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Google Photos: Backup & Edit for Positive User Reviews

Use it everydayThis is just so handy an app. It provides safety for your photos which are always easy to retrieve on other devices. The sharing feature really makes it easy to stay in touch & share with friends. I love the facial recognition which allows you to find all your photos of a person. Really enjoy using this app.Version: 3.22.0

Great Photo AppI began using Google Photos after getting a new cell phone. The tech was working on my cell in the back transferring all my stored photos off my old phone. He literally came back out in 15 minutes and said it would have taken to long to transfer all the photos and deleted an untold amount of irreplaceable photos only on my cell. He did not ask or warn about doing it. My adult daughter learned of the incident and showed me how Google Photo saves automatically and it was a really nice thing to be my backup for photos taken. Thank you Google for that AND it was FREE. I am retired and on a cops pension there is not much money for extra stuff. There is talk of having only a certain memory limit and/or a payment for storage. I surely hope not as I can’t lose more very dear wife and kids photos since the are grown and moved away. Google seems to always do better for regular people than other apps and I would love to talk to them about how good the apps have been for me and others in the community. Hopefully that will not change or waivers for the retired age community..Version: 6.32

Google photos reviewThe fact that the Google Photos is a free app that allows unlimited storage space for all your photos and videos is a deal closer within itself!! I currently own all Apple devices and have only ever used Apple because I like the technology but this is a major flaw about their products. I am very aware about how even though your storage space left on your device has hardly been used, you still have to pay for iCloud storage space. There has to be some sort of reason or answer for this but to date I have still to understand why? There is only one negative I have about the Google Photos app. I wish there was some way of whatever photographs and videos that you record at the time would automatically open up in Google Photos when you want to quickly look at them. Instead of them opening in the Apple photos app..Version: 4.7

StorageI have a family member that has been using Samsung ever since 2015 with google photos stored on his phone and he has millions of photos that just now can’t be stored anywhere as he’s ran out of storage. I completely understand myself, including him that, it’s ONLY )1.29 or something a month, but it’s just no good that people like him need to be put in a tough situation where you can’t store your photos anywhere anymore, even Samsung iCloud is now going to be a ‘must have’ payed sumbscription to store photos on Samsung bc Samsun will delete photos by 30th of September permanently if not stored onto the cloud, which is ridicules for Samsung to even do. And I feel like google photos and other photos and files storing apps should think about, how other people have stored memories somewhere that soon need to be payed for, these are m’empestiez we’re talking about! It’s no good. So I finally hope that in the future that google photos will make a real change and increase the default storage to at least 36GB L. Phones nowadays are 1TB and storing photos on 15GB is just crazy. There’s a huge difference and this doesn’t just apply for google photos, but also default gallery’s and photos apps on iPhones and Samsungs that should provide a larger iCloud storage plane..Version: 5.60

Pretty good.Just hope that the space for photos is unlimited. :v.Version: 3.4.0

So gratefulApple storage is the smallest and so annoying to always delete things, getting the google photos app on my phone has been a lifesaver so I can see my thousands of old photos sorted into categories by location or album or faces etc. Just wish u didn’t need wifi to view them but wow.Version: 3.28

A fantastic replacementGoogle Photos is genuinely amazing. It serves as a photo organiser, back up and mashup maker. One huge thing that I love about this is, it's free UNLIMITED space to store photos which helps open lots of space on your phone. Google Photos is really good at doing stuff for you, like sorting out holiday photos into separate albums, finding hidden gems of photos I didn't even know I had and stylising them to make them even better, creating movies and collages from the pictures taken (also created like albums, grouping tore their similar locations, events and times), and helping you delete unnecessary screenshots, duplicates or bad pictures. So far, it has done nothing that I could complain about. As always, Google have brought an amazing, simple, easy to use and fun app..Version: 3.8.0

Fantastic & MindlessIt automatically backs up all your photos so you never have to worry. They’re easy to access online too. My only complaint would be if a photo is deleted off the phone, that it would sync this across as well, so you don’t have to go through multiple platforms to delete photos. We all take multiples and then choose the best one to keep..Version: 4.18

Total Game Changer!Google photos obliterates iCloud! (and that’s coming from a self-confessed Apple fanboy) It may seem nothing, but the ability to delete videos and photos from your device after uploading them to unlimited storage in the cloud is huge! Apple icloud won't let you do that, and so forces you to buy devices with more storage again and again! Apple's setup is quite sneaky actually and outdated! Google Photos has two storage settings: "High quality" and "Original quality". “High quality” setting allows for unlimited photo and video storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. “Original quality” setting gives you 15 GB free and then you pay from there. However 16 megapixels and 1080p HD video is pretty dam good - And it’s free and unlimited so Im stoked with that setting! Thanks so much Google for changing the game! Our family can now probably keep our phones and ipads for several years more!.Version: 3.7.0

Easy storage, fun featuresGoogle Photos is so easy to use! There are so many settings that you can decide on, like whether or not you want photos to automatically be backed up or wait until you are on Wi-Fi. Then, you can have the app on your phone so that you can easily delete the pictures on your phone storage and always see the pictures in the Google Photos app. I personally have turned off photo back up on iPhone, and just use Google Photos. You can access Google Photos from a PC too. And while you’re taking pictures and videos while going to events, Google Photos will make creative designs in the background. So it will give you memories and reminders of what you were doing this day last year or three years ago. And then sometimes it’ll create a movie or animation from the pictures and videos that you’ve taken. It gives you the option to save those or share them if you’d like. And, if it sees that you are using your phone storage when it has already backed up those particular photos, it will make suggestions on groups of photos you can delete/archive from your phone’s memory. Good job Google, as usual 🙂.Version: 4.13

Best free service from Google, yet.I have been using it since it started. It is the best of all the services available around and it doesn’t just make you believe to be free, it is totally free if you are happy with a smaller size file. Bigger files you can leave on your hard disk and in the event if loss of data in your storing hardware, at least you have something to go back to. Only extra I would have preferred to have is to search facility when you want to add one or a few photos to an album!! You have to manually scroll to all these albums to find it!! Otherwise, it is easy to find ably album unless you want to add!! I strongly recommend it and I have stopped saving in a few other sites where you are told it is free and then very quickly you are reminded that you ought to buy space !! Thank you Google..Version: 3.12.0

I enjoy goggle pictures !!Best program.Version: 3.4.0

Wish All Assistants Were This Good!I have really enjoyed Google photos, especially for the assistant feature. Every now and then I’ll get a notification that the assistant has created a little movie or collage from pictures I took 2, 3, even 5 years ago. It’s great because it usually creates something that you’d like to have but you just never get around to making. Seeing old pictures of a trip with family and friends, the family pet doing something quirky, or being reminded of a special occasion can make your day. Candidly, I’m not a huge fan of the fact that Google has become this massive company with their hands in everything, but for utility apps like this there just aren’t many companies out there who have the time, money and imaginative software developers to create an app like this that actually makes it on to the App Store. For that reason I commend them. Now, if I could just figure out how to block every single move I make and web page I visit from them, I might just stop getting harassed by advertisements for things that I just searched for an hour ago on a completely different device connected to a completely different network!.Version: 4.47

Google photosThank you google for making such a brilliant app available with great functionality and for free. Way better than drop box or iCloud or other options for photo storage that require payment. Please keep it this way!.Version: 6.54

Finally! Google, helping to create peace of mind when I run out of storage for my photos!This is the app I’ve been searching for! When I bought my iPhone 8 Plus, I purchased it in such a hurry that I forgot to tell the sales associate I wanted the highest storage iPhone. It was fine for the time being but, I needed to have a backup plan whenever I do happen to run low on storage space. I’ve been stuck with limited to no space available on my phone just a few months after purchasing it. I thought about possibly paying an online company like Box to backup my iPhone but trust is a big issue for me and I couldn’t get myself to take the next step in subscribing to some online account I barely knew. With Google Photos, I can now have peace of mind that my photos and videos will always be in one place safe and sound! Nothing bums me out more than to be at a concert and get a message pop-up during a video recording that I am running out of storage space. Now I don’t have to worry! I also really appreciate how Google Photos makes it easy to use and recommends albums and animations to save specific memories and moments! Best app ever! Totally worth the wait! :).Version: 3.16.0

Love the AppLove love love ❤️ It has been a saving grace since I keep having to delete things from my iPhone to make space. Love the suggestions it give too Recently had to delete it and download again as the assistant tab stopped working on my phone .... anyone else experience this?.Version: 5.71.2

Love it!❤️ It!.Version: 3.4.0

Big AppThere’s a lot going on with Google Photos. Many features that take awhile to discover. Lots of automated stuff happening that I really enjoy. The app will group together like photos and offer a selection as a slide show over time etc. Quite cool and intuitive. Sharing is straightforward as is housekeeping. I like it 👍.Version: 5.47

Google Photos is fabulous!Such a simple way to keep your photos/videos all together in one handy and easily accessible place. Also love the rotation and clutter clearing suggestions of photos, movies, collages, comparison images of previous the to now, etc. All editions and created by google photos for you to view, choose and save at your own cool is that!?.Version: 3.6.0

Google photosThis is just the best ever photo storing device you take the picture with your phone and when you hit wifi it loads it straight onto google photos and your pictures are safe ‘ you can also drop them in off your pc after you have down loaded your Camera ‘ I down load my camera to my iPad and then off they go to google photos ‘ I do keep. Second copy of my valuable pictures on a hard drive just in case my account gets hacked.Version: 4.42

Continued ImprovementGreat to make backups of photos to google drive. Fun to see the extta features develop over the years. Missing is the “delete photos from my phone but not the last 6 months”. It is all or nothing. Algorithms are scarily improved: the “they grow up so fast” autovids recognize the faces of my kids over longer periods of time and updates it regularly into a new version. Things can always be better, hence 4 stars. But core functions such as storing vids and pics are top notch..Version: 4.3

Storage Dream (maybe?!)...I’m giving this 4 as I wait for “our newest update” to change it all up again,lol. Just when you get comfy with the “unlimited cloud storage” & you get all your stuff settled where you like it... AND THEN... “Hi, Just letting you know that there’s been a change in policy that takes effect next update so...” Then you’re scrambling to save your memories before digital annihilation occurs (or you’ve purchased additional space) so it gets 4*’s (& I teetered on 3, LoL) because even though it’s a little contradictory at times (offers up quotes of praise for saving people from extra expenses, keeping your device clear of clutter where bugs love to hide{!} & eliminating the need for many (many!) passwords... but then you get the daily “suggestion” to use “auto->XP”! for backup & whatnot which kinda has the opposite impact on your device..., it is a great App for pictures and the sharing of but... I dunno!?! I’m leery that an update won’t clear up room or something like that?! Things change on a regular basis with these Apps & where one’s great for storage it’s lacking in cool editing tools but it’s free so 🤷🏻‍♀️ (right?!?), LoL! I guess for now it’s fine but my review is as subject to change as the App is. Who knows, maybe a taste of one’s own medicine for a bit would put an end to the potential “fluxing of policy” where updates & the future of storage space &/or fun editing stuff) is concerned..Version: 5.22

Love the intuitionThe app is very intuitive and regularly recalls memories which is just awesome. I always fear that online photos are at risk of being deleted, but Google being a giant in the market I feel and hope that my memories will be kept until I die..Version: 6.17

Making my opinion countApp is great, takes care of back ups so one doesn’t have to think about whether those photos are safe with google or still not backed up. As we know people are divided into two groups - first is those who make backups, second - those who are not yet making backups. This app makes it easy to join the first group before the disaster happens and those precious memories are lost. Thank you for attention, I finished and lit a cigarette..Version: 4.22

GénialBelle option pour ceux qui n’ont plus de stockage dans leur cellulaire. J’adore..Version: 3.23.1

IncroyableAvoir 15 ans de sa vie en photos qui te suit partout, juste WOW!.Version: 4.19

Best Photo Storage App!Hands down the best photo storage application I have ever used. For a small fee of NZD$2.99 you can get 100GB off storage, which is extremely helpful when I happen to have an excessively large photo library. Unlimited storage is available for free, however photo quality is slightly decreased - not really a problem for those who just need to archive photos. Accessible on every device and sharing made easy. Highly recommend downloading Google Photos..Version: 3.28

Amazing!This app has been an absolute godsend for me! I take a ridiculous number of photos and am always running out of space on my phone - google photos backs them up onto google drive automatically every time I have WiFi and has no limit on how many photos I can have (unlike some other similar options). This has the added benefit that, if I lose my phone or get a new one down the line, all of my photos are backed up all in one place. It’s also been great to share photos with friends and family while traveling and allows you to make an album with photos, maps of where you have been and added text to share with loved ones. It is perfect for what I need - simple and effective!.Version: 3.7.0

Google photosWe have 2tb of cloud space as well as Google photos and the ease of use and great features of Google Photos nails it. Archive photos, presentations of shots taken periodically in the past are terrific to jog memories and get the nostalgia going and making you feel good. Shows based on one person are priceless especially if you have kids, you watch them grow up. Can’t beat it as far as our family of 5 are concerned would not be without it..Version: 5.71.2

Not just backupGoogle photos has a lot of cool features, methods to edit photos but best feature is daily slide show to remind you of memories or similar shots. Also like the suggestions for changes, suggested panoramas from shots that I took in quick succession. Being able to look for a similar or same photo on the internet to assist in identifying old photos I have inherited from well travelled family. I am working on family genealogy and the “copy text” feature is a great short cut for extract information I would otherwise have to transcribe. The copy to text is better than a lot of OCR programs..Version: 6.31

As of current build :Brilliant in every single way but.....First of all the good. The initial set up and transfer of all my main photos and videos from IPhone to Google photos is flawless and fast. As a tip use wifi if your on a low budget data plan. In one sense the Google photos app works effortlessly and prompts a user to clean up and delete photos from your iOS device as it happens. As a result I've turned off iCloud for photos completely. In addition ive freed up an absolute ton of space on my iPhone 👍🏼 The bug I've got with Google photos is by today's standards loading a video to watch using Google photos is to slow. These days things are instant especially the iOS photos app platform. 20 seconds or at times up to a minute can seem like a lifetime especially if the person nexto you starts asking why is your Google photos app taking so long to load a video clip 😳.Version: 4.21

IPad storage idea for google photosSo I don’t have mc h games bit could you add on this app that you can buy a iPad storage builder that what ever number you type in your storage on your iPad it’s self will have unlimited storage without deleting apps with this option people would be able to have a lot of storage that never gets full and allows free no full ups on the iPad storage if you make this happen tell everyone that some one who is me has saved everyone from deleting there favourite apps and photos please make this happen Also could you add a option called erase background for the photos so you can add stuff to them but you can choose to keep the background or get rid of it And add a option to like with the unlimited iPad storage option you can also add lots more apps and stuff but here’s the catch with this option everyone could easily get more games but hear me out an option to make photos 3d would be cool but you get to choose if you want to change them to 3d and change them back Also another option would be nice is a 360 built in camera that you can use in real life with your iPad or what ever you use like use it in real life or on a video now that would be cool If you can make this happen then we have nothing to lose.Version: 5.22

Great for even not photografer personIt make life easier, with photo we can lose track and time, also here we cant create decent video’s ,or we uose to, now we can with this app alone , I find it useful and I stopped uose other programs to sort my photo and date it , I organised my photo and videos, now I know where I find photo just by star it, in emportant days or event, glad to find it, I’ll recommend this app to friends and family and who his photos important to him , I already start to do that senss I find google photos app, now no sorry to say it’s kept me away from Facebook Twitter and, time working on it not wested time, I got more space now to organises my photo and keeping them all , I love google photo 😘❤️👌🏿.Version: 5.70

Beyond brilliantGoogle photos is probably the most useful app I have ever downloaded. Everything is easy and seamless. Being able to search people or animals by their faces is an amazing feature that I use often. I love that google photos creates albums, collages and movies on its own for me. Sharing photos is perfectly simple. I really like the archive feature, it’s relatively new. It allows you to put photos in a separate folder that you might not need such as screen shots or other photos you’d want to hide from your regular photos. Another feature I’ve been appreciative of lately is ‘rediscover this day,’ it allows you to see photos you took in this day during previous years. I love this app. I tell all my friends and family to download it. Nothing else even comes close to what it can do. If anything I’d make a couple suggestions although I’m satisfied with the app without them. 1 - make a secret archive folder that can only be accessed with a password. 2 - allow users to create a custom collage (put the photos in the place they want rather than the app organizing them for you).Version: 4.6

Google Photos is the greatest!!!Google Photos is and has been the answer to my photo storage needs. I have told my family, my friends and my business colleagues about Google Photos and it’s benefits, like editing, and sharing, and the photo assistant just to mention a few. I have become a fan of many if not most of the other Google apps. I could go on but Google is doing such a great Historic service with the apps like Google Photos. I am sold and I will follow, use and support Google in what ever endeavors it pursues. Keep up the good work and keep the tweaks and improvements coming. History will remember and identify Google’s contribution to preserving History including social and political trends, including those that are outside the political or social mainstream. History is important and Google has the ability to remember and follow the trends, even if at the moment they seem unacceptable. I do not support the wholesale removal of posts that are considered political or that are deemed to be outside the mainstream such as with food like saturated fat being good or bad or one diet being healthier than another or the use of certain products like medications or vitamins..Version: 5.59

IncredibleI love this app so much. It is so reliable and I love that it recommends things like stylized versions of photos. I’ve had this app since my first tablet (2015) and ALL my photos from even back then are on here! I also am very happy that even on my Apple device I am able to access my Google Photos. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app!.Version: 3.29

It's still the best.So far I have found this as the best photo sharing app, better than Apple photos, and it keeps getting better. Still needs more features, though as in Google fashion it's always in development. Update: It’s mostly the best though their some things Apple Photos does better: - Apple photos does better auto generated slide shows, that you usually want to share more. For the most part if you are a photographer or aficionado you really need both because Apple photos and Google photos are competitors but different programs and the two have different philosophies, written in their DNA as companies. Apple is very creative and artsy and Google is very creative and technical, both characters are equally important to get an end result that you would be happy with..Version: 6.5

Like it very muchGoogle Photo can create movies and alumnus by the App automatically with geographic information (routes on map) and dates for a trip, highlight the memories. Also like the way to have “Now & Then” collage and “similar ” collage. I have used it for many years for free storage, and created the photo books shared with my friends and family members after each of my trips. Since Google Photos started the charge in June 2021, I have stopped the sharing photos and tried to manage the storage by reducing the number of photos uploaded, so not created the photo books any more..Version: 6.38

Great appI’m so impressed with this app! I had a nightmare trying to save all my iPhone photos from my phone to my laptop. The USB cable wouldn’t connect properly, iCloud didn’t have enough storage and it was taking ageeesss to upload all of the 1500 photos/videos I had. I then downloaded Google Photos and it’s worked perfectly. I downloaded the app on my phone and the photos uploaded so much quicker than iCloud. I then downloaded the photos on my laptop using the Google Photos website. Next, I deleted the 1500 photos from my iPhone so I could save storage on my phone and I’m really pleased to say that the Google Photos app has kept all my old photos as well as it’s been adding new ones I’ve been taking. What a great app!.Version: 5.55

Accessible, easy to use and amazing!Having your photos all stacked up on your camera roll can be very confusing for when you are searching for a specific picture. With google photos, my pictures are all securely saved and organised. They are very easy to find due to the way you can scroll through the “time line” as well as being able to find pictures by searching key words such as “sleep”, “shopping”, “Milan” etc... I even found a picture back from 2010! The best about this app is that it can have unlimited pictures saved and it will not weigh up on your phones memory. And last but not least, all these amazing features and super accessible and free!.Version: 4.49

Very ImpressedIn a time when you to pay so much for back up services! I find this very impressive.. security well what is it anyway every server is hacked in some way and how do you know if you pay for back up you will still not have you photos looked at by other so you might as well increase the worlds photo banks for all history! A few years on I’m still very happy with Google Photos, it now means I have my life’s digital photos on hand at a moments call... just scroll back through time, or wait for memories of days past to pop up.. Thanks again Google.Version: 5.53

I LOVE THIS APP!!Store all you photos, it’s sorts them for very quick easy viewing anytime, the assistant makes animations from bursts, panoramas, Face Recognition and sorting, shows memories etc without you asking it to and you can save if you like them, it’s all cloud based and very reasonable if you want store best quality. You can search by theme, date, person and you can even share specific photos with friends if you like without having to use up data by sending. Great thing is at any time I can view my memories from way back so they are not buried and forgotten in the millions of photos i have - and my whole family can view, access and upload their photos to it too. Awesome Application I love it!!.Version: 4.15

PerfectThankful for the free storage. The easy back up and interface. Google is pioneering in the digital space and photos is the personal touch in your phone and PC. Store tonnes of photos and videos you will not regret owning this app. Perfect way to keep safe the priceless memories you record and photograph. Easy way to take a photo on the phone share it via your favourite app and go home to your laptop login to photos in chrome and edit your artistic photos later. No need for USB transfers when you own this app. Thank you Google.Version: 4.8

Fantastic App, love it !!!This is such a great app and a beautiful way to capture, sort, view , save and share our memories. It is incredibly easy to use & find photos from any date. The app recognises peoples faces and groups them automatically once you have named that person, it’s then easy to search photos of that person from any date. The app also automatically creates albums, videos and collages that you can choose to save or not. I have enjoyed looking up all our old photos from 10 years ago! It’s great that it has unlimited space. Great app overall !!!.Version: 3.11.0

UnbelievableEven the free version is exceptional. They summaries key moments in your life automatically and even suggest deleting photos that are blurry or something like that (they put deleting-worthy photos in a folder and ask if you want them deleted). When I installed it I didn’t realise that it also recovers photos I didn’t even know I had. It’s based of gmail accounts so because I’ve had a particular gmail account for so long it recognizes that and keeps track of old photos automatically. (I’m not entirely sure how it works) If you love looking back at memories, get this!.Version: 5.49

Best App/Program on the web!!!I was always worried about eventually losing pictures and have no memories of my life when photography went all digital. However, Google Photos solved that problem and it’s really astounding what it does for you automatically. I have a DSLR camera, and I was also worried that I would have to always take pictures from the phone or transfer them to my laptop, but no not only does Google give you unlimited storage, it automatically stores all the photos nicely organized albums from any device you own. Next they are hard at work putting together albums or special effects etc., something that would take you hours to complete if you even knew how! Honestly, I could do without many programs and apps, but the two of my favorite apps, Google Photos and Google Play Music are making me want to consider going with all Google products,laptop,cell phone,chrome cast etc. I have an I phone and while Google Photos keeps up with those photos, the I phone only has photos from when I started using the phone. Google photos keeps them safe and secure! Unbelievable App!.Version: 3.18.0

Amazing app 💖This app is a must have on EVERY device. I can’t tell you enough how much you need this. One of the best things is the assistant. Every now and then I go through the photos it has animated, edited or collaged ect for me. They are stunning and I shared them all with people. Your photos are stored as soon as you take them, and are super easy to find if you lose them. Totally recommend 😁😁.Version: 4.16

A discovery!I'm just playing around with this app for my beloved iPhone 6. I think it's going to enhance the experience of taking and sharing photos. The creative features are going to be fun - especially making collages and also making little movies from photos, with automatic musical backing! 10 out of 10. One year later: It’s still 10/10 !.Version: 4.14

I like it, BUT...I like Google Photos, but I wish their was an option under the "EDIT" tab, where I could add text or be able to write on the actual photo and be able to pick different colors, fonts, size of fonts and also underline, bold or put the text in italics. Also, my email is also linked to my son's phone, since I don't want to set him up with his own email account, until he gets a little bit older, that means that the Google Photo app is also linked to his phone, since he takes photos too. It would be nice to have an option to put a password protection on the albums that photos of each person is under. For example, if the album is labeled "ME", I wouldn't want him clicking on the tab and see photos of his mother that he shouldn't be looking at and scar him for life. Lol! Also, it would even come in handy when parents let their children play on their phone and they stumble upon photos that their parents didn't want them to see. Since my son also takes photos, one other idea that I had would be that anytime he takes photos and Google Photos downloads them, that the photos would be categorized by the device it was downloaded from, but you would still be able to organize the photos into albums later. Thank you!.Version: 3.5.0

ExcellentGoogle photos is a life saver.Version: 5.81

Essential for backing up your photosIf you take photos with your phone, then you need this app. If you want your photos to be secure, to share them easily with others, to view them across devices, or many other things then you need this app. On top of its secure online backup, ease of sharing across your devices and with friends, it also lets you search in many amazing ways - by date, location, object, person, and so many things. It's a very clever app and an essential one too..Version: 5.60

Great AppI’ve had Google photos for some 3 years now and have no complaints! It stores all your photos unless you wish to delete them ... It also suggests steps to take if you are getting a bit full, for eg archive. It picks out photos that it thinks will be improved with a few tweaks and you can do this or just ignore it. You can run it the way you want or go with suggestions it makes ... ADDITION … It’s now a few years later and having Google Photos has saved me alot of heartache! I have an IPhone which comes with Apple photos, but after a few years hundreds of my photos disappeared, not to be found anywhere, even the “cloud” which they were being saved to ( or so I thought)! I was distraught 😩 but then thought to check Google photos and there they all were!!! So happy! It’s a keeper!.Version: 6.31

Grouping requestThis app is great. Can I please request that sometimes the grouping does not work correctly. When a new person is created and they do not come up in the search they are added twice. Can you please add a merge function to add the two people if the same name is created twice. Can we also have in the new feature section for rotating that when a similar face is shown it only learns when you click on the persons profile to group the same person. Can we have this same person suggestion appear in the new section so that the click through can be carried out without having to click on each person. Thank you.Version: 4.25

HighGreat for storing But 15 GB is to low for the high quality image cameras take now a day should have at least 50GB free.Version: 3.4.0

Fantastic!Make a world of difference by making the app even more enjoyable. As I can’t get to customer services or speak to the Google experts directly I say it in any way possible to get heard. There should be link or button to speak to Google experts about anything. This is the main problem everywhere. Good Google photo App. Apple photos is good too and hope there would be a feature to move, copy files straight to our Apple servers which it never allowed & hope it would in the future but I’ll be too old. Google photos App & Google drive I have helps and paying monthly subscriptions. It doesn’t cost much & does the work. I say why cancel it & erase all google data when I don’t need it only when it’s needed. I’ll keep it going and it’s only a small amount every month. Google subscribers who die are informed before or after their death even if they don’t Google delete & close their accounts after a many months or years if they they’re Google accounts have not been active for some years or so. It worries me about all this this why… I am old slowing down & will die at some stage and thinking of removing all data now as the years move on..Version: 6.61

Free & Unlimited - Excellent!!!Great app and frees up space from the phone. Recommended..Version: 6.27

Très bon outils!Très bon outils pour faciliter le stockage et le classement de photos!.Version: 5.0

Google photosIt’s the best way I’ve ever saved pictures in all my life! Over 40 years of taking pictures. I used to have a camera that spit pics right out, you’d have to shake them to help them along, called Poloroid! Then came disposable cameras, then the pics you developed! I still say~ it’s a Kodak moment!!! Lol! That stuck forever and will continue, even though it’s ALL Google photos and videos for me now! I will NEVER get rid of Google photos!!! They are thee best thing that’s ever happened since sliced bread!!!! I love their “memories “ the “moments” where they combine pictures and make it, like a lil video! And now, they do that 3D thing where the pictures looks like it’s coming out of the phone,~ straight to You… in your own living room!!!! The Only complaint, that I’m not satisfied with now, is I’ve run out of storage space! I thought the “cloud” made it endless! Unfortunately, we now have to pay for more space. But, I won’t. I refuse to. So, I have to keep going through and erasing fond memories. It’s a bummer, but it is what it is. I do like and really appreciate how they’ll separate my blurry photos, which makes it a lot easier to find which ones to dispose of. Other than that though, completely satisfied customer here!!!.Version: 6.6

TopYou have to get that It release the data of your phone but keep you see you photos as you want.Version: 3.4.0

Really really good, and would recommendThe app is really really conventional and helpful. When I go on hikes I feel much safer to take my phone and risk it breaking knowing that my photos are safe. I love the extras, like the animations. So cute! One thing that I think would help the app, is if founders were transferred onto the app. For example, with my phone it has the ability to recognise faces and put them into their own folders of other photos of themselves. It would be nice to keep my stuff organised when I transfer photos onto the app. All in all, brilliant app!!!.Version: 4.25

Organizes your visual life impeccably with little to no work on your part!Google photos does a very good job of backing up unlimited amounts of photos and videos for free. It doesn’t end there! Google photos does a great job of recognizing faces places and objects on demand. Another great feature about this app is the fact that one can go on a trip and within a day or two of returning, google photos has prepared a photo album that you can edit, caption, and add to based on the geo tag of each photo. As if all of that wasn’t enough, google photos allows you to edit your photos and videos within the app, save them, and then share a single photo/video or groups of them with friends or family via a web link. This gives you total control of what others see. The fact that google photos is secured with your Gmail address and password, means that you can login to view your photos practically anywhere you have an Internet connection. Best photo and video software I have ever fact, everyone else is rushing to copy features already perfected here. Try it. You'll like it. Promise..Version: 3.29

Best app ever!This app is amazing! Much better than the original Photo app in many ways. (Not trying to criticize the app, it’s pretty neat too, just stating my opinion) Although all you can do is look at and edit your photos, I still have so many ways how this particular app is really cool too. 1, there are really cool editing options! You can make really cool collages, interesting animations, amazing color pops, splendid cinematic photos, and terrific movies! 2, there are really cool features! It organizes your photos into different things, (Birthdays, Weddings, etc.), you can share everything you create (And by everything, I mean literally EVERYTHING you create on that bad boy) and so many other really cool things! I could spend hours on that app, it’s so cool! 3, Google Photos actually edits your photos into better ones! Here’s an example: I took a picture at a beach and it looked really nice. When I looked at the photo again on Google Photos I realized the app had turned it into a mind blowing photo! It looked like a painting! So to sum this review up, I just want you to know and understand that Google Photos is the most amazing app I have ever seen! So what are you waiting for? Stop sitting on your fannie and download Google Photos today! Like NOW!!.Version: 5.49

Makes life easierI've been searching for a way to save my videos and photos without losing access to them on my phone, and this has been the most reliable and easy to use backup system ever! I can confidently delete everything once it's saved on google photos, and continue capturing memories everywhere I go. It's so easy to retrieve all of them at any time, and it doesn't cost me a thing. Way better than iCloud which would hold everything but not give me access to my own photos when I wanted to backup onto my pc. Google is always my most preferred option for everything..Version: 3.5.0

AwesomeLove this app, It would be nice to use this almost like a diary/journal where there is a diary view and photos are grouped by day and I can add my notes for the day and google populates the weather info and maybe footstep count. It would also be nice to have an ai feature that suggests photos for you to delete in bulk - such as blurry photos, repetitive photos.Version: 4.45

AmazingI take a lot of pictures with my phone and with my SLR. I have a large extended family and lots of grandkids. I have 200,000 ++ digital photos dating back to my first digital camera in 2001. I have digital scans of old 35mm slides. All this has been sitting on my hard drive doing no one any good. I have uploaded each folder of photos on my hard drive onto GF. Each folder on my PC has become an album on GF. This resulted in the creation of hundreds of albums in GF. Once in GF, I then share each album with the appropriate people for that particular album. Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) is scary good. The facial recognition is awesome. It is able to recognize my brother at age 75 all the way down to age 8...automatically! Below age 8 GF needs my help sometimes. So finding all the photos of uncle Harry is a snap. Now all my kids have all the photos related to them on all their devices. All searchable by person, date, location, setting (beach, mountains, etc). They love it. I love it. All unlimited and free. I still keep my SLR RAW files on my PC, but I have now made all my photos accessible to family and friends. Simply amazing..Version: 3.19.0

Amazing app!! LifesaverMy phone recently had a software glitch and had to be factory reset, meaning that I unexpectedly lost my entire camera roll, but this app saved a copy of everything for me! I could just redownload it, sign in, and everything was there. So helpful!! Also, it makes helpful albums for people and places which I genuinely use a lot. Can’t fault it!.Version: 4.40

Awesome appEasy to use and keeps all picture up to date.Version: 3.4.0

Better than iPhone Photos app.This is the best photo app I’ve ever used, you get unlimited free online backup (the reduced file size barely changes the photos appearance), it also beats all other apps in the following; - Registers faces better than any other app, listing that persons face in a folder. - syncs up to the google cloud, so you can access it anywhere considering you use the correct account. - Has a more streamlined interface over Apple photos. - Photos automatically get backed up every time you open the google photos app..Version: 4.22

All time favouriteGoogle Photos is a masterpiece. It has made my life easier than ever. I was so frustrated due to the way Apple provides facilities to the user wanting them to pay to get more but only Google can step in and create a wonderful platform for users to upload zillions of photos and videos what Apple should have done in the first place but that's impossible for Apple. I can't thank Google enough to make my life easier. A guy who used to own 16 GB iPhone and had to transfer photos to PC and delete from iPhone to create enough space for phone to breathe. I don't know if it's just me that my photos don't upload automatically in the background. I switch off and on the option again but nothing happened. So I've to keep the app open to let it upload..Version: 3.12.0

Google is the way forwardLove google and the features that it offers, regardless of what I’m looking for I search google and look at the reviews of what’s on offer before actually booking or arranging anything. It’s a fantastic way of taking an overall opinion for something rather than just chancing it and seeing if the food/service is good especially when booking to attend a restaurant. There is always a balance of good and bad of course and you still hold the choice to form your own opinion if you really want to give something a go but google definitely gives you an insight and is very helpful to find places when in an area that is unfamiliar to you..Version: 6.49

Not quite Adobe Lightroom, but an excellent free alternativeI’ve been using Google Photos for a while now, initially in connection with Picasa (now obsolete). It’s a very intuitive application, that provides a simple yet elegant means of editing and sharing photos. More recently, having purchased a Google Home Hub, I love the way Google curates your images and presents them on the quite remarkable screen on this device..Version: 6.32

Photos and videosGoogle, I love 💕 your service, I love everything about Google, photos, videos maps, your customer service helped me fix my pc just a little bit ago, and I took a video of the wonderful job as the result of your help, my son gets Norton I don’t, a little while later that day which was only 2 days fixed and finished, I was in heaven I been sick 14yrs , I turned on my pc and Norton was in there rearranging everything and my Google drive where I kept everything important for years was deleting, I lost my mind it’s been a week or so and I hate them everything is different and my Google drive, 😭😭😭😭😭😭 well I’ve been able to send everything from my phone to the pc and print documents pictures and now when I click on a picture it shows up on my right of the screen really small and I can’t print I can’t do anything and now I’m sick with Covid, I’m going to be 63 and I’m not well anyway, and that achievement you guys helped me with , I never knew how to really use a computer and in no time you made me very very happy 😊 and they took it away in a few minutes, I’m too sick to talk to them I feel like I’m getting hit in the head with a hammer , I miss the happy hour, that’s what it feels like, all that work, I’m sorry I’ll be quiet.Version: 5.75

Lock?I love this app, i normal don't do reviews but its amazing. It's cleared 90gb of photos on my photo/ipads and other devices. i recommend this for cleaning your device and clearing storage. even per say 2gb, a little goes a long way and i recommended getting this if you haven't. Free and useful. Locks. I reckon there should be a option to lock the full google apps or accounts. It would be cool and add more security to it as i lend my devices to people to use sometimes and i have important documents i need to keep safe. once i added my photo of my draft living resume and the photo got permantley deleted..Version: 4.4

My new favourite appMy new favourite app. Really practical and convenient way to free up your iPhone storage and share pics with your loved ones. I have a photo album of my son that I share with his grandparents who live 3 hours away. They love how it keeps them up to date with what our family is doing. Only they can see the photos and they can add their own photos too. Google pics automatically organisers your photos into albums. You can also manually set it up so it recognisers people and places. We’ve set ours up to recognise when a picture has our dogs in it so it automatically loads into the dog album. I also love the assistance option that automatically fixes lighting in photos and creates videos and collages of your pics. It also reminders you each day of memories using pics from years prior. I love this app. Genuinely am telling others to use it..Version: 4.49

Great App, can be made much betterGreat App but additional features would make this better than Apple. For example allow user to select which photo and videos (individually, or multiple selection) can be downsized and backed up to “high quality” so it doesn’t take up your google one storage plan. Provide a better memories feature that uses screen sizes better. Provide a better full screen interface. All photos are clustered to the left, it would be nice if albums, favourites are displayed better, all grouped without gaps, different view options. Improve the slideshow feature. Add widget to have photo of the day..Version: 4.26.2

THE BEST THING INVENTEDSo grateful for this app, it literally has saved me. Photos are soooo precious and I’m really appreciative of this app for holding my gallery that goes back to the age of me knowing how to take actual pictures. I love it and highly recommend for anyone who is wanting to clear storage on their phone and have a reliable app to hold memories as well as continue to gather more for the present and near future..Version: 5.22

A BIG THANK YOUI have been using Google Photos to store and archive my photos and albums since its start in 2015. It is easy to use and very accessible. I take a lot of photos, some just general snaps but still precious and some more professional photos of Birds and Wildlife. Although I always back my photos up on a separate hard drive I use Google Photo to put the photos into albums so that I can share them with anyone I want by just adding a link to an album. It also means I can clear my devices mobile etc of photos knowing they are backed up by google. I can easily add photos at a later date to an album and there is a facility for other people to add their own photos to your album for example if a group of you have been on holiday together and you all pool your photos. Google have managed to keep this amazing facility completely free, there is no pestering adverts and it is very easy to use. One can also store bigger format photos and Raw images for a very small fee. So thank you Google you have made my life a little bit easier..Version: 4.35

Easy to organize but not to print or saveVery easy to take photos and put into albums. Used to put into folders but then only one picture per folder. With albums the same picture can be put into several albums! I only gave 3 stars bc I cannot print from google photos directly. I still haven’t figured it out! Google photos no longer puts photos into google drive AND google photos when taken as it once did I was told. I want the double back up. I cannot figure out how to remove Microsoft photos (where some, not all, pictures go) (the app that comes w iPhones). My goal is to have the ability on PC to get to google photos not Microsoft photos. Cannot find google photos in file explorer. Any help would be EXTREMELY Appreciated! I have been searching and trying for months. Thank you. Would like to have google photos in file explorer. I also would like to know how to put email pictures into google photos. I can download but then what? I can’t just click on download and hold the picture and move to google photos, only Microsoft photos. Why is this the same review? This would skew the results of the survey/review. Shame on you google photos!.Version: 5.81

I love this app!🤩🤩🤩During my time using this app I have used it often and it has never let me down! But like really, if I could I would give this app 6 stars! Every now and again it takes all my pics and uses the ones my mum is in or my brother and makes a video so it’s like a memory, in a video! And you can combine pics together into one pic. Also, you can make vids out of your pics too, with music and everything! So in conclusion, definitely get this app! 💜💜.Version: 5.71.2

Love itThis app is a LIFESAVER when it comes to phone storage. seriously. i chose to pay for original quality photos but even the free version has unlimited photos at a very good quality. the ONLY things i dislike: the actual photo grid is so uneven and eclectic, as opposed to Apple’s photo app which is always evenly spaced and easy to scroll through. i feel like on Google photos, they’re always enlarging some images bigger than others and the scrolling is not even and smooth. i begin to scroll and then suddenly it jumps down to two months ago. then i have to slooowly scroll back up and try and pinpoint the image i was looking for. it’s incredibly annoying. there’s also no option to control how many photos are displayed at once. i have thousands and thousands of photos, so often times on Apple’s photo app i’ll change my settings to allow four or five photos in one row at a time, which enables me to see more photos at once and find a specific image (needle in a haystack type deal) faster. on Google photos, you have the random enlarged images AND there’s only three in a row and no way to change it. it makes navigating my photos difficult. but for FREE?! can i really complain? i’m so grateful someone made this app!.Version: 5.0

Google photosI love this app and I hope they change their mind about closing it. It shows me photos I took some time ago and it is nice to see them again. It also organises them into groups or movies after I have been taking a few similar shots, and sends them to me. Keep it going!.Version: 5.22

Google Photos is the only way to go!It’s the only way to go, if ya ask me! I know, ya ain’t asking, right? Okay, well that’s just fine, because I’m just-a-tellin! What I’m telling is that I love this App, because of so many things I won’t be able to list em all! Totally impossible! But I can share a few reasons why I love it so much! One is because of the option of assistant! When you choose this it gives you an option to save or dismiss the Apps, altered & filtered or maybe, brightened & cropped, or maybe, actually I can keep going but you get the Jist of what I’m sayin, right? You won’t believe the things assistant can do to your pics to make them look better or make them look like a work of art! You just won’t believe your eyes, or that you even took the pic in the first place once you see what all it can and will do! Lol woo-wee! I love this so much! Don’t waste your time with any other App out there claiming to do this or that! This one doesn’t have to claim anything, just open it up and Vola! Lol Art, Beauty, Imagination & I can keep going..... you already know! I’m going to stop here and let you see for yourself! The App speaks for itself! Plus I’ve spoken way to much as it is! Jeesh! Lol Y’all will have a blast and enjoy! I know y’all will! Lol Chow!.Version: 3.25.0

Love it-plain and simple.Easy to use, does everything for you! Saves every pic you take and can even sync up with your other devices. You can even edit pics easily and save or archive a copy of the original and then share them to your contacts or social media/etc. directly from the app. This app also does “Remember this date..” and will show you a pic(s) from the current date just years earlier! Provides an unexpected, beautiful walk down memory lane. However, probably the greatest most sincerely personal and unique feature of Google Photos are the ‘Photo Stories’ and ‘Movies’ they compile for you out of your gallery of pictures! Sometimes they even include subject-matter-appropriate background music and include dates, times, places, and titles describing the theme of the slideshow or collage of photos which range anywhere from deeply personal and heartfelt renderings to silly, awesome, one-of-a-kind gifs you can save and use later! You can even easily purchase one -or all!- of these creations for a tangible hard copy if you want! There are literally so many more amazing features to this app that I can’t even name them all without writing a few more paragraphs lol! So, I hope this honest, personal opinion will serve as a good enough review for those of you who have yet to partake in the effortlessness that is Google Photos. 😘🤗✌🏽.Version: 5.22

Good App but could be Great!Excellent points raised by Bz3rkr, wholeheartedly agree with every single 1. Other than that excellent app especially for those who only use it as a freebie. I pay for 200GB and share it between my whole family of 5 (including 4 iPads, 2 iPods, 3 iPhones, 1 computer) so it definitely comes in handy! Update Apr 2020: Had to upgrade our 200GB storage to next tier which is 2TB, which just shows, we use this A LOT (especially now that the kids are getting older too, with one in second year high school, and another one will be next year)!! Still very happy customers 😃😃😃.Version: 4.49

Ability to backup from more than one phone into one collection is superbAutomatic backups work super smoothly. Control over whether photos or videos can backup when not on wifi is really useful. When combined with backup and sync (to ensure you have a local copy) this has saved countless hours of hassle. Issue where some photos or movies count against storage quota needs addressing still..Version: 5.40

Pretty handy photo appEverything you want in a photo app. Actually the only thing missing is an easy way to select a number of photos and put them straight into a slide show. Other than missing that is brilliant....Version: 5.55

Google PhotosAwesome app! It has saved so much storage on my devices! When I saw the advertisements I was sceptical 🤨 I thought it was too good to be true, but when I downloaded this app I was not disappointed! 😆 I also love 💖 the fact that you can make movies and collages with your photos! (I love the music for the meow movie 🍿😻😹) The only negatives I can possibly think of is that asides from text message, whenever you want to import an image using apps such as Clips and iMovie, you have to go into this app and save it to your camera roll. Also videos can take a while to load sometimes. These are some minor inconveniences but asides from that this app is awesome 😎📸 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.14

Really goodHighly recommend it to anyone who wants to save all photos forever. Even if you reset your iPhone, Google Photos will save everything. However, I do have to knock a star off, because, you still need to have Wi-Fi or Cellular connectivity if you want to look at the photos at full HD, which is kinda absurd. But other than that minor issue, lots of options, Google Photo is great..Version: 3.20.0

Excellent!I downloaded it months ago to access an album someone shared, and now it has become my main photo app! I love the ease of use, all the editing options, and how seamless transitions are between different areas of the app. I love how clean, reliable, and organized the app is. I adore the assistant and always look forward to the creations assistant comes up with. They are always awesome!! I have recommended this app to many people..Version: 3.23.1

Apple User - Swear by google photos!Google photos saved my iPhone! I use google drive, sheets and other g suite products to access my files on the go from anywhere especially when travelling so I applied the same logic to my photos. The best part was the size in which they are stored makes it easier to share. Google photos helps with freeing up space which saved me saving terabytes worth of photos on iCloud. I can find photos based on so many attributes it’s mind blowing. All round love it..Version: 5.97

Photos SynchFast and DONE‼️Perfect, I love it..Version: 5.59

Absolutely excellentIgnoring the concept, which simply solves the digital photo archive problems we've all had since day 1, the app works exactly like you'd expect - when the app is running, it simply takes all the photos and videos from your phone and sticks them in your google account. You can then go ahead and delete the originals if you need to free up space (the app has an option to do this for you too). Everything remains available from the app/web/etc and it all "just works" unlike the various quirks and non-sensicals I've had with iCloud etc. I occasionally have videos not backing up but nothing is ever lost, it eventually catches up seamlessly. It's not worth dropping any stars as the both the app and concept solves all problems and worries!.Version: 3.13.0

Great app but missing features make it frustrating to usReally enjoy this app and all it offers but finding it frustrating that I’ve got a paid version which is supposed to unlock features like edit > tools but for some reason the features I’ve paid for don’t always appear and my app only shows the free version stuff. I look in settings and can see my subscription and that everything is as it should be but features come and go. Annoying that I’ve got to play roulette every time I open the app to see if the app is working as it should be. If the developer fixes this glitch it would otherwise be a great app!.Version: 6.27

Best Free Photo/Vid StorageI love google photos. Was debating paying for cloud storage (I have all apple products) I really loved how apple formatted stuff (since I'm pretty basic with my understanding of all things tech) but my brother persuaded me to try google photos. The only downside is you need a really great wifi or internet connection to be able to upload your whole photo library. I've only managed to do that with my phone but the MAC photos kept crashing because of the bad wifi. (Bearing in mind I was in a third world country when I tried and tried to upload these) I'm back home in Australia and have yet to try uploading my whole photo library onto this app but fingers crossed it works..Version: 3.16.0

Fantastic AppExactly the icloud I was after. Holds unlimited data, easy to access photos from your phone and the best’s FREE!! Would definitely recommend if you’re running out of phone memory and need to store your photos and videos on an iCloud. What’s also great is that if you delete a photo or vid on your phone, it doesn’t remove it from the iCloud. Only when you physically delete it from the iCloud does the photo or vid gets removed. This means you can have all your favourite photos and vids on your iCloud and your phone will be memory free. If you want to access your photos etc, just click on the google iCloud and hey presto. Thank you Google for such a simple but amazing app..Version: 3.28

Amazing for storage space!So I really needed storage space on my iPhone 6 and my storage had ran out. I had no idea why cause I only downloaded hardly any apps. But then I realised that I had a lot of photos and it was taking up most of my storage. My mom used google photos for backing up her photos cause they were very important to her. Also my friend had no photos in her camera role so I asked her why she had none. She told me she downloaded google photos and all her photos were on there cause she had a lot. She also told me that you save a lot of storage with it. So I downloaded this app and it was amazing! I have now got so much storage now and I can download loads of apps without being told I have no storage. This app is worth downloading..Version: 4.22

Stores my photos as long as they are not 4KIt’s a bit confusing but what they are storing for me is pretty adequate for my needs. It would be nice to know I was storing the original quality but I don’t need another monthly bill besides Google Drive. It’s awesome the way they rotate some of the photos for you or give you that option. I wish they would do more in terms of the facial recognition so that you can correctly date some of your photographs were the dates were stripped in the uploading process which for me was a bit of a hellish experience because it crashed while uploading. I got past all that and everything I own is in my Google library I just don’t have them sorted properly. I’m hoping this will be done automatically in the future using the facial recognition technology otherwise I have to spend years fixing my library. Another suggestion would be if they would show you your duplicates which are close to exact duplicates so that you can delete them on your own. Sometimes it appears to be refusing duplicates but it’s hard to tell exactly what Google is doing behind the scenes occasionally I’ll see a duplicate missing other times I find odd photos in my trash. It would be nice to know exactly what’s happening with them folders. Those are all my suggestions and why I don’t have five stars I appreciate the free storage in the meantime hoping I won’t have to go with higher quality photos in the future..Version: 3.20.0

Excellent, Must Have AppNot much to say apart from echo what many other people say and that is a great way to save photos safely and without the hassle of saving to continuously download photos to a PC before deleting off iPhone camera roll. Was worried about doing so at first but rest assured the pics are safely stored. I do hope though that unlike some apps the updates that will no doubt follow don't change too much as it's definitely a case of 'it it's not broke don't fix it' - also if wondering whether 15GB will be enough stored memory then it's only £1.59 a month to increase up to 100GB and IMO that's 'peanuts' for such a large increase in storage. Also you can still save photos back to iPhone camera roll, some say it possible but this is..Version: 4.14

Most powerfulGoogle Photos is an extraordinarily powerful suite of photographic applications. Several years ago when facial recognition was released, it was an object of admiration and wonder. Now, even though it has become so familiar, the range of recognition of people, animals, objects and places has become ever larger and more powerful, almost unbelievably so. In combination with some other apps, Lens, Scan and Snapseed for example, it provides an amazing array of uses for the camera which go far beyond the traditional portraiture and landscape subjects. Photos is a very powerful document manager, aide memoire, and information miner to give just a few uses. Photographic technique has become no less important, but the sheer volume of good to superb output is a great inducement to unlock all the capabilities that the Photos family offer..Version: 4.39

Excellent for photos, Videos are a STRUGGLEI am upgrading my iPad and have a library of photos and videos on the iPad and synced with iCloud. Download the Google Photos app and give it permission to access your pictures and it takes over. Could not be easier. Be sure to manage your iCloud upload capabilities on your device first and decouple the device from iCloud. This is relevant, I believe, because it has taken a week to synch up ~300 videos from the iPad to Google Photos and in the meantime new pics (from all apple devises sharing the same Apple ID) get shared around to each other making the Google Photos install a bit less straightforward. This is the second Saturday I have been working on this and am now down to roughly 30 videos to get over to Google Photos. Almost done! Bugs I have encountered are minimal, but the count of pics/videos to transfer over is not a reliable number and the "upload in background" setting is not available to me so the app runs in the foreground. I had to upgrade storage size at Google -- for a fee -- because I wanted to keep original resolution and now I am curios about how Google Drive may be useful but don't know if Google Drive and Google Photos "play nice" with one another..Version: 3.11.0

I love google photosThis app really is both a major convenience, and a lifesaver. Whether you’re trying to combat the possibility that your phone might break and you want to salvage all of your photos, or an easy place to store and organize ALL of your photos, or just a way to save local space on your device, Google Photos is the perfect service for the job. I've taken thousands of photos as well and have still not needed to purchase any of the (cheap) extra storage offered by Google. The personalized photo recommendations, and suggested stylized photos are very well done, as well as the automatic grouping of albums by location (which you can turn off if you’d like your location of photos to remain unknown) , and ability to easily order photo books and photo prints in app. I can attest to the photo books looking good as well, as I have ordered one in the past. Can’t speak to the quality of the prints though, although I’m sure they're of a similar degree of quality. All in all, I have no complaints about Google Photos, and multiple praises of it. The fact that my honest review reads as an advertisement probably says a lot lol. Great app..Version: 4.35

Fantabulous App from GoogleTo auto save my photos from e-mails, etc is great, so I can avoid clutter taking up my data allowance. Up-date: I am loving this app. 👍😊 Thanks Google Jan 2019 update: Still loving this Google app 👍 Better than a cloud for storing family photos ~ thank you Google January 2021 update: Still finding little extras with this fabulous app. Good old Google 👍 Still thinking photos is a great way to keep my picture memories! Thank you Google June 2022 update: Excellent free storage - why use any other media storage? Thanks Google 👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 2023 update: I am still loving the Google photos app, I very much like the reminders of years past views 👍🏻Thank you Google.Version: 6.54

Definitely Get!!Hello! Before I get started I would like to tell you why I got google photos, I got google photos because my iCloud storage for my phone was trash and on google photos you get so much more for free?! I am on an iPhone and I definitely DO NOT regret getting it once it was all uploaded I could delete all the photos and boom so much more space I am 100% sure you should get this thx google photos!!.Version: 5.57

Perfect for the not so techie personBecause I am not that techie I was looking for a simple but stylish app that would store my photos safely off my phone, yet easily accessible when I wanted to look off my phone. Google photos app went above my expectations. The facial recognition is amazing and makes finding photos a breeze. I am sure it has even more cool functions that I am not aware of but already I can not recommend it enough..Version: 6.32

AWESOME APP!!Has to be my all time favourite photo app, I now have photos from all the way back to 2005 thanks to Google photos. If it had not been for the many devices I have linked to my photo account with google I would’ve have access to all of these fabulous memories and I LOVE the new features where you are sent memories from 5,6,7,8 etc. years ago today, the hi lights of recent times and the fun little extras with the montages, collages and many other groovy bits that help me to see and remember things I haven’t recalled for years. THANKS GOOGLE!!! 😁👍🏻.Version: 5.22

So Easy!I found out about Google photos when I was sent a link to a shared family history album. I was so impressed that I read up on it and started using for myself. I am not that tech savvy & if something gets too hard then I usually opt out and stop using. Not so with Google photos as it is so easy to use and it is a great way to manage your photos and back them up. It’s also a great way to share photos. In the case of the family history album that I mentioned earlier, the album contained about 300 old photos that were found under a bed. By sharing the album, each person could go into the album and add names and comments against the photos. Many of the subjects in the photos have since been identified..Version: 3.28

Strongly recommendedThis app was recommended to me when I was out of options of storing my photos off my iPod, about to go on holiday and was completely out of storage... though the photos take a decent amount of time to be backed up when you have large amounts, it is totally worth it. Not only do I now have all my photos safely stored away but I am also able to delete them from my device knowing that I can access them and expect them all to be there. My only recommendation to the app designer or software editor, is that you make all your photos accessible offline, this already may be done, though my iPod is sometimes a little tricky to deal with and only allowed me to see my recently viewed pics. Overall an amazing app!.Version: 4.11

The best software for photos aroundThis beats all other photo storage and edit platforms in one. I’ve spent a few years laboriously looking for the easiest, most reliable and convenient ways to store my photos so that I’d have access to them easily and that it could grow sustainably so that this would be the library of my life. Apple couldn’t provide that, but using google photos has provided exactly what i wanted. It’s incredibly intelligent; orders your photos exactly how you want them, allows you to save storage on your devices, gives you suggestions and auto-edits for photos that it detects as being pleasing and makes animations and short videos for you of memories that you have..Version: 4.3

Tim's ReviewThis photo programme with its various assistant, album, options including the music to slideshows and background to movies is simply BRILLIANT ! It gives us a lot of pleasure having our memories loaded and so easily assessable and in high definition. Thankyou kindly, Tim Newman. We are delighted with your slideshows that you forward compiled from our photo collections. Really appreciated!!!.Version: 6.26

Google photosIt’s nice to have a backup photo album just in case you delete a photo/video that you didn’t accidentally deleted..Version: 5.47

So much more than just free storageI tried google photos because I had heard about the free storage which is an amazing feature on its own. But I discovered so much more. The assistant makes awesome animations and movies of your pics. You can edit your photos. There’s smart searching. This app is amazing. Give it a go..Version: 4.11

AmazingGoogle photos allowed me to see memories from long ago when I was a child which I did not have backup for! It is AWSOME and makes cool collages with me and my mum. I could see so many things. The picture search is amazing. When I take a photo I can search what it is. When I didn’t know a spiders name, I took a photo and then searched it and came up! Thank you for making this app, it makes it so much easier and I defiantly recommend this app to anyone!! My only regret with this app is that it keeps on sending me emails and notifications that my backup is not enough but this is still an amazing app to have..Version: 5.22

Love this app!My sister introduced this app to me and i must say i’m so glad she did! i have stored my photos elsewhere as well but i was always afraid to delete the stored photos off my phone to free up storage. This app didn’t even make me have a second thought and cleared everything as soon as it was backed up onto google photos!.Version: 6.13

AmazingThis app is way better than the stock iOS photos app. However. We NEED to be able to crop videos. With the addition of screen recording in iOS 12 I believe it is, we still have no way to crop videos aside from getting a third party application. In iOS 13, the stock photos app allows people to crop their videos, but lots of people who have an iPhone 6/6 plus and below, we can't get that and we kind of depend on this app. I love this app and prefer it over apple's photos app, so please add a feature where you can crop videos.Version: 4.26

Great but some improvement could make it better1. Add a way to select and discard a face recognised by google from inside the photos. I have many recognised faces that are just random people on the background of my photos in busy places like Disney land. I have no way to discard the recommended face at the moment. 2. I wish I could see the size and resolution of photos and videos after upload to compare with the original if I wanted too. 3. Improve the upload feature so that it cumulatively adds data of a big file into the same image in the cloud rather than one big file as a whole. I have files up to 15GB and it takes a long time to reach 80% uploading and if computer shuts down or disconnect from the internet then it has to start all over again..Version: 4.49

10/10 Recommend!I got this app as a way to store photos and make albums, and it has not let me down. i can finally clear up space on my phone for other things while having all my photos in an easily accessible app. it’s very user-friendly. i love how it has gave recognition and makes mini albums for each person! also, you can make your own albums and share them by simply copying a link. google photos is linked to your gmail so you can access pictures and videos anywhere you’re signed in! another benefit is with imessage. you can easily attach photos that are not on your device just by clicking the google photos icon and selecting your images. another amazing feature is that the app recognizes pictures with a lot of writing. when syncing your camera roll to google photos, the app takes the pictures with writing/typing (like a report for school, old notes, etc.) and gives you an option to clear them from your phone, as you probably don’t need them anymore and they’re classified as junk. google photos is an amazing app. it gives you options to create new albums, prints, movies, collages, and animations. this app is a must-have!.Version: 4.24

Probably one of the best photo apps out thereIt has the ability to back up all my photos to the cloud and be instantly accessed on any other device, which has saved me countless hours transferring photos to my desktop. It automatically creates collages and gifs based on photos I have taken, in addition to suggesting albums based on location and dates. It’s completely free with the high quality setting and you get a very generous amount of storage with the original quality setting (you can pay a small monthly fee for more). It also has an inbuilt editor for photo and video which works very well and also has the ability to search in the app for generic terms to search for certain items using AI (neural network) so I can search for “dog” and it will show all the pictures of a dog I’ve taken. The only downside I’ve found on the IOS version is that it doesn’t always backup in real time, this isn’t the fault of the app, I suspect it has more to do with Apple’s insistence on 4gb of RAM and their over aggressive RAM management policy..Version: 4.49

HeyI don’t know what I have ever done to deserve this but I don’t feel like it’s correct bc I’ve always tried to be kind and good to those around me. I want to find my true love. I have tried so hard to teach myself patience in chaos, generosity for those in need and faith in our creator. My journey has been long, tragic and at times down right impossible but I still push thru because I know I have a purpose in this life. Whether that be to pick up a stranger walking down the interstate, help someone who is having a rough day by listening to them talk or just being somewhere at the right time to effect a small task so greater things can happen, I believe! I believe that God has always walked right beside me and I am so proud of what he has helped me to become. I am strong! I am able to face my fears! I am able to show generosity to those who don’t necessarily know they need it and definitely don’t think they deserve it. It’s very hard at times and occasionally I fall and scrape my shin but I get back up. There is so much bad in the world, putting good back into it can only improve this world and the beautiful hurting souls that inhabit it..Version: 5.16

So much better than PhotosI have lots of Apple products, I switched to Mac for iphoto which was then replaced by Photos. It never lived up to the hype, has so many issues that still bug me today. Google photos is amazing and simple to use. You have access to your whole library and searchable anywhere on any device. You can find photos by category, date, faces all the things you want. I havent had time to play with every feature as there are so many. Excellent tool and free. Perfect!.Version: 5.11.3

Going from iphone to Google PhotosSo far I’m impressed! It was very easy to start but then it totally slowed down which is ok because I had allot of pictures. However, the problem was, that i couldn’t find out why or if i was supposed to use my phone or stay off of it? I started the process at a time where I shouldn’t need my phone just in case but I not knowing what to expect was daunting because I was so excited at how quickly i could see all of my pictures in the app even tho im very limited on space on my phone. I was thinking wow this app is amazing! But i didn’t know if my photos were safe or not and it said processing but didn’t show any physical sign that i could see as to how many pictures were safe and how many to go. But just looking around in the app I’m excited because it looks easy and their are lots of options! I also got the feeling I was in a safe environment with Google. I hope that’s true because there are a lot of neg reviews for Google and I’ve always kept my gmail because it’s always been awesome. I’m ok with my iphone stuff but I still love Samsung!! If the iphone wasn’t a gift I would totally still be using Samsung. I’ve had my iphone 4 yrs now and i haven’t really seen much advantage to having it! Cant wait until all my photos are secure in Google photos!.Version: 5.77

Peter’s memoriesI have been using Google photos for a couple of years now. Google Photos allows me to kept track if the thousands of photos I have taken in my overseas and hime travels. I really like that Google Photos automatically shares with my other devices. This gives me the opportunity to view my previous photos in a different context in mediums such as my laptop ace Desk top computers. The automated back up also ensures my iPhone is not overloaded with photos unnecessarily using space on the phone..Version: 5.62

Awesome appGoogle photos is a pretty decent app it’s easy to figure everything out even after an update it’s simple and does the job of keeping my photos & videos where I want them. Plenty of storage for free and I love the feature assistant cards with the cool animations and things they create. Definitely a must have app..Version: 4.52

Amazing search abilityI wanted to find photos of my son doing his sport, fencing (swords etc). So I typed “fencing” into google photo and it found all the photos with either a fence or people doing fencing. Then I typed “fencing sport” and it found exactly what I was after. I was very impressed, so I went and tried the same thing in Apple photo app, and it didn’t find anything at all..Version: 4.49

Everything Safe!The best thing is the unlimited storage of free photos such a relief knowing everything is safe. Everything else works pretty well including the assistant which produces some good albums and styles automatically so very helpful. The new suggested sharing feature is also really helpful. Wish they would bring in a photo map feature again..Version: 3.4.0

Works wellMy photos have come to life with automatic facial recognition grouping photos of the same person and very easy to creat albums of particular events and destinations to share with others. It makes it easy to share photos with others too! Would be great when you are viewing all your photos if there was some icon overlay on the photo so you can see that it is in an album. There is no way of visually knowing if photos are already in an album when you are trying to sort them or know where you were up to in putting in an album..Version: 3.8.0

Secure backup for freeI love using google photos, and if you have the background app refresh on, it automatically keeps all your photos on the cloud. If not, just open it every few days or so and it will back them up when it’s open. It has helpful tips and touchups, but asks before making any changes (I almost always prefer the touchups to the original!) I take photos of lists and receipts, things I tend to only need for a few hours, and this app has a very helpful function that asks if I still need these types of photos and will gather them up for me to pick any to remove or keep. It also has an optional facial recognition feature - not for everyone, but I love it! It is easy to search for people and even pets! It may not be my most frequently used app, but it might just be my favorite. Today it asked if I’d like to clear space on my phone (yes, of course) and told me I had over 5k photos that had been backed up and were older, then with the press of a button sent them to my deleted folder in the photos app and told me how to permanently remove them from there. I’m upgrading my phone in a few days so that was super helpful, now the transfer will be quicker!.Version: 5.22

Love it + developer feedbackHi. Long time user and really love google photos storage however one thing that really frustrates me is when uploading old images from and old hard drive etc thyre saved as todays date - I would love to be able to “select” as many images as I need and be able to BULK change the date rather than having to scroll through each individual image and change the date so it’s in the correct year. Has been very painful and I’m giving up for now in hopes you’ll add this simple feature into the next update! Thanks guys!.Version: 6.34

Yes it rad! It’s better than face book for family photos and being able for all to useIt better than face book for family and the picture s are quality, I feel google is taking over the world but in a good way, I like the assistant and the effects I even like how they lay things out so I can explore and get better at my use of the systems. I use this and recommend it to everyone, yes I know it also tracking more and faster better with maps high pictures and how I use the google search, but I do admit google make so far everything better but ,invasive but so ar3 people This will make a market for phones cameras and other things we use may closed loop system for privacy, cloud for convenience, and we will see a market for towers and old laptops etc I think it’s cool, people need to learn and study it more so they understand what its purpose is and what it can do as in google ai photos computers tech, it amazing I just hope we do well with it and use it for all and communicate better and remember we need to collaborate with each other to make great photos like we have. It only invasive if the energy is negative . Thank you google 😊😉😎.Version: 4.6

Practical and gives piece of mindHave been using Google Photos for a few years now, it’s great as I don’t have to worry about my mobile storage being full meaning that I can use it for other things such as games and documents. It’s also great as I know that no matter what happens to my phone I’ll never loose my photos as well as the fact that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world using my Google account login. I also love the features in the app itself, editing recommendations and automatic sorting of photo types. It’s also really handy that the app can identify certain things such as food and animals by selecting the ID tool on the photo..Version: 4.37

Security needs to be considered.The app is the best for backing up photos & with the plus of 15GB, it really is a future proof solution. However, it needs to add the addition of authentication in the app. Photos can be private & we don't want others to have access to it so easily on our mobile devices & computers. Google accounts are usually signed in on our computers when using the Google search engine, & anyone can access the Google applications without any sort of password to protect them. If Google were to add the support of a passcode on Google photos then it would bring a piece of mind. Also, I dislike that when you want to delete a photo on Google Photos it forces you to delete the photo on your actual device. I do not want to replace my photos app on my device, I simply want it to back up my photos & delete photos I do not want to be backed up. These are the two major issues with Google Photos that makes it fall behind the likes of Dropbox as a better solution for both security & control..Version: 4.11

A bit of getting used to ......Its a good way, great infact, to store your photos to relieve your ever expanding icloud storage problem. Whereas icloud virtually does everything for you once you have taken your shot, Google is a little more hands-on. Its not a bad thing, just most of us have become lazy and have to learn it all over. However, once you get used to moving your way around it you'll find plenty of support and a fairly common sensical approach. There is an assistant who is there to gather your photos into groups - as it sees it, and im not sure this is altogether necessary, im pretty sure most of us know who our friends & family members are - the assistant puts them all into fancy collages and albums etc. Im still fairly new and so far the only action im having a bit of trouble with is the great ability to write some info under each photo, we do forget things and it will be good to be able to read abit about what was happening etc, but so far, although ive written info under several photos, i havent yet been able to see it, well its not in the camera roll daily thingo, mabe in an album it can be viewed. Ill find out soon anyway. Altogether, better than icloud, in fact ive turned icoud drive off, it has a terrific editingtool, and then when you think you have it perfect Google asks you if you would mind if they did one last modification and boom - then it really IS perfect !! Great app..Version: 6.23.1

Rich, vibrant colors and other fun touchesI started using Google photos back when I had an LG and was still using XP on my desktop. Colors are richer, more vibrant. I like the feedback message I sometimes get on the bottom of select photos such as “Fix Lighting” or “Order Photo”. It’s useful and the lighting adjust message is always spot on; makes the photo have more depth. The other aspect I like is when I find one of my photos had been “stylized” or “motion” had been added by whoever at Google makes these touches. I don’t mind the feedback and that’s what you get when you agree to allow them to modify. I took a hiatus from Google photos to work with another photo editing tool. When I returned, I found all my pictures neatly archived. Pleasant surprise when I found many I forgot I had. My only negative: back when I was working with windows XP and an LG, Google photos had more filters and other features such as blemish blending and natural looking skin tone enhancers. The best was the awesome selection of frames to chose from. These features have been removed so I need to bridge my photos to another editing app for this. Other than that, Google photos is still my preferred primary editing tool. Thanks for the years of creativity and for thoughtfully archiving all of it..Version: 5.22

Best in class, but still not good enoughThis is the best photo management app, but it’s still missing some essential features. There is no “private” folder or image management, so screensavers can show photos you don’t want your family to see. Ouch. A passworded or locked option would be nice. Photo management for families is fiddily and should be an easy option for families already connected in google. There is no duplicate search function. The time/date management only changes the order of sorting, not the actual file (that backs up to the computer). It’s terrible if you have lots of scanned pics like me as it uses “scanned date”. The photo backup to computer is ok, but it needs to add some sort of folder structure. I have thousands of photos, and google just dumps them all into one folder which is slow if you have to wait for it to reorder or sort the folder. It would be useful if the computer backup was put into monthly or even yearly folders. And the biggest issue, terrible support. It’s either user forums, or some google chat saying “that feature isn’t available yet” Those as some gripes about an otherwise great program..Version: 4.17

Best thing for my cloud storageI can’t image I can live without Google Photos for I moved all my photo storage to it. If it’s gone so are my photos! Not only it is free with unlimited space, but also it is so user friendly. I love the way an album is created, pics can be dragged into it or added anytime, before or after it's made. I love it's powerful search function and face recognition which can track same person all the way to his life time. I love it's in-app-photo-scanner which has so many uses. I love it’s movie, animation, slides maker which give your ordinary pics a life instantly.I have so much fun playing around the app with my pics, video clips. It saves me so much money from not paying storage devices/services. It saves me so much time by using auto uploading and sync across devices. My photos are with me whenever I go. Uploading pics is super fast and reliable. Mostly it gives me a peace of mind knowing it’s here for safe storage needs which is priceless. I am so eternally grateful to have priceless gift among other things from Google. Thank you Google Photos for making the world better place for us people to remember!.Version: 5.2

Can NOT go Back to Life Before Google PhotosSeriously guys, I would hate to think of going back to life without google photos! Google Photos is one of those apps that you had no idea you needed in your life, but once you do, you can never go back to how you was doing things before🤩🤩🤩 I love having one place that can have confidence in knowing my photos are easily accessible from anywhere. Plus, being able to share photos of my grandson with my daughter and vice versa in the moment is priceless. My husband and I are always in two different places, but we are always working on the same projects and Google Photos has been a huge help in us being able to share photos, ideas, etc. that keeps our projects moving forward. Lastly, although I could keep going, but since this is only a review, I am attempting to keep as brief as possible 😂 Back to lastly, the organization, tips, and ease of ordering is tremendously helpful! I am a huge Google Fan across the board, as many of the applications has just made everyday tasks so much simpler, so just giving a shout out and a big Thank You😀🙌👍.Version: 4.33

Love it but not enough free storageI used to recommend to EVERYONE to get and use Google Photos because automatically across all devices you can have ALL your photos in one place and you can free up the massive amount of space they take up on said devices. Plus the little Memories and fun little albums and things they make are cute especially when they do it all for you. The only problem is now the storage issue not very long after they started making you pay for storage after 15gb I surpassed 15gb. It would be nice if my email wasn’t also part of what makes up the amount stored. Now I either have to clean house which is why I got this app to begin with space and the work to maintain space somewhere being a burden. Or pay. And I just hate paying for apps and hate paying for stuff that was once free and also hate paying because I’m basically being forced to pay. Separating my emails (the thousands on my account since I’ve had gmail for yrs and yrs) from the allotment of space for my photos I think would be a good alternative to consider. That way it’s 15gb free solely for photos and after that pay. But with everyone and their mother sister aunt cousin and all their third party blah blah blah emailing me 3x a day like come on. I’m seriously considering not even keeping a Gmail any more Because of this space issue but again SOO MUCH WORK. I want big tech to make my life simpler not more complicated and aggravating. But if space or paying isn’t an issue then 100% recommend 😁.Version: 6.27

I love it BUT ...I absolutely love Google Photos! I haven’t had a problem with anything until recently. I’ve never used another cloud service except Google that I knew about until I discovered one day after my phone was stolen that was not the case. I got a newer Samsung phone a couple years ago and when setting the phone up I logged into everything from google, Samsung, Microsoft.. whatever.. anyways every now and then I’d get on my google account and back up whatever data created since the last time and I’m almost positive that meant contacts and photos as well. Well after my phone was stolen and I tried accessing some of the things I was looking for like photos and contacts and to my surprise NOTHING was there from the Samsung phone! Honestly, this is a little bit of my fault as well for a lack of knowledge.. i thankfully found the photos I was SOOO happy to have found in the one drive app. Not sure how my photos got sent to that cloud instead of google but it’s definitely something I’m aware of now and will pay attention to. Other than that little scare .. I’m grateful for this app..Version: 5.22

AmazingThis app has helped me so much because I barely have any space on my little iPhone 6. Very helpful and it has heaps of cool features like it can rotate the photos that are not rotated if you want them to, it is very good with face recognition compared to Apple, it doesn’t take up much space, it is overall one of my favourite apps. It always shows me cute memories and it it just so cool. I am so happy this app was created, thank you google. <3.Version: 4.33

Great AppI absolutely love google photos! The automatic creations that it creates is my favourite thing about this app. They way you can tweak all the settings to tailor it to your kind of data needs is great too. All different settings that can be changed and the choice to create more space on your device by deleting photos that have already been safely backed up is another top mark from me. I love anything that google creates. Google is my life! It has my life stored in its cloud and I love the security google provides. All in all, if you are not using google photos, you need to start. RIGHT NOW!.Version: 5.14

Used to love the app29th August 2021 - since the latest update the app doesn't work on my iPad, just freezes constantly. Editing on a phone is a pain. Hope it gets fixed soon. 2nd September - you may have fixed some user issues but you certainly haven't fixed mine. Freezes as soon as I open it on my iPad now, totally unusable. December 2021. Your latest update has saved me a small fortune. I thought the problem was with my iPad and was fully prepared to buy a new one. Now working perfectly again. phew!! 18th December 2022 - since the most recent update the Library button causes everything to freeze and the app has to be closed down and restarted. Latest update claims to have fixed glitches - it has not. Library button still causes everything to freeze. See above. If I change the order of photos in an album, will they stay where I put them or do I have to change the times/dates? Cant find any info online! Another strange thing happened tonight. At the top of an album, where the title is, I now have a large photo with “Play memory” at the bottom left. I do not want this, it is totally irrelevant, and I cannot see how to remove it and stop it from happening again. Help!.Version: 6.45

YES!Finally I AM SO HAPPY! Google photos is only meh lifesaver . I had no space in my iphone and icloud so another day i woke up with 200 photos in my gallery... i had 1500 i was shocked and cried but i dowloaded google photos .then i saw there where my old photos from old huawei phone :) i was so little ! Basically thank you google i love you!.Version: 4.40

GreatAmazing app.Version: 6.28

Amazing app. Never ending GPS usage.GPS doesn't shut off... Ever..Version: 3.4.0

Best App Ever!I have been using this app since 2014 and it is my all time, favourite app ever! It has kept all of my memories/photos from all of my devices in one space. It also makes it really easy to find a certain photo that I may be looking for. It doesn’t lower the quality of any of my photos or videos and I have never needed to delete any of my photos due to storage. Right now I am using it on my Iphone (XR) however I have used it on tablets and multiple different devices in the past. I have also recommended this app to loads of my friends and family and they all love it too! Another feature which I really like about Google Photos is that you can go on all different devices and get your photos super easily. It is really handy when I need to insert photos at school into a presentation or if I need to email over a photo..Version: 5.49

Simply The BestOne day this app will be remembered as the most useful app for all smart phones. It just works quietly away doing its thing. One of the things I love about Google Photos is that when you want to use it, it is there but when you don’t it never gets in your face. It just works, to use that Apple mantra, that they have sadly failed to live up to, especially when it comes to photo sync. This is the app I use when changing phones because I know it will have all my photos and it is as simple as just installing the app on the new phone and there are all your photos just like that. Everyone I know has this app and that speaks volumes to me. I’ve never heard anyone moan about it like I have for Apple’s own apps that are sadly so flaky. Imagine if google made a music syncing app as good as Google Photos? We can only dream Luckily for us we have google to show how it should have been done in the first place..Version: 5.22

Useful Storage toolSo far so good. Not had for long but it's good so far. Took a while for all files to backup first time round, every time I opened the app it was saying backing up, so when you first use the app don't expect it to upload all files within a few minutes or hours. Of course this depends on amount of pic/vids you have, I had about 4000 in total about 38gb and it took a day. Now all backed up I will see how it goes and if needed provide an update to my review. Remember the main purpose of this for me is storage on the cloud, anything else it does is a bonus for me. Been using for a while now and good storage tool as well as the assistant that creates stylised pics and videos. One thing I would like it to do is find all pics by a selected face, would help a lot when I’m looking for pics of someone..Version: 3.27.0

FantasticThe search is the real star here. Actually being able to find photos again is fantastic. The assistant feed is great too e.g. ‘1 year ago today’ photos are great for moments as a couple. Then there’s the sharing… which is great but I wish my family and friends would use Google Photos too!.Version: 3.25.0

Great App but….This is a great app but the way the photos and videos don’t update after downloading when they are deleted or updated on the original device. As a result storage space is used up more quickly. And deleting from the Google photos app risky. It should just synch to the device(in my case iPhone) and update itself..Version: 6.64.0

Great way to back up and search your photosGoogle photos backs up the photos automatically and I love the way it can search photos based on place, time and even people. I play it as screensaver on chrome cast and serves as good memories which otherwise would just stay as bytes on some memory drive..Version: 5.0

Be careful what you upload and store!!Although I love the unlimited storage and ease of album making, sharing, and management there are freaky unexplained things that happen to photos you know were in your collection but suddenly are no where to be found! I mean no where, not in the trash, archive, or backup places that you set any where. Case in point, I took a picture of the back and front of my business Credit card so that I could refer to my account numbers when I needed to while it was in the possession of an employee. I did so many times. When I looked for it today it had just vanished! I was not in the trash, archive, or back up places and I had not done anything with it since I last checked it. I don’t know if I was hacked, Google automatically removes such things, or maybe Google pulled for their own uses as per the Usage agreement we all sign without reading. That was not the first time something mysteriously disappeared from my photo collection yet is was the most vital. You will see that things tend to disappear for no reason and you will think you are going crazy and all Google will say is, “Check your archive, trash, and back up settings.” All these suggestions are no help when something totally disappears for no reason. BEWARE!!!.Version: 4.32

A godsendGoogle Photos is a great accompaniment to my life. It becomes a pictorial searchable diary. It provides hyperlinks to photo and video material. It automatically sorts by facial recognition technology. And automatically uploads all my photos from my iPhone. You can also make albums to which you can send a hyperlink. And movies can be made so easily by selecting up to 50 files, be they pictures or video files. How good is that?.Version: 6.25

Almost perfectI love this app, its easy to use and frees up valuable space on my iPhone. It’s amazing that we are given basically unlimited storage space, i was able to give up paying AU$10 a month for other cloud storage. My only complaint is how incredibly SLOW it is to upload your photo library initially. I had a little over 1000 pics on my phone and it’s been uploading almost constantly (I work from home so I can leave the app running day and night) and it’s been 4 days of uploading! I guess we can’t expect lightning fast speeds from a free program and once the initial upload is completed it should be quick and easy to keep on top of thereafter. I do have one request, I don’t like the idea of all my precious memories being in only ONE location. Imagine someone gets my password and just to be a jerk they delete all my pics! Could happen! So I bought a little 2TB external drive to make sure I have them stored somewhere else, it would be great if there was some way to easily copy the contents of my google photos account to the drive..Version: 3.6.0

Great appGoogle photos is terrific and they have certainly outdone Apple in the Photos app department. Sad that Apple can’t even make a better photos app than Google for their own devices. Google Photos has Apple Photos beaten in so many ways: 1) Google Photos shows camera info and even lets you edit the time of a photo. 2) Google Photos allows you to add descriptions to Photos. 3) Google Photos actually organizes your photos chronologically. Apple says they do in the Photos tab, but they don’t. They organize first by location than chronologically. It’s ugly. 4) Google Photos gives you a speed scroll up and down. 5) Google Photos allows for multi line album names. 6) Google Photos offers free photo storage (full resolution for Pixel owners) and (high resolution to everyone else). 7) Google Photos offers much nicer filters. 8) Google Photos has much better smart organization for their people, places and things Albums. Google Photos is everything that Apple Photos isn’t. It still isn’t perfect, but at least it respects that people can think for themselves and offers many features that Apple Photos should, but doesn’t..Version: iOS App 3.26.0

Best app I use.Great for freeing up some storage allowing you to keep all your memories without having to decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw away. This app backs up from all devices you have I have 3 linked. My Mac, my iPhone & my iPad. When you take photos with any device it will automatically start backing up as soon as you connect to WiFi. Once it’s backed up it gives you the option to delete which ones they have saved. It’s great, you can create collages and videos for your memories or the app will make random videos etc up with your photos!! Very professional, easy to use and the fact it’s free is just insane!! Brilliant App. I recommend it to everyone I know!!.Version: 4.51

Saved me!I lost 7000 photos and videos from my iPhone when it suddenly had a blip. I’d been paying for the iCloud and was sure it had backed up. Devastatingly, it hadn’t and all was lost. I heard about google photos app and decided to download it. That was 4 years ago and I’ve never looked back! I tell all my friends and family to do the same. I love the convenience of it and how you only have to simply “open” the app in order for it to backup all the videos and photos on your iPhone. I love how google makes videos and animations with them too! There’s been some really lovely creations! It’s so easy to find a photo just by looking for the date or a keyword for it. The face recognition has saved me so much scrolling time too! Thank you google pics!!.Version: 4.42

LoveLove having all of my pictures in one places for the most part. I also love how smart it is and how the program can go through and recognize faces and group them together, if you name certain individuals. I’ve seen it work on pictures as young as baby photos to older pictures. Now that’s impressive! If it isn’t sure if this person “A” is the same as “B”, then it will ask, “Is ‘A’ the same person as ‘B’ or different? You choose and it moves on to the next picture. Very simple, yet effective. You can go through and label each person in each picture, even the blurring ones, so as to be sure that you remember everything. You can even edit and make changes to the picture once it has been added to Google Photos. Anytime you need the picture, all you have to do is to share it or save it on your device again to reuse. 💜❤️💞 It is truly magnificent! Oh, and the automatic lifelike pics that it makes for you are awesome. You can make little photo album with pictures that you choose or allow the app to do it for you, or just switch one or two pics out here and there. You can print from the app and add a frame. I could just go on and on. Love this app! 🥰.Version: 5.10

Google photos is a good app to store photosGoogle photos is amazing for storing all my photos in one place and know that if my phone breaks and I don’t have a back up, I still have my photos of me and friends that can not be replaced. I find that google photos is fast and easy to access but one click of a bottom and you can see the photos that you have saved. Don’t let google photos run on you mobile data unless you have unlimited because it will use a lot of data to keep syncing your photos. I give the app 5/5 stars..Version: 4.6

Treasuring memories ❤️Google photos is a fantastic option for storing all your photos! Particularly helpful if you lose a device, your photos remain in the cloud 🙌🏾 I also love the other features, particularly the way it automatically groups individuals into their own ‘face’ group. Highly recommend 👍🏾.Version: 3.28

A very big THANK YOU! But only 2 things to be fixedMy storage was very high so I took Google photos to solve that problem and very good for my memories and sharing. Things that could be better: I have been using Flickr for lots of time and i just want it to be easy and i want a button to upload photos and videos from other services and the last one is the 2020 update was actully not good. and that is why I rated it 5 stars so I give Google a very big thank you! And useful to sync photos to other devices. usualy it took countless hours to sync but this is much faster! And one more thing: I love video editing so why not crop and skew videos just like you can crop and skew photos? But just to know if you have photos and videos hogging up space on ANY of your devices, Google photos gives you free unlimeted cloud storage, Works with any device,highly recommended to use..Version: 5.11

Awesome way to back up your photosFor a long time I was not aware of this app. I am finding this really useful and easy way to keep your photos in one place. The reminders of memories are so cool. I also managed to get my old photos in there so I don’t loose it . It’s unlimited if you not choose the original quality back up but high quality..Version: 5.52

MLove that it organizes for you.Version: 5.56

Hands down best app for keeping & sharing life's most memorable momentsHands down, The best app for safe-keeping & family sharing of life's most memorable moments. Super easy to navigate all of the features like saving the all of the important details, like location, time & date, and captions of photos to share with others. As a busy, single mom of 2, this app is a lifesaver for me. I can share my children's milestones with family & friends with such ease so no matter how near or far they are, they can watch my babies as they grow. I have a closet full of craft & scrap book supplies that I have picked up here and there but with juggling my career and my 2 little girls, I feel I never get the chance to actually sit down, go through the pictures & videos, take a stroll down memory lane and bring all of my amazing Pinterest crafts to life. Google Photos has simplified the overwhelming fear of feeling like there's so many important details that I won't remember while scrapbooking my 2 girls. It simplified the task of going through and sorting my pics & videos I've backed up over the years and it's helped me to be able to organize and group memorable moments from their birth so that I can start to put these special books of their most memorable moments together..Version: 3.5.0

Good for storge, not so much for curationI curate my photos on my iPhone and MacBook. I don't use iCloud for storing photos (too many horror stories) and I regularly backup my Mac and iPhone to external SSD. But I got an allowance of free storage on Google Photos (and OneDrive) so I thought why not use belt, braces, string and bailing twine? My only requirement from this app is storage and it is good for this. I have noticed that this year following numerous app updates the upload speed has greatly improved (I'm using the same iPhone and Wi-Fi router). Google photos used to identify the presence of people in a photo and group them where possible. It stopped doing this for me in early Feb 2022 but since I don't use use GP for curation it doesn't bother me. If managing photos of friends/family or creating smart albums is important then there are better alternatives..Version: 6.3

Wow - FantasticI stumbled across this and I now have to tell everyone I know about how great it is. Unlimited storage, able to take everything off all my different devices and my husbands. Being able to put everything into one place means I can actually begin to Konmari my digital photos, which seriously needs to be done. I had over 1000 wedding photos and I have thousands more from my two children and the iCloud is so awful for backing up and managing, so Google Photos has been my ultimate solution. Yes I also love the little animations and the ability to search for photos like magic, but it's the capacity and ease of use that's rocking my world. Thank you Google, our family appreciates your help! :).Version: 3.23.1

Awesome!!One word: AWESOME!!.Version: 3.4.0

Such a helpful and amazing appGoogle photos is absolutely amazing. since i downloaded the app a few years back, it’s saved my life numerous times. i have very low storage on my phone and so I can’t have so many pictures in my apple photos app, but thanks to google photos, I can take as many pics as I want (and trust me I take a ton!) and then back them up to the app, and it will transport the uploaded pics to recently deleted. I don’t have to go through all my pics and see which ones were uploaded, google does it for me and it’s very efficient and easy. i definitely recommend getting this app if you take a lot of pics like me and have low storage. or even if you don’t have low storage, google photos stores your pics for you so if you don’t want all your pics in your phone’s photos app, you should definitely get this app. super helpful and really amazing. separates pics for you into location, and video, and you can make photo albums and collages. you can also sort people by face which is incredibly incredibly useful. all in all, this app is just a lifesaver and if you know me, you always hear me advertise for it..Version: 4.19

Great appIt is beautifully designed, and a lot of my friends use it. I would recommend this to anyone with gmail accounts, as then you can access all their other apps as well. Why use Apple iCloud when you can use google photos with unlimited storage? Honestly best free photos app IMO..Version: 5.79

GreatEasy to set up and use. The app does all the work for you and your photos are always available everywhere. I had several computers (desktop, laptops), phones and iPad where for year I stored photos and videos of my life and my daughters. Now it is all stored safely in one place where I can access it via simply an Internet browser (chrome :) and share them with who I want or keep them private. Space is unlimited and the quality on the images uploaded is very good too. End of all my problems, like loosing photos or don't remember where I saved tham. Eg yesterday when we were in a cafe, my wife said: "Remember when we did this..? holiday about 7 years ago. Then, after few minutes, I said: do you mean this? And I showed her the photo of exactly what she meant! Great!.Version: 3.19.0

RelieableI subscribe Google One because I rely on Google photos to backup photos across my devices. However, one thing that should be improved is a choice of whether to delete photos only on google photos or also in the device. Currently, if I delete a photo in google photo, it will also be deleted from the source device by default, while sometimes I want to keep the photo on my device for whatsapp purpose (e.g. proof of purchase) but I don’t want to collect that in my google gallery (pls google takes the opinion of your loyal customer into account 😀)..Version: 6.17

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