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DairyBar App User Positive Comments 2024

DairyBar app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about dairybar?

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DairyBar for Positive User Reviews

AMAZING!!I love this app. I love that it has a caregiver feature. I also love it tells you how many days of milk you have for your baby..Version: 2.8

Amazing App for Pumping Moms!This app has helped me organize all of my pumped/ used milk. The simplicity of the app is perfect..Version: 3.1.2

Best Milk Tracker!I’ve used this app since my first baby 2 years ago and it’s so worth it! It is so simple and doesn’t have a bunch of extra unnecessary things in it. I love that I can see the available milk as well as the total milk!.Version: 2.8

Easy to useLove the updates! So easy to enter multiple bags at one time vs individual..Version: 3.3.0

Perfect app!I am SO grateful for Dairy Bar. I’m a major overproducer and am constantly bagging and tracking milk. This app is SO convenient, well organized, and easy to use. It’s customizable to my needs. I love seeing how much is in my stash, and can easily adjust my fridge to freezer to deep freezer to donated. This app is the best!!!.Version: 3.6.22

Simple and efficientI love that this app does exactly what I need without any of the bells and whistles that I don’t. I don’t need to track all my pump times and output—I just want a simple log of what’s in my freezer and this does exactly that! It’s easy to use and the fact that it’s beautiful is an added bonus!.Version: 1.0

Simple but effective!I love this app for tracking my milk stash!.Version: 3.3.0

Absolute lifesaver!This app is wonderful! You can track fridge, freezer, and deep freezer stashes, it will calculate both best by and use by dates for you, it shows stats overall from your stashes, and (the best part!) you can add other caregivers to allow them to add and/or remove from your stash! Definitely worth the money!.Version: 2.4

Couldn’t pump without it!I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this app. I am exclusive pumper and over producer (second time around) and it makes all the difference for knowing what I have and how much. Organization is key when you pump exclusively! I am I love with the feature that lets you say how many bags of milk you are entering on each date (I usually am entering 5+bags on each day). Thank you for the amazing features! Even knowing how long my stash will last if I exclusively used it is so helpful!.Version: 3.7.1

Easy to use!This is the perfect app for me! I exclusively breastfeed, but have pumped to get a freezer stash. This is so helpful because it doesn’t ask for how long I pumped, and it’s so easy to input my milk, as well as see how much I have! I seriously recommend this app to everyone!.Version: 2.4

Awesome appI just got the app, but compared to others it is super nice and more user friendly! The only thing I would suggest or wish it had would be a move option from the fridge to the freezer!.Version: 3.4.1

HelpfulI love the ability to find out when you can stop pumping using the calculator function. The only issue I’ve come across is the graph. Even though I’ve added in more entries the graph has capped out and plateaued only reaching 102oz when I really have 181oz..Version: 3.0

Great app overallI love this app - it’s super easy to track pumped breastmilk. I love the Note feature so I can include the bag number when I store in bricks. My only suggestion would be to add a feature where you can add multiple bags of milk with one entry. For example, 10 bags at 4 oz each. It’s kind of annoying having to enter each bag at a time. Also I would love if I was on the Freezer tab, when I go to add milk, it would default to the Freezer option. Small issue, but would make the app better..Version: 2.8

HelpI love this app I donated my milk and I love the donate button but when I go to the Home Screen it says donated but keeps the oz in the available portion but it’s not available anymore am I doing something wrong?.Version: 3.4.1

The best!This app absolutely rocks! I love it so much and they have even better customer service..Version: 3.7.1

Great AppAs an exclusive pumper, and building a freezer stash, I use this app everyday. Very helpful, organized, easy to use to track your supply..Version: 3.3.0

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