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Best Mastodon app I have tried….Really do love the app and have questions…. - what’s the purpose of the pivoting screen from the bottom right where it says MU - what does MU stand for? Why does it pivot? - can we have a less playful app icon (sorry to be boring) that’s not pink - what the significance of the tiny black circles that surround someone’s profile pic. I’m guessing it’s popularity, number of followers, boosting of toots etc - posted images take up a lot of screen space, could we have the option for a smaller size… ? That’s some questions for starters…! I hope the developer is still maintaining the app in the light of the exodus from the other place..Version: 16.0

Smooth experience, iPhone and iPad have mixed metaphors.The icons in the iPhone version make more sense, but are absent in the iPad. The words could readily be replaced with icons, which would visually free up the text of toots. Also, it seems like I can’t see feeds other than Home from the iPhone? If there’s a way it’s not clear..Version: 17.1

My First Mastodon Mobile AppI joined Mastodon a few weeks ago and immediately went to look for an app for my mobile devices. I discovered Toot! and I find the app delightful to use. It’s really well done, especially for the price, free. Everything works as expected and any use of the app that didn’t work was because it was dodgy WiFi or CloudFlare having connectivity issues with some Mastodon instances I have accounts with. I’ve never had a fault with the app, and I use it regularly. I am writing this review because there are other reviews in place that have nothing at all to do with the app and have everything to do with political arguments. This review space is to review the application itself. The author has done a fantastic job, and if you need a Mastodon app, this one will not let you down. It didn’t let me down..Version: 1.9.0

The Best Social App on iOSToot! is the most beautiful social app I've ever seen, both in functionality and visual design - and I've seen a lot. I've been using it as my primary mobile Mastodon client since November 2018. It's colorful, smooth, clever, and has rarely - if ever - crashed. I wish I could use it for Twitter, to be honest. It's not just the best Mastodon app right now - it's the best social app, period..Version: 1.13

Really nice, but lacks keyboard shortcuts for iPadIt’s a nice app and really well crafted, my first stop when it comes to Mastodon clients. However, I use a multi-device keyboard between several computers and an iPad and I found none of the keyboard shortcuts to work! That makes a 4-star. Happy to raise it to a 5-star uncontested review when some basic keyboard shortcuts are incorporated (e.g.: compose toot, send change tabs with maybe some CMD+1,2,3,…).Version: 18.2

A pleasure to useYour app really is a pleasure to use, from the fluid transitions between instances and the *engaging* boost and favourite actions, all the way to the smooth timeline scrolling. Thanks..Version: 16.0

Favourite mastodon clientLooks really good on my iPad. Reliable, clean and intuitive. Handles multiple accounts better than the other clients I’ve tried. Glad to see developer is actively supporting this one again! One minor UI gripe is that the left hand menu is very wide which means less room for the timeline. I can’t see a way of collapsing it. Best solution would be to allow user to toggle between a wide menu with descriptions and a thin menu with icons.Version: 17.0

Best iOS clientBy far my favourite mastodon app to use. The aesthetic is lovely and it truly is full of character and whimsy in the most wonderful way!.Version: 17.1

Good but needs an updateGenerally I like this app and I’ve compared it with most of the free ones. The “revolving doors” for themes are a bit silly, but it’s very easy to pick them from the menu instead. I like the little animations. But my main problem is when you pin a hashtag: at least in iOS 16 on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, the bottom two hashtags hide behind the bottom menu and you can’t get to them. You end up having to add two nonsense ones below every time. Please fix!.Version: 16.0

Complete, anti-fascist Mastodon appThis app is user-friendly and has all the features I need to use mastodon. I didn’t get it at first because I’m very broke but when the first app I was using left the App Store I decided to spring for it and I’m glad I did. It’s customizable, you can log in to multiple instances at once, and I love that it blocks Gab. I hope it continues to be as accessible and hate-free as possible. The only suggestions I would have would be: 1) add custom emojis. I know this has been requested previously and I’m pretty sure the developers said it might happen eventually but it really would be awesome to be able to access my instance’s emojis from the app! Also, 2) this is small but allow access to a user’s media tab within the app. If this is a feature I haven’t figured it out yet. Please keep up the good work!.Version: 1.9.4

Am I Shallow?I love this app because it just works. Still, it’s the animations and the adorable icon that bring me back to open it over and over. I’m still getting used to Mastodon, but the program seems pretty robust in that one can open other feds(?). Keep up the good work. I rarely, rarely review..Version: 1.13.2

🧵 Shows Threads Beautifully ☺️Give Toot! a look. It costs a dollar or two here in Canada. I went back and left a bigger tip. Worth it 🧵Most of the Twitter-clone Mastodon apps look alike, but Toot! Has a very cool sidebar thread-visualizer that shows how posts are connected and where you are in a conversation It shows you who is talking, how many people are there, and who they are talking to Very clever! And not intrusive, but I find myself in other apps feeling lost without it Highly recommended 🦣.Version: 18.2

Get it!I don’t write reviews on apps. This app however is so good! It’s got all the needed features and the implementation is crazy good. Because of the attention to detail, it’s a pleasure to use. Somehow they have actually made the app fun to use. The tiny animations that don’t get in the way are so great! They have taken an amazing service and made it even more fun to use. Please keep up the development!.Version: 17.1

A very nice experienceAs a member of the Great Twitter Exodus of 2022, I’ve found this app a very pleasant experience which has made it easier for me to adapt to the different expectations that Mastodon has about accessibility and content advice. A couple of features I’ve enjoyed are the Tube Map-style threading trails and the ability to be warned if you’re posting an image without alt text. A little extra functionality around Content Warnings would be nice- as a Twexiter, I’m used to shouting my opinion into the void, regardless of who might be listening! So an option to be reminded about CWs on posting, similar to the one about alt text would be nice- also maybe something when you boost a post without a CW, as an “are you sure?”; ideally, even a way to CW a post on boosting, although that might be trickier. But overall, a nice experience!.Version: 16.0

Fav Fedi AppI love Toot! been using it since it came out, happy to have updates again. Hope you're still trucking along to include new features; filters can be opened/closed like CW now, and have the key word shown. In app, this is not possible and sometimes it just hides random things I do not have filtered? I check in the browser to see what it is. Hiding media after viewing would also be great. And generally making these things (CW, eye to show/hide media) larger to make sure the space to tap to close doesn't just open the toot in another page or go to their profile. thanks for all your work 🥲.Version: 21.1

The best Mastodon appThis app has it all - fun features and animations, a cute icon, and is actively being updated to support new features. Thank you!.Version: 17.1

I’m enjoying the appI’m enjoying the app. I already have an existing Mastodon account, after some confusion about the “add” button, I was finally able to find my instance (server) and log in. It loads toots faster and I like that I can easily find the various Mastodon timelines. Toot also has some nice options where you can change the color theme, and the notification sounds. The developer reached out when I had a problem, is responsive, and cares..Version: 17.3

Poor UI but great appPlease devs, update the UI to something more modern. Functionally it’s excellent, and I love it, but UI let’s it down. It just looks dated unfortunately. Thanks for your efforts..Version: 17.1

Faving a toot only works half the timeThis app is the best and most complete app, but when favoriting a toot I often go back to my PC and see the fav didn’t take. It happens about half the time. It doesn’t matter if I’m on wifi or mobile data. It’s been a problem since I started using this app in December. It would be nice if they fixed this..Version: 21.1

Probably the bestOf all the Mastodon this one is the best. - fast - lots of features built in that are useful - great for reading as you can select whatever feed very quickly - after following the developer has a good basis for what the future of the program holds..Version: 17.3

Does not support following hashtagsNo support for following hashtags (that I can find) is a dealbreaker for me. Unfortunately, that appears to be a problem across most of the Mastodon apps for iOS. However, what the app does support is laid out nicely. The ability to easily view the timelines of other instances is also well done. The developer also appears to be very responsive. EDIT: just discovered app does allow pinning of hashtags. Wish list: ability to group multiple hashtags under a particular label like you can do on website..Version: 16.0

Great appI use this for Pleroma and I’m very impressed. Smooth operation, clear interface, very quick to learn. The fun and whimsical elements of the UI all make sense, everything serves a purpose..Version: 16.0

The best app for Mastodon/PleromaHaving tried all of the others, Toot is far ahead of the rest. It’s packed with awesome features, and a lot of thought has gone into the UX..Version: 16.0

Good, butThere is no “edit” for toots in Pleroma instance. Why?Though in a Mastodon instance I have that button for my toots. “Report a bug” leads to a 404 GitHub page..Version: 17.5

Only missing one thingI think that toot! is the better iPad-based mastodon app out there, The only thing it doesn’t have is nesting the left field. IWant more space for the tootsI’m looking at and I feel all that blank space on the left side is too much. Maybe just having the icons visible unless I open the menus board would be cool?.Version: 16.0

Best Mastodon client appThe developer said it’s delightful to use. And they’re not lying. It’s absolutely the best out there, and every time I use it, I feel it’s so smooth and it makes me want to use it! The design and UX are definitely beautiful and natural. The animation is great too. One thing I’d add is to have a “media” tab when looking at someone’s page..Version: 20.1

Still me default Mastodon clientHave been trying multiple different apps and I keep coming back to Toot! Simple clean interface, clear and easy sharing and editing tools, easy to switch between instances. And I can now follow hashtags from within the app I stress of having to go to the desktop. Only thing I would like would be an icon badge to let me know how many unread notifications I have..Version: 21.1

Some adviceI hope I can separate the toot from the reply, just like twitter. and please Add the ability to post emojis.Version: 1.12

Best Mastodon app. Just buy it!At first I balked at paying for an app when you can just use your browser or another free app. However this app is totally worth $4 to a programmer. The only one I tried that actually had all the features (edit button!) and just really well done and a joy to use. $4 isn’t anything for a good app. Don’t hesitate!.Version: 17.5

The most fun mastodon client available!I love Toot! more than any other Mastodon app on iOS. I still find myself using the Metatext app for a couple of key features that I think Toot! is missing. Firstly, being able to sort profiles for “Media” posts is an essential part of using Mastodon for engaging with artists. Metatext has that option right at the top of every profile, but Toot! doesn’t seem to have any equivalent feature. It’s also a bit difficult to share images using Toot! since there is no feature to pull up albums. I sort my photos into albums and share them on Mastodon, but the only way to share images on Toot! is by finding them in chronological order, so it can be hard to pick out the correct images. Overall I think Toot! is a gorgeous app and it very clear that the folks behind it have put a lot of work into making it a very smooth and fun experience. I still keep the Metatext app installed, but I’m very grateful for all of the more modern features that Toot! includes that Metatext still hasn’t gotten around to adapting..Version: 17.1

Genuinely greatI adore this app. Beautiful layout, as intuitive as any masto app I’ve tried. Just one feature request, if I may? In iOS, would it be possible to have the option of choosing different albums to upload photos from? That’s basically the one feature that it’s missing for me. Otherwise, perfect, well done!.Version: 16.0

Some issues with Voiceover.I use the voiceover screenreader on my phone. When I tap on the button to make a new toot, nothing happens. Also, when I go to check my notifications, voiceover reads them, but it won’t read who they’re from. If you could look into these issues I’d really appreciate it. Thank you. All that aside, the app is pretty cool. I already like it more than the other app I’ve been using..Version: 1.9.0

Good app, one issueI’ve used multiple apps for Mastodon over the last couple of months and Toot! has been one of the standouts for functionality and usefulness. It is also the best looking of all the Mastodon apps. My only complaint is that longer image descriptions cover photos when I open a photo to look at it. Is there a way to either dismiss image descriptions or to toggle them off completely, so users who don’t rely on them can get a clear view of the image? Thank you!.Version: 17.4

Nice, but could be so much betterWhen I bought this app, it was one of the best at the time. It is such an impressive change of UI thinking that is really nice once you poke around to figure things out. Now, it is lagging behind, and the developer seems to have just given up. It lacks media playback control, still crops images to 16x9. I understand that the developer has an opinion for not including notifications, and I respect that. However, not everyone holds that opinion, and if we pay for things there is a certain level of expected minimum features. In the 3 months since the last update a lot has changed on the back end of the fedi, and even the last update only brought it to the bare minimum of features then!.Version: 21.1

The best app for MastodonToo many other apps just try to replicate the major Twitter clients. But Masto ain’t Twitter, and Toot! is not Tweetterriffibot. I like that it has all the major stuff implemented but I *love* the UI and little whimsical bits. This isn’t your old mechanical refresh timeline for your next 15 minute hit of outrage dopamine. THIS IS FUN. And long may Toot! and Mastodon continue so..Version: 1.1

Best Mastodon App Out There**This app is no longer maintained, it seems** I’ve tried pretty much all of the Mastodon apps for iOS and Toot! is by far the best. The only thing it would be nice for the developer to add, is the ability to submit reports from within Toot!.Version: 16.0

FunNot only is Toot a great Mastodon client it’s just a lot of fun to use. It’s been very solid, easy to use, and it’s fast. It has a nice set of themes to suit your styling needs and even lets you adjust them. The attention to detail is superb and the animations for boosting a post and creating new posts are smooth and fun to watch. An all around solid app. Highly recommended..Version: 1.9.0

LOVE this app!Been using it since last June and its become my go to for mobile mastodon. If there is one thing I would love to see to would be support for viewing gif avatars! Otherwise this app is wonderful, and I love the hidden “relax” options so much, they’re very charming..Version: 1.15

Adjustable font please!Please let us change the font size.Version: 16.0

Great App, but...It allows one to lock follower acceptance, however I can’t find a place to accept new followers. Also, on the instance I use, no images are showing up. I have tried in other apps and they do show up, so it isn’t my instance. This is really odd. I do want to keep using this app so could you please help me with these issues? Thank you!.Version: 1.3

Simply The BestI moved to the Fediverse the day of Elmo’s official takeover and have tried several apps, including those with all the hype. IMO, Toot! Is Number One in features, accessibility, bug-free functionality, and ease of use. 12,000 posts later, I unreservedly recommend this app (and the Fediverse). 😊.Version: 21.1

Nice / so far my favorite Mastodon appSo far, my favorite of the M6n apps. Novel rotary way to swap between accounts, if you’re working on 2+ accounts (mine, my company’s, a moderator acct, etc). Would like easier access to search. It’s one of several in a drop-down rather than an icon on main screen..Version: 19.0

Best Mastodon Client on iOSI tried all of them including the paid Toot! and Mast. Although its polish is not up to established Twitter apps like Tweetbot, it is definitely the best in the bunch of Mastodon apps. Here are some thoughts: 1. The iPad interface is not optimal and gets in the way of system gestures. 2. I wish there could be some more customisation options. For example, there should be link handling options to open Twitter links in Tweetbot, URLs in Safari and etc. 3. The “Relax” doesn’t work properly. The exit button doesn’t work on my iPad Pro 10.5. I also think we should have an option to remove that button altogether..Version: 1.6.1

Mostly Terrific but One Persistent IssueI love most things about this app and enjoy it more than the other apps available right now. Thoughtful interface, robust functions, dependable and easy to use. And I like that it collects none of my data. The one persistent issue I’ve had is with loading older toots. I usually scroll long enough to reach the Load Older Toots button. When I hit it, how it loads is a crap shoot. Sometimes it’s perfect, loading the next most recent batch of toots. But as often as not, it jogs down to where I’d left off in my previous session and loads the oldest of the toots I haven’t yet seen. Doesn’t matter which timeline I’m in—home, local, or federated. Not impossible to work around, but annoying enough that it keeps me on the edge of leaving..Version: 20.1

Best Mastodon client I’ve triedSimple, fun, and with all the basic features you need. The fact that this app supports multiple Mastodon accounts is a lifesaver. The ability to administer a Mastodon server from the app would be even better, but I’ll take what I can get for now 😉.Version: 1.13.2

A great Mastodon client which prioritizes the comfort and safety of its usersThe Mastodon social network is a great place to interact with people (especially fellow members of marginalized communities), but like any federated form of social media it is difficult to prevent certain people from trying to make it unsafe. I am glad that Toot! uses a bunch of approaches to keep its users safe, such as making it easy to switch instances, being respectful of post privacy settings, and making it possible to avoid interactions with people through the blocking system. There are also some great quality-of-life features like the zen “relax” mode and some fun Easter eggs, and the developer is incredibly responsive to bug reports and feature requests. This app makes Mastodon a delight to use. My only complaints would be that it’s a bit harder than necessary to tune which notifications come up on my lock screen..Version: 1.9.0

Best app for MastodonI’ve tried a range of Mastodon apps and this is the most reliable one. It also makes the best use of Mastodon’s features, e.g. the ability to set a focal point for images, which other developers overlook. The in-app animations seem a bit over the top at first, but they’re all fun and very well done. Overall, a well designed and thought-through app. Updated Aug 2020: unquestionably the best Mastodon iOS app..Version: 1.13.2

NotificationsI love the speed, but it has the same problem as Metatext, which keeps me from using it: it doesn’t show an icon badge for notifications. Only the official Mastodon app does, but it’s slow and annoying. There’s also no indication on the notification tab when there are new notifications..Version: 17.1

My fave mastodon appI’ve been on mastodon for nearly two years and this has really improved mobile experience. Cute, whimsical feel with solid features. Bought before it had themes and it was great when those came out. Always seems to be moving forward. There’s a few things I’d like to see improved but the tickets are in and the dev is super responsive, so I’m hopeful!.Version: 1.2

Unable to connectThank you for supporting the open source software ecosystem. I was unable to connect to my self hosted server on digital ocean. Curiously, many other clients (with one exception) had the same problem! I suspect it must be something to do with my setup, since it didn't happen in isolation. So five stars to you and no stars to me! ;).Version: 1.11.1

Fun, attractive, great featuresVery stable for me. Love: the wheel to quickly access different servers and feeds; ability to add servers without logging in and interact with posts using logged-in accounts; ability to pin lists and hashtags..Version: 16.0

One of the bestI’ve been using Mastodon and other ActivityPub sites for years and the Toot! app really is one of the best clients out there. Especially if you have more than one account, switching between them is a snap. Plus it works great with other software besides Mastodon like Pleroma/Akkoma and Misskey that have compatible APIs. It’s great, well worth paying for..Version: 17.5

Pretty great!This has been my go-to app for years. It’s the only iOS app that doesn’t act like a Twitter app, and I have always loved the unique visual touches like the lines connecting replies to make it easy to follow conversations It would be nice if the following were fixed: -drop filtered posts entirely, since that’s how I have it set in browser -filter for words in alt text, which browser does but Toot! doesn’t -show animated userpics / emojos instead of freezing them as stills -incorporate the ability for timing mutes (X minutes/days like in browser).Version: 21.1

Excellent AppBy far my favorite Mastodon app for iOS, and I’ve tried three others (including the official one). One little thing I’ve noticed: you can’t edit photos or alt text once you’ve posted, so I’d love to see that fixed. Other than that one thing, I have no complains. (Don’t forget to try the “scan user” function!).Version: 17.4

More attention to visual accessibly please….Hello I love your app and its design, however, I have one suggestion. Being visually impaired, I would like the ability to change the font size. Additionally, it would be nice if the text size followed the accessibility settings in relation to size and boldness. Other than that. I think this app is great! Just wish it was easier for me to read..Version: 16.0

Fantastic!I've been loving how solid this app is—while it doesn't have all the same features that the web client does just yet, I've found this app to be the most reliable iOS client for Mastodon. Being able to choose the toot load order as I scroll is an especially appreciated feature. Some feature requests: - Icon indicating if media is a GIF/video/audio (there is no way to differentiate these currently) - Dark, or black and white, minimal icon choice (This is the tiniest of things, but I personally always prefer to have things in black and white) - Update trans friend icon to be a higher-res icon (on iPad Pro, it looks super low-resolution!) - Retain scroll position of timeline(s) on all devices.Version: 1.9.3

This is the one to getFast, flexible, a communicative developer, ability to switch easily between accounts (once you wrap your head around what that even means)… I’ve tried them all and this is my favorite. Collects no data, too!.Version: 17.0

Lovely app.This makes browsing Mastodon more pleasant. It has a quick and easy way to switch accounts, but I wish they had the option to change it from being on the right to being on the left. And for swipe gestures to boost or favorite. And inline replies. Other than that, it’s a lovely app. Very pleasant to look at, and a breath of fresh air in Mastodon clients. Quick edit: I wish there was a more convenient way to raise up issues, like a github/bucket to add requests or report on bugs..Version: 1.4

Best app for Mastodon I’ve tried!!I’ve tried so many apps and this one has the most going for it! Definitely worth the purchase, especially considering I am online like every day Pros: -Easy to switch between accounts on different instances once you set it up -The user interface is super cute and easy to switch between the different themes -CWs work great and are continuous -You can add image descriptions when you post a picture -You can turn off the “include @ of the person who boosted” when you reply to a post -Filters actually work! Big plus -You can see and vote in polls Cons: -No options for adding custom emojis to posts (but I already have the short codes for my instance memorized so not too big of a deal) -Not exactly endless scrolling to older posts, but you can just click “show more”.Version: 1.9.0

Keeps getting better.The dev listens to the users and has been improving the app regularly since day one. I’ve spent quite a few dollars on different Mastodon apps, as well as tried the free ones, and this is still my go-to..Version: 1.6

BestI tried all other mastodon apps. This one is my favorite..Version: 1.5.1

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