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Clever: Brain Logic Training Positive Reviews

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Clever: Brain Logic Training App User Positive Comments 2023

Clever: Brain Logic Training app received 182 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about clever: brain logic training?

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Clever: Brain Logic Training for Positive User Reviews

ReviewThis game makes me a lot more smarter.Version: 1.34

Good StartIt's been good so far it's fun.Version: 1.34

MrsOk game but expensive.Version: 1.26

Just started using but I like it!Good fun and challenging...Version: 1.27

GreatI like the challenge..Version: 1.33.3

Fun and mindfulI like this! Very mindful and a good way to switch off.Version: 1.25

This is the best learning app for meI’m only 9 and need a lot of education and brain work for me since I’m only 9 so I downloaded this app and it was amazing just it cost money for some things witch is fine their just trying to make money but other than that it’s just a great learning app for your brain.Version: 1.35

Real helping work on my focusI’m loving it helping be in the moment.Version: 1.33.3

LoveLove game. Shouldn’t cost money unless you wanted to buy more levels.Version: 1.34

Genius gamesGood games to pass the time...Version: 1.26

Non-paying customer (Yet)I really enjoy this app, there are a few puzzles/lessons to try even though I haven’t bought a subscription yet, it’s really enjoyable and has sounds which are pleasurable to my ears that trigger a “well done:D” feeling every time I do something correctly. Subscription is affordable for a year long subscription But I’m a student that can’t spare the money right now. I will likely try and complete everything that I can without the subscription before I pay for it but I look forward to that day :) Thank you devs! <3.Version: 1.13

ThankVery good.Version: 1.34

The real mind gameThis game has lots of puzzles that are in other games adds but not in the corresponding games.Version: 1.28

Creative GameSo far this is my first hour well not even an hour of playing the game and it already had me using critical thinking skills in the first game I started playing. I can say so far this is a unique game and pretty fun experience. I have played similar games to this but this one tops the other in my opinion so far. The downside is they try to make you start a three day trial period in order to start you can cancel but sometime we want to just try the game out without having to pre subscribe to an app smh..Version: 1.33.3

AddictiveGreat addictive game.Version: 1.35

Fun exercise for the brainGreat little game.Version: 1.34

First time greatSo far great game.Version: 1.33.3

Love App but why?This is such an awesome app and for people like me with terrible memory, we need a daily game like this but I don’t have the money to keep playing it after the free trial. Especially during this inflation cycle we’re all going through. It would be awesome if y’all could find a way for it to be free, or at least cheaper. Thanks for letting me play for the three days though. Hope your app is successful..Version: 1.30

Best game ever!!!!!This app really work because I got smarter 😇.Version: 1.34

I love this gameIt is so relaxing to play like there’s less ads there’s less like lagginess like even it’s like you could probably even play it without Internet and it’s so awesome. You could even play this for free like that… Like a three day tat trial but yeah like it’s so good it’s like is calms my nerves every time somebody gets on my nerves. ..Version: 1.33.2

Nice gameIt’s nice and not too many ads acceptable amount only.Version: 1.29

Brain gameHelps u to stay focus.Version: 1.13

Loved itEven as a beginner it had me thinking, well done designer/s 👍🏻👏🏻.Version: 1.33.1

FunFun game.Version: 1.34

Really SatisfyingI kept scrolling pass this every time I see this. So today I decided to finally give this app a try….. I’m super excited I did not only is it kind relaxing it challenges me to think and solve things in a different aspect. Not all situations we run into are problems to be solved but some solution based..Version: 1.35

MadanglesPretty easy at the moment see how I get on further along.Version: 1.30

Great funGreat fun and a good way to distress..Version: 1.14

GreatA good game but expensive if paid weekly.Version: 1.19

Great gameGood brain game.Version: 1.33.3

Very funI’m really loving this app..Version: 1.26

The Best Logical Expansion Game you can find out thereAlthough I’ve only played for a few days I must say they’ve got intriguing tactics for a superb accomplishment of brain development, it’s the best I’ve played so far. I recommend this game to anyone struggling with certain areas of their neural endeavor. I’d give more stars if possible, But overall best game ever.Version: 1.18

Easy PeezyTo easy bnmlo.Version: 1.18

Just finished my first level ….…. I’m intrigued….Version: 1.10

FREE Is The Key!!This seems like a pretty nice app so far from what I can play for free!! So many things in life cost especially dealing with your cell phone or tablet For once can’t developers just think of the consumer and just let it be free. Yes, it seems to be a dirty, four letter word these days. Just think about it a lot of folks just cannot afford a fee even if it is a one time fee, so I’m asking you to have a heart and just let it be free and let the masses ENJOY your creativity and in the process, keeping their mind sharp!!.Version: 1.30

Great app- maybe a little too pricey.Really great brain exercises, lots of variety. Really enjoyed it. Just felt it’s a little too expensive for what it is..Version: 1.29

Great gameI love the puzzles.Version: 1.33

Great so farGreat so far looking forward to tying more.Version: 1.26

FunFun while brain training.Version: 1.18

CoolFunny game I like it.Version: 1.35.1

Read reviews properly before answering?!Read reviews properly before answering?! Trip wizard gave you 5 stars and you replied a if it was a negative review! So far game seems ok I’ll try it out and leave another review later..Version: 1.22

InterestingGood game, although I only have the free version so limited.Version: 1.26

CleverI just started playing this game & so far it’s not only fun it’s also really challenging..Version: 1.34

HiIt was fun Thanks.Version: 1.27

NiceStimulating!.Version: 1.33.3

GreatEnjoying.Version: 1.33.3

Love the gamesFirst day on the games. Love them, especially the lines.Version: 1.22

Lots of funThis is a lot of fun and great exercise for the brain..Version: 1.35.1

Notice to developersHey y’all. So I was playing the memory game and when I left to leave a review and went back in it crashed so I started over. So I quit and went back in to the game. When I went back in the memory gauge was still almost full like I never left but the difficulty started over. Just fyi..Version: 1.24

Loving it so far!!Have seen these puzzles online and got so frustrated that they were not being solved, so now I have to do it!.Version: 1.18

RiaNice game.Version: 1.14

Love the ideal off learning and making your brain at work it but it’s too bad for the price,I know there is not so many things for free But why all stupid games are free and the one that could really help people there is a price..Version: 1.34

AwesomeAwesome my brain is working 😊👍.Version: 1.7

StimulantFascinatinating!!.Version: 1.34

AmazingThis app is so fun and amazing and I courage young kids to try this out!!.Version: 1.33.3

It’s greatLove.Version: 1.29

I am a gamer and a thinkerPrior to play my online games, in order to reassure my performances in gaming.. I will play this game first so that I know how sharp and quick I solved the puzzles.. It helps me a lot!.Version: 1.18

AwesomeKeep doing what you’re doing.Version: 1.24

Great gameIt is great for when you are bored and have nothing to do. And when you are mad it is a great way to calm you down just don’t play the one line if you’re mad. The bad thing is tho is that you will have to pay to play games or watch an ad and that is the only thing I would like to change q.Version: 1.33.3

Use it or lose itKeeps the brain active in making you think.Version: 1.18

Pretty Rad GameWell this game was.. it was somethin. I have never in my life played a game like this. I do believe this game has changed my life. When I first opened this here app, a shiver went down my spine. That’s hows I knew it was gonna be somethin very special. I love playin all the different games, I mean, wooehwee! My brain is stronger than da rock by now I gurantee it. Absolutely give these games a try whenever ya can..Version: 1.30

LoveThis game is great for long car rides or anything really 🩷🩵🥳.Version: 1.30

Fab !Really nice game - makes you think.Version: 1.25

Top gameExcellent game, makes you think..Version: 1.18

The bestIf ur an over-thinker person before u sleep this will be useful for u …it works like a therapy .. concentrating on nothing but healing ur Brian and increasing ur iq level.Version: 1.7

Frl its amazing!I love how it is like- I just started and— omg idk how to say it. It. Is. Just. SUPER. Relaxing! Tysm!.Version: 1.33.3

EntertainingVery entertaining game!.Version: 1.34

Great App!!I love your app. Some things may be locked but all you have to do is watch a ad. Now I don’t pay for this game and what I love about it is that you don’t have to pay to play. Like some games you have to pay to do one thing. Another thing about this game is that it can actually help you with your skills on certain subjects. So like for example I have some trouble with logic and the logic puzzles help me a lot!! Love the app!!.Version: 1.30

I am having fun..Games are wonderful and helps to wake my rustic mind👌.Version: 1.23

Good brain workoutMakes you think and concentrate, but the graphics do not work well with fat fingers.Version: 1.27

Tanvir ShowmikNot so Hard.Version: 1.15

Give this one a shotIt’s a pretty cool app, I’m a new user yet to explore many levels..Version: 1.21

I love the gameThe best game on there in my opinion out of the ones I’ve played are one line.Version: 1.31

Brain gameThis game has me actually using my brain to put everything together and actually make something out of what I was looking at. This game is a very helpful game for me, especially because I need to work on developing my brain skills and making sure that my brain is healthy. My experience is very well so far and I do recommend this game to people who like to get a little brain workout in!!.Version: 1.30

I love the no problem...'!!!!!"I love this game so much it helps your mind and it just gives you feedback that you will use in the game and that says kind things to you. If you can't finish a level a thing would pop up and say you you are so young you are so great you are so smart you're awesome and just helps you with all the things you're struggling with so like if you're struggling with music, you would push the music button so we would get better at music and I am practicing avoiding and it's helping me a lot. Take my advice and get this game I know more like other people will be saying it's terrible, but this is actually very good game. I love it. please please please get this game..Version: 1.31

Arianna loves gamesIt is great and so fun and helps learn.Version: 1.34

The games nice🤷🏽‍♂️Really nice game to play when you just want to think but not think about it 😂.Version: 1.28

AmazingVery fast relaxing and interesting app! Passes time by fast with no adverts.Version: 1.26

EileenVi.Version: 1.33.3

Pretty Little ThingsThis popped up on my Instagram so I decided to download it and take a three day trial. Actually was kind of fun and frustrating at the same time, but the more I kept at it the more I got excited about completing the puzzles!! I was prompted that I wasn’t that bad for a beginner! 🥳🎯.Version: 1.35.1

CleverI guess I know why this game is called clever, it is called clever because it is a clever way to get your mind off of reality and just be calm and collected it is easy and fun. I am really enjoying this game. I could play for hours. It is relaxing and makes you think. In a good way of course. This game motivates me to think better and have a better mind set. Even thought I’ve only had this game for a couple minutes I am really enjoying it. That is how you know that this game is an amazing game. This game is helping me get my mind off of stuff and kind of clears my mind in a way. I hope to see more games like this in the future. This game is great, I have seen no flaws in this game so far. Everybody should have an gaming app like this one I think it’s awesome for the mind. Not only because it’s fun and entertaining it is creative and Mind calming. 🤗.Version: 1.30

GreatLovely.Version: 1.35

Great gameI really like the game.Version: 1.34

Brain logic training.Nice one , makes you think!.Version: 1.22

Better than I thoughtI saw this app on an add with one of those obvious easy puzzle that people fail style commercial. I downloaded it anyways to check it out. Yes it is a paid app so it’s either subscription or life time There is also a 3 day trial.. anyways, This app no pun intended blew my mind It has fun and challenge thinking tests that are made fun and increase and difficulty it breaks down where you’re at progressively and you can really tell what you’re good at and what you need work on. I’m still getting to know this app but I am impressed so far.Version: 1.35

MemoryGreat game but quite difficult.Version: 1.30

Fun and challengingPeople should do this to keep your brain and mind sharp, especially as you age. And it’s fun to challenge yourself. Recommend to everyone!.Version: 1.33.3

Great GameIt’s a good game. It’s nice and easy to understand, the interface of the app is friendly, just great to play a few a day. Really make you think, which is great..Version: 1.18

EnticingI just makes you keep going.Version: 1.27

Pretty funThis apps gives you a verity of different games to play to help with different areas in your brain to improve on, that you may need refreshing on or need help with. I’ve not had it for very long, but so far so good. You can pay for different areas in the app, but they actually give you a large verity to play for free..Version: 1.32

Good brain thinking game!Awesome brain thinker.Version: 1.18

HIGHLY RECOMMENDMost games I play are way to easy and the more you play them the easier they get but this game is not like the others there is also a large variety of different brain games you can play and I complaint I see on a lot of games and apps is “too many adds” but this game has a reasonable amount of adds please do download if you haven’t Already!!!.Version: 1.33.2

CleverYou never know where your limits lies until you take your self to that level. Very great game to grow your confidence and trust in the game. Good work team!.Version: 1.33.3

Good so farCool.Version: 1.32

Amazing!Was unsure at first but as the puzzles went on I noticed the change in my approach and the results speak for themselves 😀.Version: 1.28

Haven’t played it long but it’s great so farI’ve only been playing this game for a couple days but I’m already addicted to it.. the games are fun and helpful and it’s even a great quality app.. I wish it was free or at least cheaper.. but I understand that’s just me being cheap. The money gives it good quality..Version: 1.15

BeginnersSo far so good. I’m nearly 75 yrs young..Version: 1.33.3

CoolFun.Version: 1.18

Great appI am so pleased with this app it has a great selection of brain games, which will keep my mind occupied for a very long time.Version: 1.26

Good for learningThis the the best game for learning.Version: 1.34

Relaxing & addictingThis is an addicting game that focuses on training your brain for recall ability, logical thinking memorization, strategic thinking, and I’m sure much more. I just downloaded it and haven’t paid or given the ok for the week free trial yet as I probably won’t. I’m not sure how long this would take before I lose my patience, but the colors and sounds/music is soothing. It makes my brain & eyes tired which is why I tried this before bed. Seems like a good app if u want to pay $7-$14 a week, just too much for a game. If it were that price for life I would def pay it..Version: 1.33.3

Best kids learningMyKids love this game❤️.Version: 1.34

Amazing gameLove it.Version: 1.26

NiceChallenging! I like so far!.Version: 1.34

Great brain toolBoost my thinking speed and agility.Version: 1.29

Great Brain gameThis game challenges different sphere of the brain to maintain a good practice of any situation in life have fun like I am ☺️.Version: 1.34

Great gameHi I’m (No name) sorry don’t want to share info but,I’m under 12 and I thing this game can help kids and,adults 5-99 years and,if you could add one update please can you add reading that would be helpful but, other than that I think this game is amazing I would definitely play it I would honestly rate it a 5 star Thank you so much for,this amazing game greatly appreciated for reading my review! Love, No name.Version: 1.30

Great gameI just started this game and I think it’s a wonderful game for kids of all ages. I’m a 70 year old kid and I know kids as well as adults will love this game. I’m still trying to decide if I want to keep the game, I’m still at the trying it out for the 3 day trial, but I’m leaning towards keeping it. It has a lot of different challenges and they really make you think, fast. So thank you to the developers, you have put out a great game with hardly any ads which I think you deserve so you can keep putting out these great games. Sincerely Betty Myers.Version: 1.29

Line puzzleDon’t have to think much and it is entertaining.Version: 1.30

Great Game definitely recommendI saw this game on TikTok and I thought oh my gosh it’s just another game that doesn’t work but I decided to try it and I love it. There is so many games you can play and it all helps improve your memory. I’ve been playing for five minutes and it’s already my favorite game on my phone well second favorite I love Roblox..Version: 1.20.1

AmazingThis game so fun I found my self playing all day my sibling mom and dad love this game we challenge each other to see who the smartest and we all win because this is learning it’s so much funnier then all my other other game I recommend a 10/10 to get this game.Version: 1.33.3

Brain Mangling 😇😂I first thought “oh just another Brain Trainer”, but I’m writing this after the Circuit Board, joining all the similar points without the lines/wires crossing to charge the battery is a masterful workout!!.Version: 1.29

FunKeeps me occupied. Good fun.Version: 1.23

Great games but a bit expensive in this climate!!!Brilliant games and really do test your brain.Version: 1.25

Better Your SelfYou’re never too young learn nor are you too old to better yourself! Everyday is an learning experience and the more that we take in the better we are in different skill to help others when it’s needed..Version: 1.28

Good funIs good fun and relaxing..Version: 1.35.1

Why this game is so fun and satisfying and really stressThis game is very fun and whenever you have stress, it releases it, and the fun games on it are fun for little ones can do the math if they’re interested in math class like me you could play save the man and find other things to do. It’s so fun whenever you try it you just can’t stop playing it. Trust me it works🥰.Version: 1.26

UsosammyUsosammy.Version: 1.23

So funLove this.Version: 1.34

Good gameI like it.Version: 1.34

Great gameWe all love it, 4,11,37 and 70+ easy to use app that challenges the brain in short puzzles . Do one or spend hours on it, very flexible.Version: 1.25

Great mind games love itFeeling smarter already.Version: 1.26

Brilliant!Great to get the brain active and keep expanding with fun and interesting challenges - love it!.Version: 1.27

AmazingGreat to exercise your Brain!.Version: 1.33.3

Really good gameGood.Version: 1.33.3

GrowingI just lost 3 family members in 6 months, this game has helped me feel calmer, happier about myself, has distracted me from my bad thoughts, and I can feel it really working my brain. I have even started communicating better with people and I see how I’ve been slowly growing positively way around my terrible losses and pain..Version: 1.31

This game does have benefitsPlaying this game is better than wasting your whole day on social media, make your lazy mind do something.Version: 1.33

Improves thinking skillsThe game is really good for improving thinking skills although the ads are annoying.Version: 1.33.3

Really good👍.Version: 1.23

GreatLove it .. but would like to have no sound in some of the games.Version: 1.28

My iibmccvThe best.Version: 1.26

Good but some minor thingsI saw an ad for this game and thought it would be fun so I downloaded it and everything seemed to be pretty cool except there are only 3 free games to play and I have never been a fan of paying for games because I have other ways to spend my money and I want games to be relaxing. Get this game if you want but if you read this don’t be surprised at what you see..Version: 1.30

GreatWnderful.Version: 1.14

Needs more options for non payersIt needs more please.Version: 1.27

So goodThis game is the best game I’ve ever tried in my life it’s fun challenging and you don’t have to pay for it only if you want if I stop forcing you it’s not telling you are you have to pay this over right now like this can you are you so so, so, so, so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good are you playing this game? If not, then start playing that’s not mad..Version: 1.35

So Far So Good!This Game is something I recommend to people with bad memory! I had horrible memory before playing this game, the best part is the games aren’t Boring. I could play for Hours!! as someone who gets very bored this gives me something to do. The only thing I do not like about this app is that it kind of pushes you to buy the subscription, I haven’t bought It And I do not think I will (sorry) Yet again This game is the absolute best!.Version: 1.33.1

CleverI love Clever. I think that the one line game is so fun and a great strategy game for your brain. Clever is so good and it definitely deserves five stars. Good job Clever team!.Version: 1.26

My review (positive)Hey I’m a new user just downloaded this app and it’s calming me down because came home from school really stressed started playing this and I calmed down straight away so thank you for creating.Version: 1.27

❤️Love the game keeps my brain alert.Version: 1.29

Brilliant game.Good game for test in the brain it’s apprising how sometimes we don’t use our brains enough this certainly wakes you up😂.Version: 1.26

Yeah like game it funYes very good.Version: 1.35

Great Game, No Ads!!Great game so addictive, no ads and so many levels before you have to buy. They don’t force you to buy the game or fill you with things you don’t need..Version: 1.18

This game is goodThis game is so good for kids. It have to learn and you’re gonna be smarter and that’s it.Version: 1.35.1

Great Game!!I like the inclusivity when it asks you your age, and what topics you want to play about. Also, it tracks your brain age and progress on each mini game (which their are many of). The only downside is that the trial locks some of the games, but (unlike other games) it still allows you to play! Love it!!! 🙈.Version: 1.27

New at this GameSo far so good!.Version: 1.35

Love this!Stimulates my brain so well! I just started and I really enjoy. Good stuff!.Version: 1.28

Fantastic gameLove the idea entirely happy and enjoying every puzzle.Version: 1.28

So far so good!I suffered a massive brain-bleed 15 years ago,and dimentia/Alzheimer’s runs in my family, so I try to do whatever I can to keep my brain sharp! I’ve only played one game so far and it’s challenging and fun! The only reason that I didn’t give it 5 stars is that I think it’s a little expensive for someone on a fixed income!.Version: 1.33.3

This brain gameIs so good. You need to put different games in the app.Version: 1.29

Great so far…I’ve only just got this app so asking for a review straight seems a bit daft to me, but hey ho! I am enjoying the logic puzzles..Version: 1.21

Just stared playingI just started playing this game and it’s already quite fun, probably the best puzzle game I’ve had in a while!.Version: 1.33.3

Best gameThis game is fun challenging and enjoyable and it doesn’t need wifi.Version: 1.34

This gameThis game gives me comfort and it’s really really fun and it’s really comfortable to play with when you’re really sleepy and it also helps you with your mind and everything and it will actually make you smarter and it helps when you are stressed or when you are super lazy that’s my review.Version: 1.33.1

FunEnjoyable.Version: 1.29

Great appThe exercises really challenge an old brain and even younger ones as well I think. I love being able to see my progress. The exercise I had a lot of trouble with was where I’m trying to not get the little man killed. It gives you very little time to draw the lines and I got frustrated trying to draw the correct lines within the tiny timeframe. But overall it’s fun and it brings results! Thank you clever people!!.Version: 1.29

Love itApp is making me to think 😃 good one.Version: 1.34

BRAIN IS ON 🔥🔥🔥This app is one of those app that will make your whole world spin, and I do mean literally! It’s an awesome app that practices with Different comprehensive skills that you honestly haven’t thought of since you were in school! This game sharpens your Brain for the better, and I promise you, you will not regret it when you play this game!.Version: 1.27

Good for the brainFun and amusing. It also helps you to think to solve the problem..Version: 1.28

Best game everThis is such a good game different things to do,keeping you entertained, very fun and calming great game perfect to get..Version: 1.28

Good with a glitchHi Clever developers. This game is insanely addicting and very entertaining. I really love solving the one line puzzles and pin connect ones too. However, I was doing sienna memory games and wanted to try and play the “Lost” game and every time I tried to start the app closed out and I had to open it again. The same thing happens with “Num Snake & Equalizer.” I really love this game and the new update but please help me with this glitch, because I’m not sure if it’s my end or yours. Thank you for your time. UPDATE: I appreciate that it now says coming soon but I still wish it said that BEFORE I watched the advertisement. Thanks though for clarifying. I ❤️ this game..Version: 1.30

Smarter than everThis game was so frustrating at first but then because I played it so much I got better and better over time this game is amazing it has brought my brain somewhere else and now in third grade I’m one of the smarter kids in my class and it is all because of this app so if you are looking at this game I’m just going to say buy it guys it’s a amazing app I love it so much.Version: 1.31

Love the gameThank you I feel challenged.Version: 1.34

JackI love this app but do you mind if you to get rid of the in app purchase I really hate that.Version: 1.30

GrateIt is hard but grate.Version: 1.35

Fun gameShouldn’t have to pay for it but it’s fun… I feel games you have to pay for you should be able or have a chance to win money back. All and all it’s a great game. I guess you kinda winning something if it helps your brain memory, math, problem solving ect ect ect.Version: 1.33

BrilliantWhat a game 😎😎.Version: 1.24

CleaverRelieves stress.Version: 1.34

ThanksA lot of fun.Version: 1.33.3

To get good gradesI love this it helps me with a lot of things that are going to happen and it puts my brain in good shape so hopefully it does the same when I go to school on August 10 I’m smart but I want to be a pro and get straight A on report cards hopefully but I’ll focus and I’ll try not to get distracted I’ll try I want to be a pro so bad I’ll pray and be brave god bless you amen..Version: 1.33.3

GreatGreat thinking app.Version: 1.27

CoolFun to do!.Version: 1.33.3

ReviewFun game to play when you need a good distraction..Version: 1.33.3

BrilliantJust love this game it’s got my brain on point alright can’t stop playing this 100% 👌🏾.Version: 1.26

GamesI love this game. It’s so cool and it’s educational. I’m only seven years old. I’ll finish our eight in July 10, 2015. Well I’m kind of really smart I’m a second grade I love doing gymnastics. Also, I am very flexible me and my friend Lila Anderson. We are so flexible we can do anything we can either put our feet or right head into our face. My name is Nevaeh ahmani Gibbs. I love this game. It is definitely for kids..Version: 1.30

So far so goodOnly played 6 games but so far I am really enjoying it plan to leave another review once I have played some more reviews. Seems worth the money.Version: 1.26

Clever ReviewIt’s a decent game and it is fun. It doesn’t help when all I can work on is one thing and the others I have to pay for. If I knew it was going to do that I would’ve just picked the one I wanted to work on most. Although this doesn’t make this app completely useless because if you are willing to sit through ads then you are able to work on other areas as well. Which is definitely a redeeming quality. I can definitely say that I don’t want to sit through ads just to work on other areas though..Version: 1.30

It’s fun but something’s are hardI would play it every day if I could but 4 stars it is.Version: 1.34

So far so goodGood app i used it for 10 min so far and it’s keeps me entertained 😅.Version: 1.33

Love itStimulates my mind and relaxes me.Version: 1.34

AwesomeAwesome loving this game.Version: 1.29

Pretty good ngl !!!!!!Now this is a great game but one of the things that the creator could work on is the little brain in the corner for logic I’ve only had for 10 min not saying it’s bad but that much time and I saw the brain and it took me a while to see what it’s for then next level I got plus 5? I mean like it’s just a little odd how even that if I spend 5 min on a level I still get plus 5! So back on track I think the creator could have varied over numbers. Like if u got it in 1 min then boom plus 6!!! Or u get it in 5 min plus 2. Like just a variation of all of the number 1 through 10. To determine ur actual iq. But over all AMAZING GAME.Version: 1.30

Review for cleverAs most all of us know, aging is a part of life we all must endure. Until there is a cure, This game is very practical yet has an undertone of intellectual elegance. It challenges the mind to do every day tasks but in a very applicable way. If you enjoy challenges and strive to stay sharp through out your life and especially, though not limited to getting older..Version: 1.30

AwesomenessPretty cool makes you think awesome.Version: 1.7

😕 Clever: Brain Logic Training Negative Reviews
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Drum Pad - Music & Beat Maker Positive Reviews, comments
Drum Pad - Music & Beat Maker Positive Reviews

Drum Pad is the best application for the easy and fast creation of music compositions. With Drum Pad, you can create a h...

Hang Pad: Relax, Calm Melodies Positive Reviews, comments
Hang Pad: Relax, Calm Melodies Positive Reviews

Try to play new great relaxing instrument. With Hang Pad you can relax, meditate and focus. You can compose your own son...

Logic Tangle Rings: Brain Game Positive Reviews, comments
Logic Tangle Rings: Brain Game Positive Reviews

Introducing Logic Tangle Rings: Brain Game - the ultimate logic game that will test your dexterity and problem-solving s...

Easy Piano - Play With One Tap Positive Reviews, comments
Easy Piano - Play With One Tap Positive Reviews

Play classic piano tunes with just one tap on the screen! Choose your favorite melody from library, relax and feel like...

Cap: Relax With Sounds Positive Reviews, comments
Cap: Relax With Sounds Positive Reviews

Just relax with sounds! Alarm Clock: - Standart. Set up basic alarm clock using your mixes and melodies. - Smart. Set ...

LooPad - Music & Beat Maker Positive Reviews, comments
LooPad - Music & Beat Maker Positive Reviews

Make music easily with great sound packs in Loopad! Become a great beat maker! Loopad will teach you to create a lot of...

Art Lines - Draw Calligraphy Positive Reviews, comments
Art Lines - Draw Calligraphy Positive Reviews

One touch drawing! Art Line is a simple way to get a some brain relax or mind training. This is a great mind challenging...