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SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances App User Positive Comments 2023

SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances app received 25 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about sofi: one-stop-shop finances?

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SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances for Positive User Reviews

One Stop Financial ShopI’m extremely pleased with the usefulness and the versatility the SofI app provides overall. It combines the best of all worlds into one great application for everyday use. I say everyday because you’re rewarded for logging in and checking on your finance portfolio. In addition they have hands down one of the best referral programs I’ve seen to date with a number of ways you can earn real money in your pocket with minimal effort on your part. Included with the money account, which acts as a checking with no monthly fees as of today, you can create savings vaults to help achieve your long-term financial goals, as well as a Sofi money world debit card through MasterCard. This is an amazing oh way to organize your finances in one location that is not going to limit you to view only. The SofI money app allows you total control over your finances from investing, spending, saving, earning, and more. A definite thumbs up and a for sure recommendation..Version: 2.65

👍 app. Products need improvementThe app is useful especially with vaults that I can allocate money to for special occasions or events. I was very disappointed when I received the physical card though. As finely polished as the UI is in the app and online as well as promotional materials being full color and card stock material I had my hopes up for a card that was elegant and not too flashy. Unfortunately the card has a weird film over top of it that is not supposed to come off but is peeling nonetheless, the design is ok (7/10) and the colors are nice enough, but it doesn’t look like the card was made correctly. Maybe this was a one off, but I think it should have been caught by quality control if it wasn’t made correctly. But having the physical product be worse than the app, it is discouraging me from using it and made my overall perception of the company go down a bit..Version: 1.7.29

Great app, could use some quality of life improvementsSoFi is hands down my favorite app for fee-free automated investing and it’s pretty good at manual investing too. Personally I don’t use any of the other loan or relay options. I think it would be helpful to be able to set a “tab” as a default landing page when opening the app, so for me, the invest tab, just to save me a few taps every time I open the app. Manual stock watchlist sorting would be great so we can keep our favorites on top of the list but still be able to switch to % or $ day change when needed. It would also be great if you could change the timespan of the watchlist stock graphs like you can when you click on a single stock. A 1 week, month, quarter, year, etc. view would be really helpful as a toggle at the top of the watchlist so you can get an idea as to how all of your stocks are trending over time at once on the watchlist section. Without having to click on every single stock once and then backing out to check the next for week or month trend..Version: 2.46

Most ExcellentI am rewriting my review for SoFi. I feel like my first one wasn’t detailed enough to do it justice. The SoFi app is an all around efficient app. You get the chance to have a checking account,savings, investing, cryptocurrency, IRAs,Relay, and now a credit card. Plus the app is super simple to use and easy to understand. Plus their really aren’t any fees to this account and I was fortunate enough I was able to be grandfathered into the all atm reimbursement. Plus I took advantage of several sign up bonuses they offer and it really got me into investing. It doesn’t have all the l stocks and ETFs but they do offer the most popular ones. The interest they pay at the moment is low but that is only because the feds lowered the interest rates. So without a doubt I’m sure they will raise it again once the Feds do. Plus their debit card has cash back offers. With the relay you are also able to see your spending and track your credit score. All around I would recommend this cash management account to anyone. 5 Stars! NO CAP!.Version: 2.34

Love it, but I’d like to see more!I have been using SoFi for about a month now, and I LOVE IT. Being able to see where my money is going, learning more about investing, and having a ton of tools to help me as I learn financial independence as a college student is really helping me to get smart about my money and spending. I do feel like there are a few more tools that could be added to improve the budgeting aspect of this app. For instance, a round-up tool that could round up the remaining change in your purchases, to go toward stock or savings would be extremely beneficial. I’d also love if there was a way to create little secondary pots of money for me to allocate toward certain bills, like a separate pot for rent or my phone bill that I could accumulate separate from my checking account, and then move over to my checking once the bill is due, to prevent over spending (perhaps even an auto-transfer). All in all, I understand that this app is still growing and fine tuning what is already presented, but I would love to see these additional features added!.Version: 1.7.21

Sofi invest updateI know this is a lot but I think you should try a crypto car. The user would have a crypto portfolio in that portfolio her can have whatever crypto he/she wants. And as many (at least 5). Then a user fills that portfolio with money not the currency. The app then calculates how many shares they will get for each share. Like a 24/7 currency monitor that will always reflect whatever dollar amount he/she has in the “SoFi Crypto” accnt. Then he or she can make purchases and sell with crypto with everyday purchases. Once your a bank you’ll be the first with this Imagine to be able to not even exchange coin because “Sofi Crypto” is the wallet. You just link your accnt or transfer any other sofi accnt, fund the crypto and go. Since you guys are all about learning you can persuade them by teaching people to sell and trade with Bitcoin is an investment. Yes at times a risky one. But luckily enough there’s more than one coin. And that’s where you can lure them. It can be a safe haven for your money. So instead of risking your money on one coin, Sofi Crypto will hold 5 coins of your choice and. Your amount in coin will reflect the amount of money in accnt/ portfolio Also add a dark mode to your app and a beginner and professional tab on your invest app to allow for more and better details on charts stocks the obviously options..Version: 2.57

Everything you need from a true investing appI would have given this platform 5 stars but due to the amount of time and uncertainty on how long it will take to review and approve my account I can’t it has been 12 hrs and still no update I can’t wait onto start trading !! Also what makes me give this app four stars, well now that I’m including this I should have rated 3 stars but this is a honest review so I’ll be fair. But what’s frustrating is that most of these investment services or “apps” use plaid when connecting your bank account and that is soooooo frustrating when I can’t link any of my bank accounts to SoFi because they don’t support my institution or bank so now I’m trying to figure out how to add money when I have 3 bank accounts and none of them will connect ugggh I just wanna trade!! But overall if you’re looking for a good overall investing experience this is the app to go for you will not be dissapointed!!! I love the fact u can see what other users are investing and watching as well pretty neat !!!.Version: 2.36.1

SoFi has pluses and minusesOn the plus side is the possibility of a fully integrated personal financial system that incentivises sound practices like saving and investing. On the negative side, the app (and desktop interface) feel very cluttered with SoFi offerings that I can’t use or don’t need (and can’t hide or get rid of), which litters my screen and pushes the features I do use or need further down the page and makes me have to hunt for things. The interface needs to be much more customisable to alleviate this problem for committed users. A larger problem for me personally is that I want to move my primary banking and bill pay to SoFi, but their tools for tracking and categorising spending are so limited that this could ultimately be a deal-killer for me. You are limited to a few general spending categories which they define and the only way to customise transactions within these pre-determined categories are with tags (which are not searchable). Every time I categorize a transaction, I have to visually scan through a growing list of tags, trying to find the right one for each transaction. This makes the simple act of trying to accurately track my spending a tedious and laborious process. I hope they rectify this soon with more robust categorisation tools (like Mint) or I may have to abandon any plans to migrate my spending to SoFi since I depend on accurately tracked spending reports in order to do my taxes..Version: 2.72

Always available and updates immediatelyI switched so SoFi and am so thankful I did. We were using a different online only bank prior, a top name, and their ap was ALWAYS down at night. This wouldn’t be a problem for most, but I work night shift and do my banking at night. I appreciate that I always can see my money. Their ap has it all! Immediate notifications, immediate balance updates, and the ability to put your purchases into categories to map out your spending. It is incredibly easy to use. It is easy to send money to people/friends. The biggest thing I’m excited about it the vault beta. I almost did not pick SoFi due to wanting this from a different bank. I am so glad I picked SoFi and I really really hope they keep this option! It helps with saving and is a great back up Incase you’re short one week! Love it!.Version: 1.7.26

SoFi is revolutionary.As of this review, I am on a 117 day login streak on the app. And it feels goooood. Indeed, SoFi has revolutionized the way I look at my finances and freedom. To be part of a team / environment that genuinely wants to support financial freedom and TEACH about financial wellness is simply a deep pleasure. SoFi has made me think about the aspects of what social media I personally care deeply about. We have “social media”, why not add “social finance”? Take that same concept of interconnecting one another, sharing life events or goals with other another on the internet and apply it to your finances in a safe, transparent way, that’s SoFi. I have been a deeply satisfied customer for the past 117 days, and I look forward to staying that for another 117. And another 117. And another 117. And on and on. Remember, these are the early days of SoFi, there is a lot coming down the pipeline. Join in on revolutionizing your finances and “GET YOUR MONEY RIGHT!!!!” Thanks SoFi!!!!!.Version: 2.66

Great money options. Bad for stocks.I initially got the account for the great deal with SoFi money. Then I decided to get some extra in there and try out SoFi investing. I like the first part, not a fan of the investing. It’s very basic. Like very basic. Your normal stock purchase and selling rules are non-existent. You just tell it to purchase. Not when to purchase. No thresholds. And it will just purchase it for you whenever it’s convenient for the app. My last purchase was in the morning and it didn’t put in my order until about 4pm-ish. The price had jumped since my order was put in and it charges the shelf price for when it purchase the stock. Not when the order was put in. So for me I lost out on money because the delay in the purchase. Do not use this app for day trades or even week trades. It’s only useful for long term investing. A month maybe. Because if you are after buying and selling, cashing in on penny’s...then you gonna have a bad time..Version: 2.3

Love this App but needs a few thingsWell thought out. Not clunky and confusing (Coinbase cough) Oh and there customer service is AMAZING. Call in with an issue and get greeted by a real person all whom have been cheerful and eager to help. Below is what would take SOFI App to next level IMO. Bugs: Picture taking process of ID in app buggy. Also, uploading doc to app buggy. Wanted features: Investing -Need ability to change to candle chart -need ability to switch background/candle colors -show position on chart -show active orders on chart -some basic indicators would be great -level II -options trading -margin. A Windows desktop widget/app like Webull would be awesome Rewards -ability to auto redeem points across multiple crypto & fractional shares of stocks from credit card and other rewards on weekly basis.Version: 2.67

The bank of the future!Wow! SOFI is an incredible service, helping to make you money, save you money, and show you your money, all in one place. I love the transparency, the money I make on interest, and the ease of use. The ATM coverage is quite remarkable. I use this feature all the time around the country and even in other countries to get cash out and has really been so helpful in times when I needed cash and I don’t carry it around often. SOFI pays for literally most of the fees if not all each time you take money out of an ATM. Instead of being with some other bank that only allows you to take our money from their branded ATM for free, you can take it out of anywhere, for free. Common sense, SOFI is better in literally all ways!! I love SOFI and I couldn’t do my money right without it. Thank you SOFI, you guys rock!.Version: 2.72

Growing pains but well worth itSo, I am shifting all of my money away from my big name bank (after all, it seems a little archaic to be banking with a company that uses a horse-drawn carriage as their mascot). First, I will say that SoFi is not perfect. I have had to call their support several times through the setup process due to nuances in their systems, getting a joint account holder approved, ect. However, in my experience, the customer service is phenomenal. Thus, any of the issues that I have experienced has been taken care of swiftly and without compromise. Additionally, the benefit of having my banking (SoFi money), investing (SoFi Investing), and loan options all in one place is very useful. I am a medical student, so I hope to refinance my loans through SoFi once I go to residency. To summarize, SoFi is not perfect. It seems they are experiencing some growing pains. However, they have adequate staffing to face these growing pains. I will also say that they walk laps around the other banking companies out there (even some of the other “new” startups). Also, the app is clean cut and simple to use. I greatly appreciate SoFi!.Version: 1.7.7

Great but could be better.I downloaded and received their card back in April and I was not expecting much. I actually was given the link and thought nothing of it, never used until a couple of months ago. I read up on the perks and it had me questioning why doesn’t anybody abuse this? Sofi reimburses fees, great for traveling whenever low on cash. No minimum, however they do a soft check on your credit, and a former 2.25% yield that shrunk down to a mere 1.80 as of now. can’t directly deposit money so that’s disappointing, still have to rely on a physical bank. Investing feature is underwhelming. I currently use M1 dinance and it does everything sofi does but for free. No maintenance/manager fees. I would completely use one over the other if they had both of the best features. That might change soon since M1 might improve. I’m content with using both but honestly still could be better..Version: 1.7.25

Great as a bank, and great for beginner investorsI’ve been using SoFi as my main checking and investing for a few months now, but I opened the account back when SoFi Money released. Although there are a few features I’d like to see added, and although there’s always room for overall improvement, I gotta say, I’ve had a pretty good experience so far. I’m one of the lucky ones that was grandfathered into the ATM fee reimbursement and it’s definitely saved me a good amount. What I currently use with SoFi are their invest account, checking and credit card and I’ve had zero issues so far. What I’d like to see: 1. CLEAN UP THE UI PLEASE! It’s so busy with SoFi adds and deposit reminders and it’s definitely not as fluid as something like Acorns. 2. I don’t plan on using vaults for anything until the interest rate goes up, but I’d like to see more customization options for vaults, like placing custom images and such. Definitely a bank worth checking out!.Version: 2.46

So far, so good!I have been using this bank as a Christmas fund and not an everyday checking. I have put about $300 so far in about 2 1/2 months of having it and have almost gained $0.25! You will never see this in any other checking! Since I haven't used this for a normal checking, I haven’t fought with overdraft fees or any of that, but to watch my money grow as a Christmas fund is absolutely amazing and so much fun. This is better than a CD or mutual fund because there is no maturity date or anything of that sort to wait for, so I can pull the money out as I please. I have also talked to customer service and they have been very polite and willing so get all the answers I have asked about. I also havent run across anyone that seems to want to just push you off the phone and count you as another number. (Ex: I got 42 calls today. How many did you get?) This has been great in the almost 3 months and I have no complaints..Version: 1.7.26

Great Integrated AppNice to see everything in one place. There are still areas that could be improved but overall certainly superior to what I have seen from legacy banks. Some recommendation include. - updating the money account to include pending credit card payments rather than just posted - separate category for debit cards which are correctly withdrawn immediately from money but show in pending transactions until they are posted. This can be confusing in the mobile app audit since other transactions are not in money until they are posted. To reconcile I normally have to go online were each transaction and balance is identified. - allow set up of beneficiary for personal investments. This is allowed in joint accounts with automated trading but not in personal accounts for manual trading. - invest should display online ledger to include cost, current price, value, gross margin without having to wait for a statement..Version: 2.91

Old guy new to Fintech...and other techie productsI’m an older man that is learning these new millennial trends like online banking. Because of my age and disability, my generation like to do things the old way, like going to a physical bank. But as of late, I have a hard time being mobile and waiting in the long lines because of the pandemic. I had no choice but to conquer my fears to learn about how to use the computer and understand the latest technology. And believe me, many of us old people struggle to learn the latest technologies. Regarding SoFi, I can not believe the simplicity of using the app. It is easier to use than what I thought because of difficulties from other online Fintech companies that made me struggle. Because I never understood about playing the stock market, SoFi made it easy for me to buy shares, which I never had the education or knowledge on where to start. Not only that, the customer service were helpful in guiding me when I did have little hiccups. Much credit to this new company making my banking online easier in my life..Version: 2.40

Amazing app with a few suggestions for the developersI was looking for a way to have all my finances in one place and this is it. They have this awesome feature called vaults that allows you to store money for different goals/uses. At first the app looks like an advertisement, but all are important products they offer so I understand. If you are going to have crypto there needs to be a way to have the keys! The credit card is above average in terms of rewards. The investing side seems a little game like I would prefer to it to be more professional looking, coming from Charles Schwab. I am very excited to move my student loans into sofi when the time comes. Relay is also an interesting feature where you can track your activity. I would like the ability to set a budget and then compare my spending to what I set. Being able to do this in app would be a game changer. Also, if there is a way to be able to loan out shares and get paid that would be an amazing addition. I would also like the ability to choose a stock allocation and my monthly contribution be spread out accordingly, very similar to how it is done with m1 finance. Also the more financial data I can pull up about a company the better, I can’t use your app without pulling up seeking alpha for a more complete picture..Version: 2.91

Good start.I’ve been using this app for months. Overall I love the company and what it stands for. The app itself is great except the investing features. They need more polishing to compete with the more sophisticated brokers. Real time ticker updates and better technicals are a start. Lots of people have been asking for options trading. Not big deal to me, but would be a nice addition. Pre and after market trading would be great. The addition of other cryptocurrencies, most notably doge coin ...and sofi would take over the market. I believe SoFi will add some of these features over time so I’m moving all my investments to Sofi and waiting for app improvements. People are angry with Robinhood and TdAmeritrade and looking for a place to take their business. If Sofi can execute on a better investment app experience, they can dominate the retail trading market. The rest of the app is fantastic. Sofi is my preferred checking account and the Sofi credit card is my go to card. You are so close to having the perfect app. Just polish the investment features and see how fast the customers come!!.Version: 2.40

Financial guidance and debt freedom!!I’ve always been a responsible person when it comes to my credit and financial responsibilities. Some unforeseen expensive legal issues crossed my and husbands path. THEN...2020 hit. Mind you, we both work in the hospitality industry. Complete work and financial shut down. We were not blessed with unemployment so I relied on credit cards to be the buffer any hit to our checking/savings acct. Fast forward to present, we’re working, still maintaining our payments on time...but a bit deep I debt. I took a chance on SoFi to help, and the outcome was AMAZING!!! Such a seamless and decent process! They don’t make you feel shamed or “less than” because of your personal situation. They let me feel like my past successes matched my present potential!! THANK YOU!! I can breathe again..Version: 2.51

Great Great Service and legit!!!Thank you SoFi for making me save a lots of money on interest charges every month!! I paid off 8 credit card for the amount of 43,000, I was paying monthly payments on my cards included my interest charge like 2900$ And my lowest apr is 20 percent so now I’m paying 1424 a month with SoFi and I’m paying less than 9 percent. I’m saving 900$ a month for interest charge. I’m really happy and satisfied customer I was applying for 32,000 and I find out it’s better to payoff all my cards and not use it again so I call SoFi customer service and they was very helpful and fast service they boost my loan from 32k to 45k. In exactly 2 business days was the money in my chase bank account. Thank you very much and I’m in the market to buy house soon so I will be customer for life with SoFi..Version: 2.88

Absolute worst customer service!!!!The one star I suppose is for the terrific interface which is simple, fun, and beautiful. What’s lurking behind it is just plain old terrible customer service. 1-hour plus wait times to talk to the first person who can’t help you. They are the gatekeeper to the mysterious “advisor” who is the only one who can actually fix your account or make any decisions. He or she is another two hours away, but if you hit their closing time the hold music will go dead but your phone will keep running. That’s the hint that you could be on the line till next Tuesday and nobody will touch your account until they’ve gone home, slept and had a nutritious dinner and complete breakfast, walk the dog and washed the car before they will mosey on in and make you wait another three hours before the attend your life and death financial matters. I am not kidding when I say they told me I would have to WAIT 7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR AN “ADVISOR” TO CALL ME BACK!!!! I kid you not. I swear. With no sense of irony at all they told me to fix my account to where my direct deposit would not get reject I would have to wait SEVEN (7) BUSINESS days , not just like linear days of the week to include the 48 hours of weekends, but 7 only counting M-F and excluding holidays, to fix my account to accept the money that I slave over during the week S-Sat. Don’t be fooled by the pretty app and overspending on advertising. It’s a sham..Version: 2.43

Switch to a Ping-pong paddleSo imagine catching investors like playing tennis with a tennis ball the size of sand... So when you swing the tennis racket at a ball the size of a grain of sand the vast majority of those balls will simply pass through the openings between the racket stings. Now imagine the stings represent the rich... and can only contact the largest 5% of these imaginary sand size tennis balls. And the %95 percent that don’t contact with your tennis racket represent the small investor...I suggest you switch to ping-pong paddle instead. Embrace all investors by vastly rethinking current model for buying and selling fractional shares. Everyone deserves easy access to investing and this trend will not change. This tennis match has changed. You need to hit balls of all shapes and sizes so I suggest you play the game with a ping-pong paddle. You can hit every ball you can reach. Conclusion fast free fair access to trading fractional shares is the best way forward. Good luck on your journey. 🖖.Version: 2.59

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