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Who is Didem Tizman?

Didem Tizman is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by Didem Tizman, including Scale Up Run, Tornado Idle, Site Chief, Money Maker Run, Sort Line!, Spread City, Elevator Circle, Delivery Management, Hopper Merge, Defence Rush, Matchy Make Up, Climb to Sky, Color Raid, Town Thief, Money Sucker, Money is Happiness, Capital Loop, Collector Run, Life Sim Run, Blade Stack, I Am Speed, Color Field!, Zen Master!, Paper Town!, Swing Lane 3D, Decorate Hell, Buy Around!, Match Color Race, Colorgram!, Dice Pack!, Wrappy Run, Drift Shift, Fashion Pioneer, Fire Ring, Clash Tune, Gang Leader, Mighty Blast, Textile Rush, Barista Merge, House Merge, Zip Them All!, Ball Snatch, Draw Shred, Bolt Run, Cash Tree!, Draw Digit, Melt Master, Stretchy Stack, Machine Gun Master!, Merge Money!, Didem Tizman developer wiki coming soon...

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