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Great app, but has one annoying flawI love using this app to watch shows like Bob’s Burgers and the Gifted, but there is one problem that I keep on having. So I know there is a countdown at the end of an episode so that another the next episode could start playing. However, The next episode starts playing even though I did not get a chance to finish the previous episode. I then have to go back to the beginning of the previous episode and fast forward to catch up where I was before the next episode started playing. Is there anyway you all could fix this issue?.Version: 3.11.5

Resume an episodeI started watching the new season of Gotham and I stopped watching mid-episode to continue at a later time. When I went back to the episode, it sent me back to the beginning. I had to fast forward and search where I had left off. After another pause when I went to the kitchen, I came back to the episode and this time it gave me the option to resume where I had left off, but when I clicked ‘resume’ it sent me back to the beginning of the episode again. I would suggest having a resume option that actually works, including when you leave and come back to the app..Version: 3.1.2

Terrific content, if it will let you see itThe app is well designed, both graphically and functionally, except for one issue which all of my troubleshooting efforts have failed to resolve: the “Have a TV Provider” screen refuses to work properly. I press Yes, get a pop up asking if I want to use my optimum account, and then nothing. It sits there at the Yes or No and does absolutely nothing. If I force quit the app because I got tired of waiting after several minutes, and then try to watch the current episode of Gotham, I’m sent back to the Have a TV Provider screen. Pressing Yes hangs the app. Pressing no puts me back to the list of shows, with a padlock under Gotham. Either way, I can’t watch most of the shows I want..Version: 3.1.1

App keeps crashingI can only get like 30 seconds into a show before the entire app closes itself out, and opening it up restarts the show again, only to play though commercials perfectly fine, then crash 30 seconds in again. Every time I open this app I have a problem. I’d love to use it if it worked properly, and I’ve gone through with all the updates for it, but with each update it seems to cause more bugs for me than fixes, and the ‘chat with an expert’ option never goes beyond a blank screen with no option to actually type or do anything to communicate issues. I feel really dissapointed considering how well it worked when I first downloaded it. ☹️.Version: 3.20

Could have been excellent...So I use this app on my iPad and my Apple TV (4th gen). This review addresses both devices. On my Apple TV you cannot pause/resume while watching "live". This is the same on my iPad. If, while watching in "live" mode I choose to "restart", I can pause/resume using iPad, but NOT in Apple TV. With either device while doing a restart of a live show I cannot scrub forward to the current live position of the show. This is VERY annoying! If I'm wanting to restart a live show and then scrub (fast forward) to somewhere in between the start position and the current "live" position I can't. I should be able to! If I stream something previously recorded I can pause/resume a show on both devices. I can scrub forward/backward on my iPad but NOT on my Apple TV. Of course, scrubbing is deactivated during commercial breaks, which is normal for most streaming TV apps. The menu is thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate. It's a better menu implementation then DirecTV NOW, or Sony Playstation VUE, both of which I use on my Apple TV and iPad. If it weren't for the issues mentioned above (inconsistency between devices, pause/resume and scrub niggles) I would have given this app 5 stars. As it is, I gave it 4 stars on iPad and 3 stars on Apple TV..Version: 3.2.1

It's okayREVISION Nearly 5 stars: keep up the improvements, Fox Now! Commercials are of a reasonable length, new episodes are available soon after original broadcast, no frequent requests to sign in, a "for you" category of pleasing programming. Very few glitches or crashes. Happy viewer. ============================== Now it keeps asking me to sign up with it to create a profile so I can have the benefits I had before they required profiles. I think I'll find some good online streaming programming. "Free" TV has gotten too intrusive and annoying. ============================= Asks me to sign in to my TV provider if I miss a consecutive day of viewing (exaggeration, but often enough to rankle). I can use the provider's app to get Fox programming, so I shall. I've kept returning because this app allows favourites, has a "watched" feature, and has closed captioning that normally works well. Adverts are plenty, but the length & # of breaks allows me to walk about & exercise some. Stop nitpicking sign-ins so frequently. Allow me to adjust settings so I see the ending credits of a show rather than immediately going to the next in line..Version: 3.2.1

App worked well until this latest update- Update - app appears to be working well now. Not sure if it was on the provider side or app side but seems to be working this morning. Will update if there are still issues. Had no issues before this latest update. The update notes stated that bug regarding signing in with TV provider were resolved but I can’t sign in and app suddenly crashes. The app asks if I have a TV provider and when I select the Yes button, a white pop screen appears but the app just crashes after the white screen..Version: 3.1.2

Good AppApp worked okay with expected latency common with streaming until a few days ago. Currently web developers are troubleshooting the issue of “no token,” and I’ve followed each step to resolve no full access via tv provider no longer on the list. Tv provider shows up when I reinstall only as a pop up message but is no longer listed in “other providers” despite program message stating my tv provider is supported. I like watching the movies on my schedule without investing in subscriber services from other vendors. Hoping my issue is resolved soon..Version: 3.4

SexismThe app is fine. What is not fine is not including Jenna Wolfe’s name in the advertising for First Things First. You have Chris Carter and Nick Wright’s names prominently displayed but no where is Jenna mentioned. Obviously she is part of the team so why is she not mentioned. Appears extremely sexist. If it’s a contractual thing it should be changed. Very disappointed in Fox Sports given all that is going on in today’s world. By the way I’m a guy. Don’t think for a minute your female viewers don’t notice. Please forward to whomever can address the issue. Thanks..Version: 3.10.4

Nice app overall but has some issuesI like the app and it’s easy to use, but it has a couple problems. One problem that should really be addressed is the tv provider. A lot of the shows and episodes require you to sign in to your tv provider. Most of the time I am able to, but sometimes it won’t ask me to sign in, so I can’t watch the locked shows. I press the lock button a million times, but it won’t give me the option to sign in and i can’t watch many shows and movies. I tried to go to the settings and sign in, but I can’t sign in there. Please fix.Version: 3.8.3

From a hero to a zeroThe app had been working wonderfully. Today, however, it keeps shutting itself down. When I restart it’s as though I haven’t watched any of the episode. Update- This issue seems to be fixed. However, now the app is skipping to the next show in queue and robbing me of the last few minutes of episodes. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app and tried skipping back to just before the issue and was able to replicate the error. Frustrating to get a canned response on here and from the help desk the link I was sent to..Version: 3.20

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