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Google Keep - Notes and lists app received 98 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google keep - notes and lists?

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Love itMoved to iPhone and still use this over iPhone notes. Needs dark mode though !.Version: 2.2019.42201

Best app for organization!This app is a great app for organization. Hi, I’m a teenager of the age of 14. In high school you really need to get organized, write down what homework needs to get done reminders on test dates. As of right now though it is summer and I don’t want to be just laying around in bed all summer watching videos or being lazy. I at least want to be a bit productive, so I was on the search for a to do list app that will help me feel accomplished in the goals I set. So I went searching and most organizer apps and to do list apps have a fee, which if your under 16 years old you can’t really do that. I downloaded a bunch of apps looking for the right one. For an estimate on how many I downloaded and deleted was about 8, which is a lot. On this app I can put my to do list, write reminders, and put pictures to remind myself to love myself and remind me that people care about me to. Those inspirational pictures and encouraging pictures I’d say help me from going down into the hole of depression. (I might be overreacting to that but it’s true) so I wanted to thank google for making an app like this! ❤️.Version: 2.2018.26203

2) I’ve tried, it just needs..Requests! The ability to add in more wallpapers like choosing one from your own photo gallery. Bold text, etc…come on. Sigh, I just got this app to get away from my iPhone’s need of ICloud storage, though this app is from you guys and I’ve gotten it as it doesn’t need iCloud syncing storage, and cause I am comfterbal being in google. I, and I know a speak for a group of many people along with myself on this one, if not then…okay, when adding a picture to a note, the picture goes all the way to the top above the title, and I don’t want it there, but I caint move it down, please make it an option for us to be able to choose where our images go and the ability to make it small so it doesn’t have to take up a botch in our notes space👍 You guys are doing good, making a notes app for your google users, just needs some good add-in updates is all👍✨ (New Request) it’s not an option wether to have it or not, let time and date be visible in the notes we make..Version: 2.2022.44202

Updated - Late September update seems to have fixed the issues caused by the August changes.[updated] They finally seem to have fixed Keep, thank goodness. For about 6 weeks it was unusable. Now it seems to work fine, no longer deleting items and failing to sync. Glad Google fixed what they had broken, but better communication from the company to its users should have happened. 👎 on treating your users this way. I used it daily. Still use it via the web. But the August iPhone update made it unusable. Can't connect. Screws up your entries. It's a disaster. And Google's been silent through it all. No acknowledgement anywhere -- support pages or forums -- of the problems. The app support pages are worthless. Hey Google, end the silence and let us know that you've heard us! And fix this used-to-be great app and the sync issues, please..Version: 1.2017.40201

You have to give it a chanceThe first time I tried Google Keep, it failed. However, that was not a problem with Google Keep, it was my problem and not fully understanding how Google keep works. Once I adapted to its way of keeping notes, I found it even better than apple notes, which I have used for years. Google keep does a nice job of organizing with labels, making it easier to find things were search rather than categories or folders. The clipper used in any browser is very effective. If you use Gmail, Google calendar, or have any investment in the Google ecosystem, you should try Google Keep. Once you adapt to it, you will like it..Version: 2.2018.28101

One of the best!One of best apps Google has to offer. I would say it is better than Apple Notes, especially when using it on the Apple Watch and audio dictation. I would like to see some markdown formatting for Keep across all platforms. I like how Keep integrates so nicely into iOS and the widget is truly awesome!.Version: 2.2022.46201

HighlightAs in all note searches the highlight of a note search for the word your looking for is very important otherwise you have to read through all the note to find the part your looking for.Version: 2.2019.22202

Amazing AppThis app is amazing for organised lists and the many tasks you have to do. However it would be amazing if you could be able to highlight or allow some tasks to stand out among the other task in a particular list..Version: 1.2017.36201

GoodI am using this app from few years ago everything on this app is perfect only if add to open with face I'd and fingers print I believe app be super*****.Version: 2.2024.02201

I use this app all day, every day!I’ve been using this app since 2014 and will tell anyone who will listen how much I love it. The labels, colors and new backgrounds are helpful for organizing your notes into categories, and there are many formats, jotting handwritten notes, voice note, links, multiple photos, checklists and more. I keep checklists and archive them and copy them, for everything, like travel, groceries, moving, shopping, I honestly don’t know what I would do without this app! **UPDATE - after reading through some of the lower rated reviews, I see a lot related to formatting and integrations - this is NOT the app for that. Think of it as sticky notes on steroids - anything more complex, use an app like Notion or Evernote. Keep is very simple. It has limits. Don’t expect more. You’ll love it. Also, some of the complaints are unfair, about missing functionality that does indeed exist. For a couple of weeks in summer 2023 it did a glitchy thing copying items on checklists but that appears to be a non issue now a month later. Otherwise for me, for nearly 10 years, Keep has been FLAWLESS. I love this app!.Version: 2.2023.30202

BestBest best best on every app that Google does.Version: 2.2018.44104

Good app to keep notes up to dateAll good, it can be better if it has locking options and history track..Version: 2.2018.26203

App layout has been optimized for iPhone XGlad to see that the app has been updated to fit the screen layout on the iPhone X!.Version: 2.2017.44204

Almost Perfect?Has everything that you could ever ask for in a notepad from customizing the background color to live collaboration (I have noticed a delay in a note to update after someone else has edited it). The one big feature that is missing and my personal favorite is dark mode and also he ability to underline, strikethrough and make text bold. Otherwise perfect..Version: 2.2018.44104

KEEP - Part of my everyday activities..There are many reasons why I love this google offering. Being a stickler for time management, KEEP plays an intricate role in my planning and execution of every day tasks.. whether it be for business, pleasure or my weekly shopping. KEEP plays an important role of getting things done and not forgetting the important stuff. While it’s a must have in my life, I would like to see an option to transfer notes from one list to another.. EG: My grocery list.. multiple outlets on one list could be improved by shifting fresh produce items to the fruit and vegetables market or the local butcher.. the check boxes are a great help but when the list gets to long, it’s time consuming to sift through the relevant items on my list according to the appropriate store. Cheers.Version: 2.2022.14202

Great appI love this app. Its only missing one thing though. Secure lock optional for any note that you make. Please consider this for future updates. Thank you😊.Version: 2.2020.02204

Awesome tool (can use some additions)I’m in love with this, after seeing how people recommend using OneNote, I found myself not really enjoying OneNote’s UI. But Keep on the other hand looks clean and polished. Some functions I would love to see added: • Creation of hyperlinks, just the same way it’s presented in Sheets or Docs; • Folders for labels, for easier workflow with multiple projects on one account, I personally prefer to have really detailed labels, but find its hard to go through the whole label list; • Sorting by labels function, would also be amazing, so you don’t need to restructure the whole layout manually; • And more colors would be amazing, color coding labels is so useful, but I found myself running out of colors, implementing color picker would be a great solution; Despite all the points I listed, Keep is still in my opinion, one of the best ways to keep your notes organized (no pun intended) and accessible..Version: 2.2021.50201

Please add swipe to exit noteLove this app for productive use and making notes, much better than Apple equivalent. I wish however that you could incorporate a swipe motion to exit or go back from different notes etc instead of having to tap arrows..Version: 2.2020.22202

Just a small suggestion... 💫I really like this app and I use it daily, mainly for writing/journaling since I want to feel secure that my data will always be in one place I could always access... and it’s all good, but I REALLY wish there was a way of highlighting sentences so I don’t have to scroll through a bunch of words and notes just to find what I’m looking for, or having to change apps to get that feature. Please, consider adding a highlighter in the near future. 💡 (Also, I personally think it’d be nice to be able to change fonts to bold, italic, underline or strikethrough. And also being able to lock the app and/or notes too. Just sayin’. 🤷🏻‍♀️).Version: 2.2019.44201

Google KeepEnthused to find this great Notekeeping app on iOS following me moving back to Apple from Samsung. One great complaint I have had for years, the ability to swipe to delete or archive (like in Gmail) would make housekeeping so much easier. Lastly, the ability to lock the app through Face ID. Thanks.Version: 2.2023.26201

One of the best out thereIt’s even better knowing that I can read my notes on Apple Watch. Please don’t remove it from Apple Watch in the future. Super helpful..Version: 2.2022.50203

Keeps getting better?This app seems to be on a path of continuous improvement. It works well for me because I have a mix of devices and my notes follow me everywhere. I use Keep for quick things (like bookmarks of articles to read later) and OneNote for everything else..Version: 2.2018.48201

Major Security UpdateHey Google, this is the only app that I keep notes on. It’s awesome. Features are great. But, if you’re really reading this review then please accept my request and enable some security as anyone can open someone’s keep note if their email is logged in. I’m frustrated with it. Please do something 😭.Version: 2.2023.38203

My favorite notes appI used to use keep notes with much satisfaction, and then decided to try some other apps. I’m back to keep notes as it is one of the most user-friendly, intuitive notes programs for me and the other people that I share lists with. The real time updates are pretty, magnificent. It’s cool to watch items be checked off the list in real time. I also enjoy the editing tool on the graphics side with some different tools that they have. I sometimes bring in artwork just to do modifications inside the app. I think it offers a visually pleasing and effective tools for making it easy to find what you need, I don’t usually write reviews but I’ve been using this one for years now and just find it very comfortable I can collaborate projects with multiple people easily., and keep up on my personal life responsibilities There are only a couple of apps that I can say I still use and haven’t upgraded to a better version over the years, and this is one of them..Version: 2.2024.02201

So close to 5 stars!I stopped using Apple Notes after I started using Keep because Keep is a beautiful note taking app. I love how colorful, simple, and clean the interface of Keep is. The only thing that is missing is the ability to lock notes so others who might access my phone don’t get into it. I write personal things and I store passwords in Keep but there is no privacy mode where I can’t password protect or pin/fingerprint protect these personal notes, while Apple Notes does have this feature. I think more and more people would use Keep instead of other note taking apps like Apple Notes if this feature was present. Please hear me out! Will update my rating to 5 if this useful feature is added. Thank you!.Version: 2.2019.42201

Works as it shouldEasy, virtual “pin board/notice board”! Works as it should. Do not like the new colours... but that’s minor. Never glitches, easy to create labels and find things..Version: 2.2020.46201

Great simple appLove using this during uni for checklists and to add quick details in notes that I can always keep with me by having the app on my phone, iPad and also always have it opened on my laptop too. Never had an issue with it and always syncs data really fast. Great!.Version: 2.2018.28101

Good, but Bluetooth keyboard bugWhen using a Bluetooth keyboard, actually the Magic Keyboard as well, the bottom bar floats weirdly in the centre of the screen as if it expects there to be an on screen keyboard. But there’s no on screen keyboard, so it should get back down to the bottom where it belongs!.Version: 2.2023.02202

Good, but...Overall, the app is good. Display is visually appealing and is user friendly. But it could benefit from a few things: • in two column view, it would be nice if you could have the option to organize things in two columns rather than just from left-to-right format which automatically re-formats the remainder of the items • if you could add multiple lists in a single note. Once you make a list in a note, you don’t have the option of a line break to make a new list in the same note. • the date & time reminder feature isn’t responsive. When you try to change the date or time of a reminder, it doesn’t recognize the change and just defaults back to the original time.Version: 2.2017.50101

Killed my filesI’ve been enjoying Google Keep for awhile now and even recommended it to others. However, this morning it prompted me to refresh it, and when I did, all my files disappeared. Just like that. ... ok, addendum: I updated the app and they came back. I’m thankful for this, but I feel like they shouldn’t have disappeared in the first place. I’ve upgraded my rating from 2 stars to 4 — I still like the App, but this was a lot of stress..Version: 2.2019.14201

Spell check bugGreat app! Though I’ve noticed a bug where it’s impossible to tap on a misspelled word or even tap on the screen to alter previous words. This can be solved by 3D touching the screen and moving the cursor that way, but unable to tap without 3D Touch.Version: 1.2017.38102

Good integration with Google docs, collaboratorsI like Keep more than Evernote because it has good integration with Google Docs (well, send to Docs) and you can add other collaborators easily. Some minor complaints: - I use a bluetooth keyboard to take notes. With the iPad in landscape mode, Keep only uses the top third of the screen, making room for an on-screen keyboard which is not present! I'd love to make better use of my screen's real estate. - Once you've sent an item to Google Docs, you can no longer edit it in Google Keep. I like Keep's lightweight editing UI, it would be nice if I could continue editing the text from this app, without having to switch over to the Google Docs editor. Or at least, remember a reference in Keep; sometimes I don't remember if I've promoted a note to Google Docs, "Why can't I find this note anymore? I could have sworn I'd taken this down in Keep!" - Can't add a collaborator for just one item in a task list. If I want to remind someone to do something, I need to create a new list and create a single to-do to add them as a collaborator..Version: 2.2017.48101

Best note app ever.I would love to give 5 stars as long as I use passcode to my Google keep notes. Please put the passcode option in the Google keep. Thanks,.Version: 1.2016.20705

Great app...could do with Apple Watch supportReally good at keeping your lists truly synced across most of your devices (iPhone, iPad, Windows 10 PC). Has all the functionality you would expect from note taking apps like checklists, formatting etc. A native, quick-to-load program for windows 10 computers is what sets this apart from all the other note syncing apps. Apple Watch app would put this app into the 5 star catagory..Version: 2.2017.48101

Way better than the other onesAs for me this app is so simple and way better than the other ones. Love it. Thank google.Version: 2.2019.22202

Font Color Please......I wish you guys include the font color and font size change on the next update then it would even be greater! Plus the ability to lock a note please....Thanks!.Version: 1.2017.38102

Amazing! Make it amazing-ER!I truly love this app and have had no issues with it so far... O feel like it would be amazing if you could add in locked notes, because sometimes we want that bit of extra privicay.Version: 2.2019.34

Great app but not working with ios 17Have used Google Keep for years and it's sooo useful! But with the recent iOS update it crashes (freezes) and pretty much unusable. Hopefully a fix is in the offing 🙏.Version: 2.2024.02201

Terrific appThis is a great app that allows you to make multiple lists on multiple notes, to pin them and move them around easily; it might be helpful to have the ability to make text bold , underline text or to colour it for ease of access but otherwise wonderful app and all for free from Google!.Version: 2.2019.42201

Best note app everFinally a note taking app that works like I do, and has all the convenience of the Google engine. Highly Recommended..Version: 1.2016.14501

Please add the slide back gestureSlide back gesture would have been so useful Great app.Version: 2.2022.26201

Love this app - but please make text larger!I love this app for making grocery lists. I listed every item I ever buy according to the order of the supermarket shelves, using the tick boxes. I then ticked all items so that they dropped down below the List Items. As I need grocery items, I touch the tick box of the item I need and it jumps up to the List Items section - AND it keeps the items in the original order. What a wonderful feature! This makes compiling my new shopping list each time so easy. As I shop, I tick off each item, which sends it down below the List Items once again. This makes it so easy to see when I have no more shopping left to do - much better than my written lists which I would go through repeatedly to make sure I had every item. HOWEVER, I would love to have the option in the app of making the text larger. Then I will give it 5 stars instead of 4..Version: 2.2021.36202

Love itI love how the app gives us the chance to communicate with others and ooh when I first got it I was so exited. But just one thing pls stop giving adds in the side. But the rest, amazing!!!.Version: 2.2020.34202

Good but could be greatI wish there was an option to bold, highlight text, underline, change text colour etc. Just be a bit more creative. I’m a person who remembers by visualisation and things like that really help I’m sure it’d really be a game changer..Version: 2.2020.14201

It’s weird that can’t set dark mode in mobileI am an addicted user of google keep. And I use it in both mobile and website. I love the dark mode which does help me writing down some thoughts more willingly. However, it’s been a while since the dark mode came out, and still the only setting is from the web, which does take effect on mobile app. I honestly don’t get the point why we don't allow setting from the mobile app because sometimes like the early morning you still want to use dark mode and in the early evening you still want to use light mode. I am a product manager too and at those moments I will feel a bit frustrated..Version: 2.2020.8201

Decent so far, but only a B+ ratingThis is my first time using Keep for iOS, and I'm impressed thus far. However, I have 3 moderate gripes to share: 1) I wish the app would retain the label selection when reopening the app. For example, if I have my "Things to Do" label filtered and then close the app, I would like for the "Things to Do" label filter to still be enabled when I relaunch the app. It wipes the label filter every time and displays all notes again without a filter. This gets annoying to reselect each time. 2) A nice enhancement would be to auto-invite collaborators to any notes within a specific label. Currently, I have to invite my partner to every note one-by-one. This gets somewhat tiresome after 30+ new note invites, which also spammed her email inbox with 30+ notifications. That workflow could be improved. 3) If inviting a collaborator to a note, have the assigned label(s) carry over to the collaborator's Keep. For example, I assigned my partner to several "Gift Idea" labeled notes, but she had to go in and manually create/assign the same label within her account so that we maintained the same label. These labels should sync across, in my opinion..Version: 2.2021.24208

Great app but…I don’t usually leave reviews but please please please add FaceID to this app. It exists on Google Drive but not here and I can’t imagine an app which needs it more, I have a lot of private notes and would not like people to see them..Version: 2.2023.12201

Finally a user friendly Apple Notes exporter without a need of A MacWith this you can Finally backup your Apple Notes somewhere besides iCloud. And you don’t have to have a Desktop to do it. Is it perfect? No. But it’s sooo much simpler than saving every single note to a named text file, and all the backing out that entails. Install Google Keep here, make sure you’re logged into your Google Account, then in Apple Notes Share/Upload button a note you want shared, slide over to (…) for more options, scroll down for Google Keep, and boom. Look in keep and bam there it is. Now if it was just friendlier..Version: 2.2022.12201

Great AppSimple app to use. I like that I can use app on my Mac to create list and then check off when I am out and about..Version: 1.2017.38102

SuggestionI think it would be nice and easier to keep notes if there were folders like iPhone Note. That is, when taking notes, for example, labels could be dropped into topical folders—perhaps sociological notes in the sociology folder. While true that the label "sociology" works fine as well, it is consumed by the Google Keep label list, and you have to scroll alphabetically to find it. It seems simpler to organise it topically, and, for me, it'd get *so* much more use. For now, I can only use it to take notes in one field, and I'm deliberating on finding something else instead with a similar feature (kinda like Bear)..Version: 2.2019.44201

Best of the Best....70% of my screentime.....Version: 2.2024.04201

Superior thanks to simplicity, versatility and appearanceI keep returning to Keep after numerous cases of having been seduced and ultimately left disappointed by more complex to-do apps, which I consistently find not being worth the sustained effort they require. Being a simple minded person, I need the intuitive simplicity of Keep. It can be bent to serve all sorts of purposes and, importantly, it displays them side by side rather than hiding them in drill-down hierarchies with excessive space between line items. My wish is for Google to let Keep retain its brilliant simplicity while allocating a bit more resources to its maintenance and refinement..Version: 2.2018.36103

Not quite thereGoogle keep is my preferred note taking app out of all the other ones, but the level of polish and features aren’t really top notch from what I’d expect from a Google product. It also seems like updates are not being consistently pushed out, as if there’s just 1 dude working on Keep for half the time and goofing off the other half. There a lot of things that could make Google keep the clear best note taking app: - A widget for iphone that would show a note or notes - More customizable reminders (exact set dates for reminders that can be repeated) - Custom backgrounds for the whole background and notes backgrounds where you can insert your own picture and it’s slightly faded behind note contents - etc. Just please improve your app Google, there’s a lot of people that use this a lot and it has so much potential.Version: 2.2022.16201

Using Google Keep in the classroomIf you and your students are using Google Classroom, Keep is an excellent addition to research tools. Show the young scholars how to use keep to save articles, and they don’t forget to copy info required in their Works Cited Page. Keep also allows group collaboration and when used in conjunction with Google Slides and Documents provides excellent communication for students working at home or unable to communicate orally (Reduces Social interruptions and promotes productivity). Particularly valuable when multiple students develop portions of projects independently with the intention of sharing/combining in final group activity..Version: 2.2019.16201

Alphabetical optionLove this note taking app in general and the one list I use constantly is a shopping list. With check boxes it works really well so that you easily see what still needs to be sourced before you go home. The main frustration I have is not being able to sort checked items in alphabetical order so that when you want to put that item back on your shopping list you quickly find it and uncheck the box. If things were in alphabetical order it would be easy to find them. Instead I end up with the same item entered several times because I didn’t see it with a quick glance, and so the list gets longer and harder to find things. Can we please have an alphabetical option in the menu?.Version: 2.2020.28202

Love this appI bought this app to do up my to do lists. Love it. I mostly only use the check box function to make my lists. But it works great. It is user friendly and I like the way you can move lists from notes to archive and back again. I have my weekly to do lists in notes and longer goals list etc archived, but can move archive lists back to note page when I want to work on those specific goals. I will also use this app for doing research as you can take notes and insert photos. Great practical tool and user friendly..Version: 2.2018.28101

BulletsI’ve only started using this app but bullets would be good. I know there’s lists which might be similar but doesn’t look as good. I tried transferring notes from apple notes ( I had 1000s😂) and the photos in google articles and pics I had on other notes didn’t transfer when copied or shared. Also some tables would work well too as I tried to do a birthday list with months of the year. Otherwise it’s an easy efficient list to work with. The alarm is great too and I love how you can choose a newspaper like layout!!! Can you print the list? Probably yes. I haven’t had to do that yet. 😊😊😊.Version: 2.2020.49202

Can’t select the year for reminders!I’ve been using this app on my iPhone for a while and really like it. But it’s been updated recently and now when I try to set a reminder for a note there’s no option to select a year unlike before. When you click on the bell icon there’s only the option to select date and time, not the year. Also means I can’t check what year some of my reminders are set for. Please can someone tell me how I can sort this out!.Version: 2.2021.42201

More font options?I really love Keep and it's been my main note app for two years. I appreciate the improvements but would love more font options for my notes (size, sans serif, bold, italics, underline, other fonts) to make each note stand out more or easier to read. Serif fonts are also more difficult to read on screens so I think it would be an improvement that would give you at the same and more features than the Apple Notes app. Thanks!.Version: 1.2017.36201

Great app, so long Evernote!Nice, lightweight app for notes, and comes with the cross-platform convenience of the majority of Google's products. It's free, so what's really to complain about? Would like to know more about security and encryption though to know if this is secure as it should be when handling people's data. Nice job Google..Version: 2.2018.04106

Great app, but...Can you please allow us to have the choice to add new items to the top of the list or the bottom. At the moment any added items are automatically added to the bottom of the list. I want to switch new ones to be added to the top..Version: 2.2020.32203

Please add a drop down menu in labelsCan you please add an onion for drop down lists in the label area so if someone wants to add multiple items in one label instead of creating more then one label for the same list would be helpful.Version: 2.2019.12202

The first app I install on any deviceI’ve been using google Keep for years, it just works and I have notes and snippets I’ve saved going back years now. While I use Apple devices, Keep is multi platform so it doesn’t matter where I am or what I use, I can log in and within a minute or two, everything I’ve written and saved pops up.Version: 2.2020.47201

Dark mode! Finally!Great notes app for quick ideas and lists. Speed issues have also been fixed. & dark mode!! 5/5.Version: 2.2019.49202

Great appThis is what an amazing app. I can store and refine every my notes. Love!!!.Version: 1.2017.38102

Nice app. Feature requestI like this app and the fact that I can share a list with family members and we can each separately collaborate and update it. What I would like added is the ability to add subcategories within that list to sort items into. We use it for groceries and to be able to have them subcategorized into dairy, frozen, produce, paper products, beverages, etc as we wish and to work off of and maintain items in those categories as we check on or off each item would be so helpful as we wouldn’t be scrolling through 150 items to find one item, instead we could select a category and find the item much easier..Version: 2.2021.50201

Please make it a widget!I’ve started using this because I have ADHD and I’m a teacher and a million thoughts pop into my head throughout the day that I want to be able to dump out onto paper. The problem is then I have a million little notepads with random thoughts because I can’t keep track of one note pad. This is perfect because I can have it open on my computer and my phone and always have access to write it down. I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I would LOVE to see it become a widget, so I can make the app way bigger on my phone so when I open my phone to open google keep and write something down, I don’t get distracted by a notification of some sort and forget what I was doing. I want to open my phone, have a giant bright yellow google keep looking at me so I can quickly click on it and dump all the thoughts out of my brain. Please help!!!!.Version: 2.2022.24201

Dark ModeThe best note taking app I've found. It would be even better if it supported the new iOS 13 Dark Mode!.Version: 2.2019.36201

Crashes when writing but otherwise greatI love this app, but I'm left handed and it routinely crashes, losing my writing, when I take notes with my Apple pencil ☹️.Version: 2.2020.4206

There’s so much more you should add to it!I really love this app, because I can access the contents from my phone or laptop because it’s connected to my google account. For that, I have no complaints. However, I wish there were more customizable options when taking notes. To be able to bold or italicize your notes so that they are more easier to read and more organized (like the apple notes app!) I think this app is great to jot down quick notes, but it could be even better for the major neat freaks out there like me if there was more customization with the notes you are taking! If there are features to put notes under labels to organize it in that sense, it should have more document features a well!.Version: 2.2019.22202

Good but annoying new feature?Love google keep. Suddenly it has started asking which account you want to use before actually opening. Good if you have more than one google account, not so much if you only have one. A way to disable this would be nice or don’t present account selection if there is only one account..Version: 2.2018.04106

Why do Google apps like Keep have third-rate search?Keep could be an essential note-collection tool: it’s intuitive, simple, fast and offers valuable features like extracting text from almost any image saved to a Keep note. What relegates Keep to a 3.5 star afterthought is its weaknesses in something Google arguably does better than anyone on Earth: search. Perhaps there’s some super-strategy behind Google’s decision to make searching in most of its non-Gmail products worse than what we were able to accomplish in a 1980s DOS command. But the fundamental purpose of collecting notes in an app is to have key information available when we need it later. I’ll concede that Keep does allow searching by content type, labels and the text within notes. But certainly Google (whose name is universally used as shorthand for searching) has the technical chops to include advanced search in Keep and all their products. Where is: ›› Find notes created in a date range, or modified, or before? ›› Search for duplicate (or similar) notes? ›› Advanced search operators (AND, OR, NOT)? ›› Multiple search criteria, and saved searched? None of these missing key features are blue-sky next-gen technology. They’re the foundation of what Google does, and users deserve tools with at least the capabilities of 1980s-era software..Version: 2.2021.48201

Good app, just some suggestionsGOOD FEATURES 1. The labels feature and options to change the background color of each note is helpful for organization 2. It’s cool you can add drawings, voice recordings, images, reminders, and checklists. And the feature that grabs text from an image was very useful. 3. Of course the ability to share notes across devices and between people since notes are saved with your Google account and not just downloaded to your device. 4. Small thing but being able to copy stuff to Google Docs was nice 5. Aesthetically pleasing. Not that important but if an app looks old I’ll be less likely to choose it IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTIONS 1. Add bold, italic, underline, and text size 2. Make the option for images to be embedded at any place in the note instead of just attached at the top 3. Allow checkboxes in between paragraphs instead of requiring the whole note to be a checklist 4. Add a view option where only the note titles are shown (instead of the larger icons; like the list view in Google Drive) 5. Allow multiple reminders in one note (not as important as the other ones) 6. Automatically change links into their image previews, while still leaving the option to remove it. Usually I prefer the link icon over the long chunks of text..Version: 2.2020.34202

Good app just needs a few extra featuresI like the app as it is user friendly and streams well to the overall google platform. I like being able to sync with my other google items I.e. google calendar and collaborate with family members. Some things I would like to see added is the checkbox area. I like to have the ability to add a subset checkboxes. I usually have something I am working and break it down. This also helps me with consolidating notes and not keeping my lists too concentrated. I like colors options and would like to see more available backgrounds..Version: 2.2022.32201

Great AppWe use this app as a family to manage all the things the kids need for school, Birthday lists, shopping list and more. Fantastic.Version: 2.2018.32102

Personally amazingThe best way to get text from pc to iPhone easily without a whole hassle although a search feature would be nice for lists.Version: 2.2023.14202

CrashOpen list -> background app -> foreground app -> add item to list -> crash.Version: 2.2019.30201

Incredible productivity tool!This app has quickly become one of my go to apps throughout each and every day. It’s cross-platform approach makes jotting a note on my phone, revising it on my Chromebook, then converting it to a Google Doc on my desktop a snap. It is lightweight in terms of storage space and processor demands, yet it is robust in its abilities. Saving audio, photos, etc into notes is simple. Setting reminders, even recurring reminders, makes this app outrageously useful for jotting quick reminders when adding something to a calendar is just too time consuming. And again, the cross-platform approach means that the reminder pops up on your iPhone, your Chromebook, and your Windows machine (or Mac) unlike Apple’s native reminder / to do apps. Of course, you have to be using Chrome on your computers as the internet browser. But why wouldn’t you? :-) In all, it’s a very useful app for organizing and staying on top of personal and professional business!.Version: 2.2017.48101

Scrolling and Return Key BugsI absolutely LOVE Google Keep and use it excessively. That said, I’ve been meaning to write a review about the two bugs that constantly annoy me: sometimes the keyboard pops up when scrolling through a note when I did not intend to edit it, just to read it, thus my annoyance when it pops up. I think it does so when I scroll only a small amount and it registers as a tap gesture instead of just a scroll gesture. Two: if I press the return key—creating a new line of text—when there are also other lines of text below where I am currently typing (whether I thereafter type or paste something in or just leave the line blank) after a few seconds the line below that one pops up, merging onto the end of the above line I just entered, and I have to replace my cursor and separate the lines again, putting the lower one back down where it belongs..Version: 2.2019.49202

Great but could be even greaterWould love to see ability to drag one note into another, merging labels etc. Handy for making notes and creating to do lists. The ability to set reminders within checklists would be great ie set multiple reminders at different times for individual points within a list. Would also be handy if record worked in phone calls, as sections of calls could be saved as reminders. Would like ability to pinch the screen to condense all notes into a smaller (perhaps just showing titles) space. Overall really handy..Version: 2.2018.44104

Ether than Apple NotesI enjoy some features of this but when adding a colour, I think only the title should change rather than the entire note as the colours are distracting to write on. Additionally I don’t like that the full list or note shows when you are outside of the note, this should be an option. 3.5/5.Version: 2.2019.22202

Consistent app overallI’ve been using Google Keep for many years now and I can say it is one of the best notes apps I have tried. The advantage with Google is always the synchronisation aspect but it always lack in the visual side. I’m happy with the new backgrounds for the notes, it is refreshing and the improved colours, however, it would be great if we could add a chosen picture as a background and we had alternative fonts (nothing too fancy). I’m a visual person so this is very important for me in apps. Minimal, clean and customisable, that’s my hope! :).Version: 2.2021.50201

Great! Handy!Very nice, but more text formatting options would be even better! Changing of font size, maybe few different font colours. The game changer would be SEARCH option for any word in all of the notes or in selected note....Version: 2.2022.42201

Multi choice photosWhen add photos, I need to click several times to add them. There is no multi-choice function. It will be better if add this function..Version: 2.2019.28203

Love it.Some small annoyances here and there but to me it's still my go-to app across all systems I use. Well done Google..Version: 2.2019.08201

Useful!I've only had this app for a couple days so I haven't been able to see to its full functionality but I think that so far, the app has its uses. I've used many note and list apps, including onenote, evernote, wunderlist, and apple's native reminders and notes apps. This app combines the functionality of a note and a list into one app with a sticky note design, which is appealing for me. I haven't really done any syncing across devices so I haven't experienced any of those issues. Most of the updating I do will be via phone as I see it's most usefulness being as a mobile app when I can't reach a computer to jot something down. One thing that made me dock a star off though is that I have multiple Gmail accounts attached to my phone. Every time I open the app, it asks for which account to use (as the saves are done by account, which makes sense.) It would be nice to be able to set a default account, as I've never had this kind of problem in the Gmail app and it's not like the number of accounts on that app is any different..Version: 2.2018.04106

Needs a widget or shortcuts integrationI really like google keep overall. I just want a button to instantly create a note from the home screen without the clumsy long press on the app icon. Would also be handy to merge notes into one. I often make quick short notes about the same thing..Version: 2.2023.07201

My No 1: Tool for Notes & RemindersHaving been recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD I've found this app super useful for my everyday tasks, reminders & shopping list. Would be great when/if this comes across to Google home being able to dictate a note directly and have it transcribed would be awesome..Version: 2.2018.48201

Very Good For LearningA great way to keep up to date and record homework and class work, as I'm am currently in the first year of A Levels. Would be great if when I created the notes it would prompt me to set a reminder or deadline to make it feel like I would have pressure to complete it on time!.Version: 1.2017.36201

AwesomeIts amazing!!You can do anything with it!Even change the colours of your notes!I love it!Please make more like this but improve and add a little more things!!:D.Version: 1.2017.38102

Bug Fixed thanks!This Bug is fixed! Thank you! “After the latest upgrade of IPadOS, KEEP app resolution and flow of hand writing with the apple pen is not that fluent and neither with the high resolution that we, as users, are used to. However, if I see the note in other devise, for example, in my Samsung Galaxy Note, it looks perfect. So please fix this bug so we can KEEP enjoying this great app. Thank you!”.Version: 2.2019.40201

Like the app but it crashesI really like the app and prefer it over other note apps because of how simple it looks and how simple it is to use. I am not going to give it a 5 stars tho because my app keeps crashing when I add too much pictures at a time. The app also slows down if I have too much photos (131) in 1 note. After I have added lots of pictures I have just been having alot of app crashes. And also to add photos I have to do it 1 by 1 why not just make it do it all at once.Version: 2.2022.10201

Suggest to put a Password or Pin.Hope they will read this. Can I suggest to put an option that we can create a password or pin on each note? Just for double security..Version: 2.2020.16201

Simple, but does everything I needI use this for my todo items. I need them on my phone and desktop, and to share with another person. Keep just works and my lists accessed from anywhere are up to date and identical..Version: 2.2020.44201

Love it love itBrilliant my no 1 app for my brain lol…. Now the reminder area fixed simple again to add time/date.. instead of home work blah blah . So glad that’s fixed …. Can go back to using as reminders. Really is a one stop app for everything love it, id just change yellow icon to blue Match Tasks.Version: 2.2022.18201

Suggestion pour une prochaine mise à jourVoici une suggestion pour une prochaine mise à jour de l’application: permettre à la fois de planifier un rappel et un endroit. Donc, permettre les deux à la fois. En ce moment, c’est seulement une des deux possibilités..Version: 2.2019.14201

Great AppUsed one note for a while but was never happy with its very slow sync, this app is great with that and extra features as well, love it..Version: 1.2017.32101

I can’t believe this is rated lowThis app is awesome. Take a pic of your notes and it will transcribe to a note. Maybe it’s not perfect but saves heaps of time. I pin grocery lists to the top and can save any webpage and group into projects, I love it..Version: 2.2020.18201

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