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Good, Feature Request --> Dump all chat to one window.I find this application pretty good. A few things would be nice for an IRC specific application. It would be nice to have the keyboard have the / character on the main keyboard. Often times when entering an e-mail address, the main keyboard will have the @ key in the lower right so I don't have to 'dig' to get it. It would also be nice to have a mode where it dumps all colloquy into a single box.. so I can keep up to date on all of the channels that i'm in at once. If I want to do a message, i could enter the /msg #channel <msg> syntax or click the channel that I want to send to in the prefix of the message that I see in the window with prefixes enabled..Version: 1.3.2

Great IRC clientWorks very well, probably could do with an update to refresh some libs..Version: 1.3.4

SuperbVery likely the best IRC client for iOS. It's very stable and just works. Would like to see longer auto disconnect times (maximum is current set to 10 minutes) in future updates..Version: 1.5

Good but needs windows supportGood app. gets the job done but you can't stay online when u close the app unless you have a bouncer on a desktop. atm there is only a bouncer for the MAC and a beta version for windows which i tried to install to no avail (very complicated process). 5 stars if an easy-to-install bouncer comes out for windows. Cheers.Version: 0

Happy Switcher from LimeChatI switched from LimeChat because of the better user interface in Colloquy, especially when it comes to editing my chat text from a Bluetooth keyboard. The only thing I wish Colloquy had was tab-completion of nicknames when using a Bluetooth keyboard. If the feature exists, I haven't been able to figure out how to turn it on. :| Still, you can tap on the suggested name to get nick completion, which is better than nothing..Version: 1.4.2

Better than free apps but not the bestI have both this app and Bjorn Teichmann's Rooms installed. Both have bugs and are works in progress, but so far I haven't encountered a bug in Rooms that crashes it, much less allows anyone who is feeling malivious to crash it. Rooms is easier to configure and has a much nicer interface to work with, especially if you want to easily switch between many channels on many networks. Despite a handful of flaws, I would recommend Rooms over Colloquy. And I would recommend either over the free apps..Version: 0

Great, but...Works really well. The one thing keeping it from being perfect for me is that I can't receive XDCC transfers using a bounce server. I would like to be able to have files get forwarded to the iPad where they could be opened by other apps. Right now it just does nothing, doesn't even alert you to the pending transfer. File handling works well on iPad, and its disappointing that this app doesn't take advantage of it..Version: 0

Great!Just do a little more work on Dalnet related commands and it's Perfect! Using it for a long time now and I have no doubt to say it is the best Irc client available on the AppStore!.Version: 1.3.4

Brilliant!It's a lovely and easily the best IRC app out there. It's great to use and I'd willingly pay more for such a beautiful program. ••••• 5 Star.Version: 0

It IRCsI got this app for my iPad several months ago because I use IRC a lot and have had a reasonably good experience with the computer version of Colloquy. I continue to use both versions - they work well enough that I don't need something else, but the mobile version has a few issues. 1. Intermittently it will freak out, especially if I am doing a lot of tabbing between apps, to where the "who's here" list freezes, even when people join and part the channel. Recently I have not had that issue because Colloquy has crashed as soon as someone joins or parts while it is in freak out mode. 2. Text color support is one-way. I can see colorful messages, but I am unable to add color to my messages. 3. As another review mentioned, the timestamp has no option to display to-the-second accuracy. It also does not update on channel info like joins, parts, promotions and demotions. This is only noticeable on channels that are quiet for a few minutes, though. Mostly good, but a few (minor) issues..Version: 1.3.4

Good but... $2?It's a pretty good app. But I don't think the 2 dollar price tag is justified. 99¢ would make more sense..Version: 1.3.4

Awesome!!This is the greatest irc app. The syncing with the Mac app is flawless. And I don't know what the other reviewer is talking about with support. Just go to their irc channel (#colloquy on freenode). Every time I've gone there they've been very friendly and helpful. My only request is to allow notifications on all activity on a specific channel, rather than just by specific words (like with the desktop app). Otherwise it's a little hard to use this to follow my IRC channel..Version: 1.3.4

Need a build in browserThis app is very nice and work very well. But since the iPhone doesn't let you multi-task so if someone post a link and you want to view it, you get disconnected from the server which is awful..Version: 0

Quality!Best one out there for the iPhone and well worth the money. Nicely laid out, very very easy to use. Works perfectly and can also be used in landscape mode. Don't hesitate if IRC is your thing..Version: 0

Updates have fixed a lot of my issuesGood work guys :).Version: 0

FlawlessSuch great features for such little a price. Highly reccommended..Version: 0

Really well-written appI've been using colloquy on my Mac for a while now (although recently I've been using irssi more and more because I can use it with screen, but that's another story.) This app is obviously designed with the iPod/iPhone UI in mind, and the bouncer feature makes it extra super nice. It's the first app I've bought for the touch, and it was definitely worth the $2 I spent. Highly recommended..Version: 0

Good IRC client for iPhone!I have not had one problem with this app! Only thing I wish it had was a way to see all chat history..Version: 1.3.4

All you could want from mobile IRCI absolutely love Colloquy. Reliable connection, the forced background time outs are annoying however that is 100% Apple's fault. iOS forces apps to disconnect when running in the background for too long. It fully supports BNC's, such as ZNC. Sending messages to *status and module names works flawlessly. Multi server support is works great as well. It comes with a console which provides a ton of information about the connection. Similar to the Server window of mIRC. As an owner of an IRC server. I am pleased I can execute any command I need, including support for 3rd party Unreal and Anope commands. All in all the best IRC client for iOS. Leaves very little (if anything) to be desired..Version: 1.8.8

WowThis is the best irc client out there. It is easy to set up and it never crashes. I also like the inclusion of the option to auto complete typing in users names. Makes long names a synch to type in now! And, I like the amount of features just right. I only wish one thing: the ability to switch chat skins while running the app, and to allow for different skins for different chats. On the desktop version I use different skins to tell me who I am talking with..Version: 0

Good but....I would like to stay connected, the client disconnects after a few minutes when you re not using it: this should be a must, this is a Mobile irc client. Otherwise, could be fun if the links to you tube we post would be more integrated. Overall the best portable irc i ve tried so far..Version: 1.3.5

Very very good!This app is one of the best irc clients, if not the best one I have seen so far! Very good interface, easy to work with! It's worth the buy!.Version: 1.3.4

The best irc iPhone app out thereI tried a few others including the free ones. But this justs kicks them well out of its reach. It does everything i was looking for in a IRC mobile app. Would recommend it to anyone, if they use irc and want it on the go. no crashes, fast, reliable. what more can you ask for.Version: 0

The best mobile IRC client just got betterWith multitasking support and push notifications, IRC on the phone is a pleasure. Great work..Version: 0

Awesome IRC clientExcellent app - looks nice, and does what it should, without a lot of fuss. Major bugs from a recent update have been fixed, which is greatly appreciated. To make the most of it, you need to use it with a "bouncer" such as ZNC or the desktop Colloquy for Mac. You can stay connected to IRC all the time, and hop on from multiple clients at any point to see what's been going on. The Apple-imposed 10-minute timeout becomes a non-issue..Version: 1.3.6

Fast and works great with bouncers like zncWorks really great with bouncers and loads history buffers very quickly! My favourite irc client for iOS by a long shot..Version: 1.4.1

Good irc clientThis app is the best for the old irc. Though I wonder why anyone still wants to use irc compared with modern day flash video chat. Agh that's right Apple didn't allow us to have flash on the iPhone.  5 stars for nice ui.Version: 0

Pretty close to perfectA great IRC client. The only shortcoming is probably more of an iOS problem than Colloquy's ... the app features some multitasking support, but iOS will quickly kill the connection if it's running in the background for several minutes I would love to have the option to keep things connected in the background until I disconnect ... it's an essential feature if someone is using iOS as their main platform..Version: 1.8.2

Half baked updateThis app has been rather dodgy for along time. I like some of the features on the new update but how can I view a list of people in the channel?.Version: 1.3.5

Push is good.I quite like the option to use pushing from another running computer. This means you don't get disconnected due to switching, or being out of reception. Feels like the OS X version..Version: 0

One of the best IRC clients everFast loading and preprogrammed with a lot of IRC websites.Version: 1.7.3

Despite wonky configuration problems, Colloquy really shinesI really love the UI for Colloquy, even though the desktop client bugs me. Most of the themes are extremely beautiful, and it includes many of the features that are essential for an IRC client. After I ran into some bugs initially configuring the autojoined rooms (it began acted very strange), everything has began to act very smoothly and works wonderfully. It was worth every penny..Version: 0

Great app, a few minor bugs with current versionApp is beautifully presented and easy to use, minor bug in this version where if you switch between rooms/pm's with the keyboard still up, the chat box doesn't stay above the keyboard, it goes behind it and you have to put the keyboard down then up again to read current messages/see what you're typing. Other than that, which I hope to see an update for soon, it's a 5 star app..Version: 1.3.2

Better than mango hdNo crash. Everything works perfectly. I prefer a window tab to list users and channel. But this is minor. Both can still be accessed indirectly. Best iPad 3 irc program as of now..Version: 1.3.4

Great update, solid IRC clientIt's not a complete change but the client will log me out in 5 minutes instead of 3 now, that being the biggest issue with IRC on every iOS app. Still hoping for an update that lets it stay on continuously in the background like Skype and such do. Pref panel isn't showing up from the icon, but is available in the general system settings as its own icon near the bottom. It's annoying but still useable..Version: 1.7.4

Mobile Colloquy back in action!!To me, buying this was a no brainer. I used to use the old jailbroken version "MColloquy" back in 2007 & it made me smile to see an "official" SDK version being made. I had been following the development since the summer & building the source version for myself (yay for being an iPhone Dev) but, spending the $2 on this was the easiest decision I've had to make. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars! Congrats on a great release Colloquy Project Team!.Version: 0

ExcellentGreat app worth it if you use IRC alot.Version: 0

MUST GET!!!!!This is the best irc client for the iphone and if youre an advance irc user it makes the experience better and it does everything that a decent desktop irc client can do!!! all the ratings that are low are from inexperienced irc users that dont know anything what so ever although its soooooo easy to use! great app. hope there are updates to make it even better!!!!.Version: 0

GreatWorks great. Could do with timed push notification so it can stay connected for an hour before disconnecting or even just long enough to allow use of SMS without disconnecting..Version: 0

ExcellentGreat IRC client for the iPod/iPhone. Fully functional, and a good UI makes it a pleasure to use..Version: 0

Great IRC Client!I have never left a review, but I felt the need to leave one for Colloquy... because I LOVE IT. This app is GREAT for any typical IRC client user. I have read many negetive reviews about Colloquy, and these people MUST not be familiar with IRC clients, or how to set them up. I recommend this app for any experienced IRC user. I don't recommend this app for those that are not familiar with IRC. This Colloqy app exceeded my expectations for an iPhone IRC client. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 0

Excellent, but needs loggingWorks as well as the Mac desktop version, but with one drawback: Eventually, old messages are lost as new ones arrive, and there is no option for logging, as far as I can tell. Developer, I'm NOT witholding stars in a vain attempt to coerce you to add features, but, logging would certainly be welcome, even if it is plain text only..Version: 0

Absolutely beautifulI was told by a user in IRC channel that this was the best. All I can say is that he wasn't wrong. This is the only app so far to have made a permanent seating on my first homescreen. Keep it coming!.Version: 0

Very good.This application is definitely the best IRC client currently. There are a few places it could do with a tune-up, but these will come in time. If you're looking for an IRC client, this is definitely the one you want..Version: 0

Best iOS IRC client, hands down.Stable, works well, thoughtfully designed. Handles multitasking nicely, too. Plays nicely with my weird IRC setup. I only wish it had nicer themes, but that's not worth a loss of 1 star. ✨👌👍.Version: 1.8.5

Nice, but laggyWorks brilliantly- one of the best interfaces I have seen for iPod. However, it can lag with messages sometimes..Version: 0

Great app, longer multitasking timeoutThe app itself is great but with the new multitasking feature I was disappointed to find that I couldn't set the timeout to "never." Please add this option as some of us like to stay on IRC all day while using the iPad, 10 minute timeout notifications just aren't cool..Version: 0

Favourite IRC client on Mac, now on my iPad.Excellent app, beautiful interface for a very reasonable price. Works just as well as the original application on the Mac. Would be great to be able to search the list of rooms in the settings, as well as being able to search for a user..Version: 0

AwesomeI have four IRC clients. Flowchat, Limechat, Rooms and now Colloquy, and I just love colloquy. Flowchat would be great if it didn’t crash and have all the bugs and if it EVER updated its app. For all those who will say "restart your ipod," I did morons, I already spoke with the developers and they said it was their fault, yet they still havent updated their app. Anyways, I can not stop raving about Colloquy, it simply is the BEST IRC app out there at the moment. Flowchat may come close in a second, but right now, your best bet is Colloquy. Colloquy has a simple user interface, yet packs a lot of punch in its features. With the developers updating it often enough, Colloquy is the IRC app that everyone should have. Take it from me... I already have 3 other ones that will be trashed when I am finished with this review. Thanks Colloquy!.Version: 0

Best IRC Chat I've used, even with it's flawsRuns more efficiently than LimeChat (meaning my phone doesn't heat up from using it and drain the battery faster), gives you notifications when you're about to lose the connection instead of just disconnecting you, and I like the interface. The main issue is that the option to turn off screen lock isn't on by default. You have to look for it in the options and turn it on. This helps to prevent the iOS from disconnecting you from chat. It's was also a bit of a problem for me to find the "Time Stamp" option so I can see when someone left a message. It's in there, you just have to search a bit. The disconnecting issue is an iOS issue with apps that require a constant connection as opposed to an intermittent one. It isn't an issue with the app. The creator tried to compensate for it as much as they could..Version: 1.5.2

MagicI use it regularly with a bouncer and bitlbee. Connects quickly, works brilliantly. Just magic..Version: 0

Almost PERFECTI love this app. I use Colloquy every day on my Mac, and the iPhone client is absolutely wonderful. I love that you can view and type in either portrait or landscape, and the layout and all the little details they've put into it are just beautiful! The only reason I've left off a star, is because it's missing something I deem absolutely necessary in an IRC client. The ability to disable graphical emoticons. I dunno how they do it, but it seems EVERY text-based smiley I type is detected and replaced with generic ones. And multiple different smileys are replaced by the same general smileys and I just find it annoying. If Colloquy Project could give us that functionality, I'll GLADLY re-rate this app at 5 stars!! * * * * * Those of you who are looking for a good, easy-to-use IRC app for the iPhone, look no further; THIS IS THE ONE!.Version: 0

The Best IRC Client for Mac is now the Best for iPhoneI've used and love Colloquy on my Mac, and have looked around for IRC clients for my iPhone. Most did the job as advertised, but not very well. Then I saw Mobile Colloquy was introduced. This client is by far the best implementation of an IRC client possible on the iPhone, in my opinion. Very easy to use ad keep up with conversations, and utilizes the screen format really well. This is very much worth the price!.Version: 0

Best IRC AppThis is the best IRC app on the app store, buy it now, you won't regret it. Stunning..Version: 0

ImpressedA powerful IRC client that does what it says on the tin..Version: 0

Highly recommended for IRC usersOne of the best desktop IRC applications written for the iPhone? Yes please! Bought this little gem last night and have used it several times now. Everything so far works perfectly. It's easy to set up connections, and it has many of the advanced options found in the desktop client. It's really like using Colloquy on the Mac. The application even uses landscape mode, but don't expect to see more than one to two messages at a time while viewing in this way. I have no problems using the portrait keyboard, so I usually stick with this. My only gripe with this app is that there is currently no option to turn emoticons off (I am one of those people who would rather just see the textual smileys) but this is most definitely not enough to take a star away. 5 stars; definitely buy this if you are an IRC user..Version: 0

Great, would like an update.This is a really woderful application that allows you to connect to many IRC Servers and Channels. Be aware that if you are not familiar with IRC, there will be a bit of a learning curve. I would like to see an update sometime. Of course, the push notifications are coming. That will be a great addition. I just am hoping that it will have many settings for what you want to be notified about. Also, I would like the option to turn off the emoticons. Other than a few minor issues, this app is well worth the two bucks I paid for it. Highly recommended for any IRC user. Do NOT get another IRC app. This is currently the best..Version: 0

Works wellCertainly works well for emergency irc use. Nice app..Version: 0

Great IRC clientJust like the desktop version on mac os colloquy has a clean attractive interface as well as a growing list of features. Well worth it's low price..Version: 0

Great irc appI've tried limechat, rooms and colloquy. Colloquy is the best. It never crashes for me, works when I connect directly to networks or use my psyBNC irc proxy. This guy gave it 1 star for having too many settings, this is a good thing. It has a lot of features and is customizable. This app is easy to use and setup, if you can't do it it's your fault or the irc servers, not the apps fault.Version: 0

Use it all the timeI'm an IRC junkie and I use this whenever I'm using my iPad. It does everything I want with no fuss. Well worth a couple dollars considering how much I use it. Also, have had zero issues with it, ie no bugs or anything..Version: 1.3.4

5/5Best IRC on the store..Version: 0

Great app!...Version: 0

Does the job wellI'm generally happy with this app. Works well but there should be a way to stop auto disconnecting you if you don't keep using it. That part is annoying. Wish I could figure out if theres a way to use a black color scheme like a terminal or mIRC too. Cheers from EFnet!.Version: 1.3.4

The bestBetter than all the rest, for a pretty good price.Version: 0

Best IRC app out there!This is easily the best IRC app out there. Very user friendly, seemlessly operates on multiple networks. Good app support both on iTunes and on their IRC channel. Pretty hard to fault really..Version: 1.3.5

Works wonderfullyThis app works great on both my iMac and iPod touch. I have my iMac connected to an IRC network all the time, and the ability to use the bouncer feature on my iPod from anywhere I can get on the net is great. It lets me get around the iPod's inability to keep the program open while on Safari, by using my iMac's transcript to fill me in on what I've missed, and saves me from having to maintain two independent connections to any given channel. The only beef I have is with the lack of an iPad-native version, since the iPhone's keyboard is a bit chunky at 1024x768. With any luck, we'll see an iPad version here soon!.Version: 0

Best IRC app for iPhoneI have spent a lot of time looking for a good IRC app unsuccessfully, but once I found this app I fell in live with it immediately, it has all the advanced features I need with the simplicity to allow anyone to use it..Version: 1.5

ExcellentA bit tricky at first.Version: 1.8.10

Best irc clientThis has to be the best irc client for the iPhone a lot of helpfull options and well worth the money... If your looking for a irc client for the iPhone this is defiantly the one you should get :))))).Version: 0

Good but...This is the best iOS irc client I've found. As far as I'm aware, the 10 minute disconnect is only because Apple does not allow third party apps to maintain connections for longer than this. One issue though, since the update it seems to disconnect immediately every time I leave the app running in the background. Would be great if you could look into this..Version: 1.4.2

Bouncer for Windows unusableFirst off, I really do like this app. It works as advertised, and is worth the money. Except. When I went looking for the "bouncer" to push irc messages to me when Colloquy isn't running on the iPhone, I found a kludgy, confusing, hacked-together mess that the developers of this slick app shouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. A transparent, usable push feature like that on BeejiveIM would make this a 6-star app, well worth much more than I paid for it, as it is, it stays at 4 stars..Version: 0

Good ClientWorks very well for me. No issues at all..Version: 1.3.4

Functional unlike othersWorks perfect does what it's meant to unlike another I made the mistake of purchasing first which couldn't even search for rooms. Suspiciously my review for that one didn't turn up at all and it still says it have zero reviews. Glad I downloaded this one only had a brief play with it but I can already see it's a big improvement despite a lower price. 5 stars.Version: 0

BrilliantFantastic IRC app. Easy to use with all the options I could think of. A help page describing each of the options would not go astray but support on the #colloquy-mobile channel was excellent and helped me get up and running quickly. Now I'm not bound to my desktop when I'm in a discussion. Thanks..Version: 1.4.2

Done everything I could hope forGreat app once you get familiar with it. Serves my needs very well..Version: 1.3.4

Amazing programWorks perfectly. Worth the money..Version: 0

Great updateI thought the original version was kind of an uninspiring port, but the dev(s) released a really nice update with new features and whatnot, so I felt compelled to toss in a review..Version: 0

Perfect!It's perfect! It has landscape keyboard! I love you! I ask only one thing, though.... Change the app icon. It looks kinda lame..Version: 0

Best IRC ClientColloquy is the best IRC client out there, it's really that simple. Unfortunately, IRC is a horrible place, full of terrible people. If you want to go there, take this..Version: 0

I love youThis is brilliant.. On par with rooms.. If not a step further..Version: 0

AwesomeFeature to connect to my Desktop Colloquy client is a must! Was always too lazy to configure an IRSSI proxy, well Colloquy replaces it and very easily :).Version: 0

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