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Superimpose App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Superimpose app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Superimpose? Can you share your negative thoughts about superimpose?

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Superimpose for Negative User Reviews

Hate itTerrible and confusing update.Version: 7.0.2

GoodPretty good & easy to use but on iphone X the erase tool doesn’t line up anymore. Can you fix this?.Version: 6.5

App CrashesContinuous app crashes and major lag. Aside from that an amazing digital editor!.Version: 6.2

DEMANDING A CHANGE !!As a creator who has been editing for years with your app ,, i’m throughly disappointed on the new update as the previous version of the app was much easier to use and it made my job as an editor very difficult. For example, you cannot marge and put a shadow (resizing or changing the colour) as it’ll merge straight away without having a option on this current update. Another one to mention, the layers of photos is not necessary to add as there’s a premium version of this app to put multiple layers (i bought the premium ver. but it wasn’t to my liking as it wasn’t efficient to use) in conclusion, please consider my critical feedback as the previous version was far superior than this version of the app. thanks..Version: 7.0.3

Great app until features disappear.I purchased this app and was loving it for the first couple of days, however suddenly I am unable to access the stock photos and supposedly have to now purchase a second more expensive app if I want to continue to use them??? Gotta love pay my for something only to have it taken away and dangled in front of your face for more expensive..Version: 7.1.5

Need the old layout back. App is very hard to use.I’ve been using this app for years and the simple thing about it was the old interface. It was easy to read and navigate. This app has hardly ever worried about aesthetics. You’ve gotten a lot of reviews regarding changing back to the old layout but you don’t reply to those reviews. Please consider going back as there are people with disabilities who need to be able to read and use your app, and you’ve just made it that much harder for them. Please take some responsibility for what’s happened. Revert back to the old layout. Hopefully you read this review and take it into deep consideration for people who are not able to use your app now due to the new interface..Version: 7.0.2

Photos not loadingWhen I try and load a background image it just says “loading” for ages and never loads. I’m really annoyed because I actually paid money for this app. I hope you’re not neglecting your app to pay attention to your newer version because that’s messed up. We paid for this app and deserve one that works..Version: 6.5

DisappointedI purchased this app a while ago, and with the new update i am unable to use many features. i didnt pay for an unusable app and i am really disappointed. i dont feel comfortable paying £4.99 for a new app when i should have the access with what ive already paid towards this one..Version: 7.0.1

New updateChange it back everything is so confusing it was fine before.Version: 7.0.0

HelpGreat app but it keeps crashing when I’m trying to mask??.Version: 6.4

QuestionWhen asked to allow superimposed to access your photos , why does it also need you to turn on location services?.Version: 6.6.1

New UpdatePlease go back to the original layout. It was much EASIER to use, whereas this new update layout is so much more difficult and has bugs !.Version: 7.0.9

New update ruined it for meThis is my first review that I’ve ever left, so that shows how much I dislike the new update. I’ve been using superimpose for almost three years now and it’s been my favorite editing app ever, I go straight to this app whenever I need to make some tiny adjustments to my photos and I got this app during the time I was an editor. When I saw the new update, I hated it off the bat. I decided to just let it grow on me and it still hasn’t. It’s confusing, it took me too long to find my mask library; everything takes so much longer than it used to. I and many others miss the old layout..Version: 7.0.2

Missing featureIt’s a great app for the price. I use to edit a lot with this app before deleting it but after redownloding, I’ve seen that it has gone down hill. The removed a feature that was extremely useful: when using the masking tool one would be able to enlarge or decrease the background photo while still using the masking tool but one can’t do that anymore. It is so annoying because I do detailed work and now that feature is gone, my work just tenfold.Version: 7.1.8

Its crap 👌Dont bother buying this, I accidentally bought this. I tried it out and it’s TERRIBLE I tried to make a transparent pfp on tt and IT DIDNT WORK all i can say is....TRY HARDER idiots i swear- the worst app in the world is better than this one. What is it even for? Adding a fake background to ur pics? DOWNLOAD PISCART its way better and FREE ima just use that and I advise you to do the same. GOODBYE 👋.Version: 7.0.3

Not intuitiveVery complicated to use. Lots to learn and retain. If you don’t use it regularly you won’t remember all of the fine details. Not intuitive at all. There must better products than this..Version: 7.1.11

To many bugs!I’ve been using this app for years now and the amount of bugs and annoyances has stayed fairly consistent. With some big fixes and updates the app appears better and with other (such as the most recent update) it appears to get much much worse. Currently I have a big wear every time I attempt to add a new foreground the whole app just freezes and it’s been fairly consistent with crashing every single time I attempt to do this and it’s really irritating. Like I said this app has a lot of potential and has been the primary source for a lot of amazing and enjoyable projects I have created however I feel like the apps coms recently have outweighed the pros and are in reality making the app practically unusable..Version: 6.7.4

Update scary!!I’ve had the app for 5 years and it’s always been my favourite editing app, I’ll chose it over photoshop any day for most things but this new update is much harder to navigate and also a lower resolution on my projects :( I’d really like a way to get the old version back or an update that makes it more accessible..Version: 7.0.1

FuriousI paid for the app a couple of years ago and now i find out that all of the features i got it for are gone with the new update, and they want me to upgrade to “superimpose x” unbelievable..Version: 7.0.2

Please update!I realise that you have created a new app Superimpose X, but I really hope that you do continue to update and fix bug issues with this current app. As a teenager I can’t really afford to spend £4.99 on an app when I currently have an app that is extremely capable of doing what I want and has always worked excellently well in the past. I’ve used this app for over a year now, and it has always proved outstanding up until a month ago. Recently when I try to merge a mask I have made, the image will often merge down and leave a big black block across the whole screen (and since the object has now been merged it seems irreversible). Also my posts have not been saving, the app has been crashing and foregrounds that I have masked have started to disappear whenever I merge them down to the background. This has been my favourite and go-to app for so long, please fix this!!.Version: 6.4

OkI have been using this app for around a year and have been experiencing glitches for the past few months. Whenever I try to make an edit, it just goes really tiny so I can't see what I'm making and then it flips upside down! And whenever I try to mask something, it completely spazzes out!!! Please fix this.Version: 6.2

Apple fanToo complicated. I need to do the job but not to waste my time....Version: 6.7.4

DisgruntledI've been using Superimpose for years, and I really loved it. The interface was very intuitive and the tools were powerful, and the update was even better. Unfortunately, all of those tools are now stuck behind a paywall imploring me to purchase Superimpose X—when I already purchased Superimpose all those years ago. I know it's only 5$, but to have all of the tools taken from me unless I pay out even more feels unfair. What next, Superimpose X2 to keep all the editing tools?.Version: 7.0.3

Do not waste your moneyWorst ap ever Difficult to use No instructions.Version: 6.2

Update is horrible and makes app unusableWhy.... WHY DID THE DEVELOPERS UPDATE THIS APP??? pre-november, this app was absolutely amazing, one of my favorite editing apps and a staple for my projects. now, it’s useless; i can’t find where anything is anymore, all the bottoms are too close together, and if you switch modes at the bottom, you can’t change previous work when you return to a mode, which can absolutely ruin your projects if you reflexively change modes without changing your mistake. absolutely useless and horrible, wish the developers would update back to how it used to be for years.... can’t believe i spent money on this piece of garbage..Version: 7.0.3

Mad as a cut snakeHate this version of the app. The previous version was so much better & no apps on the market is even close to what this app use to be. Did a update & it was removed from my phone & this update version shows it’s ugly face. Left feeling ripped off.Version: 7.0.1

Not happy - only two layers!Paid for this but to get more than two layers you have to buy another app for 6.99, i have two free apps including adobe mix that works better! So i have paid 2.79 for nothing and would have to pay 6.99 more now to get more than 2 layers and never use the one i paid 2.79 for again! this should be made clear in listing, i want my money back or an upgrade to the app where i can actually do what i wanted! I can see it might be good , but this should be free with an upgrade to the 6.99 one, not pay for this then pay again!.Version: 6.7.4

The new update.Ever since the new update, the app has been somewhat confusing. the old version was much better, I don’t understand why you guys must feel the need to change it after all these years. please change it back..Version: 7.0.0

Great App but ..I hate this version !!! I want the previous one !!!.Version: 7.0.1

Please fix bugsI’ve been using this app for years and loved it. Never had a problem. Then I updated to the most recent version (7.0.6). Not only was the layout of the app entirely changed (which I must say I now find confusing), the whole app is riddled with bugs now. I can’t go more than several minutes without the app messing up my masking, or freezing and crashing altogether. Nor will it properly restore my previous session like it used to. It will undo my progress and I’ll spend more time than necessary editing my images. There doesn’t seem to be an update to fix this in sight and it’s getting very frustrating..Version: 7.0.6

Eh.Being honest, this update is very .. distasteful, in simple terms. 😐 i have been using this app for a couple of years for simple memes & random edits, but the update has made this app a complete inconvenience, if that makes sense. the layout appears very cheap, yet difficult to become adjusted to. it's also caused many more bugs. i've tried masking images for edits and somehow the masking tools always find a way to mess up more than they did in the previous layout. what really irks me is how i paid for this app TWICE and the new update is constantly asking me to buy the even more expensive version of this app..Version: 7.0.1

Epic!This app is spectacular! I haven’t encountered many glitches at all. This app is perfect to help me make Wattpad covers for me books! It also allows me to make funny edits of my friends and send them to them! I love this app keep up the great work! XOXO.Version: 6.4

Pathetic updateWhy change it when it ent broke. Absolutely horrific update. Why ? I don’t want to watch even more tutorial videos thanks. I was very happy using the previous version before this useless update. I knew where all my usual edits were and different effects. SO WISH I HADNT UPDATED TO THE NEW VERSION. ITS CR*P... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 How do I go back to previous version please ? Anyone know ? I’ve done phone back ups since so it’s wiped over the previous version. I’ve paid for it and now you have made the app TOO CONFUSING.!! Read the reviews. 90% of the users hate it and think it was unnecessary.!! Looks like you re-wrote the whole thing. 😡 😮 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤔.Version: 7.0.3

SCAMWhat a scam this developers are. Despite l have got the paid version they still locks the screen after one project and force you to buy more expensive version. You can’t get read of the message from screen, unless you restart the app. It’s totally a SCAM..Version: 6.7.4

You don’t fix something that’s not brokenThis was one of the best apps available for adding items to photos. Was being the key. I used it almost daily and had loads of friends and family download it. As usual people try to fix things that are not broken and ruin them. This app was just updated and went from a fun and simple to use app to one that is complicated with its settings buried and hard to find. I will be deleting it and I’m sure I won’t be alone. I would not recommend it now and suggest looking elsewhere for a more user friendly app. All the rave reviews you see are for the old app and not the current one. Sit back and watch as it’s rating stars fall like a meteor..Version: 7.0.1

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