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Who is TapMedia Ltd?

TapMedia Ltd is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Support apps by TapMedia Ltd, including QR Reader for iPhone, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor, File Manager & Browser, QR Reader for iPad, Barcode Reader for iPhone, Photo Editor Ⓞ, Translator », Flashlight ϟ, QR Code Generator & Creator, Private Browser ⊘, QR Reader for iPhone (Premium), Call Recorder ℡, Countdown ▼, Scanner, Math Scanner, Voice Changer, Ad Blocker ⊘, Chess ◧, Barcode Reader for iPad, Website Scanner, Sudoku ⊞, NFC Reader & Scanner, Database Scanner, Four In A Row ◎, Magnifying Glass Ⓞ, Grocery & Shopping List, Travel Packing List, Business Card Scanner & Reader, DanceApp, Weather ϟ, QR Reader for iPad (Premium), Voice Recorder (Premium), Minesweeper ⁕, Solitaire ⋱, TapMedia Ltd developer wiki coming soon...

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