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Affirmation or affirm may refer to:

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1AI Eraser - Object Remover App Support
AI Eraser - Object Remover

Photo & VideoQvalitech Engineering OU (dev.nordics.apps.retouchapp)

2BIFLE Driver App Support
BIFLE Driver

ShoppingOSAMA MOHAMMED ALI (com.truckease.driverapp)

3ArbiHunter App Support

BusinessAndrey Barannikov (com.arbi.hunter)

4Artu Urlan App Support
Artu Urlan

EducationEfficient Way (mn.clubi.ArtuUrlan)

5Bracket Buddy - Esports Events App Support
Bracket Buddy - Esports Events

SportsGalint Gaming Inc. (com.galint.BracketBuddy)

6AquaBerry Sugar Calculator App Support
AquaBerry Sugar Calculator

UtilitiesMinh Le Dung (com.suga.WateSugarApp)

7CalcHunt App Support

EducationCyrano Schneising (

8Cadence Mobility App Support
Cadence Mobility

TravelSivaram Muthuswami (net.breezeware.marta.tracking)

9Cars Collection Info App Support
Cars Collection Info

LifestyleHamid Rath (

10Chicken Shack Rotisserie App App Support
Chicken Shack Rotisserie App

Food & DrinkThe Chicken Shack 2 (com.owner.TnaVJKyMCrHj.thechickenshack)

11Burgerspot - Доставка бургеров App Support
Burgerspot - Доставка бургеров

Food & DrinkOksana Sukhareva (ru.LNNjLnR.W.9255)

12Ball Sort 2 App Support
Ball Sort 2

GamesSalih Eksioglu (com.KarEx.MatchTheBalls2)

131B App Support

Social NetworkingSeoyeon Park (

14Car Segurity Internacional App Support
Car Segurity Internacional

UtilitiesDaniel Chavarria Ospina (com.internationalgps.carsegurityinternacional)

15CinchCat - ToDo List App Support
CinchCat - ToDo List

ProductivityNoboru Ishikawa (com.systemneco.checkerCat)

16ChessNote App Support

LifestyleTaras Gavrilyuk (

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