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Google Calendar: Get Organized app received 133 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google calendar: get organized?

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Google Calendar: Get Organized for Positive User Reviews

Mostly a solid appWorks really well but as noted, the icon could be more helpful for quick view of today’s date, and I really miss the old blue icon. Having the whole g suite use the same icon palette is not accessibly designed. And because of the multicolour palette, you can’t even rely on silhouette to help with quick distinction. I hope the team will revisit..Version: 21.47.0

Excellent Calendar, even better with a few tweaksMy school uses Google Suite for student email, handout distribution and storage, and turning in assignments, to name a few uses. I use Google Calendar to coordinate all of these things and record my homework. I have a color-coded calendar for each class so I can glance at my week and see my work load easily. Unfortunately, I have to set up each assignment as an event because reminders can’t attach to calendars or change their color. This makes it difficult to see a list of all my homework together, whereas with reminders, I could mark them as done and display them together. I also encountered an issue where trying to share an event with someone while creating it would cause the event to not be created, but sharing the event after creating it would be successful. Still, these are minor problems and improvements and overall, this is one of the best calendar apps I’ve seen..Version: 2.70.1

No auto locationThe auto location feature doesn’t exist, please fix this on my iPad Pro..Version: 2.136.0

Does the jobIt's basically Google calendar. Syncs well with desktop version, I tried using a handwritten schedule but had to go back to this eventually..Version: 1.7.3

Show today’s date !Would be soooooo much better if the icon changed the date, like the generic iPhone calendar app does..Version: 20.35.0

Cant start my day without itHad problem syncing iCal with Google and since I downloaded this life has become simplified. An absolute necessary tool for anyone looking to make their life organized..Version: 1.3.5

Awesome and could be even betterLove it. Couldn’t live without this app these days. What could make it even more amazing would be if the app icon/button updated with the real date each day like some other apps do, so without entering the app you easily see the date..Version: 20.21.0

Great app...But it would be better if there was an option to have events in the 'today' section on iPhone.Version: 1.5.1

Great but not perfectStill bugging a lot even after the latest update, especially when I’m about adding a location and starting to find a place, the app lags a lot. Would be more perfect if calendar is available as desktop-app on MacOS since using calendar through browser is not as convenient as using desktop-app. Many thanks!.Version: 2.42.0

Best calendar ever.This is ad-free and FREE! You don’t get much like this anymore. I like the way the picture at the top changes when you change the month (eg. December is snowy hills with trees and a man skiing). You can add notes and put in loads of details. I can’t tell you all the awesome things without losing my patience! I recently switched to GoogleCalendar because my favourite calendar (IDays) has just begun to use ads, which is sad because it looked so nice and was very useful... But anyways, this app is better so well done for finding this app! Thanks a lot to Google. You make many apps I use..Version: 2.56.0

Integration with Tasks and KeepThe calendar is quite functional enough. Editing can be a little clunky but not so much so that it gets in the way. The whole show really hits its stride when I’m making tasks and notes in Google Tasks and Google Keep. Add a date and they pop upon Google Calendar on all devices. Sure, it’s nothing compared to Google Wave but we survive this post Wave world as best we can. Hopefully someone will see sense eventually and reboot Wave..Version: 22.31.0

Excellent but bugsThe app is excellent, however for past few weeks I am no longer able to just drag around events in my calendar as it no longer syncs. In order to change the time I need to edit the event and change it on the clock there. Is there a solution to this?.Version: 22.1.1

FreezingThis app is amazing and helps keep my partner and I well organised, however recently and even worse after the latest updates it keeps freezing. It ‘always’ freezes when I want to use it on the go. I am keeping people waiting and eventually give up saying I will tell them later what I am doing as I cannot get rid of the freezing screen. Please help with this issue, I don’t know what has been done differently in the last three updates but take it back three steps, this never used to happen before. Thank you.Version: 2.42.0

Easy to view and functionalI really enjoy using Google Calender. I have one exception that does make it challenging. iCal showed the day of the month on the app itself. I would like to see the “31” that is continuously displayed change as the day changes. Otherwise love the app..Version: 2.26.0

ExcellentThe new Google calendar app has great functionality and is easy to use. Presentation is very clean and well designed and laid out..Version: 1.7.1

Really easy appReally easy app to use, love organising my shifts at work, my classes and personal life on it. Only reason why I’m rating it as 4 stars and not 5 stars is because I’m disappointed with the lack of colours to choice from when assigning them to a task. There’s only 4 or 5 pale colours (which I prefer using) and would love to see some more colours.Version: 22.23.0

Back to being the best!As I mentioned in my last review, when this app works it's the best in the market - and since the last update, the crashing and lag has been completely resolved and it's back to being the best again. Thank you!.Version: 2.45.0

Great app but needs workReally like this app and I use it on all platforms. However, I wish reminders could be colour coded just like events can be. And I wish the first week of the next month would not show up at the bottom of the page that includes the current month..Version: 2.12

Bugs with notification settingsEvery time I create events, I make sure all the notifications (notifications before 30mins and notification via email) are turned off. But once I complete creating events and go back into the event, the notifications are automatically added back on. Then I have to go back and turn them off. It’s been happening since ios14 update..Version: 20.43.0

So far so goodJust download this app, so far it’s good. First thing I noticed is that from a months view you can’t scroll down to the next month, you scroll side ways which throws me off a bit when organising clients since I’m used to apple calendar and there needs to be a 45 minute default event option too please. I love the three day option too, that’s handy and how it connects to other apps and gmail!.Version: 2.34.0

Works a treatI'm also using the google calendar API to automatically update my calendar with detail from our own job scheduling software. Thanks!.Version: 2.1.0

Better than Apple calendar BUT…Definitely a better calendar than Apple BUT when I click on a day I DONT want to see other upcoming events, I just want to see events for that day ONLY. Please Google get rid of that list view in a future update it’s very annoying! Apart from that love how nice and easy it looks and how you can share your calendar with others..Version: 21.43.0

Design optimised for iPad - just needs dark modeGoogle Calendar for iPad has a clear layout and like the month view alongside the list of events. The illustrations make it a bit more friendly to use than a pure utilitarian approach. Wish this would have dark mode, look forward to Google bringing this to all its iOS / iPadOS apps..Version: 2.122.0

Google Calender is...Very easy to use for somebody who is terrible at remembering what needs to happen!.Version: 2.100.0

Cracking itLoving the reminders and especially the goals. Set a goal and let the calendar schedule it in when it can. Don't get to it that day - hot defer and get it automatically rescheduled.Version: 1.6.2

Helps me organize my life!!As a high school student that plays sports, has a job, babysits, and is involved in many *many* clubs, this app helps me organize my life!! I love the automatic pictures that come up and how i can share calendars with people (my team etc), and THE COLORS. i legit have corresponding colors for everything and i absolutely love it!! my one tiny thing is how all events have to last for a period of time. i would love an option to have events just occur at a certain time and have no end time. for example when i need to pick up my little sister that occurs at a certain time and isnt a duration of time, also some meetings for clubs and such dont have an end time so just putting in a random time doesnt really help me. adding this feature would really help me make this a 5 star review because after that i dont know what this app could be missing! but other than that i absolutely love this app and i dont plan to stop using it anytime in the future!!.Version: 2.100.0

In control at a tricky timeJust setting up my own business and very aware we don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Google calendar has helped me to organise, remind (myself) and be realistic with the scheduling of consultations for new clients. Organisation of my time has never been a strong point. It feels like it can be now!.Version: 2.70.0

Great app!My issues - I’d really like the “31” to change so it shows the real date like the Apple offering. Small thing but really irritating... I’d also like it to have an option to ‘learn’ your inputs. Example- I’m a nurse, and when I put start time in, it automatically puts in a 2hr block... would love it to learn that I want 8.5hrs. Also, when putting in location of event, it would be great to have an option where it automatically just looks for country or statewide- sorry but I live in Sydney Australia- I don’t want USA options!!!!.Version: 2.64.0

Google calendarVery good app. Clear and easy to follow. I like how it loads a map to the calendar. Works very efficiently and I can link it to another account which is great..Version: 1.2.3

Great App - Show me the date!I really like everything about the app but wish it would show today’s date on the front of the app for quick viewing..Version: 2.114.0

Why doesn’t today’s date display?I’d give this app 5 stars if the thumbnail for the app updated each day with today’s date like the Apple calendar app does..Version: 20.45.0

Great but please fix the bugsAmazing app that is brought down by minor bugs. For instance, routinely I have to force quit the application because it will refuse to respond to tapping when I want to amend the title, change date/time, etc. but tapping elsewhere on the screen sometimes works. Very strange behaviour..Version: 20.45.0

Great plannerFunctional, customizable, and sleek design. However, would love a few more customizable features to make it even more intuitive. I want the ability to pick which Details are displayed when creating a new event and which are hidden under the “More Options”. By pulling out the settings that I use most often, I could create events even more quickly. Also wish that the description I write for events was visible without having to click on the event to view details. Especially for events that take up more space in the daily/weekly view, I would love to be able to read the details from there. I use this space for reminders and to-do lists for specific events, but since that detail is not shown without clicking on the event I can forget things..Version: 2.116.0

Must-Have Best App everRecently I had checked google calendar and realized I had a meeting with my boss. I had totally forgotten about the meeting and made it on time thanks to google calendar. Google calendar is great to use because it has everything in one app. Google calendar allows you to add events, tasks, reminders, and even goals. Tasks are events that you plan on doing. Reminders are things that you want to remind yourself. Goals are things that you want to achieve like exercise. The cool thing is that you can share your events with other people so they know, For example if you’re having a party you can share the event with the party guests and you can add a note with the things people should bring. I promise you, google calendar is the best calendar ever..Version: 2.122.0

Intuitive and Great User InterfaceI am a lover of Google apps and use the Google calendar over the built in Apple one, as I prefer it visually and because it links with all the other Google apps I use (Mail, Keep, Drive). I have however noticed that of recent it is getting buggy on my iPad Mini 2. Freezing quite a bit (have to press the home button and restart app)especially when I invite a guest to an event....Version: 2.34.0

SuggestionI really like this app! Can you please have an option for Statutory holidays ONLY. It so annoying to see holiday nobody ever heard of. Thanks..Version: 2.12

Apple Watch compatibilityI use Google Calendar for absolutely every event and task, so it’s super frustrating that there is no support for the Apple Watch. I can’t see my upcoming events displayed on the watch face and have to link my google account to a third party app to get it to work. Really would like this feature integrated!.Version: 22.1.0

THE best calendar app EVEROkay I've used many a calendar app to try and organize my life - especially things that done need to be done everyday, also reminders and events, appointments etc. Its always been hard to try and determine when is the best time to do this or that - this app DOES IT FOR YOU! It does the juggling - and if it's not a good time 'Later' and it will pop up somewhere else! Being a shift worked without a regular 9-5 this has been amazing to achieve everything I want and need to do in the week. 5 STARS, thank you google!.Version: 2.16

GreatPlease make a Google Calendar widget!.Version: 20.41.0

Great app but should show actual dateReally nice app and would like to use as my default. But always shows 31 when actual date would be more useful. Please fix, then 5 stars!.Version: 1.0.3

Everything one might need in a calendar appI love how Google Calendar automagically uploads everything to the cloud. I also love how it suggests locations based on the address one types in (of course it doesn't do this for private addresses, but it is still a handy feature.) It will set reminders by month, day, hour, or minute, and it also asks if one wants to set up recurring appointments for a number of weeks, a number of days, or annually (handy for Birthday reminders.) The app will also convert between time zones across the world—another useful feature. And all of these can easily be set whether one is using a smartphone or a tablet, and also a desktop or a laptop. All of the changes are sent to the cloud, as well. It is possible to export it into many other formats as well, such as iCal, and Microsoft Office. I ❤️ Google Calendar and will continue to use it until they pry it out of my hands. 🙂.Version: 2.10

Clear and organised!Never felt so organised in my life!! I love the ‘schedule’ view, I can scroll through and see what’s coming up and I have visuals that go with each one! I work two jobs and go to uni so this helps me keep extra organised and I can clearly see what I have on that day and for the days ahead!.Version: 2.18

Show date on iconLove that way better than the apple Calendar app, but wish the icon showed the date.Version: 20.33.0

Almost PerfectReally useful calendar to help my wife and I coordinate our busy schedules. However there are 2 problems with it and I hope they can be fixed on newer versions: 1. It would be great if the app showed the date on the home screen rather than just 31! Apple have managed so we know I can be done. 2. It be very useful to be able to edit the colour label names e.g. holiday or work etc.Version: 2.78.0

Almost perfect...!Been using this calendar app for about 5 years or more on phone and PC. It’s great. I like the features, like colour decoding, notifications, repeating events. There are a few things I’d like to be able to do, but can’t at the moment: 1) I’d like the option to be able to create notifications for the finish time of events. Currently only notifications for the starting times are possible. I need reminders to pick up my kids *after* the event too. 2) I’d like to be able to copy an event to a new date. I can set up repeats, but sometimes when I make a new appt, all details stay the same except the date and time. I’d like to be able to copy/duplicate an existing event to a new date/time. Eg when I’m at the physio making a new appt, I don’t need to re-enter everything, I can just say “copy this event” and select a new date/time. Would also be great - if I’m not asking too much - to have the option when adding a location to an event, to select ‘current location’. Many thanks in advance. I’ll change my rating to 5/5 (perfection) for these cake icings...!!.Version: 2.34.0

EasyI love this app because it is really easy to use I use it for school and put all of my subject for the day on each day.Version: 1.3.2

Great bar one small annoying thingI really like this app, but am really annoyed by a small thing in the latest update - you used to be able to hold down an event, and then move it around, but now when you hold it down, it comes up with more information. To move an event you need to go into the actual timings and change it. Yeah. Great app but a small but annoying thing there. I’d much rather be able to adjust my event timings with ease.Version: 2.70.0

Why stuck on 31?Great app, I’d love more (and nicer) colours to organize everything, and also it drives me nuts that the app icon says 31. Why 31? Can’t it change with the actual date like the apple one? Or just take the number off and use an image of a calendar… Other than that it’s great, thanks google..Version: 22.31.0

Really Useful!I’m a high school sophomore, and I’ve had trouble with keeping my assignments/tests organized. Google Calendar really changed my life. I tried to use paper and pencil, but I got lazy overtime and just stopped using it. I use my phone literally every day, so I thought to myself, “Is there an organizational app that might help with high school?” And sure enough, I come across GC. It’s my 4th week of school, and I have great grades because of my assignments and tests!!! Thank you for creating an app like this! Plus, my school uses Chromebooks and Google Accounts, so I can use the website on my computer and it syncs the same data from my phone just in case I can’t get my phone out in class. I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!!! Thanks for reading!.Version: 21.33.0

I have 1 issue with it.I am unable to change the colours of my goals/reminders/events on my calendar. If this could be fixed I would give 5 stars. Thanks 🙂.Version: 20.21.0

Great Calendar, One thing though...Please please please remove that feature which sound helpful but its SUPER annoying. The feature is basically when you set your hours on an event but then if you change the hours then the hours will follow you. Meaning if it’s three hours long but you wish to extend the hours. You can’t because it just automatically follows assuming that your event will begin earlier and as a result end earlier. When does that ever happen. Please just leave it!.Version: 2.98.0

Great app, would love more colour personalisationGoogle Calendar is great to use to help organise your life. I don’t always use the features as intended, but I’m looking forward to utilising the newer ‘Tasks’ My real request is allowing the greater selection of colours to be used for events and other things as they’re made, not just for setting default colours in settings. They’re very pretty colours! And I’d like to use them more !!.Version: 22.1.1

Convenient but could be improvedI love the colors to be able to tell the difference. I also love the ability to share events with people. I do wish that I could add the same event to multiple days. For example, work, for people who don’t work the same days every week. If I work and 7am-7pm multiple days a week; that I could just type in the information and just click on the different days that I work. Another example would be for volunteering events; I have to keep typing them in, because they don’t repeat on the same days of the week each week. It’s a huge downside. I keep hoping there will be an update with it. But I may start looking for another app. Additionally, it would be nice to have more neon colors for color coordination. As me and my husband share calendars and have events for the kids. It would really help separate each of those things. I often run out of colors..Version: 2.24

Best calendar app but icon should change with dateTitle says all. This is a great calendar app, easy to use, especially for collaboration. Only complaint is that the icon always says 31. This should change to reflect the current day of the month like apple’s default calendar app..Version: 2.116.0

Like magicJust installed google maps and hey presto it populated without any glitches or problems. Even brought in my colour scheme, just like magic.🧙‍♂️.Version: 2.82.0

Listen to us pleaseMake the real date Shows on the face of the app, how easy is that? Thanks.Version: 2.112.0

Please put the real date in your icon!Love the format of this app but I wish it had the real date in the app!.Version: 2.132.0

Not quite there yetI have just changed over from using the iphone calendar, but am struggling with some lack of functionality. As other reviews have said, please change the picture of the app from a constant "31" to the actual date. I am not getting any alerts when I set a reminder? Seems odd, I get alerts for everything else. Shouldn't a reminder actually remind you via an alert? My iphone calendar keeps picking up everything from my Google calendar. To be honest, I would rather do away with the iphone one and I certainly don't want it picking up the info from my Google calendar. I agree with others too, those pictures that keep being added are unwanted and useless. They make it difficult to discern the colour I have set for that event, and just make it harder to locate entries. Please remove, or make optional. A few of these improvements would make it far more professional and less clumsy..Version: 2.16

DateBonjour Vous pourriez mettre la bonne date en en tête au lieu que ce soit toujours le 31.Version: 2.134.0

It’s so pretty!Even tho I don’t have an actual gmail account i can sign in to this using an outlook address google account and IT will upload all my outlook and iCal events, HOWEVER it will NOT do the same with uploading my google calendar events to those calendars. I love the colours and the pictures. Just losing a point for not sharing. I got this primarily as it loads my Google Home reminders to a calendar! So handy when you cant even be bothered to pick up a phone and type, just talk!.Version: 2.34.0

Good appI’m amazed at how good this app is. I have a few hospital appointments that had written on a bit of paper and was just about to put them into my calendar when I found this app which had already put the appointments in for me so I won’t forget and will be remindedIt also put in reminders to cancel Apple TV and the like which was a plus advice is to get this app as it will make your life a lot easier..Version: 20.45.0

GoogleCalendar reviewGoogle Calendar is a fantastic app to gain for many reasons! We all have busy schedules for our daily routines and it’s very difficult to keep organised. However, Google Calendar allows you to mark any dentist appointment, sleepover, or a reminder to shower with great ease. There are many ways to mark your date, and the app isn’t complicated to work at all. Once you tap the + button on the bottom right, it allows you to put down ALL the important information you need for your specific date, such as the time, place, name, notification and date. I can assure all future users of this app that google Calendar will help greatly with all your troubles when it comes to knowing when and what your doing, all day long. -Cecilia.Version: 2.54.0

Please please pleaseGreat app. Could be improved when it comes to viewing options (moleskin timepage hint hint) however, please please please the biggest request is for the app icon to change with the date !!!! It’s not the 31st. The only reason I keep the iPhone calendar anywhere is because it reflects the proper date on the app icon. Please can we change that ! Would be the perfect calendar app 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.Version: 2.60.0

Can’t live without it...butLove using Google calendar and have recently started using the app, which is so much better than syncing with the calendar on my phone. Very user friendly, but wish I could add and edit notes to existing events using the app. Only seem to be able to do that for new events - or have I missed something?.Version: 2.82.0

Could Improve...This is a great app but would be nice to have a setting which allowed for the full 24hrs to be shown at once, especially for those of us with the bigger Phoebe screens. Also the ability to scroll across the week view without having to move 7 days at once. Once more when events collide, allow them to overlap slightly, perhaps don't budge them over quite so much or you end up with a tiny bar in the week view and you can't read what the event says. Also if the app icon would show the actual date like the Apple Calendar app does. Lastly if the google apps communicated with each other such as google maps automatically giving an estimated leave reminder by calculating how long it will take me to arrive at an event via my most used mode of transport. Would love these ideas to be implemented..Version: 2.10

Amazing - but would love to see friends/family calendarsThis app is amazing, it’s easy and keeps my life really organised. However, I’d love to have the option to share my calendar with friends and family (similarly to sharing my location on Google maps), whereby after we’ve both agreed I could access their calendar in the side menu so we don’t have to go through the hassle of organising dates via group chats etc..Version: 2.100.0

IOS 14 Widget please!I love this app but PLEASE Google make a widget for IOS 14!! That would be amazing..Version: 20.35.0

Best Free Calendar App You Can GetI’ve tried all kinds of available calendar apps, but this one is by far my favorite! I often tell my friends to drop their apps and opt for Google Calendar because I really think it is so much better than any other free-cal app out there. I am easily able to look at my daily, weekly and monthly schedule- and I LOVE that the monthly outlook actually tells me what I have going on each day. I can also color-code events/calendars so I can see what realms I have working each day, AND it syncs up online so that I can use it on my computer too. I also have calendars made for my team so that I can put events in all of our schedules at one time. And I can set GOALS and make REMINDERS and CHECK THEM OFF AS I GO??? Amazing. I probably sound like a fake review right now, but I swear I am a human (who never even writes reviews) and I just really really love this app. Do yourself a favor and get this..Version: 2.86.0

Best Calendar BUT!Just love the Google Calendar, have been using for ever. The ease to use, share, set bright colours for ease of view, reminders, locations and print # it is far superior to all others. Would love to see it compatible with the apple watch. Since moving to Apple iPhone iPad MacBook Air and now having the watch it is all that I'm missing it on. All other apps are so far behind the Google calendar, I have tried all those recommended and those with the highest rating/downloaded but they leave me NEEDING a watch version. Please, please help me and many others have the best! Will then easily give 10 stars.Version: 2.40.0

Allow guests to modify events through phone appIt’s a great app! Just need that one thing to work for teams - Allow guests to modify events through phone app, they are able to do to it from a browser! But not from their phone apps! Same experience on the mobile as behind the computer browser will be great!.Version: 2.38.0

Please include daily dairy as well with a lockIf you guys include a daily diary as well it will be really useful for everyone. Please do consider my suggestion. Thanks and regards..Version: 2.86.0

Love the appGreat app- however I would love it if rather than having the colours as options for events, you were able to name them as categories For example. I use red for work, purple for gym and blue for appointments. Would be good if when creating the event rather than picking a ‘colour’, could select work, gym - if that makes sense!.Version: 22.1.1

Really like it except...I really like everything about the app except that the icon doesn’t show today’s date for quick view..Version: 2.10

Google calendarI love google calendar for the smooth integration and consolidation of events from various aspects of my life. Also, I love to see my calendar in the month view on my phone where I can actually see the events coming up without clicking on a day (you cannot do this on the iPhone calendar). Google calendar is the biggest reason I use mostly google products. However, I’ve recently switched to iPhone and noticed that I no longer have the ability to see my daily tasks in the calendar. I loved the consolidation of my tasks and events in one place. It was like this with Samsung, but not the iPhone. Why is this? Also, after adding an event it takes you to another screen. You have to press ‘back’ in order to get to the month view again. Is there a way to take away this extra step? Otherwise, I love google everything..Version: 2.130.0

LoveThis is such a great calendar. I use it for everything. Off the top of my head, two things to make it better would be to have an option to set recurrences for “last day of the month” instead of an actual date, and edit sub-calendar of an event (currently you have to copy the even to the correct sub-calendar and then go back to delete the other event if you want to change it)..Version: 20.17.0

Simple to operated!Synchronized well and basic features which work well for me. Useful Additions are being made all the time.Version: 2.1.2

Brilliant app!I cannot stress enough on how good this app is and how my entire life and work depends on what I locked into this app. The way it works, it’s design and the coloured options with the labels is what my life is all about! This app is just as good on both the App and on the browsers. Clearly something I will continue to use and I’ve been using this app since 2015! Whatever you do Google Australia, don’t go away with the calendar app! #LoveThisApp.Version: 20.45.0

Bigger WidgetHello, I was using the original apple widget for the app that showed my schedule and was long, but in the most recent update you took that away and now there are only half sized and quarter sized new apple widgets. I was wondering if you would be able to create that large size widget because that is what I use Google Calendar most for, and only being able to see 3 ish events with your current new widget is not enough for a busy schedule. Thank you for reading this request. I hope you consider this in future updates. Great app otherwise..Version: 21.13.0

Dark mode pleaseAs the title says..Version: 2.116.0

Best App InventedLet me mother freaking tell you.. this app is a magical invention. i am a very disorderly person, but google calendar saves me. the minute i find out i have something to do, or somewhere to be. i stop by my favorite app, and fill in what i have to do. it’s very easy to use, AND YES GUESS WHAT… ITS FREEEEEEE. all you need is a google email, which also, a very good and resourceful app and email system. yahoo could never. it even will mark things on my calendar for me, if there is stuff with dates and times received through email or sometimes text. if you’re contemplating downloading this app, stop overthinking and press that button. it’ll change your life. it has changed mine. thank you for stopping by my review, now do yourself a favor & download the app. love you. xoxo..Version: 21.37.0

Clean and easy to useI’ll be brief, this app is very easy to use and one of the best calendar apps available I just wish there was a way to filter out irrelevant “holidays” in the Canadian holiday option. I wish I could only have stat holidays specifically appear instead of literally anything considered to be a “holiday” that isn’t one..Version: 2.86.0

Great Product but Missing somethingOverall I love the Google Calendar app. In fact that’s why I use it on all my iOS devices instead if Apple’s Calendar mostly because of how Google displays and presents its schedule view. However, it would be great if you could add a single tile widget of just the monthly calendar in addition to the split screen monthly calendar view and mini schedule. Also please stop breaking the old expandable calendar schedule view widget on app updates. It sometimes takes several more updates to get it back. It will usually get removed and not be around as an option for a few more updates then it will just show up again out of nowhere. Or instead of fixing that old one move it to the new style of widgets into a larger scrollable widget, maybe😏🤔..Version: 22.19.0

Calendar options in appLargely I enjoy this app. The ability to sync schedules with my family has been a lifesaver. However, it makes me absolutely crazy that I cannot change which calendar an event goes to within the app. So if I add an event in the app on my phone, it automatically goes to the “default” calendar which is essentially the calendar I last used on the desktop. I have to then go to my desktop version to get the event in the right place. This added step drives me crazy because sometimes I forget to change it on the desktop and then the event gets missed by my family. NEW: On the task list, I wish the “due date” would stay on the date it was originally assigned to rather than rolling forward. Especially on recurring tasks because I end up questioning myself when there are two there: did I just forget to check something off? When was the duplicate originally assigned? Sometimes I miss things and I’d rather immediately see when it was actually due rather than it just becoming a new item for the new day..Version: 21.45.0

Great app but...I love this app. Keeps me organised. I love how I am able to colour different appointments and tasks etc. However the ‘month’ feature is a little confusing. I wish the months were separated so that it makes it more clearer. I’m seeing the 1st of each month on the previous months page which is annoying when you want to just see the current months plans. That’s the only thing I hope you change in new updates..Version: 20.45.0

Loving the calendar so far!It is a nice improvement over the Apple one which I used less. This one puts in data without me having to do anything which means I can rely on it more. There are just two things I have come across that it seems to be lacking which I would like implemented. The first is that I would love if you showed the day and the date on the icon. Now I glance at my phone and all I see is 31 which is wrong and to be honest it bothers me. The other thing is something I really hope you will implement but I don’t have high hopes. You currently search my gmail for receipts/data etc to add into calendar but I have another email account (through another provider) I would like to be included in your searches. Any way this could be done? I realise you might not want to do this as it’s not gmail but you could lay the ground rule that the main email account must be gmail for it to work..Version: 2.48.0

Great AppReally enjoying using this. Great interface with lots of options. I love the way it links in with Google maps and the ability to share is great. If I could edit Appts made in my exchange calendar, it would have 5 stars..Version: 1.1.9

Icon displayI’m a huge fan of this app. Makes it super easy to organize my life... a slight annoyance I have though is that the icon doesn’t change to show the current date. Please include this in the next update and it will be 5/5 stars from me :).Version: 2.122.0

Amazing!This is by far the best calendar I’ve used. I love how you can set tasks and reminders on it as well as just use it as a normal calendar. This app has been life-saving and I’ve been so much more productive and organised by using this app..Version: 21.33.0

Great app, needs some basic featuresI absolutely love the google calendar app it helps me to keep my life organised and stay on top of everything. However, their are some absolutely basic features which I would love to see; the thumbnail for the app should display today’s date, instead of swiping right on the little calendar section at the top in order to see the next month, you should have the option to swipe down. If these features were added it would be a 5 star app easily..Version: 2.112.0

My favourite calendar is missing somethingGreat helpful calendar, I find it more useful and more user friendly than the Apple calendar, however the icon design doesn’t tell you today’s date and day like the Apple calendar icon does, it would be great if Google calendar could also do this so we know that info easily and quickly.Version: 20.43.0

Awesome App!After losing my entire Outlook Calendar during a PC switch, I started using the Google calendar, and I’ve never considered using anything else. This app instantly updates everything on all my devices in real time, and meets all my needs. As the president of a local non-profit organization, and communications manager, it is critical that my schedule is accurate and clear. This app provides all the amenities necessary to achieve the goals of our group as well as my personal appointments. The color coding is one of my favorite perks. The “Find” feature is awesome for tracking previous schedules as well when tracking year-end reporting to build the calendar for the new year ahead. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is constantly on the go..Version: 2.136.0

Love this appThank you for fixing the scrolling/freezing problem. After years of being thrilled with my Google Calendar I was being driven insane by it lately. I agree with all of the previous reviewers points - particularly the one about showing the date on the icon. Other facilities are so useful it must be possible to show the correct date. Apple does but it is a much less attractive app to use. I particularly like the pictures that come up for some events and wish this could be extended. Eg - meeting - notepad and pen perhaps..Version: 2.45.0

Dark mode pleaaaaseThanks :)..Version: 2.116.0

Missing Just One ThingBefore I get to my biggest disappointment, I want to say that having the google app, calendar, and gmail app have made way more simpler. Planning, coordinating, and attending events, appointments, and even dates has been smooth. I can actually handle making a schedule. Now for the major critique. I don’t like the Apple Calendar because it’s not user friendly like the google calendar. HOWEVER, when looking at the Apple calendar the date is readily available on the face of the app prior to opening it. Google, please, modify the face of the app to do this as well. I’m sure there’s no law against it. Nor would it cause a major rift in the competition between Apple and Google. In my personal opinion as a consumer, it will generate more Google Calendar users than before because it’s improves the app to be more user friendly..Version: 2.66.0

Probably the best if you use Google services, could be betterI use various Gmail and Google Workspace accounts and this puts them all together well. Has nice functions like pulling in events from Mail etc. The goals feature is pretty neat and even syncs with Apple Health for fitness related bits. Being able to use Google maps for event locations gives you good and accurate time to leave notifications. The one thing I would love to be added is event templates. If you have the same types of events that you put in your calendar all the time because you have appointment based work, it takes too long to enter in events. This feature that I get in third party apps is essential to me. I’d love to see it built in to this app. Another thing that could be improved across Google calendars services generally is appointments. They could be so good, but they currently miss the mark..Version: 21.1.0

Importing and the home screenSeems good so far. Bit disappointed that I have to use the computer to import the Apple calendar. I was expecting it to happen on my phone when I allowed Google Calendar to access my Calendar, but it just got birthdays. Also, very minor issue. Feel silly bringing it up, but I hate how iOS has to try and squeeze in “Google Calendar” on the home screen. With google maps it’s not so bad. But calendar is already a long word, having to squeeze in Google is too much. It looks yuck. Seems like a nice app though. Might give it a go for a while..Version: 2.48.0

Stuck on 31 is frustratingIt's a surprise to see the icon date stuck on 31, surely something so straight forward as the date can change with each day? Otherwise a great calendar app..Version: 1.1.6

Would be great if……The app interface could show the correct date. Instead it uses 31 as it’s interface which at first glance is confusing. I always have to double check what date it is. Other calendar apps can do it so why can’t Google? Other than that, it’s a great calendar app. Please developers, sort out the date interface?.Version: 21.41.0

Lagging, doesn't respond oftenJust recently used my google calendar and found it was often laggy, and unresponsive. Had to restart my phone. Found even then it lagged or was unresponsive. My phone isn't all that old maybe a month old or half a month old at best so i know its not a phone issue. Please can you look into this issue? Thanks.Version: 20.39.0

Changed my life!I love the monthly view. Love how you can pick any color and make it personal. Please never lose the detailed monthly view!!!.Version: 2.136.0

We need dark mode !DARK MODE will definitely helps to improve user experience... make it happen pls.Version: 2.136.0

Love it butWould really love it to be compatible with my Apple Watch and also if the little 31 on the icon could change to be the actual day of that day, similar to that of the apple calendar. When you glance at the app you can see what date it is that day..Version: 22.1.0

Important feature missing!!!Just moved over from apple iOS native calendar app, this calendar app is pretty good but is missing a yearly view. Yearly view is useful when planning or checking anything on a yearly scale like holidays, birthdays, rent, work etc. Anything that happens in more than a month’s time it’s much easier to look at the whole thing in one single view. Also in monthly view I don’t know why it is scrolled horizontally but scrolling vertically makes more sense as some days from previous and next month’s are visible at the first and last week of the current month, it would be more seamless to scroll up & down and see each month following the other without page breaks. Plus this is just something minor but when scrolling, everything except 3 day view snaps to grid and it breaks the continuity of the calendar. In weeks view if I were to, say I am planning a trip or an event over 4 days, if 2 of those days were on next week the whole event would be broken up into 2 “pages”. Of course I can change the start of week day to a day that puts the whole event into the same page but it’s just nicer to scroll around the calendar to adjust the view instead of having to go settings every time..Version: 21.1.0

Love this app except for the iconIf Google would update the app icon to actually show the day of the month and change with the days like Apple’s calendar app does then they would have the better of the two apps. I much prefer the look and feel and color customization options of Google Calendar when in app, but the icon itself simply shows a never changing 31 instead of the actual date. This is a very small gripe, I know, and even that would be ok if they would update it and make a widget available for the Home Screen instead of only being available in the Today view. Again, minor complaints. For now I keep the widget in the Today view and swipe right to see my schedule at a quick glance, and continue to keep the Apple calendar icon on my Home Screen for a quick view of the day and date without the need to swipe..Version: 20.41.0

PLEASE ADD BIRTHDAY REMINDERSThis is my favourite calendar app and having birthdays automatically added is fantastic, but I have ADHD and memory issues and not being able to have birthday reminders without creating the event myself is so annoying. Please, please, please add the option for reminders for auto-calendars!!.Version: 21.17.0

Best autosyncing calendar app out!!Am so happy to have found this app! No other app can beat the real-time, automatic sync feature like google calendar does. My workplace uses google calendar to book meeting rooms, and there are ipads outside each meeting room so people can see the room availability. Because we update meeting rooms from desktop and/or device, we need an app that can update automatically. We want to use this in our workplace, only issues are: it can’t be viewed in landscape mode, and, it is not searchable in iPad. I've had to copy the link from desktop, send the link to my inbox, open the link on iPad and download the long way. Pleease change the viewing options and open the app to iPad. This will be the biggest lifesaver!!! :).Version: 1.1.3

ExcellentEnvironmentally friendly and smart. I started my paper schedule two months ago again because I thought I could draw some cute things on it. However I lost it somewhere. Also I broke my old phone. With the new phone and my google account, all of the history is still here. I stick to it this time. Brilliant..Version: 2.70.1

Good overallWould like the ability to put a summary in notification view similar to the current calendar app does. Would also like more accessibility in terms of things being more specifically customizable, for example, my work calendar, being able to set notifications for just me and not the rest of the staff..Version: 1.1.8

Great appA couple of suggestions, would love it if you can change goals names such as working out so that you can have different names. For example one day walk another run, at the moment it updates it for all. Also if you can change the size of goals to make them the same size as everything else :) Also if the date changes each day on the app, like the Apple calendar does; and if you added year view as well as day month and week that would be great.Version: 20.33.0

Fantastic CalendarThis is quite simply the best iPhone calendar I have ever used. All events are displayed clearly and can be easily added or amended. Improvement Wish List - It would be great to have the ability to add a Monday to Friday default week when adding / amending an event. Currently if an event runs for say 2 months the event will also cover weekends and this isn’t always required especially when the event is for business. Great app, thank you..Version: 2.34.0

Amazing!Please add a widget for iOS!! 5 stars for sure once this is completed.Version: 2.12

Make shift work friendly please.So overall the flexibility of goals and reminders is excellent, however I wish I could add my roster to this calendar without having to enter one shift at a time. I use a shift planner/duty app and the calendar. Making plans and organising my life would be more convenient if it was easily entered into google too..Version: 20.33.0

Better than the iOS app, but...Love this app and have been using it instead of the native iOS app for about a year now, so the improvements over that time have been good. I would, however, love to see a changing date in the app icon instead of the ‘31’ as it is a good quick look to see the date of you need to. Also, it is impossible for those with multiple calendars to quickly edit an event fro none to another out ty have accidentally added it to a different calendar (you have to go through the process of duplicate/copy to... and then delete) A nice gesture would be able to double tap on month view to add an event (like the desktop) and drop the options of goal(does anyone use that?!), reminder, event. It would be nice to select that when adding the event. Overall though, sooooo much better than Apple and their dull, unintuitive interface..Version: 2.106.0

Past due reminders list is short with no scrolling on iPad versionI’ve been using this calendar app for awhile and generally like it, but the last couple of updates have introduced some behavior that is frustrating me. For iPad version the list of past due reminders comes up in a very short box and doesn’t let me scroll down to look at the whole list. This works fine on the iPhone version. For iPhone version when I open a reminder to mark it complete there’s a moment when the screen goes black before the reminder comes’s just long enough that I always wonder if the app crashed on me. Same thing happens when I press Mark As Complete and it goes back to the week calendar. Otherwise the app has been functioning reasonably well for me and I do use it daily to keep my personal and work events organized..Version: 2.98.0

Nifty calendar appThis is a great simple app for events and reminders, though more features could be added for customising reminders. Part of the charm of this app is definitely the images and illustrations for events, so it would be great to see more illustrations for events. I'd also like to see a function which lets you choose from a range of illustrations for a particular activity, such as dining out. I also find week view looks awkward on a smart phone display. Overall, though, it's a seamless app which keeps me on track during the day!.Version: 1.3.6

Almost...Two things about this calendar keep it from being my favorite... the lack of a full month calendar view (complete with visibility of the events added, not just dots with a list below)... and the fact that the app doesn’t show the day’s date. I would manage with the dot/list version of the month calendar if, when I looked at my phone and saw the app it gave me a quick reference of the days date, like the iphone calendar does. Incidentally, that single stand-out feature is the ONLY thing I like about the iPhone calendar... The full calendar view offered by TinyCalendar has me using theirs, for now, but I would prefer to use google calendar for the ease of sharing calendars right through the app, rather than having to do so via browser....Version: 2.122.0

Now fixed - upgrade killed synch with exchangeFixed 28 Nov thank you as I use this for all my emails personal and work Suddenly - after an auto upgrade of the app 25 Nov - I can no longer synch with MS exchange accounts. I tried deleting the accounts, resetting and adding back but it is not working. It was working just fine til the latest app version..Version: 2.70.1

It’s great butMissing when you type in title you should be able to speak your time or say 7AM and it automatically puts that time in. So it saves you time from having to scroll for the time everytime. Be more fluent and innovative in small ways.Version: 21.21.0

Few Minor things that could help1. Integrating Tasks with mobile: It seems strange that they would only show up on desktop 2. Task lists from events: It would be so awesome if I could make a list in task that is automatically connected to an event. I am a student so being able to connect to-do’s to my specific classes in calendar would be great 3. A notes section for each day: currently there is a notes section for each event in which I can add details and links which is great, but it would be awesome if there was a way to view all notes compiled for that day. So if I have some details for “class at 9am” and some for “meeting at 2pm” there would be one view that shows all the details for both these events together. This could also be done by integrating Keep and adding event/date tags that can be created in calendar..Version: 2.136.0

Love it! Just 1thingIt’s the best out there. I like to see the icon say the date number and the day like other apps out there. Instead of just having “31” always on icon..Version: 2.134.0

Sleeping hoursJust downloaded this app and love it already. Only thing that I would like to changed would be that during the hours I am going to be sleeping, I don’t want to see those hours available on the app. If it could be edited in settings that would be awesome.Version: 2.100.0

Absolutely Love This Calendar App!!So easy to use, functions perfect, brilliant layout, best calendar app available!! Been using this app for my business and personal life for the past 6 months and literally couldn’t live without it!! Well done google!! Thankyou!! :-) P.s I would love to see the ability to add fortnightly reminders? At the moment you can only set weekly, monthly and yearly? I have my daughters every second weekend and would love to set particular fortnightly reminders. Definitely something to consider! :-).Version: 2.50.0

Not showing forward emailI like to use google calendar because it works beautifully but still it needs to show forwarded email events , if my friend booked a flight and I am going with him so if he forwards me the electronic flight ticket so google calendar also needed to add that , the app is so useful ,can you please make the changes.Version: 2.70.1

Pretty Good- Suggested improvementsI moved over from iCalendar recently and enjoying it, however, had some suggestions. When creating events and type in the title, suggest events I have previously done in the past. Therefore, all the relevant details are there (location, notification times, description) and I only need to change what’s necessary and we can be consistent with naming them. Ability to add and modify different calendars on the app. Especially I want to be able to use a colour spectrum to pick what colour my calendars should be (especially because the colours look different between the app and desktop). Also disappointed that I can add the lunar calendar to my desktop but not to the phone apps. Please add this and use the little emojis to say what stage it is. Like others said, it’d be nice if the seasons also reflected the Southern Hemisphere as well.Version: 21.47.0

Couldn't live withoutAbsolutely love this app! I do with there were some features added to the app that are available on the desktop, such as colors mimicking desktop web version more precisely (on desktop I have a calendar colored white with black text but it shows up gray on the app and I'm not a fan of that). Also I would love to be able to choose custom colors on the app, and not always have to dig out my computer if I'm setting up a new calendar or changing colors around. Diming past events like desktop would be nice as well Some other features that would be nice is Setting default calendar to add events to and Lastly, I would love to be able to set default views. I'm not a fan of the schedule view. I would prefer to use month and it go to the day view when I click on the day..Version: 20.45.0

Helps me so muchI have a very active schedule and i go to a leisure center, but of course i cant just go whenever i want there are times to go every week. And i cant always use notion because its on my computer and the mobile controls are confusing. Instead i use google calender, I can put what times and what activities i have. That way if i have swimming i can bring my swimming suit or karate. Also then ill know when to bring money..Version: 22.9.0

Almost perfectIt’s definitely the best calendar app out there. Syncs perfectly and instantly with your online google calendar (plus any other google calendars you follow) AND shows historical events (so many calendar apps delete anything older than a month). Only thing I wish it did was show the current date on the app icon (like the built in Apple calendar does)..Version: 2.114.0

Good but missing tasksThis app is really great for organising everything, I wish it had the same compatibility as on the computer for showing tasks on the mobile calendar. It makes it difficult when you put tasks into your day and have to open the laptop to see when they’ve been scheduled for..Version: 20.17.0

Great appI really love the google calendar program. The reminders and tasks on the calendar is so functional for me. I also love the options for events/tasks/reminders when you long press the app icon. I have some suggestions: 1. The ability to change calendars AFTER an event is created on mobile would be great. I manage several calendars so this is annoying. 2. The ability to change notification sounds on iPhone. Have you heard the built in sounds? 👎 3. I would love a travel time option similar to that of ical on iPhone. It’s the only way their app is superior to yours. I know you’ve tried this before and it didn’t work out for whatever reason. I know I can create this on a computer, but the with this option, travel time shows as an additional event instead of additional time in the event like ical. It’s also tedious to create this then have to change the repeating setting on the travel event for repeating events. Goog, are you really going to let apple smoke you in this department??! I know someone there uses iPhone. Play with the calendar setting and get it together lol..Version: 22.47.0

Widget please!Using this as my main calendar just got much less appealing since ical can have a widget on the Home Screen.Version: 20.35.0

App removed calendarsI really liked the app, but just recently it has removed my calendars. Birthdays are gone, and now my school calendar that was synced. Something is wrong with the app, so I downloaded Tiny Calendar and the calendars that were gone are back. So I will no longer be using google calendar..Version: 2.120.0

Fantastic Calendar AppThis is the best calendar app that I’ve found to organise your life. The ability to have a weekly view is something many other apps are missing, but this one does fantastically. My only suggestion would be to add a way to make your own custom colours for your events. There’s a limited selection, and I’m a very colour oriented person when it comes to organisation! (If there is already a way to do this that I’m missing my apologies, please let me know).Version: 22.43.0

Could betterI am start using google calendar few weeks ago. It could be more if the it changes few things like: 1. fonts of the calendar (Dates) are very small when I put in month view. Please, put in bigger font specially in Month View. 2. Please highlight the today’s date in different colour and weekends dates are in different colours or Make shadow would looks nicer. Thank you..Version: 2.38.0

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