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ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play Positive Reviews

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ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play App User Positive Comments 2024

ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play app received 140 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about zepeto: avatar, connect & play?

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ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play for Positive User Reviews

Great appIn my opinion this is a great app. I have played this for over 2 months and I had no glitches or bugs so far. I like how ZEPETO included lots of coin items (you get alot when you first log in) My only issue is that theres no way of getting zems, only way is buying or doing the quiz thing. When I tried the quiz, it did not work. Although, it did not do anything, like stealing zems or anything stealing related..Version: 3.15.0

Full review, please read.The game is great, the idea is also amazing. Before I begin, know this is a social media. People post their characters and message other people. This is a very entertaining game, very addictive. There i many different things to do such as: playing games, messaging people, posting, customizing your character and so much more. The game is also very affordable if you want to buy zems or coins. Zems is the pay for most items. It would be great though if there was more ways to get zems then buying them or doing surveys. I don’t have many ideas now, but I’ve heard many and people would really like there to be easier ways to get zems. Many of the surveys ask questions for 18+, about work and children etc. Younger kids in the app would not know any of the answers to these surveys, as the game is 13+. Next, there is posting. It would be great if there was a larger character amount for the post captions. More then what it is now, 300 characters I believe. With posts people would also love to be able to move their characters, make poses for them without having to mix poses, like people have to do now. There is not many complaints for this game. I do recommend the game, it is very fun and enjoyable. Please take into consideration the ideas. Thank you for reading..Version: 3.34.000

White NoiseHi! I like Zepeto but the white noise is very very creepy. (If you don’t know what white noise is, it’s basically this staticky noise that you hear when the microphone is on).Version: 2.9.2

SO GOOD but please fix the bugsZepeto is the best thing that happened to me I love it so much definitely a 5 star game but what made it 4 stars is it has glitches like when I’m putting a music on a video when I posted it the music will mess up but with out all that it’s definitely worth it All my money gone lol I can play this all day not going to lie but l stayed up all night a went to bed at 5:46 am and I have to wake up a 6:30 am and my mom got so mad and put screen time on my phone the game is really really amazing and I love it so much but please fix the bugs please that will help me so much in posting and make life so much easier and I’m very confused on the items that I made is it a glitch or it doesn’t show up on the new category because that’s the only way people can Actively see my items and I’m not from Japan or speak Japanese so can you make a option I can translate it to English and keep up the good work you you guys are very good and smart for creating this app for people and helping peoples boredom this game is really good 4 stars..Version: 3.10.1

The rumours are fake, people are just gullibleI downloaded Zepeto last year, I was obsessed with it. I wanted my cousin to download it but he has a very strict mum. So she never lets him download things without her consent. A couple days later, she finally had a look at the game and the reviews to see if it was okay for him to download. After reading about all the “white noise” and stuff, she messaged my mum and told her to delete off my phone because it “wasn’t safe” so I deleted it. Bear in mind I had it for a couple of months before anyway and I didn’t here any of the heavy breathing or anything. I knew that it would be very rude and disobedient to re-download it and start playing it again, but if you used common sense, if you put your volume to the max and raised you phone to you ear, of course there is going to be white noise! The rumours are fake and people are just being mard. there is no need to be scared to download..Version: 3.4.4

DO NOT DOWNLOADSo I’ve been hearing rumours about this game so I decided to buy the app and play when I made my account it said to track location I didn’t allow because of course that’s a trick, then I made my avatar and I played a game then the game crashed? So. I joined back again and my avatar was.. DISGUSTING it was all BLACK with demon ears and a big smile then I. Went on my profile and it said on my bio “I see you.” Then my account made a post? So I checked it out and the name was I see you and it was so werid more werid because the post photo was so so creepy it showed the same avatar but it showed my real face.. please do NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 3.1.0

This app is dangerous it is spying on youand see’s what your doing I didn’t know this beforeDon’t download.Version: 2.22.0

HueAttention— white noise only happens cause there’s no sound lol.Version: 2.17.1

FaceTime would be niceIn the app, I was thinking like, in the chat- when your texting your friend, up above the screen there could be a FaceTime button. But to make it safe, if somebody wants to FaceTime you, click the button, and the person that you wanna call gets a notification that says ‘This person’ is calling you, ‘Yes or No’ for permission to answer the call. And if there is a creep and is trying to keep calling you there could be a button, where in the chat, just hold the FaceTime button with your thumb and it shows the word with red letters ‘Block FaceTime’ so that person can’t be able to FaceTime you. And when you pictures of your actual self there could be cute filters. This whole thing would be rlly great 🙂.Version: 3.25.100

Pls fix thisHi zepeto team, I love your game so much and I love doing my avatar and playing games and hanging out with friends but in some games if I just do something it kicks me out of zepeto? Idk if it’s bc my ipad storage is full, but it gets annoying because it kicks me out a lot. If you could pls consider doing something about this i would be pleased. Apart from that it’s an amazing app 😁.Version: 3.12.0

Best thing everBefore ZEPETO, i wanted a social that didn’t require u to show ur face. Then my friend recommended it and I’m so glad I downloaded it. You can make online friends and create amazing , realistic avatars with different styles. I think that it is suitable for 10+ because it allows u to talk to strangers but there is a setting where u can turn that off. Overall, an amazing app and I definitely recommend..Version: 3.35.000

READ THIS NOWSo I was on my acc and I asked my friend if she could gift me but I said only if she wanted she said no and she made vids abt me saying I’m stupid and stuff she told everyone they sent hate but…….I ended up deleting zepeto on accident but Then I deleted it then I got it again but then….it’s not letting me get this app again tho is it a bug or it could be my ipad storage tho can u guys plz let me get this app again plz!!!!??!?!!.Version: 3.14.1

Perfect Game but some suggestions!Okay zepeto is a great game and you can get followers quick and easy a few suggestions maybe if you could make more packs like start a beginner pro that would be great and the new update that we can’t send videos isn’t amazing thing so I hope you can fix that otherwise it’s a great game and I’ve gotten so many followers in weeks I hope you can respond.Version: 3.19.000

Minor issuesThe game is amazing, I’m able to customise my avatar and communicate with other users in chatrooms and worlds. The main issue is the mini games, specifically Zombie Run. It frustrates me when I’m tagging someone without a shield and their health still doesn’t decrease however when I’m far away avoiding the zombies not interacting with any of them, my health somehow decreases. Not to mention my zepeto randomly stopping in the map while I’m still moving the controls, that goes for other players, it’s quite common. I’d appreciate it if these glitches were fixed, making it easier for us to actually play..Version: 2.23.1

I LOVE IT!I just got ZEPETO and the first thing I did was edit my avatar And after that I went in a game and I made 5 friends in 2 mins It is so cool I totally recommend it.Version: 3.31.000

It’s fun game but…So there’s some good things and there’s some bad things. I’m gonna start with the good things. So first, there’s a thing called feed where you can see what people are posting on the ZEPETO kinda thing. So so you’re probably wondering how do you post videos? So you go on + it’s called create and you pick what picture/video dance type thing do you want to pick her or you can pick something from your camera roll. Ok next thing, so theres this thing called world which is basically roblox. You can join friends and hang out in worlds. Ok time for the bad things, so they had this thing called match and it WAS basically like tinder. Sadly they got rid of it but I honestly think they should bring it back. Ok next thing, so there’s coins and zems, so getting coins isn’t a big deal, but getting zems is almost impossible without buying them. They are very overpriced and it’s not fair for the people that don’t want to spend money on zems. They rarely have free zems. They also need more lucky boxes which is where you get tickets for doing quests. Every 10 tickets you spend = a item from the lucky box..Version: 3.17.200

MaisySo I’m a kid and everyone keep saying there’s a noise I’m scared litterly but won time I heard a noise that’s rumbling And I shut it of plz Guys This is a safe game And ppl who’s saying that Ppl are watching u I been playing this a week and another week there’s not stranger it’s a myth but Maybe u should add another Dimond award bc it’s so hard to get but it’s fun game maybe We don’t always have to sign it ZEPETO I really want to chat but it dose not let me I don’t Know my password or email sorry just a kid-anyway all the kids out there ur safe That’s all fake news It’s normal game like another games -well maybe u should add more jumpers and hats Well that’s all this game is amazing but a little boring -have a good day all stay safe and the game is safe it’s all lies.Version: 2.27.3

Give some idea to improveI really love this game during this situations. It help me to make friends a lot. Anyway I have some idea for you for the next update, hope you fix the voice problem I want you to give us a better voice chat because it could make us easier for communication. Voice chat is one of the main problems that I advice you. Thank for creating this game, I’m appreciate ❤️.Version: 3.10.4

ZEPETO || Fun to play!ZEPETO is a really fun game where you can dress up a character and design them however you want! I love this game and only just got back into it recently. My only requests are that with the ‘body’ feature make it more customisable. So you can pick on a slider how tall, short and what size your character is!! I’d also recommend being able to have two eye colours. If people wanna make accurate portraits of themselves it can be hard if they have heterochromatic eyes. Besides those two things, great game! I recommend it, easy to use and fun to play around with! I can get lost in the game for hours on end just looking through all the customisation options!.Version: 3.0.9

THE BEST APP GAME EVERThis is one of my favourite game I get to play games with my friends and meet new friends I get to post and gain followers I really enjoy this game app and you don’t have to show your face. I want them to add a market when your can sell items that you don’t want anymore or you can sell thing that you don’t need anymore because I change styles and now I have items that I don’t need so if you can sell it and get your zems or coins back that with be great. But after all I love this game: five stars.Version: 3.20.000

I love Zepeto!I love ZEPETO and i have an idea to make it even better! I feel like you should be able to trade!! It would be so fun like so me and my friend could trade items!! Thank you i love this game!!.Version: 3.42.100

YesSoo, ive been reading these reviews and alot off people are talking ant the “white noise”. there’s obviously gonna be a noise because off the vibration and stuff, and abt the breathing, i really dont know why people believe this stuff, if your scared off playing it because off that, please dont be scared too download. this app is completely safe, if your scared, I would press on the “do not track”. but anyway, this game is really fun!! i mostly use it too do roleplays on tiktok, but customising your avatar is such fun!! I recommend downloading, also i have one request, please unlock all locked hairs and bring them back, there are some amazing ones people want but can’t get, I recommend bringing them back to make people happy. overall its great.Version: 3.10.4

GREAT GAME ….but ……I’m not sure if these rumours are true so I’ve deleted the app for safety but if it’s not I might get it back but I just want to have fun in this game and 2000 for a hair? And it’s impossible to get gems I only have one gem so please make the quests give you like 10 gems or 20 and the scratch thing I’m wasting my coins on something that I only get 5 back from so please make it a higher chance and more quest for gems And No hacks or Anything Please I’m begging I need to trust this app I need a fun game to play when I’m bored thank you for giving the time to read this :) Kind regards,.Version: 3.13.5

My favourite game but..Recently I have been in love with Zepeto I’ve been playing for 2 years I only have 73 followers but I’m doing well I love creating items Now here’s the but whenever I try to post something from my album it keeps on glitching and won’t let me post some times my whole screen will go black from it but when I told my cousin he said there’s nothing wrong And I know it’s not my device because it’s not old and dose not glitch So if u could please look into your game and fix bugs that would be great.Version: 3.4.2

I love it but I hate fake peopleI REALLY love this app it’s amazing and I play it with all my friends and the dress up feature is great to and me and my friends love it and it’s a great way for me and my friends to interact with my friends during this covid 19 stuff and thanks creators for making this app and y’all are amazing for tolerating all the stuff y’all used to get about this great app being “haunted” 🙄 because that is just stupid if I were you I would have yelled at all of the fake people who said that just to get ratings down y’all are amazing for not getting really mad at all of the fake people who said all of that stupid stuff y’all are great and anyone reading this should download the app right now it’s great and really fun especially good for all the covid stuff and it’s a very good way to deal with it again to the developers y’all made a hell of a good app 🙂 have a good day!!!edit: and I just realized people are still harassing you about these fake rumors like just shut up they are fake my god that’s just rude and y’all are just copying everyone else ZEPETO is a great app.Version: 2.21.3

It’s a pretty good gameI only downloaded this game today in the morning and i’ve been playing it all day. it’s really fun, you can visit many worlds, interact with people from around the world and even people you know. there are millions of accessories, shoes, makeup, tops, crop tops and so much more in the avatar section and you can make a 2nd, 3rd and 4th plot (which you have to pay for but it’s only £2). you can play games to earn coins and zems, watch ads and other stuff. you can dance with your 2 avatars or a boy/girl from around the world and take lovely pictures or dances. there are many tiktok dances too. and lastly you can make your own profile and many people can like and comment and you can post stuff. so fun!! the only downfall for this game though is when you play something it takes forever to load and it glitches really badly. i always have to swipe up and go back onto the game which is really annoying. apart from that though it’s really good game and there’s so much you can do on there, i really suggest this game!!.Version: 3.2.1

Your fine :)I recently got this app a day ago , and at first sight I was addicted to it and I didn’t here anything but my tv !! Some people say there having sleepovers while playing ZEPETO and it “says don’t look outside “ and they saw a man outside recording you like- who the heck records someone they don’t know . Other people say there’s noise if you turn your volume up I did that and there was completely no sound . I don’t get why people want to spread rumours about ZEPETO that’s messed up .ZEPETO is a fun app where you can chat with friends . I recommend you download this now ! I love your app ZEPETO hope you see this . Have a wonderful day :).Version: 3.6.2

I love this gameHi this is one of my favourite games but my mum got rid of it bc it says you need to be 16 or over but I had this game for a couple years and I think it’s a wonderful game to play I love all the hair and clothes but I think it’s bad how you need to pay to get gems I think it should be free for all kids and teens but over all I think it’s a great game to play go download now and play!.Version: 3.25.100

HiSo I love this game but I don’t like how everything is more bad if it is money the only things what I like was the Zems and I think every single day if you do a chore or if you play one of those activity things you should get 5000 gems because my mum said no to buying exams and every single day I’ve been trying to get those slime things so then they will be all not hungry anymore but every single day it is not worth it because I don’t know how to get more sweets and I did say to my friends can you please try doing it and they said that it’s too hard, I cannot do it so I would recommend if you want or 10 out of 10 give her threesomes every single day because in fact, I think that everybody’s trying to get exams but they cannot get exams because I think everybody’s mums or dads. Keep on saying no of getting Sam is just like my mum, please do it it would be a big big good thing for me so can you please think about it if you do I will write it again. Do it a 5 out of five and I think that everybody else we do it. Thank you so much bye.Version: 3.42.100

ZepetoSo let’s get into it,this is a good app but can’t text ur friends unless u give them ur email and password. I think this is a bit risky and shouldn’t be allowed just to text ur friend! You can follow people and get friends on it. I wouldn’t rate it as the best social media app because of the email thing and it wants to know your password too! If I were u I just wouldn’t bc u never know where ur information is going. If you disagree with this that’s fine but my advise is don’t give them your personal information. Appart from that it is quite good!➕it try’s to ask you to buy gems to get some clothing items. It is quite good just a lil boring. If you don’t like this review that’s fine just please listen to what i say Thanks x.Version: 3.41.000

Super Fun App!I love this game! There is a wide variety of things you can add to your characters look. I have rarely ever found an app that has had hair REMOTELY similar to mine. I also really enjoy making videos of my character dancing to songs or simply just taking pictures. However, this is just to everyone talking about the light buzzing noise you hear when you put the app to your ear. So I wanted to see if it was true therefore I took my phone towards my ear to see if it made the buzzing noise. I could hear the buzzing noise but then I went on another app that needs access to the microphone and I heard the exact same noise. So I’m guessing that noise comes up in every app that needs microphone access..Version: 2.17.1

ZEPETOThis game is really go tbh you can do a lot of things it’s like TikTok, Instagram, and Roblox mixed together it’s reallyAwesome you can make new friends that you never even know you could you can message people send pictures you can even find a lover on there this is just an awesome game I really recommend you play this game because you can do a lot of things and never get bored of it there’s always new poses and you always make new friends but one thing that I will change about it is that you can’t pick or do your poses it will be awesome if you get to pick and do your poses by itself and explore more about it but overall this game is really awesome and I hope that the ZEPETO thinks about you doing your own poses and dances but overall this game is a really nice game you can do a lot of things and you’ll have so much fun if you really like Roblox in like scrolling and just like playing with people and socializing I really recommend this game and there is a few changes I will change about the ZEPETO but other than that I think it is a great game..Version: 3.5.0

Not loading into the game?Hey ZEPETO! I love your app and I love designing characters and photo booths! Yesterday, I downloaded the update and tried to go into the game, but it didn’t let me? I tried everything but it still didn’t work. I also can’t remember if I used my google account or not to log in! So if I delete then reinstall, then all my stuff will be gone and my money will be wasted! Please, fix this error! I really want to hop on! Thank you! <3.Version: 3.14.0

I can’t fix my name !!!!First of all ZEPETO is AMAZING ! But… I am having some issues right now with my name and it has like pumpkin emoji’s because it was Halloween 👻. Then when Halloween was OVER , I wanted to change my name too normal as it has always been but when I try to press “done” something pops up saying ,( “” contains a word that is not allowed.) but I deleted my whole name then written it down normally without any emoji’s and THEN … it say a the same thing again I tried closing the app then re-opening it and still ! Also I posted it on ZEPETO and one of my followers said “ Me too” , meaning she has the same problem as me so I said “ Really? I know it’s so annoying !” Everyone keeps asking me why do I have pumpkin 🎃 emoji still because it’s no longer Halloween ! (If you read this please try and sending me a feedback because I don’t know what has happened to it and it’s bothering me !).Version: 3.40.100

I LOVE the game but maybe make getting zems a bit easier and customise body type?I love the game and how you can customise almost everything but i would love to customise body type if possible. also, i would like to see getting zems easier too since almost everything i wish to get is bought with zems. (kinda a concept): maybe we can get zems by completing all 10 quests once or twice a week? other than that, the game is literally amazing. i love it so much!.Version: 3.7.5

I’ve got a good ideaYou know how you can take photos, you should make a page in this game we’re you can share photos and likes them, like Instagram making taking photos more useful I just think it seems like a fun idea. Also you should focus on the online worlds, like make more maps bigger because at the moment the maps are small and boring, for example add some games to it activity’s and make more maps giving you a bigger choice..Version: 2.12.0

HelpIt’s so confusing I can’t figure out how to buy and save item which means I can’t do anything but i think it would be a great game if I could figure out how to get in.Version: 3.43.100

I love it but...I love the game, but there’s some problems I have with it. First off, the chances of winning the jackpots in the scratches needs to be higher. I have won some of them but my friends have never and can only rely on the daily rewards for coins. Secondly, it’s really hard to get gems! I think it’s fun to have to do mini games to get them but so far, everyone I know haven’t gotten any and have tried everyday. And even then, the mini game’s prize is just one gem, what I’m trying to say is to make it easier to earn them. Finally, I think that there should be some kind of exchange for gems. For example, if you have 1000 coins and you want some gems, you could trade in a certain amount of coins for gems, and viceversa. If that was added in, I would personally work harder on getting coins in the mini games. Thanks!.Version: 2.17.1

Hello!ZEPETO is a really nice game. Worlds and posting stuff is amazing, (please don’t change that). BUT, I really want to create a template, but whenever I search up how to do it, it’s always like from the year 2022! And from that year, it looked so easy to make a template video! But this year, it didn’t have options like “Album” or “Music” or “Add Avatar”. Everything else is really nice, I just really want to make a template. Thanks for reading this! ✨⭐️🌟.Version: 3.26.500

Awesome✨At first I was skeptical of the app, and I didn’t realise it was like normal social media till I downloaded it, but after a while I became quite addicted. The overall design is good and I have made some really nice friends on there, making an avatar is fun and even though getting zems is supposedly hard the free zems option works well! There is honestly nothing I would want to change. Keep up the great work Zepeto!.Version: 3.31.000

Best game ever!!!!!Ok so, this is an amazing app, my favorite at that, but, just one thing, this doesn’t affect my rating because it’s a small thing that probably won’t get changed, but I wanted to say that it is a lil hard to get diamonds...like can u work for them? Maybe make a game where there’s jobs or something!! But other than that I really like the app, for example, it’s really nice that you get so many coins at the beginning of the game, that helps a lot, but you one day wanna change it and u can’t go back lol...I thought of making a new acc but then I would lose my followers and everything!! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. FOLLOWERS!!! You have Tiktok right here lol!!!!! It’s so fun, but, I have to admit, the worlds are a little....boring... :c BUT it’s the most amazing app to make friends!! I made one on my first day playing!! Her name is Zoë and she is my best friend now. If u ask me, I really recommend this app, you can gif’s , videos, get followers, play obbies!! And best of all, make friends!!!! Download it NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW omg I can’t believe I wrote that much lol 😱😂🤭😅.Version: 2.25.3

ZepetoThis game is good but last time I clicked something it side the game will keep eyes on you and tracking you if that is ok? And it side I had to Press ok if I don’t in will kick me out And I side this is kind of strange? And the game side we are sorry we Heard what you said we might have to kick you out and I did and like a like I was surprise and it was time for dinner and I side I will keep my few hours later I came back with a surprise that It deleted and it. side hello this game update or might download by. It’s self then it’s updated by self and also came back by itself so I restarted my phone and went to bed and hope that it will not come back it was school time after school my phone was gone and I got it back strangely and it said hello this game is now updated you may play but then when I looked on it it said my name I said hello oh strange name and then when I printed it it just showed a weird girl you know how like you can make your own characters it just said you’ll be using this character for now. That was it.Version: 3.17.200

This game is the BEST💖Hello this game is absolutely amazing all the clothes,body,mini games to and more! But people also hate this game because “the videos glitches “ or “theirs strangers on here I don’t like them” or something well actually the video glitches because of what type of phone/iPad you have like if you have a newer iPad/phone it will work better because I have 2 phones and 1 is really old one is one of the newer one and when I do a video on the old one it’s quite glitchy but on my newer phone it works perfectly fine so stop it and download it now!!! When people say their strangers I don’t like them well your actually meeting new people and see how they are Now let’s stop this nonsense and download this game now!!💖💖.Version: 3.22.100

ZepetoHi Zepeto I was loging I don't now why but now it won't let me download it now and I am ready sad.Version: 3.1.1

Fun!!!Hey you join the app fun can play with friends can dress your self up I no I like doing that make new friends and try something new with friends!!!!!!.Version: 2.9.2

-from someoneI love this game so much is rlly nice I recommend it!! Is super fun with lots of cool stuff! Even though I think we need better and more useful booths some booths are random I rlly want booths like daily for example skincare,making food,more driving,pets,especially for vlogs cause I am a vloger,etcc those will be great plus if there is more friendship photos for 3,4,5,6 ppl This one is the most important make more clothes please and dont make them zem bc some ppl dont have some and coins are much better I hope these happen but above that is great OKAY LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR I STILL LOVE ZEPETO BUT IS KINDA BEING ANNOYING KNOW EVERYTHING IS ZEMS I DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO BUY ZEMS 24/7 THERE ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE PLS I BEG YOU MAKE MORE ITEMS WITH COINS THAT WOULD BE THE BEST.Version: 3.38.000

It’s soo funThis game has a lot of things to do in here it is a game I recommend play it may glitch and stuff but it’s fun.Version: 3.23.100

Love it!This game is awesome and I think it’s really improved but the only problem I see is the live thing! My dream is to go live and I have over 5k followers and also I live in a “English speaking country” so I don’t understand, over all I think this game is fantastic. Maybe you should inabable (turn on) the Messeges on the official zepeto Luna account so people can feedback and maybe blur the swear words (for example use #) in the Dms because a lot off ppl swear and bluring it will stop kids from using them too, i really think that is important. To be honest this game is kinda boring if you have been on it for a while so I’m thinking adding games and maybe adding more entertainment (for example giveaways on the ZEPETO acc.) but I truly do love this app and hope the live will work for everyone!.Version: 3.30.000

~Dear ZEPETO~Dear ZEPETO, me and my sister honestly love this game, and we’ve only been playing for a few days!! But, as usual, the best games have the worst glitches! Let me elaborate… so, for one of my quests, I had to post one of my new outfits on Style, and I tried. I selected poses, a background, created a caption, and everything- but once I pressed release, a green bar popped up and said: Error (02). I assumed it was just some glitch and just skipped that quest, not wanting to be bothered. Well, over the past few days, my sister was posting her styles and gaining a lot of followers by doing so. Naturally, I wanted the same, and tried AGAIN and AGAIN CONTINUOUSLY, but, still, it said: Error (02). I then looked up why this was happening on Google, and I no one had anything on it. You can only imagine my frustration. All I’m asking is to please reply back with a solution to help me, and I will gladly give this game 5 stars, because I really do love it! I would just like to love every part, including Style! Thank u so much for reading this whole review! I really do appreciate it :3.Version: 3.3.3

❤️ it butIt is amazing I love it but you need to sign in the post and I’m not putting details in in case I get hacked so please make it so you don’t need an account to post I’m begging you it is one of my favourite apps ever but I’m not signing in please other than that I love it and it is so amazing if someone is not shure it is an amazing app and you can save videos but just not post them so please creators make it so you don’t need an account to post I will check every day but eventually I might haft to not use the app for sometime so please can you do it and do it fast thank you so much for the amazing app that is the one problem for me there might be some other problems but not for me that is the only problem that I have right now..Version: 3.32.100

Amazing!This game is amazing it is Roblox, TikTok, and Instagram in one! Can you make it so your second Avatar is free? I think that will make other people want to buy even more avatars!.Version: 3.45.100

Wifi stupidSo it keeps showing no wifi things but it’s connected 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤.Version: 3.45.100

Loading screen + GlitchIve been playing Zepeto since it was first released and had absolutely NO problems with it whatsoever. However recently my zepeto has been reloading itself for a long time whenever I tap on clothing items. Then there's the world chatrooms aswell, whenever I try to change a look sometimes my character will glitch so big it covers the entire screen and I have to reload it. I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but it's REALLY annoying..Version: 3.7.5

Almost perfect!I’ve had ZEPETO for loads of months now and i love ZEPETO. There were fake rumours about “hearing voices if you turn your volume all the way up and put your ear to the speaker”. None of them are true however for the past few days there’s been something wrong with my ZEPETO. I dont know if it’s a minor bug or something but whenever i click on ZEPETO it kicks me out and leaves me on a black screen. There’s nothing wrong with my device because everything works completely fine including other games so i’m guessing theres a problem with ZEPETO. I hope it gets sorted soon. Other than that this game is fabulous and i highly recommend you download it if you’re trying to become a more sociable person or if you’re just trying to have some fun and it’s completely safe if you’re worried since you may have read some of these reviews. There is NO heavy breathing..Version: 2.20.0

AWESOME GAME.... butThis is one of my favourite games, i love how you can customise almost everything, and you can gain money easily, and please don’t change that because that is one of the reasons to love the game, other games require real money to buy things like hairstyles or even just colour to customise the eyes or hair. But in this game you can just scratch one of those thingys and it still gives you coins when you lose, also you get about 200 everyday, you can watch an add and get money. Also I just love how many clothes it’s has and there’s a lot of updates often, this game is developing fast and it’s becoming more interesting each time, BUT... it’s laggy, the interface is a bit dodgy at times, maybe put in more time into working on that as well, don’t rush it 💖.Version: 2.9.0

Good app but a glitchSo today I was playing ZEPETO when I wanted to make some clothing but it wouldn’t let me slide to the right it only let me go up and down so please fix this.Version: 2.21.0

Don’t believe the theories!The theories and rumours aren’t true. This game is completely harmless and kid friendly! I’ve had it for over a year now and it’s been great!! ZEPETO does not listen to you through your phone and that static noise is just an effect of when your mic is on. Basically if you are in an app that uses your microphone your device will make a very quiet noise, which is just something that happens when your microphone is on. This does not mean ZEPETO is listening to you! It happens with all apps that have your microphone. It doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, your device will always make that sound when your in an app that uses the mic. Sorry if I’m repeating a lot ‘<D but seriously, ZEPETO is safe and great! You should definitely download it as it’s really fun and I love hanging out with my friends on there..Version: 2.28.2

SLAYThis app is my world it’s amazing get the app!!! NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU.Version: 3.44.000

I love this gameI love this game sos much and pls don’t delete this game pls stay forever till I die this game make me happy all the time and thank u and by the way to other people if someone thing is glitching it not this game fault it because of your device or the Internet it works for play on my iPad and it’s good you can get a real money for making clothes and I’m very happy with this game ♡︎♡︎♡︎♥︎♥︎♥︎.Version: 2.26.3

.I love this game. I have it on my phone and there where no problems with that whatsoever, I loved it sm I installed it on my iPad and I was trying to buy zen but it said “you need to create and account first” so I tried to sign up with google but that didn’t work so I pressed apple that didn’t work either. Other than that it’s a really good app and you should honestly just download it💕.Version: 3.17.200

Zepeto opinionOk so Zepeto is fine I guess.. But I absolutely hate ur game now! Like why would u do this like if this is not u I’m sorry but it’s just to creepy like people have been playing this game at 3AM and something wrong has been happening, they have been hearing whispering and breathing then u have been calling them and you go to their house and try to kidnap or do something to them! I’m very very sorry.Version: 3.13.0

💗This app is absolutely amazing! I play this all the time and the zems ain’t that expensive! They are like 4 pound for 60 zems which could get a lot of things! Im honestly In love with this app because I can make new friends and talk to them whenever I like! It’s the crew names which are a little out of hand so they should be censored but other than that the app is perfect and I honestly love this. So whoever created this app is amazing!! I never really play the games but the styles of clothes on the app is amazing so in my honest opinion this app needs a five star other then the minor issues which can easily be fixed.Version: 3.27.000

For the Zepeto DevelopersIt is great that you have been checking on the reviews. Whatever the people had to say, you always responded! Ty by the way for confirming that the rumors about the game was not true as I was hesitating to download it. I have given it a 4 star because I have not played yet but I have a great feeling that this game will be amazing and fun as everyone says it is. Keep up the great work! 😁.Version: 3.28.000

I love it but...I absolutely love ZEPETO. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it keeps getting better. I’m happily surprised at how inclusive the game is, with the variety of skin tones and different hairstyles, including some black hair styles! They even had a clothing series for Black History Month which I thought was cool. There is also a ton of collaborations they do with Disney, BlackPink, and others! They did a charity event to help the Australian fires back in January and I think they should do more of those bc it would be effective considering how large the community is. There’s so much room to be creative on here and I think that’s amazing! Seeing what people are able to create and the worlds they are able to make is amazing and I think it’s a great way to use your creativity. However, the game tends to crash. The game will go weeks without crashing and then suddenly it will start crashing everyday. This has been a common bug since I’ve started playing. Also, I find it really difficult to get zems! It used to be easier, the tapjoy would have offers that were as simple as visiting a website and now I never get those anymore. I don’t feel comfortable doing surveys so the website ones were the only ones I did. I’m sad I don’t get to have the latest fashions or support Zepeto creators and I just don’t have the money to buy Zems..Version: 3.1.1

Love itI had a really good account I would post everyday I got a good amount of followers and I loved zepeto. until my parents said I spend to much time on it and told me to delete it, So I deleted it then I lost my acc and then I tried getting zepeto back and logging in on another device can’t log in because I forgot my password and user name and idk how to get my acc back.Version: 3.36.100

So good but…I really wish that you could get zems without paying or in a easyer way if that makes sense. It is an amazing social game though! I love playing it.Version: 3.37.500

Love it!I’ve had ZEPETO for a LONG time an people keep saying “I hear breathing”. This is PROBABLY your phone/device, I’ve tried it on a few devices and some of them I hear it and MOST of them I don’t. Now, I LOVE that Zepto has different size bodies height, and more! It makes it feel that they care about EVERYONE and that they should be proud of who they are! Now, don’t go writing a review about some of the toxic people out their. THIS IS NOT ZEPETO’S FAULT! As a long-time player, I have myself occurred some toxic people out their, all I have to say is WELCOME TO REALITY! Their are REALLY toxic people out their and it’s not ZEPETO’S fault they CAN NOT control it, instead just simply ignore them, not that hard is it? Thank you for taking time to read this and stay safe online!.Version: 2.27.1

Very good appThis app is amazing so I have no complaints it’s just I have enough followers to go live and when I search up how to go live there is this thing on the main page saying hot live, for some odd reason I don’t have it and I don’t have the live button so I can’t go live. I have been so so hard to get to where I am and I would appreciate if you could help with the live streaming situation, other then that this is one of the best games I have ever downloaded, I have connected with so many people..Version: 3.43.100

👁👄👁Love it even though there were rumours I still played it this game is underrated in my opinion like avakin life.Version: 2.22.0

Pretty cool butWhen I first started playing it was easy to earn ZEMs but then I deleted the game for a few months. When I got the game again, earning ZEMs became impossible. All the surveys these days only give you a small amount of ZEMs and they always disqualify me saying ‘This survey wasn’t right for you’. The only reason I can think of is if the surveys are trying to steal data from my iPad (and the latest iOS update doesn’t let that happen), so they kick me out of the survey..Version: 3.18.600

This app is so 𝗳𝘂𝗻…butThis game is amazing, I love the features of the faces and how u can do so many roleplays, I also love how you can trade accounts!<3 But what happened was once I deleted the app on accident and then reinstalled it, then I went to go on my post and see how much likes it went on, then it clicked me out witch was 𝖲𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮𝖮 𝖠𝖭𝖭𝖮𝖸𝖨𝖭𝖦!! So I resetted and it kept on doing it. zepeto maker, if you see this please fix it. Thank you..Version: 3.16.000

This is my thank you! <3I’ve had this app, once, and it was really laggy. But I can’t blame you, it was my iPad I was using and it was very old. I tried it on my other phone and it was running smoothly, I use this to make stories such as “Replaced”, and even more.. it makes me feel safe now that I know this app is for 12+, considering I’m 12, and I can interact with new friends instead of using other apps that contain inappropriate stuff and is 17+. I actually find this app entertaining and quite interesting if you ask me, and I’m impressed about the detail. I adore this game and is an insane addict but I’ll lose that phase and possibly move on to another app, but in the meantime, I’ll use this app as much as possible and make TikTok content on it, I must thank you for keeping me happy and more better about myself for being able to find stuff like this..Version: 3.13.5

Zepeto is revolutionary!Wow, I am constantly blown away by how clean and fun this app is. It’s such an amazing way to connect with friends, especially long distance. The maps, clothes, quests and mini games are so addicting. I often find myself opening the Zepeto app way more than my other socials because there’s so much to do! If you like fashion, staying on top of trends, Korean themed stuff, k-pop, and meeting friendly people, this is the place for you. Also, another thing I really like is the way you guys collaborate with other brands like Ralph Lauren, ZARA, Gucci, etc. My ONLY complaint is that Zepeto took away the function to invite friends to Slime Party. I think we should be allowed to send invites or links to our friends so we can play together! I was so heartbroken after the last update took that option away. It was such a huge part of my experience in fact that I feel sad and lonely every time I go in (I guess because I’m so used to playing with friends, so that’s my fault.) Otherwise, everything about this app is perfect. You guys still earn my 5 stars for creating such an amazing, immersive game. BTW please bring back the invite option for Slime Party, I beggggg youuuuuu! ❤️💞.Version: 3.9.6

5 star game but one suggestion!Hello! This is a great game! I rate it 5 stars! It’s so fun, you make friends easy, and it’s just a nice way to meet up with new friends and people ALL AROUND THE WORLD! Just one suggestion though! Maybe could you make livestreams a little longer maybe from 1 or 2 til 2-3AM? Bcuz sometimes I get bored and I wanna watch a livestream and it’s morning. But other than that this game is amazing! I hope to learn more in this amazing game. As you see roblox used to be my FAVORITE game ever! But ever since I have downloaded this game, ITS BEEN MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! I really like getting to know everyone in our world and community more! My friends really enjoy it, my family enjoys it, and I enjoy it!! After all of this experience with this app I do rate it 5 stars!! But my one suggestion is to maybe make the livestream times a little longer! Other then that this app is amazing, ik I’ve said it like five times but REALLY!! Everyone here is so kind (besides people who aren’t…) but yeah I love this game! 🤭🤭❤️❤️ And i Hope that the ZEPETO community grows LARGER and LARGER every second!! 😇🕊️ I love you all! ❤️🔥🤭🕊️.Version: 3.32.100

Love this app but has problemHi this app is amazing it everything an awesome app would have and I really love it. I've made so many new friends on there and spend every second on it. I have 1 problem tho, this app takes up about 7 GB of storage which is super annoying cuz my iPod only has 32 GB and I have my photos and apps for school and with this app taking up so much space I can't really get any apps that take up more than like a small amount of storage so yea. Also the app glitches a lot and it gets really annoying like let's say I'm playing a game in world it's always glitching and kicking me out of it doesn't even let me join at all so at first I thought it had something to do with my WiFi so I went to a couple places which have really good WiFi but still it wouldn't let me join or my avatar would be missing clothing and when I would go to photo booth only a couple would let me do it the rest would just remain white and it's really annoying also all the cute clothes cost a lot of diamonds and my dad doesn't want to buy me any and I tried the thing where u can do stuff and get free diamonds but it doesn't work. But otherwise this is one of the best apps I've ever gotten and I highly recommend getting this app thank u 😊.Version: 2.28.0

Wonderful really!I love the game and how you can create an avatar with endless choices.. i love the app and how it gives us an opportunity to create virtual friends and create posts! i really love this game and how it has a variety of games,outfits and the best part of creating an outfit is that you can create your own face! i love everything in the game & the premium feature really helped me get more of an audience! keep it up 👍.Version: 3.32.100

The app is great! just one problemThis app is like amazing! I’ve been using it for a year! I’ve bought zems and buying them but then I went to the settings and I saw you can become a creator! But I didn’t click on it or became one right off the dot I just thought it was cool that everyone can become a creator. Then I moved on and one day decided I wanna become a creator and start earning zems not money. But zepeto is very STRICT about earning money and not getting any zems I dont wanna make money because my parents is going to get confused on where I am getting 100$ from at a young age. I just was really mad and its sorta stupid but I get it if like you earn zems from making clothes then everyone would become a creator but I know kids wanna make creativity and show their work instead of posting about tik toks dances so maybe instead of earning zems we earn coins or maybe have a place where you can shop through style and get it from there or something I just dont wanna earn money from it YET. I think its best to just connect with everyone and be fair because I wanna at least make clothes but not for FREE idc if its coin or reward points or smthing to get you a free gift or a prize I just dont wanna do it for money or free! I hope zepeto see this!.Version: 3.23.100

App is great but..This app has been an amazing experience for me and still is, I am a teenager playing Zepeto and my friends all think it’s weird but I absolutely love it!! 💕 except I do feel that it’s a little bit sad for me and for others. Because only people with androids or newest iPhones can go live, my sister and I do not have the newest iPhones, I have a iPhone 8 and she has an iPhone 10, we have more than enough followers to go live but unfortunately do not have the newest iPhone, and others feel the same. We feel ashamed as we do not have the money to buy the newest iPhones. Please take this to thought. 🥺. Other wise this game is absolutely fantastic. Enjoy your day/night. I would appreciate a reply also 💕 thanks you..Version: 3.41.000

Please open and new feature so u can see peoples inventory!Hey zepeto! This app is wonderful and amazing, but I’m wondering if u can make a new feature so u can see peoples inventory? Now it might sound a bit weird, but I’ve been trying to look for and item that someone has but I couldent find it, so if u made this feature it would be very helpful! Please reply soon :) Sincerely, ur zepeto friend..Version: 3.26.500

It’s great but..It’s a great game but when doing the scratches and wheel is frustrating when you’re always, and i mean always, loosing at it. i feel like the chances of winning something should be higher. Also, the chances for receiving zems is quite low. i never get zems anymore after a few updates of the games. it’s become hard to win and earn zems but over all it’s a nice game despite some glitches and the issues i’ve have already stated..Version: 2.21.4

From~ AddiIf I would have to rate ZEPETO on a scale of 1-10 to be honest it’s a solid 10 I’ve made so much new friends on this app and so many wonderful followers it’s incredible Bc haven’t even been playing for a year and I always think about the people in the app and it’s amazing to know that if you fit them in a room that’s all real people that sometimes have the same lifestyle as you and play the same games like for example I play Roblox and my online friends play Roblox it’s just really nice to connect with people that know what your saying and understand and got your back if you really get to know them but you have to want to get to know them to get along and agree on things except when you don’t you can’t be mad because not all people have agreements and like the same things 100% of the time as a result of not liking the same things drama starts with other people betraying you with the trust you gave them but I love this game so much I play it everyday it’s gotten me away from my sad place and makes me excited to go on everyday and talk to my friends and my best friends that I used to just call my friends I’ve grown to trust a lot of the people and friends on this app and I plan to play it as long as I can! From~ Addi.Version: 3.8.6

I’m a bit scaredThis game has always been the number 1 go to game which would always be there on my recently used! I was so addicted that I would hide in the bathroom playing it. Although I used to play it all the time I once created another acc on my phone. At the time my phone was cheap and small so it wasn’t the best meaning there where ton of problems and it took time to work. Anyway after I downloaded the app of my phone and started creating an avatar I realised it was acting different to my other account. Instead of moving and doing weird actions like my other acc on the home screen of ZEPETO it was standing there watching me weirdly. At first I thought nothing of this and decided it was just a glitch for one day and if I reset the app it would go away. But it didn’t which really freaked me out. So in the end I deleted ZEPETO from both my iPad and Phone. I hope that this was just a glitch and will be fixed ASAP. But to those who don’t have this strange glitch should keep playing..Version: 3.11.0

This is really creepySo I went on the app and was doing to make my Character and then I put my ear up to it and herd a static nose it was really creepy and when I went out I put my ear up to it and I did not here it... I don’t think you should get this game it’s really creepy.Version: 2.12.0

Good game stupid rumours.I have had Zepeto and was telling my sibling about it so they could get it and we read the horrible reviews on saying the app was haunted or something. I have it and play it lots people are being silly and are making up these stories. They even made my sibling not want to turn her volume up it’s just horrendous. It has really annoyed me the app is good. If u do believe the rumours why would an app have that?? Yeah exactly. I think people just want to make people not download it because maybe they have a game that they think is better and are trying to get people go to that. It’s really crazy and Zepeto is worth downloading..Version: 2.24.1

I can’t get free zemsWhen I try to get zems it doesn’t work for me but still a good game.Version: 3.28.000

It’s amazing!I love zepeto I have been using it for two years now but I would like some things to be fixed it’s very laggy a lot and I would like that to change I personally think this app as my getaway resort and space I can just hope on whenever and make posts go live and chat with my friends however I would like the live time to be extended I feel we should go live whenever and stop when we want and not have a time limit another thing I would like is that alot of the stuff that’s not on sale anymore keeps disappearing from my inventory I would like that to change also a lot of clothes like shoes are very glitchy that would be a lovely fix ty for listening or reading my review. I would also like to add a thing about zems I really think it’s not that hard to give starter zems a lot of people come into my live and ask if I can gift them things off their wl spake thing with my DMs I had to use months of begging for zems items for my avatar I just think you need to add starter zems.Version: 3.45.100

Love it! 😘My son Jack loves this game, says it’s very professionally produced and built. This game is inspirational for him, as he someday wants to become a video game maker. He wants to design and create games that he knows his generation would love. Looking at this game, he is even more ready to reach his precious goal. Once when he was five he told me he wanted a game where there were so many things to choose from — an outfit/designing game. Thanks to Zepeto, his idea has clicked in his head again and he’s now about to create his first ever video game. Thank you so much to Zepeto for allowing his dream come true. It’s truly an honour. (This was before)…two months later, and here he is with his first ever video game. It’s going to be published on his Birthday, (September 27) What a coincidence! Once again, thank you so so SO much to Zepeto for allowing his amazing and pure dream to finally come true. I’m proud of my boy, it’s just like he was a newborn baby yesterday! This year, he’s turning 183 years old, So proud of him. 😘🥰.Version: 3.44.000

ALMOST EVERYTHING IS FOR ZEMSHi ZEPETO I love your app but I think all the pretty stuff and new stuff are all forZEMS and there is nothing left for the people that don’t have ZEMS to wear and I think as a next ZEPETO anniversary you could let everyone make a template ,make games and items it will be so much fun but there is lots of glitches and I can’t aplode any vids so yeah thank you so much and if it didn’t have all that is would be the bestest game I have ever played but keep up the hard work!.Version: 3.8.6

Best online game ever!I’ve only played ZEPETO for two days but I can already tell that it’s amazing!! I’ve made a friend too! ZEPETO is way better than roblox as there’s more things to do!! I especially love the blackpink colab! I do recommend it but please stick to the age rating as there’s voice chat and you can send pictures to people 😬... I’ve seen Laurenzside do a conspiracy video on this game and part of it is true! Aside from the “man heavily breathing and watching you“, it’s just a person using voice chat. It’s probably just a kid being an idiot and scaring people! Conclusion, you should definitely get this app, It does take a while to figure it out but it’s worth it!! Oh and remember... 12+!!!!! -xXweebychanXx.Version: 2.26.3

Amazing game, but a glitch.I have been playing Zepeto for months, and this glitch has happened for several days, I thought it would go away but it didn’t!! Whenever I try to record a video with my character doing a dance/pose, boom! My character becomes all weird and headlless, the thing is that this doesn’t stop, I tried dis installing the app, did not work, logging out of my account then after a few minutes coming back in, but it still did not work, I love this game and it has amazing graphics and high quality experts who can see reports immediately, but I struggle and am furious with this glitch, if zepeto sees this, then please note me back, thank you..Version: 3.47.000

Be nicerWell I would like to say is that you can make some changes but like I’m not trying to be rude though give me some changes like you guys don’t always have to judge people by their age like it’s just a game I’m like I’m 13 is an a problem because you guys keep on kicking me out and I have to get on with Uncle Been to game what I would like to say is that you can make some changes but like I’m not trying to be rude though give me some changes like you guys don’t always have to judge people by the age like it’s just a game I’m like I’m 13 is an a problem because you guys keep on kicking me out and I have to get on with Uncle Been and I am not trying to be rude though but like you guys can be like a little bit more nicer but it’s not your job to judge like how old we are because like it’s just a game like I don’t really think it matters that much but if you do in that case people should do the game like just be a little bit nicer like you’re always like people are judging people like you know I’m not OK I’m not trying to be rude though but there’s many really good explaining to do but yeah that’s what I want to say PS my name is Nyla bye..Version: 3.9.0

Before you get this1. The white noise only happens because the game has no sound, you do not need to worry about being recorded 2. Crashes a lot tho 3. Some features need you to pay actually money for (characters slots, zems, etc.) 4. Not to many adds, witch I LOVE 5. Constantly being updated and the clothes are all really pretty.Version: 2.15.0

It’s soo aesthetic like I like ittPls download this game.Version: 2.29.4

It’s amazing but a few things..Like my title, I really like this game. Mainly because of the fashion and clothes and that you can make friends. However, despite all the good features this game has, to me it doesn’t work so well. I never get the grab that zem offers so I barely get zems anymore I did write a review on this in the actual game but 1 month of waiting is too much for me 😅. Please give me more offers, bc even if I do get them they are only around 1 offers that give like 1 zem 😭. Usually everyone else has got soooo much more and even when I downloaded vpn a couple times it never works. Please give me some more quality offers. Now about the joining servers in zepeto. That really annoys me bc I always always ALWAYSS join a server with like 1/16 people and it is so annoying!! I can never get in a full server and when I try to join friends, it always says “connection problem 9006” I think that’s the number but anyways my connection is not even bad! I checked my wifi a couple times it’s perfect 😞😞 Zepeto Ik you will see this bc I saw u replying to many other ppl and please reply to this one. My user is ᴋɪʀᴀ™️ ty.Version: 3.11.0

Awesome, There ain’t no breathing what u on about?This game is awesome! I added all of my friends on it and we spend time making pictures of our characters on it and role playing as characters from games (e.g Undertale). There isn’t no breathing and you will not get tracked down! I tried it for myself, put full volume on put it next to my ear and heard nothing! What you going on about? Even the creators of zepeto said themselves that there isn’t no breathing and no tracking! Personally, I think this game is fun for making new characters and meeting other people from all over the world. It is awesome, 5 stars! And if you are THAT scared and foolish, then just remove the microphone and disable the things in settings!.Version: 2.20.0

GreatThis app is great except from the coins and gems because when you want to make an outfit, it’s usually a lot of the time for exams and I used to have a lot of gems but then my account just got randomly deleted and then I had to make a new account and now my new account I have no exams and it’s really annoying because I can’t get the good avatars the nails the good I like the hair my hair like right now it’s really really bad but like I would like exams to just be free and you could get them easier and you wouldn’t have to like do quizzes or anything like that or just anything because it’s really annoying and I would like to get some gems and yeah so thanks bye Zepeto -Olivia.Version: 3.40.100

Looks coolSo this game looks rlly cool I see it all over TikTok and overall I haven’t downloaded it yet so ima do it rn so it looks cool but I have downloaded games that’s like you gotta pay and all of that type of things and I’m just a kid so idk if it’s a game where you have to pay so 4 stars ty <3.Version: 3.11.3

Good app but a few bugsI think Zepeto is a wonderful app. I’d say it’s for kids and teens. It’s a good way to make friends and play around in Worlds. It’s kinda like a social media for kids but it’s very safe. You can post videos of your character dancing and people can follow you. But I don’t buy Zems and all the cute stuff cost Zems and people only follow people that have the cute avatar. So maybe could y’all fix that and make a few new clothes that are cute and stylish like the zem clothes but don’t cost zems? And also all the cute hairs cost zems so could y’all make a few new cute hairs? Another bug is that I randomly get banned for 2-3 days for no reason and that makes me unable to watch new videos people have posted. And I can’t post when that happens. So please fix this bug. One more thing is I don’t know how to make my own sound which isn’t a bug because it’s my fault I just wanna know how to do it. Other than these few bugs I’d say this is a great overall app! Thank you for reading this if you have. 😁 Bye!.Version: 3.23.100

Good and badNow this app is CRAZY I love the ideas of it and every thing. But it’s telling me I need to update it. So it didn’t say I could update it so I had to delete the app and get it back cuz if u do that than it would get the updated version of course but it didn’t and for a sec I thought I could wait for bug fixes but I seriously don’t want to, plus even tho this isn’t ur fault a bit I forgot my password and I had to make a whole new avatar but I’m just can’t meet other people.Version: 2.12.0

The game is amazingThe app is amazing, but to me there isn’t a lot to do other than meet friends. Witch is safe to me BUT you can chat to people on this app. That’s the only thing I don’t think is safe as the app is for 12+ ages. I only think it’s for the chatting bit to send to people and I like how there is more Zems on the Jump world and I want the jump world to be a tiny bit easier not that easy but just a tiny bit easy. I hope kids are SAFE having this app I think it’s a bit safe not a lot safer than I expected but it’s only because you can chat to strangers I have made a friend I know her with my trust and she knows me. There is rumours about this app witch are scaring kids so please stop spreading them around they aren’t true. I’m sorry Zepeto for all the face reviews you have had and I just want to spread it out there that this app is SAFE to use I have the app myself and I’m safe I have microphone access and I’m still safe. If you have glitches on this app and you wrote a review about it the zepeto crew will sort it out by replying back. Thank you for reading this and if it took you long to I’m so so sorry for wasting your time.(zepeto you are a amazing app) you didn’t have to read that part but if you did thank you again bye..Version: 3.11.4

Fun game!! Here’s some suggestions!!This game is so much fun overall, in my opinion! I’ve made so many friends with similar interests as me, got to style my character in any type of fashion that I like, and explore the ZEPETO World with my friend!! It’s truly a fun game to make friends and just be yourself~ But i have some suggestions for Zepeto Studio! Recently, I have taken a liking to many of the recent clothing items that other people have made in the Studio. However, so many people are uploading clothing items for everyone to buy, and my suggestion is maybe making like pages to swipe through on each category if possible, because what happens is, I end up scrolling and scrolling and I don’t know when it’s going to end. Or maybe make a tiny bar on the side of the screen to help scroll through the clothing since there’s so much. Overall, the game is really fun and I love it as a whole~ I just thought I’d add that suggestion because it seemed to be a slight problem for me..Version: 2.21.2

ZemsI love ZEPETO it’s a lot of fun but however one problem that I have been faced with since I started using the app is that most of the pretty hairs and best outfits are zems (people usually follow others with cute avitars which are almost always people with lots of zems. while there are couple ways of getting zems it’s very rare to actually get them unless you buy premium which isn’t always fair for the kids that maybe don’t have the money or even their own money to spend on premium. So often I quit zepeto for months at a time because I just can’t get a cute avatar with out zems. Most people use surveys as a way of getting zems but my surveys never work and often it takes me hours to complete them only to earn ONE zem (currently they aren’t working they don’t even show up as an option for me anymore.) I know it’s hard to include easy ways for people to get zems because that’s how you earn your profit but I do have one suggestion and that is each day there is a number of adds you have to watch to get a zem like 10 or 20 to get one zem because I would happily watch ads to get zems and if you make the number of ads higher than it would still be somewhat hard to get them :). Also I understand that a new way of getting zems was just added style battling but it isn’t an option for me and it doesn’t say there is an update I have to do so that confuses me..?.? I truly hope you read this because I spent a lot of time writing this so please take my words into consideration! 💎.Version: 3.17.200

ExtraThe best app to make you happy helps with people that wants friend you can make some.Version: 2.21.2

ZemsThe game is pretty fun, lots of cool designs, rooms and outfits but I have one request, could you make the zems less expensive or change the cost for example 29 zems can cost 1.99.Version: 3.35.000

Minor issuesThe game is absolutely brilliant but for two things in game. The first the is it kicks m out of the game when I try to post something, I'm not sure if this happens to other people with the same device or just a random bug. Second thing is when I try to get free Zems there is only one task which is surveys, I don't like doing the survey's though because it asks REALLY personal stuff, another thing since I have two accounts on different devices my second account has more tasks you can do to earn Zems. I have no idea why it doesn't work for my main account. PLEASE FIX THIS! And once again thank you for making an awesome game excluding the minor problems I've faced! :(.Version: 3.9.8

I love this game but one problem…This app is great me and my friends love to dress our avatar and send gifts to each other! But yesterday I updated the game and when it was installed I tried to get in but it didn’t work I tried again today but it still didn’t work and I don’t want to delete it because I spent some money on it but I still don’t know how to get in 😭👌.Version: 3.13.5

I only rated this app 5 so it gets seenThis app took me so many tries to get in and keeps saying sorry you are not eligible for it although i wrote my birthday in 2007 which means i would be old enough it took me so long to get in and I’m still struggling now every time it says I’m not eligible i have to delete the app and re-download it this is really annoying as i really want to check this app out and chat with some of my friends on there as I’ve heard it’s a good app. The even more annoying thing is that many of my other friends on this app are younger than me (2008) and yet they have all managed to get in just fine this is really annoying and i hope this problem can get resolved soon i am going to keep trying and hopefully i can eventually get in. xx.Version: 3.25.100

ZEPTOZEPTO is so fun,you can make followers and even make friends! If I was anyone I’d download it NOW!.Version: 3.29.000

I love the gameExcept there’s little kids playing in the game that it’s not supposed to be for the age and I kinda don’t like it because I want to talk with people my age like above 12 and younger kids like eight-year-old and seven-year-olds are playing and I hate it and it’s really annoying other than that everything is amazing and cool except for the glitching and when I make videos with my avatar.Version: 3.4.6

UpdateOn the “Today” menu I try to create a about me thingy that’s on their and the app doesn’t let me click on the emojis for it and I tried turning off my phone, logging out and logging back in and I tried deleting the app and re-downloading it so I’m just confused on what to do for it and for the blocking can you make it to where if someone blocks another person then the person that’s blocked won’t be able to see the other person’s profile or contact them because there’s some people who have cyber bullied me on other apps that has ZEPETO and I don’t want to delete the app because of them and another thing is I whenever there was the Cartoon Network contest the Cartoon Network clothing and accessories never appeared in my store and it really confused me on why it wasn’t there I also feel like new clothes come way too fast because whenever I finally get enough coins to buy one of the new outfits I been wanting on there there’s already new outfits out it takes at least 2-3 days for me to get enough coins by using the quests, daily coins, and lucky but overall I really enjoy playing it it’s a lot of fun I really like that we can add posts and tag our friends on there now but I wanted to bring this up and let you guys know and I hope you guys the ZEPETO team as a good day or night!!.Version: 2.17.1

Don’t be put off by drama queensThis app is beset by kids jumping on the rumour boat; don’t let it put you off. The bad reviews are based wholly around that, for the most part. A magazine did an article on this rumour. They tested if other apps created the same white noise this one does. Guess what? They did! So either this app is completely normal, or every app is recording you. I’m inclined to think the former. It’s a good app. The level of customisation is impressive. My only issue is that it is somewhat glitchy; sometimes if I try to type something the keyboard won’t go down again, obscuring most of the screen until I leave the game/room I’m in; occasionally it just freezes and I have to exit. A suggestion for a new feature would be the addition of a kind of wish list, so you can go through available clothes and put things you want on a wish list. Then you can find it again when you have enough coins to buy it. You could also make some of the wish list items public so that people can gift them to you if they want. TL;DR: Don’t believe the rumours, overall good app, a bit glitchy, addition of wish list would be good..Version: 2.20.0

DONT PLAY THIS GAME IT TAKES YOUR PRIVACY!!!!!!When I started playing this game it was fun but when I was talking to my friends about it one of them said it takes your privacy I’m like HOW?!?! Then the said the did u enter your gmail password to go in it?I said yea and I thought wait that’s just taking your privacy they know my password!!!! then I deleted the game!.Version: 2.27.1

HonestlyHere is an honest review you’re thinking of getting this app. I rlly like this it’s super fun and a great way to get pictures with friends and it’s super customizable!. Although there is a static sound it’s only bc there is a video and mic option so you can take videos with your little person. Over all the app is perfectly safe for you to use and play around on and I definitely recommend trying it out and if you don’t end up liking it to just delete it. Hope this helped!:).Version: 2.14.0

Very coolWhen you sign up for an account and you decided to use your gmail DO NOT use your gmail password. They can literally log in to your gmail. Just an advice but this game is really fun i love that you can literally customise your face a body features but on some of the body choices it does not look like it on the image when you wear clothes. Anyways i love this game.Version: 2.28.2

🤔🤔This app is great but the only thing that made me make it a 4 was I was connected to the internet and it still pops up that i need internet connection so I reseted my phone and then tried again and it still said no connection.Version: 3.45.100

Obsessed with itThis game has made me so happy like all I had to do is just sign up following people made me get so many followers and everyone was just so nice to me and then the avatar tho omg I just love the avatars my avatar looks very pretty but if I had zems it would look 10x better so all you had to do is not do your coin quest but it was so hard to not do them like to be able to not do cook quest you just don’t play the game but that’s not fun but idk why I can’t message some people so please help when I didn’t know how to get blurry effect I looked on capcut and there I found it it was so cool I could share it with TikTok and Instagram and any other social media I just loved this game and tbh you did a really good job on the game it’s just that it’s a lil hard to get zems and post stuff and yeah but it’s a definitely a 4 for me.Version: 3.40.000

Need starter zems!!!I have had ZEPETO for almost three years, and from account to account it had been great! There is one tiny problem though, zems. I feel like the starter person should get a few zems (like around 20) because it’s very hard to earn zems without ur taking hours or being not right for the survey, I find not being able to have starter zems a very big problem! People who don’t have zems often beg for zems which is really annoying since I do not want to block them but it leads to that. I also think it’s very important to have zems because mostly people with zems have a large following amount, I have zems I’ve spent my money on zems which is okay, but I find it annoying for people who have to spend hours and hours working for just ONE ZEM it makes me very frustrated that they’re is not at least a few zems added, atleast enough to get a hair. I think ZEPETO has some bugs for my phone also when I try to go Live streaming, I’ve worked through them though the main thing is those Zems. Please take my offer into consideration because I know that people do not like begging, it’s very irritating because you have to block them if you do not want to gift them or have no zems. Every time I end up getting premium and I get zems it always ends with me gifting like twenty people!! I can’t help but gift these people because they really do deserve starter zems. I feel like a lot of people have said this in the past, but please add starter zems into your consideration..Version: 3.43.100

Great!It’s Great but the most recent hair with the colours and sparkles, doesn’t show any colour but black. Please fix this!.Version: 2.18.2

To glitchy, fake tricksOk first is the tricks, they say sign up and you get 1000 coins. I signed up a long time ago and I still haven’t gotten those coins and I know because I kept track. I also haven’t been getting my “daily rewards” everyday like I’m supposed to. It’s also really glitchy and I realized that some of the controls don’t even work. When I press jump it doesn’t jump, when I moved the screen one way it turns another way, when I walk it doesn’t move. Unless they figure this out I can’t change my opinion on this game. I also realized that the picture all look the same for the create a ZEPETO with a picture, I did it on me and my sister and they look exactly the same and my sister is YOUNGER than me and I have straight hair and she has curly hair. Me and my sister don’t look that much like each other.🙄No offense but it’s really boring 🥱🥱🥱and I don’t know why it’s even a game. If the developers read this I don’t want them to send me a long text explaining something I want them to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING😡 about the problem! I’m probably never gonna install this game again if this doesn’t change at all.😤👎.Version: 2.21.2

My opinionSo this game is..okay, so like it’s pretty fun considering I can get followers without showing my face. but the thing is, ppl always raise their price on clothes, for example, I rlly wanted this dress but I had to wait a little while till I got enough money (zems) and it was like 1 zem, but the next day it was 7 ZEMS- like what? Ur probably asking “how’s it our problem, we can’t fix other ppl raising prices” U actually can, u should make it to where ppl can’t go back and raise the price, only lower the price, if that makes sense. Also I’m a premium member, and let me tell you, it takes FOREVER to get my 70 zems, I gotta wait a month for 70 zems? If I rlly gotta wait a month, you might as well give me 200 zems a month or..70 zems A WEEK, and I know there are probably other complaints u read about not getting zems fast enough, or not getting enough zems from premium users, but they (or YOU, if ur a owner of ZEPETO) haven’t fixed it, like gimme 70 Zems a week, AT LEAST, or like I said, 200 a month, if u rlly are gonna make me wait that long. I know it’s a long paragraph, but I really want to share this complaint, and for owners of ZEPETO, please respond, and tell me what u think of my complaint, and tell me if u can fix it because it’s actually annoying me now. 🙃.Version: 3.16.000

Just a suggestionI think this game is cool! I like how you can customize your outfits, face and interior :). But i would really like it if you can also customize your body type. Everyone doesnt have the same body so i feel like that would be cool!.Version: 2.21.1

I still play it-I know that ZEPETO tracks you and all, but I still play it, XD I’d rather get starred at then be kidnapped by talking Angela XDDD.Version: 2.17.1

HmmIt’s cool, but why is it that you guys have periods where we can’t see or do things. I can’t see my what’s popular in styles nor can I see people’s avatars. It’s super annoying. Fix it please!.Version: 3.29.000

🤷🏼‍♀️I personally think this is a great game my little sister loves it ever since I’d introduced her to it she would just say “ can I have my iPad “ and would go on the app ( she broke her leg that’s why asks ) . I think this game is wonderful and making characters and having battles in the fashion work playing is just a mix of nearly every game and it’s legit so fun! I would definitely recommend to make kids happy. It is a little unsafe but it’s easy to block them , what I do just wanna say is when you put in a date for ur bday I think you should be aloud to go back on and re do it like I accidentally said the wrong one and had to re download it again which is quite annoying, but other than that it’s spot on 👍.Version: 3.23.100

LaggyI love it but when I go in a game it is just laggy.Version: 3.13.5

Not creepyThis game is not creepy I am on it everyday and no one is tracking you whe white noses is just your camera.Version: 2.17.1

Fun game but problems are to be expectedIt seemed like a really fun dress up game where you could take pictures and create gifs with your avatar. The clothing and feature selection is impressive (seeing several hijabs was a delightful surprise). And with the constant brand sponsorship and integration, there’s always new stuff coming around. But since some items and gaining in game currency are locked by ads, and are mandatory by quests, it makes it a bit disappointing. It’s even more upsetting when the ads don’t load or work properly and you can’t back out of them without refreshing the app, thus gaining nothing. I’m not interested in the social media aspect of it, so I can’t give an accurate review on it, other than it looks intense. I would not recommend this app to anyone 18 or under, despite how cute it looks. Since I understand the app still needs to make money and they do this by charging real money for extra characters, I can’t be too upset but that doesn’t change that I still am. Clothing and hair is expensive which is discouraging, especially given the ad problem mentioned before. If the app was to fix this problem, maybe I will consider reinstalling the app and create a new account..Version: 2.17.1

Love the app, just one thing!This is the perfect app/game to see what people post, to play on worlds, find a crew to chat with, and have your own private chat with some1! I have been using this app for a while now, and absolutely love it! I’m on it 24/7! And can not stop, I love seeing how your account can grow and love seeing other people’s post, I take inspiration from the posts. And I absolutely love how the creator has their own post. And how they’re tutorials of how to use the app, answering all your questions of how and what it is! But the one thing I would love the creators to add in, is to add in more ways to get zems! They are so hard to get, and are so easy to spread! It is on us if we spread it or not, but it is very difficult to get more. For my whole time on there, I have only had (about) 5 zems! Most of the zen things I have, have been gifted to me (I forgot to add that). But I think that every1 on ZEPETO would love to have more ways to get zems! So they have a bigger percentage of getting more zems!.Version: 3.25.100

Zombie game and zemsI like this app a lot but the zombie game doesn’t work.(I’m pretty sure it’s a game) it hasn’t worked since I’ve had Zepeto. Every time I try to click it, it loads but then it stops and says I have no internet and need to connect to internet or wifi. But the thing is I have to wifi and I can use the rest of the app fine, even the party game, but the zombie game doesn’t work so please fix that. Another Issue is that we need more ways to get zems. We have plenty of ways to get free coins but we also need ways like those to get free zems too! I know there are the scratch offs, but I’m pretty sure they’re rigged cause I NEVER get any zems. If some people do then that’s just a lot of luck that they had. I think you can also buy zems but I don’t have money and I’m sure plenty more people that play this game don’t have money (or much) as well. It’s frustrating because I think an item is really cute but I can’t get it since it is 12 zems and above to buy when I barely have 5 zems. Also for the items in the store that say “creator”, are only creators allowed to buy those certain items or is there any way that I can get those items that have the creator (or orange spiral circle) signs on them. I really like some of the items but I’m sad and frustrated that I can’t get it due to zems and creator signs. >:( PLEASE REPLY.Version: 2.28.2

Sketchy…Hi ZEPETO! This is first of all a great game where you can create characters, visit maps and meet people from around the world. However I do not want to pay for zems, so I thought I would try the quiz. I started the quiz and it was all going fine, then it asked for my birthday, what kind of area I lived in and so forth. Please consider other less sketchy ways to get zems because that freaked me out. Also wanted to talk about how rigged the zem collecting system is. For when you can get to watch an ad for a zem chance. I always press where they usually show up most of the time, and they’ve moved… Then when I do it again press a different space they’re where they are every time in the same spot. Fix this please there’s a practically 0% chance that you’ll get zems. Thank you.Version: 3.9.7

OMG!! BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!! (Apart from one thing)Hi ZEPETO aaaahhhh! This is so cute, fun, realistic and entertaining!! This is perfect just a few ideas and a bug. The bug: I was making my avatar when it crashed?? It keeps crashing which is super annoying 😭ideas: a wolf cut hair would be nice, a fluffy hair, an oversized hello kitty sweater and maybe hello kitty pyjama pants 🥺 anyways keep up that AMAZING animation and all 🤩.Version: 3.34.000

COME ON ZEPETO!I’m just trying to make a new account for myself because I want to start over and you’re not letting me do that. I would really like to start over my whole account because I am broke and I want to start over. Is that a problem Zepeto? It’s really unfair because I just want to restart my whole account. If that is it really a big problem isn’t it? I’m writing this a four-star because it’s a great game but you are still there. This is so unfair. That’s why am reading this of four stars. You’re lucky I’m not that mean because if I was then I would rate you one star. And that wouldn’t be nice. So please, can you just do something with the game to ACTUALLY DELETE THE ACC. Because I have the same passcode, I have the same face verification, and I do not feel like giving my email OHS to make another account and if I do actually make another account and I thought of all the things I try to make another video and post something but then it just brings me back to my old account that I don’t even want to play on. That is only my pet peeve and my only one. Other than that, Zepeto is a great game love you guys🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈.Version: 3.28.000

About zepeto “tracking” or “hacking” youThey’re just rumours! this app is safe to use, if you do a quick search about it you can find all the info about the hoax. just a rumour that got out of hand.Version: 2.14.0

THE STATIC IS NORMAL!!!The static is normal for any other game, if you go on another game, and put ur ear on the speaker. IT DOES NOT JUST HAPPEN TO ZEPETO! Also they don’t record you so y’all stop saying they do!.Version: 2.17.1

Computer downloadsI absolutely love this game it is definitely one of my favourites but sadly I am not able to play on my computer because it is an iPhone and iPad only game, if the creators were able to change that I think the game will have a rise in players and downloads. Please make this possible 🙂.Version: 3.12.0

GlitchAmazing app I am in love but the thing is it always glitches out of the game I don’t know why but it always happens but overall it is a very nice app you should get it.Version: 3.9.0

ZEPETOI actually for one love this game.. I can express myself in my fashion sense which is to cool! But I miss how I could listen to music and use the app at the same time :( I miss that feature but overall it’s a good game.Version: 3.23.100

Love the game but needs fixes..This is a wonderful game because it’s like TikTok and Roblox but kid friendly a little. You can make videos, use templates, and watch others videos on your for you page! You can also make friends by following them/following them back. There’s a crew button where you can find chats to chat in and make friends, but some of them are online daters so be careful. So about the lucky things, you can watch ads or spend coins to get more coins or get zems. Watching ads are the best option, but it’s almost like it’s a 1-2% chance of getting the actual amount of coins your willing to get. And it also shouldn’t be that hard to get zems knowing all of the things people want cost zems. So I think zepeto should make it where it’s easier to get zems and coins. A lot of people also have concerns about the clothes and accessory prices being way too high. I don’t think they should be 900-1k and over. There’s also a glitch where if your on the app too long you get kicked off the whole app. But overall this a great game and it’s making me consider deleting Roblox and TikTok since it’s 2 in 1 lol. I love the game, but please read this and see if you can fix it..Version: 3.33.100

Don’t have to add, but sounds cool if you can!It’s a really good app to get and it’s real fun :)! I would like to have gender neutral clothing however as when you wear something that isn’t meant for males it shows as they have the breast. And if females wear something that’s only for males it shows they have a flat chest and I know a few genders like to wear any clothing they want and as a male character people are going to be confused on their gender with what the clothing is showing on the top part. So it’ll be nice to see that as a change. So like if you pick the gender you are at the start of the game whatever you wear it’ll just fit with your gender :).Version: 3.0.7

This is amazing!Ignore the reviews saying that people can hear weird voices: yes, you can chat to people around town using your own voice as audio. This is probably what the problem is. I’ve tried making my own avatar for years but I’ve never found the right app. Well, I have now... Basically there are so many different things to choose from! The range of eyes, noses, mouth and head shapes are incredible and I love all of the hairstyles. My favourite is probably the plait...anyway...the clothes are great too! My character is basically this awesome punk and it’s so easy to create an avatar of any theme because there are just so many different t-shirts, trousers/pants, shoes, socks and even a hairband that looks exactly like mine! If I could change anything about this app it would be that you’d be able to chat with people without signing in, because for some reason it’s not letting me sign in again, so please allow people to chat without signing in. If you could please please fix this I would love it even more than I currently do, which is A LOT!!!! Thanks so much for this game, and once again it’s literally my favourite app at the moment! My character is so beautiful because of the range of different clothes, faces, bodies, skin tones, worlds, etc. Thanks so much, Your most faithful player.Version: 2.22.2

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