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BPme: BP & Amoco Gas Rewards App User Positive Comments 2023

BPme: BP & Amoco Gas Rewards app received 17 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bpme: bp & amoco gas rewards?

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Nothing But Pump Activation ErrorsUpdate: Customer Service offered assistance shortly after my first review. I decided to wait until right after my next attempted use so they could more easily troubleshoot the glitch. This time it worked flawlessly just like it always used to. BTW I’ve been exclusively using the same station since COVID-19 hit. Original 2 Star Review: It worked great for maybe 9 months but it fails to complete the transaction for the last two months. It even failed once after unlocking my pump. Luckily I spotted the app error before driving away..Version: 4.26.10

InconsistentI have had problems linking pump to phone, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t on my Apple I7. I was just recently rejected from using the BP credit card linked with BPme app. I then took the card from my wallet, the one rejected, and successfully made the gas transaction. I have always been using this credit card within the app with no prior problem. This app takes more time then if I went to the pump with my BP credit card. Thinking about dropping the app. After finally contacting a rep for the BPme app, I was told that they were having problems with there own BP credit cards. The issue is now resolved and is working again..Version: 1.64.2

Love this appI’ve been using the BP app for several months and love it. Why? Three reasons. 1) Security. I’ve had my credit card skimmed more time than I can count and with this app NEVER have to even take my card out of my wallet. 2) convenience in managing my credit card receipts. I don’t have to worry about paper copies when I enter my charges in my accounting software...it’s all right there in the app. 3) Ease...I can find a BP near me, select and activate a pump without ever getting out of my car. Great when it’s cold outside or late at night when I don’t feel comfortable being exposed for longer than necessary to pump my gas. Great app!.Version: 1.8.0

New BP app and rewards! Home run!Was really pumped (pun intended) for the new rewards program. I have to admit I was a little nervous about what changes they’d make but the perpetual $0.05 off/gallon is awesome. I’ll end up with more savings compared to the old program. Right on! I was totally surprised (in a good way) by the new app too. They really nailed every part of it. Even the new icon looks great on my home screen. Love how everything has been redesigned and it looks very modern and clean. Set up was super smooth and it’s very easy to navigate and use. No problems updating settings, adding payment, checking rewards and history etc..Version: 1.58.2

Individual results may varyIn general, the app works well, the individual location participation makes it sad. The premise I was led to believe was that, if I linked my BP gas card to the app, discounts would be treated as they are at the pump, BP cards are treated as cash sales, thus the discount would be off of cash prices. This is true in some stations, but not all! My most recent purchase was using a 10¢ discount, but the discount was taken off of the credit price, so, the actual discount compared to the cash price was a whopping 2¢! Corporate needs to get all of its franchise players on the same page, to make the usefulness of the app more appealing..Version: 1.60.4

The app is not working anymoreI tried to pay gas today from the app, the account was logged out without notice. I tried to logging back in and it said my password was wrong, when I tried to reset my password I wrote the one I used before that marked it wrong and it said “you can’t use your previous one”. Then, I finally reset it with a new password and after I log in my screen keeps being white forever and never logs me in. I already turned the phone off and turn it on again three times and still doesn’t work, it keeps logging me out and having a white screen after logging in..Version: 4.26.12

Works really wellOverall, I love using this app because I don’t have to swipe a card at the pump and worry about checking for skimmers on the card reader. When I travel, I occasionally end up “losing” my reward because of paying the credit price at a station that charges different rates based on how you pay, which irritates me. The one problem I’ve had with the app itself is accidentally using the wrong card due to it defaulting to the last one you used. I don’t always use the same card, and it doesn’t prompt you to choose a card for the current transaction. I’ve done this twice, so I just try to be more mindful to check it. It would be better for me if it prompted you to select the card like it prompts you to select the pump number. Not sure if that’s an issue for anyone else..Version: 1.8.0

Future Technology At The Pump!!!So, I too, had experienced a few glitches with the app when I first started using it. But since then, it’s worked pretty flawlessly. I can see my rewards balance right away, and be able to let them know whether or not to use it, or let it ride. Also it helps to tell you where the nearest BP pump is, especially when you’re somewhere you’re not familiar with. And lastly, it’s great not having to pull out my wallet! I gas up a lot in New Jersey, where you can’t pump your own gas. So I pull up to the pump, enter the info into the app. Tell the attendant how much, which grade, and whether to use the reward or not, and then tip and go! I also appreciate the extra rewards BP sends as well, keep up the good work BP!.Version: 1.8.0

I was skeptical, but it works well.Our local BP station is pretty basic. I use it because I want gas with a better detergent than the Raceway gas. I’d used the previous BP rewards program and it never worked as the stations didn’t recognize my Amex card and as I don’t intend to carry around a separate reward card I only used it for my ‘play’ car which only gets gas once a month. However this app works really well recognizing the station and the pump right away. It unlocked the pump and processed the payment accurately and fast then sent an email receipt. I think I’ll be using it for all our gas locally. Going on a couple of road trips soon so will see if it continues to impress. Fingers crossed!.Version: 1.58.6

[Update: support can fix] The app simply doesn’t work, no supportUpdate: after a fifth attempt to reach someone at the 800 number, I finally got through. Someone answered surprisingly quickly. The solution for this was that they had to delete the account from their side, I then reinstalled the app and registered a new account. My promotional rewards were not lost doing this. Everything seems to be working now. Original review/issue: I’ve been trying to use this app since the beginning of October, but it doesn’t work. Every time I choose to log in to my account, it simply goes back to the same page where you can choose login or create account again. I’ve called BP’s support number 4 times and waited on hold for over 45 minutes each time, never reaching an actual human being. The automated message on the support line has continued to say that they’re aware of an issue for weeks. I don’t know how an obscure gas app could possibly have such long hold times or take this long to fix..Version: 1.58.6

BP gasMy F-250 SD super cab with 8 ft bed 6.2L and gets roughly 750 miles on a tank of BP 87 Octane. Shell 87 is the next with over 700 miles. Walmart 87 and got 520 miles. BP gets me 15 mpg half city driving and the other highway. Colorado to Florida 3 times this last year mostly She’ll on interstate and Florida BP. I think some of it today’s engine are more scientific and need better gas:) PS. How about putting E85 at all BP stations? PS. You know flex fuel vehicles running E85 produce less emissions? Easily pass smog emissions if properly tuned? PS I got 2 E85 ( drag week cars ) vehicles and 1 Flex fuel PS Instead like VP racing fuel...how about BP E85 pump gas:).Version: 4.47.5

The app is great but no discountThe app is great, always picks up the correct station and unlocks the gas pump. The only issue is, paying is always credit, even when using PayPal as a payment. The BP Stations always charge 10 cents per gallon when using the app. There is no way around it, so I end up paying 5 cents more a gallon since the discount is only 5 cents. I am not sure why BP has the app, if they have a 10 cent discount, then it would be great, at least this way I am paying what a cash paying customer is paying and not 5 cents more. Another gas company allows you to pay the same amount as cash by using their app. I use PayPal to pay. It’s not PayPal credit, it is the money I have in my account with PayPal..Version: 4.12.2

Great App for Cold Weather and Safety!Overall, this app is working well. You can set up multiple payment types (credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc), which provides flexibility. Paying for gas is a simple wizard process to select the pump, payment type, the purchase, all while sitting in your car. For cold or inclement weather, this avoid the hassle of standing at the pump to go through the credit card process, or even running inside to pay. Similarly, this provides for a further level of safety in that you can leave your credit/debit cards in the card, and focus on pumping the gas..Version: 1.60.3

Pretty good but not todayI’ve had generally good experience with the app up until today. Generally I can access the app and identify the gas station to pay online and get the discount. Today however the app didn’t work in Charlottesville VA. The app failed to connect to the payment method apparently. I trued shutting down my phone and then on again. Twice. The second time, I was asked to logon.I didn’t know my password so I tried to reset multiple times with no luck. Maybe the Internet connection was bad In Charlottesville. I tried to set a second gas station and it didn’t work either and was not able to connect to reset the password. I tried to use the app one more time in Front Royal Virginia with no luck. Again I could not reset the password though the connection was good. I was finally able to reset the password when I got home so I guess the app doesn’t work sometimes if the connection is poor. And why I had to logon again I have no idea. It’s frustrating to logon when the connection is not good and you can’t reset the password..Version: 5.3.2

Great concept and rewards, but some minor flawsI love the concept of being able to locate the nearest BP station and select/pay for a pump with my smart phone. Being able to apply rewards with app is quite easy as well! However, sometimes the app can be a little wonky when loading, and on a few rare occasions was not able to be used with compatible stations. I also have had fraud alerts block the use of the linked credit card on multiple occasions, but am not sure of that is more on the end of the fraud alert or the way the payment is secured by the app. Overall, the app is convenient and an easy way to apply rewards, but could use some fine tuning to make the experience completely seamless..Version: 1.8.0

Same login issue again and again.The app logged off the account when app was updated. A lot of apps such as Chase or games don’t do that. When it’s logged off, login will work when it’s connected to WiFi, not LTE. I’m writing this review over LTE while BPme app reported network issue. In the past, I had to login when I’m connected to WiFi. I bet I will be able to login when my phone is connected to WiFi. Without this app, I’m skipped BP today while my Exxon Mobil app is working. I couldn’t believe that it couldn’t be fixed after so many revisions..Version: 4.22.4

At least some of you can actually use the app!I have been trying for over an hour to log in with my credentials from my years old BP rewards account and I keep getting a “sorry your session has timed out” message after I want to say the full 7 seconds it takes to sign in. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I wouldn’t have an issue with the credit price thing people keep complaining about- that’s not new, the station doesn’t know/care you are using your debit as a credit card. They have to pay the transaction fee nonetheless. You can choose a station that is “cash/credit same price”. Hopefully the developer team will fix the bugs so that more people will use what seems to be a great idea..Version: 1.8.0

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