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AMAZINGI love love love this app, I’m a frequent Instagram user (@charis102 main w/ 1k+ following and @bybabycharis_ for makeup) and I can honestly say this is the BEST editing app I’ve ever used. I’ve gotten very good at editing with this app and the before/after comparison photos are insane! I love using this to edit my makeup photos as it is really hard to find an app that creates edits as precisely and beautifully as this one does. U WONT REGRET.Version: 2.18

Perfect alternative to iPhoto brushesAfter iPhoto was made obsolete in iOS 8, I was craving for an alternative, especially the brush feature, and this seems to be it. The brushes on this app works smoothly, while not making the photos look over-edited. Good app..Version: 2.0.0

Toolbars partially obstructedOn the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the toolbars are partially obstructed at the top, which makes it difficult to operate them..Version: 2.24.0

Excellent AppI absolutely adore this app. It's easy to use and easy to access. There is also lots of options to edit photos (my favourite is 'tilt-shift), makes pictures look very professional and beautiful. :).Version: 1.6.3

I use all the time! I request OLED HDR export.I use this application all the time! It is my all time favorite editing app. I love that it is free too! I use this app along with Focos, which is perfect for bringing depth of field edits to the photo. The reason for the highlighted area is because I would be appreciative of HDR exporting. I use an iPhone 11 Pro. If I were to edit this photo natively through the Apple Photos Editor, then the HDR features of the photo would be saved. This HDR takes advantage of the OLED screen enabling it to produce greater contrast in darks and highlights. Focos exports like this, but I cannot edit a photo in Snapseed first and then receive those HDR outcomes. So that is something I’d like to see come to this app. Also I’d like to see more export options. TIFF, HEIC, etc. PNG export is in the app, but I’m not sure how good it works. I never noticed PNG and Transparent attributes to photos or vectors I import as PNG. I do wish the healing feature would be more advanced. Also I’d like to see Ai photo enhance, enlargement, sharpening, and advanced facial edits. Ai Depth of field additions would be a great addition to make it a more well-rounded app and editing suite. I’m thankful for the native features now, including Dark Mode! It’s amazing! I’m very thankful for the review edits tab because I can also draw in certain edits where I want them in the photo. Thanks, Matthew C..Version: 2.22.0

Best of the bestThis is an exceptional Photography app the best I have used and I have used a lot of them .If you have any interest in Photography you have most likely heard of Nik software they make excellent plugins for Photoshop , Lightroom and Aperture etc they made this and they haven't let themselves down..Version: 1.0.1

Really great appAside from being free, I love the apps UI is touch optimised, I can swipe up and down to change between parameters within a tool, makes the interface a lot cleaner and easier to use and progressively learn, instead of bombarding me with a whole of tools. I do 90% of my edits in Affinity, but occasionally it’s nice to have a handy tool to import a photo to the photo and tweak it on the fly. I’m not really one to use a whole lot of preset filters and never buy those in app purchases, so having an app with intuitive tooling is really nice. One suggestion I will make is to have the photos extension so I can open a photo directly from the Photos edit menu and perform edits (in contrast, the import/export/save options are really the noticeably worst experience of the whole app).Version: 2.22.0

Best Photo Editing AppTaking photos is one of my favorite hobbies. Editing photos,’s just not. While helping my sister start her own business, we needed product photos. I snapped some off my phone that looked nice, but they needed an extra boost through editing. No other photo editing apps I was previously using were doing it for me. So, I went looking. Found this one and instantly fell in love! I send all my photos through this app before posting now. Super simple to use. I love the swiping feature to go between settings and to adjust settings. It makes the whole process seamless and effective. Only thing I wish I could do, and it’s entirely possible I’m just not seeing it because I’m still learning new things on this app everyday, is to edit specific colors in the photo. Otherwise, this app is hands down the absolute best!.Version: 2.18.2

Powerful, simple to use, awesome resultsI gave Snapseed a try years ago. I was skeptical that it would be any different from other apps I’ve used. Long story short, I continue to be blown away by the results. It is the most underrated and below-the-radar photo app I know. The more you use it, the more you’ll be able to harness it’s quite considerable power. The built-in “Looks” offer some excellent choices for people new to the app, but the real power is in the Tools. SO many ways to make your images realize their potential. And the fact that you can easily go in and surgically undo or modify specific changes you’ve made makes it invaluable. Love love love Snapseed and I hope Google never decides to scrap it..Version: 2.22.0

Fast intuitive and a pleasure to useHaving used this for about a year now it quickly become my favourite editor for iPad. It is perfect for fast basic edits but also has some advanced features not found in other editors like portrait mode and head pose. My only minor grip is that the brush settings are a little course and I often wish they were more granular, for example for saturation or dodge and burn you only have 2 options, +/- 5 or 10 which is often too much. Apart from that this app is perfect for 95% of my day to day editing..Version: 2.18.2

Can't open jpeg files from iPhone XSI love Snapseed and recommend it to all my photographer friends, but lately I find I can't open jpeg files taken on my iPhone XS on my iPhone XS or my iPad Pro both with the latest iOS 13.1.2, or large jpeg files from my DSLRs . . Well the good news is, I just deleted the App on both my iPhone XS and my iPad Pro then reinstalled it and found the problem is fixed, I can now open and edit any size jpegs from any device. . Voila!.Version: 2.19.3

Update Works!I have enjoyed this app for over a year, recently the export didn’t seem to be working quite right. I have the iPad Pro. So I reinstalled Snapseed and now it works perfect. I have the most current update for my iPad. I hope everyone does this. I also had to do the same for several other apps including Chick-fil-A. I hope others see this and realize it does work. I also have a you tube channel and this is the only app I use for the thumbnail, I like mine to have all the same font and color so I need y’all to reload and try again and update your reviews once you see it does work. I would also gladly pay about 2-5$ or a one time fee to keep developers happy and continue effort to keep this around..Version: 2.19.5

WOW!!I recently got this to give it a test as it was suggested to me. I didn't have that high expectations as I expected loads of in-app purchases having to be made and such and such. But, boy was I wrong. This app is absolutely incredible. Gives you ever single feature on there without having to pay for anything, absolutely amazing photo editing can be done on here! I will be using this more for sure! Super easy to use, super easy to get the hang of. Love it!!.Version: 2.17

My fave photo editing app!!!Is worth say that i have a masters degree in digital photography... I have tried countless photo editing apps for both the iphone and ipad pro. Without a doubt, SnapSeed is my absolute fave app on the ipad pro and iphone. It gives me incredible power to enhance my images, i love the precision i get when using apple pencil, the healing tool works amazingly! The new updates of double exposures and expansion of images are amazing!!! So creators of Snapseed please dont kill me because i know you already have the best photo editing app! But hear me out, if you add warping and gradients i will simply stop using all other photographic apps..Version: 2.17

Great appEvery photos go thru this app ❤️.Version: 2.18

Strange lines in original photoThis is my favorite app! No one can believe my photos come from my iPhone. I use snapseed to really perfect and fine tune. The reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because a new update is creating very faint vertical lines in the original photo before editing. To give an example, it looks like a photo taken of a picture on a computer screen. The original image (found in the photo album) does not have the lines. It only shows when opened in Snapseed. The lines become even more apparent when using an editing tool. I will give it 5 stars when the lines go away. Other than that, still my favorite editing app..Version: 2.18

Love it, but please fix it!I’ve used this app daily for the past 6 years. Beautifully intuitive interface and brilliant for retuning images for social media on my small phone screen. I now have a workflow that you just can’t do in Lightroom, so the latest version with its open from camera roll bug is a huge pain in the backside. There’s a way round it but the inability to open files directly from my favourites is spoiling the experience. This is the first major bug they’ve had so I hope it gets fixed soon.Version: 2.19.3

Better than Lightroom mobileMost times I use this I never have a problem.Version: 2.18

Best app everSo much more than what is in the description. From the moment I downloaded it I began using the app. More than useful and creative - it's just heaps of fun. Easy to follow the steps in editing and sooooo many editing options available. I will have many sessions with this app to explore all the configurations..Version: 1.5.2

Excellent but problems under iOS 11.2.5?Has been a very reliable and stable app for some time, but an old problem has returned with iOS 11.2.5. It’s a repeat of the issue whereby edited Snapseed images look fine in thumbnail preview but when enlarged, the effect of any edits is lost. Worked fine yesterday. Upgraded iOS today, and the problem began, which is why I strongly suspect it’s a compatibility bug..Version: 2.18

My favourite photo editing appThis app keeps getting better and better! I edit many of my photos with it. It's got lots of great features that are quick to use and easy to learn. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.17

Really nice!Snapseed is a lifesaver! It helped me design a logo. I especially like the healing feature, although it needs to be fixed. When you heal, it really makes it look very weird and low quality. I was still able to make my logo with editing it a bit more but I think it should be fixed. Other than that, it’s great!.Version: 2.23.0

It's okaySnapseed is pretty good but there r some things that should be improved. one is being able to draw on the pictures. also being able to sharpen pictures that r already blurry and healing doesn't wprk very well it rarely looks neat. sometimes it takes aaaaaaggggeeesss for photos to load and then it tells me 'error cannot download then i try again and it works. it doesmt affect my ability to edit the photos but it's really annoying. thx, ida.Version: 2.22.0

SnapseedI love the app! Before I got the app I had so many pictures I had taken that were blurry and I couldn’t fix. I had pictures where I just couldn’t find a good filter with the normal ones like vivid or noir. Like the other day I took a pic with my friend and it was so blurry but the editing tools on my phone weren’t enough to make me love my pic. Then I found that snapseed was and an app that let people fix their photos and make them so much better than they were before. Then when I got it I was so relieved that I didn’t have to stick with the boring filters already on my phone that I had used so much that I got tired of the same ones. Also when I wanted to post a picture I did but I never liked the filter very much. The only reason I would post it is because I had no other choice because I didn’t have any other options. I really just started using this app and I love it!!!!.Version: 2.22.0

Really great app for editing on the go!As a photographer I find this app imperative for editing my shots prior to uploading them to Instagram (mostly iPhone shots - but also when wifi’d from my camera!). I would super love to see one addition to the new double exposure filter - the ability to mask the image so that the double exposure is added in selected areas only. 5 stars if this feature is improved!.Version: 2.18.2

Used all the timeI love an app where you don’t have to keep unlocking features by paying. Works so well but would love to see more updates close to some of the other paid apps have. Also can you make a windows 10 app. Can’t find one..Version: 2.18

One word, WOWI have used this and encouraged my family members to load this app onto their iPad's. It so easy to use and gives a new meaning to snap shoots. Today's cameras are mainly being used as point and shoot with all sorts of results. Some you would delete, but wait put it through Snapseed and see what is hidden you'll be surprised..Version: 2.2.1

Good so far!This app is quite good, so far, and I am loving the professional look of the final product!.Version: 2.17

One of the very best ....I've used Snapseed since it was a promising desktop (OSX) app. Using it now on my iPad Pro, after deciding to not have a mobile phone - and I have to admit that Google are if nothing else (and god only knows how much 'else' they are doing!) doing us proud with this continuing evolution of the app. There have been regular updates over the past year or so that have been proper, helpful and insightful; this is resulting in firmly staking its place as one of my top five first routes I take in further development of my images. With each new update it gets better & better. The new double exposure is one of the best implementations of this feature I've seen. I am very grateful for the continued support given to this app; it's as important to me as Glitché, and that is saying something. Like I said, for me one of the best..Version: 2.17

Brilliant App on new iPad Pro!!!New Review: I recently upgraded from my old iPad 2 to iPad Pro. This App now comes into its own and is now simply brilliant to use. The interface takes a bit of getting used to, so much to navigate through and learn. For example, “Selective Adjust” can be tricky to use and has so many settings, some of which are not immediately obvious but once you get into it, the results are very impressive. Well done Google! Previous Title from 2014 Review: Older Version is still the tops! I am still using version1.5.2 which is the version before the HDR update and the removal of the white balance feature. I can only say that it is an excellent app and very easy to use. I use an HDR feature on one of my video apps and it is extremely effective. So, please developers can you fix the HDR crashing issue and restore the White Balance feature as I would like to update..Version: 2.18.2

This app deserves 5 starsLove this app, been my go to for years. Unbelievable that it is free. Seems the low ratings are coming from iPhone users, I suppose there is a bug. If you’re on iPad Pro, it works flawlessly..Version: 2.24.0

Not workingSnapseed has been my go-to photo editor for years because it’s so straightforward and intuitive. Love it! Thanks for fixing the upload problem after the last iOS update..Version: 2.19.3

An AMAZING app, but...Snapseed is an amazing, free app produced by Google to manipulate and process graphics. however, there seem to be some glaring holes in the program that I believe should be addressed. It should be possible to encircle an object and copy it to the object being worked on. For example, I have a picture of my back garden. I would like to transposed a picture of my cat onto the garden. why is it not possible to open two iterations of a graphic and select a section of one graphic to paste onto the other? My late 90s PaintShop Pro version 4 can do that. also the text handling capabilities are extremely limited as per the number and type of fonts that can be used. Surely there could be a tool to insert text into a defined space rather than doing it line by line and having to size the text line by line. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work with the program! James.Version: 2.24.0

Best editing app on iPodI love how you can brighten the shadow on someone's face without bleaching the picture. It has saved a lot of sunny day photos. Works perfectly with my iPod touch 4th generation..Version: 1.3.1

Great App until last update? Still no fix?! 😳I LOVE this app! But, with the last update the text styles are not working properly. I did submit a report through the app itself & now constantly checking for another update which rectifys the problem..Version: 2.18.1

HELP! I updated to iOS 13.1 and lost SNAPSEEDPlease help! I use Snapseed to edit photos for my online business and when i updated to IOS 13.1this week SNAPSEED will no longer open my pictures. This is devastating for me. They said the iOS update comes with features to rival SNAPSEED but that is utter nonsense - it doesn’t come close. Please tell me there is a solution to this!!!!!.Version: 2.19.2

Saved edited photos are reverting to originalI’ve contacted Apple and they couldn’t help me. I’ve been using snapseed for almost a year to edit photos I take daily. I save my edited version over the original to save space on my phone. Over the past 2 days (since the iPhone iOS update) random photos I’ve edited will revert to their original version on their own. They’ll save for a period of say 12 hours and then I’ll go into my photos library to use that photo and all the edits are gone. This only happens to SOME photos I’ve edited. Not all. Is there anything you can do to fix the issue? Otherwise, I LOVE snapseed. But I spend a large amount of time getting my photos perfect and can’t afford to waste my time editing everything over and over..Version: 2.18

Great app, but...I love the app and how simple it is to edit photos, my only problem with it would have to be that you can’t open Snapseed straight from the photo app unlike apps like Photoshop Express. Otherwise, really great app for editing photos, would highly recommend it.Version: 2.18.2

ExcellentI’ve tried nearly every photo editing app on the AppStore. Now I’m asking myself, why didn’t I try this one (a free app) first! It’s a fast, clean interface that makes it easy to implement advanced changes to your photos with no headache whatsoever. The filters perhaps aren’t the best but the photo processing side of things are excellent. I’d like them to introduce noise reduction and the ability to do selective colour hue changes. If they do that, I don’t need any other photo app..Version: 2.18.1

Great appThis is possibly one of my favourite editing apps, it is better then Lightroom and VSCO, it is also completely free and it allows everything to be accessed without having to pay anything which is really great. I have tested a few dozen editing apps and it is probably the best, it has features that usually have to be paid for and although people complain about the photo quality I have not really found any of this to be an issue..Version: 2.19.2

It's a level of awesome that Lightroom should aspire toI'm loving using this as a tool to process my images. The interface takes a little getting used to, but once there it it quite fluid. I find that I'd rather be using snapseed than lightroom these days! I now have my iPad in my camera bag so I can process on the go. So an iPad, Snapseed, small DSLR and Lensbaby is the ultimate artistic mobile toolset. I even have room for another 35mm lens. Mmmmm, photographic bliss!.Version: 1.3.1

Does alright!This app is really good! It gets rid of all I don’t want in a photo, or edit what I need too! The reason I gave it 4 stars is because when I try to heal (get rid of somethings in my photo) most objects go really weird and it ends up making by the photo really weird especially what I was trying to get rid of it makes that part of the photo lumpy and blurry but that doesn’t happen in every photo, but apart from that it’s a great app it really helps!.Version: 2.19.5

Love itI love this app it’s the best app ever.Version: 2.19.5

One request please...I’m an experienced Lightroom & Photoshop user, but have been using Snapseed now for a few weeks for my new iPhone... So far I’ve only found one shortfall which is really annoying - for me anyway... Why isn’t there a precision guide when using Expand? It would really benefit from being able to specify a precise number for each drag, rather than guess by eye, which is very difficult on a small screen... Otherwise... great job....Version: 2.19.5

Latest update crashes app.Great application- had it since the beginning, however the last update has glitched it somehow. When you open a photo like normal, as soon as you edit the app freezes and the phone crashes. This application was really great and simple to use. Please fix :).Version: 2.20.2

I use this app everydayI love Snapseed! It’s my fave editing app for my phone! I only gave it 4 stars for the following reasons: While Snapseed already has a robust set of tools, I would love to see a colour editing option. Specifically HSL sliders and the ability to split tone. To get these functions I currently have to export to lightroom mobile. A smart masking tool would be great as well with the ability to edit inside and outside the mask. Colouring in with my finger takes way too much time when I want to mask effects onto certain parts of an image. Lastly, the perspective tool isn’t very smooth, see SKRWT for the best example of correcting lens distortion. Saying all of this, I still love the app and use it everyday! The following things I’ve mentioned would cut my edit time down by half and save space on my phone. Would really love to see them in one of the next updates! P.S. expansion of the double exposure function into a full blown compositing tool would be sweet, but I understand that’s pretty tough to build in. 🙏😊✨.Version: 2.18

Amazing App!I use this app ALL the time on my phone. I’ve also recommended it to others who use it all the time now too. I’m a designer and use Photoshop/Illustrator/Lightroom on desktop. Snapseed is my go-to when editing photos on my phone. I have a request for developers - would it be possible to add a feature when masking layers, where you can make straight-line selections quickly? I mask a lot, and many times I’m masking out a square object. It would be amazing to have a feature where I can tap on the corner of the square, and then tap the other corner and have it make a straight line, like the Polygonal Lasso tool in Photoshop. If you added this feature it would be amazing!.Version: 2.18.2

Great AppI love Snapseed photo editing tool and use it constantly on both my iPhone and my iPad. It is not over complicated and is so easy to use. It can make almost any photo look great. This review would have certainly been a 5 star rating except that I have recently bought a new Apple Mac M1 and prior to purchasing the laptop I had read that Snapseed was available for Mac OS. I was so excited to be able to use Snapseed and be able to edit my photos on my Mac M1 laptop only to be bitterly disappointed that it is not available on Mac OS after all. Please tell me a Mac OS compatible version will be released soon. 🙏 No other editing app comes close to the usability of Snapseed, my favourite photo editing tool..Version: 2.22.0

UnparalleledThe app is very intuitive, and even the advanced features aren't cluttered or overly complicated (that said, performance and accuracy isn't compromised either). There are a lot of features, and I like how you can choose to save your edits step by step, and can see exactly what you did (and even undo!) after a picture is saved. This does everything you need it to do, and if you spend a lot of time you can get professional grade editing. The only reason I'm not giving this 5/5 is because I seem to be having a problem with the newest update. I can't open pictures, like at all. Even ones I'm certain I've edited with this app. It's a pretty major issue but I don't want to dissuade anyone from getting this because of a bad update, since I've never had a single issue before. Hopefully it will be patched soon..Version: 2.18

WowI think this is an easy app to use.Version: 2.18

Not saving picsAll of a sudden my app won't save my re-worked images to my camera roll and also closes itself after I try to save to my camera roll Other than that I love it!!!.Version: 1.6.0

Blemishes, Acne and Scars.I got this app because i was looking at pictures of my girlfriend and she’s very insecure about her facial acne and scars... so, i looked into a simple photoshop esk app for covering this up. this app was trending so i tried it out. it was very smooth and between a simple filter and some smoothing out with their wand, it was amazing. zoom in and you can work with every little (i know this sounds gross but it’s real life) zit, pimple, pore and scar and cover it up how you want to. between this amazing and handy trick the filters are great, you can crop, edit, add text, change brightness, sharpness, saturation etc. it’s truly and amazing app. plus... ITS FREE! download it and see if you like it!.Version: 2.18

Puts real professional power into the hands of an amateur...For anyone regularly taking photos on an Apple device this app is the perfect compliment. There are some professional level but easy to use editing here which can produce some stunning results with very little effort and time. You will not be disappointed with this app....Version: 1.3.1

Top of the pile !I'm runner by out expletives to describe Snapseed , amazing updates every time , must be a challenge to improve . One thing might be worth adding , is a selective smoothing button that for instance you can smooth blotchy sky's with when converted to black and white or after using tonal contrast . We should be paying for this ! Thank you soooooo much ! Dave Ps resizing and file compression issue fixed ,June 2021 ,well done guys ,many thanks 😊.Version: 2.20.2

I love SNAPSEEDEasy to use, no sneaky costs and there’s a really good variety of things you can do! I def recommend!!.Version: 2.19.5

Wow!Fantastic editor. Finally an editor that is intuitive, powerful and works. Wow just wow. Officially my favourite photo edit app. Just one feature would be cool - allow me to select an area in the photo (e.g. skyline) and modify this region only. Otherwise fantastic app..Version: 2.19.5

Worth every centI've lived in this app since buying it, and highly recommend. A couple of suggestions: while I love the 'selection adjust' please add blur to the the choice of brightness, contrast and saturation; and a section to put a color filter on the image? (the 'white balance' section doesn't add enough color). Must go, I have pics to edit!.Version: 1.3.1

Snapseed starts crashingI am not sure if it’s Snapseed fault but it just became useless on my iPhone 8. Every time I want to open “ All Photos “ on my device the app crashes. I used to love Snapseed. Post Scriptum. I had to review my previous review. Apparently it might be the latest IOS updates causing the Snapseed crash. I had the same problem when I tried to select photos to edit from my phone library with other apps too. A quick fix is to Copy your photo from your library and Paste it on Snapseed for editing. Snapseed is so powerful that’s worth the extra steps you might have to do in order to use this app..Version: 2.18.2

Custom Looks?This is my favorite editing app, I share it with everyone but I’d give anything to make custom looks. I’ve looked through tutorials (none of them show features still available so they don’t work), the help documentation which never mentions Looks… even the app description says you can make custom looks but I’ve looked EVERYWHERE. Right now I have to save photos to a special album with all steps saved, open them, save again, then use “Last Edits”. It’d be unreal to save my steps. Please update the documentation if this still works… and if not, remove it from the app description or put it back! Would also give anything for a clone stamp tool!.Version: 2.21.0

Professional Artist / Photographer ReviewAs a professional artist and photographer I'm always on the lookout for apps and gear to enhance prints of my works, and the Snapseed App has been *IT* for me for the last 5 Years. Suggestions: 1). I'd love access to my digital files on iPad instead of having to select and deselect them in batches, having to remove those accessed last before being able to use the App on the go. 2). I would like a feature included so that I might be able to draw on files to touch them up, where the pen or brush tip can be solid to transparent, where the tips are adjustable in thickness, and the gamut of colors and shades are available for use. This is something found in most basic photo apps so I don't have to switch between Apps, transfer files back and forth especially when I'm on a tight schedule. Footnotes: I like my fellow artists, photographers, are always in need of a more broad range of editing tools within an App. We want Apps that are free to inexpensive but not cheap in options and range of uses when possible, from companys that makes multiple apps we can use in the entertainment and art industry. This way we can support the company by marketing their Apps to fellow artists, photographers, authors, actors, singers, other industry colleagues, as well as our Fans and Followers. 📸 Jewell 🎨.Version: 2.20.2

What happened to color bubblesI was using Snapseed today and I couldn’t find a feature that I had been using a couple of weeks ago. I can’t remember what tool it was but I remember it gave you the option to adjust individual colors. Color bubbles appeared on the right side of the screen and you could select a color to saturate it. I used it a lot the past few weeks to saturate the pink on some cherry blossom images. I tried every tool and I can’t find it now. I’m going crazy 😜 It wasn’t the selection or curves tools. Curves gives you color bubbles on the bottom. This one had lots more colors and they were on the right side. Maybe I imagined it? Thanks for your help...Version: 2.20.0

Honest appWow this is the most honest pic app I’ve ever seen and it’s very useful and it is very fun and fast and free the three f’s. It was the only one I could find everyone should have this app. There is no downside! I just have three suggestions can you put a makeup tool so if there is a person in the photo you can put makeup on them. Another one is that you can change the background by choosing a photo you already have to the background. My last suggestion is that people can make stickers by going to a photo they have and cutting out the part they want the stickers to be. Please consider my suggestions it would mean the world to me. Again I love this app and in suggest it to everyone thank you so much Snapseed team!.Version: 2.19.5

I love Snapseed!This is such an awesome app, once you learn how to use it, it can be your best partner for phono editing. I would definitely pay for a premium version if I could save editing profiles on it to apply in different pictures! Thanks for creating this spectacular tool!.Version: 2.19.5

Dark modeWe are still waiting the dark mode..Version: 2.19.5

Hands Down The Best!I have been using Snapseed for over a year now. I use a plethora of other photo editing apps (Photoshop, Pixlr, Enlight, Aviary, Facetune, etc). Hands down, this has so much more to offer than any other app and I find this to be my go to App. The Tools that make this so worth while: the HD tool, healing tool, and the selective area tool (allowing you to lighten or enhance any portion of the photograph). Having said that, there is only one tool that I do still need that is offered in other apps and is not available on Snapseed. A blur tool. I find when I am in need of this tool I resort to Aviary (no longer supported) or Facetune. If this was included, I would have no reason to use any other App. Thank you Snapseed, maybe someday you would consider adding a blur tool..Version: 2.19.2

A Must-Have App For All Serious PhotographersThis is one of a very select number of apps that appear on my coveted front page. Its ability to smartly select areas for selective retouching is uncannily accurate; its Structure feature beats anything Photoshop can do; and its Ambience tool provides a wonderful combination of brightness, shadow opening, warmth, and even incredible highlight protection all at once. On top of that are regularly-introduced enhancements like the Curves tool, and the incredible White Balance tool which allows you to see your eyedropper effect in real time as you drag it around your image – a huge advantage I have not seen in any other mobile app or even desktop program. On top of all of this, there are other miraculous effects that seem to be added every other week that are too numerous to delineate here but are absolutely worth exploring. My only two wishes are that 1) a clone tool be added; and 2) there were even more options in the Selective and Brush Tools. Still, I recommend this app without reservation..Version: 2.17

Amazing but!Truly amazing I have been creating all types of fine photography and art with Snapseed for years ever since its beginning. Love the new features continue to upgrade because I feel as though I'm the ambassador and would love to see more! Every one thinks I'm on a computer editing Lightroom or ps but I'm on Snapseed that goes for every single piece of my work check my | IG:poorspirit | and you'll see! Please make changes for face enhancement it destroys shadows on face and neck far too often i have to dodge & burn. I think medium leaves orange tint around face and hair and it gets noticeable sometimes. Last when I deeply edit as I should catching the small details once I pass about 6 layers the image beings to distort and has pixels and rings in shadows & highlights. HEALING DONE TO IMAGE IS ALTERED INCORRECT AFTER IMAGE IS SAVED!!!!!.Version: 2.17

First Class Photo Editing App! With only one hitch...I've been using Snapseed since the early days, before it was acquired by Google and even then it was far ahead of its contemporaries. After many updates, it’s now become almost indispensable in my editing workflow with its ease of use and exceptional quality. However, after having upgraded to the XS I do find that mid-edit the app will crash, freezing the phone completely and meaning I lose the work. I hope there’s a fix for this?!.Version: 2.18.2

Keeps freezing on iPadOS 14 and aboveI love using this app on my phone and I wanted to use it on my iPad Air version 14.6 but when I tried using, it kept getting frozen when I picked any tool. Please fix this as I would love to use it on iPad..Version: 2.20.2

Straightening causes part of image to disappearLove the app but I've recently noticed that the straightening function often causes a section of the image to be blacked out. Happens a couple of times per image before it behaves normally..Version: 1.6.4

The best free photo app by milesI only have one request, pretty please make a BLUR tool that you draw with your finger like the healing tool! No other app has this that I can find. It would be so useful for blurring out phone numbers/privacy purposes for faces in the background. Everything else is perfection!!.Version: 2.22.0

Easy to use and freeI haven't tried all the options yet, I'm finding it has everything I need and more. The app was free for me when I downloaded it. It's easy to use and brilliant. I've bought other apps to try them but always return to Snapseed..Version: 2.17

IPhone 14 Pro max issues with raw photos not loading upI love this Snapseed app, but lately there has been an issue with trying to load up a raw image. If I delete the app, and reload it, I can upload 1 raw image and edit. But when I try to upload a second raw image, it freezes every time. I’m hoping the developer can fix this issue with an update to the app in the near future. Cheers, Ross..Version: 2.24.0

Half baked interface updateIts still good but, the previous version had these fluid in and out transitions when editing photos. The tools were clustered in several groups in 3 columns which made it easy to find what I needed. The new white drawer first clunks into place with a linear motion like the developer never heard of fluid motion curves. or the Material Design Guidelines. The small icons appear now in 4 columns and a large single cluster of editing options. No grouping anymore, this is much harder to use now. Those pre baked filters, upon which this update puts more focus on, are mostly useless, since you cannot adjust their strengths like you can with the proper editing tools in the middle tab... old version 5 stars, minus 1 for interface down grade..Version: 2.18

Surprisenly good!I find myself being picky with photo apps. This one surprised me and i had to come here just to write this review. The app is simple, easy and complete. You can do anything you need in a second. Loved it..Version: 1.5.1

Great app, reviews are a bit harshApp is feature-rich AND free, but I guess people will always find something to complain about. Sure, the app should be updated more often just for compatibility and such, but it works just fine for me on the newest iOS. The iPhone 14 Pro’s cutout gets in the way of seeing the sliders, but again it’s fully-functional so can’t complain. Hope it gets a new update soon! Great app nonetheless..Version: 2.22.0

Good photo appI really like this app for editing photos. However it still hasn’t been updated to adjust for the iPhone notch so you can’t zoom in to the upper portions of an image to edit them which is really frustrating. One other thing I would want is for the selective editing to have a square edge tool rather than just the circle version of it. Other than that it’s a good app..Version: 2.19.2

Hands down the best photo editorI’ve used this app since it was launched and it is hand down the best and easiest app. I’ve never had an issue with it and it so intuitive and simple to use. Really good job by the team that makes it. I’ve tried loads of other apps but always seem to come back to Snapseed to just get the job done quickly and easily every time..Version: 2.24.0

Simple is goodThroughout my usage over the years, I’ve been more than satisfied with the level of control you have with this app on my iPhone. Now that I moved my main work on iPad Pro from MacBook Pro, I found thru testing the competition that this is still the best all around app. I would love to see RAW editing in here as I would move my whole workflow to this. Thank you for an amazing app!.Version: 2.20.1

Avoid 2.18.2 update if you already use Snapseed.As many have already expressed their frustration with the latest version, it is prone to crashing. Once it crashes, the app becomes unstable (repeated crashing on app launch or picture selection) which leads me to have to delete and reinstall the app. I have lost quite a few saved “Looks” and a cumulative sum of a few hours because of this issue. It’s still my go-to photo editing app but I have to take precautions when using to avoid lost work/time (eg. “Save a copy” periodically so I can re-import the picture with all the edit steps and re-save as a “look” after the app crashes and is reinstalled). Overall a powerful and feature full app FOR FREE! Highly recommend and I’m anticipating the next update that hopefully address the crashing problem. -iPhone 8 -iOS 11.4.1.Version: 2.18.2

If ONLY it had a ‘blackpoint’ adjustment setting!Fantastic photo editing app, but if ONLY it had a ‘blackpoint’ adjustment setting!.Version: 2.20.0

Chosen iOS Photo EditorI've tried a wide selection of apps and Snapseed is the most fully featured one. With a high degree of control over images it's the one I'll always go to and it'll take care of 99% of my wishes. The filters aren't quite as useful to me as the ones on Instagram, but after a week of use it's much more useful to me..Version: 1.4

Difficulty with photo appSuch a lively app, thank you. Only thing missing is it’s integration with photo app. It’s difficult not be able to share it with Snapseed directly and come out of photo open Snapseed, locate photo before we can edit. Please work on this for your next update. Let me know when you do this. Love the app 👍.Version: 2.20.2

100% THE Best Photo Edit App!!!That I’ve used for easy of editing photos straight on your iphone. Spent the entire first afternoon and fluent at it and produced a dozen edited photos. Amazing ease of use and work flow seemlessly. I’ve been using tech and programs 20 years. Amazing built thank you so much whoever built this is a smart app designer for the end user..Version: 2.19.5

Just give me a bit more! I love it.This is a lovely little app for on the go editing, it is not complete, as it is certainly not, a full editing app by any means. If I’m posting to maps or on the hop pleasing photos for friends, or reviews, it’s really handy, a Swiss army tool. But, if given, just a bit more oomph, a good eraser tool for example, rather than the weedy dodge and burn, or a tool stamp clone, a lasso, or magic wand, would be great. I realise it’s not photoshop, overpriced and overblown, in my opinion, which of course is great, or gimp, which is fantastic if you have a degree in graphics or geekology. I don’t know where the developers are going with Snapseed, but if they (Hope it’s not photoshop in disguise again aka Avia) are seriously thinking of making it a terrific add on, it needs just a few more tools. Keep it going! It’s very good..Version: 2.19.5

I’m in Love, I’m in Love!I have been using Snapseed for MANY years; it is the longest-reigning photo editing app in my iLife. Over the years I have tried so many photo apps that seemed promising from their description, but wound up not delivering the goods. The lone survivor of many cullings of my photo apps herd, Snapseed is tried and true! The fact that I am able to edit a photo and then Save the new edited version OVER the original version (by Allowing the app to ‘Modify’) is the reason why I fell in love with the Snapseed app. I am able to write a note or add a label on a photo and then save it without creating a new needless copy and, most importantly, without moving the photo from its original spot in my timeline. This allows my edited photos to remain alongside any untouched photos, in their originally captured order. This simple yet invaluable feature is what makes Snapseed a standout for me! I do wish we could open a chosen photo in Snapseed directly from the Photos app (either via (a) the ‘Edit’ button ‘...’ Activities, or (b) the ‘Share’ button Activities). And honestly, if you were to add a ‘TOOL’ that allows us to draw (and then move/resize/reshape/rotate) lines, arrows and maybe even squares (shapes), you would become the HOLY GRAIL of photo editing apps! I would [figuratively] shout praises of your name from the mountaintops!!! I am always excited and never disappointed when you release an update! Keep up the AMAZING work!!!.Version: 2.18.2

SnapseedAmazing app I highly recommend it.Version: 2.17

Excellent, Free, NO hidden subscriptionThis is a truly excellent set of professional photo-editing tools, supplied byGoogle after they bought out German software company “Nik”. Prior to this I had bought the same Nik software to post-process my professional photography in preference to using the more complicated Adobe photoshop. Snapseed, used in conjunction with the newer GooglePhoto (also free) is a very powerful photo editing combination for todays phone-photographers, pro or hobbyist..Version: 2.23.0

Great programThis is a great and easy program for editing photos. The only thing I would ask for is to perhaps move the apply button to the top of the screen to stop the accidental bumping of it and prematurely apply changes. Otherwise great app and hopefully it will continue to grow and become another great tool in the Nik Software arsenal..Version: 1.4

Fantastic but unusable!I love this app and have used it for months quite happily. However all of a sudden it has started freezing halfway through editing making it impossible to even finish editing a photo let alone save it. I use it on an iPhone 12pro and it seems to be a very common issue. If this huge issue could be fixed, I would be a very happy bunny indeed as I haven’t found another app that comes even close to this one..Version: 2.20.2

Adding free form focus points!!!I really love using this app to edit all my photos. I’m rating 4 stars, to possibly grab your attention on a few new suggestions to add into the apps editing features. First, I think adding a free form focus area in the Lens Blur instead of shapes would be AMAZING. Along with that adding the ability to not just have one focal point, but multiple focal pints, while still being able to blur out the background or things the editor doesn’t want the photo to focus on. Another new feature you should add to this app should be to have a onscreen convenient undo/redo buttons while using any tool in the app; that way the editor won’t have to continuously click in and out of the tool in order to make an alter to an edit or to fix a mistake. I realize there’s an erasing tool, but when you have much to edit and a list of other photos you plan to edit as well, it is time consuming; not to mention that many people using there fingers to edit will likely cause a mistake to worsen by using the eraser tool, which is well - another negative. - Anyways I really do hope someone who can add these two features read my review, and will actually consider adding these two features. I guarantee it will make many people happy. -Overall though, this photo editing app is AMAZING and I highly recommend using it!!!.Version: 2.18.2

My go-to editing appI've loved this app for ages and use it all the time to edit all my photos. I recently purchased my first DSLR and so am really glad to now be able to edit in RAW. So simple and easy to use, I totally recommend it to others!.Version: 2.9

Best photo editing appI actually feel more like a pro with more options available to me, rather than filters in that does everything for me.Version: 1.4

FantasticProbably the best free photo editing app. Very easy to use once you spend a little while playing around with all the tools & features. Simple yet powerful..Version: 2.0.4

App freezing in iOS 14.5.1The app freezes and phone hangs when you click on Tools -> Tune Image, or Details. Couldn’t check if selecting any tool does the same thing. But these two tools definitely freeze the app, so much that even the power button doesn’t respond. (That is, you can’t turn off the iPhone screen in this freeze) Now, the reason I wrote all this in a review is - Snapseed is the best Photo editing app, even for professionals! Apart from some tuneups I am expecting in future, I rely a lot on this app, and hence want it to keep performing awesome. Otherwise, my workflow is broken when there’s even a slightest bug. I have both Lightroom and Snapseed and they do different things for me. Some tuneups to images are only seamlessly possible in Snapseed..Version: 2.20.1

Snapseed - best iPad photo editor.Love this app if does a major proportion of what I need to do to my photos. One thing I would like extra would a 6*4 portrait format for sizing. It’s there for landscape as 3*2, but not easy to use as a substitute for a true 6*4 portrait format. Great app..Version: 2.19.5

Great but needs an updateCan’t open images except from camera roll, seems to be a bug. App locks up if you open from other devices or albums (the only fix is to delete the app and reinstall) ————— The biggest features I wish for are 1) a quality noise reduction feature!!!!!!!!!!! 2) I'd like in the black and white section to have sliders to control the monochrome conversion. Eg magenta, yellow, nuetrals, black, white, cyan etc etc. that way I can make a black and white photo have the same pop as if it were in colour. The current selection of just a few preset colour filters doesn’t work well enough. 5 stars if those features were added Update: Years later since I first reviewed & we still need noise reduction. I still have to go over to PS express or Lightroom for this feature.Version: 2.22.0

Highly recommendedMuch more powerful than at first visible. Once you start spending more time with this programme, it will start revealing itself for what it really is: an excellent tool that will not only improve your pics, but also allow for some quite creative things to happen. Hugely recommended..Version: 2.22.0

Every useful creative tool you need in one appIf you only ever have one photo editing app on your phone this has got to be it. Snapseed does require some photographic knowledge to get the best out of it but the upside of a novice experimenting with it is that it will enhance one’s understanding of photographic terms and techniques eg: the Black&White tool is by far the best and most powerful out there and will serve serious photographers and curious beginners well. Also a big plus is that in tandem with the Hydra camera control app it can harness the raw imaging capabilities of the more modern iphones..Version: 2.18.2

App freezes when open a new imageHi guys, I have been using the iOS app from past few months and seems to work fine but from past 2-3 days I am seeing an issue. I open an image from the app either by clicking the round plus button or using open option at the top and picture gets added but when I try to edit the image it just freezes. Nothing happens and then I have to close the app and open again. Could you please check..Version: 2.22.0

Simply brilliantI used this app several years ago, and with the plethora of new apps coming onto the market I ended up purchasing many of them using them only for a very short time before realising they offered very little. I decided to look at this app again, it is brilliant, with a wide range of editing tools. The interface is very easy to use. This is an app that I will be keeping (one of only 3 photo editing app) and continue to use..Version: 2.19.5

You’re simply the best, better than all the rest 🪩This photo editing app is the best by miles compared with others I’ve tried (a few!). It offers more free (and most importantly, usable) content and aspects than any other photo editing app out there. I’ve never been unable to achieve what I wanted to change in a photo using this app..Version: 2.22.0

Love this app, but problem with latestes updateI’ve loved using this app in the past! It’s got plenty of quality tools and features to help create professional edits. The only problem is since the most recent update the app crashes every time I try to open a RAW file. Please fix this issue asap..Version: 2.19.1

Snapseed is my muse.I’ve been using Snapseed as my go-to app for years now. It’s the first in a chain of editing apps if I’m feeling creative, and often the last as well. Their photo tools alone offer more than many editing apps, but the Portrait, Head Pose, and Looks features are essential for photos on the go. I always start with Healing, usually followed by a hint of Glamour Glow, and even Noir if I’m in that sort of mood (which is often; LOVE the Noir). Also, among all the editing apps that I own and have tried, their Vignette feature is my favorite by far, which seems a minor thing, but really isn’t. Honestly there are far too many adjustable features and filters to go into in this space, just from a photo editing perspective; I’ve barely mentioned the artistic applications, which seem endless. I will never not use this app. Dig it and dig in..Version: 2.19.5

Great photo editor, but room for improvementHave been using this for a while now and so far it has been great. The presets have been very useful and really helps bring any pictures to life. Then there are several tools for fine tuning the image if a preset alone isn’t enough. One thing I really wish was possible in the app, was allowing more selective lens blur. The lens blur creates a cool effect of having an optical focus, but the selection is limited to circle/ellipse shapes. This does not allow the focus to be put on the specific object, which throws off the effect of depth on the picture. It would be awesome to use the brush feature to select an exact area to apply the lens blur to. This would give a more accurate effect of focusing the image on one particular thing, while keeping the entire background out of focus..Version: 2.20.2

Can’t live without it!I’ve used everyday for years. This app can save, redesign , fix flaws and prepare any photo there is. I use it with another photo app where you need to layer two or more photos to make one. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish so many amazing prints without it and once you take the time to learn all the easy functions it takes only a few minutes to make any photo from good to fantastic..Version: 2.19.5

Apple iPhone RAW FilesThe app seems to stall when trying load an Apple RAW file from a iPhone Pro max.Version: 2.24.0

Great for extending photos for Instagram!You know how Instagram crops photos weird? Well I was stuffing around for ages trying to get the right cropping and I ended up having to extend the border of the photo. Downloaded this app, found the feature in two seconds flat, didn’t have to do any sign up or skip past the orientation “get to know the app” feature. So easy legit edited the photo in 5 seconds. Would totally recommend for this one feature. I didn’t use any other features but I was just so pleased I found an easy solution that I wrote a review.Version: 2.22.0

Fantastic photo Editor by any measure ... butI use Snapseed before uploading to Instagram every, single time #grizzlyhollen, but, please consider undo arrows in the brushes tool. The only other thing I would love is the ability to fade or mix in the the effect of the last tool with the previous step.Version: 2.17

AwesomeGreat app! I've been looking for a decent photo editing app which is easily acessable on iPhone, and this ticks all the boxes and more. The wide range of filters and colours is really useful, compared to other photo editors that are really limited. I'm not sure if there are new features coming to this, but if there are I'll be looking forward to them!.Version: 2.19.2

Soooo good!!!!It’s so good! There are so many features, and it’s all for free. There are also no adds!!! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS APP!.Version: 2.24.0

Love Snapseed app but..Have loved using the Snapseed app for a long time now. And use it everyday. But the new update has recently meant that when you go to do a full crop on photos it pulls down the iPhone screen with it. Making a crop impossible in one swipe. So to avoid that you have to do a double crop. It’s quite annoying..Version: 2.18.1

AwesomeThis app is crazy amazing and has help me do some really fun edits, and it’s super user friendly and easy to learn.Version: 2.18.2

Please add Hue and SaturationHue and Saturation over different colours would be a great addition.Version: 2.18.2

Exactly what I was looking for!Snapseed is easily the best photo editing app I've found. Simple to use but with enough freedom to really edit your photos the way you want them. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.4

Simple amazingThis is definitely one of the best photo editing apps available, almost endless possibilities and you can further edit any preset filters or effects. One thing I would like to see in future updates is the ability to manually select the type of texture from a range of thumbnails. Even though you can keep pressing the texture buttons to get different textures, you never know exactly how many options are available. I've used certain textures in past photo edits, but have never been able to find them again as the texture effects all appear randomly. But overall it's a fantastic app which I use all the time..Version: 1.5.2

Excellent photo toolFirst of all, I like its handy, effective, I don’t need to import pictures into laptop and use Adobe photoshop. Nowadays, people take pictures with no serious purpose, maybe just for posting on social media. A quick makeover is all its purpose. I used serious photo tools long time ago, often it was very time consuming to accomplish a small task. Now Snapseed provides a lot of practical tools, with newer version, Looks->Last edits saves one time for similar batch processing, Tools->True image->Ambiance is my favorite tool to correct color tones, brightness at one time, Tools->True image->Shadows is also useful to save pictures with sharp contrast. Besides, I found this app is easiest to learn. Just select a sample picture, then apply each tool to examine the outcome, it’s fun!.Version: 2.18

Truely free appHey its free and it works pretty well.Version: 2.24.0

Love this app!The filters etc are not extensive, but I find that the ones that are there are ones that I keep coming back to more than other apps I own because they produce the exact look that I want. One thing I’d love to see added is the ability to alter each hue individually, as I usually end up going to other apps to get that. But I will say that people are looking at photos that I’ve taken with my iPad and edited in Snapseed and saying ‘wow’! Definitely money well spent on this app!.Version: 2.19.2

Really good but lacks a featureThis is a very useful app and it has a lot of features which can transform your photos all offered for free which is even better! Except I can’t find an eye dropper when adding text which is crucial when trying to math the palette of the picture. Their is a lot of colours but it is limited which makes it very frustrating. This is the only thing stopping me from giving it 5 stars..Version: 2.19.5

Favorite, most powerful editor by far19 June update: seems to have fixed the showstopping errors from 07 May update! 👍👍 Hands down the best photo editing app around. I remember when this was an expensive set of Photoshop plugins 10-20 years ago, and its pedigree definitely shows. The maturity and flexibility of the available tools have actually transformed my digital photography workflow from exclusively Photoshop to virtually all Snapseed. Of course print prepping and deeper image manipulation are still best handled in a full desktop app, but everyday edits couldn't be faster or more user friendly in iOS. Love it! ❤️❤️.Version: 2.20.2

Doesn't work for iPhone 11Doesn't load images from iPhone 11 😔 hopefully getting an update soon..Version: 2.19.2

After years of use, finally looking for another app.I’ve been using this app for almost a decade now and while I love this app for its simplistic menus and fluidity while editing, the lack of updates and the silent communication from the developers doesn’t make me comfortable in staying, especially when the iPhone 15 is now taking RAW photos and the support for RAW is slowly failing, with super long buffer times that I don’t even know if it will process, so I’m slowly editing less and less. No new features in so long makes this app feel like it’s slowly lagging behind. I don’t think I’ll ever delete this app because it’s still very simple for small adjustments, but I don’t know if I can trust it for a real project I’m working on. Great app but it feels like it’s falling behind. Hope to see Google revitalize it..Version: 2.24.0

Great app but please support more cameras Raw filesThis application is great. I have recently been testing Snapseed vs Lightroom CC and I believe Snapseed comes out on top because it has all the capabilities and functions that Lightroom currently lacks and can only be accessed in the desktop variant. I only have one criticism, please increase your support for other cameras raw files. I have a Fujifilm x70 that I’d love to use with this program to edit raw files but unfortunately it is not currently supported. The Fuji x100t is currently supported and has the same sensor and processor as the x70....Version: 2.18

Amazing free photo editing appDon’t know how anyone can complain about this app. It’s ‘free’, easy to use and has a host of features. If some want more, deeper edits there’s plenty of paid for apps out there. I use Snapseed all the time and get some great results. If I don’t want to lose edits I go into export and save copy. It’s never failed to save my edits yet. Thank you for giving us this easy photo editor and please keep updating it..Version: 2.19.2

Snapseed keeps freezing since last updateI absolutely love snapseed, the tools are so easy to use and professional. The only thing that is annoying me right now is that once you import your image in and try to use the tools the whole thing freezes and you can’t use the tool selected. You need to close the app and re open to get it unfrozen. But then the tools still don’t work. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!!!!.Version: 2.20.2

Underrated, only free HDR and moreAbsolutely amazing! I’ve been looking for a free app with a good HDR editor and this is the only one, the best thing is the brush feature where u can choose where to change exposure, u can do this with other things as well, insane app!.Version: 2.19.5

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