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FedEx are getting better!This app is becoming increasingly useful. Capable of displaying account-based rate quotes and even scheduling pickup at fingertip. It would be even better for users if FedEx created a Mac version of FedEx Ship Manager (Desktop version).Version: 6.10.0

Does not keep tracking numbers or update properlyEvery time I try to track my shipments I add them to my watch list but they never save. I even tried adding updates on them but I never get them! So if I want to track my shipments I have to go back to the order with my tracking number put it in manually over and over again. It’s very annoying and makes it very hard to use. I initially thought it might just need an update but it’s up to date so they need to work these bugs out so people can actually rely on their expected delivery dates and tracking. Also it seems like it takes 2 days to get the most up to date information but even then some of the information is left off. Like this order I had delivered by them, it was 3 pieces a desk, and 2 tv stands. I checking the tracking because I got a phone call from the store I bought it from asking for feedback on my purchase. I said I couldn’t give feedback because I hadn’t received the items yet. When I pulled the tracking up it said they were in Memphis and were expected to be delivered 2 days later. The lady at the store pulled tracking and said that it showed on their end they were delivered that day, I went outside and they were there!.Version: 7.4.0

Long Time UserAfter many years of relying on FedEx, I am disappointed to be experiencing poor and unpredictable service. I know all the excuses (laborers hard to hire/retain and supply chain challenges)but it seems clear that this season requires a new set of logistics. 1- Don’t keep promising what you can’t manage. Recast delivery projections based on current conditions and 2- Maintain professional integrity by “realistically” projecting delivery dates. Announcing delivery dates that FedEx cannot live up to is creating a scathing review by the public in our area and North Carolina, which are two areas we know about. Every day you delay providing truthful/accurate delivery projections just delays the time-line to recover the good reputation FedEx once had. It also means other existing and newly created competitors will begin moving into your market space. My wife and I are currently perusing other options because our business depends on yours doing what you promise, or we become complicit with your failures in the eyes of our customers. Hope you can pull it together and recast your delivery schedules to once again be accurate and predictable. Robert Welch Savannah, Georgia PS - now you have become liars. I just entered six names that were generated to be random electronically. You rejected all saying they are taken. Not possible. Fred Smith must be rolling over!.Version: 6.16.1

Lousy ServiceI will never recommend FedEx for any delivery EVER! I have been tracking a package that requires a signature for 3 days and waiting and it’s still not at my home. Very frustrating!! I have made a few calls and every day they guarantee me that the package will arrive today, but nothing ever does. I watch the package leave China, arrive in California, go to Tennessee, back to California, back to Tennessee and still waiting to come to Florida my home. This is absolutely ridiculous, don’t ever use FedEx if you don’t have to. The package needs a signature so here I wait around every day because it says It will arrive today. I tried signing on the FedEx app site so I don’t have to wait around and the site says I can’t do this at this time, try again later. Every day it says the same thing. FEDEX IS HORRIBLE!!!.Version: 6.19.0

It’s pretty good, but one improvement suggestionI like the overall feel in usage. I think it’s actually a better app than the UPS has. I use a screen reader on my iPad. This is called VoiceOver. The suggestion is you have your accessibility department or whomever in the tech department test the functionality and get them to use VoiceOver trying to use the app. You’ll find out certain areas like the package progress does not read. It will highlight with a black rectangle around The item. For example it puts a black frame around the different sections and then it reads them out loud. This is for those that are either dyslexic have a print disability or blind. In certain areas I guess it’s something to do with the coding for labeling voiceover is unable to read the package progress in certain areas sometimes it can’t even read details for how the packages. Your app is more accessible than a UPS version. It’s just there’s still areas that need improvement. Hopefully you’ll get this and can make the changes many thanks keep up the great work!.Version: 7.1.0

FedEx, A NAME I TRUST⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love, respect and TRUST FedEx services. Always keeps me up to date to easily track my packages and delivery status (speaking for myself) FedEx is always on time if is not ahead of the scheduled delivery timing if requested which I noticed and liked to share here. So far, nothing I've received via FedEx was ever damaged or lost and I’ve been using FedEx delivery services for three years now monthly, weekly and sometimes couple times a week. I am happy with the service I am provided and I am grateful for both FedEx International and FedEx US services. Thank YOU so much to all of YOU FedEx family, both home and abroad. I am forever grateful to you all, grateful for your care, your service and the respectful/kind communications of your employees whenever I have questions and call. I send you all forces of love and I pray Almighty Allah to always keep you healthy, blessed, safe and secure as you provide us great services. Amen. Thanks again🙏💝✊.Version: 6.20.0

Excellent AppTracking automatically appeared in the app, with ongoing movements and destinations. Emails and sms too. Very informative and even told me that my package would be a day earlier by sms, email and push notifications in app. There is a customer service number in the app if you need help too. What’s not to like. It does take a while to load and refresh, but at least it works..Version: 6.19.0

Found my lost package- Very gratefulI called Fed-Ex customer service immediately after I received an email stating my package was delivered but was nowhere to be found and I checked the premises including the front house porch where the tenant stood there watching me look for my package but no package found . Fed-Ex was able to get a hold of the drivers supervisor and then he located the driver and the driver confirmed that he left it on the front house porch who has a Ring Security System . I was called back by the Office Supervisor and she stood on the way home with me while I walked back to the front house and mysteriously package was there but the tenant wasn’t and her front door was closed !! Guess this was one package that couldn’t be mysteriously taken . I’m so glad that Fed-Ex responded so quickly and efficiently that my package was able to be found!!!! Thank you Fed-Ex now I can enjoy my boots !!!!.Version: 5.2.0

The AppApp is perfect you can do anything you want except have it get a Pepsi out of the fridge. You can track. Set up a outgoing shipment and you don’t have to leave your house. It’s great for us retired people. Everything you can do on the main website you can do here. What I like is it contacts me when any shipment is out for delivery to my address no matter who it’s for. Keep it up. Right along with the other two companies UPS, USPS. There apps do the same. So it doesn’t matter who it’s from cross shipments when all three companies pick up and ship out to delivery it done by all three companies FEDEX, UPS, USPS they all work to get finally. They let you know Keep it up perfect communication. The only problem I have is to get them to pick the package up I’ll figure it out soon. Let’s see I give it ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️ 5 Stars I have no worries with the app. Thank You!.Version: 4.3.0

YepMmhmm.Version: 6.4.0

Fed ex needs to step up their gameRecently fed ex and walmart has been behind on their orders. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just something that I wanted but didn’t need. But when My cats ran out of cat food and they have been using the same litter for a week because my orders are late and not delivered when promised I’m not happy about this at all! If I would’ve known this at the time I was ordering I would’ve went to the next town over and bought the items instead. I wish my town had stores like walmart in it but it doesn’t. Shopping online has always been easier, cheaper and more convenient but if I can’t get my orders when promised then I’m going to have to figure something else out. I can understand a day early or late but a week difference is unacceptable..and now I haven’t got my litter and haven’t even received a reason why or anything from fed ex!.Version: 6.13.0

App is quite snappy, I like it!I’m using this app on a 14Pro Max and it hasn’t let me down thus far. The layout is clean and easy to navigate around. can’t really ask for much more from a tracking app..Version: 7.4.0

Mrs. M. OrlowskiHi, to all delivery truck drivers and Fed ex! 1st of all I would like to thank you for all your hard work! It may not appear to some, that you all work hard, from sorting, lifting, getting all packages to right location etc. You make it easy for US, here US and all over other countries as well! 2nd of all I would like to recommend a request. Can (Fed ex ) maybe have some small flyer or logo added with the apps availability? Why? For instance in our home! We did not even know there was a app available, until a representative on the phone asked if I had it on my phone., of course I/we downloaded immediately! 3rd-We had so many issues in the past getting packages delivered to our address which clearly states our street address on the packages! (Drivers need to pay attention to the difference between 3,5,&9!) They’ve been delivered at a neighbors! (Fortunately ) two times in the past two weeks they brought the package to us. However in the past the packages we did not receive were never re-covered by us, or the shipper! I/We find now that I have the app I’m getting better tracking of our packages! Plus! I’d like to recommend that you do add that app logo or something?! (Maybe on a flyer with deliveries? The app really does help! Thank you for having this option to track any packages! Sincerely, MO.Version: 6.9.0

Shipment Status Conflicting InfoFirst, I get a text stating my package needing an adult signature will be delivered on Thursday, so I make arrangements for a neighbor to sign, and I add their phone number to be notified by text. At the end of the day when I return home, the package has not been delivered, and I track its status where it hadn’t even left its area of origin. Then I —and my neighbor, whose number I can’t remove from notifications for this delivery—receive a text that the package will be delivered Saturday. Today, I reschedule everything to be home sign for my package, but it never arrives. On the tracking app, one area says “Pending” and another window says the package is in my local distribution city. No idea when it will be here, or if delivery was ever attempted yet, or if I will need to find an adult package sitter for next week! Fed Ex used to be the most reliable and accurate—did they suddenly fall under USPS governance?.Version: 6.5.0

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