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Bluetooth+ for Blackmagic App User Positive Comments 2023

Bluetooth+ for Blackmagic app received 67 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bluetooth+ for blackmagic?

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Bluetooth+ for Blackmagic for Positive User Reviews

Great app but .....Really would love to access the camera from my computer and view what the camera sees from computer screen or iPad or smart phone overall the app is great.Version: 2.2

Great, but could be greater.Would love to see the following. The ability to control playback from the app - useful if you have the camera on a jib or in an inaccessible location and you want to review a clip through an external monitor without messing with the camera. Reposition of the autofocus icon a little further up on the focus page. The app keeps switching pages instead of focusing the camera due to the icon location. It’s also a little close to the record button. It would also be great to have the option to ‘lock’ any page in place that you’re using to avoid accidental swiping to another page. I use the app on a phone mounted to the gimbal to control the camera and in particular the focus page which works very well, but occasionally it’s too easy to accidentally swipe over to another page when you didn’t mean to..Version: 1.3.2

ONE REQUEST!!This is a great app..however, PLEASE enable screen rotation so that I can use this app in landscape mode! For anyone who may be considering this app for the pocket 4K, buy it now. While it is not an external monitor, it will enable you to change internal settings on the camera without having to remove rig items or move the camera from its position. Every P4K user needs this app, period. Thanks!.Version: 1.3.1

Missing features for 6k ProI would give this a 5 star review but the support for the 6k pro is not complete like with the other cameras. It’s missing the very important feature of programming focus markers A, B and C. Everything else seems to work just fine other than a few random disconnects every once in a while. I just don't understand why they dont have those focus marker options yet for the 6K pro. The app lets you control the focus just fine so there should be no reason why we can program focus markers. Until that is added for this camera I will keep this a 4 star review..Version: 2.3.1

Works great!It wasn’t working due to my camera not being updated. After updating, all the features work..Version: 1.5

Powerful For BMPCC Users! One missing feature though.I’ve only used this app a handful of times, but every time I do it works flawlessly. The UI is clean and robust. The app response to the camera is lag-free. Using with the BMPCC 6K Pro. The only feature I would really like is the ability to see what the camera sees. It doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth. I would mainly use this feature to work with getting my composition right when I’m talking into the camera. If that was a feature, then I can really have a minimal setup for those types of videos, especially when I am out and about. All-in-all this is a great app!.Version: 2.3.1

Fantastic app! Would love playback abilityThis app is a must if you have a Blackmagic. The only feature that would make it perfect would be playback of the clips. That would allow me to build my camera to cover the back monitor and thus make the app much more valuable.Version: 1.4

Keeps nagging me about bluetooth enablingEven when I've closed the app, it somehow produces an annoying notification telling me to enable bluetooth. Sometimes this message appears days after I last used the app. Please provide an option to disable this..Version: 2.3.1

Used this on a pro shoot todayHello. This is the app BM should have made. Today I used your app on a professional shoot with the BMPCC 4k for the first time. It was awesome for some overhead shots on a rig way up in the air. I was wishing for rack focus and was going to request that from you, then boom you updated it with that feature. Amazing! Can you please allow for still photos to be taken with your app? Thank you!.Version: 1.3

Works great, wish it could...This app works really well. I just wish that I could trigger still-image capture remotely in addition to video capture..Version: 1.3.1

Simple and powerful toolThis app is fantastic! Perfect for hands off triggering, slate input and some functionality adjustment of camera. It’s simple layout is easy to understand and somewhat mirrors the Ursa menu. It’s very responsive with almost no latency. Functionality is a little limited but that’s understandable given what’s possible with the software..Version: 1.3

Very usefulWorks perfectly and very useful. The watch app is great also. What would make the watch app even better would be to use the rotary wheel on the watch to control focus. I could then mount my watch on the handle of my shoulder rig for control of start stop and focus from my thumb..Version: 1.2

Love to have audio controls next!Works slick. Would pay twice to have audio controls too..Version: 1.3.1

Landscape modeLove this app! I mount my phone on my shoulder rig so I can have control of my bmpcc4k settings without trying to reach the screen, my only issue is, I can’t really mount my phone in portrait mode. Would be FANTASTIC! if we could get an update where we could put this in landscape! That’s the only negative I have and that’s really just me being nit picky lol.Version: 2.3.1

Amazing AppI do all my projects by myself and it was hard for me to focus it while moving or using motion slider. This app is amazing. Thank you for the updates. This app deserves 10 STARS ⭐️.Version: 1.3.1

120 fps won't stop recording(Update) the developer fixed the issue with "record not working" within a week and added a follow focus which is pretty great (OLD)There's an issue with my bmpcc4k. When I'm shooting 120 fps, the record button the app work for the start of the recording but not for ending the recording. This is a big issue when using a slider because I have to chace the camera in order to manually stop recording..Version: 1.2

Works fineHad initial trouble getting it to connect but now works well Great app.Version: 1.1.3

Much needed!!!Great app and functionality. My only suggestion for improvement would be the ability to add markers to the focus pull...developers can this b done?.Version: 1.2

Awesome app....The app out of the box is very good and convenient. The design and layout is easy to follow and intuitive. So far the only problem I have is trying to manually dial in the shutter speed. If you use the left/right arrows, they toggle between shutter values EXCEPT the most important and most used shutter speed of 1/48. It is virtually impossible for me to manually dial in a 1/48 shutter speed. I have to do that in camera. Another feature that would really help is if they allow for adding letters to scenes (i.e. scene 3a, 3b, 3c etc.) Currently only allows to slate scene with numbers only (3,4,5 etc) Hopefully a future update can address these issues..Version: 1.2

Any alternative?Is it possible to maybe send a still frame of the connection is Bluetooth, that will be sufficient to see the frame at hand..Version: 1.3.1

Great app for your BMPCC4KOverall this is a great app for the BMPCC4K. I like the rack focus feature. On my wish list to add are the following- - the ability to accurately sync time and date from my phone to the camera. - being able to stream an image from the camera to the app - change the control in the app for ISO from a table to a slider I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s any more developments in the app in the future..Version: 1.3.1

Great, but...App is great, but would be amazing to be be able to lock white balance and tint as the pockets and ursa reacts differently.Version: 2.2

Please add More features/pages to the Apple Watch!I would love the ability to change the ISO and f-stop through my watch. I plan on rigging my watch to my gimbal system, I film concerts and need to be able to change settings frequently. I currently have to take a hand off and touch the screen, but would rather swap pages on the apple watch for more settings..Version: 1.3.2

Great apps , need minor improvementsHi, I think this apps is great,the only problem the focus button on the side needs to be way bigger. That’s the thing I used the Most and the button is too small for my hand. Pull focus on the other hand is really easy to set up and used. my suggestion would be to have a dedicated focus button on the focus page instead of on the side. Give it 5 stars now. The developers has made the adjustments needed ,the apps is perfect for what I do now..Version: 2.0.1

Must have for the Pocket CameraThis is an excellent app and a must have for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. If the team somehow bundled something to playback .braw, I’d drop some serious $ for it. This is very well integrated with the camera. Well done guys..Version: 1.3.2

Some features work on the BMPCC6k but not allNice app. I would love to see an update for the BMPCC6K. ISO page works. Record works. Exposure page works. Focus pulling does not work. Zebras page works. The resolution/filetype page is not updated for the BMPCC6k. I’m using this app with a gimbal so I only have one thumb available. Swiping left and right is not easy. It would be so cool to have an alternate layout where every control is on one long page that I can just scroll. Maybe have the record button anchored somewhere so it’s always available. In addition I would love to see a toggle for function buttons..Version: 1.3.1

Please add time lapse toggle (on/off)This app is a fantastic solution for my underwater housing. I often put my camera in water compromising positions to record time lapses and have not found a toggle in the app. This is the only control I have to open my housing to change. It’s so awesome being able to remotely control my settings, best $5 I’ve spent in a loooong time. But was definitely hoping to have the time lapse toggle for my application which is the only reason I docked a star. Wish I could rate this app 4.5 stars!.Version: 2.2

Great App Would Love More FeaturesGreat app easy to use would love to see a few more features. Would love a live view and ability to change resolution and maybe a battery level monitor. Most of which could be part of the live view side of things..Version: 1.1.3

No focus with Sigma EF but works great otherwiseThis app is exactly what I needed, and it’s funny that it took people other than Blackmagic to design the iPhone app that everyone was asking for in the first place. Controls are responsive and simple. Would just like to note that the focus control does not work with the very popular Sigma 18-35, which I know a lot of people who own the BMPCC 4K use. To note, the lens is attached via Metabones Ultra Speedbooster. I tested focus control using aforementioned setup but did not seem to work. If it is possible to amend, an update in the future will be a massive boon..Version: 1.4

Couple bugs to still work outOverall it works great. Just the autofocus button is worth it weight in gold. Issue 1. If you start recording with the button in the app and then stop it on camera, you can no longer start and stop recording from the app. (Has happened a few times to me) Issue 2. The pulling focus section and setting marker works great but the actual marker are not placed correctly for if you are pulling manual focus. So if you push focus position A, it will go to that spot, the the graphic relative to the slider doesn’t go to the right place. Small detail Other than what has been mentioned, great app..Version: 1.4

Would love a landscape modeHaving a landscape mode would be amazing! Would it also be possible to select audio inputs and levels with the app?.Version: 1.3.1

Very good appReally like the app and will definitely use it. The only reason I gave it 4 star instead of 5 is because I’m either too thick to find a way to trigger a still shot from the app or it doesn’t exist. I use still shots a lot in my workflow and was really hoping the app will have it. Other than that, like other reviewers said, would be nice to be able to monitor via Bluetooth, but for me personally that’s not essential if it compromises the smoothness of the app and the fast, responsive connection with the camera..Version: 1.2

SAVE TO CAMERA ROLLReally impressed with the responsiveness and overall capabilities of this app. The one thing that would set this app over the top is the ability to save your clips to your camera roll on your phone. Please please please make this happen!!!.Version: 2.3.1

Amazing functionality!I’m blown away by the amount of control you get over the cameras, especially compared to the other Blackmagic app that is available. Could you add an alias feature for the camera names? When you first connect the camera it takes the Camera Hardware ID which is fine, but in the main UI the label is “BMPCC6K” followed by the battery status. This makes it slightly confusing when you have multiple cameras. Keep up the fantastic work!.Version: 2.2

Great app - love the follow focusGreat improvement with the follow focus. Would be great to see the addition of say the Accsoon Cineye video input so the follow focus could be seen on the iphone alongside the picture. Add some follow focus stop points and you could pull focus using the whole system without a more expensive follow focus rig. Great improvement - looking forward to the next generation..Version: 1.3

Fantastic app!I had heard about this app before, but only now considered it after I updated the firmware on my SpeedBooster and was finally able to get AF control of the lens from within the camera (BMPCC4K). Being able to control focus remotely while flying the camera on a Steadicam or similar stabilizer just became possible (without additional hardware investment). One feature request I hope the developers can bring in - the ability to rack focus using the Apple Watch. Like a simple tap to jump between two focus points. Using the watch-dial to manually focus would be icing on the cake!.Version: 2.1

Speechless.I... cannot express the power of this app. How on earth did I not hear about this sooner?? This is singlehandedly the most important add-on tool for my P4K now. The adjustable focus pulls, complete camera control, wow!! Also: I saw a review saying it doesn’t work with Sigma 18-35. I have successfully used it with a metabones adapter (works like a dream). Thank you to the devs that made this!!.Version: 2.2

Great AppLove this app. Really useful and does everything you need it too. However one issue I’m having is “Slate Only Mode”. Once I press record it takes me to the camera control page and I can no longer view the Slate page unless I unlock slate only mode. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose entirely of slate only mode?.Version: 1.5

What a camera app should beThis app mirrors the beautiful and functional simplicity of the Blackmagic menu system itself. Just what I hoped it would be—plus they’re actively adding features 👏🏼.Version: 1.5

Love the appWorks great when the camera is in a tight location, or when running multiple cams and wanna check configs. Two small feature requests: 1) An app function to “update camera time from iOS device time”— it would allow for more closely matching timecodes, and would be way faster to set the time than having to dig into the camera menu. 2) An app function permanently at the top of the screen to “switch to camera A/B” when multiple cameras are connected to the app, instead of having to disconnect and reconnect through a multi-step process. Perhaps this would also need to have a function to assign A/B/C/... to cameras, or is just limited to two cameras..Version: 1.4

Needs Photo CinemaDNG Capture button!!!!I love this app, I’m writing a review specifically for a feature for adding CinemaDNG photo capture button like on the camera!!!!!!!!!! Would love to be able to take images on a tripod and not have to worry about motion blur from pressing the button. Thank you if you have read this review/message and will develop it!!.Version: 1.4

A very handy appI have a lot of experience using this app and I think it’s a great tool. However, I would’ve liked to see more remote camera control, for things that can only be currently accessed by the on-camera display..Version: 1.3.2

Best BMD Camera Control AppThe developer has done a great job of being along the BMD menu system. There isn’t a better camera menu system and the apps layout matches the ease of use on the cameras. The app has limitations but it’s limits imposed by BMD. There are certain functions not available yet. The only issue I really have is when playing back connected to this app the audio drops out and sometimes freezes my camera when navigating through clips using the app. My BMD never froze until I started using this app but thankfully it’s only during playback. In record mode I’ve had no issues. The app is definitely a buy and will continue to improve over time..Version: 2.3.3

Simple and easyGreat app. Simple. Love to manual focus option. Would be great to have a stills button too in the app..Version: 1.2

A must have toolThis is one heck of an app. Extremely useful to have for BMPCC users. My one recommendation would be to make it easier to switch out of the clip information editor back to the other settings a bit faster..Version: 2.3.1

Solid app, 1 request.Edit: Developer kindly confirmed you can trigger stills. This app is fantastic - Got this yesterday even though my lens doesn't have electronic zoom, it's still great to be able to control the other features from iPhone in a quick responsive way. Was hoping there would be a trigger stills function. Note if you're looking for live feed or playback of your takes this hasn't been made available for pocket cinema cams yet..Version: 2.3.1

Any chance of an update for the BMPCC 6K?Great app. Any chance of an update for the BMPCC 6K soon?.Version: 1.3.1

Impressive!!! Metadata Entry?Just downloaded the app and was very impressed! Request: Please allow CLIPS/PROJECT metadata entry capability, just like on the camera itself. Also, codec and resolution icons on the side panel don’t bring you to the corresponding page, just like the other icons. And, what does the “circled +” icon on the bottom of the side panel do? Thanks!.Version: 1.4

Great ProductThis is a great product. Simple in design and simple to implement. Does exactly what is says on the tin. Future request would be wireless Bluetooth monitoring. This would be absolute magic. Keep up the great work guys. I’ll be sticking with it.Version: 1.2

It does everything I want it to do!This app is the only decent one for controlling the BMPCC4K, It just works..Version: 2.3.1

Simply amazingI am so grateful for this focus pulling feature. I have only tried my Panasonic 12-35mm so far, and it is working perfectly. I have over $2.5k of wireless focus gear, but the weight on a Ronin-S is is not helpful. Now I have another option. Thank you for your excellent work on this app of the year!.Version: 1.2

Amazing app that just keeps getting better!Love using this app! The new updates have made this app so much more useful. If we could get a way to create presets or use the created presets already in our cameras that would be great! Great job to the creators!.Version: 2.0.1

Pretty good appGenerally satisfied though it only displays slots 1 & 2 cards in the app screen and not the USB slot for my SSD. The camera reports the USB slot/SSD available and active and records to it if selected in the camera menu. Just something to be aware of..Version: 2.3.3

Slate number?I truly like to have control off camera. The only hick I found so far is in the slate options you cannot change the reel number. Not good at all, you need to be able to change the reel number to match production..Version: 2.1

Really useful appExcellent value, the three point focus racking is great, and smooth. Being able to pull focus without handling the camera is so handy, it means I can do it with a comfortable view of the image. Highly recommended..Version: 1.3.1

Need to update firmwareOriginally I got this and basically nothing worked. The developer told me to update firmware and now it works great. Wish they put that in the description or had an in app warning though..Version: 1.5

GreatIt allows me to more easily change what I want from my phone or tablet without having to worry or deal with using the touch screen when I don’t want too. Which also makes it great for a 1st AC to change things remotely. The only thing that would make this app better is if it acted like a wireless monitor as well..Version: 2.3.3

Awesomely.... and a request 😂Just moved to the pocket from the GH5. One thing I loved was being able to control the servo zoom of my Olympus lens. And chance that could be added? Love the focus!.Version: 1.3.1

Almost perfect!I bought the app for my BMDPCC4K because, by comparison, the official BMD app was far less featureful. Seeing the "stills" button made me jump for joy as that was a feature I have longed for. The only feature I think it's lacking is a timer feature for the stills function. Even the typical 2s, 5s, 10, and a 10+2 would tick all the boxes. One other suggest off the top of my head is to consider using up more screen space by making the buttons bigger and have less spacing between, but with clear borders. Great app! EDIT: I have thought of one more thing, is it possible for the app to intercept volume up and volume down button events (like how the built-in iOS app does it) as this will enable some bluetooth remotes to work and for the app to function as a relay..Version: 2.3.1

Best bmpcc6k camera control appI have been using this lovely app for my bmpcc6k for a month now and never fails to amazes me, you can control almost any functions wirelessly through your phone or ipad. Top recommendation..Version: 2.3.3

Amazing !Just to congratulate you guys ! You’ve worked with Black Magic to come up with an amazing app controller! Now works seamlessly with my new BMPCC 6K ! Especially pulling focus ... so awesome ! Thank you Bluetooth + team!.Version: 1.4

Awesome 90% of the timeGenerally works great but occasionally unreliable. Not sure if it’s just Bluetooth interference as I live in the city. My one suggestion, if it’s possible, would be to add the custom function buttons. Would be very helpful to be able to toggle those..Version: 1.2

No 6k support yet.Obviously the pocket 6k just came out but, unfortunately thats the camera I have and I am not able to swith the resolution in the app. Otherwise everything else seems to be there and the app runs smooth and talks with the camera very quickly..Version: 1.3.1

Fantastic, a request!EDIT: Just checking in to see if an update might be coming regarding focus pulling controls. Would be super helpful still! Even as a paid add on. Thanks! —- Love this app, this is my new favorite way of pulling focus when on a shoulder rig. Two request that would make a huge difference for the focus pulling aspect: 1 - It would be amazing if the sensitivity of the focus pulling could be adjustable by the end user. Using it on my phone means that a small distance on screen can result in a pretty big throw and I would love the ability to dial that back 2 - if the focus screen could react to slides on a wider surface area, possibly the entire screen that would be helpful for eyes-off operation of the focus pull. The current slider is so tiny that if I am not looking it is easy to miss. Otherwise the app is fantastic, been a real life saver. If the functionality ever makes monitoring possible this would be the biggest thing since sliced bread..Version: 1.2

THE BEST!!Seriously, this app is such a huge asset to my toolkit. I have found myself on many sets needing to remote trigger my BMPCC 6k and that alone makes it invaluable. To have full control of all camera settings, some focus pulls and the capability to remote trigger from at least 10ft away has been a game changer for my workflow. Also, the developers wrote me back within 24 hours with answers to my questions. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.3.1

Amazing AppThis app is just awesome! Works flawlessly, controls every function of the camera, but the MULTICAM control is the best part - four BMPCC 4K and 6K spread around the theatre and in perfect sync. Such a time saver..Version: 2.3.3

Good start with exciting futureThis app is great, works well, connects easily, and for me has been very stable. I’m the future, I hope they make the iso a slider like the other functions and that they can let you set focus presets so you can focus from one point to another. Overall I’m really satisfied..Version: 1.2

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