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WeatherBug – Weather Forecast App User Positive Comments 2024

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast app received 136 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about weatherbug – weather forecast?

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WeatherBug – Weather Forecast for Positive User Reviews

WeatherI Love weather bug.Version: 5.43.0

Very preciseVery good.Version: 5.2

HelloAwesome love the app.Version: 5.4.7

Gotta have my wheh-thuh!As a young girl raised up on a small NH farm (28 acres), every day and every night the weather mattered. Mattered deeply. Chores to be done, get wood in the cellar before dark for that night and next days warmth, animals to be managed, gardens to be tended, all happenings dependent on ‘thuh wheh-thuh!’ Some days were happy, some days were sad but they all happened around the forecast, the Farmer’s Almanac calendar and the experience of the older farmers nearby. “If the leaves on the maples turn upward, it’s going to rain.” These were the years 1945 to 1963, from my birth until I left home. But the weather report never got left behind. Whether being a nanny to Dartmouth professors kids or cashier at a neighborhood restaurant or a dental assistant in Boston or speaking at a youth group at church or at seminary with my husband, no matter where I was or I am, I need to know the weather. I am so thankful for meteorologist’s at stations around the world who keep us informed. I am so especially thankful for WeatherBug just one tap of the key and I am confident they’ll be there and have just what I need in their report. Thanks Buggy!.Version: 5.59

Most accurate I have found!As I have used lots of weather apps that have been rubbish I am glad to have found one that works most of the time! No app will guarantee precise accuracy but this is good at getting it right. The rain and lightning are usually accurate and so is the fog..Version: 5.3.3

Best of the weather appsAs the title says, this is consistently the most accurate weather app I have used over the last 15 years. Well done!!.Version: 5.77.1

WeatherbugI love using Weatherbug at the cottage. It shows me a map of the lightning activity in the area and also gives me an alert to seek shelter It has been helpful quite a few times.Version: 5.42.0

ReliableReliable application. Consistently provides just what I need in the various parts of the world I visit. I find the visual static page description of the current weather very helpful. Can’t fault app in any way..Version: 5.9.1

Update: You Removed “Intolerable Flashing Message Icon”REVIEW UPDATE: THANK YOU, WeatherBug! I’m a WeatherBug fan again! I gave you a week to eliminate the “insanely rapid flashing ‘you’ve got a (trash) message’ icon” before I deleted your app. You removed the annoying add in 1 day! I will again be recommending your app to any one that needs to check the weather. WB=5xStars! PS The lightning ⚡️warning map feature is extremely helpful. Life saver! (*Original Review) I really liked the Weather Bug app for a couple of years. Seemed somewhat accurate. Love the lightning warning and locator feature. But this morning when I opened the WB app, the insanely rapid flashing “you’ve got a (trash) message” icon made me want to delete the app and give it a “0” star rating. I haven’t deleted it yet. I’ll give developer a week to get rid if this new annoyance before I delete the otherwise decent app. However, I am already searching for a different weather. app.Version: 5.4.9

GreatEverything you need in a weather App..Version: 3.1

WhetherGood information we need to know are coming from this app.Version: 5.69

Great App - WeatherbugFor all you people who cannot get metric support - you have to go to the Settings section of your Iphone. Weatherbug appears there! Its a great app and I love having my favourite cities there.Version: 0

Closer correct projected weather then weather channel for our areaBeen monitoring these two weather apps for over year now. Have noticed in that time that Weather Bug has hit our weather more often then the Weather Channel. The Weather Channel also requires you to purchase a premium package to give you a ten day forecast. Weather Bug does not. Given the high percentage of hitting our weather of Weather Bug versus the lower percentage of Weather Channel, I recommend the Weather Bug. Also, I notice the Weather Channel has greater detail weather reports on highly populated area more then low populated areas. Not saying this is wrong because the more folks that can obtain accurate weather predictions the greater chance of loss of life, however, we deserve that also and we will use the app that provides us that data..Version: 5.27.2

Tres bien conçuNous apprécions beaucoup, tres juste dans les prévisions,merci.Version: 5.33.1

Great, quick appApp works very simply. What you want from a weather app, is something to look at quickly, with clear information, this does the job perfectly..Version: 5.18.8

Truly brilliant appMuch more accurate and useful than any of the other apps I’ve used. Storm warnings and lightning information is very precise and has saved me going for runs when the skies were grey but not yet raining..!.Version: 5.28

My favorite weather app is screwed upThis has been my go-to weather app for years. It gets used multiple times a day, and has never given a hint of trouble. Scratch the glowing praises now because with this last update the app crashes on start-up. I followed the developer’s advice found in a response to someone else’s recent complaint and deleted/re-downloaded the app. Bad idea. The app started up once, and then promptly stopped working again, and I lost all my settings for no good reason. Come on, guys. Don’t let such a good app cause this much frustration. The second star I’m giving is based on my hope that you’ll get this fixed ASAP. Update: Shortly after I posted my review the app started working as expected. Then this morning, just 3 days later, it’s back to crashing at startup. I do not want to uninstall/reinstall again, as I did that before you suggested it in response to my original review. It didn’t work then. I hope this usually excellent app is mended soon. Update #2: It’s been about a week since my first update, and while the app is working better, it still occasionally crashes at startup. This happens about once every other day. I don’t know if it’s related, but the problem seems to occur when I first open the app and I’m not on wifi. Anyway, I’ve updated my stars accordingly..Version: 5.11.1

Rain warningI like weather bug so good at notifications when it’s going to rain. Also let’s me know when it will stop. Really good App to have..Version: 5.48.0

It reports rural locations accuratelyI can rely on it to accurately report the weather where I am as long as it’s connected. We wish it also gave accurate readings for places we may be planing to go..Version: 5.70

WeatherBugI use WeatherBug to plan my days work and all my time relaxing and traveling and vacations. Basically I use WeatherBug for all my complete days!!!! {On a personal note} I have had WeatherBug since WeatherBug came out until today and your WeatherBug App. And since that day was the best correct app. for anyone that uses this app. will be happy for planning there days. If your days have to be done safely and on time to complete your full days you will be a completely guaranteed and satisfied with your days work, relaxing, and your vacation’s will and your everyday commuting everywhere you go. I have tested WeatherBug since they began until today and the WeatherBug was correct time on all reports and was an accurate forecast every time you use this app. just like I have been every time and you will have the same as I have. Never been off no more than a hour before are an hour after which we are still working on without any problems because you planned your days with WeatherBug guarantee..Version: 5.33.1

InformativeI have found this to be the best of all weather information others become confusing. Simplicity and clear obvious information is what most of us want. Unless you are a meteorologist this is IT for me.....thank you..Version: 5.14.1

Le meilleurMême mes amis le choisissent pour son exactitude et look.Version: 5.47.0

Great appIt’s easy to use and more accurate than other apps but not always 100% correct. It is much better than the Apple weather app..Version: 5.67

Love this app!Generally more accurate than some other weather sources but I really love the lightening alerts and map so I can see where the storm is.Version: 5.47.0

Radar back in the UKSame as the other reviewer. Got recommend from Disney resort staff. Been using it ever since. Far more confident in this app and the radar than any others I've used. The radar seemed to disappear from the map in the UK for a minute but is now back and I am super glad it is. App is great. Highly recommend..Version: 5.73.0

Fantastic app. Love lightning infoI’ve used this app for Years. It has loads of info and I’ve always found it super accurate. The live lightning information is fascinating and again really accurate. How do they know? Makes my head spin.Version: 5.10.2

RecommendedOne of the best weather apps. Always work and never disappointed me. Thumbs up.Version: 5.22.1

Great appI’ve had this app for a number of years and use both it and the one that comes with the iPhone. This one is usually a bit more accurate and pinpointed to my area although it does take slightly longer to load on my old iPhone 6. It is also far more detailed and provides much more information. The default app is quick to load so I often glanced at it quickly before loading WeatherBug for a more extended look. Weatherbug is continuing to evolve and I find that every time I would like a feature like being able to check the weather map or get a detailed view of what the weather will be three days from now, it just takes a tap or 2 to figure it out how to do it. The programmers seem to have anticipated my every need. Perhaps a professional meteorologist would want something more powerful but I find it meets my every need. There are advertisements but they seem relatively unobtrusive unless you go looking for them. So all in all I highly recommend this app..Version: 5.16.1

FeedbackThis is a great app but there is always something to improve just more accurate and options.Version: 5.81

Try it!!!The best weather app out!!! Works awesome in all seasons..Version: 5.51.0

It’s super.Factorial and easy to use..Version: 5.4.8

Weather BugI love looking at how weather will impact us. The radar helps us know when the rain will start and stop..Version: 5.29

Works OK for meI am not any kind of computer guy, I can barely type 10wpm. Being 71 I don’t use many apps other than weather apps. I watch storms in my area very closely because I currently live in Eastern Oklahoma Lived in San Antonio for 14 years and the weather guy on the local CBS station was always mentioning Weather Bug. So when I saw it on the Apple app. Store, I grabbed it. Now that I put in places where friends and family live I can keep track of weather in whatever. Areas I want. Plus I get weather notices if something headed towards me All I can say is I have had no problems with this app and think that for me, a person who never owned any computer before 2003 and only got my first cell phone in late 2017 it’s easy to operate and even an old fart like me can make it to do what I want it to. I get notified of severe weather headed towards me, many times before the NWS emergency radio lets me know, then all is good in my world.Version: 5.24.1

Very useful appThe weather — we complain about it nonstop but WeatherBug is brilliant. Very user friendly and easy to set up..Version: 5.11.1

Terribly slow and contradictingIt’s horribly slow to load any new info without jumping through hoops. Start switching cities, close out of it completely to name a couple and the radar is spotty at best. What I mean is huge chunks of the radar image are missing, conveniently it’s usually missing around the area I’m trying to look at. Does me no good if the nearest radar image is 200 miles away. Also the hourly and the 10 day rarely if ever jive. 10 day forecast may say %80 chance of storms this afternoon, the hourly will say sunny the whole time with %0 chance of rain and I suppose I could check the radar but oh wait, it doesn’t work. This app used to be absolutely perfect when I first got it in 2012 but now it’s just a headache. It’d be great if you fixed it but it is free so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. So a few days later they claimed to have looked into the issue and corrected it. I’m telling you I wish everyone worked like these guys! It’s fixed and works flawlessly! The level of support and attention they paid to my measly whining is outstanding. You guys are top notch, thank you. I work outside so having a good weather app is important and you guys are spot on.Version: 5.4.7

Forecasts and alerts are dependable.Ind it reliable and my go-to app for weather.Version: 5.35

Great app and comprehensive data!A great app that provides comprehensive weather and is very accurate. Mapping and forecasting functionality are slick and the storm/lightning warnings effective. Minor downside would be that some features only work in certain countries, but otherwise an awesome app, especially given it’s free!.Version: 5.14.3

My favorite weather app everI love WeatherBug, it’s fun and has the radar map, lightning tracker and everything I need in one place..Version: 5.33.1

Weather bugThis is my “go to “app for the weather , I love it it also sends alerts when storms are about to take shelter … it’s always been pretty accurate, and so easy to use …now all my family use it too , if you don’t know what app to choose , you will not be disappointed with this app , it’s excellent !!.Version: 5.27.1

Weather in the bugWeather is so important in every aspect of our lives , to get an hourly prediction every day is so reassuring and it allows plans accordingly . There are very few times that something unexpected happens so I would like to Thankyou for this reliable forecast each morning when I get up to know what the day will bring . I I check your weather Prediction every morning and find it very reliable and I am grateful all the time for it Thankyou Cynthia.Version: 5.47.0

Good weather appI’ve just installed this app and I love it, however the reason I don’t give it a 5 star rating is because the app stutters and isn’t smooth on iPhone 10SMAX even updating to 12.4.1. Hopefully they can do a quick update and I’d be happy to give it 5 stars.Version: 5.12.0

Weather. BugWe take the bug with us wherever we go…...Version: 5.68

Two glitches I discovered so far. 🫠Okay. So far, I’ve been using WeatherBug to check for any rain/precip in the app, and that makes me feel special, because I’m a huge fan of rainy days! 🌧 And not only that, but I’ve seen two glitches I’ve found in this app so far! 😮 The first, I checked the hourly forecast, and I noticed something out of the ordinary, which says, “A chance of throughout the day”? 🤨 That’s weird. 😶 And the other, I spotted this glitch like a few minutes ago, by checking the 10-day forecast, and I also spotted what seems to be the image of a sun and cloud together, but the cloud seems to be cut in half, and what it says right next to it is, “Clearing”? 😯 So, in conclusion, the next time this app has glitches I spotted, they should get fixed as soon as possible! 😛 And, this is why I’m giving you four stars because of these two glitches I discovered. 😀.Version: 5.54.1

Beware. This is a scam appI purchased the option to have ads removed through Apple as instructed. Apple sends the payments to Weatherbug every month. Yet the ads never disappear. I contacted Weatherbug several times about this and they said to purchase it again. I did, but the ads were still there. I contacted them again and they said to give it time. I waited several weeks. Ads were still there. I contacted them again. Now they say there is nothing they can do and to contact Apple. I contacted Apple. Apple shows all payments were made each month to Weatherbug and to contact them again. I did. Weatherbug today sends me the latest in a series of emails admitting it is getting my money, but refuses or can’t turn off ads and will not refund any of the my money they received from my Apple account. I have canceled the ads free subscription in Apple subscriptions and delegated this scam app. There are many others you can use that are not crooks..Version: 5.26

A great resource to plan eventsI love Weatherbug It provides locality forecasts and are very reliable As a sailer in the past it helped me make decisions Theses days, it is now about going away for small long weekend and it is seriously 12/10 Well done to the team that built and continues to make weather bug such a great app.Version: 5.29

Lots of information for a free appThis app gives you tons of information especially for a free app. In some ways it’s better then the other weather apps out there. It even does one thing that I’ve not found any of the other apps can do. It will give you the heat index even in the hourly mode. Just click on hourly and then click on the time you are looking for. I’m sure they are estimated versions of heat index, but it certainly helps to plan what time if day you might want to do those outside things. Only thing I could find as a negative is so small that it’s barely worth mentioning-it doesn’t move between cities as easily as other weather apps. Like I said barely worth mentioning. I have found it to be more accurate then some of the other weather apps out there. I especially find that the heat index to be very accurate in the moment, and helpful in the estimated future times. I live in Texas and in the summer it’s very important to know the heat index. Bottomline: This weather app is worth your time to get. I’ve got the free version and it’s truly amazing..Version: 5.23

The lightning strike notifications is great!I find that the rain radar doesn't work in the bangkok, Thailand area, but the lightning notifications does. I find I have to go to another weather app to see the movement of rain and storms.Version: 5.12.0

The Best weather websiteGoing abroad , staying home , the weather bug is always with you where ever you go, giving the most accurate information on the weather , so you can plan your day and week ahead , I’m so grateful for its use x.Version: 5.55.1

Fiona76Love the app very accurate I use it to tell me when lightning nearby as terrified of it . Very rarely unplug my bt box or tv as haven’t had any exploding on 2 nd tv but due to age of last tv which was why it was replaced and not due to extreme weather or storms will keep using weatherbug.Version: 5.17.4

I run two weather apps - this is my preferred oneWe live in rural NZ located in one of the narrowest areas and have had trouble getting relevant weather predictions. Weatherbug does a great job...better than other apps by far. Also like the interactive air quality...makes me laugh. Looking forward to better lightning strike data being available in NZ..Version: 5.8.0

Great it ready do know beforeGreat it ready do know before all need to do is make shore the hours get up dated for example it’s 37 and it’s said it’s said it 37 but in hours it said 32? That’s all It the best weather app.Version: 5.8.0

Nothing to faultNothing to fault about this App, up to date and very informative, wherever you are. 10 day forecasts seem to be pretty accurate too, despite the British Isles being the hardest place on the planet to forecast - apparently!.Version: 5.11.1

Weather bugVery nice app simple with all the right information keep up the good work, many thanks. Still using the app keep up the good work..Version: 5.16.1

Great Weather App !Have been using this app for a few years now and have found it very accurate..Version: 5.35

GreatVery well designed app. I enjoy using it..Version: 5.2.2

Disappointed after the last updateSince the last update the radar doesn’t show the storms, no matter how many settings I change. The only thing that works is the lightning wasting. I haven’t bought it yet now I won’t..Version: 5.67

Great app for trades peopleWe have tried numerous apps and this is the best by far. Simple and easy to use and understand + you don't get bombed with ads. Highly recommend..Version: 4.6.4

Usually better than NWS or TWC appsI’ve been using the Bug since I got my very first iPhone. It zeroes in on my exact weather happening in the moment. There are many pinging spots near almost anywhere to give a good triangulation for my personal weather conditions within a few miles. The radar is easy to understand and accurate. The future casts are as accurate as I’ve ever seen ...and much better than even my 3 local meteorologists on tv. Even as far out as the 10 day forecast I know I can be ready for what may be coming. Where I live the weather is unpredictable moment to moment but Weatherbug stays on top of the quick changes. I love the storm tracker showing dangerous situations like nearby lighting and all severe weather threats. The UV rating, pollen counts and air quality reports are important to me as I am really fair, have severe allergies and asthma. The heads up to make sure I have the proper preventative meds/sunscreen make my outside time much more enjoyable. WeatherBug is an app I use daily; sometimes several times a day. I highly recommend it to everyone!.Version: 5.4.6

The best weather app I have found BUTA cast member at walt disney World recommend this app to us. Apparently disney use it for monitoring ‘inclement weather’. We were able to use the app to predict when rides would open again based on the location of lightning strikes! Just brilliant! On returning to uk we continued to use it. The radar is so accurate. We use it to predict when to take dog for walk. A 30 minute gap in the rain shows up nicely on the radar and out we go with the dog. I just don’t get why other apps and websites are not a accurate. Don’t they all use the same data? BUT…Sept 2023 update…Radar and storm tracking now not working in UK. Have tried reinstalling app but no joy. Shame. 😕.Version: 5.70

ReliablePerfect. I just wish alerts worked in Canada.Version: 5.73.0

Subscription is broken — customer service helpedUpdate: customer service has reached out to me and provided a temporary solution, as well as promised to fix the bug with the subscription automatic renewal in an upcoming update. Thank you! Original review: I was a happy paying user of this app for several years. Last time when my annual subscription was automatically renewed through Apple on April 27, the app started to show ads, as if there is now subscription. I’ve contacted the customer service via email, but they replied with a standard template of instructions, which didn’t help. I followed up with a screen recording showing that their instructions didn’t help, and got no reply..Version: 5.38.1

Excellent weather app.Don’t normally pay for weather apps, but made an exception here. I like the various formats ie 10 days, hourly and maps etc, but also the radar is excellent and accurate. Very easy to use as well. 👍.Version: 5.2.2

Best place to check weatherThis is my morning startup on WeatherBug Fast accurate information for planning all activities Steve.Version: 5.52.0

Closed to right I can find!Best most accurate forecast I can get! As a sailor it’s important to know before I go! And get updates out there!.Version: 5.33.1

Great AppI use the bug every day well worth the subscription..Version: 5.81

My "Go To" of 9 Weather Apps!I live in a micro-climate, where ·strong winds, ·property damaging lighting storms, ·occasional tree felling heavy rains block the remote roads to civilization... (If I said where, no-one would believe me - a 'paradise' island 😅) I monitor ·the wind, ·the rain, ·the electric storms, ·the fire alerts and the blistering heat of summer months, all with extreme caution and preparation. Weather Bug is my first app for reference, before if necessary, I drill down with more specific apps. 9/10 times I don't have to. Customised in-app widgets mean I can see what's important to me - wind, lightning, fire alerts etc instantly and clearly visible. Thrilled with this app. Well done devs!.Version: 5.11.1

Excellent weather apI use this ap a lot especially the radar rain map, really provides a great view all in one place to check how rain and weather is moving across the country. Great for deciding if to golf or not!.Version: 5.14.0

Reliable, Accurate and HelpfulThis is a very reliable weather app. It is easy to use and I trust it. I really like it because you can look at weather all over the USA and be confident the weather is accurate when traveling or just interested in the weather in other parts of the country. I have been using it to help me select where I want to live when I retire by watching weather in various cities and various states. Quite often this site is more accurate than other sites that utilize local news stations for there city reports. Weather Bug is my “go to” first choice weather app. Also, there are many weather stations to choose from in many areas of the country so you can get reports for weather that is much more accurate to the location you are interested in. Try it. You will appreciate it and grow to trust it over other sites..Version: 5.48.0

Tried a lot of appsBut this is currently the best. Especially since the weather underground app was “updated” and is now awful. Deleted that and this is so much better..Version: 5.14.3

Weather bug is a ok appSomethings I like about weather bug is it has a awesome radar and tracker of all of the thunder and lighting storms to bad air quality, they have a separated warning page for any storms flooding or polling. The bad thing are I don’t like when u go into hours it gives u like a 0% chance of sunny and it is hard to know what is coming up and they don’t have any warning issues up sometimes and that makes me frustrated. Also sometimes they give u the wrong information like they say it is sunny but it is raining So I would rather prefer the regular weather app because it shows what is coming up with the presents and if there is any issues, and it has the right information. Just till weather bug fixes it up. Thanks for reading. Ps. I hope that weather bug changes the issue that I had with this app because I still like it in some ways!.Version: 5.24.1

Best weather app yetI have looked for a weather app that shows humidity in all forecast options - especially 5-, 7- or 10-day forecasts - and this is the first one I have found that features humidity. I love the hour by hour feature too - also including humidity (!) - important for where we now live in the world!! Very easy to use. Fun interface. Great app!.Version: 5.3.3

Weather bugTop notch for accurate reporting..Version: 5.79

Thank YouWe have used Weather Bug all over Italy a sit has been very useful and helpful..Version: 4.4.6

Better than other “top” weather appsI’ve been using this app for a few months and find it to be the best app for tracking air quality. I love that this app can track AQ in ANY part of the world no matter how small or unknown the town/city is. This is a distinctive feature that the other “top rated” AQ apps lack and this to me is a huge disadvantage for them. I’d been living in a very small town in Mexico recently for 4 months and unfortunately became very ill from the air quality. I discovered Weather Bug and began to track the AQ daily and take necessary precautions as this was my first time traveling to Mexico much less anywhere outside the US. The fact that no other app was able to locate where I was living was a MAJOR let down. Weather Bug is easy to use, and gives real time AQ indexes as well as any other weather alerts and things I look for in an AQ app. If the other AQ app developers decide to improve their global location capabilities then I’ll be willing to check them out. Until then I rely on Weather Bug every single day for important AQ information in ANY town or city in the world. 👌🏻.Version: 5.16.5

Outdoor sportsLove this app but the new Outdoor Sports is a pain! It is terrible - shows ‘excellent’ weather to go outside at the same time as a nearby storm warning!! How do I switch off the new function?.Version: 5.44.0

Good appWorks well and really accurate. Custom tiles on cover page are great. Needs rain radar for world wide cities. My go to app for weather..Version: 4.4.5

Satisfied customerI have been using this app for more than a year and I find it very useful. I travel throughout Canada and the USA and I can get local weather easily. It is accurate to within a few minutes to forecast changes in weather, which is great on the golf course as I can see when it is going to rain or worse, an electrical storm..Version: 5.13.3

Excellent Weather Forecasting AppWeatherBug is just the best.... Living in the North East of Scotland with all sorts of weather, often four seasons in one day, it’s really great to be able to get accurate weather forecasts and pack the right clothing for the day.Version: 5.12.0

Love this app!!On memorial day, ohio had a really scary tornado outbreak and i'm lucky enough to have survived through it without being hit by one. i came across this app with my anxiety getting the better of me due to an extreme fear of tornadoes, but i can confidently say i'm happy i found it! it is extremely useful and very interesting to look on the radar. i love the alerts that it provides and they are VERY helpful. thanks for this great app! in light of these tornadoes in ohio, though, i really wish that i could be more reliable on this app with where the tornadoes are and if they have hit where i live. i'm on vacation without my family that lives there and last night when more hit was scary because i did not have a reliable source to where the tornadoes actually were and if my family was safe. i'm very happy with this app and i suppose it can't cover everything but it would have been really helpful to be able to track those tornadoes while it was happening! thank you anyways for such an amazing app, it has been really helpful and fun to mess around with. :).Version: 5.10.2

Accurate and easy to useI always use this app and it's been always accurate. I like that it has a 10 day forecast and an hourly forecast. I find the % of precipitation really useful..Version: 4.4

Been an excellent app for yearsBut for some reason since summer 2023 it’s lost a lot of it’s features like the radar layer and more etc, they no longer work :/.Version: 5.72.1

Great appI’m very happy with this app..Version: 5.9.1

Great app, user friendly, highly accurateI tried many apps before I found this one which I was happy with. Many were accurate but not user friendly. Others were mostly just inaccurate. This app is both accurate and user friendly. And it has so many great features. It’s my favourite weather app by far (and only now!).Version: 5.12.0

ACCURATEThe best thing about this app, is the extreme weather warnings.... ESPECIALLY the thunderstorm and lightning warnings! Living in France, and having to be very aware of any potential lightning strikes, for fear that any electrical goods still left plugged in will blow up before your very eyes, the warning part of the app is an absolute godsend! In advance of any strike, a message is sent to you, warning you of any imminent threats. This gives you enough time to unplug all valuable items, including the livebox, and prevent some pretty spectacular explosions!! (We are now on livebox no 5!)... so, I couldn’t recommend this app MORE highly!!m:...Version: 5.13.3

ExcellentA great weather app. Informative and very easy to navigate. Gives different options including an hourly weather rundown wherever you are. Wind speed is also a plus and every feature provided has proved invaluable for days you just need to know i.e. "beach day?" "Take a jacket for later?".Version: 4.4

ReliableMonitor many weather apps as work is outdoors. Weather bug is the most accurate I have come to realize..Version: 5.59

Thunder StormsIt's great for following the lightning strikes over the whole of the nearby area and further afield when you see that storms are forecast. You can see on the map exactly where the latest strike occurred to a few meters. The distance from the strike is also given. Bring on the storms! But stay indoors!! Listen up and look out...Version: 5.4.6

Very useful and easy to useWeatherbug is great! I feel like every possible weather related issue is addressed in this powerful little app. Information is easy to find, the home screen makes quick work of being able to check multiple weather related items. Noteable features: - Easy to check the weather in different locations. This is very useful if you are a frequent traveler. We add the location to which we are traveling and can easily keep an eye on the weather before we go. - Lightning Information. We have a pool and we check this frequently. It is right there at the push of a button, very quick and easy. - Detailed breakdown of the forecast. You are able to check the weather for the entire day, hourly, and even get a detailed rundown of the weather. - Easy access to weather alerts. This information is also easily accessible at just the push of a button. We are able to quickly check for tornadoes, flash flooding, etc. - Weather related videos. These are an interesting, fun little addition to the app. Videos showing cool weather related things that people have captured and videos of current weather related disasters around the country. - Easy access to check fires around the globe. Thankfully this isn’t a feature we need to use, but it is worth noting how quickly you are able to check this information. This is my family’s “go to” weather app. We’ve been using it for years and have never felt the need to look for something else..Version: 5.10.2

Good app , needs weather mapsNeeds weather maps then would be awesome..Version: 5.33.1

Great app for weather!I use Weather Bug all the time to check the weather. It is accurate and helpful! Would definitely recommend. It is easy to read too! It gives you weather where you are..Version: 5.4.7

Great weather app.Gives you all the information you need..Version: 5.51.0

Best Weather App for travellingMy go to app when travelling abroad. No matter what town in which ever country weatherbug more often than not gets it right..Version: 4.4.5

Accuracy of ForecastsOver the past 15 years I’ve used almost all popular weather apps and for this review I’ll name two others that Weatherbug beats hands down; Accuweather and The Weather Channel app. One would think since the Weather Channel has been the pioneer in forecasts for the longest duration they would put out a dependable app. All too often when I was running that app the forecasts were far off too many times. I’ve never had that issue with weatherbug. Of course hourly conditions can change but what I love about weatherbug is the truth in radar. When the radar shows a front moments away it’s always been spot on. It’s saved me many times when I’ve been out hiking or biking. It gives me plenty of notice when to get the dogs out before a storm. It has also made me a go to guy at work when others want to know the upcoming weather conditions. If you want a dependable weather app look no further..Version: 5.8.0

Hot cold dry wetWeather bug gives all the information you need with accurate updates used it for years.Version: 5.48.0

Reliable weather serviceEasy to use and can be quite local. Some tiny areas may not be listed but it’s my main weather ap..Version: 5.6.0

Weather bug is the bestI love soap, so much do you love soap too? Sometimes I clean my beadroom with a vacuum but only with no pants.Version: 5.59

Very Useful Information.I can make plans for travel, after having a look at your weather site. It would be more helpful if the trend of movement of the thunder-storms could be shown in some way. Thanks for a good effort in assistance to our daily lives. Kamal..Version: 5.13.2

Celsius is availableIn Sydney Australia here and with Version 1.3 no problem at all and Celsius is available. Great app!.Version: 0

Weather alertsGreat safety app for outside working.Version: 5.67

Great weather AppI think its more accurate than other weather apps I’ve had. Only get notifications when rain coming..Version: 5.73.0

I love the app, but where did my widget go?So I recently updated to IOS14, and ever since then, i can't find the WeatherBug widget anywhere. This is super disappointing because I'm a huge weather erd and like to stay up to date quickly with the features offered to me through that widget. I also use voiceover witch is a built in screenreader on my iPhone made for people with visual impairments, and your app and widget are fully accessible and i've been a long time user of your app. I'd just really like my widget back. I know that this might be an IOS14 thing, but could you guys please update so that all IOS14 users and I can use your widget again? Like i said, i find it super helpful, and now that IOS14 allows me to put widgets directly on the home screen, I was really looking foreword to being abled to see the weather at a glance on my home screen and using the widget more. If and when you guys bring it back, could you put a little thing in there for current conditions other than temperature (ex: sunny, cloudy, 50% chance of storms). That would also be really helpful. Thanks for making such a great app and I hope you can fix this..Version: 5.17.4

Spot on! Best weather info!!I’ve never found a weather app this fantastic and SPOT ON! I know when it’s going to be cool, hot, light or heavy rain and the weather warning are fantastic! Also shows you what’s happened around the world and where the closest storm is... Even if it’s in a different country! Amazing!.Version: 5.22.1

The best weather app goingLots of information available and accessible in a format that’s easy to read. Of all the weather apps that I have installed over the years none are as good as this one.Version: 5.46.0

Love It ~ WildheatherI’ve loved this App from the beginning, I love how it shows the times ~ Sun sets and Sun Rises, the New moon, half moon etc as I usually put my crystals out to be cleaned, I like how you can see a day or a week for the weather!.Version: 5.19.5

Weather bugFantastic app I’ve been using it for years and found it very accurate and useful. The thunderstorm and lightning warnings are part of our day to day life as we have four dogs which are petrified. I would recommend using this app 100%.Version: 5.18.2

Well designed and accurate too.This is one of my two go to weather apps. It’s intuitive, attractive and accurate (as far as forecasting UK weather can be!). I also enjoy seeing the extra detail that it provides..Version: 5.13.0

GreatGreat ine123456890.Version: 5.47.0

One of the best!I've tried almost every other free weather app. This one is the best! So good that I'm thinking of buying the Elite version (ad-free)..Version: 0

Weather Bug AppLove the App ! Easy to use and tells me everything I need to know..Version: 5.25.1

I wouldn’t want to be a weathermanIt goes without saying, weather in the northeast can be so unpredictable. What I like about this app, is the radar picture showing incoming storms. That is pretty accurate. When we’re out of town, I enjoy checking out the webcams, especially in the winter. I can see if there’s any snow or rain at home. I like the traffic webcams too. I not only check our weather forecast but also have at least 13 other towns where friends and family live so I can check out their weather too. When we’re traveling by car and I’m not sure what town we’re in, I just turn on the Weather Bug app and town at the top of the list is where we are. Sometimes I check the app 4-5 times a day. There are also some very nice photos that people have submitted. I have 8 weather apps on my iPhone and this app is always the first one I check. And most times the only one I look at..Version: 5.52.1

Almost perfectGreat detailed (free) forecasts and current wind. With celsius, knots options, more radar coverage, more stations and intl dates would be perfect..Version: 0

Weather bugThis is a fantastic service providing quick accurate weather information l particularly like the humidity factor. Thanks.Version: 5.7.3

Really helpful app! Love it!I used Weatherbug for the two years that I lived in South Florida, and for these past two years in North Carolina. When I first moved to Florida I did try some other apps and they just were not good enough. I am very reliant on having weather information and Weatherbug has been a really great help. I especially appreciate the Lightning tracker! It’s helped keep me safe for sure. It has a lot of other very useful information too. I can also keep track of weather, fires, etc., in other cities/regions where my family lives. It has a very user friendly interface and I can set up the home screen in the order I prefer. I also LOVE the short mostly weather-centric videos of people, animals, and landscapes that I probably would never otherwise see. I use it every single day and I’ve never had any issues with it. The past couple days it’s been loading a little slower than usual, but that happens from time to time with most apps. Not a big deal. I have recommended this app to family and friends because it’s a good one!.Version: 5.18.8

ClayOutstanding App , best out there , very rarely wrong . You really can rely on weather bug . Often people from other weather apps are shown different to weather bug and weather bug always seems to be right over the others . Watch that sometimes the weather symbol may not show rain but the precipitation will show a percentage that it may . Covers all you will need to know ..Version: 5.17.4

This is Hands Down the Best Weather App Out There!I have used a lot of different weather apps and Weather Bug is by far my favorite one! The only thing that bothers me is that the widget on my lock screen will not update no matter what I do! On the good side, it has a lot more free maps than any other weather app that I’ve used. I really love the fact that it shows me how close lightning is to my location, this is something that everyone should have. The fact that it also shows the current fire danger and the closest active fire to me is a helpful feature as well because this can help people make smart decisions about burning brush or anything else. I highly recommend this app to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you work outside or not, weather still affects all of us. I have the free version of Weather Bug and I’ve discovered that it gives me a lot more features and information than my other weather apps and it seems like it updates very frequently which helps to stay on top of weather changes. I’ve seen some people say that this app is really slow and laggy but I haven’t noticed any of that, it’s always fast and smooth for me. WeatherBug is definitely my new favorite weather app!.Version: 5.78

Daniel FitzSimons,Out of all the weather apps I have tried on my iPad I find Weather bug the best not only for my part of the Country, But also for friends and family in other parts of the U.K..Version: 5.14.0

Almost perfectI think this about the best there is in this genre of app. Even better, it tells you when there is lightning in the area, great when your playing golf!.Version: 5.22.1

Radar WeatherI like watching the storms rolling in and the app letting me know how close lightning strikes are to my location..Version: 5.28

WeatherI like how it gives a full weather report….and that it seems to be the most accurate!!.Version: 5.35

Went downhill but now back to expectationsUPDATE 2: The app has remained stable and I have raised it back to 5 stars and strongly recommend it. UPDATE: Finally the updates have corrected the crashing issues. The app is currently stable and as useful as before. I recommend this weather app again. If it remains stable I will raise my rating to 5 stars. ORIGINAL POST: Weather bug has been my go-to weather app for years. It always seemed to be more accurate than its competitors both local and national. I have recommended it to many friends. This changed in mid-December when suddenly the app would close with no warning, often but not always when I was reading an alert. I checked and both the app and my phone were up to date. I emailed the developers but have not heard back. Today there was an update. I installed it and opened the app. In less than 10 seconds the app closed. I will wait a few more days but I am looking at deleting it as it is no more useful..Version: 5.58.0

AMAZING app! But only 4 stars here’s why...So years ago when my dad first got a new phone, he needed a weather app put on his phone. I downloaded this one because it was the first one I saw. Never thought about it again. Come to summer 2020, I start lifeguarding and therefore, we have to watch out for lightening and mile radius this and that. All my coworkers told me to download this app because it gives accurate readings on how far a storm/lightening is. It SURE did live up to the standard!! Every day during the summer, and during the winter as well, we would watch this app religiously to check for lightening to keep patrons safe. I eventually started using the app for personal use outside of work, because it gives accurate weekly forecast, a week in advance so you pretty much always know what’s coming. I have 4 stars only because sometimes it does take a minute to load. And is hard because it doesn’t even SHOW it’s loading (with a little wheel or percent or anything) it just sits there and blanks until it pulls up which can be frustrating. But other than that, WOULD RECOMMEND!.Version: 5.23

Big GAwesome app now that the radar is working in my area. This is now my main weather app, so please don't change a thing! Keep the good work up, it has to be a number one app..Version: 4.4.7

Decent AppWeatherbug is a decent app and I can’t decide whether to give it 3 or 4 stars. I guess I’ll go with 4 because I have only 1 major complaint, though it does bother the heck out of me. I use Weatherbug for my weather most of the time, but one of the biggest complaints I have is that it does not update throughout the day. For example if the forecast is 75 degrees and sunny but it’s only 60 degrees and is raining, the app accurately displays the temperature and weather as of this moment, but the forecast doesn’t update to take the changes into account. If it’s 5:59pm and it’s 60 degrees and raining, obviously at 6:00pm it’s not going to be 75 degrees and sunny! If the app would update with new data based on unforeseen weather patterns I would be much happier with it and would probably update to 5 stars. That, and if somehow they could figure out how to forecast more accurately! I know that is a bigger and more global problem to solve, and is not limited to this app, but here in Chicago the forecast is maybe correct (or close to correct) 50% of the time. I feel like it’s gotten worse over the years, but that’s probably just because our weather has gotten more erratic and is harder to predict now than it used to be..Version: 5.5.0

Lightning warningWe use WeatherBug at our Project to alert us of severe weather..Version: 5.66

Free weather app testingI downloaded a bunch of weather apps (all free downloads) and put them to the test. I found I like “Weather Bug” the best. It seems to be accurate and you can customize the main page to see the information you feel is important at the top. I have mine set up so that the current temperature (daily high & low temp), wind direction, and wind speed are all showing right when I open the app. Then as I scroll down I see sunrise & sunset times, air quality, closest major fire, closest lightning strikes, and hurricane center. When you swipe to the page on the right it shows the hourly rain forecast for the week. The next page to the right shows the 10 day forecast. The last page to the right shows the weather radar for the area. I like the app because it is easy to use, easy to read, and seems accurate. After settling on this app I did pay the $3 yearly subscription fee to remove adds, just because they are annoying and to support the app..Version: 5.13.3

Love this appI find weather bug easy to read and very accurate.Version: 5.47.0

Great interfaceNice little program with good interface.Version: 4.4.6

Freedom18Great info and accurateTo many advertisements..Version: 5.48.0

Weatherbug is the best and simplest.YesWeatherbug is the best and simplest. And it is accurate!! Thank you for keeping it simple. Radar is great too🎈👍🏻.Version: 5.66

Great AppI can't believe all the bleating in these reviews. This is a very competent app that uses official weather station data, not some computer generated guess from overseas. I have been able to choose Melbourne city weather plus my local weather from Cerberus Weather Station. It gives me useful data like wind direction, chance of rain, etc and presents it in a very readable format. To change data from F to C you simply go to IOS settings, scroll down to Weatherbug, and change the temperature setting - easy. I got sick of inaccurate or incomplete weather apps, ended up using the official BOM site, but this one beats them all. Great app!.Version: 1.6.1

FrWas an amazing weather app but then it stopped providing the lightening strike information that made it so unique. Even so, it is a solid and well presented app with the information easily accessible in a variety of formats. I was having loading problems, ads appearing quickly and nothing else showing up, but these problems seem to have disappeared with downloading an update..Version: 5.4.0

Great AppLove this app works well with my weather concerns.Version: 5.33.1

Superb little weather programmeThis is a Superb little weather programme Gives you all the information you need from live weather To upcoming storms Would highly recommend this app.Version: 5.7.1

Very accurateThis app is extremely accurate for what is actually happening, the satellite maps are very reliable and easy to use. The live thunder and lightning map is amazing and for that alone I would always want this app. The only fault is that it does not predict very well ie what will happen in the next few hours, it will predict what will happen tomorrow and onward’s and that I have found reasonably reliable..Version: 5.16.5

HappyUs this app everyday.Version: 5.7.0

AccuracyI’ve found this one of the most accurate forecast apps. Recommend it to anyone who needs to know the precipitation chances in advance..Version: 5.53

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