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Who is True Axis?

True Axis is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by True Axis, including Jet Car Stunts 2, True Skate, Jet Car Stunts Lite, True Surf, Jet Car Stunts, True Skate Stickers, True Axis developer wiki coming soon...

Developer True Axis Similar Latest Applications
1BabySleeps App Support

Health & FitnessSerhii Sachuk (com.sachuk.babysleeps)

2BFF Conference App Support
BFF Conference

MedicalTarun Lalan (com.smarthumanoid.bff2024)

3Allport Serviços App Support
Allport Serviços

UtilitiesALLPORT SERVICOS TERCEIRIZADOS LTDA (com.allport.allport)

4AR Calculator: 3D Tape Measure App Support
AR Calculator: 3D Tape Measure

UtilitiesQUANTUM4U LAB PRIVATE LIMITED (com.quantum.ruler.armeasure.measurement.taperuler)

5CamionSuperMarket App Support

BusinessSandhills East LTD. (com.Sandhills.CamionSuperMarket)

6Chargemetrix App Support

UtilitiesMetrix Advanced Technologies (com.metrixat.chargemetrix)

7Avia7or: Jigsaw Puzzle Game App Support
Avia7or: Jigsaw Puzzle Game

GamesJigsaw Aviator Puzzle (com.rosevilleplaza.jigsaw)

8Chisasibi Cree Nation App Support
Chisasibi Cree Nation

UtilitiesCree Nation of Chisasibi (ca.communikit.ios.chisasibi)

9CardioAR App Support

MedicalLAZARO MENA GABRIEL (com.CienciaVR.CardioAR)

10ChongP App Support

LifestyleXuyen Chinh Dieu (com.chongpingww)

11ArbiHunter App Support

BusinessAndrey Barannikov (com.arbi.hunter)

12Aim Destroy Robot App Support
Aim Destroy Robot

EntertainmentHoang Dung Tran (com.AimDestroyRobot)

13Bible Quotes Maker App Support
Bible Quotes Maker

ReferenceSkyraan Technologies (com.skyraan.quotesmaker)

14Cashdin App Support

FinanceSergio Ruediger (com.sruediger.iCurrency)

15Capstone: Financial Tracker App Support
Capstone: Financial Tracker

FinanceJeffrey Swarts (com.rentyapps.renty)

16Affirmations & Positive Quotes App Support
Affirmations & Positive Quotes

LifestyleSimpleInnovation LLC (com.simpleinnovation.affirmation)

Can iOS devices download APK files?

Can iOS devices download APK files?

The short answer is no, but there’s a bit more to it than that. Let’s take a closer look at what APK files are and why iOS devices can’t download them. What is an APK File? An APK file is an Android Package File, and is the installer file for Android apps. In order to […]

What is meant by iOS app?

What is meant by iOS app?

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