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Finale Habits: Daily Tracker Positive Reviews

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Finale Habits: Daily Tracker App User Positive Comments 2023

Finale Habits: Daily Tracker app received 10 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about finale habits: daily tracker?

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Finale Habits: Daily Tracker for Positive User Reviews

Pls let me fix past days!!I love this app! it’s so cute and simple which is good for my peabrain. plus, u can edit when your day ends which is awesome for ppl who stay up till 4 am. but i’m forgetful which is why i need that app, except i forget to check in sometimes even though i’ve completed the task, so it would be so amazing if i could go back and fix past days!!.Version: 1.06

Love so far, but needs some additional featuresWith this being a paid app which I don’t normally pay for, I do wish there were a few additional features. The ability to go back and mark a past date as completed if forgotten would be wonderful. I saw a developer comment from back in January that said this would be coming in a future update and it’s been almost a year since without that feature being added. It would also be really wonderful to have a calendar view so you can see exactly which day you started and keep track of when you start falling back on these good habits. It would also be nice if the edit button was at the top corner and allowed editing of any of the habits instead of having to long press each habit to change. When I rearrange my apps, I like to organize them in a rainbow pattern because it makes it more fun, and it’s a hassle having to go into every single one to do so. An alternate idea would be to have color themes for the habits so it automatically changes all habit based on certain color schemes. I’m imaging how RGB smart light bulbs allow you to pick one or multiple colors and it automatically cycles through however many colors are chosen. Being able to use emojis for the habit icons instead of the preset icons would be nice, since the app provided icons are fairly limited. Aside from what’s listed above, I will say I absolutely love how simple the app is. It’s straightforward, I love the confetti when you completed a task/habit for the day, and it wonderful having a widget so I can keep it top of mind. Also, the ability to change what time the end of your day is, is quite nice for those days I’m up too late and don’t get to complete something until after midnight. But I suppose that could be related back to allowing users to go back and mark past days completed. I’m currently doing 75 hard and want all of my habits to show the same # of days, but I forgot to mark one as completed on my first day and now it’s all ruined for my perfectionist brain even though I know I physically did what I needed to do. 😂.Version: 1.06

GoodI just recently started using the app and really like it. One thing I’d like to see added is if the app allowed you to go back and add a missed day of tracking..Version: 1.06

Love this, but …I really love this app, but if you miss a day completing the task you cannot go back and do that later. Now my perfectionism makes me want to reset all my activities. Please include that feature in a Future update!.Version: 1.06

Simple habit trackerGood to use and simple. Would love calendar functionality and the icons could be a little bigger!.Version: 1.05

GoodI was a teensie too quick to judge. Cute interface and gets the job done. Only wish the widget background color was customizable so we could choose between black or white. Please include that in an update!.Version: 1.06

Almost thereI was sold by the simplicity. It has a neat UI and I use it daily. If it had a couple of extra features it would be excellent. And a perfect alternative to the overpriced annual subscription habit trackers. Users should be able to choose between a counter and a streak. I don’t want to lose all my achievements for one bad day. It makes it more likely to give up if you “lose your hard work”. Some people may thrive off the motivation but I prefer to see all that has been achieved before. It would be great if there was a calendar view for each goal so that you can visualise your achievements and maybe even track if there are days or months when your less successful. Decent app and good for the price. Just a couple extra features and it could be excellent..Version: 1.05

Nice and simpleOf all the hundreds of habit tracker apps, this one fits my needs. No subscriptions. Widget access. Unlimited habits..Version: 1.01

Pretty solidI came across this app via Reddit and decided to give it a go. Good job! I really like the design and simplicity of the app. The customization is quite nice and better than some other ones I have used. General feedback: I would really like it if I could go back within a week to check off previous days habits. It would also be great if we had historical metrics to see overall progress and consistency. Kind of similar to the step counter - weekly, monthly, yearly and even day of the week comparisons. This would help with people seeing progress over the short and long term..Version: 1.05

Overall goodNice and simple app. I like that I can create as many habits as I want without having to pay for a subscription. I wish I could set/track weekly goals instead of just daily.Version: 1.05

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