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Trivia Crack (original Spanish language name: Preguntados) is a trivia-based entertainment franchise and one of the most successful brands in the Etermax gaming division. Initially introduced as a mobile game in 2013, it includes different active games, such as: Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2, Trivia Cars, Trivia Crack Adventure, Trivia Crack Kingdoms, and Triviatopia Run, available on Android (operating system) and iOS. Trivia Crack has more than 600 million downloads worldwide and more than 150 million active users annually, including those who are entertained and connect with others through social networks, such as Facebook or with the free Instagram filter Challenge Trivia Crack, with the action of Google Assistant, the skill of Alexa of Amazon and the Apple Watch version. Trivia Crack is available in more than 180 countries, ranking # 1 in trivia games in 125 of them. Board games, consumer products and experiences, as well as the animated series Triviatopia, inspired by its characters, complete the experience. The franchise is developed by the company Etermax, whose teams are located in Argentina (where the game was initially developed,) Uruguay, Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

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