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What is Geometry Dash Meltdown? Description of Geometry Dash Meltdown

Prepare for a new Geometry Dash adventure filled with more spikes and monsters than thought possible!

Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles.

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Three unique levels with music from F-777!
• Unlock unique Meltdown icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Geometry Dash answers the age old question: "What do you get when you mix techno, dubstep, spikes and a rainbow?" Download and find out...

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Geometry Dash Meltdown App User Reviews

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Geometry Dash Meltdown Pros

Best game everAt start when I got this game on my phone i saw it and only had three levels so I thought this wouldn't be so good but when I played the first level I loved it so much I got addicted to it now I finally finished all the levels with the stars but the soundtrack is just perfect so this game in my eyes is really good.Master ov the worldVersion: 1.0

Brilliant!As I have played the original, I did find this rather easy. That did not stop me enjoying it, though! It is a beautiful game that the music fits with perfectly. When Geometry Dash 2.1 comes out, we will be able to transfer icons over from GD Meltdown to GD. I can't wait for that! Overall, I recommend getting all 3 games, including this one!.Nsl71Version: 1.0

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Geometry Dash Meltdown Cons

:)Geometry dash meltdown was really good, except for the fact that there is only three levels. The first two levels were really easy so you really only got one level to challenge yourself. If you made the game again remember to make it challenging with lots of effects and noises but also remember to not make it too hard so it isn’t enjoyable. I really hate it when your stuck on a level on a certain game and it frustrates you soooooo much!😡 So you end up deleting the game because you can’t move on without passing that same level. I loved a game a lot but I deleted it cause I could continue. Rather than that Geometry dash Meltdown is pretty good 👍 🙂😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊😌😎🤓😋😛😝😜🥺😊😜😎😡☹️🥵🙂🍔🍩🦄🥑🍿🍭🏑🇨🇺🐼🇦🇺🥞🌮😊🍉🇦🇺🐼🏑🇨🇺🥑🍿.Shnweeaaaeeeaaad!!!Version: 1.01

Underwhelming.As a fan of geometry dash who has accumulated 4500 stars and 78 demons over 2 years, I think it's safe for me to say this app is just underwhelming. I understand where RobTop was going with this, to get new players into the decoration of 2.0 levels, but this is not how to do it. First off, you need to have a challenge, although this app is for new players, wouldn't it be such an achievement for one to beat an insane level? That would more likely get new players into the game. Also, is it really that hard to create more levels? After beating all three, you're literally done with the app. Anyways, those were my thoughts about it, this was just my opinion, GD world does a much better job luring fans given that all of the levels are fan made and there are about 50 of them. It's worth checking out..Webkinz king flaaroniVersion: 1.0

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Is Geometry Dash Meltdown legit?

Yes. Geometry Dash Meltdown is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 175,544 Geometry Dash Meltdown user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Geometry Dash Meltdown is 93.3/100.

Is Geometry Dash Meltdown safe?

Yes. Geometry Dash Meltdown is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 175,544 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Geometry Dash Meltdown is 93.8/100.

Should I download Geometry Dash Meltdown?

There have been no security reports that makes Geometry Dash Meltdown a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of Geometry Dash Meltdown

App Name:
Geometry Dash Meltdown
RobTop Games AB
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Games, Music, Casual
App Size:
125.81 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
19 December 2015, Saturday
Last Update:
26 June 2022, Sunday - 12:06
IOS 10.0 or later

Geometry Dash Meltdown 2.21.3 Update Note
✱ Version History

- New Rewards! - Small stuff! - Bugfixes and tweaks! /RubRubRubRub.

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