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Great app, not for meGreat app! It connected to Airsonic advanced just fine and was streaming music in no time. I was somewhat hoping for video as well as I have media in both Plex and Airsonic and am just waiting for an app to play the video content before switching from plex. I requested a refund from Apple, but that’s no mark against the app, it looks quite splendid and works well for audio streaming..Version: 2020.1.3

Best Subsonic App no question.Excellent and easy to use. I used to use iSub until it stopped working. Glad I found this! Would definitely recommend. Support is awesome and responsive too!!.Version: 2020.3

Amazing update 👏While play:Sub was already imo the best subsonic client in the store, the most recent update feels like the polishing up and cherry on top. The new UI is slick/easier to read. The global “player” card to jump back to what’s currently playing. Great stuff! 👌👍.Version: 1.9

Best Airsonic Compatible App on iOSUpdate: all songs by artist has been added! This is easily the best *sonic app and definitely worth the bucks. Still hoping for some shortcuts integration (if possible). ::Original Review:: This apps great! Only thing that seems to be missing is viewing all songs by a single artist. Also, some iOS shortcuts integration would be awesome!.Version: 2020.1

Play:subHave used other apps but this one is flawless with great features and no lag it is super quick. Developer is very responsive as well. Love it..Version: 2019.2.1

Still the best subsonic player for iOS hands downFully featured and still the best iOS subsonic client around. Great app..Version: 1.7.3

Great app. Add CarPlay support maybe?I really like this app but since I got my new car that has carplay, I can no longer use it while driving. Is there a chance you will add CarPlay support? Thank you x100 🙂.Version: 1.11.3

Great UpdateThis update fixed the only issue I had with the previous version which was issues with caching. The updated UI is just a wonderful plus, makes the player look and feel even better than before. The mini player is a great addition as well..Version: 1.9

Great App and DeveloperThere are a handful of Subsonic clients for iOS. This one is my daily driver. It has a clean interface, is stable, and continues to receive support from the developer. Long term support for niche apps like this is very much appreciated..Version: 1.10.3

Now the best subsonic client for iOSI was an iSub user for many years. When version 1.8 of Play:Sub came out, I found myself splitting my time between the two apps. Version 1.9 (July 2018) has changed all that: Play:Sub is the only client for me now. Why? The power of the interface. It’s very flexible for things like adding tracks to a currently playing queue. Basically, unlike iSub (which is no longer in active development) the interface feels current and doesn’t get in your way. Add in features unique to this client like Artist Radio (plays songs from artists related to the current one) and you’ve got a winner..Version: 1.9

Great Subsonic PlayerI think this is the best Subsonic player in the store. I really love the recent updates, especially adding Replay Gain support. And the new theme and interface update looks great!.Version: 1.9.1

AmazingHas full customization and works with my nextcloud server. Epic. The one issue is every time I add a song to a playlist it creates a new playlist..Version: 2020.1.2

Very well-made streaming appPerfectly connects to my server, no audio dropouts, plays my lossless files. Has a handy search function. Superfriendly support. Definitely worth the money. Keep up the good work :-).Version: 1.7.3

Pretty goodI find this works very well for me. Just two things that are a problem. 1) I can't see how to filter out my folders. I have some permissions for a couple of users and so have separate folders in subsonic. Unfortunately it does not give me a list, but shows everything under the one folder (music) even when it is not in subsonic. 2) Need landscape mode! I have my iPad and Bluetooth, so it's not nice being on its side..Version: 1.1

Great AppAwesome features. Like all the detailed info presented for each song and album such as data rate and file type, lyrics, album/group history etc. Kind of a mini Roon. Keep up the great work! One request, is it possible to filter on different data rates? Would be great to see all 24bit/192khz flac’s for instance..Version: 2020.1.3

This is the client you're looking for.A year and a half ago, iSub was the best you could get, and it always did a great job for me. Unfortunately, it's no longer maintained and is starting to feel a bit clunky. play:Sub picks up the torch with all of iSub's features and more, and a prettier/fresher interface. There's not really another viable Subsonic client on the Canadian Store today. Believe me kids, this is the future..Version: 1.5

Love the app, but...Been using Play:Sub forever. I love the app, but I think the most recent update messed something up. In Folder view, whenever I click on an album, it doesn’t always load the list of songs. I have to click the back arrow to go back to the list of artists and click the artist again to go back to their albums only to list the next albums songs. I have to go through this whole process just to see the next albums songs. Also, on occasion - some of the albums at the bottom of the list don’t show up. Just blank lines. This happens in both online and offline mode and just started happening this past week. No error dialogs appear. Would love resolution on this because I don’t want to change to iSub..Version: 2020.4

Great.Works the same as iSub but kept up to date, looks better too. Happy purchase..Version: 1.6.1

Great appIt’s really great. Functionally, the best Subsonic app—I really enjoy artist radio, for digging up forgotten parts of my music library. I’m not a big fan of the icon though: the ability to switch icons would be pretty nice. I’d also like to see an Apple TV app and an Apple Watch app, with offline (watch-only) music support..Version: 1.10.3

Converted AVSub user. Haven't looked back once.Chromecast implementation is very good-- and available in the main app as opposed to an add-on / IAP. Super appreciated. Love the swiping interface, both in player UI as well as for shortcuts on list elements. Plenty flexible for customizing home interface, too. Dev is also responsive over email when you provide a clear report / feature request. Couldn't be happier. Actually deleted the stock Music app because this app is so good! Feature requests on my mind: -Add Repeat One Track option (in addition to the two current Repeat Queue On/Off states) -Scheduled caching (e.g. every set amount of time, automatically cache all Starred / Favorited items, designated Playlists, or the X amount of most recently added, etc.).Version: 2019.2.1

Best airsonic clientWould like to see improved UI (select multiple or something) for downloading many, many albums at once, as you will do when first installing the app. Downloads seem to stop when screen is off or when app is running in background... even on WiFi it will only download (or cache, I guess you call it) when app is in foreground/focus and phone is unlocked, screen is on. 4.5/5 super sexy airsonic client, I would happily pay more than double for this app..Version: 2020.1.3

Repeat trackI love this app! Has more features than I will probably ever need, except one. Repeat track. I cannot find a way to repeat one track, in particular, the current track. Please let me know what I am missing..Version: 2021.1

Great! One feature requestBeen loving your app for a while now. The only request I had was for dynamic range compression. At least I think that is it. Basically some audio books are really quiet and also loud. I just want to flatten it!.Version: 1.9

Really nice butReally nice app, great functionality, but please please update the ui/transitions etc to look more modern, it takes a lot away from what the app could be and is my only gripe with it..Version: 2021.1

Great subsonic clientOverall a very positive experience, especially compared to other IOS subsonic apps. Caching for offline listening is great. Just a few minor bugs related to not resetting track time when skipping a song, and occasional issues when the network connection is inconsistent..Version: 1.7.3

Sweet subsonic clientI’m using this to access my FunkWhale server. Works good, but some UI elements are hard to hit (especially on iProducts without a physical home button) Glad I bought it..Version: 2019.2.1

Fantastic but...I’d love to see a “sleep” feature added so you can listen to audiobooks as you fall asleep without having to worry about it playing all night..Version: 2021.1

One of the beat music apps everUI is very nice with the latest update and very easy to use. Plays everything I throw at it, lots of settings and the new menu bar is fantastic! Things I would like to see: Siri integration and when browsing the ability to have large icons for albums (similar to Apple Music)..Version: 1.9.2

Awesome app- fast and easy to useI’ve tried a number of free apps for my playing music off my airsonic server and this is by far the best. It’s extremely fast loading as if the songs were on the device instead of streaming. I can’t even tell it’s streaming, honestly. It’s easy to queue songs, albums, genres, years, artists, etc on the fly. It shows my artwork properly also. I’ve only used it for a few days, but well worth the purchase price. You can also set max nitrates (for Wi-Fi and cellular) to help limit data usage, customize cache sizes and download music directly for offline play. I haven’t yet found a feature I want that is missing, and I am someone that likes a lot of settings/tinkering and features! Keep up the great work, dev..Version: 1.11.3

Still no CarPlay supportUnfortunately the developer still has not included CarPlay support and I don’t understand it. This is the best media player, but the developer is forcing me to look at other, inferior, options. That said this is the best layout of any subsonic client, with almost all the bells and whistles. Gapless playback, a great cacheing system, support for even my highest res files, speedy, lightweight, and no weird UI bugs like you see in other subsonic client apps..Version: 2019.2.1

ISub convertI’ve used iSub for as long as I can remember as I’ve never found an alternative, until today! This is similar to iSub but updated and doesn’t crash. Hopefully the developer continues to keep it updated! Loving the replacement!.Version: 2020.3

Awesome but playback speed options would be greatI would love to adjust the playback speed of podcasts and such..Version: 1.8.1

Last updates are greatReally great to see this app getting a ton of updates recently. Great app!.Version: 2020.1.2

PromiseNice little app with promise - looks like a reasonable alternative to isub Two changes would improve the experience: 1) add a downloaded button to the ribbon - the phone doesn't always know that it's offline. 2) show what new music had been added since the app was last opened - this would making interacting with the app that little bit easier then driving through menus to find new music by artist name Keep up the good work!!!.Version: 1.6.2

Issues With Playing Next TracksNot sure what happened with the latest updated but whenever I want to play a song outside of a playlist, I get the message Play (Replace Queue) — for example when browsing for other songs or playing another playlist. It’s super annoying and I just want the song to play. Also replace queue usually doesn’t work so I have to long press and hold to play the song of choice at a random time. I have to do pretty much every time unless I manually clear the queue. Please fix and I’ll give the 5 stars back. I’m also running the latest version of Subsonic server..Version: 1.11.3

Beautiful looking music player app!It's not easy to find a good music player app but I think I found one. Very nice looking app with all the options you would want including play queue, play next, play last etc. scroll through albums/folders. All of it. Even customize the color and look of the app. Keep updating guys it's looking good!!.Version: 1.7.1

Please give us cast options and CarPlayI would pay extra to be able to use “cast” to capable Wi-Fi devices...this functionality is in the Google Chrome version of the web interface in the play bar, a lot of apps do this now and it would be awesome to have. I would also like to request that we get a true car play interface. This app is phenomenal please keep up the excellent work in developing!.Version: 1.7.3

Wish I could scrobbleI really really wish this app had Last.FM scrobbling that’s my only feature request.Version: 2020.1.3

Great app!I use play:sub all day every day while working. I have zero complaints. It’s a beautiful app, feature rich, maintained by a responsive dev, and it works like a charm!.Version: 1.10.3

Perfect companion for subsonicI've tried several of the iOS Subsonic Apps and I find this the best one. The UI is very clear and easy to navigate and a pleasure to use..Version: 1.7.2

Best subsonic client aroundI’ve tried many other subsonic clients on the App Store, but they all have flaws, they either don’t support SSL at all, don’t support self-signed certs, or don’t support the iPhone X, have trouble getting album art from the server etc. This one has all the features, works flawlessly, plus the developer is very fast in responding to feedback..Version: 1.8.1

BeautifulI've tried them all. This is easily the best Subsonic app..Version: 1.10.3

Car play?Car Play support would be EPIC! This app as it stands is superb tho, so much so that I’d love to see it available on my car’s dash as well..Version: 1.8.1

Audiobook streamerI use this to stream audiobooks from my book sonic server and it‘s flawless in execution. Variable playback speed, saves my spot, ability to download for offline cache. It has everything I need in an audiobook app..Version: 2019.2.1

Longtime iSub User ConvertI was a longtime user of iSub and it feels a little wrong to be cheating on them, but this app is hands down the front runner for the functionality, user interface, and the settings I always wanted. iSub has some work to do to catch up. Great work on developing an alternative! I do wish there was a setting to disable art in the list view of Artists to be able to see more artists at one time..Version: 1.7.3

Nice subsonic clientWorks pretty well but feels a bit like beta software, sometimes doesn’t play songs and other times plays songs instead of podcasts..Version: 2020.1.3

Love it!Best subsonic app I’ve found. The interface is fantastic. All that’s missing is CarPlay integration. Once that’s there I don’t think I’d ever use anything else again..Version: 2019.2.1

Best of the bunch for iOSVery nice app - a great balance between fast, clear, stylish UI and decent feature set. The app is stable and I haven't managed to find any serious bugs and the developer is responsive and open to improvements..Version: 1.7.2

This has been my favorite lately. More stable that ABSubGot frustrated with the other apps due to slow update cycles and regular intervals of instability with updates. This app has been solid..Version: 1.7.3

Works great for airsonic and booksonicThanks for letting me beta test. The new multiple server option and ability to do audiobooks and music is perfect for my needs..Version: 1.11.3

Still the best aroundBeen a fan of this app for a long time now and it’s still the best Subsonic player on the market by a country mile. A plethora of great features making listening to your music anywhere a joy..Version: 2019.2.1

GREAT!!!Well worth the money, it looks very similar to Spotify or Apple Music so you won't get lost at all!! Would recommend!! :).Version: 1.5

Best Subsonic app on iPhoneThe latest update brings some nice touches to what was already the best app out there. Feature-wise, this wins hands down. I use this app for multiple hours every day and it is solid..Version: 1.9

Crashing after ios update. But developers responding to me so i give them 5starsNeeds updating 12.3.2 ios.Version: 1.11.3

Play subGreat app, works perfectly Nice GUI Well worth the investment..Version: 1.7.3

Best subsonic client out thereI’ve loved this app from day one and V1.9 takes it to even greater heights. Great app..Version: 1.9

Th only music player you need!I recently discovered play:Sub like many others, due to iOS 14 upgrade killing off isub. Wish I would have switched long ago! Interface is laid out better and player screen with artwork is beautiful. With this December update, radio stations are working again and I have all my favorites added. Love it!.Version: 2020.4

Very classy!Love it.Version: 1.11.3

Great app!Have gone through several apps over recent weeks trying to find one that works well with subsonic, this one fits the bill nicely..Version: 1.7.3

Nice workIt does what I need and it's very well done.Version: 1.8.1

Best Subsonic app on iOS!Having tried quite a few different Subsonic clients, I can easily say that play:Sub has the others beat. It has the smoothest and most professional presentation, the best amount of feature support, and I haven't seen anything resembling a bug in my year+ using it. It was already a 5 star app before in terms of sheer quality, and the recent addition of Car play support makes it even better! Much thanks and much love to the Dev!.Version: 2020.1

Almost perfectWould love better audiobook support. I have audiobooks in their own library, but the audiobook portion of the app did not identify all of my books. They do all show up in the normal music section..Version: 1.8.1

Best music player bar none!Worth every penny! If you don’t have a music server it’s worth doing it just to use this app! The EQ alone makes it so much better than the iPhone music app! I’ve been using this player for years and the developer continues to improve it and add new features. The developer is also very quick to respond to feedback and to provide support!.Version: 2019.2.1

Finally a replacement for iSub!After using iSub for 7 years (literally), it took me a while to get used to play:Sub's interface, but it was well worth it. ISub was the gold standard Subsinic app, but given that development stopped, it's just too primitive at this point. Play:Sub does everything iSub did and far more. And the developer is very quick to respond to inquiries..Version: 1.10.2

This is THE Subsonic app for iOS.I've tried most of the Subsonic clients for iOS, and this one definitely beats them all. The offline/caching features work seamlessly, the ability to "star" favourite artist/albums is super useful, and the "artist radio" and "top songs" features are awesome. It's super customizable with lots of theme/interface tweaks, settings for bandwidth usage, equalizer presets, and crossfade! My only complaint is that the icon and the loading/splash screen are UGLY. I'd give it 5 stars if the developers give those a facelift to better fit in with the new iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Pretty please?! :).Version: 1.6.4

Great app!Would like an option to just see the artwork in the now playing screen and tap to bring the controls back up. Would be great for samoled screens on iPhone X with black background. Thanks for the great work!.Version: 1.8.1

The best Subsonic client on IOSI've tried every other IOS Subsonic client and this my favourite by far. Great UI and a very responsive dev..Version: 1.6.4

IncredibleI absolutely LOVE this app. Having such a nice interface is great. Definitely worth the purchase! Gets better with every update!.Version: 1.10.3

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