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Photo Editor+ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Photo Editor+ app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Photo Editor+? Can you share your negative thoughts about photo editor+?

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Photo Editor+ for Negative User Reviews

Collage doesn’t workI bought this to be able to do a collage. I was disappointed to find I was limited to four pictures. I was further disappointed when it did not insert my selected pictures into the frame. When I reached out to support...NO answer other than a status that it is an open ticket..Version: 5.1

Sticker problemGood app but there are not "tons of sticker" there are only 25 and 4 are just different colour talk bubbles.Version: 2.7.3

WorthlessI just got it and tried to fix a picture! Well not as they say it works!!.Version: 5.1

Horrible canceling subscriptionThere is no where to CANCEL this subscription!!! It is not in your app subscription section to cancel and nowhere on the app itself to cancel! You can fill out an email to support but it doesn’t send! I am pretty sure this is a scam app! Beware!!!!!.Version: 5.1

Okay but not greatThe editing would be okay if you had more options without having to pay a small fortune.👎.Version: 5.1

Just get FrameMagic insteadIf you have FrameMagic you already have most of this app as part of their recent update. Except for the tacky stickers. Not worth the money for an app by itself. Better off just getting FrameMagic which is a fabulous framing app, and trying the filters through there (which aren't so great to be honest)..Version: 2.1

Not working!I purchased this app before the iOS 8 download and NOW the app will NOT open. This app needs to be fixed!!!.Version: 4.2

GlitchyThis ap used to work great but now it’s glitchy, doesn’t load properly..Version: 5.1

Absolutely crapPathetic copy paste app . Same as photo editor - except that you pay for this . How can the same company create 2 apps with almost same features calling them + and - . This is cheating ..Version: 4.0

Everything disappearedI have the paid version and overnight tons of stickers and filters disappeared and even with restore nothing came back!.Version: 4.2

Photo EditorJan. 2019. Checking back to see if there’s been any more updates but there hasn’t. It seems as if the developers have given up on it despite continuing to take peoples money. Photo Editor shouldn’t be on the App Store deceiving people. My main gripe with the app is after typing out text it often crashes when resizing or moving the text. Apart from the annoying time wasting the rest of the app seems ok so it’s a pity to see it go off into the wide ether. Having bought the original Photo Editor along with the in-app purchases the app started crashing plus I started getting the adverts as well as pop-ups to ‘like’ the app or upgrade to the plus version. Eventually the nags got on my nerves (which I suppose was their intended purpose) I bought the + version a couple of days ago. Strangely the + app cannot be found in the App Store using search and neither can you rate either app through the apps settings. It says it cannot connect to the App Store. Now after starting using the + version I find that also crashes. A pity really because after my favourite app was no longer supported I got used to this one but it seems this one is going the same way after each O/S update. This app hasn’t been updated for over a year and don’t expect any reply from tech. support. SAVE YOUR MONEY and DON’T BUY..Version: 5.0.1

Missing Many EffectsWhen Aviery went out of business, this app was suggested to me as it carries the same effects I once had. Now I’m missing more than half the apps and I feel very limited as to how to work with this current app. Very disappointed to say the least when a promise to get my effects back was never met. All I can do is basics, nothing special to enhance my photos. 😞😢 I’ll give you guys 5 star rating but ONLY if you give me back what I paid for on Aviery. Til then, it’s staying in the very disappointing one star for all the world to see. Not that it matters because you guys never read the revues anyway!!.Version: 5.1

It’s doesn’t workNone of the frames stickers, overlays etc work. If you try to download or restore them, nothing happens. Had the original version on an older phone and it worked fine. Tried paying the £1 for the newer one, same problem. Contacted developer, awaiting reply.....Version: 5.0.1

Was and I mean WAS a good app!!!I loved this app and used it all the time till 2 weeks ago when it stopped opening, I've continued to try reinstalling but no luck, clearly nothing is being done about the ongoing problems, I'm ready to give up an try another app, waste of money!!!!!.Version: 2.4

Nice…butGreat to use but…. but crashes and goes to the home screen. On.Version: 5.1

Crashes to muchDisappointing after spending 20 minutes editing a pic and the app crashes. Remember to save every 5-10 because it doesn't function properly. I have the plus version should be free if this bugged up.Version: 5.0.1

Pretty crappyThe red-eye remover and teeth-whitener tools do nothing, and the blemish remover just makes that section of your picture blurry. Camera+ is a much better app for colour and effect tools. This app is a waste of money..Version: 2.0

GoodI like it because it works for the most part, most of the time..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t WorkUseless.Version: 5.1

BlemishesRemoving blemishes feature will not save the edited picture!.Version: 3.1

Can’t delete selectedThere isn’t a way to delete selections when finished..Version: 5.1

Do not buyWorst app I’ve ever tried does nothing I need!.Version: 5.1

It's not the bestThis photo editor isn't the best coz it keeps exiting out of the app and then I have to start editing the photo all over again which is annoying. The quality of the photos are good tho..Version: 2.7

Waste of moneyBought this today and it won't save any of my edited photos, Useless!.Version: 5.1

EditingTrying to edit wrinkles under eye is difficult without noticing the marks from edit tool. Doesn’t blend in with skin..Version: 5.1

Very frustratingI cannot access any of the frames which I used to use all the time. Awful I will be canceling my subscription..Version: 5.1

Not bad, but...I don't understand why the updated 2018 version of "Photo Editor+" brought me to this app which is outdated and has nothing more to offer. This is utterly strange... and perhaps a gimmick to make money..Version: 5.0.1

AbandonedThis was, in my opinion the greatest photo editor available on iPhone. Was. No appears to have been abandoned and it is close to worthless. Desperately needs updates. If you try to resize the text to quickly, it crashes. If you open more than just a very few photos at the same time, it crashes. If it takes an notion to crash, it crashes. Sorry to see it go, but I’m looking for a replacement..Version: 5.1

Twin Apps?So I Bought The Normal One Of The FOR FREE And I Looked At The Add For The Plus One I Got It Because It Looked Much Better And Had Way More Fonts. When I Opened The App It’s The Same As The Other One (And With Less Stickers!) I Would Just Get The Free One Because The Plus One Is Just Clickbait Looks Nothing Like The Adds Hopefully Nobody Will Pay £1 For This!.Version: 5.0.1

Doesn’t workCan’t access my iPad albums. ‘Get support’ doesn’t work!.Version: 5.1

HmmIt's okay I guess, but I've seen free apps exactly the same! And where is the blur feature like it says in the description? There isn't any in the app at all - I was expecting to be able to paint the blur where I wanted it like the example photo of the squirrel, but I'm very disappointed instead. Waste of money, really :/.Version: 2.5

WAS really goodReally great photo editor when it worked, but now just keeps crashing when trying to line up multiple photos to edit..Version: 4.1

All my extras disappeared and it cannot get help to restore.It was working well but then all my effects, frames, etc disappeared and I cannot get support because page is blank. I paid for this..Version: 5.1

WowIncredible. It has less features than the free version. What a business model..Version: 5.1

BadDont waste your money!! The other people who are rating this game 5 stars; are thick! I wish I could rate this game 0 stars but you can't so there. My mum normally doesnt mind when I buy myself games but this time she agreed with me that I shouldn't of brought it as it is a waster of giga bites and money. 0 out of 10 for me.Version: 2.0

It still crashesAgain, it still crashes..Version: 5.1

Crashes all the time!I will be working on a photo and it crashes, closing the program..Version: 5.1

It was good...I really enjoyed the old version and found the effects and tools were really good. But I got a new phone and my old effects didn’t load. I was brought to this, paid thinking I I would get the effects back and nothing new loads. Doesn’t seem like a good app anymore. Bring back the options at least and work on the loading issues. I have high speed internet and no issues with any other app. Not really impressed..Version: 5.0.1

Supply shop items Gone! No Support!!!I paid for Pro A+ and now with IOS all the Supply shop frames, stickers, and more are missing! No Support whatsoever as their website doesn’t work when trying to submit. Update and fix this or stop selling it on the App Store!!!.Version: 5.1

Photo Editor+Having used this App for many months I can confirm it is extremely easy to use and covers the full range of edit requirements. Totally fits the purpose, free to download and start using immediately. The one time small cost to open several other additional features is well worth the outlay. Fully recommended..Version: 5.0.1

Bull crapRed eye doesn’t work.Version: 5.0.1

Worst of all paid appsDoesn’t even deserve a single star. Waste of few bucks.Version: 5.1

What did I pay for?What a waste of money. Awful purchase. Completely regret this. Nothing worth $ Hard. Pass..Version: 5.0.1

Photo Editor+I downloaded and tried this application because it promised to fix blemishes. The application includes a demo that shows removing warts from a portrait. In my trial it failed to have any effect on a hair in a very light area. No matter what size circle nor what magnification, the hair remained unchanged. I’m also troubled by the confusion between Photo Editor+ and Photo Editor-. At first it appears one should download Photo Editor-, and then upgrade to Pro Editor. Yet within Photo Editor- pressing “Pro Editor” has no impact. Also, the initial page seems to say this upgrade is a 1.99 in app purchase. Yet when I chose to upgrade, it asked for a 1.99 per month subscription (with 7-day free trial) Without the ability to fix blemishes, these two applications offer little that you can’t already find in the editing tool native to iOS. A final note: Photo Editor+ cannot handle Dark Mode— menu text becomes invisible..Version: 5.1

Has the potential.Really, this app has the potential do be as good as Adobe photoshop. In order to make it that good, it needs much more options. The red eye and whitening options don't work very well and stickers should be able to be used for more than one day. Also, it crashes often on my new ipad (third gen).Version: 2.2

Cuts me off every timeIt seems I must have a time limit on how long I take to edit because every time I work through creating an amazing edited photo, the app kicks me out and I have to start again. Sooo annoyed. I will be looking for a a different and deleting this one!.Version: 5.1

Makes you get Adobe ID then crashesI got a new phone and reinstalled app. Now to restore some of the very features I had before I have to get an Adobe ID and when I tried to it crashed. Useless now.Version: 5.0.1

I need resized images! None hereCan not find resize tool.Version: 5.1

Useful but Expensive Photo AppI've found the app to be the most useful photo editing app that I've found. Only be careful of wanting the extras as these end up being a bit expensive. The basic app is useful but I really wish a lot more of the add-ons came with the basic app, too expensive as a result..Version: 4.2

Come on manI use to use this app a lot a while ago.. but I go to try and make something special for someone and after anywhere between 5seconds to 8min it kicks me out and doesn’t save my work...come on man.....Version: 5.1

App crashed within first 2 minutes after purchase!Not happy! Free version kept crashing, so I paid $$ for this version. And it just crashed within 2 minutes after purchase!! Not happy, Axiem!! Fix this! Or please refund the purchase price..Version: 5.1

Photo editingI loved the original one , I was able to work on very small parts , making delicate alterations Perfect , Then an upgrade changed that , if I needed to add white to an old mans grey hair It became impossible ? just streaks not gentle touches . Then if I needed to remove a blemish I used to choos a size and dab gently until All removed . Now ?thats not possible anymore . Removing age lines is now very difficult and visible . Why change something that was the Best on a Smart phone or iPad ? Apart from a very costly Photoshop ( approx cost £700 . This was up there ! Please will the company return this Marcy APP to its original way : what a pity ! I would have paid for that ..Version: 5.0.1

Not trueYou said add ton of sticker but when i paid and download the app, its just only origin sticker like the free app, so, i want my money back. Other tool in this app, just like the other apps on the app store. So, dont belive in what they said . Now im feeling stupid when i paid for this app..Version: 3.0

App drops out half way through editingI just re-downloaded this a couple days ago and I’ve remembered why I deleted it… the app drops out constantly in the middle of editing ie: re-sizing text...Version: 5.1

Crap!It didn’t unlock any more collage options and that’s what I was wanting… this was a wast of my money! I already deleted it and just use my free photo editor..Version: 5.1

FailureAs soon as I finish with a picture, it fails to save...if I get that far before it totally shuts down..Version: 5.1

Bit slowIt’s a bit slow but easy to work with for basic picture eduting.Version: 5.1

No of the effects workI downloaded the full version and for over a year now the effect and stickers , frames etc have been taken off and not reinstalled..Version: 5.1

Save picturesSad it wouldn’t save photos but does..Version: 5.1

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing even when paid for.Version: 5.1

Crashes Every TimeEvery time I try to do a text it crashes. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. It’s great for other things except that..Version: 5.1

App keeps closing!Trying to add text to some photos, and all of a sudden the app closes before I’m finished!.Version: 5.1

Does not workDoes not work after the last apple system update!.Version: 5.1

Why change it?This app was my favourite I used it on all my pics! There were a few glitches with the blemish function but other then that it worked amazing. Now that I updated to the new version you have changed all the effects that made this app great. How do I revert back to the old version, as this one is terrible now and ill never use it!.Version: 3.0

Paid for it and not t workingI’ve use this in original format and when I paid for it. I have to redownload the extra. I tried to down load and it would not. Very disappointed and wasted my money..Version: 5.0.1

Would give a zero if I could!!!!Every time I tried to save an edited picture, would say “image failed” with ZERO information as to why it failed!!!! 🤬🤬🤬.Version: 5.1

NoBought this to edit my photos but I click edit and nothing even happens, load of crap! The effects are quite good but only way you can actually edit a picture is by taking it through the application which I'm not happy about. Waste of money in my opinion, you can get better free ones so don't bother with this...Version: 2.4

Photo editorIt's easy to use, and amazing even better than adobe photoshop as you have to down load individual items e.g brushes and tools are costs a lot in total . . . . You have to down load the stamp tool separately for a cheap sixty p. if you are a graphic designer or more experienced its not for you very very basic not worth it but for non graphic users go for it to dabble.Version: 2.2

Does not workI downloaded this app and paid for it, it does not work. It freezes on one page and no way of getting out of it. I will erase it, I guess my ,only is lost. Didn’t even get to edit one picture..Version: 5.1

Like this app.Only downside is you can on do one photo at a time rather than moving seamlessly to next in folder. Great otherwise I think..Version: 1.0

Waste of money. Free app is better. Do not buy.Total waste. In fact, could I have a refund please? That'd be great. Thanks..Version: 4.2

Ease of useThough this app does deliver good results in the end, it is not very intuitive. Loading photos from, and adding photos to the camera roll is awkward..Version: 5.1

OkVery basic app but for .99c you wouldn't expect much more. Good for cropping but other effects not really worth it. Auto enhancement actually made the pic I was working on worse! Ok for the price but don't think you are going to be able to do much with this app..Version: 1.0

Suspiciously familiarGood simple photo editor, but seems to run out of memory and crash every 3 edits or so. Also looks strikingly familiar to another app, perhaps by the same developer, either way it seems kind of a scam to charge me an app that's simply in another form elsewhere that I've already paid for.Version: 4.0

Deceptive and non functional features...These type of developers should purged from system..Version: 5.1

SickeningPaid for this app. Overall pretty good but too often crashes when nearly done editing. Very frustrating. Everything disappears. Have to start over. FIX IT..Version: 5.1

CoplaintI am super annoyed that I couldn't even use this app! I bought this when I could have bought something else, I'm hoping I can get my money back as I have deleted the app! Either allow me to move the text or my money back!.Version: 1.0

StinksI was charged $1.99 each month it did not say this was a monthly pay app. It is not worth 1.99 a month. Beware.Version: 5.1

It was really goodI really liked this app used it to edit all my photos bit they recently updated It and now I hate it and extremely thinking of removing it and finding another one. I don't like it anymore.Version: 4.2

No Video Edit... simplicity sells more peeps!Sometimes I feel like I can’t read... but I am pretty sure these app advertisements are having a hard time clearly stating the necessary things need to know for $1.99. Can’t we just buy an app without a la cart purchases. I don’t enjoy having to research every $1.99 app! I would understand a la cart on a software systems that is priced higher. #keepitsimpledevelopers.Version: 5.1

A very Poor basic program lacking facilities.Very, very basic editing facilities, you can get better in your camera edit facility (Nikon D810). What should be a standard facility such as resize with altering the number of pixels and facility to use any photo for a Forum etc shrinking it to accepted sizes should also be in even the most basic program, avoid this program and don't waste your time or money!.Version: 4.3.2

Preferred the old free versionI downloaded this app because I thought the free one was so good. However I've reinstalled the free version because the new blemish tool in this version is not as useful. I used to use it to fade out the background in portrait shots but you can't do that in this version. This would have been 5 stars otherwise. Please bring back the old blemish tool Axiem..Version: 4.2

Good but....I used the Aviary app, which I found to be excellent. This app is very similar, and works the same, but I can’t access the frames, stickers, etc, that I had on Aviary. In fact, there aren’t any pictures of the frames, etc. so I can choose. Where did all the items I had on Aviary go?.Version: 5.1

UnreliableThe app is actually good but I’m on the verge of giving it one star only. Why? Because it keeps crashing when I’m trying to do something. Three times I’ve tried to add text to a photo & each time it has crashed & I’ve lost all progress. Please fix this!.Version: 5.0.1

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Photo Editor+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Photo Editor+.

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