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OnX Backcountry Snow/Trail GPS Positive Reviews

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OnX Backcountry Snow/Trail GPS App User Positive Comments 2023

OnX Backcountry Snow/Trail GPS app received 32 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about onx backcountry snow/trail gps?

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OnX Backcountry Snow/Trail GPS for Positive User Reviews

Fantastic Tool and Safety AppBackcountry ski touring is dangerous. This app allows you to plan and stay safe. Their maps are easy to interpret, this allows you to avoid or assess avalanche conditions with a high degree of accuracy. The price is very affordable, if you are a backcountry winter athlete get this..Version: 23.9.0

Awesome!Such a good app! Has so many tools and a really easy to use interface. My only critique is that it lacks the ability to give slope angle statistics for backcountry skiing and avalanche evaluation like CalTopo does on a track that you’ve made. The slope angle shading is also inaccurate and I’ve heard that that’s a bug and they’re working on it. I would imagine that by next ski season they will have developed this feature though! I think pretty soon this will be the ultimate do it all backcountry app..Version: 23.3.0

Best one yetI like all the features. I use the App for animal tracking and gives me a good map on my iPad while I’m in the field, as well as my position. I can measure distances, like from where a deer kill was found to where a mountain lion left scat. It helps put the big picture of animal behavior in perspective..Version: 22.15.0

Please add private land layer to backcountryHey OnX developers - please offer the private lands layer that is available in OnX hunt in OnX backcountry as well! Hikers often walk off trail, and we need to know whose land we are on just as much as hunters do. It’s annoying having to toggle between the two apps to get the layers I need- the trail maps layer and the private lands info..Version: 23.3.0

Great app, replaces my use of other appsI have tried several apps for backcountry exploring- Gaia, Avenza etc, this is the handiest so far as it has excellent base maps with property boundaries! Living out west in a rural areas it’s crucial to know what is public and what is private. It’s the sole reason I bought this. Offline maps work great, the different sport options are fun (have only used snow shoeing so far) and the tracking and waypoint creation is easy. Only down side is it drains phone battery fast, but so do the equivalent apps. Always need to bring a back up. OnX was the go to for hunters I know and I love that there is an app for non-hunters as well..Version: 22.5.0

It has most trailsEver done a hike and didn’t have a map of the trail? Or the only one was an old one at the start of the trail behind an old scratched up piece of plexiglass? Well this app will likely have the trail you are on and more, and best of all, it tacks you with gps. It’s worth the free trial! Check it out!.Version: 23.3.0

Good for basic travelI have really only used this for skiing and mountaineering. Route making tool works well and 90% of trails appear on the map. Being able to see the current local avalanche forecast is great, and the slope angle tool layering is perfect. Being able to save maps for offline use is probably the most useful part. Having a pan, tilt, and rotate tool would be helpful but overall it works well for most backcountry ski planning. Updated winter imagery would be helpful, the current imagery is 5-10 years old. The ability to toggle between winter and summer imagery in the ski mode would be helpful for identifying recent avalanche paths as well. Overall a pretty useful app that makes backcountry ski touring and mountaineering trips easier to plan and safer overall..Version: 23.7.0

Highly recommend!!This app has been incredible for exploring and finding new trails! I recommend it to everyone I know and I can’t wait for summer and warm weather to come so I can explore even more using this!.Version: 23.1.0

Wish there was one umbrella subscription.I am not a hunter. But I like features of all the company’s apps. I wish the elite subscription of On X Hunt could be used for access to all their apps, one umbrella of access. The hiking features are certainly more detailed in this app than the trails layer in their other app..Version: 21.19.0

A GemGof a mapping app for hikers and campers. Multiple other mapping apps out there charge the same (or more) yearly subscription for access to useless mapsb. and layers. Open up OnX Backcountry and BOOM- trails, state campsites, canoe runs, launches, parking areas, forest boundaries etc., etc., etc, are all already on your screen without having to slap on useless layers hu or download other digital maps. Excellent job, OnX. the m.Version: 21.19.0

The best app I’ve found so farSeriously, this is the most intuitive hiking/outdoors app I’ve found (and I’ve tried them all). All the information you need to plan a hike or long trail run is there, and the offline maps are actually reliable! Can’t wait to see what OnX has in store for the future..Version: 21.11.0

Seems great!Lots of features to get used to but I love the route mapping feature, the 3D maps, the offline function which gives you a 5mi, 10mi, or 150mi radius of backcountry instead of just one trail. Using for the first time this weekend.Version: 22.19.0

Directions to Trail HeadThis app is already far better than any of the other trail apps! Unless I’m missing something, the only thing that seems to be missing is the ability to get directions (or link to Maps/Google Maps) to the trailhead from your current location..Version: 22.41.0

This app saved my toes!Tried this out when backpacking Big Bend for the first time. Ended up getting snowed into a mountaintop campsite with a historic amount of snow. This app gave us the confidence we were going the right way to return to the base when we couldn’t see any trail or tracks at all and needed to get down in time to prevent frostbite. The tracking works remarkably well and the UI is fairly intuitive. Also seeing the difficulty gradient along the trails is very useful for planning and decision making. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to access and view stats on previously tracked hikes. The only way I could find to access them was by tapping on the path on the map, but sometimes I had hiked the same segment many times making this an imprecise way to find precious data..Version: 20.50.0

Best tool for Outdoor enthusiasts!!Whether you are planning a snow show adventure, looking for local hot springs, or renting a lookout tower for a night, this app will not only lead you in the right direction, but it will tell what weather to expect and show you all the details you might need to start your adventure. I highly recommend it!.Version: 20.48.0

Love the appI love the app! I’m so glad OnX has branched out from just the hunting app. I’m looking forward to more features being added to the app over time. I also really like the way the app navigation works - bit of a deviation from standard iOS tab navigation, but I think keeping the map always in view was such a good call. It would be nice to be able to add/show remove/hide layers. Maybe that’s coming down the pipeline. Also - is an On X van life app coming soon?! Hahaha jk, that would be nice though. Good work team - from a fellow iOS dev :).Version: 21.19.0

Great so farJust downloaded and haven’t tried it offline yet but will soon. Also, seems a little confusing at first. My advice is mark a waypoint so you don’t lose your spot and use files to your advantage.Version: 22.29.0

Amazing maps and featuresI mountain bike, hike, XC ski, and snowshoe. onX has the best set of features yet. Full sync between iPhone and iPad, wildfire history, waypoints, tracks, up to date satellite images. Wow - makes my trip planning and tracking much better..Version: 22.37.1

Great app for hiking!Great app for finding local trails for hiking, including a *really slick* 3D map view that shows elevation by overlaying the map image on a 3D frame. The “land types” help you see public vs. restricted access areas and the weather feature assists with both planning and current conditions. I can’t wait until they expand it a bit for trail running and MTB..Version: 22.7.0

My favorite map appI’ve tried many different types of app for hiking. I like to get off of the trail and rarely have service when I’m in these areas. The downloaded maps are easy to save and work great. The transition is sometimes so smooth I’ll check to see if I actually have service. I highly recommend this app 👍👍.Version: 22.43.0

Onx is superior in all appsI’ve have and use onx hunt and off-road multiple times throughout the year and they’re exceptional! And I’m excited to see how much this has to offer for more trails for my backpacking in the summer in the off-season..Version: 23.1.0

Solid Foundation, Some Details Need ImprovementThis winter I started using the paid version of onX Backcountry for backcountry skiing in Northern Colorado. I’m a competent user of Gaia Pro an Cal Topo, but the addition of the Beacon Guidebooks database was a plus in onX Backcountry. The map layers are solid, and given that you can select from several useful layer plus 2D and 3D is a plus. The buttons for tracking, waypoint marking, and folders are easy to find. The customer service is solid, the two bugs I reported were addressed promptly this last six months. The “Master Class” zoom presentations are great and I sign up for most of them. One minor tweak I’d like to see: The tracking feature doesn’t offer details such as “moving speed”, “stopped time”, “max speed”, etc. There is only a field that says “speed”, which, of course, begs the question. “What does this value actually mean?”. Gaia offers all those other fields which give a substantially fuller picture. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with onX and will continue to use it and figure out how to maximize the features..Version: 22.49.0

The best hiking app out there.OnX is the best! We have avoided getting lost in unmarked trails using the tracking service and the ability to download an entire area and find numerous trails makes it far superior to any other mapping app. We love it..Version: 22.49.0

Best way to waste timeI love maps. I usually use Gaia, but the 3D feature on onX is incredible. It’s so easy to get sucked into exploring the wild with the 3D map feature. It’s not just mesmerizing, but it’s really handy when trip planning. OnX is now part of my routine for trip planning..Version: 23.9.0

Best App, But Needs More Development.Love this app for setting waypoints and making my own hike I can enjoy. In California, knowing property boundaries are as important as the hike itself. There needs to be more preset hikes or the app needs to be more intuitive so that searching for hikes when not on my home area is not cumbersome. Overall, this app can and I think will be better than other hiking apps out there. If it expands its preset hikes on the app and makes it easier to find a more diverse array of hikes, then it will be the best app offered!.Version: 21.13.0

Invaluable to the adventurerI am still figuring out how to access all the details available on this essential app. I just downloaded a map of one of my favorite hiking areas where I often loose reception. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow in the Ventana Wilderness near Fort Hunter Liggett, CA..Version: 23.3.0

I am a huge fan!This app rocks! I used it everyday on my 9 day canoe wilderness trip to the BWCA in Northern MN. With no cell service, the offline maps gave me everything I needed. While the other boat used a paper map and had to figure out where they were, I had a more detailed map that showed me where I was and where I needed to go. The waypoint and trail making feature was sweet as well. Highly recommend for anyone venturing outdoors..Version: 21.23.0

Planning made easy!This is the most functional app I’ve ever used for planning backcountry tours. The tools and downloadable maps along with a tracking feature lets you adjust on the fly to conditions and safety. It’s worth the money and with Beacon Guidebooks being implemented, it will give more options for tours and hopefully spread out the crowds to ensure everyone has enjoyment of a tour in the mountains!.Version: 22.47.0

The future of online mappingThough this product is fairly new, it is already showing its promise to be the leading online mapping site which is guaranteed to help you get into and out of places you previously didn’t even know were there..Version: 21.5.1

Feature requestLove this app but PLEASE be the first app out there to add in a horseback riding filter to your activity selection. The COTREX app has this and I use it all the time when in Colorado, but nothing available outside of that state. It would be amazing to quickly know what trails allow horses and which don’t..Version: 23.11.1

Much Needed ToolThis app has become my go to adventure planner. Works great for trail running and gravel biking! I especially enjoy the confidence of knowing private land boundaries, and have offline maps is comforting when doing solo adventures. Planning on being a subscriber for years to come!.Version: 22.21.0

OnX backcountryIncredible app that allows me to explore with more information at my fingertips . Weather and offline maps assist me with planning safely and insuring our adventures go as planned. Tracking allows me to revisit our favorite hikes and to show others some of our amazing finds outdoors..Version: 22.7.0

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