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YouTube Music App User Positive Comments 2023

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YouTube Music for Positive User Reviews

Getting BetterThis app is pretty good as of Oct 2021. Many of the old bugs that plagued the experience in the past are now resolved and generally the app is reliable. It still has random bugs and strange UI controls that aren't necessarily show-stoppers which is why it's not quite 5 stars. For example, it always displays the album art and track details in Apple CarPlay from the first track of a playlist when you start playback with the shuffle all option even though some other track is playing. This fixes itself once it advances to the next track. I'm also not a huge fan of swiping down to completely stop playback and find it not very intuitive. It took a while to figure out how to dismiss the playback controls after the "X" icon was removed in a recent update..Version: 4.48

Forget previous review...I love this appUpdate: I figured I’d leave the prior review there to show how stupid I am... just don’t touch the screen so hard and those songs will move all over the place with incredible ease. I figured it out by accident.... moron moment over... love this app now more than ever... love love love Look, I love this service because it has literally every song/cover/live version etc. of everything.... however, I spend all day making these playlists that I cannot rearrange!!!!! I click edit, the equal sign (I don’t know what else to call it) appears on the left and I have to touch that thing like 87 times before I can get it just right so the stupid menu doesn’t come up instead. I HATE IT. It is literally so frustrating it makes me not even want to use the app. I’ve had to resort to deleting things that I want to be at the end of the playlist and then adding them again just to get them to where I want. Please please please fix this or make it easier or bigger or something. It’s literally a crapshoot on whether I can touch it just right so I can pull it up or down in the playlist. I can’t be the only one this annoys. That would shock me to the core.....Version: 3.53

App close when pause songIt’s being very annoying when receive a call and the music get pause the app just closing loosing the playlist order or live video time point. Even 10 sec in a call or paused it’s enough to get the app closed. Being so frustrated as I’m a premium member. Please fix it. Thank you.Version: 3.88

Good but...Been using the plataform for almost a year. It’s good but could have some improvements. Some of the songs are not recorded at the same volume so that creates a fluctuation when listening causing you to constantly adjust the volume. Second there’s no way (or at least I haven’t found it) to arrange the downloaded music into files in order to listen “offline”. Because you can have files, but they won’t play unless you are online. Offline you can arrange the songs in a “play next” but it won’t stay like that when you close the app. I would appreciate if someone tells me how to do this. Because I would like to have a “working out” file or “reading” file to listen offline..Version: 3.88

Great butGuys, the ability to chill to just music, with a near endless choice, or watch a music video, when stoned 🙃, is brilliant. The only ask is, while in landscape mode on iPad Pro 12.9, going from full screen to windowed and showing video list, it reverts to portrait, which the requires picking up iPad, annoying after a few times. But the interface and GUI are perfect. Well done!.Version: 3.45.2

Replay optionsCan there please be repeat, shuffle, Etc..... options what kind of music app doesn’t have those options, would be 5 star if it was..Version: 3.03

Very good but...I enjoy using this app overall and, of course, works very well with my Google Home speakers. Massive range of music, very little if anything can’t be found on there. But... the hotlist section isn’t catered to me, it’s just a general hodgepodge of new music which for the most part is rarely my taste, so seems pointless. They have algorithms that know what a person likes, so think that could be better utilised for this section. Oh and would prefer it just stayed black or gray where the track title is, can look a little gaudy trying to fall in with some artwork, or at least an option to stop it changing, but that is a minor quibble. Love it mainly!.Version: 3.51

Good but for the repeatsI love this app but I find I have to give some songs a Thumbs Down at times because it just wants to play them over and over, twice or more every day. E.g. 500 Miles. Some artists (e.g. John Denver) you ask for one track and then every auto play list you ever start again will end up with most of his songs, despite not asking for another of his songs. Ask to start a play list with a rock or pop song and within a few songs you’re listening to Country music again. It’s all good music but too much of a good thing....Version: 3.47

Suggestions to make the app betterI love the Mixtape personalized for me, it gets the songs that are related to the song I usually listen to. And when I search a song to play it, the next songs are the ones that I like too. The algorithm for finding the music you will love is excellent. 1) However, they have to work on fixing the downloads 2) Sorting by artist name/ song title/ album/ genre. 3) Make lyrics available 4) You should also allow us to search for the artisr/ song / lyrics in the album/playlist too since we put a lot of songs in it and sometimes forget what the title is or the artist name. 5) Top 50 songs of each country 6) Able to select songs so we can delete or add/remove to playlist, etc.Version: 3.27.5

Good music appGood music app just wish u could search up songs in your playlist, if use do that will give a 5 start.Version: 3.27

You Tube music & Music videosI use this nearly everyday. I was a teenager in 1970, the greatest era music will ever know, I can find all of that energizing music here, on this app. It is rare when there is a signal problem, it does happen but If I put a number on it and the reason Is usually loss of Wi-Fi and I’m usually in the same location when it happens to me. Occasionally maybe twice a week it may stop and it just takes a touch of my phone to restart it all in all its a non issue, if you receive a call it will stop and as soon as the call is over it picks back up where it stopped. I personally love it can’t stump it(I can find about any song I’ve ever looked for. Concert footage fantastic takes me back to my happy place. I could go on but I need to hear some great rock and roll now!.Version: 4.70

App is good, but far from perfectAt times when you start the app or an individual song in a playlist, it will either A) load an incomplete version of your playlist or B) load the audio from one song and display the cover art and name of another. If a playlist long enough and you choose a song far back enough in said playlist, the app just won’t bother to load the entire playlist into your queue. You can get around this by initially selecting a song further into the playlist and then going back in you queue. Sometimes you’ll see the name and cover art of the song you intended to listen to, but hear the actual audio from a completely different song. Once again, this can be fixed by going to a different part of the queue and going back to the song you originally meant to listen to..Version: 4.35

Love it!A quick and easy way to choose, play and enjoy music for all ages. As seen evident at work (I’m in aged care) and it’s absolutely magical when you can have a resident singing along with you in joy, when you play their favourite song. Thanks for helping me, help others enjoy their beautiful memories and enjoy some serene music when required and allowing me a chance to unwind with music from the world over!.Version: 4.41

Great Music all the timeI can download or just listen to anything I can think of. My entertainment is never interrupted as I prefer to pay a membership fee. I download music I want for on the road and never have to worry about the internet dropping out. It took me a long time to sign up and I wish I had done it sooner..Version: 3.41

It’s greatFor some reason this app finds the songs I like and you can download as many songs you like so you can enjoy of any song you like offline. Really recommend it 👍🏾👍🏾🤙🏾.Version: 4.18

Easy slick quickYou tube music has some pretty mint algorithms for music selection its almost like someone is listening and watching my every move.Version: 3.81.3

The bestLove it! Highly recommend it! Would recommend to other people!.Version: 4.42

DisableI spend 18hours in bed because of my disability have COPD which mean music keeps me going and this and great app not only listening but you can look at music how great is that . Well done 5 out 5 star from me to you . Happy new year No change how I feel about the music it’s just plain sailing from, here to the moon. I just love my music.Version: 5.12

Why tf can’t you listen out of the app?!?Okay, i’m mad. google play just had to be taken down! like, this is so dumb. in google play, you can actually download things and listen out off the app! but on this, you need premium for that! i just want to listen to music, is it that hard?!?.Version: 3.77

Perfect for everyone including those who like anime music and VocaloidI love this app and because I like anime and Vocaloid music it all fits nicely in this app and I love seeing improvements and also the sleek design of the player section is very good too. Also, I have never experienced problems with this app at all. If I could rate it ten out of ten I would. Whoever updates this app needs to keep going because there never seems to be any issues as far as I know. Keep up the great work and I would love to see more features on this app that allow direct connection with Google nest devices. I have seen it done but was poorly executed by another person but if it’s done correctly here it will prove that this app will be more better over the years to come. Well done to everyone at Google for making such a great music app..Version: 4.48

Great app use all the time and love itLove the app however I’m not a fan of the algorithm that chooses the super mix it gives me great music. But it’s all the stuff that I’ve heard heaps of times before, it would be great to get some more songs that I haven’t heard before. Because I rarely get a good song that I haven’t heard yet. Maybe make a discovery mix where you hear songs similar to your taste but you’ve only heard once or no times.Version: 4.34

Great AppI love using this app. Now that the Siri integration has been implemented it’s even better. The main thing that I would like to see improved is that I often find that I’m playing music and I pause it for several minutes with the app closed. Then when I go to start playing from where I left off the app will sometimes not have saved where I left off in a playlist. Other than that, it would be useful if when playing songs that have already been downloaded if it would prioritise playing the one that is saved to your device in instances where it’s the very same song, artist, upload etc. This would be good in areas of poor signal to ensure that the playback quality is the best it can be. All in all a great selection of music and a well designed app..Version: 3.47

No new songs, not worth the money for membershipNo good song recommendations, all it does is play your like songs over and over, and then finally when you get a new song it usually not a good one some weird type of stuff that just isn’t worth the membership, and to top it off you shouldn’t need to pay to have music in the back ground I should be able to have my phone off without a membership, honestly if they did that it would probably bring in a lot more people so that’s an idea and if no one likes it to bad this is an honest review and this is only my opinion not anyone else’s but it’s not a good music app, unless you have money, and even then it’s challenging to find new and good songs, which is just a pure disappointment., edit: changed from 3 star to 1 star app is to frustrating, this is just ridiculous if I could would give a .5 star if possible.Version: 3.69

Fantastic music app and the only one I useI love this app and have been using it for a long time but I do have one request, it probably isn’t a big deal for most but I preferred this app over the others because of the way the album covers were presented on a more full screen display. But with recent updates the album cover art has been significantly reduced in size where it’s not very much to look at. I would much prefer there be an option for the original layout where the album art is front and center like before. I feel like the cover art is an extension of the artist and their work and should be properly showcased to those who want to get a closer look at it..Version: 4.54

Very buggy and missing basicsVery disappointed with this app so far: 1) When downloading playlists, the album art is pixelated for EVERY track. I can’t find a way to fix this. 2) Even though the setting for downloading videos is switched on - it will only download audio and not videos for offline use. 3) Despite having a gigabit Internet connection, downloads are incredibly slow. Almost 3 hours for just 2GB of content. On Google Play music, 2GB will take around 15 mins to download on my iPhone. 4) What’s the point of adding something to your library? Where does it go? This app feels rushed..Version: 2.35

Music On this Amazing App.This app(YouTube Music), is an amazing app where you can find many different music; all different genres and great features. I use this app all the time and it’s never let me down. I honestly rate this app 10/10. I recommend getting this app, getting premium and enjoying listening to this amazing music. This Music is in a great shape and sounds perfection. MUST GET THIS GREAT APP..Version: 4.28

Great App, but needs Apple Watch Support!Started using YTM when I signed up for YT premium. Having access to songs both on the YTM and YT platform is terrific! However, YT offline integration with Apple Watch is NEEDED!!!! it’s the only thing letting YTM down for me. Using some really annoying workarounds to get offline music at the moment, and in the longer term may be something that pushes me to a different music streaming platform..Version: 5.02

Love itFirst music service I’ve paid for and I love it. Even the free version with ads is still more complacent than all the other music platforms, not to mention how it includes free access to any music, the ability to play in whatever order, play next, and many more, all you can even do without paying. That’s honestly why I tried it in the first place because it was already so good free but then the premium makes it ten times better. Love the personal mixes, love the radios, and absolutely love the offline mistake. However, my one and only peeve is that sometimes my offline mixtape gets stuck downloading a track and then doesn’t finish at all, currently whenever that happens I just uninstall/reinstall. But other than that I’m happy to pay for this music service, something I really never saw myself doing..Version: 5.06

Mister Stanley Wilkinson.Over all I’m very satisfied with You tube music. Names such as the Peterson’s, Robyn Adele Anderson, Haley Rheinhart, and a host of wonderful celebrities all very talented singers and dancers and of course musicians, spring to mind. However I feel that I must report that sometimes there is a pronounced hiccup which spoils an otherwise flawless experience. Please tell me what I can do about it. I must say that I find this hiccup very disturbing. Please do help. Your loyal enthusiast Stanley Wilkinson..Version: 4.57

Great app but needs a few changesThe app has a few buggy glitches where if you go into a playlist sometimes the pictures to the songs will switch around. There should also be an option to pin playlists to your home page inside the app..Version: 5.22

Apps shuffle doesn’t workI hit shuffle on my download playlist and after a few songs it stops playing new songs just sits at the end of the song and doesn’t play the next song and it normally crashes after that, really annoying but apart from that it’s a great music app.Version: 4.66

Good music app but bit buggySo although the app is great and all, one issue I come across is when liking songs they chose to either go to my songs playlist or my like playlist. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a video or song but if I like a song it’s should go to likes and find easily in a single place..Version: 5.12

Things that are still missingI have been using yt music from last 5 years. There is no excuse that they provide best recommendations. But still some features needs to be added. 1. Zoom to fill the screen in music video this is still missing 2. Playback speed changer. There is no option for this in application. 3. When you double click on thumb nail of song it doesn’t forward 10 second. Maybe this the only issue in iOS..Version: 5.13

Amazing but needs some workWe need a repeat current song button. And when in offline mode they need to allow us to be able to search for a song in our downloads. If u don’t have internet connection you’ll have to scroll through ur entire playlist looking for a song regardless of the fact it’s already been downloaded..Version: 4.27

Couple things to fix please!Love the app and would be 5 stars if not for the following: 1. When offline, the ‘go to downloads’ link doesn’t work, I have to go to the top right menu and choose downloads from there 2. When making changes to my library, new songs are added to those playlists in downloads, but when songs are deleted that isn’t updated. So I find myself deleting the playlist and redownloading whenever I’ve deleted songs Please fix these minor issues and Im happy to give 5 stars. Thanks!.Version: 3.35

The App is excellent with a few butsThe music app is no doubt excellent when it comes to music and relevant suggestions. The only feature I would like to have added is multiple selection to delete upcoming songs in a queue. Currently user can only remove 1 song at a time from the queue and the queue reloads with each delete. If you try to go any faster while deleting, the app may become unresponsive at times. It is not a big deal breaker but the option to multi select and remove would just make it wonderful.Version: 5.27

Good but flawed app.There are some performance issues and bugs with this app on iOS, the controls in the app when skipping tracks are very unresponsive and slow, taking several ‘pushes’ and seconds to register, where as on the lock screen the controls are much quicker. Also on the lock screen it often displays the wrong track information to the song you’re listening to, usually this displays the previous track you listened to while the next track plays. This really needs to be improved as you should be able to rapidly cycle through tracks in the app..Version: 2.57

Premium isn’t working for meThe free one was pretty good, however I’m trying my 1 month free premium to see if it’s worth the investment, and these grey circles with exclamation marks appear in half my downloads saying I need to pay to download them, despite the fact im already paying for premium. I have over 500 songs in all my playlists, and only a tenth of them have downloaded. What the hell is going on???.Version: 5.13

My only issue with YMusicI love the suggestion and the listen again, but my only issue is when ever a get a banging playlist loaded I wish the app can allow my to save that playlist as it is. Because once a play another song without adding to playlist as play next, all the previous songs disappear and I wouldn’t be able to get them back..Version: 5.11.3

PLEASE URGENT!!Listen, I’ve sent this review a while back and y’all still haven’t done anything to fix this issue. The issue is we should be able to search our music in our downloads instead of having to scroll to find a specific song. Sort it out..Version: 3.69

One “tiny” complaintOk, so this app is great if you just wanna listen to music, which I like to do. So I opened the app, and it asked my if I wanted to start my free trial. I said no, because I wanted to save it. Then I exited the app because I didn’t want to use it yet. So that happened yesterday, and when I went on the app today, it said my free trial was ending soon. I checked if I had Premium, and apparently I did. Why did it give me Premium? I didn’t want to use the free trial yet. When I had YT Music on my old iPad, it let me choose when I wanted to use the free trail. And the “Try Premium today” thing doesn’t have a exit button. The only thing you can do is press the button, or exit the app. Apparently both result in YT Premium now, so either it’s a glitch, or on purpose. Anyway, beside this wall of one complaint, the app is pretty good. I like how you can shuffle the playlist and it recommends you more songs. Well, have a good day..Version: 3.85

A bug in the app.Ever since the last update there has been a bug, when I open the app all that and all it does is flash sign-in error at the bottom of the screen and you cannot do anything on the app except from watching it do this. All I’m asking is that you fix the update because it used t work on my iPhone 8 but not on my XR and I just miss my music. Bye for now..Version: 4.17

I would like more access...To more music including international releases, the ghost in the Shell anime series soundtrack, video game soundtracks. Do this and you will get five stars..Version: 3.75

IndicatorShould have indicator of current listen on music.Version: 5.19

You Tube MusicHands down blows away any other music application and they just get better and better I love that they can make you up your own compilation from what data they gather from your musical history also love the offline storage so just in case you can’t get a signal or can’t afford to pay your bill there is a song collection that they have downloaded for you again based on your history and your playlists and the best part is that it’s free unfortunately some things you have to get the subscription to enjoy like no ads and endless music even when you hop on another app they still let the music keep playing. AMAZING I’ve been using this app since it popped out and don’t plan on giving up my spot for anyone else I love this app!!.Version: 5.33

Great but...Almost perfect, but there's a few issues with the offline components: -The app checks your downloads are up-to-date every time you go listen to them, which takes FOREVER if you have a lot of offline music. It takes about 5 minutes in my case. -It would be nice if we could organize albums/songa by genre, artist, etc. instead of getting one big list..Version: 2.25

Variety of MusicGreat app. I’ve found all the songs I wanted and lots more..Version: 3.37

Not able to search in download musicCould you please add search section in download music to its easy to find music offline.Version: 3.37

A little improvementLove the app but recently noticed if you are playing from downloaded songs the 3rd song in the list automatically goes into repeat and doesnt switch to next song even if you press next. Otherwise a huge fan of the app since 3 years now..Version: 4.63

Great appRather then paying so much money for 1 single song on iTunes you can download how many songs you want & use it without having data for just the subscription fee monthly!!! It’s great I absolutely love it! The best app for songs created since iTube :).Version: 4.32

I really like this app but I have one suggestionI think many people don’t usually add all the songs of a album into the library, but we would like to see the album of a certain song listed the ALBUMS page. It’s a pity that If I add one song into my library, I can’t find it in the ALBUMS page. I can only find it in the SONGS page. I really hope that the developers can see my comment and change this. I hope someday I can find all my songs in the ALBUMS page..Version: 5.12

The Power of MusicMusic has always been important to me. When I was very young my parents introduced me to Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline along with many other great musicians. They planted that seed before I could talk. Later I discovered Three Dog Night and “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog,” Neil Diamond and “Crackling Rosie”, (which my mother broke my record because she thought Neil was saying, “ Crabby Old Lady!) Then came “Sugar on Sunday” and “I Think We’re Alone Now”, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult and of course you know the rest! Music has been my best friend throughout my life. It moves me, it motivates me, it makes me cry, “Eleanor Rigby”… I didn’t mean to write a book here, I have made music important to my children (5), and my grandchildren, (11), I am 65 and I plan on teaching my great grandchildren the joy of music. Thank you for all the wonderful music you have given me the privilege to explore and enjoy!.Version: 5.12

FantasticThis app is the best music app that I have found. With premium it is even better than Apple Music but it is almost free.Version: 2.67

One thing missingThis app is brilliant!! I’ve tried other music apps but this has to be the best one out there. Just one thing which I think would make it perfect and that is when you are playing a song you have options to save to playlist amongst others…….would be really good if another option was to see the album it was from and the other tracks in that album..Version: 4.39

Good app needs updates thoughGood app I love it prefer it over any other music app but has become laggy now and sometimes takes a while to play or change the song when listening offline. Wish you could search music library offline..Version: 3.65

Move songs.Can you please update the app so we can put songs where we want them in the downloaded playlists and it remains like that? Just went through it for 30 minutes sorting through it just to go out of the app knowing it didn’t stay like it..Version: 3.15

Offline Playback UselessGreat app but with the latest update offline play is pretty much non existent. Every time you open up the app, it always has to ‘sync’ the offline playlists. Even when this is done and everything is downloaded, when you have no connection the app is useless, not even downloaded playlist will play until you establish an internet connection!.Version: 2.49

Neat app, but a few improvements could be useful.I give this four stars because it’s an amazing app, and I’ve been using it on my Lenovo / Google Home smart clock to fall asleep. As well as I like it, there are a few things that I would like to be added. For one, when I ask it to play a certain person or music company that I like, for example Waterflame, or Danimal Cannon, I want it to just play those songs. I’m tired of skipping songs to the point where I can’t even skip anything without a membership. Second of all, stop flooding your ads with membership advertisements! It’s annoying to me because imagine hearing after every single song: “Buy our membership!” And I would also like the option to not play certain songs, because after a while it plays lo-fi music or old school hip-hop, but I don’t want that to happen. Again, this is a great app, but these things are something that could be considered in the future. I look forward to using this more..Version: 4.21

Worst iWatch appProbably the worst iWatch app. The song does not sync on app in real time. Takes forever to start the app always stuck on getting playlists screen. Doesn't detect song being played. Volume up down has a lag, that makes it harder to set optimal volume..Version: 3.90

Brilliant appBrilliant app to play FREE music and when you click off a the app the song still plays. Awesome! I would recommend this song for you. You can download offline music completely free. Save music. The loading can be a bit slow at times. It can struggle with connection too. You can choose to watch the music video or listen to the song without the video. That’s what I like too. Songs can be recommended for you..Version: 3.43

PlaylistsWhilst this app has been brilliant for music since downloading it. The only negative I can find is that I cannot make separate offline playlists, and when unable to get connection, I have to shuffle all my songs of all different genres. I would greatly appreciate if it became an option to create your own offline playlists similar to how you can create your own playlists when online..Version: 4.30

Okay I love this app BUTI’ve had this app for about 3 years now and I love it it’s my main platform since I love music and ads are very minimal which is great HOWEVER on my liked playlist I have quite a lot but I know the order of my songs and for some reason songs are being mismatched and being repeated halfway through the playlist and then some go missing and it’s really bugging me and I want to get it fixed NOW.Version: 4.13

Pls ADD LYRICS For the downloaded songsHey, this my favourite music app but the one thing that drives me crazy is it’s not showing the lyrics for the downloaded songs even if I connected to the internet. Every time I gotta search it and play it to see the lyrics. Pls guys fix this asap. Have a nice day. (Edit: I don’t know whether u took my suggestion r not but anyway thank u so much for adding the lyrics).Version: 4.62

ImprovingAs a really really long term user from google music days and as the only music service to step BACKWARDS from streaming quality of 320kbs OR CD lossless and cancelling music sales it gets harder to stay. But over time it’s little tweaks have also made it more welcoming again it’s video or music to playlist integration it’s cover art lyrics and music info integration is better - except for its failure to fully cover a screen size and progressively morph about. The catalogue still big the youbetube premium twofa it’s most attractive feature..Version: 4.46

Honest opinionYESS!! This app is great! Out of all the “free” apps I’ve been on this one is actually free!! As long you download the songs with WiFi you can use them when you’re out and don’t have data. But then even if you forget to download whilst at home as long as you’re out with internet you can still listening to music. DEFINITELY recommend 👏🏽.Version: 4.29

Could be betterThis is a good app yes but I would love if I could just listen to music in the background of playing games or reading, I don’t mind ads but if people should download this app it’s probably because they want to listen to any of there favorite songs on here while doing something they shouldn’t have to get a preview or buy a membership just to listen to music in the background they should automatically have it as soon as they get it. I understand if you use the money to help the app but maybe change the listen to music in the background to no unlimited skips but like I said in the beginning it’s a good app it really is I like that I could listen to songs I can’t play on other apps but yeah great app just that’s what I feel like should change. :).Version: 4.31

Frustrating!So, I live in the UK, but for a few months I will be in Greece and every time I am trying to use the WIFI at my house to stream music I cannot because it’s unavailable in this country then if I turn on my mobile data from my UK plan I can listen to my music. This is just disappointing, especially from a company like Google and also having the most expensive plans compare to other music services. I really hope that you either fix the your pity app or people ignore your app. Once again Frustrating!!!.Version: 3.11

I’m into itI appreciate the suggestions. My taste is understood by the app. I seem to be able to find everything I’m looking for. I wish I could see a list of everything I’ve listened to in the last few hours. One time I searched an artist let it autoplay but when I went to save a few that I really loved the app refreshed and I never could find again. The artist’s catalogue is vast. Searched for weeks. A little frustrating..Version: 5.11.3

Love it.. exceptLove everything about this app... except I’ve not been able to create a “new play list”, since I’ve had this account. Ever time I try, it says, “there was a problem with the server [400]“. I’ve updated regularly, and have asked You Tube for a resolution more than once. NO ONE EVERY REPLIES !! I’d also like to be able to go back to the exact “app generated” playlist that I’ve been listening to for the past few days, after trying a different lineup. If I search for something new or tap on another song outside of the present list that I’ve been listening to. I can never return to the exact same lineup. Even if I go to “history”. The app always generates a different lineup of songs that’s compromised of some of the songs I’ve been listening to, but not the exact list..Version: 4.07

What I thinkIt’s a good and handy app I just wish you didn’t have to be in the app to hear the song. And I wish we could download the music for free.Version: 3.88

Disappointed and riskyFirst review I’ve ever bothered to write. Literally cannot use the app for a car journey without it resetting half way through songs, I then have to reload the app and select the downloaded playlist two or three times a journey! (Of course Mr Police officer I always pull over to the side of the road in a safe location before touching my phone) Much improvement needed with the integration and app layout as well. Surely one of the key markets for any music app is cars and integration into software such as Apple play and the likes, as such I’d expect to be able to rewind songs the same as competitors apps can. YouTube’s got a unique scope of music that no other app can access but this is a rushed and disappointing start to what will more than likely be the market leader for streaming at some point. No excuses for this guys and girls.Version: 2.53.2

Would like to be able to search within a playlistOtherwise really like the app.Version: 4.07

Search barI love the app! But could you guys look into creating a search tab for each playlist that works OFFLINE too. Nothing worse than trying to search for a song in a playlist that has 100+ songs in it whilst offline. 😊.Version: 3.31

Update app pleaseLove the app just that if I turn off all data network and wifi the app shuts down, the only time I can use this app is when I have data on or wifi on i don’t actually have to have data it just needs to be on for the app to work, hope that makes sense..Version: 3.81.3

App stops playing musicI have this problem with the app that when I start playing my playlist it only play a couple of songs, then it stops and I have to restart my playlist. Could I get help in this matter?.Version: 4.55.3

Please add a feature called sort the songs from latest to oldestI really love this app but it would be nice if you could add a feature called sort the downloaded songs from latest to oldest. Because when I download songs and i have to keep scrolling to get to my recently downloaded songs. Thank you.Version: 5.13

Great except...Clicking onto a new playlist or song accidentally or intentionally erases your whole queue. It’s super frustrating when trying to queue several songs and one error makes them all disappear. Swipe to queue feature would be super handy! Also the queued songs should appear above the rest of the playlist instead of at the bottom. Hitting play next all the time means reordering music in the queue depending on preference..Version: 4.23

Can you please fix thisThis would be an easy 5 star but if I add a album to my library and don’t like a song on that album I can’t get rid of it please let us remove songs from the album in our library.Version: 5.29

🤩App is actually amazing but what would make it a 5star is if we were able to play our playlist offline instead of just the downloads 😊 in your next update please, let’s get it poppin and allow specific playlists to play offline too 👍🏽.Version: 2.59

Add the like button to the widgetLove utilising the ytm algorithm with liking songs. I would be ALOT more convenient if the like button was added to the display widget when the phone is locked. That way you can like songs more readily rather than having to unlock the phone, bring up the app, bring up the song and like it..Version: 5.31

Good Google Play music transfer, other things to improveI’m super happy they finally allowed the transfer of our Google Play music playlists, but using this as my main music app is going to need a few improvements if I’m being honest. First, the app can be glitchy when loading info the current song playing, and sometimes I have to close the app fully to get it to work. Secondly, if you are going to have a feature of having lyrics built into the app, please update it to where you know any song made within the last 30-40 years at the minimum will load no matter the genre or artist, no matter how popular or not the song is (in it’s current state it feels like a beta rather than a fully released music app.) I enjoy it overall but am looking forward to improvements moving forward..Version: 3.73

Would be five ifffff…If there was a search bar in the downloads section that let me search through my downloaded songs, instead of having to look through my WHOLE downloads list to find one song… this would be very appreciated and make me CREEEAAAMMMM if you added.😘.Version: 4.43

Good app but this bug needs fixingSo a lot of the time if I’m listening to music or leave the app running in the background it eventually pops up with the “are you stil watching?” Thing with the yes next to it, a lot of the time when I tap the yes to get rid of it, it doesn’t work. It’s annoying because I can’t use the arrow to get to the queue of songs that are going to play..Version: 4.34

YouTube musicIt work really good I am a proud member 👍🏻.Version: 3.79

Dale DoughtonI love my music. My daughter told me not to get it. That I couldn’t afford it on disability pension. It brings me so much joy. I need to learn how to work it a bit better, so it players my most favourite played songs in a row. Otherwise thank you. Why doesn’t it play my favourite songs in a row. Where can I go to learn how to use it better. Thanks.Version: 4.04

Love it but the app needs improvingRecently subscribed following the one month free trial. I like that I can set up different accounts for family and premium removes annoying ads. The whole app works so much smoother without the ads and interruptions. I’ve recently switched from Apple Music after 2 years, where YT music has more videos and miscellaneous tracks and remixes/rarities which suits me, it lacks in new music content that Apple Music provides. If YT music can improve on the content and make more new music and content visible in the app then it will be amazing..Version: 3.13

Phone app great but......The watch app has got a lot to get right. Intermittent when showing what’s playing. Defaults to playlists and not what is currently playing. Loses communication with the phone all the time. Volume is unresponsive with weird lag. The built in “what’s playing” is better by far with its default behaviour and responsiveness..Version: 4.28

YesThis app is so good. I no longer need to download all the songs individually. definitely recommend this app😳🤚.Version: 4.07

Happy but not satisfiedI am quite happy with the app over all. Have been using the app for quite a while now but I still want improvement when it comes to song suggestions when I pick one song and most of the times the songs that are repeated after that are quite same I wonder if we can get more combination of similar songs that belongs to same genre that would be good..Version: 4.07

Excellent App, one small issue …..This is a great app, has finally tuned into what I really like , love ALL the musical options. But. When I go to add a song to my playlists. I can only add a song to ONE playlist when I’d like to add it to more than one . So I have to keep clicking “add to playlist “ to get this accomplished . Unlike the regular You Tube app, when you go to save a song it gives you checkboxes for ALL your playlists and save for later lists as well . Hook this up GOOGLE! Give us check boxes , and the options for all our playlist simultaneously until we are “DONE” with the addition to our playlist tasks ! Thanks though, really enjoy soo many options that you tube has . Keep up the good work ! Cheers.Version: 4.53

Needs Downloaded Search BarIt would be so much easier if there was a way to search through downloaded songs, I have 300+ songs and if I want to listen to one of the first songs I downloaded I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for it myself..Version: 3.35

Pretty good but a few bugsSo I’ve use so it pretty much exclusively for the past few months and I really like it but theee are a few bugs and glitches. They come up every so often one of them is if you make a queue of songs and skip one after pausing it the whole queue will be wiped and leave only the song playing, Another is not being able to press play if you’ve turned the phone off and put it in pocket and pause it when you turn it on the screen will have the menu to play but pushing and button but skip will do nothing. Other than these bugs I’ve been quite happy with it and am using it as my main music app.Version: 5.10

Even better if...Overall I like this app, but I think it would be even better if there was a search bar available within each playlist that you have created. This would make life a lot easier if you have a playlist with 300+ songs as you could just search for the songs that you’d like to hear rather than having to go through the whole playlist just to look for a song that you would like to listen to..Version: 4.26

Urgent: Please allow loop or repeat on appBeen a faithful user for years and works amazing on the Google Mini to play relaxing music before bed. However I find it slightly frustrating not being able to loop or repeat a song or a mix. Please fix!.Version: 4.68

Love it but would like to see a feature addedWould really love to see more support for Apple Watch and be able to (have the option) to stream from the watch. Eg. When going for a run being able to leave your phone behind and just rely on the watch for music. Yes you might increase your data use but here in Australia that’s not really an issue.Version: 4.16

Exactly what I’ve wanted for a long timeThis app is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s perfect! Except, some songs randomly disappear from my playlists? I’ve tried adding the songs again and they’re yet again, not in the playlist. If this were not to happen the app would get a perfect 5 from me..Version: 2.11

Awesome app but just one suggestion.This app is amazing, I use it everytime I want to listen to music! But just one issue: You are unable to play music in the background, as in if you leave the app with the music still playing, it stops the music and you can't listen to it while doing something else on your phone. It's nothing important just a minor flaw..Version: 3.77

Its good but...Its great but some stuff is off. Its super glitchy for people sharing a family account. The explicate ‘E’ sign is sometimes off as well, when there is an explicate song but no ‘E’ sign on the title. I give it a four star though because its a really good music streaming platform and i love music, so win win. 😊😊😊😊.Version: 4.16

Deleting songs issues...I wish you could add checkboxes to your downloads so I could delete multiple downloaded songs without it returning me to the top of my list when I delete individually.Version: 4.38

I like potatoesMy head phone jack is now broken but I can’t go without my phone for 2 hours to get it fixed.Version: 2.41

EverythingThings you’d forgotten existed, things you’d never even heard, a dozen different versions by a dozen varied acts of things you thought were only recorded by ABBA or King Crimson and then a dozen different choices of things you might like to follow your choice in a sympathetic vein. When it gets to know you you get cleverly concocted playlists just to suit your tastes to sit in your library next to the playlists you’ve made yourself…WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? Make some playlists you can share and watch their popularity soar and listen at your pleasure for days and days, weeks, months, forever…I’m not joking, check it out, start off with Lowell George, then some Little Feat, to build the mood and pick your finale from a list of related or similar tracks or just go ape with a Britney Spears number. ENJOY!!!.Version: 5.21

Unlike Music?I've been noticing that some of the videos I liked before, had been unliked for no reason, please fix this..Version: 1.94

Like it!I have YouTube Premium so I get the better side of things, but with YouTube Premium, the app is so much better and comfortable to use. I can download songs and listen to the offline and turn the screen off and still listen, just like Apple Music. Like the app so far!.Version: 2.69

Multiple Offline playlist plz...Awesome app with every song you want. Only thing i would really like to see is multiple playlist for downloads when your offline. Atm all songs will go in 1 playlist which is annoying when you want a particular genre at the time.. other then that awesome app with no issues 👌🏻.Version: 3.19

Content winner, though lacking some polish and featuresHands down, the most music of any service. If it's a song that was recorded by humans it's probably in here. And will at some point come across your station. End of the day that's what matters most to me for a music service. Exposure to content. That said, the app is missing a few minor convenience features present in other similar services. My biggest peeve, no Windows PC music only mode. I listen to music a lot at work and would prefer not to eat bandwidth for videos I'm not watching. While in power the app has no option to keep the screen on meaning I have to unlock my phone to thumb a song down while driving. And the most minor, no way to thumb down a song that's not currently playing, gotta stop playing the current track, start playing the other one, then thumb it down. Also, why no access to comments?.Version: 2.19

No benefits after membership endsAfter looking into the app, I wanted to know if I can keep my downloads and always have my playback. Maybe you should find a way to stop the downloads after all I would already paid for the music I downloaded. Seems a bit selfish after purchasing a product, you no longer have access to the music that was paid for..Version: 3.69

Please fix this.Sometimes it doesn’t play the next song when I’m on my offline playlist?.Version: 2.49

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