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Love it but would like to see a feature addedWould really love to see more support for Apple Watch and be able to (have the option) to stream from the watch. Eg. When going for a run being able to leave your phone behind and just rely on the watch for music. Yes you might increase your data use but here in Australia that’s not really an issue.Version: 4.16

If it’s alright could you...This app has amazing quality although there is some thing I wish you could do. The thing is I’m trying to find a app where I can listen to music while playing something for free. Whenever I do this finding apps I cant seem to find one like that..Version: 3.25

Multiple Offline playlist plz...Awesome app with every song you want. Only thing i would really like to see is multiple playlist for downloads when your offline. Atm all songs will go in 1 playlist which is annoying when you want a particular genre at the time.. other then that awesome app with no issues 👌🏻.Version: 3.19

Awesome serviceAwesome service,I can download my favourite music and listen in the car.Version: 3.35

Neat app, but a few improvements could be useful.I give this four stars because it’s an amazing app, and I’ve been using it on my Lenovo / Google Home smart clock to fall asleep. As well as I like it, there are a few things that I would like to be added. For one, when I ask it to play a certain person or music company that I like, for example Waterflame, or Danimal Cannon, I want it to just play those songs. I’m tired of skipping songs to the point where I can’t even skip anything without a membership. Second of all, stop flooding your ads with membership advertisements! It’s annoying to me because imagine hearing after every single song: “Buy our membership!” And I would also like the option to not play certain songs, because after a while it plays lo-fi music or old school hip-hop, but I don’t want that to happen. Again, this is a great app, but these things are something that could be considered in the future. I look forward to using this more..Version: 4.21

Please fix this.Sometimes it doesn’t play the next song when I’m on my offline playlist?.Version: 2.49

Please help me !Hey guys, i need your assists. I just changed my phone today and dowloading every stuff from my old phone to my new phone including this app. And i had subscribed to this app before but after i changed my phone it asked me to subscribe again. Im just afraid that i will subscribe it twice. Looking forward for a reply. Thanks!.Version: 3.39.2

It’s greatFor some reason this app finds the songs I like and you can download as many songs you like so you can enjoy of any song you like offline. Really recommend it 👍🏾👍🏾🤙🏾.Version: 4.18

Happy but not satisfiedI am quite happy with the app over all. Have been using the app for quite a while now but I still want improvement when it comes to song suggestions when I pick one song and most of the times the songs that are repeated after that are quite same I wonder if we can get more combination of similar songs that belongs to same genre that would be good..Version: 4.07

One thing...So I really like this app because it almost reads your mind with the songs you want to listen to and I like that it gives you the option to watch the music video that goes with the song. The thing is (and I’ve seen complaints about this in other reviews), when you first get the app it asks it you want a free trial for premium. A lot of apps do this so I wasn’t too surprised but anyway I didn’t want to use mine, or at least not yet. So i just pressed the little “x” so I could go on without the trial but when I opened the app like a minute later it told me that I was currently in the free trial even though I’m 100% sure that I pressed the “x.” So ya, that’s pretty much my only complaint. Otherwise it’s a great app. Thanks for reading!.Version: 3.88

Love it but the app needs improvingRecently subscribed following the one month free trial. I like that I can set up different accounts for family and premium removes annoying ads. The whole app works so much smoother without the ads and interruptions. I’ve recently switched from Apple Music after 2 years, where YT music has more videos and miscellaneous tracks and remixes/rarities which suits me, it lacks in new music content that Apple Music provides. If YT music can improve on the content and make more new music and content visible in the app then it will be amazing..Version: 3.13

Good app but way too many adsI really enjoy using this app but the ads are really annoying. You sometimes get up to 4/5 ads in a row, all longer than a minute long which is really annoying, especially when you don’t have the time to pick up your phone to skip a song, like when playing a game or something..Version: 4.20

Great butGuys, the ability to chill to just music, with a near endless choice, or watch a music video, when stoned 🙃, is brilliant. The only ask is, while in landscape mode on iPad Pro 12.9, going from full screen to windowed and showing video list, it reverts to portrait, which the requires picking up iPad, annoying after a few times. But the interface and GUI are perfect. Well done!.Version: 3.45.2

YesThis app is so good. I no longer need to download all the songs individually. definitely recommend this app😳🤚.Version: 4.07

Variety of MusicGreat app. I’ve found all the songs I wanted and lots more..Version: 3.37

Uninterrupted music.Brilliant app, non stop music. Ad free, Carey on playing even when your screen locks up. I love it, good value. Better than any other music app I have used in the past, I highly recommend if you’re looking for a music app, literally any music. I listen to mostly praise and worship, never not found the track I want..Version: 3.61

Good but for the repeatsI love this app but I find I have to give some songs a Thumbs Down at times because it just wants to play them over and over, twice or more every day. E.g. 500 Miles. Some artists (e.g. John Denver) you ask for one track and then every auto play list you ever start again will end up with most of his songs, despite not asking for another of his songs. Ask to start a play list with a rock or pop song and within a few songs you’re listening to Country music again. It’s all good music but too much of a good thing....Version: 3.47

Good but the latest update broken most of the songsSo ever since the latest update has come out I can’t listen to most of my music it’s just flickers and won’t play anything so I have to miss so much music not happy.Version: 3.19

Great but...Almost perfect, but there's a few issues with the offline components: -The app checks your downloads are up-to-date every time you go listen to them, which takes FOREVER if you have a lot of offline music. It takes about 5 minutes in my case. -It would be nice if we could organize albums/songa by genre, artist, etc. instead of getting one big list..Version: 2.25

I like the App, but...I often cast music from the App on my Sony TV. Whenever it is connected to the TV, overall App behavior becomes different, here are few examples: 1) When I play from my downloaded list, it does not follow the list itself. Depending on what song I select to play from the downloaded list, the queue becomes random with songs which is not in sync / order with my list 2) Moving a song up / down in the list also doesn’t work well, if I try to drag a song from one position to another, and I hold down for longer than 2-3 seconds, the drag auto releases, and scrolls back to where I originally started the drag from 3) Switching between Song / Video on the top bar is very slow, and sometimes reverses my choice, I have also seen a song being paused when attempting to switch to/from Song / Video Besides this or when just using the App without being connected to the TV, it works great, just wish the integration was smoother for my particular scenario Using iPhone 11 Pro and have auto-update on for Apps, and the TV is brand new Sony, so everything is relatively up to date on my side.Version: 3.71

Good app but bugs with last updatesHands down, this app has the most music. Nice to be able to listen to lesser known artists, covers, live performances, etc. Editing and sharing playlists on the app is really easy. One peeve of mine is that it has an option to download songs, but if you are out and have no cell service - you can’t open “library” to access “downloads” without needing internet - they should have an icon for “downloads” separate from “library” that opens right away without internet. Since the last update - it’s hit/miss with the app staying on. Before, you could lock your phone and the music would still play. Now it feels like you have to remember to trigger/wake the app to keep it on..Version: 3.09.3

Great app BUTThis is a really great app and it is easy to find the song you want. It’s got a wide selection of great songs and is free! The only thing I would change is being able to listen to music outside of the app. I love listening to music while I draw digitally or write on wattpad but sadly I can’t with this app since you are only able to listen inside the app. Please think about adding this so that people like me who love to multitask can do so! :).Version: 3.29

Great appHas lots of music, amazing that you can find any video even if it isn’t a published song because it’s source it YouTube. Love the new ability to re-order playlists from newest to oldest! Just wish music didn’t stop when you close the app from your open windows and that I could resume when where I left off when I re-open the app. Otherwise, phenomenal..Version: 4.16

Worst iWatch appProbably the worst iWatch app. The song does not sync on app in real time. Takes forever to start the app always stuck on getting playlists screen. Doesn't detect song being played. Volume up down has a lag, that makes it harder to set optimal volume..Version: 3.90

OfflineI bet a lot of people would appreciate it if you guys made an update for the premiums and the non to be able to listen to music that they’ve saved offline thank you for reading this and please from the whole world take this review into consideration thank you and goodbye😋😜🦄🦋.Version: 3.31

Get this if you wantYour music to sound louder devs make it so it auto downloads any songs that have been added in the downloaded playlists thx👌.Version: 3.51

Very buggy and missing basicsVery disappointed with this app so far: 1) When downloading playlists, the album art is pixelated for EVERY track. I can’t find a way to fix this. 2) Even though the setting for downloading videos is switched on - it will only download audio and not videos for offline use. 3) Despite having a gigabit Internet connection, downloads are incredibly slow. Almost 3 hours for just 2GB of content. On Google Play music, 2GB will take around 15 mins to download on my iPhone. 4) What’s the point of adding something to your library? Where does it go? This app feels rushed..Version: 2.35

Like it!I have YouTube Premium so I get the better side of things, but with YouTube Premium, the app is so much better and comfortable to use. I can download songs and listen to the offline and turn the screen off and still listen, just like Apple Music. Like the app so far!.Version: 2.69

DisappointingI loved this app until about 30mins ago when i found out the new update won’t let me play music unless i am in the app and ads are now included before every song. I absolutely swore by this app and loved every bit of it until now, smh i’m so angry.Version: 2.25

The revamp changes everything.This is a great app, has the absolute biggest library(YouTube), option for video and all of this is just the early access version! Very excited to see what the future updates bring with them. Few complaints are: Remove the swipe to delete from playlists, or make it harder to trigger, like requiring a double swipe. This was an issue in GPM, still an issue here. Also add shuffle and repeat buttons on the play screen and the ability to add whole albums to playlists. Other than that, keep up the good work and keep expanding the official library, as it’s missing big albums like Stoney by post Malone and 4 your eyes only by J Cole and so on..Version: 2.31

Update app pleaseLove the app just that if I turn off all data network and wifi the app shuts down, the only time I can use this app is when I have data on or wifi on i don’t actually have to have data it just needs to be on for the app to work, hope that makes sense..Version: 3.81.3

HmmI would like it if it wouldn’t repeat songs over and over on my playlists, also I seem to have so many same songs liked, by the same artist but then they pop up again in the playlist even straight after its already played.Version: 4.05

You tube musicIt is awesome to pick out songs that take me back to the high school days of the seventies star. Football player and rock guitar was progressing rapidly into the mind blowing riffs we rock and rollers know and love I have many of the best guitar in the world in my head thanks to you tube music I can tell the guitar hero from the first phrase of there guitar I’m 60 now and the music of today well I know they are artists and all they never be a Eddie or Alex or jimi h jimmy thanks to you tube music they will live in my world forever long live classic rock thank you Eddie who is Van Halen and Alex you should all know in my opinion the greatest guitar player ever who he is you tube music keeps these guys will captivate-generations to come thx Tom c.Version: 3.09.3

Good but flawed app.There are some performance issues and bugs with this app on iOS, the controls in the app when skipping tracks are very unresponsive and slow, taking several ‘pushes’ and seconds to register, where as on the lock screen the controls are much quicker. Also on the lock screen it often displays the wrong track information to the song you’re listening to, usually this displays the previous track you listened to while the next track plays. This really needs to be improved as you should be able to rapidly cycle through tracks in the app..Version: 2.57

Great Music all the timeI can download or just listen to anything I can think of. My entertainment is never interrupted as I prefer to pay a membership fee. I download music I want for on the road and never have to worry about the internet dropping out. It took me a long time to sign up and I wish I had done it sooner..Version: 3.41

Brilliant appBrilliant app to play FREE music and when you click off a the app the song still plays. Awesome! I would recommend this song for you. You can download offline music completely free. Save music. The loading can be a bit slow at times. It can struggle with connection too. You can choose to watch the music video or listen to the song without the video. That’s what I like too. Songs can be recommended for you..Version: 3.43

Issue with Bluetooth PerformanceSo overall the app works quite well, but there is a small bug when trying to play over Bluetooth or with Apple CarPlay. When selecting a song, the song title and artist shows, but the album doesn’t come up. The album title only displays if you change to the next song. Also, if you decide to start a song over, the song length will not reset, so if you start a 4 minute song over at the 3 minute mark, the clock will continue rolling, so you could be displaying 6 minutes of song time for a 4-minute song. These are obviously not issues affecting playback, but it’s enough for my OCD-self to notice. Should be an easy enough fix to implement..Version: 4.04

Seems LegitBeen using YT Music for about a month now and I’m pleased 100% so far! The My Mixtape section is great; I’ve had it play several songs that I love but hadn’t listened to in a while (oh the nostalgia). There are only a few glitches like how the app responds sometimes but not anything irritating to me in the least (some slow response times that last half a second). I know they are still working some bugs and kinks out, but I’ve yet to have the app crash on me since I’ve been using it. It’s my #1 go-to when listening to music on my phone whether I’m at home or driving. Can’t wait to see what new additions we get in the future!.Version: 2.41

Content winner, though lacking some polish and featuresHands down, the most music of any service. If it's a song that was recorded by humans it's probably in here. And will at some point come across your station. End of the day that's what matters most to me for a music service. Exposure to content. That said, the app is missing a few minor convenience features present in other similar services. My biggest peeve, no Windows PC music only mode. I listen to music a lot at work and would prefer not to eat bandwidth for videos I'm not watching. While in power the app has no option to keep the screen on meaning I have to unlock my phone to thumb a song down while driving. And the most minor, no way to thumb down a song that's not currently playing, gotta stop playing the current track, start playing the other one, then thumb it down. Also, why no access to comments?.Version: 2.19

2 complaints1.) I am tired of my music player always swiping down automatically without me swiping down and interrupting or changing my music as I’m skimming through songs. This has been doing this for over a year since I had my iPhone 6. I thought it was my phone but this is an annoying bug that needs to be fixed. 2.) I also noticed that when I’m scrolling though a list of songs that it lags and freezes which is very annoying considering I’ve paid $15 a month for it for over 4 years. Aside from these problems, everything else is good and I would otherwise recommend it if it wasn’t so buggy. Hope you see this and will make improvements soon. Thanks..Version: 4.07

Offline Playback UselessGreat app but with the latest update offline play is pretty much non existent. Every time you open up the app, it always has to ‘sync’ the offline playlists. Even when this is done and everything is downloaded, when you have no connection the app is useless, not even downloaded playlist will play until you establish an internet connection!.Version: 2.49

Move songs.Can you please update the app so we can put songs where we want them in the downloaded playlists and it remains like that? Just went through it for 30 minutes sorting through it just to go out of the app knowing it didn’t stay like it..Version: 3.15

Easy slick quickYou tube music has some pretty mint algorithms for music selection its almost like someone is listening and watching my every move.Version: 3.81.3

What I thinkIt’s a good and handy app I just wish you didn’t have to be in the app to hear the song. And I wish we could download the music for free.Version: 3.88

Missing songs on playlists.Over the past few days i have noticed I cannot add any new songs to my likes playlist, also it is only showing me some of the songs in the playlist when I know there is alot more as i have been using this app for about 1 year in total now. I have tried ways of fixing this issue but nothing appears to work..Version: 3.65

Love it.. exceptLove everything about this app... except I’ve not been able to create a “new play list”, since I’ve had this account. Ever time I try, it says, “there was a problem with the server [400]“. I’ve updated regularly, and have asked You Tube for a resolution more than once. NO ONE EVERY REPLIES !! I’d also like to be able to go back to the exact “app generated” playlist that I’ve been listening to for the past few days, after trying a different lineup. If I search for something new or tap on another song outside of the present list that I’ve been listening to. I can never return to the exact same lineup. Even if I go to “history”. The app always generates a different lineup of songs that’s compromised of some of the songs I’ve been listening to, but not the exact list..Version: 4.07

Apple Watch improvementI think the app should have better Apple Watch interaction as there are a few bugs I have noticed. I think it should have an Apple Watch interface to start playing music without touching your phone. Other than this love the app, great playlists..Version: 3.39.2

Exactly what I’ve wanted for a long timeThis app is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s perfect! Except, some songs randomly disappear from my playlists? I’ve tried adding the songs again and they’re yet again, not in the playlist. If this were not to happen the app would get a perfect 5 from me..Version: 2.11

Good but needs improvementThere buckets of good things but I’ve noticed that some of the song even claimed to be original slightly out of tune sometimes. Some of the functionality inside the app should be raised to get. For instance play from download as default would be great option..Version: 4.16

AwfulI hate the fact that I was made to use this application. I loved the Google Play Music app. It had everything I needed. It’s bad enough that many popular songs are not available in Australia due to draconian licensing laws, now I have to use this insufferable app as well. If you wanted to do Apple Music a solid... congratulations..Version: 3.86

So much bufferingI mostly listen to music while I’m working in the morning, I like to use the app because it does help discover music I would potentially like. My main issue with the app is every time I take out an AirPod to interact with another person it pauses my music and almost never picks back up. It try’s to buffer back where I was but I usually have to start the song over or just skip it. It’s rather annoying especially when it’s a podcast or a longer music playlist. Just seems like a big flaw that it can’t pick up where I left off, especially when I usually put my AirPod back in within a minute or two of taking it out. The only other issue is it plays a lot of repeat songs, mostly they’re songs that I’ve liked but I don’t discover new music by listening to the same stuff...Version: 3.15

Disappointed and riskyFirst review I’ve ever bothered to write. Literally cannot use the app for a car journey without it resetting half way through songs, I then have to reload the app and select the downloaded playlist two or three times a journey! (Of course Mr Police officer I always pull over to the side of the road in a safe location before touching my phone) Much improvement needed with the integration and app layout as well. Surely one of the key markets for any music app is cars and integration into software such as Apple play and the likes, as such I’d expect to be able to rewind songs the same as competitors apps can. YouTube’s got a unique scope of music that no other app can access but this is a rushed and disappointing start to what will more than likely be the market leader for streaming at some point. No excuses for this guys and girls.Version: 2.53.2

Its good but...Its great but some stuff is off. Its super glitchy for people sharing a family account. The explicate ‘E’ sign is sometimes off as well, when there is an explicate song but no ‘E’ sign on the title. I give it a four star though because its a really good music streaming platform and i love music, so win win. 😊😊😊😊.Version: 4.16

Great app recent update sucksHonestly loved the app until they made my mix “my super mix” (cheesy af btw).... still no app available for Xbox and constant issues even having my account on it.Version: 4.02

Top app for music videoAwesome app for all your music needs.Version: 3.19

Search barI love the app! But could you guys look into creating a search tab for each playlist that works OFFLINE too. Nothing worse than trying to search for a song in a playlist that has 100+ songs in it whilst offline. 😊.Version: 3.31

A bug in the app.Ever since the last update there has been a bug, when I open the app all that and all it does is flash sign-in error at the bottom of the screen and you cannot do anything on the app except from watching it do this. All I’m asking is that you fix the update because it used t work on my iPhone 8 but not on my XR and I just miss my music. Bye for now..Version: 4.17

😌 good !I have read a lot of negative comments on this app however I think that this is a very good app - there is always room for improvement but the large variety of music this app provides you is very good! I have downloaded this app on my iPad and I had no problems whatsoever with multi-tasking especially on apps - listening offline isn't a problem either and all in all this is very good!.Version: 2.57

Drains batteryOver all I like this app but when I’m in a area with no reception or I have my phone in airplane mode my battery will completely drain within 2 to 3 hours. Is this a bug or is there something I need to turn off in the settings?.Version: 2.61

Ad free!!All the music available at the touch of your fingertips plus quality sound. 3 months free trial. I would definitely pay for it even if their wasn’t a free trial. Oh and also download all songs plus you can play on locked screen even while typing this review it’s playing in the background also works on airplane mode. Best of yet no MF adverts!!!.Version: 2.35

Couple things to fix please!Love the app and would be 5 stars if not for the following: 1. When offline, the ‘go to downloads’ link doesn’t work, I have to go to the top right menu and choose downloads from there 2. When making changes to my library, new songs are added to those playlists in downloads, but when songs are deleted that isn’t updated. So I find myself deleting the playlist and redownloading whenever I’ve deleted songs Please fix these minor issues and Im happy to give 5 stars. Thanks!.Version: 3.35

YouTube musicIt work really good I am a proud member 👍🏻.Version: 3.79

FantasticThis app is the best music app that I have found. With premium it is even better than Apple Music but it is almost free.Version: 2.67

Good app needs updates thoughGood app I love it prefer it over any other music app but has become laggy now and sometimes takes a while to play or change the song when listening offline. Wish you could search music library offline..Version: 3.65

Unlike Music?I've been noticing that some of the videos I liked before, had been unliked for no reason, please fix this..Version: 1.94

One “tiny” complaintOk, so this app is great if you just wanna listen to music, which I like to do. So I opened the app, and it asked my if I wanted to start my free trial. I said no, because I wanted to save it. Then I exited the app because I didn’t want to use it yet. So that happened yesterday, and when I went on the app today, it said my free trial was ending soon. I checked if I had Premium, and apparently I did. Why did it give me Premium? I didn’t want to use the free trial yet. When I had YT Music on my old iPad, it let me choose when I wanted to use the free trail. And the “Try Premium today” thing doesn’t have a exit button. The only thing you can do is press the button, or exit the app. Apparently both result in YT Premium now, so either it’s a glitch, or on purpose. Anyway, beside this wall of one complaint, the app is pretty good. I like how you can shuffle the playlist and it recommends you more songs. Well, have a good day..Version: 3.85

Great AppI love using this app. Now that the Siri integration has been implemented it’s even better. The main thing that I would like to see improved is that I often find that I’m playing music and I pause it for several minutes with the app closed. Then when I go to start playing from where I left off the app will sometimes not have saved where I left off in a playlist. Other than that, it would be useful if when playing songs that have already been downloaded if it would prioritise playing the one that is saved to your device in instances where it’s the very same song, artist, upload etc. This would be good in areas of poor signal to ensure that the playback quality is the best it can be. All in all a great selection of music and a well designed app..Version: 3.47

Okay I love this app BUTI’ve had this app for about 3 years now and I love it it’s my main platform since I love music and ads are very minimal which is great HOWEVER on my liked playlist I have quite a lot but I know the order of my songs and for some reason songs are being mismatched and being repeated halfway through the playlist and then some go missing and it’s really bugging me and I want to get it fixed NOW.Version: 4.13

Good but...Been using the plataform for almost a year. It’s good but could have some improvements. Some of the songs are not recorded at the same volume so that creates a fluctuation when listening causing you to constantly adjust the volume. Second there’s no way (or at least I haven’t found it) to arrange the downloaded music into files in order to listen “offline”. Because you can have files, but they won’t play unless you are online. Offline you can arrange the songs in a “play next” but it won’t stay like that when you close the app. I would appreciate if someone tells me how to do this. Because I would like to have a “working out” file or “reading” file to listen offline..Version: 3.88

I like potatoesMy head phone jack is now broken but I can’t go without my phone for 2 hours to get it fixed.Version: 2.41

I would like more access...To more music including international releases, the ghost in the Shell anime series soundtrack, video game soundtracks. Do this and you will get five stars..Version: 3.75

Awesome app but just one suggestion.This app is amazing, I use it everytime I want to listen to music! But just one issue: You are unable to play music in the background, as in if you leave the app with the music still playing, it stops the music and you can't listen to it while doing something else on your phone. It's nothing important just a minor flaw..Version: 3.77

Great except...Clicking onto a new playlist or song accidentally or intentionally erases your whole queue. It’s super frustrating when trying to queue several songs and one error makes them all disappear. Swipe to queue feature would be super handy! Also the queued songs should appear above the rest of the playlist instead of at the bottom. Hitting play next all the time means reordering music in the queue depending on preference..Version: 4.23

🤩App is actually amazing but what would make it a 5star is if we were able to play our playlist offline instead of just the downloads 😊 in your next update please, let’s get it poppin and allow specific playlists to play offline too 👍🏽.Version: 2.59

Okay, almost good for discoveryBut one really irritating flaw. Yes my phone reports 2 bars of data signal, but it isn’t real some time’s, so please allow me to go direct to downloaded music rather than having to turn data off! Not everyone is connected at all times to the google advertising network..Version: 3.39.2

Suggestions to make the app betterI love the Mixtape personalized for me, it gets the songs that are related to the song I usually listen to. And when I search a song to play it, the next songs are the ones that I like too. The algorithm for finding the music you will love is excellent. 1) However, they have to work on fixing the downloads 2) Sorting by artist name/ song title/ album/ genre. 3) Make lyrics available 4) You should also allow us to search for the artisr/ song / lyrics in the album/playlist too since we put a lot of songs in it and sometimes forget what the title is or the artist name. 5) Top 50 songs of each country 6) Able to select songs so we can delete or add/remove to playlist, etc.Version: 3.27.5

Frustrating!So, I live in the UK, but for a few months I will be in Greece and every time I am trying to use the WIFI at my house to stream music I cannot because it’s unavailable in this country then if I turn on my mobile data from my UK plan I can listen to my music. This is just disappointing, especially from a company like Google and also having the most expensive plans compare to other music services. I really hope that you either fix the your pity app or people ignore your app. Once again Frustrating!!!.Version: 3.11

Good music appGood music app just wish u could search up songs in your playlist, if use do that will give a 5 start.Version: 3.27

Let me listen while off the appHi I just got the app and love it apart form the fact I can’t listen while off of it apart form that it’s amazing.Version: 2.33

No benefits after membership endsAfter looking into the app, I wanted to know if I can keep my downloads and always have my playback. Maybe you should find a way to stop the downloads after all I would already paid for the music I downloaded. Seems a bit selfish after purchasing a product, you no longer have access to the music that was paid for..Version: 3.69

Mostly greatGreat to stream music and find new stuff too. Only problem is playing offline music I leave the app open on purpose to not reset the stream. The app decides to close after a while anyway which is very annoying. I wish this would be fixed.Version: 2.29

Repeat will not stay onThe only issue I have with the app is that I have to manually set a playlist to repeat everytime I open the app and play a playlist. It disengages the repeat feature everytime the app is closed. All frustrating, especially when I'm driving, music just stops playing!.Version: 3.90

Needs Downloaded Search BarIt would be so much easier if there was a way to search through downloaded songs, I have 300+ songs and if I want to listen to one of the first songs I downloaded I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for it myself..Version: 3.35

I just love it !!!Period ! It’s the best platform out there.Version: 4.16

Not able to search in download musicCould you please add search section in download music to its easy to find music offline.Version: 3.37

Would like to be able to search within a playlistOtherwise really like the app.Version: 4.07

Music for the whole familyA family of 5 with kids ages between 3-17 years mean we all like to listen to very different styles of music... this music service is great for that. Quick and easy to use for novice parents too!!.Version: 2.41

YT reviewGreat app. With some fine touches could be the best music streaming app out there. No alphabetical order for downloaded music is annoying, having to scroll through a big list of downloaded songs to find the one you want is a pain. Some songs that have been downloaded tend not to work at times and find yourself re-downloading them and deleting the broken. 👍.Version: 3.35

Great app but room for improvementI love music and listen to it most everywhere I am that I can and your music library far surpasses any I’ve seen! I wish there were a few improvements that I’ve also heard others mention and those are being able to remove a song from the music que without having to wait till it plays and wish there was a way to indicate some artists I can’t stand so they don’t sneak in amongst my jam! I also wish the app was visible on the lock screen when I’m connected to my system via WiFi the way it is when I’m connected via Bluetooth, why is there a difference on how it functions? A few tweaks by listening to your users and it would be the perfect music app!.Version: 2.25

YouTube musicGreat app for music.Version: 4.16

Fix thisI love this app I have been using it for over a year now as my main music streaming app. It has been flawless in my mind ever since they made the update to download playlists offline. That is, until recently. Recently, about every fifth song that plays, wether it be from one of my playlists or a search, doesn’t load. This is extremely frustrating when I have to skip all of these songs which will never load and just skip constantly. It turns a 100 song playlist into only 30 minutes of actual music streaming. Please fix this bug it has ruined the app for me and stops me from listening to a select portion of all of my playlists..Version: 3.19

ReliableI use YouTube be it’s always reliable and no fuss no mess , it’s pretty much one stop and it’s playing in your ears , I intend too expand my platforms using YouTube, Thank You Youtube. Kind Regards Porter.Version: 3.35

It’s good but...It’s an amazing app. But I keep having this issue, where I play my downloaded music and I’ll lock my phone and it will stop. Now keep in mind that I have payed for the months subscription so it should be able to play while the screens locked. But no, it keeps stopping..Version: 3.03

Great app although one flawWhen downloading music, all downloaded tracks go into the folder called downloads rather than its own artist folder, this only works if you download the whole album. I only have 16gbs and can’t download a heap of albums but have quite a few single songs..Version: 3.37

Good but could be betterThe best thing about this App is that you can download music that’s only in video like old tracks which aren’t available on any other platform but you cannot listen to individual playlists offline which is why I’d never take up the premium subscription..Version: 3.17

Giving it four stars will change if app changes this.I want the app to change the premium version I want the app to where I’m able to play it off the app it’s frustrating cause I wanna do other things and if I turn my phone off then woop the music turns off I don’t like it at all and u ask for a lot of money when using the premium since that I never bought it It would be fine if u could let us listen off the app that way we could do other things on our phones it’s fine if u add ads skip turns or something but u need to a least let us listen off the app that’s all and I will change this rating to a five star when that is fixed anyway I hope u get this and change it have a nice day....Version: 3.05.3

Replay optionsCan there please be repeat, shuffle, Etc..... options what kind of music app doesn’t have those options, would be 5 star if it was..Version: 3.03

Why tf can’t you listen out of the app?!?Okay, i’m mad. google play just had to be taken down! like, this is so dumb. in google play, you can actually download things and listen out off the app! but on this, you need premium for that! i just want to listen to music, is it that hard?!?.Version: 3.77

Very good but...I enjoy using this app overall and, of course, works very well with my Google Home speakers. Massive range of music, very little if anything can’t be found on there. But... the hotlist section isn’t catered to me, it’s just a general hodgepodge of new music which for the most part is rarely my taste, so seems pointless. They have algorithms that know what a person likes, so think that could be better utilised for this section. Oh and would prefer it just stayed black or gray where the track title is, can look a little gaudy trying to fall in with some artwork, or at least an option to stop it changing, but that is a minor quibble. Love it mainly!.Version: 3.51

Dale DoughtonI love my music. My daughter told me not to get it. That I couldn’t afford it on disability pension. It brings me so much joy. I need to learn how to work it a bit better, so it players my most favourite played songs in a row. Otherwise thank you. Why doesn’t it play my favourite songs in a row. Where can I go to learn how to use it better. Thanks.Version: 4.04

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