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Gauth: AI Study Companion App User Positive Comments 2024

Gauth: AI Study Companion app received 97 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about gauth: ai study companion?

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Gauth: AI Study Companion for Positive User Reviews

Amazing appThis app helped me so much, like when I was on Photomath I kept on trying the same problems I tried on this app and it kept on saying “we couldn’t recognize this problem” and when I tried the same exact questions on this app it automatically knew it. I’ve only had this app for about 3 minutes and it already helped me do 2 ixls. So I really recommend this app if u wanna do ur math equations because it really helped me out with that. LOVE THIS APP!! 10/10 MUST TRY AGAIN!!!.Version: 1.40.0

So helpful!!This app is amazing! I highly recommend it. The reason i gave four stars not five was because I had two tutors explain a year 11 advanced indices question which I was stuck on for ages to me way too vaguely so it wasn't helpful at all! But once the third tutor (I think his name was Ali) joined the chat to answer my question explained it, he did it in a detailed and direct way which did not leave any confusion whatsoever. Therefore I think that the only issue with this app is how well the tutor explains a question, but if you don't need a step by step explanation (like I needed) any one of the tutors can answer any question correctly. Ultimately this app is super helpful for solving both complex and more simple questions, however it should be made aware that depending on the complexity of a question the time it takes to get a response back can vary and take quite a long time, I think I waited roughly 20 minutes for a detailed explanation which was super understandable..Version: 1.2.0

Pretty gIt’s helping me cheat in class kinda worth it until I forget I had dis app den I struggle.Version: 1.23.2

Very helpfulJust take a picture of your math homework that you cant do and boom its done.Version: 1.29.0

BjdijskThis app is really good for grade ten math.Version: 1.23.2

Amazing get it rn omgggThis app has saved my math grades so much. If you are wondering yes you need to watch ads but they have a thing called answer cards and you can watch the ads ahead and whenever you struggle in your math you do not need to watch the ads. When I have extra time or during the weekends I watch the ads ahead and get up to like 50 answer cards for the week n case I struggle. Such a great app, great service and free. There is a plan that you can pay but I don’t think it’s necessary because without the plan the app is great. Also they have faith bot which you do not need to watch ads in and they give you the answer in like 1 second and it’s also free. If you haven’t gotten it what are you waiting for get it nowwwww!.Version: 1.17.0

If you don’t have this app rn you are tripping bruh like what are you doing with your life 😭This app has saved my grades so many times it explains everything easily and if the bot can’t solve it they have tutors they can take care of it so many of them and you get free tickets every time you log i. It’s so awesome best part no ads none of that and it’s all free at your hands guys all you have to do is download it and safe your grades or do what ever you need to do like I know it sounds too good to be true but guys trustttt me on this cause I was surprised too so guys use this opportunity now. Thank You Guath Math for all you have done for me I appreciate it sooo much ❤️🦍💪🏿 keep it up I love what you are doing and I will try my best to advertise for you guys cause I owe it to you 🙏🏿.Version: 1.5.5

Very nice and very good workI liked it, and it was very good for math solution.Version: 1.36.1

GoodIt’s a good app the three day trial is good so you can see what it has to offer. I recommend it 😁.Version: 1.28.0

The appThis app is very helpful for me.Version: 1.26.1

100/10!I was stressed out and struggling with maths. It was bad. Then I saw an ad for Gauthmath and then i was like, “I should try this out!” And since then, maths questions make so much more sense and they are explained in a way which helps me to understand! Online maths is no longer a pain!! This has helped me sooooo much😁.Version: 1.4.9

JOHN STONES>约翰·斯通斯.Version: 1.32.1

GauthmathThis app is amazing it help me with realise my mistakes and help me answer questions I struggled on while also showing me how I did it so I knew next time I had a question like this. I gave this 5 start rating cause I feel like this has helped me a lot and in my opinion u should try it out and give the same rating. But that’s obviously my opinion. It’s just a great app and this should be promoted more.😁.Version: 1.14.2

NiceNice.Version: 1.35.0

BEST HW HELPER EVER!!I always struggled with math but then i found it photomath it was good it didn’t do word problems or some other problems which made me mad but it worked. THEN i found this app i downloaded it and instantly fell in love it helps me with all my math problems and i love that it shows the work so i can try and understand. i think there was only 1 question that it got wrong but it was because my camera was blurry and is miss read my z as a 2. honestly no complaints. thank you to the creators of this it has truly helped me!.Version: 1.39.0

AmazingHelped me better than my teachers could, shows working out for full understanding.Version: 1.25.1

Rubbish scamI have used this app for about 5 months and if there was a 0 stars i would press that . the problem with the app is that is would give u a few right answers and then tries to force you to buy the subscription to get some answers and if you get a free trial on the app it wont let you cancel the subscription until they have stolen our money HONESTLY THE WORST APP IN THE WORLD.Version: 1.26.0

So helpful!Helps me understand maths homework questions that my mum or dad can’t help me with for free! I would recommend it highly to secondary school students. It also explains answers clearly and methodically. The only negative aspect is that some questions haven’t been answered yet so the app can’t always help you. But overall it’s worth downloading since most questions will be on there and it’s like having a tutor explain things when you read it..Version: 1.15.5

GoodIt is amazing.Version: 1.34.0

AmazingHow is this possible?.Version: 1.26.1

I LUV IT BUTI love it helps me cheer a lot ygm 💀but it is very helpful cuZ it has all the steps to workout the question. The thing is what’s kinda disappointing is that we have to subscribe or pay for this after u use it - I didn’t pay or anything but it’s kinda annoying when u have to keep downloading the app over and over again 😭💀🙃.Version: 1.23.1

GauthThis app is free which is most important nowadays. It helps with my homework, sometimes it doesn’t but nothings perfect. Overall 100% recommend. Would appreciate a calculator tho so instead of a picture, we can input the equation..Version: 1.36.1

I Love this appThis app is truly wonderful; it helped me pass all of my math assessments. I strongly advise you to give it a shot..Version: 1.4.4

Exam prepShow me steps to a review and help me study and understand the step this app is blessed 🙏🏾.Version: 1.37.0

Thank you so much this is one of the best app I ever hadTvhdu.Version: 1.34.0

I can cheat on my hameworkOh a baby I’m aoahhhh.Version: 1.5.2

I’m backI’ve had this app for a few weeks now it might say this is five seconds away from each other but for some reason it does that with this phone even though it’s an iPhone 13 promax but it has been very useful so far and it’s still a five star if you know I’m dyslexic blah blah blah and I don’t know if I told you this but my wall basically my whole family except for my mum‘s family it’s Lexic what are some sort of learning this order and I think they’ve got it too and if you’ve got if you’re dyslexic or anyone else you know it’s dyslexic you should get this it’s very handy even if you’re not dyslexic because some questions are just hard and not everyone can do questions even though you don’t have something like that and thank you👍👍👍👍👍😃😃😃😃😀😀😃😀😃⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.11.0

Great appI have been using this app for a while now and it has never failed. Always the right answers and it helps me a ton with all my maths homework and any other maths related questions. One thing though is that lots of the answers to questions are unclear and hard to read but other than that a all round great app..Version: 1.17.0

BestVery very much satisfied.Version: 1.33.1

Extremely Helpful App !!!! 😁I was assigned math over the summer by my mom and I HATED it but this app made it easier to understand! It walks you through all the steps and you can go more in-depth if needed !!! NO EXTRA COST You can easily take pictures without having to pay or sign up for a subscription/ membership. I STRONGLY recommend!!!!!!! 😆.Version: 1.28.0

Not the bestStop giving me the wrong answer there are so many students who struggle and you make it worse only to make money. After 10 goes I had finally been able to find my answer. You just want us to pay premium! The app isn’t bad when it WORKS. My actual advice to the creators who have made this app is to lower the prices and stop charging everything for every single thing you press. If you want to make a free app make it easy for students to access the learning education tools. Not to pay for it? And I doubt the premium is even accurate. They made HALF of the app inaccurate just so people could pay premium. It wasn’t like this before. Get new developers and educate yourself or you won’t make any money on your app. PS: This is criticism and I do not meant to offend anyone, I rated it 5 stars for other people to see it but my actual rating is 1-2 stars. Thanks for taking your time to read this I wish you a wonderful day..Version: 1.31.1

Bad app stops giving answers after u have searched 2 questionsWorst app of all time so bad like what is the point actually braindead no cap don’t use this app it is awful I rather have jimmy butler do my homework than this but overall this app is terrible and I think that the government would turn sicko mode cause this ignorance but as Kendrick Lamar said ignorance is bliss so I have to stick by it but it’s still bad as they all feel the same as Abel tesfaye said but a terrible app not worth your time so now I need to runaway as fast as you can.Version: 1.23.2

Really helpful especially for highschooler!Currently I am in year 9 and it is the school holidays and right after the school holidays there is a test that determines whether or not we get to pass high school. In math I would do a lot of practise tests preparing for this test and would get some wrong. I wouldn’t know how I would get them wrong but would just kinda accept them. Now with this amazing app I can understand how I get something wrong and apply my knowledge when doing other questions. This is one of the best apps on the market that I have downloaded. Thank you so much!.Version: 1.38.0

AmazingThis is such an amazing app and is so helpful for all the math homework I have. It’s like the best app ever and is so helpful. 😁😁.Version: 1.4.5

AmazingOK let me give you the whole background like five stars so our teacher she is always sick and so is her kids so our class has literally not learn anything we literally try to make her quit, but she literally doesn’t because because we don’t learn anything from that class, give us the most amount of homework, and for the honors eighth grade, she said this is your homework for tonight. You should already know how to do this, but she didn’t even go over the lesson so this app really helps me to understand what I’m learning in class unlike what she is teaching.Version: 1.40.0

BenMakes maths enjoyable..Version: 1.17.0

Too goodI just got this after seeing erica ha’s sponsor was this and I just wanted to try it out, a lot of apps / websites that I’ve tried just aren’t clear with the step by step process of solving problems or are difficult to use but THIS APP its so good The steps are clear and have concise explanations, I’m using it for free and it’s amazing to just take a photo and it explains with different levels of detail depending on what you need I love it. Definitely going to keep using this app, a huge help for sure..Version: 1.39.0

So amazingI love this app so much as it’s so easy to scan questions and u even get an explanation. It also doesn’t charge tickets for simple questions ( well at least for me it doesn’t ) plus u get 5 tickets every week. It’s so amazing if ur looking for math help and can’t afford it or don’t have time to get tutored . Thanks so much Gauthmath!.Version: 1.4.4

It’s very niceI’m only 8-10 and this helps me with my math homework a lot and if we are stuck just take a picture and if they don’t know then use a ticket for a tutor and they will give the answers in a few minutes! I love this so much I use it every Saturday and Sunday and I think you should download it your self so plz download it and let it help you.Version: 1.6.1

God way of learningWhy it is so good This app gives you the answer (most of the time) but it shows you the steps so you know how to do it which is good because if your parents aren’t home scan the problem and it will show you the steps! You can also take math problems from your photos if you already have the picture. It also has a flashlight so you can scan in the dark. There is also a history of what you scanned so if your phone dies just go to scan history in the Math Problem is back. Things I request changed Sometimes when you scan the problem it doesn’t work but that’s about it. There isn’t much bad about this app..Version: 1.16.0

PerfectReally good with university assignments. Gives step by step on math questions and tutors to guide you. Worth every penny.Version: 1.39.0

MissIt’s awesome app. I love it.Version: 1.22.0

Used to be goodI used to use this app a lot 1-half a year ago and it was the best homework helper, now I just fell like that all the good features that i used to really enjoy with this app are now limited unless you subscribe to the app which not a lot of people are willing to do. Please bring back the matching answers without having to pay..Version: 1.32.0

It’s “okay”Okay don’t get me wrong this is a good app in my opinion it’s just you have to pay? listen people rlly struggle with math and other subjects that can help you with this app but you have to pay? i’d rather pay someone to do my homework then this cos it’s basically the same thing. when i first got the app i scanned my homework and i got the right answer with the right working out, but after my second time of scanning it asks for a subscription, i know the app wants money, that’s what all apps want at this point, but without pay, this app could really change someone’s thinking but no, you have to pay, it’s useless.Version: 1.34.0

Honest review.I love this app. Whenever I am stuck on my homework, I just take a picture of the question, upload it onto Gauthmath, and it will solve it almost instantly. Gauthmath also always gives a very detailed yet clear explanation of how to get to the answer, and the correct answer as well. Would definitely recommend to anybody who has tricky maths homework, and just needs that extra bit of help without getting a tutor..Version: 1.35.0

HThis is my favorite homework app. This is the one that actually works all the other ones say yeah the word just take a picture of snap. Boom boom it works. No this one is the one..Version: 1.39.0

THE BEST APP EVER MADE!!!This app is very good. I have tried other apps that can do worded problems but they don’t. So I downloaded this app and you can take pictures of the worded problems and calculations or you can choose photos from your gallery. It will tell you the CORRECT answer and explain you how they got the answer. I had some worded problems and I took screenshots of them, went to the app and pressed the gallery's icon where I chose the photo and it gave me the the CORRECT answers. I don't know why some people don't like the app but it's their opinion. But I prefer that please try GAUTHMATH and I believe that you will like it. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY THE APP..Version: 1.6.1

NiceI highly recommend Guathmath to anyone looking for an efficient and effective way to improve their math skills. Their online platform is easy to use and the instructional videos are clear and concise, making it easy to understand even the most difficult topics. Additionally, the practice problems and quizzes are challenging yet manageable, allowing you to build your skills at your own pace. The customer service is also exceptional, with prompt and helpful responses to any questions or concerns. Overall, Guathmath is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to enhance their math abilities and I would definitely give it a 5-star rating..Version: 1.22.0

LoveIm obsessed I love it sm.Version: 1.23.2

Very good app but not as good as it used to beDon't get me wrong gauthmath is definitely the best app to help with math questions but in the recent updates they've made it that you have 2 free questions a day and you have to pay to get more answers whereas before these updates, you could get as many answers as you wanted without having to pay. Also you could get a free tickets but now you have to pay. Other than that it's a brilliant app and I would totally recommend for people who struggle with questions whether that be worded or normal questions.Version: 1.25.0

Free trial is not worth it, almost like a scamSo, the app itself was great, love it. But it got to the end of the school year so I didnt need it anymore. I removed the app, but never noticed I had a subscription to something that was $31?! I didnt even want a subscription to something like that, I was never notified that I was paying money like that, and I didn’t notice until I checked my bank. Once the free trial ends it transfers to the $31 PLUS subscription. Be careful; when you delete apps, make sure you don’t have a subscription to anything!! Otherwise, I really enjoyed the time I used the app, it helped me so much, this was just one minor inconvenience, which can get resolved, and im currently working on a refund! :).Version: 1.23.2

Great app! Just one thing.Just a few things. First of all, the ai does great work, very nice job. It doesn’t ask you to retake the picture tons of times like other apps, and I love that. The ai solves it pretty fast and has always been correct. But the only thing I have to say anything about is the price of the subscriptions that are pretty much required to use the app. If those were decreased the app would be without a doubt a 5 STAR! Thank you so much to the developers! Helped me out a lot and I look forward to see if my review gets taken to mind..Version: 1.34.0

Wonderful!Perfect app for those struggling with understanding math!!.Version: 1.23.2

MehI don’t know why I’m spending so much time on this review but it’s my first review so I might aswell. Gauthmath is a great app for skipping the questions on your homework. What I mean by “skipping” is that is you cannot be asked to work out and solve the questions on your maths homework you can just screenshot or take a picture of it and you can paste it into gauthmath and they will work it out automatically…. Sometimes You see what I absolutely despise about this app is that after a few questions you have to pay for it to answer your questions. But I’m actually smart and I take advantage of the free trial system. I use the free trial on the subscription and whenever I’m finished with my homework I just cancel the membership. BOOOOOM Yeah and this review was such a waste of time and I know that probably no one is gonna read this but I’m writing this review at 9:33PM in Exeter, Devon on the 7th of January 2024 Yeah just thought I might let you know Nice knowing you anyway Byeee.Version: 1.36.1

This app is amazing I can really learnThe last reviews are too long ago, this app is really cool, I have adhd an it's hard for me to learn an this may be considered cheating but im actually able to learn it without my teacher hurting my brain..Version: 1.39.0

Brilliant app, just a few wrong answers here and thereOverall, this app is very good and is useful for any maths homework that you don’t understand. The way that the answers are clearly explained has helped me learn a lot on questions about topics we haven’t discussed in lesson. Only a few downsides, those being that sometimes the answer is wrong (quite rarely in my experience albeit) and some of the writing is a little difficult to read. Even with those downsides, I would completely recommend this app..Version: 1.8.0

Very Good AppI honestly downloaded this app for the answers, however learning the hard way that it’s not going to help me get anywhere. I decided to delete it. I reinstalled it and it gives me memories. It might’ve been a few years ago but it feels longer. Knowing that this app updated to go step- by- step to guide those who don’t understand yet is inspiring! I also appreciate the tutoring option when you purchase premium. If your reading this you should consider buying premium and sharing to those who you believe would benefit from the app as well..Version: 1.33.1

Math appBest math app ever.Version: 1.17.0

So free trial is not free got charged as soon as I started itThe app is correct about 70% of the time even with the accuracy boost. 40% of the time with the boost it’s still not getting answers correct. 5% of the time it cannot solve. So I have to cross check multiple sources to insure accuracy. I am using this app for general questions that any ai should be able to solve. I can find the answers on Google so I am still using this as it charged me. My advice is make sure you got the 30 ish dollars in the bank before trying the app. And be sure to check your answers against something else to ensure they are correct. I have cancelled my subscription the same day I tried the “free trial” (not free)..Version: 1.38.1

Amazing appHelped me with the math homework that was on something we learned in class when I was sick. Sometimes the answer was unclear but that is rare. I have tried to use other apps like this but they rather don’t work or they make you pay money to get it. They get answers from real tutors so you know it is correct and they also show you the steps not just the answers so you can try to use it on other similar problems that you are confused about..Version: 1.39.0

Great app for middle schoolers and high schoolsThis app is very good it is very flexible and straightforward when you use the app itself I am a 8th grader and sometimes the mathematical problems can get extremely hard to learn but Gauthmath breaks it down for you but I think they should just break it down I don’t think they should shove the answer in your face I feel like they should have you do a portion of the problem but overall it’s a 5 out of 5 for me great app.Version: 1.5.2

Helpful!This app is really helpful and solves problems quickly. I don’t feel like I have had it long enough for 5 ⭐️’s though. There are the odd times that instead of giving the answer they advertise the “free trail” for premium which can be annoying but it’s not a big deal compared to all the pros 🤷🏼‍♀️ I recommend this app for anyone needing quick and accurate answers to any maths problem! 😊✨.Version: 1.16.0

The best app for homeworkI use this app to help me solve problem. I use this app to help solve my homework. It makes thing so much easier. All you have to do is take a photo and it tells you the answer your looking for and it explains it hope this helps. :) app to help you solve any problem. I use this app to help solve my homework. It makes thing so much easier. All you have to do is take a photo and it tells you the answer your looking for and it explains it hope this helps. :).Version: 1.14.0

I recommendThis is a great app. If you ever need help in mass biology language history, everything. This is better than Photomath like I was, Surprise that I didn’t really have to pay to get any exclusive answers and show the work. You can get a free trial and it gives you all of your answers and equations and you can show your work and your teacher won’t have to think you cheated. So my opinion I recommend you to use this app for any type of subject you need help in. Five stars..Version: 1.38.0

It is so flipping goodIt’s so good at what it does. My homework stands 0 chance when I use this and it works on most if not all subjects. Without this my maths teacher would’ve probably given me multiple detentions a month for the missed homework. I’ve been using it for years and helped out multiple friends which has also led to them giving me things such as money so it’s a source of income aswell. Best homework ai app I’ve found.Version: 1.40.0

It’s amazingThis app is amazing and it’s pretty quick the tutors give detailed answers to questions.Version: 1.26.1

HiI like math but don’t know a lot of math questions so I come to see the math questions.Version: 1.4.8

Benefits and positive things Gauthmath has had on meI really like this app because it has helped me get my work done really quick and sometimes even thought me a little bit of maths I found this out though my friend but some bad stuff about this is that it can not answer any and any type of question and it’s the ones am really stuck on it just tell me to “book a online tour”and I am using it free right now and a may consider actually buying but am not really sure on what you get out of that yet. and another bad thing is that sometimes my whole question doses not fit but most of the time it when that happens I just go to a bigger and better device to use so overall I rate this app 4 and I think it is a really good and helpful for when it is needed..Version: 1.17.0

S.KI found the app very helpful for my daughter and myself to learn how to get the method of the answer..Version: 1.30.0

FeedbackSometimes the tutors can be slow when dealing with a question or they don’t understand it quietly and take forever for it.Version: 1.33.1

Best of the best 😎😎😎This app is really good it help me a lot in science this app is amazing Keep it up Gauth pls reply my message gauth.Version: 1.37.1

AmazingThe amount of times that I would have homework in front of me and had no idea what the answer was and Gauthmath has saved me is amazing!! I would fully advise getting it because not only does it answer the question for you it also shows you how they got the answer so you also learn how to answer the question in the future GET GAUTHMATH NOW!!!!!!.Version: 1.22.0

Really goodPersonally , I use this app quite infrequently and that’s when j am doing my homework. I really enjoy this app as it has answers to all of the questions I have submitted with a very quick reply time. The only thing I would say is that the subscription is too expensive and the price is the only thing holding me back. I feel if it was a lower price by even a bit more would buy. But overall it’s a very good app with very few exceptions to not being able to see an answer..Version: 1.16.0

GreatI think this app is overall very useful it gives you the answers very quickly and shows you working out to help you understand the questions. But there are some downsides, I really hate how most of the answers are in handwriting I cannot read I think they should make it much clearer to read because I’ve had many issues with this..Version: 1.15.5

Thank godThank god this app existence because omg it’s a life saver it scans long problems too!!!.Version: 1.26.1

Great Service! ..Just one issueIgnore all the people who cannot afford this service and call it a scam. This is WORTH your money if you need weekly math solving. This app has saved me numerous breakdowns and I’ve learned from the steps the tutors. Because of this app I have had a better chance at the ASVAB. My only problem with this app is the tutors sometimes taking super long or do not reply at all and end up stealing a ticket. I’m hoping the developers can help integrate a system where we can get a refund in the case of that, or something to help with that issue. Thank you for nearly two years of work you’ve saved me while educating how to do it..Version: 1.32.1

Have to pay to unlock answers nowI understand the app has to make money, but they are asking me to pay for the answer to every question now.. It used to be only a few, but now its every single one. Its not like i’m sending it hard questions either. No point in even having this app anymore. Good riddance gauthmath..Version: 1.23.2

Life saver!I have an annoying homework website in my school we have to compete titled “sparx maths” as many students who have suffered painfully will know of, and the thing is, that website will not let you finish a question until you finally get the answer correct which is super frustrating! This app allows me to obtain the answer very simply with just a screenshot and not only does it just provide you with the answer, it gives you an excellent explanation of how to solve the equation so if you ever come across the question again you will know how to solve it yourself! The app even uses real tutors to answer your questions which makes it much more trustworthy. Thankyou Gauth math. Brilliant app.Version: 1.38.0

Idk about y’all but this app saved me.This app saved my life. It’s so helpful and so amazing! It has a bot to help you with math and it also has a bunch of tutors that help you answer your questions! This app saved me from getting an F in math and from getting grounded again. And it doesn’t just give you the answer to a question, it shows you how to solve the problem and the process! It shows you the techniques they used for the problem and everything! This app helped me so much and I would definitely recommend 👍.Version: 1.5.10

YeahBest math app.Version: 1.39.0

HelloI have written a review as this app was the worst thing I have downloaded. Most of the time the answer is wrong if not that I need to pay extra just to see the what the answer is. Now when I take a picture my camera goes blurry and I have checked to see if it is my fault however it isn’t it is the apps. If you have the patience to wait for this good luck, it won’t give you the right answer anyway. Don’t download the app it needs help..Version: 1.18.0

Amazing however 1 problemThis app is amazing I’ve been using it for over a year now the only problem is u get a certain limit on how many tutor questions you can ask, the gauth bot isn’t always there to tell u the answers so it’s a little annoying when you don’t know how to work out the question at all. Overall it’s perfect apart from that and it shouldn’t stop you from downloading this, genuinely helps me so much all my friends use this for work too.Version: 1.16.0

Do get this app!I love this app because it's so easy to use and is great for working on solving difficult math problems. I use it all the time and have really learnt more from using the steps it shows you. This is a must try app and I'm very satisfied by it..Version: 1.17.0

It’s really good at explaining what to do butYou have to pay for a simple answer that nearly cost 40$ just to help you work, it is ridiculous because it’s not only really hard questions it’s simple questions too. There’s a pay wall for 80 to 90% of all questions, even if there made up. Please I understand that the company has to make a way to make money if not they shut down, I completely understand that, but you don’t have to make everything behind a pay wall, at this point charge your users 20$ just to install the app..Version: 1.31.1

Gauthmath is niceHello! I am a user of Gauthmath, and i wanted to say that I like the app because it’s very fast to answer your questions, however, I only dislike that when you run out of “tickets” you need to pay a plan in order to get tickets again and that’s ridiculous. It’s better to have an endless amount of tickets for this app instead of the ones that the app provides. Like sharing the app with friends or anyone just to get tickets.Version: 1.17.0

Amazing app for quick/free answersThis app has proven super useful already more than other big apps I have because it can instantly solve things like word problems and graph equations with ease. When you normally see problems that wouldn’t be possible to scan, gauthmath can complete most of them. If not, there is paid tickets but there’s a feature where you join a group and get a free answer although I’m not sure how that works yet. As for issues, sometimes it won’t give me a free answer when I’ve gotten multiple other free answers with the same exact type of question. But that’s about it, solid app..Version: 1.5.2

Five stars without a doubtRecently I’ve been using Gauth maths as I’m being set an unrealistic amount of math homework and it’s definitely killing me 🙈 I was struggling so much keeping up with it. So I got Gauth and tried it out! The answer is almost always correct and makes me so relieved. I use Gauthmath for sparx work as it drives me up the wall so thank you Gauthmath love you guys.Version: 1.15.5

Good app except the pay wall nowReally really good app for maths homework really really helped me in a matter of 10-15 minutes with questions I struggled on. The only downside I have is that after 2-3 questions you have to pay to get the answers which isn’t the best. Also now you have to pay for tutors when like 2 years ago it was completely free..Version: 1.32.1

Pleaseeeee make it freePlease.Version: 1.33.1

Best app everIt gives you the answer and also explains in exact detail how to solve it.Version: 1.39.0

AMAZINGSo for example, my friend didn’t get chance to read her book and we have to do online quizzes and this app new the answer to each question so if you every forget to do homework I totally recommend! But I wouldn’t say to use it all the time as it’s also good to try and work things out yourself but if your really frustrated with your homework and just want to get it done I can’t recommend this app enough! The only thing is that sometimes you don’t get answers for more advanced questions because you have to pay for a Gauth tutor but excluding that last detail, altogether this app is brill! 🤩.Version: 1.37.1

AmazingI just downloaded this app, which was recommended from a friend and oh my god, it works miracles. I was able to do my maths homework that I was stuck on for atleast an hour in about 10 minutes with this, best app I’ve downloaded and the best part is you don’t even have to type in the question, you just take a photo of it and it scans the words and give you the answer and process. Amazing!!!.Version: 1.39.0

Best math solver ever.I saw this app while scrolling through TikTok and wanted to try it out, the first few nights I didn’t really use it, since it was new and didn’t know how it worked, I used it the night I had to do some math problems and I tried it on a word problem, and with little to no hope, it worked and I’ve been using for the past 3 months and never regret getting it. I highly recommend this and you should ditch Photomath after this..Version: 1.18.0

SICKThe app was good at the start and rather helpful but more so recently I have been asking questions and the tutor has been getting the answer wrong so I go to ask it gain and it’s the same tutor with the same answer. Then when I leave a message saying I keep getting the same tutor with the same WRONG answer I will get a ‘new tutor’ that ironically has the exact same method, answer and even the same handwriting. They are just using the same photos that one tutor has used and just using them for ‘a different tutor’ even when it’s wrong. Would not recommend!.Version: 1.11.0

AmazingThis app is the best at doing work and homework for students I use it my sister uses and and my brother uses it for there homework it doesn’t just tell you the answer it also shows how they got the answer and if your having trouble you can even call a Tudor to help you on a call and if there isn’t anyone that had previously done that question your asking you can ask a Tudor to do it and they ALSO show how they got it you can get a Tudor almost instantly it’s incredible.Version: 1.15.0

This app is amazingAll you have to do to get the answer you need is take a photo, it’s that easy. The app is free other then in game purchases but you don’t need to purchase anything to get the answers. If the “Gauthbot” doesn’t get the answer then their are tutors who show the steps. I will say the Guathbot sometimes doesn’t work and you need to take a second photo. The tutors aren’t always correct so if you get one on here I would recommend checking the answer or taking a clearer photo. All in all this is a great app, the Guathbot never gets any answers I show wrong so this app is just amazing, I would definitely get it if you do a lot of math and don’t have the tome to study or work out all of the math problems one by one..Version: 1.5.8

AmazingThis app is litterally amazing I use it for all my homework and it helps me understand how to do math better then any of my teachers.Version: 1.29.0

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