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ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters app received 83 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters? Can you share your negative thoughts about toonme: cartoon face filters?

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ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters for Negative User Reviews

AwkwardI downloaded this app for one purpose: to try out the 3D cartoon maker. I thought it would be cool to see myself and other people as characters like Anna & Elsa from Frozen, for example, or Rapunzel from Tangled. However, out of at least ten pictures I used of different people, the results were weird and unrealistic. The art looked rushed and didn’t show much resemblance to the actual person. It was so weird and creepy. Also some of the ads were unacceptable. Besides, there were a million toons you could do that had the same exact effect. Definitely do not recommend. Do not purchase! Also for anyone who’s crazy enough to try it, when you first open the app and it asks you if you want to get a pro membership, the way to get out of it is to look at the top left corner of the collage of pictures..Version: 0.9.49

Terrible UX. UnusableYeah it's just impossible to figure out how this should work. And, yes, it crashes. This service was SO MUCH BETTER when it was online. I'll probably abandon toonme now and seach for another cartoon avatar maker. So sad..Version: 0.10.57

Désabonnement compliquéExcellent logiciel, vraiment amusant. Cependant une fois downloader pratiquement impossible à s’en défaire… et suivent les frais hebdomadaires… à ne pas downloader..Version: 0.10.18

Clunky interfaceTried with both new photos and existing pics with mixed results. The interface / menu / options are confusing. Once you find a result you like there is no obvious way of saving it and the app just moves on to the next photo / upload. Will be cancelled as it isn’t what I was looking for...Version: 0.9.55

Worst app ever. A huge waste of money. People your beautiful you don’t need this app at all.Worst app ever. Waste of money!.Version: 0.9.54

This is goodIt’s free you only have to pay if you want to but you still get to do unlimited photos to turn cartoon the only reason I would not give it five stars is because you can not cartoon two people at the same time and it blurs out all the stuff in the background and I wish it could turn all. The little stuff in the background cartoon to have that cute little detail and have someone else in the picture also it doesn’t cartoon animals but that it’s overall it’s pretty great 👍.Version: 0.9.6

Poor colour comparisonsI was excited to try this app and then I sore that they change my obviously blue hair to brown/black, I could get over that it’s just hair, but what I couldn’t get over was that it kept turning my SAPPHIRE blue eyes to brown! This flaw made me so annoyed as each picture I tried the app with I had to wait a painfully long period of time for the app to mess up my eye colour..Version: 0.9.54

What a shame!What a real shame! The app does have potential if it weren’t for the poor consideration and execution. I was particularly interested in the caricature effects with the view to using them in my art and graphic design projects with modifications. I naturally assumed both the watermark and thumbnail would disappear after purchase. Not so. With no instructions whatsoever it took me a while to discover the filters applied through the “feed” section retain the watermark whereas the web version removes it. The thumbnail which renders the photo useless for anything other than teenagers’ social media feed, however, is there to stay. Can’t download in HD as it crashes every time so only the default basic size of 1080 x 1080 is saved. And why “selected styles” only can be used after purchase? Not for grownups, I’m afraid. Cancelled!.Version: 0.9.22

Terrible lookingJust looks bad lol. And the ads are constant and irritating..Version: 0.9.100

The free features were too good so they broke itYou used to be able to select a picture and get several variations to choose from without having to pay. Apparently this was just a little too much so they completely broke the feature. Now you have to select each style individually and they don’t allow you to see it. You can still download it but you really don’t know what you’re getting until you go through all the trouble self it takes five times as long to do a photo as it used to. They really want to funnel you into the severely overpriced never ending overcharged premium features which will add up to 1000s of dollars over a few years. Stay away!.Version: 0.10.49


Terrible appTerrible app, don’t waste your time..Version: 0.9.54

A great app, trulyThe toons look great and most of my photos worked. Because of that, it deserves five stars, but I took two stars off for making it subscriber only. That’s just a ripoff. Make the app a one-time purchase and I would buy it at a reasonable price, of course. I won’t even recommend subscription apps..Version: 0.10.62

DecentWell the app is good but when you find such a good filter, it turns out looking, should I say, unnatural. And most of the app is showing ads for getir and whatnot. So this game is alright but it needs a lot of improvements This might take a lot of deciding whether to download or not, but kaysarasara( whatever will be will be).Version: 0.9.55

Too many errors.If the free version has this many errors when uploading images, what’s the point in paying for the full version of the app? The features are not worth it, if the core functionality doesn’t work..Version: 0.9.114

Why I put 3 starsI feel like this app take advantage of how they use the adds. Like you don’t have to put an add for EVERY affect. But it’s not like your going to fix that. But over all I think this app is ok...Version: 0.9.106

Nice app ..First of all. Why would you need to know what I searched to find this app. Second of all. It need so work when I took a photo with my hair down and it made me a nun… I tried a different filter and it did the same thing but it just made me look 400 pounds fatter. Also the fact that there are so many ads is just a bit annoying but I’m glad you don’t have to see them ever time you use a filter. I honestly do recommend this but you have to have a clear shot of you or you’ll end up looking like shrek’s human cousin. Btw did I mention Half of the filters cost money..Version: 0.9.55

Stupid app don’t waste your timeTried several pictures and it’s says the same thing that it can’t process the pictures, it’s a shame cause this app looked awesome! Very disappointed.Version: 0.9.72

Eh it’s alrightSo we’ll it is super slow and a waste of time to wait for the effects. But I really like the idea I just wish that it is all free. But overall it is quite cheap but not that worth it..Version: 0.9.71

App is racistI got this app in an attempt to turn a picture of my boyfriend into a cute funny cartoon, you can imagine my disappointment when i entered a picture of my boyfriend who is black and the cartoon came out white. it literally turned him into a colonizer. it did not recognize his hair or skin color and instead popped out a picture that you could tell me was a founding father and i would belive it. this is extremely discriminating and i find it offensive that even something that is supposed to be fun and lighthearted is still something that he is discluded from. this is sad and unacceptable and as a society we need to be better than this..Version: 0.10.69

Ummmmm 😑I can choose my photo, but It never actually finished loading. I’ve left it to load for like an hour no wand its still not loading. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not giving this five stars sorry 🥴🥴.Version: 0.9.95

What have you done?I used to love this app. The constant nagging, “Go Proooo!” didn’t bug me at all. It was hilarious looking at the results when you loaded a transformers prime character into this app. I opened the app again for the first time in a while, tried to cartoonify myself, and after I put the picture in, you cover up the result with more nagging. This didn’t bother me at all, that is, until you got rid of the X to close the prompt! I can barely see the result behind the black covering! Are you really THIS desperate for money? If you want money, make a good app! Stop pestering us for some dumb subscription!.Version: 0.9.48

This just hurtsI saw lots of cute twitter pictures of people turning their faces into Disney Pixar and wanted to try it out for myself. I do NOT recommend unless you have a perfect headshot of yourself in perfect lighting with perfect hair and makeup. The first picture I tried was no makeup with my hair up, and they turned me into basically Hans from Frozen. Kind of hurtful. Then I tried a picture of myself with my hair down. The angle wasn’t even too bad, but the cartoon character that came out was about 200 pounds heavier than me in the face. Because I happened to be looking slightly up with my somewhat long chin and roundish jaw. I understand exaggerating certain aspects of someone’s appearance into a cartoon, but turning someone’s face shape into being morbidly obese is genuinely hurtful when I’ve spent years struggling with both my weight and health due to OCD. I wish I’d had the experience that I’d seen others have online, but I just don’t have the time and energy for a full photo shoot that would let the program see that I’m a woman who weighs less than 200lb..Version: 0.9.22

RacistIt’s racist to Asian people.Version: 0.9.51

Hayden and the falling rainbowI used used App for part of the illustrations in my book, I love the range of different pictures you can use. I wish you could use on animals and the back of people, if it had that range this would definitely be a 5* app..Version: 0.9.55

Serious let downI don’t often write bad reviews but this is just ridiculous. The ‘toons’ look absolutely nothing like me, sure it’s a cartoon version of myself but cmon, at least have a little resemblance. For starters my eye colour is blue and the app gave me brown eyes. Then there’s my facial structure, I have pretty chiselled features and a prominent jawline, the toons looked squishy and round. I tried it with other photos of friends and family and yet again, no resemblance whatsoever. If you want yourself turning into a cartoon then invest some money into a paid professional. They’ll do a much much better job and you’ll most likely be able to give feedback on what you do like/ don’t. A charicature artist, animator or sketcher could do a much better job than this app. Some things just require too much skill to be free - I’d hate to have paid for this app because the result was severely lacklustre. Honestly, I wish there was a way I could post my Toon photo, you’d be laughing at how bad it is. A shame really but I’m sorry to say this app just ain’t it, not yet at least. I’ll be trying again in a few months to see if improvements have been made..Version: 0.9.21

Worse UI/UX EverA nifty tool yet the App design needs a revisit. A part from it keep crashing, and ask me to restore purchase everytime I relaunch. Here are some falldown points: - No Search Function - No Filtering Capability - Access to your photo library is a nightmare - Loading a picture require multiple steps and a painfull experience. And the worse part, they ask you for feedback, but it don't allow you to give 1 Start..Version: 0.10.48

Racist as f$&@This app is apparently sponsored by Disney. It turned everyone with brown skin into some kind of Ghetto hood rat. It kept giving me an Afro. No matter how many times I pressed the try again button it just got worse. When I put my friend Barb in it gave nice soft backgrounds with appealing outfits. I wanted to see if it would give her an Afro with an inner city background….nope. But when I put myself or sister’s picture it made the skin tone darker and put us in scantily clothed outfits with an inner city background. I put my mom in and it did the same thing. She was shown wearing a hoodie in the inner city with an Afro. Although I always wondered what I would look like with an Afro I didn’t appreciate the AI choices. My mom, sisters and I had a good laugh but then we stopped laughing..Version: 0.10.49

Ridiculous App. Stupid DeveloperI have an idea. I’m going to give you 24 hours to offer an update to this app which will allow for any photo to be used. It is absolutely stupid having your this app deny photos it chooses as either needing to better quality or forcing you to have a face with no sunglasses on or if it thinks it is nudity (when it is not). Maybe I like that certain filter and I want my car to look like that. Or maybe the only photo available is me and my girlfriend wearing sunglasses. You have 24 hours or I swear to god above (trust me even god knows not to mess with me) what I do next will be biblical. You have 23 hours and 56 minutes..Version: 0.10.36

RidiculousSo lame read all these fake reviews saying it’s a great app it literally gave me a BLOB from a clear picture I couldn’t even see my eyes just a blob for lips on a blob for a head I can’t figure out how to cancel this rubbish subscription now.Version: 0.9.20

Im sorry....Im sorry but don't buy this app I took some really nice photos but the cartoon literally just roasts me like in the photo i look nice but when i cartoons my i look rubbish. Also the loading takes so long, don't get this app.Version: 0.9.38

Not what it seemsI got recommended this app by a family member who looked stunning in one of the filters and so I decided to try it. After downloading it, there was one obvious critical flaw, the subscription and premium service. I don’t need it! So get rid of it! And then all the filters were trash!.Version: 0.9.51

Results that don’t look like you at allI love a good caricature, but this doesn’t even get close to that, let alone a cartoon version of what you feed it. Feels like the results are just pulled from a library of pre-made cartoons..Version: 0.9.54

Too many updatesThis app is insane for updates. For an app that isn’t exactly a daily-driver it chews through data with repetitive updates every few days. Who needs or wants an app that is constantly updated every five minutes? Sack whoever you are paying to keep tweaking and repeating and costing us a fortune in data download charges..Version: 0.9.114

No unsubscribing button what so everNote: if you go to do the trail and then decide you don’t want it you can’t. They will tell you Apple Support and Apple support will tell you that it’s not thru them. No way of not getting charged. Horrible. They are taking your money no matter what..Version: 0.9.55

Absolutely horribleThe result will look NOTHING like you. definitely do not download. waste of time..Version: 0.9.55

I deletedWay too many adds. It also says when asking permission to your photos they will be anonymously uploaded to the server. I’m not saying it certainly is not anonymous but how do you know they aren’t lying? Why do they have to be uploaded anyway? Surely they could put the cartooning software in the app?.Version: 0.9.55

I can barely use it T- TSo, I had this app around 1 year ago and loved it! I had access to so many cool features and hadn’t payed for anything. I deleted it though for some more space on my phone and when I downloaded it again a week ago, basically everything you had to have the subscription for I couldn’t do ANYTHINGGGG. And to add to that, the amount of adverts is ridiculous. I won’t be downloading this again 😤.Version: 0.10.46

Dont able to cancel my subscriptionI am trying to cancel my subscription from email O git when i first subscribed it. There was review subscription link that when I clicked, it gives me error page. Provide me a way to cancel it.Version: 0.10.24

Updated and now I lost all usability (again)Another Update: updated by accident and now, once again, app has pretty much lost all the features it had before... Now, it’s all mostly behind that wonderful paywall again... I get that developers need to make money, but why take features away from people without warning them? Just be warned - don’t update if you have all the features unlocked or you will lose them! I’m going to delete this app (again) which is a shame as it really was quite good in its old form. ——————————————————————————- Update: Developer seems to listen to their users as App seems to have been reverted back to a version that works entirely! Great customer service and thank you for listening! App can do it all now and does it pretty well. Cheers! Updated today (Friday) and now the App is pretty much useless as it’s locked behind a subscription paywall! Almost ALL previous features are either crippled or not available anymore. Wish I hadn’t updated. 1 star and I’m deleting this once great App....Version: 0.9.10

Problems..This app is really cool in some aspects , Cartooning pictures etc. But there are problems , Eyes were changing colour e.g: Blue turning into brown . Also the hair kept on getting cut of , it and to top of that...The waiting between things . Overall it’s a good app if you have patience and don’t mind changes , Personally I won’t be keeping this app..Version: 0.9.10

Do I get charged at the startHi, do I get charged at the start? Coz I don’t want to do a free trial, and I read the other comments and I don’t want to be billed or anything..Version: 0.9.52

UnderwhelmingNow don’t get me wrong this was a great idea, but some of the pictures when they are animated look so distorted, I like to draw cartoons and this app really hyped me up for what u could do with it but I feel like I definitely wasted my time trying to find a photo that wouldn’t get distorted, every time it makes on thing or another so distorted it looks like a corpse out of a horror movie, I’m not sure why it does this but even the most clear of pictures look awful when I try to toon them, take for example the clearest selfie I’ve ever done was on this app trying it out, I was exited as I wanted to do a self portrait eventually and making myself a cartoon would be brilliant, I LOOKED LIKE PENNYWISE, the mouth was open showing brown teeth even though I wasn’t smiling in the photo, I had wrinkles everywhere especially my forehead, my eyebrows were so fat like dead ferrets stuck onto them, my eyes were staring and look like I had just been traumatised, please fix this because even the most simplistic of photos looked SO distorted and stupid, don’t waste your money on this you won’t get anything good out of it.Version: 0.9.116

ShnayaPoor app . I want recommend any one to use this app. This app Ripping of people. It’s free in other countries but they charge $8.99 in Newzeland , if you want to use it ..Version: 0.9.55

Needs more workI was playing with this app but then I took a picture of my mom it kept saying no face found please fix this situation.Version: 0.10.25

Good but issuesDownloaded the app and signed up for the full package. First 2 pictures looked great, but then I started getting continuous messages saying the server was too busy with other users and to try again. After almost 2 hours of trying I gave up and cancelled the subscription. If it could be updated to run on device it would be 5 stars all day long..Version: 0.9.111

Buy more servers to deal with capacityI pay for premium yet I haven’t been able to use the app at all for over half an hour. A message keeps popping up saying your app has had an influx of users and that you need time to pick up capacity - with all due respect this shouldn’t be happening, especially not at the expense of premium users, too. I otherwise had no other issues with the app, would’ve given it a 5/5..Version: 0.10.5

Ok 😑App is ok. It does turn your face into cartoon, but it might mess the colours up. What is not good about it is it makes you look like the worst version of yourself! 😩 I took a pic of myself once and chose a look. I came out looking like a 50 year old! ( I’m only 12 ) I think 3 stars is a good rating for this app..Version: 0.9.55

Just noI inserted one of my photos into the app and my face came out distorted. I would not recommend this app and would happily say not to waste your time downloading it😕.Version: 0.9.11

Absolutely horrificIt really is a dire app. Often ages you by 10 years, it doesn’t make your child really cute in Disney form, & makes family members unrecognisable. The app mistakes hats for hair, mistakes hair strands for a dark line going across the face, misses moustaches off etc. For a laugh I Disneyfied myself when I was in a coma, & it turned me in to a completely different person wearing glasses!!! What’s concerning is that it doesn’t give you the option to delete your photos that’s been saved off the app. That needs to be addressed..Version: 0.9.24

I like it but it’s missing some optionsI really like the results of my images but the user interface could be better. I can’t find a way to use the arts & effects tools until after I use a filter on my photo. I think it should have its own section so that you could use it with un edited photos as well. For example, if I wanted to use the fake a face effect to swap faces on 2 people, I see no option to get to the art & effects tools(which is the only place I can find it) until after I use a cartoon filter on one of the photos. It then allows me to go into the tools and select a second photo to swap faces. But it looks silly if one has a cartoon filter and the other one doesn’t. The app could also use a search feature to look up certain filters that you like to use. I just downloaded the app today and may be wrong but I can’t find a workaround. Other than that the result are great.Version: 0.10.54

Good but subscriptions are faultyI subscribed for the free trial. I cancelled the subscription before the trial finished and was told I would still have access to the trial and it would expire on a certain date. Every time I now open the app I get the nag screen to subscribe again..Version: 0.10.22

Terrible for black peopleNot even close to doing what it says it does..Version: 0.10.2

Very disappointingUseless and only promotional.Version: 0.9.54

MehThis app dosent help me at all. I thought u could do the affect with any photo but it has to be your face, and when it is your face, it looks creepy asf..Version: 0.9.120

MAJOR glitch.This app got 2 stars from me because it wasn't very good. At the start, I took 2 pictures of myself and cartoonified myself. Actually, they looked really good! I had a detailed astronaut design on my shirt, which was in the picture, and it even cartooned the astronaut and it looked perfect! I "saved" the pictures and went to my camera roll too see them. What? I didn't see the cartoon pictures. I saw me. Regular, realistic me! There was not a single bit of cartoon in the pictures. This app just let me take a picture of my self and save it. What a waste of my time! ToonMe, if you see this, please fix it..Version: 0.9.10

I like it but…So yes I like the app (cause that’s in the title so duh) But before I got it a few days ago I searched up “ Cartoon video editors” and I found this app. Then I was like, wow, this is the perfect app for my purpose. 1. Then, I got the app and I was looking for how to make a cartoon video so that I could show my cousin and we could make one, but I searched and searched and I could not find anything even close to a video. Please let me make cartoon videos. 2. The photos are not realistic. I took a photo of my dad and he looked more like his business partner than himself. Please make them look more like the actual person. Enchanted did WAY better. 3. It’s very hard to navigate. Please don’t think that I am criticizing your app. It’s just, it needs a few tweaks to make it more enjoyable. Thanks for reading, please leave a response. 😊.Version: 0.9.59

Really crappyHorrible quality. Tries to force you to get a subscription. Doesn’t look anything like the pictures. Tried ones of myself, my girlfriend,my baby, animals, celebrities and more. It does not work. they distort the pictures and it looks nothing like the pictures.Version: 0.9.49

Trial and AdsIf you cancel the trial, it automatically removes all features even though it says otherwise. This app has foreign language ads. Hard to close them..Version: 0.10.45

Stole my money!Definitely did not get the free trial it said I’d get. So it charged me the full price for a week subscription and I’ve only used the app for one picture! Just terrible!.Version: 0.10.26

Too expensiveI would give this app a higher rating if it were not so expensive. For the money I spent on it I should own it outright, not be renting it for a year. That said, it is a very fun app to play around with. Some of the cartoons I've made were a lot better than others. It made most of the women I've done very glamorous but a few came out not very pretty. I decided I would use the app when ever I got a chance to help justify the rental cost. I downloaded the app for the free 3 day trial. I thought I got back to it to delete it in time but I didn't make it so I ended up paying the $25 for one year. I've put a reminder on my phone to delete it at the end of 11 months. As much as I like the app I am still not willing to pay another $25 for it!.Version: 0.9.39

Way too many adsWay too many ads there is an ad every 5 to 10 seconds. It is ridiculous and always asking you for pro every 20 seconds and every time you save an image and asked you do you wanna buy pro it’s annoying..Version: 0.10.23

Desperate to make you buy ProInstalled it and deleted it almost instantly. Every click comes up with a go Pro and even after clicking the X it directed me to their site via my browser to sign up. Desperation to get your money doesn’t sit well with me. It may be a great app but when it’s so hard to navigate the buy me now process forced on you I’ll just use many of the alternatives that are much easier to navigate the, no thank you I don’t want to buy the pro version, available. Sorry guys but reading the feedback from others and your answer of just click the X to close the buy me box didn’t work for me..Version: 0.9.100

ToonMe uninstall - this app is hard to uninstall.Not good at all! Unable to uninstall! This is very non user-friendly and does not allow you to uninstall or stop payment. Do not use this app unless you are willing to keep on paying for this. The app does not even let you write a review unless you have 100 words so you have to put this long message just saw it will let you post this. I keep on trying to close this out but it doesn’t let me because I have not reached 100 word limit so I will just keep on writing the sentence is over and over again very on user-friendly does not allow you to post reviews does not allow you to leave under 100 word message..Version: 0.9.41

Be Careful! ScammersCharged my account for a year even though I didn’t subscribe and cancelled immediately after I got the app 3 days before.Version: 0.9.78

Gave me self esteem issuesThis app makes you look absolutely terrible!! Be prepared to look like the worst version of yourself. I’m not kidding. It was so bad I was compelled to write this review..Version: 0.9.54

App now sucksThere are now so many constant and overwhelming ads in the free version , with “skip video” buttons that don’t work amongst other gimmicks, that it is not worth bothering with. It’s too bad because it used to be fun..Version: 0.10.57

Good appIt’s a very good app, selfies and pictures are much better than the originals. User interface was a bit confusing in the beginning but it clears up in a little time. What concerns me is the photo privacy. When I initially installed the app, I gave permission to all photos, then I decided I wanted total privacy so I turned off (disallowed) access to all my photos from the iPhone settings. To my surprise, ALL tenths of thousands of photos that I have up to date were available and visible from within this app. I thought it was a glitch, so I logged out of the app, deinstalled it, installed it back and this time without even logging in, all my photos were again accessible from within the app. How is that possible? I checked the photo privacy in settings…..it’s set to NO photos allowed. The app is still asking for permission to access my photos, yet when I press the camera roll icon, they’re all there. I’m very confused, I had photo apps before (google photos for example), but the moment I turned off access to all photos, then I could not see any of them in the app. But this app is something else!.Version: 0.9.95

WhyEvery time I try toon me it makes me a girl.Version: 0.9.121

Not intuitiveSeems janky, adds pop up but you dont know they are adds until your redirected to a website or the app store. Take a picture and add a filter right?? Wrong! You choose a filter and then look up celebs?? Why? Took a few minutes to even figure out how to take/add a picture then it came out very janky. Not even close to the filter i chose after being rerouted multiple times to websites and app stores and all kinds if non affiliated links. Just wanted a cartoon pic of myself, no idea why i would even care about a celebrity. Maybe for younger tech savy rich kids but not for me..Version: 0.9.72

Subscription modelI wish the App Store would show you what the cost of the full app will be, whether that’s an outright owned or subscription fee, so we can bother to install it. Of course they want you to give it a shot before making that decision so it probably won’t happen. Anyhow, this app will cost you approx AUD $40 a year if you want all the features, remove watermark etc, and you get 3 days to do that before being charged. Would prefer devs let you buy it outright or stick with ads, subscription based apps get uninstalled straight away, as will this after my review. Thanks.Version: 0.9.96

Not the way I thought it wasThis app generated me as a different gender, I waited 30 minutes for something that I don’t even want.Version: 0.10.13

🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔OK first off the game or I guess app it’s I mean I’m not gonna split for other people that want to see it and you know what it’s OK I wish there was a few more features or whatever because it was kind of it. It was just kind of empty maybe add like like you what you would look like as a dog are you know it’s really really good. There’s also a Simpsons one in there I really like that I just out my whole family with that when they were like huh yeah it was funny. Um, you know this app is is pretty good. You know this I would consider this a good like app like it’s just you know it’s apps that are like this so you know it’s it’s it’s a pretty good app you know it’s not the worst. I feel like it could be better but you know developers please respond on this please I want to see what you think and maybe get some more ideas.Version: 0.10.18

U won’t believe this.. DONT DOWNLOAD!I was looking 4 a filter app bc as usual I was bored 👹👹 and downloaded this bc lots of real good reviews had been sent and I was like why not?! Anyway I got the app and I immediately went to the classic cartoon filter and I looked like a FLIPPING BARBIE DOLL LOL 😂😂😂 but I noticed that it blurred out the background which was a shame bc it was a rlly nice sunset 😭 but I was like oh well so I went 2 download it 2 my phone and ur STUPID APP had the AUDACITY to be like BuY pReMiUm To DoWnLoAd Ur PiCtUrEeeEe 👹👹 and I was like… 🤬😡🤬😡🤬🤯🤯😳😳👿👿👿👺💀👺💀 I frickin hate this blooming app take it down or remove premium and add some adds like bruh 🙄 Oh well I hope this helped u and makes u realise OOP I need to find a new filter app my hopes r lost 😭😂.Version: 0.9.84

Plagued with constant adverts that stop you using the appThis app shows ads every time you try to do anything, the ads fill the whole screen and stop you using the app. Many of the ads run for several seconds, after that an almost invisible close button appears. Worst of all most of the ads are for other equally rubbish apps. It just possible that bored children of little intelligence might be amused by this garbage app for a short time until they get fed up with all the blocking ads. Let’s hope their parents are not stupid enough to actually pay for this rubbish. Go and do something better with your life - nothing to see here..Version: 0.10.31

Is this actually freeI just downloaded this APP… now I’m afraid to use it because on download there is NO mention of any charges… (unless PRO) BUT on opening the App for the first time it asks for feedback on how I found the App… on completion of this it now states ‘Enjoy your FREE TRIAL’??? Ummm… I don’t want to subscribe or have a FREE TRIAL - if this is a Paid App you should state it in the first place???? Delete these kinda cons… bad business….Version: 0.10.16

Update disappointingI don’t want my original photo in my cartoon. Cartoon much better quality so that’s why I would recommend this app but I don’t know how to save my final project without my original.Version: 0.9.43

No attempt at qualityI open the app and immediately see a full screen prompt for a survey of how I found the app. Eventually I find a skip button half off screen in the bottom right corner (not following the safe insets for rounded corners). Then it brings me to a page asking to pay for Pro, also full screen, this time with a white X in the top left corner on top of a white/light pink gradient so it is barely visible if you know where to look. Then I click on one of the options and it opens a full screen ad (fine since I hadn’t paid and obviously they need to make money somehow), but after a few seconds, there was no change and no visible X and I was done hunting for horrible dark pattern buttons so I uninstalled..Version: 0.9.32

Couldnt even get my hair color rightSo, I’m a girl. With dark brown hair. Do you know what this gives me? Dirty blonde hair. Thanks! And also, all the people saying “works great its amazing" probably wear makeup and have perfect lighting. Response: Hi again. Reading my past review its not very constructive or detailed, but its just plain rude. I have indeed tried again, and it still is dirty blonde. Which dissapointed me. I was in the sun and I had even lighting at that moment but it was disappointing still. But what made me give two other stars are the fact the developer responded and told me what to do. Thank you!.Version: 0.9.72

Meh. 😐Love what I can do but I dislike how many things you have to pay for. I don't like getting the constant reminder to pay a whopping amount of money each month just to cartoon a picture. Also, the options are not wide, and what if I just want to cartoon a pic? Then what? It's not an option. It only let's you choose from a very little amount of backgrounds and shapes. Most of them are comparing the old pic to the new one. It's highly annoying. I recommend if it's a one time thing, but it's annoying. Don't waste your time and money. Ugh. - Unknown.Version: 0.9.10

Eye Color Variety + 3D IssuesThere are only a few options for brown or black eye colors, while most are blue. There should be a separate option for us to choose where we can select which eye color we prefer. Although there are dark skinned people with blue eyes in the world, I am not one of them. Therefore, I look ridiculous with them. Also, the 3-D cartoons look nothing like me and they look very different from the picture submitted. They even come with different radiation in the face that I’m not there. Please rectify these issues as soon as possible. I will change the rating once the changes have been made..Version: 0.9.49

Needs a search option and landscape featuresThis is ok but I’d like to edit landscape mode and not portrait. Seems like there’s landscape mode for cropping but no landscape mode for applying filter or toon feature. Crop feature doesn’t allow reducing size of landscape pictures so both people will show when toon effect applied. This is an app to get easily bored with as most everyone now is using toon features so not really worth subscribing to. Would be nice to search for landscape effects or have a section for applying effects to landscape picture..Version: 0.9.114

What they don’t sayIt’s just rude that they don’t say upfront you have a 3 day trial then pay and WORSE that you MUST subscribe and remember to unsubscribe to get to the the 3 day trial. Not to mention the tracking the app does, and though the privacy policy for the developer might look good! Data is shared with unknown 3rd parties, what are their privacy policies. Fail..Version: 0.9.126

🙂 ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters Positive Reviews
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ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact ToonMe: Cartoon Face Filters.

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