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Amazing customer service!I had a problem with the person I purchased my metro phone and metro went back for every month and credited my account. I thought there’d fight me on it but they said no sir l, we apologize you are correct!.. I was astounded!… Then they made sure things were right for real… I had so much trouble with other companies on smaller issues, like AT&T couldn’t even do just that… Ever ! Metro is all around the best, if your phones off EVERYBODY gets an automatic courtesy extension by request! Pick them and you’ll be glad you did!.Version: 1.611.23

Works fine for me.I know there are a lot of bad reviews for this app but I’ve used it for about 2 years now to pay my bills and I haven’t had any trouble at all. I also really like the company and phone service they provide. They are easy people to work with and that’s my honest opinion..Version: 0.5.29

Does what i need it to doI use this app to check my data usage and pay my bill and it does both no problem. I have to enter my Metro password for each but thats not a problem. The payment charges me practically instantly and i get the confirmation text within 5 minutes. I think the app is great for what it does. Now if they could integrate this app with the scam shield app that would be even better!.Version:

One time extensionIt worked every other month as needed but this time it says my account isn’t eligible for a one time extension and I have to wait a month but my bill was due 3 days ago. Idk if the app is taking too long to update but my phone is still on even though my account wasn’t “eligible” for the extension..Version: 1.680.5

Excellent service....I am giving 5 stars because that’s the experience I’ve had with Metro PCS. Nothing fake or not true about my review. I get great service at an unbelievably wonderful price. Customer service has been on point every time I needed help. I do want to say that once I did have a problem with entering my payment information.....the was a problem with the app accepting my information for some reason..... it was a very simple fix. I just pulled up Metro PCS on the internet without using the app for that time. I figured the was a glitch in the app that was making it not do what should have been done.........yeah it took a little more time doing this, but I got the results I was looking for “Paying my bill”. I had no other issues after that. I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems others are having. I know that Metro PCS is working on the issues. After all, NO COMPANY WANTS TO LOSE CUSTOMERS.💁🏾‍♀️.Version: 0.9.13

App does not open with WI-FIHave to use cellular data to access app. I do not have private relay which is for paid iCloud+ service. My other IPhone SE 3rd Gen works fine. My iPhone SE 2nd Gen has the problem. It is very discouraging to continually having to use cellular data to access app. My Metro app is working fine now after having trouble with it last month. I don’t know what changed but I’m glad to see that it is working properly now..Version: 1.630.26

Works great!Honestly I’ve been with Metro PCS since 2003 and all other prepaid services but metro I’ve had a much more better quality experience. Now regarding this app it’s definitely okay and it gets the job done, my only complaint is that if your cellphone is out of service you won’t be able to connect because you need to turn off your WiFi rendering your cellphone useless that is my only complaint right now lol. Differently recommend to anyone on a budget..Version: 1.57.23

Bug fixes neededNormally app works fabulously for paying bills and adding services and being able to contact customer support if and when needed without having to scrounge online for the number. But since update i am unable to access the app just is stuck on loop of opening logo and never gets passed that. Metro please see to it that this bug gets fixed ASAP. Thanks for such awesome service too for a better/much more reasonable price than most, I’d never go to another company for cell service..Version: 1.1.8

Straight Forward AppThe App is very useful and helpful but do suffer some crashing issues. But other than that i'd recommended it for download simply because it has everything you need in one app. You can change your plan here, view plan details, as well as pay your phone bill..Version: 1.57.23

VERY CONVENIENTThis app really helps remind me when I need to pay my bill and it’s very easy to make any changes, whenever my bill gets cut I still get like 2 free days of service but only if I use the app that’s very convenient because I can use that free service for a day or 2 until I’m able to go into a metro PCs store and pay my bill. My only concern with this app is NONE, no concern 🤗.Version: 0.4.2

It got betterPeople if you are look for improved app it’s here. Ignore all the old negative reviews. The app has saved payment cards to auto payment, also more I like how there is options for everything. I actually used the app more often than the website. Add speed whenever my highest was 87mbps down. So long as the app is maintained and looked out for any anomaly, it will stay 5 stars..Version: 1.1.30

T-mobile storeI have just transferred my two cell phones from Verizon to T- mobile. The two young ladies working in your Selinsgrove store are very knowledgeable and helpful. They explained everything very well. So far I am very happy with the plan I got and have already recommended them to some of my friends.Version: 1.59.19

It stoped workingThe app no longer works. It just keeps saying that they are unable to upload my information it’s been like it for months now. I’ve tried everything and the app just no longer works. Update! I turned off the iCloud relay and now it works!! Thanks!.Version: 1.611.17

Love the AppI really like this App! Does everything I need and displays the info I want to find out. Sometimes it is annoying waiting for info to load but overall very nice experience. I especially like that it keeps improving. With new functionality and usability enhancements. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.611.17

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