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PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer app received 138 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer? Can you share your negative thoughts about photoapp - ai photo enhancer?

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PhotoApp - AI Photo Enhancer for Negative User Reviews

Biggest Time wasterForever getting a warning - server congested, how do I get back my money???? Don’t offer an app if you can’t support it.Version: 2.0.6

UselessWaste of money. Wanted to create a professional photo with a white or off white background, no template for that. Tried the only template available closest to the requirement I needed, the image looked processed and you can clearly tell it’s AI generated. It won’t be acceptable for any official use. Don’t waste your money on the subscription..Version: 2.1.4

There is no free trialDownloaded to try the 3 day free trial before purchasing. As soon as I uploaded some photos and wanted the app to do something, I was taken straight back to the billing page where I couldn’t progress without confirming a weekly payment. Deceptive marketing? I’ll be cancelling straight away and trying another app..Version: 2.2.5

Photo-APPI can only do so many pictures like 4 or 5 before I have to restart my iPad because the program just seems to crash at that point. I notice the program also pretty much only concentrate on the face that’s in the picture and not so much the rest of the picture. Well, it helps out and improved a picture overall it could be better if it would do the entire picture rather then just around the face.Version: 1.7.5

Absolutely awful. I mean, awful.Not fit for purchase. Totally useless, the updating of old photos made everyone seem artificial, enhancing size of eyes to anime standard, and plasticising features. The cartoonising feature is truly awful. I mean, it’s unrecognisable and you may as well not submit any of your own or family’s photos, as what comes back is straight out of a cheap Hobbit rip-off and entirely unlike anything you submitted for purpose. I mean, literally entirely different, size, pose, expression, even hair. It’s not “cartoonising”, either. What you get is really cheap AI face, which could be anyone, or no one. Certainly no one I know, and every single photo I submitted was the same, really really REALLY bad result. Deleting it and moving on with my life. Talk about waste of time, and a really dishonest advert..Version: 2.3.1

Worked For a MinuteI downloaded the app and trialed “enhance” on a few photos I wanted to use on a family history site. I was impressed with the results. I purchased the $39 version to continue using Enhance on family photos. It no longer works. When I select a photo in my camera roll, nothing happens. The only option that appears now is “cancel”. I rebooted my phone and closed out other apps on my browser. No change, it still won’t work. I’m struggling to see how this might be user error since I had no trouble with the first few photos I tried. I reached out to app support but haven’t gotten a response..Version: 2.0.6

Charged during the free trialI signed up for the 3-day free trial and was charged the subscription fee..Version: 2.2.2

Stop tricking peopleIt said there was a one week trial turns out they took my $6. F y’all. When the time runs out I’m uninstalling this awful, disgusting and crook owned app..Version: 2.0.8

ScamHorrible, looks nothing like me!!.Version: 2.2.5

Amateur AppI can do better editing with my finger on a small screen with 2010 software. This is amateur i guess they want to make money? i definitely won't be doing a subscription $5 a week? LOL! one example is a removal where it looks like it just smeared grey across a colorful pic without even trying to match the back ground. the other i thought to cartoonize my son on a go cart, gave me a head only that looks nothing like the pic or my son or even matching his shirt color! Then, supposedly paying for "unlimited"? after 5-8 pics i kept getting an error message "unfortunately this cannot be completed try again later" kept getting it no matter what i did, perfect internet and all. Like most if these new apps, a big disappointment. only gave 2 stars cause it does even out the face realistically as long as the face is far enough away from the camera otherwise it looks like plastic surgery..Version: 1.7.3

The Curious Case of Covert Charges: PhotoApp AI Photo EnhancerIn the ever-mysterious realm of digital subscriptions, my rendezvous with PhotoApp AI Photo Enhancer unfolded like a perplexing puzzle. Picture this: my initial experience, filled with anticipation of a trial journey, was akin to setting sail on uncharted waters. However, the uninvited guest that crashed this party was a sneaky $4.99 charge, delivered with the subtlety of a master illusionist. What's even more confounding is the complete absence of any written notification or subscription agreement to validate this unexpected financial sleight of hand. It was as though I'd stumbled into a parallel dimension where charges materialize out of thin air, while my trial subscription remained shrouded in digital fog. In response to this bewildering billing conundrum, I've valiantly contested it with Apple, hoping to restore order to the digital universe. This tale, dear readers, serves as a stark reminder of the vital importance of transparency, fairness, and ethical billing practices. As you navigate the app-scape, be on your guard, for in this labyrinth, a subscription may not always be what it appears..Version: 2.1.2

Only if you want to look 10 years older on your professional photos!I downloaded it to get some more professional like portraits as she ad said. I look a good 10 to 15 years older in all of them no matter which selection of photos I submitted! To do the test I even submitted photos I took over 10 years ago and same result. Very disappointing.Version: 2.1.4

Poor stabilityKeeps timing out. Cancelling my free trisl. Disappointed.Version: 1.6.8

Enhancing Photos: AI vs. Manual Touch-upsAlthough it makes a commendable attempt, it cannot replace manual retouching in Photoshop. While not perfect, it's a useful tool for starting photo touch-ups and can save a significant amount of time. AI enhancement is advancing, but it still struggles to match the human ability to discern how things should appear, occasionally resulting in less-than-ideal outcomes..Version: 2.2.2

Pretty goodI’m quite impressed by this app. Still playing around with it and learning. However, it keeps changing my eyes from the grey/blue that they are to a light brown which is annoying me. Any tips?.Version: 2.0.6

Enhance feature degrades photosPurchased the full lifetime version based on advertising material. When using the app the enhance feature only softens people’s faces and does not sharpen the image. Disappointed..Version: 2.1.6

Does workIf I could give it 0 stars I would. I paid for it, and it just says “request couldn’t be completed” on every photo..Version: 2.1.3

Does not work to generate photos of yourselfNone of the photos are realistic and you can only upload one photo of yourself even though it asks for multiple photos of different angles and expressions. I’ve tried 5 times with different photos and not one image generated has looked anything like me..Version: 2.4.1

ScamProgress bar stuck.Version: 2.4.1

App stopsI bought a subscription but the app stops after a while saying it’s doing maintenance that it’ll be up and running again in a couple of hours. Well that was 8 hours ago for me. So I had to delete the app and reload it again to use it. $10 per week to pay for what? Not happy at all. For that price you’d think you’d be able to edit photos more like removing blemishes or fixing a really torn photograph but you can’t..Version: 2.3.4

Constant error messageIt’s saying unfortunately it can’t be processed at this time try again later and that’s AFTER I paid for a subscription..Version: 2.1.4

It doesnt work as advertised !It does not work as advertised! It doesnt improve blurry picture, what this app does is change the face of some people in some photos , add different teeth to the person on the photo etc ! The pictures can not be very blurry to improve as they advertise! If u pic is just a bit blurry than ok..Version: 1.6.1

Doesn’t workHard to navigate and the photos it produces are weird and not a good likeness. Pass on this..Version: 2.2.5

Such a waste of moneyI can see the app has a lot of good reviews, so maybe some of the other features are better. However, if like me, you are downloading it for generating ai photos (yearbook, business, etc), don’t bother. After uploading 12 photos you will have to pay. I did and the photos are TERRIBLE. Plus none look like me. I have already cancelled so I don’t keep getting charged, but I had to already pay the first/initial week. Such a waste of my hard earned money 😤.Version: 2.0.8

Money taken and can’t cancelI downloaded to trial the app and found it to be a joke. The app distorts the photos and they do not look like the person when it’s finished. I unsubscribed on the very first day yet money has come out of my bank account and there is no where in my settings to unsubscribe!!! I’ve already contacted the bank as I can’t contact these pricks!.Version: 2.2.2

AVOID!!! Way too expensive for what it does.Once you download the app it’s really miss-leading, it basically makes you think that the only options available are to pay! It’s basically a SCAM! From an ethical perspective that’s very poor. The features are okay but absolutely not worth the amount of money this app attempts to charge. You can get lost of these features for free online..Version: 2.0.4

Doesn’t Work as AdvertisedThe examples here in the App Store and in the in-app advertisements are not what the real results will be. It’s clear to me after seeing what the app can actually do, that these photo’s in the advertisements where just taken in high definition, and then pixelated after the fact to make the “before” photos. The real results make faces look cartoonish, and change the overall essence of faces too drastically. Definitely try the 3 day trial before purchasing a subscription. It’s not as good as they want you to think..Version: 1.7.13

Need a trialI should not have tried this app without a free trial. Not having this offered should have been my first red flag. The remove objects feature is what I needed the most and it’s terrible. Just blurs without blending the background, and doesn’t always even “remove” the section that I selected. Had to go over the same section three times to just be “okay” with how it turned out. I know they’re still developing, but they need to let people try it out for free since what they offer is subpar..Version: 2.1.0

ScamI cancelled my subscription and it still charges me 😡.Version: 2.3.1

OkIt does a good job, definitely not as amazing as some of the examples they show you but good improvement on most photos.Version: 2.1.3

Impossible to use due to long adsThis app might be ok if it wasn’t for the stupidly long adverts you have to wait a minute for and even then it makes it incredibly hard to press off the ads without taking you to the App Store. It’s more stress and hastle than it worth and the ads appear on almost every click/tap you make. It’s totally put me off the app!.Version: 1.1.3

Not what I expected.I downloaded this app hoping it would fix up some of my photos but it didn’t work to my satisfaction. the first photo I tried to remove the Blur and it didn’t change a thing. So, I don’t think it’s value for me..Version: 1.7.4

BewareSome up close photos that were taken in the late 80’s can be fixed pretty good. But it’s nothing like the add shows. Most photos I tried that are from the early 80’s or 70’s look terrible after being fixed. It only fixes the faces and leaves the rest of the photo blurry with a clearly photoshopped edge all around the face. I bought the top tier Pro version and I’m still limited to only a few pictures a day with adds. It will not color your photos it just adds a orange over the faces, some faces stay black and white. Some people end up looking cross eyed. Not worth the money in my opinion. Just get the free trial and fix the 6 photos a day they slow for 4 days and delete it..Version: 1.7.5

Complete ScamDoes not use AI to make business photos of you, uses stock photography and says it’s you but it’s actually a totally different person. Don’t buy..Version: 2.0.8

Free trial is not free.Downloaded this after seeing an advert advertising the AI features. Signed up and entered the 3 day trial giving my payment details. Then when I attempted to use the feature it asked me to immediately pay the 4.99 monthly fee despite being on the trial, with no way to continue without paying. Not quite sure what the free trial is about? Seems rather scammy. Cancelled the renewal and deleted the app..Version: 2.1.9

It sharpens the image poorly.I accidentally purchased this app and tried to get a refund but the page to request a refund “cannot be found”. I thought I’d see what the app was like and when I tried to sharpen a slightly blurry image her eyes looked as though they’d been scratched over with a white pen. Really quite disturbing. It’s a rip off charging for this app because free apps can do the job much better and for free. I’m still trying to get my money back..Version: 2.2.1

Be fairI’m trying to test the app and having uploaded the selfies it brings me to the page for me to purchase the app. I will purchase the app if I’m convinced it does what it says. So why should I purchase it even for a week not knowing its performance Therefore o will not subscribe nor pay a single penny until I can test the app You are obviously money orientated and I don’t believe the app can do what you claim. People pay the weekly fee and don’t care after that. If you have a great product then you wouldn’t force people to pay to test it. So it’s a scam.Version: 2.1.2

Scam!This app was a complete waste of money! The UI is wonky — like there isn’t even a back option, I had to close the app completely then open again to go back to the main screen. I tried to use the background removal tool but it brought me to some ai generator and asked me to pick selfies??? I was able to access the eraser tool without incident but it was a joke!!! The “after” looked so botched and I just don’t understand how there can be so many good ratings unless they are fake. it’s as if the app was prematurely released and needs to be taken down..Version: 2.0.3

Not for meToo confusing.Version: 2.2.5

AI PHOTOAI photo looked nothing like me.Version: 2.2.0

Ugh.This app is just constantly popping up to purchase purchase purchase when you can’t even try it to see if you like it. I did one picture as a photo enhance and waited 40 seconds through ads and then the enhanced photo looked almost identical and was absolutely nothing special. I couldn’t do any edits at all and in order to save the photo, I would of had to watch another ad. Lame. I don’t mind buying something if it’s good but I’m definitely not signing up for a subscription without a free trial!.Version: 2.0.6

I’ll passForcing me to Review your app or suffer the Review us prompt with every image I process, whilst charging me $6.49 a week. No thanks..Version: 2.2.5

Free trail not free - this is trashTried to cancel and use the app it still attempted to charge me..Version: 2.2.5

Shame!The image improvements are very good. Better than others I’ve used! I would give it 5 stars! Just a shame that it will only let you do 1-2 images! After enhancing one or two images (tops), every time you click on an image to select it, it automatically takes you back to the Home Screen! Either that or a message comes up to say “try again later”, before taking you back to the homepage again! It’s really frustrating! This has never happened before on other similar apps. In fact, whilst paying subscription I can do one a day, none a day, or up to to 20 a day! No way I could do that with this one. It’s not my wifi either as don’t have this problem with any other apps or devices in my home. I pay monthly subscription but if this happens before my next payment I will cancel. This has been happening for 3 weeks now. So will give it one more week, and that’s only because I prefer the quality on here compared to other apps..Version: 1.7.2

Hit or missThe enhance feature totally changes peoples facial features to face parts that are not even close to the person. Weird wonky eyes and changing ears lips and teeth shapes! I feel like this feature only works with a basically really clear older or new photo. There must be better editing apps then this. I would suggest doing your research before making the plunge because it seems like there’s millions of crappy or barely good ones like this..Version: 2.1.3

Stupid AppApp says I need to alter settings for app to get access to gallery but it does not give me that option in settings. Stupid App.Version: 2.2.5

Don’t waste your moneyI wish I would have gotten one that had a free trial, before purchasing this one. I cannot tell you how the photos turned out, because for over 5 hours it’s still trying to finish the conversion of my first round of photos. It said at first it would take 30 minutes and that it would take less time for other conversions but it’s been over 5 hours and it still says 1 min left to go. There isn’t a way to cancel the it, and you can’t work on other projects with it still working, so it’s a complete bust. I’ve canceled it, but you still have to pay $5 for the week. It’s not worth the money, since it’s clearly defective..Version: 2.0.3

DisappointingI learned a valuable lesson buying this app without trying it on first. The primary reason I bought this app was to enhance photographs that come to me with low-res or with other issues. The very first photo I try is actually in good shape, but the app’s enhancement makes the subject of the photo lose an eye. Instead of an eye that is clearly visible in the original, there’s a fleshy blur. I tried the enhancement options they give you three versions. One version looked pretty good, most notably because the photo subject was not missing an eye. But when I tried to save the good version, it saved only the version that blurred the eye. The cartoon deal is a joke. As is the “animation.” Are they even trying? But like I said, I was most interested in the enhancement aspect, but that’s a bust. $40 down the drain but lesson learned..Version: 1.7.13

CrapWith all the “AI” photo apps on the market, I’d choose a different one. Most of the features are terrible. The object remover actually enhances the objects your trying to remove, making them more noticeable. The enhance feature make little to no difference (the iPhone enhance feature is much better), and the AI is terrrible. It looks nothing like the photos and over the last few weeks it doesn’t every work. After waiting for 5-7 minutes it says it can’t process due to “server congestion“. Spend your money elsewhere..Version: 2.0.8

IPhone only?Will you release an iPad version? I have an iPad Pro..Version: 2.4.1

Maybe it’s good butSo you have to pay £4.99 a month for anything good like the AI. I appreciate some businesses might use this but that’s 4x more than Netflix for something I can’t even try a couple times first 😬 When I tried to use any free options I couldn’t upload any photos to use. I could select photos but no upload button. I say “free”, I couldn’t get far enough to know if there was a pay wall..Version: 2.0.5

Doesn’t workHorrible app!!!.Version: 2.2.5

Good when it worksI have the latest version of the app installed and paid to use the AI Photos feature. I was initially able to create a dozen pictures, which I thought were high in quality. However, within just hours of paying for the app, I have been prevented from creating any more pictures because the app has suddenly gone down for maintenance. There was no forewarning and it does not seem like I will be compensated or refunded for any of the downtime. This is really disappointing and feels like a bait and switch. It’s not very good practice in my opinion..Version: 2.3.3

Low technology- not a good buyThe AI business photo option is terrible. I uploaded 12 photos of myself, but the AI generated photo didn’t use my face; it’s someone else’s..Version: 2.2.5

I got burned twiceI was excited to give this app a try! Unfortunately, the main feature I wanted to use was the avatar ai. I noticed the app had 4.7 stars and went into it blindly based on that. After purchasing the one year subscription for almost $40 dollars, I went straight to the ai avatar feature. I was met with the error message “unfortunately, we could not process your photos at this time. Please try again later.” I did just that. Made sure the pictures I used were angled properly, and was met with the same message over and over and over again. Until I just let it go. I tend to do that. A few days went by and I thought to myself “maybe I just need to redownload the app and try the $5.00 a week subscription” (ik super silly choice, but I was really excited about this app) so that’s what I did. Made sure, again, that my pictures were perfect, just to be met with. The. Same. Error. Message. This app has mixed reviews, but I should have read them before wasting $45 dollars on it. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I’ve never been one to leave reviews and I will admit that this one is wordy and probably way to long.. but I got burned twice! Not happy. Do better.Version: 2.1.4

AI features no longer workingI paid for the pro version and, for a while, it worked just fine. Over the last week it has been totally broken, constantly generating an error message saying to try again “in a short time”. I have given feedback twice but with no response. Not a great user experience..Version: 2.2.2

DisgracefulStop ripping people off with this fabrication..Version: 2.3.1

Very bad :(I am disappointment with the AI Photo and Enhancer app and to request a refund for my recent purchase. I had signed up for the free trial but paid six dollars !!! with the intention of creating a professional-looking photo for my LinkedIn profile, as advertised. However, the app failed to meet my expectations. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the refund process. And the most important thing how to unsubscribe because there is no option in the app to unsubscribe from the app. This is crazy..Version: 2.2.5

Absolutely garbageThe photos will not look like you don’t waste your money.Version: 2.2.5

Waste of MoneyDoesn’t really fix pics. Puts other people’s faces on pic if it’s blurry. Also very cartoony when you enhance the pic..Version: 1.7.7

ScamI signed up for free trial and when I tried to use ai i cant unless i pay 6.99 , you dont even get to try the app, they just want you yo pay..Version: 2.2.5

Worst App Ever!!! AI Tool was a COMPLETELY different personI have just downloaded this app because it offers a 3-month trial however, I was still charged £4.99 for using the AI tool for a new LinkedIn photo. It asks you to upload 11 headshots and then takes 28 minutes to create. To my horror, the photos came out a completely different woman who looks nothing like me. I then tried the enhance tool and again, it completely changed my face to someone else. I want a refund. This is the worst app ever..Version: 2.1.8

Not ready for prime timeUsed once with poor results (too obvious it is AI and unrealistic rendering. Also, used for one session and then got message: “Unfortunately, your process couldn’t be completed. You can try again in a short time.” How long is short? Been trying for 24 hours. This app is not ready and should not be charging for access. Clearly they’re still learning…..Version: 2.2.5

App keeps stopping during enhancement modeWhen I go to enhance pics, app does a pretty good job on most pic, but distorts writing n buildings and on maps. But only for the first 3 pics, then it refuses to allow me to keep going flashes up message “unfortunately , you process couldn’t be completed please try again in a short time” so then you have to wait 5mins to 20mins, then you get maybe another 2 or 3 pics done, then the message repeats, and repeats, happens any time of day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have hrs to waste waiting around for this to start up again, very frustrating when yo7 are in a hurry !!?? I subscribed to the pro version so why do you have a time limit or pic limit on this app..Version: 1.6.6

Good app but could be betterBeen using the app for a few days, I love the prospect of being able to restore old photos, however… I’ve noticed that I can’t easily select and delete pictures from old projects. The select button does not activate, and instead it picks the picture just under that button instead. Also, when doing multiple results, it doesn’t allow you to save the one particular result that is given, instead it automatically saves the predetermined based result. This is a bit of an issue because sometimes the base result is not as accurate a result as say, maybe the second (v2) or the third (v3) result. The erase feature needs a bit of work as it’s accuracy is not as good as it could be. overall, I think it’s a good app, but definitely can be better..Version: 2.0.8

Hasn’t turned out good yetDownloaded to iPad has glitched 4-5 times Will continue to try it - had high hopes.Version: 1.5.2

Money HungryI downloaded this app because I had to print some documents for my parents and they weren’t very good quality. I was only allowed to enhance 3 documents before they said I had to wait 12 hours to do so again or buy premium. Furthermore, unless you have premium they leave a huge watermark on your photos. This was annoying for documents but I can’t imagine having an old family picture saying “PHOTOAPP” in the corner would be any better. Unless you’re willing to shell out some cash every month for a subscription do not get this app..Version: 1.7.13

Charge even I didn’t subscribeThey charge me even I choose free trial. Uninstall..Version: 2.2.5

Decent one-touch editingThis does decent jobs of colorisation, object removal, repair scratch, and background removal. But lack of being able to fine tune the final edit is disappointing. Literally what it delivers is what you get. So if you need these jobs done quick and dirty and happy with near perfect results, then this more or less hits that mark. The photo enhancer is actually very good. Again one touch so no ability to fine tune. But much better than many other similar apps I have tried. Cartoonize is most disappointing as it isn’t great and way too many free apps deliver this so much better with a better and wider selection of styles. For what it is, and the decent annual cost (fraction of the cost of the more popular editing apps), it might be worth your time and money IF you are a casual user not overly fussed on a perfect output. Until the developers bring more to the features you could probably get away with mic and matching 4 or 5 free apps that deliver the same features to a much better standard of user input, if of course you are looking for complete control of the final edits and a perfect output..Version: 1.4.2

BewareI tested this app using the free version. Which requires care in where you click - they want you to just subscribe by default. If you close that prompt you’re hit with a glaring noisy and aggressive ad for gambling of some sort. I patiently navigated away (again, carefully or you’ll end up someplace unexpected) and finally tested the app. I was very impressed with the result. However, when I purchased the app, it eliminates the ads - but it WON’T LOAD ANY NEW PHOTOS?!! I have reached out to the developer for a solution/explanation. But it is a very mixed bag at best. If you pay up right away maybe it doesn’t do this. But I am definitely having problems. The AI corrections are good - if you can get a photo into the app to get them done!!!!.Version: 1.1.4

DisappointedI’m really disappointed with this app. I used to love Remini because it sharpened images beautifully. Then they did something to it and it changed photos rather than sharpened them. They no longer looked like the original people in the photos. They were filtered. This app does exactly the same. I want pin sharp images of the original. Not weird enhancements that look like stupid instagram filters. This app is pointless..Version: 1.7.7

ScamThis app is a scam. Once you sign up it won’t let you cancel..Version: 2.0.4

Stopped workingAfter using the free app a handful of times, I decided to pay for the subscription in May this year. After the latest update in early June the app has stopped working. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, I’ve also deleted, and reinstalled the app and it still doesn’t work. Tried to email the developer about it and the email doesn’t send via the app. Paid out almost £40 for an app that doesn’t work and can’t get anyone to help resolve the issue..Version: 2.4.3

Fast and stableThis is a fast and stable app. It is faster than most enhancement programs and I own most. I do wish the algorithm was improved since I don’t see much difference amongst the base and V1/V2 algorithms. It enhances moderately degraded pics but advanced pics with little contrast or too much contrast will not work. The descratching mode is quite good but can be improved. Colorizing is fast but also could be improved for accuracy. I’m a pro user with the lifetime option..Version: 1.7.5

Enhancing old/blurred photo works well, but profile photo creation didn’t work well for me.It can quickly enhance old photos and make blurred photos sharper. That works really quick and well. Though the app takes approx 30 minutes to generate your profile pictures. I’ve tried it multiple times and each time the generated photo barely resembled me..Version: 2.1.4

It’s not what I thoughtI can see exactly what other reviews mentioned. I was trying to do a few pictures to see. Just how it will come out, and I planned on buying the app. But after two pictures, you shut me down. Now I am leery about purchasing this premium app. For what I read the people that did buy. They are still experiencing the come back later crap. This only turns me off to keep it moving. I don’t have time for this game. Yes I’m sure you want to make your money. I really don’t know how this app works. Because you cut me off after two pictures. So on that note, I will say adios, adios amigo..Version: 1.7.5

Completely Free APP, NO payment Required:)Completely Free APP, NO payment Required:).Version: 2.2.1

Je insastifaiteJe suis déçu.Version: 2.2.5

Scam, do not waste your money!The „basics” are much worse than some other, cheap apps and the AI-based solutions are not working at all! Worst spent £5 in my life! Thanks God I did not buy a yearly subscription! 8 hours and I still see „we are working on your photos!” and „1 minute estimate” left! I have iPhone 13 with the 8GB space available! I see no reason why it should be crashing like this. I want my money back!.Version: 2.0.3

DisappointingIt says you can try for free for 7 days (with ads), but the second time that day I went to use it, it had reverted to insisting I subscribe before even trying. So, the only thing I could test was colourize, the results from which were poor despite a crisp and clear black and white original. Deleted!.Version: 2.1.9

Scam trialDon’t advertise there is a free trial then try to sneak in a charge for AI photos.Version: 2.2.5

PhotoCancel.Version: 2.3.1

You pay butYou pay 4.99 but every time you try to use it it take 3-4 minutes of things they are trying to sale you can’t even get a picture started because you can cut off Advertisement you have to sit there and wait to the whole darn thing goes through before you can do anything that’s ridiculous that’s beyond anything you should be able to exit out within the first couple seconds but you can’t I paid for 19 oh one day and in the within 10 minutes I absolutely deleted the app it’s ridiculous I will never do it again.Version: 1.3.0

Trial version is limitedI tried the trial version however, cancelled because it does not allow you to try everything it says it does. Very disappointing. I personally like to use the entire app before I commit.Version: 2.2.4

Ok for Photo Enhancements, but….After four attempts with AI Photo I have decided to delete this app. It makes you send so many photos and takes ages to generate and yet in the end none of the images resemble me at all - not even close. I have however been able to use this app to restore an image of a very old photograph, but that is about it. Not worth it for me..Version: 2.0.8

AI photos are terribleFirst of all, I wanted to try the 3 day free trial and they deducted money from my bank for the first week instantly. That would’ve been fine if it worked properly but the AI photos it produces looked nothing like me. The results just have deformed features every single time. I would give this app 0 stars if i could..Version: 2.0.5

ScamThis app is a complete scam. I purchased the 6.99 option, uploaded numerous selfies and the AI images returned were of an Asian woman at least 20 years older than me..Version: 2.2.5

Effectively, A ScamAlready I am almost sure anything promoted on Instagram or Facebook will be a scam or certainly disappointing. This expensive (£20 per month) online App is so bad, it goes into the scam category. Colorise barely recognises a head when it sees one and gives a partial tone usually missing the ears. As to enhance, it doesn’t know what to do. Worse than anything is that it seems to use some 3rd party cheap or free processing services, as though it tries to use the free photo enhancement apps for its paying customers. So if you give it anything requiring some level of processing, it just crashes saying come back later. I cancelled within an hour..Version: 1.7.2

The most basic of AI softwareFirstly, very easy to use. I paid for lifetime time usage and hope there are updates to follow. Pros- Extremely easy to use. If you have one old photo that it repairs that has sentimental value, it’s paid for itself. Cons- Only amends the face, no other part of the photo. There’s a 1-4% change in facial features. If it’s yourself or a loved one you’ll notice straight away. I only end up keeping about a third of edited photos as the change is too much. About every ten photos the program freezes and I end up having to reset the phone..Version: 2.0.8

Replaces Braces with Shark TeethI’m still contemplating to purchase the lifetime full version and so I am playing with the free feature. One big flaw I see on the Enhance functionality is that my kids’ teeth with braces were replaced with jagged, discordant set of sharp teeth reminiscent of the movies Jaws and Leprechaun. This is a result of their AI attempting to flawlessly erase teeth braces which their algorithm probably sees as ugly. This should be addressed on their next update. My suggestion is to have an Erase or Reverse brush tool to selectively revert areas of the face that a user doesn’t want to enhance. If this could be addressed, then this would be the best AI-enhancing tool out there..Version: 2.1.2

Ai not very goodTried for a couple of hours with a big selection of images but it kept making my cheeks sag and look 10 years older. Very weird app. Wish I didn’t pay the one time fee. Big waste..Version: 2.1.6

Use this app at your own risk*Use this app at your own risk* Downloaded this app to make use of the "AI photo creator". In order to use the photo creator you must make a in app purchase. The app needs 8-12 photos to Create the photo. The app needs 30 minutes to create the photo. First try, server crashed. I assumed maybe I closed the app on accident, I also was using different apps while the photo was being created so I gave it another try. Second go, server crashed again. Third try, server crashed once more. This app is terrible. You will use money with no return. *DO NOT USE USE YOUR HARD WORKING MONEY ON THIS APP* I am currently trying to get a refund, I will update this review or make another one if they also do not give refunds for a job not done..Version: 2.1.1

It is so badThe photo doesn’t look like me and horrible.Version: 2.1.9

Sharpen ClothesI’m enjoying it except it’s sad that only the face gets fixed up and not the clothes..Version: 2.2.5

First impression… app not doing muchI was hoping it would do an amazing job as it showed on the ad. It testing with a photograph that was scanned. The photo has some film scratches and dust. Those were not removed at all. The original photo was sharp and the processed version is blurry. I guess there is a lot more work to be done for me to continue with my subscription..Version: 2.2.0

Has great potential but some major glitches!I have a few big issues with this program. The first is that even if you pay for the pro version it’s nothing different than the regular, just cheaper for the term and no ads. Then the issue where it works for a handful of pictures then the whole program stops for more than a few minutes. I’ve found that it usually doesn’t work until the next day. The other big issue is in a black and white photo, if you have an arm, leg, hand or other body part on a white background or piece of clothing the algorithm they use will not typically “flesh out” the body part. I do wish the had an option to allow you to go in an adjust colors, brilliance, warmth, etc. Who knows; maybe they’re working on it..Version: 1.7.3

Don’t use my picsHopeless is the word. Emailed twice to ask why it don’t go to my main pics no reply. This I sure a waste of money. My advice DONT DOWNLOAD..Version: 1.6.3

Modules stop workingFirst the AI photo stopped working (only worked once) …NOW the remove background module stopped working. So much for my lifetime purchase..Version: 2.4.3

Waste of moneyNot even been a day since I bought the premium version and the app’s looking faulty. The AI photos would not generate, constantly showing the warning “Couldn’t complete your request, please try again after some time” it’s been showing this multiple times even after trying for so long that I’m convinced that this app is a waste of money. Developers should really look into this issue and fix it asap!.Version: 2.0.9

It’s a SCAM! Avoid!Having invested £6.99 in the PhotoApp weekly Pro subscription with the anticipation of creating AI photos, I was disappointed to discover that the AI Photos function consistently malfunctions, causing the app to freeze whenever it's selected. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue by closing and reopening the app, and even uninstalling and reinstalling it, the problem persisted. Save your money— DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP. Give us a refund and make your app actually work, that’s how you can make it up to me and everyone else that downloaded and paid to use your app..Version: 2.1.3

Complete scamEven free trial is not really free!.Version: 2.3.4

BrutalCompletely alters faces..Version: 2.3.2

Does not workThis app does remove scratches but not many, does not animate, does enhance but only a portion of an image and not well. Sadly camera gallery only comes up if i delete and reinstall multiple times mostly not at all so defeats purpose of use..Version: 1.6.2

WARNING: SCAM!I will make sure to tell everyone that the AI part of this app is an absolute SCAM! I bought a premium subscription 4 days ago and it worked for about 15 minutes. I emailed the company TWICE and didn’t receive a response. Scammers..Version: 2.2.5

Feel foolish for being suckered in.When it works it is ok… but the constant “Unfortunately, your process couldn't be completed, you can try again in a short time” message seems to be just a replacement for the Advertisements that are on the free version. Feel totally ripped off and feel a complete idiot for signing up for a year. Also the animate picture option is not in app at all, either free version or premium version. In that respect it totally misleading advertising. Avoid..Version: 1.1.1

Not as impressive as I first thoughtMy first impression of this app was that it was a great app however after using it for quite a few photos I have a different opinion. If you are using it for iPhone photos that are slightly blurry or slightly grainy it’s ok for that but if the blur is a bit more than slight it’s not so good as it changes the entire appearance of the person even the colour of their eyes. I have photos of my partner that I don’t consider to blurry and they just need a bit more focus but when I used the app to clear the photo up it removed the beauty spot above her top lip, changed her lip and eye shape and even done away with her freckles and nose stud. I cancelled my subscription to the app due to my dissatisfaction and not to mention the cost being $7.99 a week which is a bit steep..Version: 2.0.7

This app is a scamThe AI photo generation looks horrible. Nowhere close to what is advertised and there is no free trial!.Version: 2.1.9

Just awfulUsed this app to remove the background from an image and it removed half of the image in the foreground. The option to enhance an image also just blurs the edges and makes it look worse that it did originally. Cancelling my subscription and deleting, and I would highly recommend you don’t bother downloading :).Version: 1.7.13

Would like to use it across both iPhone and iPad.I purchased this app on my iPhone and want to use it on the iPad, I paid the one time lifetime subscription charged thinking I could use the app on both. It seems to want to charge me again on the iPad, is this correct? I don’t think it should be. The send button to contact you is not working for me. Thanks Maria.Version: 2.2.5

I have been charged after clicking on trialI have been charged after clicking on trial.Version: 2.4.3

4 attempts and the photos look NOTHING like meI’ve spent about an hour trying to get this app to work and the output is less than impressive. 1. It’s not free, you have to sign up for a weekly subscription to even just play with it. Just advertise it as a paid app and don’t try to dupe people. 2. It won’t accept any of my existing selfies from my phone. Tried for about 20 mins and only three from my albums loaded in. No feedback from the app about why, tapped the “add” button so many times and they just don’t load. 3. Ended up taking a series of selfies FOR the app, so they basically all look the same. 4. 4 attempts at generating photos have all resulted in 6 options being provided of someone that looks nothing like me. If anything it exaggerated my more “ethnic” features and enhanced my hair but the face of the end result looks NOTHING like me. Complete waste of money and time..Version: 2.0.5

Awful quality AI picsPaid the $6.99 for a week (it said I would get a 3 day free trial). The quality of the AI pictures were absolutely terrible after multiple attempts. I was charged the amount without the promised 3 day free trial. Wouldn’t recommend this app at all..Version: 2.2.5

Did not properly tryI downloaded the app and used its free trial to try the enhanced AI feature to see if it works prior to properly start paying for it. After selecting photos to use this feature it suddenly prompt me again to pay for another weekly subscription. I cannot really tell whether this app is good or not as I got upset with the misleading way of the developer trying to charge their users..Version: 2.1.8

Stay away from AI generator & enhancerThey function but have made no improvements and are still very very poor. The pixelated enhancer give every photo rabbit teeth and it looks fake and glossy. It only has one style, and the AI headshot generator is just flat out insulting. It was like they pulled a random headshot from a total stranger that didn’t even look like me. I’ve used a LOT of AI tools and they at least get it someone close to looking like me. I looked like a totally unrecognizable human being. It wasn’t even in the same ballpark. Steer clear. I don’t think they’re working on this anymore. I used it a few months apart and there have been no improvements. I think they’re just collecting money at this point and have moved on to a different project..Version: 2.1.3

Amusing but slowIt’s a cool concept and fun to use but it is definitely slow (4-30 mins) in creating different looks. Every time you add another person you have to delete the previous profile first (in settings). Currently my app is stuck on ai photo with the wheel of death spinning for over 24 hrs.. so won’t be subscribing for it long term. However, I got some great photos, a glimpse into what I’d look like if I ate too many cheeseburgers, and many compliments. I posted everything on Instagram and got 505 people to view my story, 10% of whom requested the app… great sales for the app, but they gotta do something about the timing and errors..Version: 2.0.5

Server full every time and £5 a week!!RIP off. Do not get this app, here are the reasons why - 1, you can’t have a trial you have to pay £4.99 a WEEK to use any of the functions. 2, the photos that you can get the AI to morph you into are very limited and most of teenagers?? 3, Most important of all - IT DOES NOT WORK!! Every time I try to use the ai function it says “server full or over capacity “. Tried at different times of day and night. 4, I want my money back ! I recommend using FaceApp, it’s much much cheaper and better than this..Version: 2.1.4

AI Photos DisappointingBought the 7-day trial to test out the AI photo feature, it was very disappointing, first attempt went for 24 hours with no success. Second attempt comes back with images with deformed arms and/or looking nothing like the model. If you’re looking to just try the AI feature, don’t waste your money, I’d get a refund if it was possible, I’ve wasted my time on this app!.Version: 2.0.4

Too many issuesThe quality of the photos is pretty amazing. The enhancements turn out really well, but the AI has lots of issues. It took me forever to upload my 8 photos to use with the AI. The photos wouldn’t load or the button to select “Add” wouldn’t even work. I ended up having to add a bunch of pictures that would never work for the AI just so I could delete them once I had enough selfies uploaded. Then after finally being able to run it with a couple different looks, I started getting an error message saying I would have to try again later. It’s been hours now and I still can’t run it again. Really wanted to give it five stars, especially for the price I paid..Version: 2.0.8

Complete ScamWaste of money and time.Version: 2.2.5

Deleting and complainingThis app is SUBSCRIPTION but there is nothing in the App Store information saying that. No warning, very misleading. Clearly Apples policy re customer information has changed because this is now the second time in two days this has happened to me. Customers have a right to know if the app is subscription before downloading..Version: 1.6.2

Please explain to meWow 70 bucks for a lifetime I mean don’t get me wrong at least you only get billed once but like It keeps timing out And Enhancing it just doesn’t even look like it does much am I doing something wrong?.Version: 1.6.4

False AdvertisingThe AI photo generation service has been down for over 72 hours as of December 9, 2023. This is mentioned by every recent review. Oddly enough, the paid service went down right as the developer launched their own free standing (and significantly more expensive) AI photo app. This is pure speculation, but the unavailability of the feature within this app seems conveniently timed to encourage consumers to double dip in subscribing to both apps. For now, this app is deprived of a central feature and I’m seeking a refund for my lifetime subscription..Version: 2.1.4

Another scam appThey advertise on social media like “create business profile Photo” trust me there is no option to do it in the app after you subscribe ton the trial. Unsubscribe and deleted it within 15 minutes. Scammers.Version: 2.0.3

DisappointedI tried this app with two pics. One was low resolution and poor contrast with low colour. There was only slight difference in quality. The colorise option made it worse. The second pic needed improvement in colour tone but was paler and less defined after processing..Version: 1.7.3

$8 charged for free trialSCAM.Version: 2.0.7

Waste of time and moneyBetter free ones online. I don’t like how this signs you up for 1 year straight after the trial..Version: 2.4.3

Don’t force customers to leave review bruhhhhOmg I feel forced to leave a review as you ask me to after every photo I edit, so annoying!.Version: 2.3.1

Too glitchy for a paid for appIt’s undoubtedly clever, and when it works the app produces good images (albeit I would say that 95% of the AI images look too different from the original person’s photos to be useable). The images are slick but unrealistic and evidently AI generated (eg eyes misshapen). But ultimately, it is too glitchy in the software - it’s already crashed a number of times and I’ve had to reload. You don’t expect that from a paid for app..Version: 2.0.5

Poor features often not availableI downloaded this to use the heavily advertised AI functions to create a headshot. For the first few days, everytime I went to process my own photos into some headshots it would tell me that the server was too busy and to try again later. The biggest frustration there was that the next time you’d come to try, you’d have to scroll through your photos to find the same good face shots. This lasted around 10-15 attempts over 3-4 days, until it finally appeared to have enough processing capacity to produce… something that looked absolutely nothing like me..Version: 2.1.5

App does not work, refund requestI’ld like to request a refund. I purchased the free trial but the app does not work as advertised. I aimed to create a professional looking photo to use in LinkedIn as advertised. Not only it took me 3 runs to get the first photo, lasting more than 30 minutes each attempt, but also the result is not satisfactory as the created photos do not look like me at all. As a result, I cannot use this photo. I tried a second time, which it says it should be faster, however the app is stuck on the process, even after shutting down the app several times. Please reach out as I expect a full refund..Version: 2.0.3

Must pay before you can useThis app requires you to upload 9 photos before you find out there is a subscription fee to use any features. It costs a minimum of $7.99 to use. I attempted to find out how to do one of the daily free photos but was prevented each time. I am deleting this app and it’s data..Version: 2.0.5

Very disappointed!!Very disappointed, far less subtle than shown in the advert. People look like they belong to Madame Tussauds Museum, wax faces without expression. Even changed the direction of my son’s eye ( he has perfectly straight eyes) because it could not recognise the natural reflection on them, he became unrecognisable , (and with a crossed eye!) it erased all lines on his cheeky face. The background eraser option left me with only one arm on the photo. The colouring wasn’t great but ok, you can use your phone app to correct it. Really regret buying it, I was so dumb believing the add, should have tried more before buying😭 I want my money back!!!.Version: 1.7.11

Purchased premiumObject remover doesn’t work, dont spend money.Version: 1.7.7

Great…. when it worksA brilliant app, but the majority of times I try to do something, it tells me it cannot do it right now, come back later. To think, I was going to buy the full app after the trial, but I am no longer keen to invest £40 for this level of service..Version: 1.7.1

No consistency.I was so excited to find this app. At first it was doing such an amazing job. However, the more I used it, the 5 stars I was going to give the app really began to fall. The pictures I enhance can do better than 4K or it makes pictures look terrible. Deformed faces. Eyes totally screwed up. If someone is wearing glasses, forget about it. Some of the enhanced pictures I can’t even use. When I try to use the erase feature, the picture you’re working with is tiny. Whether I use my finger, or iPad pen, there is only one setting to erase which is extra large, or the erase feature doesn’t work at all. The app is capable of 5 star images, but at times it can only produce 2-3 star images. It really needs some work!.Version: 2.1.0

“Trial” is not “Free Trial”Dont waste time , the trial costs money too 💀.Version: 2.0.8

Terrible QualityWasted £4.99 for AI pictures that look nothing like me. Why ask to upload at least 5 selfies and the result is somebody else's face. I've tried using different selfies and everytime the result just look nothing like me. Ad on tiktok was very deceiving, I was seeking for those Linkd profile pictures, thought they would process my own face with professional clothes but they just proccess a totally new face. Waste of money..Version: 2.1.4

To enhance photo ≠ adding thinks onGot to play with an app in hope I’ll enhance few lower quality photos. I now have a photo of my 2 months old baby with teeth. Yes, app edited teeth into infant mouth (he was born without teeth and had a gummy smile on a photo like babies do) - while it was hilarious to see pearly whites on a baby I would not use it if I would like a realistic result..Version: 1.7.13

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