (app.TriangleCatchCards)

2جامعة وارث الأنبياء App Support
جامعة وارث الأنبياء

EducationMustafa Jamal (

3Commander Clock App Support
Commander Clock

GamesMitchell Trafford (com.Eth4ck1e.SpeedMander)

4ソトシルクラス(花まる学習会) App Support

EducationKOYU Inc. (jp.fastmedia.5A1C40F5)

5Pizza Matteo App Support
Pizza Matteo

Food & DrinkDarnai Zoltan Kristof (com.oneminorder.pizzamatteo)

6房贷计算器-红鸾计算&房贷利率计算 App Support

UtilitiesNgo Minh Hieu (com.unyieldingk.matter)

7Royal Academy Turkiye App Support
Royal Academy Turkiye

EducationSelcuk Arkali (com.batowlbee.royalacademy)

8Ransom Note Stickers App Support
Ransom Note Stickers

StickersWidebeam Digital Ltd. (

9Chop and Stock App Support
Chop and Stock

GamesTrifles Games (com.TriflesGames.ChopAndStock)

10אפי אלון, רו
אפי אלון, רו"ח

FinanceEran Malovani (com.finbot.efalapp)

11ATENX STUDIO App Support

Health & FitnessFitPhilia (com.fitway.Atenxstudio)

12Papo Burger App Support
Papo Burger

Food & DrinkEasylivery (com.easylivery.papoburger)

13FLASH Ball Games Scoreboard App Support
FLASH Ball Games Scoreboard

Utilities海龙 邢 (

15Bleeding Edge Smart Remote App Support
Bleeding Edge Smart Remote

UtilitiesC3 Climate Control Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd (com.bleedingedge.smartremote)

16두레종합식자재 App Support

Shoppingkang juyoung (

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Can iOS devices download APK files?

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