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ProCam 8 - Pro Camera App User Positive Comments 2024

ProCam 8 - Pro Camera app received 140 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about procam 8 - pro camera?

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ProCam 8 - Pro Camera for Positive User Reviews

Great app!Took some great night sky photos that were not possible with the built in camera app. A shoe makes a passable phone tripod....Version: 11.5.3

Love this appOne fantastic camera app, I use it all the time. The geotag and copy write on the photo is awesome, just wish the geotag included provinces in Canada.Version: 14.2.7

Pro Cam 8 appThe best & lighter & cheaper DSLR in the market! It has more functionality & buttons to choose from! But out of that, there is no way I can email the developer of this app! I tried their emails already from the main app & their IG account. My email just keeps bouncing back to me!.Version: 13.4

Fantastic camera app, no shutter release via volume button :(Awesome camera app to replace native option on iPhone. Has all the necessary features plus more to enhance any moment that needs capturing. Just one little disappointing thing for me, in the new update the shutter release via volume buttons is removed. This was one of the features that I loved and used all the time. With all the options to turn features on and off why can't this be added to a menu??????!!! Please fix!!!!!.Version: 1.2

AmazingIt blows my mind how much it changes the quality.Version: 12.5.4

A must haveIf you are really into photography or just a hobby photographer and you leave your main camera at home, this is as close to that as it gets. Really good controls..Version: 10.5.1

Great value for money and loads of featuresReally great app. Would be 5 star but a couple of minor things - like now RAW in slow shutter (only TIFF) and portrait only when viewing photos. Those are literally my only reason to not give 5 star. Simply to many great aspects to write about. Awesome!.Version: 8.7.1

This app is the literal best camera app ever.I have loved this app. And have used it throughout the years but I’m finally sold that it is the absolute best and here is why. Spiders... yes spiders, now before you call me crazy a few things to note. I have studied spiders as a hobby and love watching them build their webs and I was never able to film it until I thought I might as well try out this app and look around once again and low and behold. It has a flashlight function. This is a GOD SEND as now you can see the web crystal clear because the light and camera are on the same plane. The other thing is the auto focus and then manually taking that focus to show ever detail of the orb weaver like all the little hairs on their legs that provide various functions. Tonight was the first time I got a crystal clear photo and couldn’t be happier studying these amazing creatures..Version: 11.5.7

Can't Find In-App PurchasesI literally cannot find them anywhere. When I tap on the locked options, such as 4K Ultra HD Video, only a "Back" and "Restore" button is shown. Consequently I currently hate this app for making me waste $8 just to find that I cannot get the in-app purchases I want. Not happy at all..Version: 10.3.2

Full screenCan you make the camera full screen on iPhone X or is that not possible yet?.Version: 10.3.4

I Enjoy the app! It’s my main for photos!Have you guys considered or given any thought of anamorphic lens compatibility and aspect ratios for video?.Version: 12.5.7

Great stuffVery nice.Version: 2.5.1

Please add HDR Panoramic/360 stitchingThis app would be 5 stars with that. If we could make HDRI images for VFX industry. That would be perfect. You’d get a lot of purchases..Version: 13.6.5

👍🏽Does everything every other pro camera app does and more. Very intuitive..Version: 8.7.3

UsefulI've not become a regular user but I appreciate being able to include date time and location for particular shots (I daily record the weather conditions) I'll have to try the rest of it out now is on a new version..Version: 11.0

Love loveAwesome app love the way that I can change ever detail of the photo.Version: 8.9

GGlad an app actually does what it should I have used a dslr for many years so find the interface easy to get to grips with . Some good touches and it’s turned my iPhone into a really good pocket camera.Version: 13.6.5

Best smartphone camera app ever!Of all the camera apps out there and I tried a lot of them, this one surpasses them all. I’m not one to buy apps and as a result I expect a certain amount of ads and limited access to app functions. This one surprised me enough I actually spent the money to purchase it. It’s well thought out, intuitive, easy to use and gives me almost as much control over the phone’s camera as I get with my DSLR. If you’re on the fence about buying this app, don’t be. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will certainly get your money’s worth with this one..Version: 12.2.2

Almost perfect...but.This is a great app for sure. I know my way around a camera so i needed something that would put all the controls in my hands. This app does that in a great way. Also worth mentioning is one crucial benefit - it remembers how you had your settings when you re-start the app. So every time I fire it up to shoot a quick video, it's set to 24fps just how I like it. BUT. It is currently suffering what I can only assume is a bug. Turning video stabilization on and off has no discernible effect on the clips I shoot. Whereas the iPhone 6 (not 6 plus) has a native video stabilization that is amazingly good. So for that reason I am forced to use only the native camera app, because the quality difference that the stabilization brings is too large to give up..Version: 4.0.1

Low Spec Features Compared to RestIt’s crazy how the app “CameraPixels” another premium - similar to yours - camera app has focus bracketing AND bracketing in general for HDR photo taking, up to 15 photos of different exposures. Why does this - you - advertise as the best, but seem have zero intention to implement these features. Also camera pixels has the ability to LOCK the shutter speed in video to achieve and actual 180 shutter angle when recording video. Allowing ISO to change dynamically and extremely fast. You - ProcCam 4, and 5 - only allow the user to set the shutter Manuel - in video -to achieve the desired shutter angle, even worse the iso can’t be set to AUTO when shutter speed is in Manuel - in video mode -. So when recording, this desired setup only allows the user to change iso Manuel. Creating pretty UN-Smooth exposition change / gradation when recording. Also, please implement a more Manuel long exposure, instead of always blowing iso outa wack when detecting a really dark scene. AND PLEASE ALLOW 4K MAX video to be uploaded to google drive / similar services when pressing that share button..Version: 10.0.1

GENIAL¡Al fin podemos hacer fotos a pantalla completa en iPhone 5, 5c y 5s! Además, posee poderosas herramientas..Version: 2.8.1

A powerful tool!An amazing app with pro grade granual control to take your mobile photography to the next level. I love that even in video mode you can lock in the shutter speed to best fit the desired frame rate. Even at 24fps you can actually set the shutter to 1/48! My only caveat at the time now owing the iPhone XR is that portrait mode for the rear camera needs to be improved. It seems to work but the viewfinder is always out of focus when shooting which makes it tricky to frame my shot. Anyhow I'm sure this can be addressed sooner or later..Version: 11.3

The most comprehensive camera appProcam 5 is great! There may be simpler, more elegant apps, but this has so many features I haven't needed to look elsewhere. Fully featured, for the most demanding photo nerd. PS: seems to be a bug with in-app camera roll viewer. Deleted several pics, but one wasn’t removed from in-app viewer. Trying to delete it produced iOS “allow ProCam to delete” but the shown picture was not same as in viewer. -1 star for nagging. Each time I opened the app over the last two days I was asked to rate the app. That is not how to do app reviews. I appreciate the developer response, but perhaps Apple’s API isn’t the best approach. Cannot recall so much nagging since iOS 11..Version: 10.3.2

Zoom with 60fps videoI am updating this review as it appears that the stability of the app during video recording has improved. However, there is one thing that still makes me not use this app as a daily driver in place of the built in camera app & that is the fact you can’t switch between 1x & 2x zoom while recording 1080p 60fps video. It appears that you can do it while recording in 1080p 30fps which I don’t quite understand. If the developer can shed some light as to why this restriction is in place I would really appreciate it. Thank you!.Version: 13.0.2

Awesome app, but....My only complaint is no full screen option to see more of the picture.Version: 12.5.1

Great for shooting DSLR kind of photosNative camera app is almost fully automatic. It is great in most scenarios. But it has restrains under certain situation like low ambient light. That’s where this app shines. I just came back from a vacation in Greece. I took many photos during dinner, where I wanted to avoid using flash for the sake of image quality and other guests. This app gave me complete control over shutter speed, ISO and depth to make it possible. I hand-held my iPhone, so shutter speed had to be faster than 1/8 at least. It would be impossible to control this with native app I think. Another great example is controlling depth. I take photos of small insects and plants. Native camera app would always mess up the depth with auto focusing. (I don’t blame it btw. It’s called auto focusing after all.😅) While this app has like laser coloring to mark out the objects in focus. It is precise enough for my use. I found it actually more convenient than using my DSRL for such close-up shots. All in all, a very nice free app gives me DSLR camera experience!.Version: 13.4.2

Best photography app out there!I use this app on my iPhone 7 Plus and the results are amazing. Lets you take full control over the camera. Awesome app. Would recommend..Version: 8.8

Great appThe app is one of the bests in the market..Version: 13.6.5

The best !This product is magic !.Version: 12.5

Best version to date!I really liked all the versatility of the old version but did not like the interface aa it seemed too loaded and busy, which to me was distracting. The new streamlined look is great! All the functionality of before but with ease of use. Great update!.Version: 14.2.3

Amazing!This app is true to its word and definitely gives you complete manual control of your camera! Just like a DSLR. Just what I was looking for, definitely worth the money 😊📷👊🏼.Version: 8.7

Must have app for photographersHuge improvement from previous version, now the best photo app that I have ever used..Version: 6.0

The BEST App for Moment LensesThis is the BEST BEST BEST App for moment lenses. It takes Apples powerful computational Smart HDR 3 and Deep Fusion technology into a fully customisable Pro camera app. This allows one to hard set whatever lens you want which makes using moment lenses a dream and shots come out far sharper and detailed with much better processing than on the moment camera app as Apples computational photography is EXTREMELY powerful. One thing PLEASE PLEASE add in Apples Night Mode which does not require a tripod!!!.Version: 13.2

Excellent productThis is a great app. Provides real exposure readings..Version: 13.2.1

If you take your camera seriously, you will love this appThis app has lots of features which make full use of the iPhone's camera. Two of the most useful are the night mode for the still camera and low frame rate mode for the video camera. Being able to take exposures of one second at night brings out the lovely tones of dark streetscapes and gives minimal noise. Even in light polluted cities, you can see stars in your photos on a clear night if you select 1/2 or 1 sec exposures. There are lots of other features like time lapse etc. which would be useful for Vine..Version: 4.1

Great AppBetter then Apple Camera App..Version: 13.5.3

👍👍Very good!.Version: 12.5.2

Great app but can’t get the in appsI saw another person mention this but I can’t work it out. If I go to the App Store all it says is OPEN.Version: 10.5.7

Far from perfect but more features than stock camera.I have to apologize to the developers for my initial negative review, I didn’t read the description well before buying. Even on my iPhone 13 Pro Max, I have to close other running apps for this app to work. Even with all apps closed it is a bit laggy and unresponsive. I didn’t realize aperture was locked on iPhones but you can’t change it. Overall this app has some good features and the layout is pretty good. Gives much more control than the stock camera app. I think the $9.99 price is a bit high, but certainly better than the $60 for Halide..Version: 14.1.2

Fun camThis is a great way to learn how to get more from your camera it’s easy to use and fun . Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get better graphics.Version: 11.1.2

Shutter speedI purchased this app which I thought to be a very good purchase for the price and the features. I purchased the app in order to use it for intentional camera movement photography only to discover that the maximum shutter speed is one second. That is just so short for all sorts of purposes. Disappointed..Version: 14.2.8

Wicked appLove it.Version: 10.0.3

HDRIt will be Great to have auto HDR..Version: 12.2.4

Good, but some hiccupsThis app has a lot to offer. Especially in a he raw photos. I am a studio artist and need to take a lot of high quality product shots in a short period of time. This app allows me to do that. Far superior to the native camera app as I can adjust the lighting temp and shutter speed accurately and quickly. Paired with the iPhone 11, I haven’t touched my dslr in months. No need. However, as I am exploring the other options in the app, like video and time lapse. I’m am starting to have issues. Ie the time lapse shoots don’t work. It says it’s “recording” and then “saving” but there is no file . I’ve lost a lot of shareable moments to push my company forward by losing these files. I hope they fix this ASAP. Otherwise time to move on to another RAW shooting and timelapse/video app. Any recommendations?!!!.Version: 12.5.7

Amazing! recent issuesGives me errors when trying to take photos, also my haptic motor in my iphone x goes haywire now, when ever i use this app??.Version: 10.5.2

Long term value + saves bucket list photo.I bought this app years ago and unlike so many other apps, it is still being updated and add immense improvements to the newest iPhone. All without having to pay for an upgrade in over 4 years of use and iPhone hardware upgrades. That said, I almost wish I could pay for it again. What drove me to write this review was that the built in iOS camera app WOULD NOT focus as my plane was flying near Mt. Everest en route to Kathmandu. Can you imagine the frustration of the camera thinking I wanted to take photos of the scratches on the airplane window and not the worlds highest peak?! Procam to the rescue! I opened it up and switched to manual focus. The magnified center with peak detection allowed me to precisely, carefully, and quickly focus directly on the Himalayan peaks resulting in me not missing one of the most memorable “out the window” shots of my lifetime. There are many other examples where having full control has saved the shot, but this one by itself was worth the purchase. Thank you developers of Procam for saving my “bucket list” shot!.Version: 14.1.0

Good but clumsy interface.I got this to make images through my microscope, it’s very difficult to change magnification level because the sensitive spot doesn’t seem to work properly. It needs proper instructions as many of the features are a complete mystery. The aspect ratio seems to change without being commanded. I shall carry on using it, but I wish the developers would make it more intuitive to use..Version: 13.4

Fantastic!Much better than the stock camera app. Could we get the delete dialogue window to appear in landscape mode when the phone is in landscape, instead of it appearing sideways?.Version: 10.5.2

Great Camera App for PhotogrphersGreat app for beginning and professional photographers, the toolbox is extensive and there are just too many great things about this app to list. This is not a beginners app, unless your willing to spend a little time with the App. Your photo’s will be superior to the Apple Camera App. The Apple camera app is a simple point and shoot with very small barely present toolbox. I understand why Apple made their camera so easy to use. Most people don’t know anything about editing..Version: 12.6

ProCamWell thought about professional tool when learn fluidaurum moving stabilizing glow of analogue,digital lvl 3 versitilitay,of appleying quick intuitive adjustings of true narturenurture of subject ,sensor,sensitive field depth🖇♋️♓️,thanx,bliss thee,XAM.Version: 10.3.4

Great App.Works like a charm, great features..Version: 2.9.1

The best premium all-in-one camera app for iOS.The title says it all, really. This is the best premium/paid all-in-one camera app for iOS. Are there some apps that might have more features than this one? Technically, sure that’s correct. Will 99% of users ever use then? No way. If you’re looking for something specific, odds are pretty good that you’ll find exactly what you need within this application’s abundance of features. Best of all, everything just works. The UI is fantastic and can easily be figured out by the most novice of users; the controls are intuitive while not being obstructive or annoying, there’s no ads, subscriptions or constant pop-up reminders asking you to rate the app or write a review, and the developer of this wonderful piece of software is one of maybe two or three (tops) individual developers who not only has created what I consider to be a “category-leading” app, but who also is quite dedicated to consistently pushing out new features, bug fixes and responding to user help requests. Do not hesitate for a minute to get this app! It is the first one I install when setting up a new iPhone for someone and is worth every penny!.Version: 12.2.4

Beautiful app!I love this app with a passion. Long exposure are great to get shots of northern lights, and the adjustability of everything is wondrous. However, I’ve recently been having frequent crashes (especially when attempting long exposure shots). Using an iPhone 6+. In spite of crashes still my go to app when I need to take a more technical photo, or the light requires longer exposure..Version: 10.1.1

Nearly perfect camera appNearly perfect! I am looking for few improvements in video mode: allow disable audio recording, bit rate selection, save the ae/wb lock values settings so that I don’t need to set it every time start the app..Version: 12.5.7

Awesome!This app is one of my favourites! It has so many features and now with iOS 10 I can take RAWs and edit them right in the app. The features available for the iPhone 7 plus are also amazing, it supports the second lense and even creates new features like 3D photos. Only criticism I have about the app is sometimes the UI can feel a bit clunky or slow, and I wish that would have an overhaul..Version: 8.6

Best AppPreviously the app had issues with crashing randomly, mainly right before you take the picture but through recent updates has steadily become more and more stable. I would not use any other app for the camera. You feel the benefit of owning a 7plus..Version: 10.3.4

AwesomeGreat app.. recommended if you want more settings than the default app on iOS.Version: 8.7.3

ExcellentGreat app to use, love how you can adjust your camera settings pretty simply. However, sometimes the app won’t let you change certain settings at times for no real reason I can see (i.e changing the aspect ratio, sometimes I can change it sometimes I can’t) otherwise really easy to use and excellent for catching those picturesque moments without carrying your DSLR around 24/7..Version: 12.2.5

A Must Have For All Your Photo/Video NeedsWhile the pre-installed Camera app for the iPhone is alright, the features on it are quite limited for my needs. With the ProCam 8 app, however, it’s capable of doing so much more that not only have I pretty much left left the Camera app behind, I have significantly reduced the use of my DLSR camera altogether. Taking nighttime photos is just amazing, and as for videos, recording it in 4K HDR at 24fps make my concert videos look like it was professionally shot. If there are any critiques to be made, it would be 1) the app is pretty slow at taking photos and saving them, and 2) there should be built-in assistance that would make it easier for users to navigate and change settings. Download the app, and I highly recommend spending the extra money for the in-app purchases, especially if you want professional quality photo and video taking capabilities..Version: 14.1.0

If you have any doubts, this app is everything you want it to be!I purchased this app right before my vacation to Europe. I wanted to take photos, but the native camera app, just isn't functional enough, in situations where you want certain effects (like the amazing included long shutter feature) or you just can't get the settings right with the minimal design in the Apple camera app. With this app all of the information a DSLR displays, is displayed for your phone camera. I like this app, as it unlocks the full potential of the app, and I would recommend it to anyone, who is sometimes disappointed by the iPhone camera app.3.Version: 9.0.2

IPhone 7 PlusI give it a four stars as its an amazing app. It it however early days in regards to iPhone 7 Plus and the dual camera. So I'm hoping for more features for the dual camera at some point. The main upgrade the app needs Is much faster processing of pictures after you have taken them. I.e. A little slow compared to stock iphone camera app which is fast. And the video saving and processing is hellishly slow. Optimizations us my main want for this app other than depth of field usage of the dual camera on the iPhone 7 plus. edit: lots updates proves the maker cares for their product. Great..Version: 8.6

Best Camera App I Have Used!This app is great, it is continually being updated and improved. You get most of the controls expected from a pro camera app..Version: 8.8.1

Crash’sPro cam is a good app but the problem is that when I try to take a 4K 60 fps video it crashes And btw(I have an iPhone 13) so there should not be a problem to record a 4K 60 fps.Version: 14.3.0

I’ll keep it simpleI’ve tried nearly every RAW camera app in the store. They all have their merits and are good in their own way but this is my go to app now. Even Apple’s own camera app doesn’t come close and the Camera included with Lightroom is a pain to get to quickly. As a DSLR-like app this one is THE best. I don’t often give five star ratings but this one deserves the praise for its simple but powerful approach..Version: 11.5.4

Best Pro camera app for Iphone !After a year of using this app a got familiarised and now I’m getting the full pack of possibilities for my photography..Version: 14.1.0

Developer very responsiveHad a few issues with this app on the iPhone 11 pro and the wide angle lens. The developer fixed the issue immediately. I’ve tried a few camera apps and in my opinion this is the most complete. Certainly worth the money..Version: 12.1.3

Best camera app ever!I was hesitant to buy a camera app since there are several really great free ones, but this one is so worth the small amount of money! Love this app so much! Professional features, in-app editing of photos and videos (yes, videos!) with filters or manual editing, RAW and other formats, zooming for both photos and videos (yes, video zoom!), real time sound meter for videoing, overexposure indicator, online user manual that explains things easily even for beginners, so many things, so much more! I’d put this app up against any other camera app! Until iPhones come out with movable a aperture, this app is the next best thing and makes the absolute most of what the iPhone can do. I get compliments all the time about my photos, and when people borrow my phone to take a photo for me, they immediately comment on how much better it is than their own app. You can tell such a difference! Again, it’s totally worth getting this app! I can’t say enough good things about it!.Version: 10.5.8

Fantastic apReally is a prestige app, has so many options and controls for your camera, if you want to play around with different shots/video options this is great.Version: 11.0.1

Best Photo App EVERI played for the app thinking it wouldn't be great but after getting the hang of it, it was amazing. I would recommend paying the small amount for this amazing app..Version: 10.3.2

Shoot TIFF to unlock the BEST Editing Potentials!The app itself can shot lossless RAW or TIFF. But this app only has limited editing options with its own RAW files; much much more functions editing own TIFF or 3rd parties’ PNG files! The editing features of this app are almost as good as Adobe Lightroom decktop version! Otherwise this app should be 5/5!.Version: 10.3.4

App freeze in viewing taken photosI hope you are going to make an update to fix this bug or I want money back.Version: 11.5.6

Video controlAt last I’ve found an app with simple too set manual controls in video. So I can control exposure with the variable nd filter. I know a lot of other apps allow this, but if found this app the most intuitive in this respect. In my opinion this along is worth the price of the app..Version: 12.7

ProCam 7...I’ve used ProCam since the 4th version. I bought it with the intention of using my phone’s camera more professionally. ProCam definitely delivers in that aspect of being professional and having all the features necessary.. the way their software works with focus and exposure especially is incredible. Much appreciation to the creators and the entire team that work with and on ProCam!.Version: 12.1.3

A new bugI’ve been using this application for 5 months.. But it’s been 2 weeks that I’m not able to capture any image! Videos and burst mode and every feature are working except shooting a normal RAW, TIFF, SMRT, and AEB. Works for like 2 to 5 images then it stops capture.. simply the white button that you press to capture a photo stops pressing. Stops working. Sometimes it doesn’t even work.. Please fix this bug ASAP!.Version: 13.6.3

Great but torch is a bit frustrating.Really good camera app. It's slightly annoying that when taking photos with the torch on, after each capture it turns out off so you only get one shot before having to turn it back on again. Any chance this can be fixed please?.Version: 13.2.1

Pro camIt’s very nice that I can control more things.But I do suggest to make portrait for video but you can also as well do it normally.Version: 12.5.2

ProCam 5 extends possibilitiesPro cam five extends the iPhone’s camera possibilities. I originally purchased the app for its ability to modify the shutter speed. I have found many new uses for it. The tilt shift option was the first fun one I used. Then I learned it had a zoom capability (not yet in the tutorial, look on the right side of the screen for a very faint circle), white balance capability, ISO modification, and a whole lot more. I would have rated it a five out of five but I find the font is too small for me to read without assistance. Perhaps later, I will learn how to modify the font sizes. It will stay on my phone..Version: 10.5.7

Excellent app, BUT…Annoying that we can no longer trigger the shutter with the volume buttons. This was a feature in the past, so not sure why it’s disappeared with recent versions..Version: 14.0.8

Great camera appIts easy to use great RAW format camera app in app store i ever seen..Version: 8.7.3

Very well designedThe underlying capabilities of the camera is dictated by Apple’s API, so every app creator has access to the same functionality. What sets them apart is the user interface, and this creator has the best IMO. It’s elegantly designed, so it’s great to use. That said, I would like to see some deeper documentation. For instance, what interpolation process is being used for software zooming? The SMRT selection means what exactly? What level of compression is being used by JPEG and HEIC processes? You get the idea… Very good work!.Version: 14.2.8

I had a problem that was fixed within 26 hrsBy simply submitting through their website , an explanation of the problem I encountered, it was solved very fast. The issue was a black screen appearing when switching between 1x and 2x photos while using the bracketing group feature under AEB with raw photos. Providing screen captures and other data details through email communication allowed them to resolve the issue. A new version was deployed which I updated and this solved the issue. The issue was due to some change made to the iOS versions by Apple since 15.7.#. I use iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 16.4.1 Many thanks to the team for their support..Version: 14.1.3

Dual Lens Shot focusing issueI totally LIVE the ability to take both 2 lens result at the same time however, similar to 3D shot, the focusing is often wrong for subjects that are quite close to the camera. Would be nice to have focusing works correctly. The dual lens shooting is great for faraway scene however!.Version: 11.5

Love the new versionThe improved features through iOS 11. The video already looks awesome can’t wait to see it on iPhone X.Version: 10.0

Top appAs uses wide range of RAW files. Pity no panorama..Version: 12.1.3

Great app, can get really nice photosEasy to use and great photos. Worth it.Version: 10.5.8

Very goodGives the iPad Pro 2020 a night mode, something apple seemed to omit for no good reason. It get top marks from me because it adds features that are simply unavailable without it. On the iPhone 11 Pro Max it allows night mode on the ultra wide lens which works very well. It shows up Apple in a way because they are holding back these features for no reason on expensive devices..Version: 12.5.7

7+ becomes almost proInteresting this smart phone is now even more my pocketable carry around camera This because ProCam app is offering a wider range of flexibility like my full size pro cameras Onward and upward.Version: 11.5.6

Top camera appFull of heaps of useful functions as well as fun tool. Super clean and minimal design. Love it. My fav camera app so far..Version: 2.1

I Recommend the for Serious PhotographersFirst, I can honestly say the BEST photos and video I've ever captured were with this App. Did I mention I’ve been using iPhones since the first day the iPhone 1 was available? True! And over time I’ve captured a lot of photo and video memories. I don’t want to dissuade anyone from purchasing this camera app. So but if you’re not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and you ONLY use your camera for selfies, you might want to use the camera you already have on your device. It’s better than you may think. Because if you buy this app, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the filters, settings, features and controls. Then you’ll feel cheated because you paid for something you're not going to use again. Next thing you know, you’re right back here giving this app a 1 Star rating and writing a nasty review. So ... purchase the correct App for YOU! 😃.Version: 12.5.7

Good, but it could be betterRight, I understand this app would have taken a while to make, but I find It could have a little more features, taking in consideration the price..Version: 10.5.1

Amazing QualityThere are too many features to go through each in detail here. Many of them you may find useful and some maybe not. But either way it’s covered. If you take the time out to teach yourself the functions you won’t want to take another picture with Apple camera app. Shooting in RAW or any of the provided file extension types opens up a world to the user that wasn’t possible with camera phone photography before. Dark or bright light shots can be handled effortlessly once you get used to the layout of the adjustments within the app. This app allows you the means to increase the quality of your art with ease..Version: 11.5.2

Great appJust bought the app, so didn’t have the chance to practically assess it. However, skimming the features I find this app is superior to others in the same class. One big feature of the app is its tutorial review which regrettably is available fair view on a smartphone. The tutorial is very lengthy and should be made availed on the internet for viewing and printing. A good program..Version: 11.4

Love it for my SE 2020The SE has pretty much the same camera as the 11 pro which is part of why I bought it, but there’s no night mode, and u can only take portraits of people. This app fixes that and it makes the camera sooo much more feature rich on the SE. Kinda closes the gap between the pricier iPhone and this value edition. Takes a bit of a learning curve to navigate the UI but definitely worth it 10/10 recommended Love it!.Version: 13.1

Lots of pro optionsHonestly, I use the iPhone built in camera app for any regular photo or video, but when it comes to a customized photo or video, this is my favourite app. The time laps option is amazing. Night mode is good. Slow Shutter is good. Image stabilizer for taking a video while moving is also amazing. Last but not least, the continuous improvements and adding new features makes me use this app more regularly..Version: 12.1.4

Great Camera but laggy at timesI’m giving this 4/5 because it lags once you snap a picture. I’m on iPhone XR and I have my images set to be saved as heic vs jpeg. The quality is great but when you hit the button to open the gallery, massive lag starts and takes you to a different folder inside the gallery. Please fix, I hate lag especially on the latest phones..Version: 12.0

IOS dock worthy... meaning I have Phone, Maps, Music & this app in my dock; because I want to launch this often and because Apple locks in their app from the lock screen & control center. This is by far the easiest app to use that also offers 10x the control of the stock camera app. It’s easy to use and every couple weeks I discover something new. There are a 1000’s off camera apps and I still have about 6 on my phone (some are single purpose some are just interesting... like Darkr). ProCam is still my favorite and no offense to Apple but if their app is open it’s either because I was rushed or made a mistake. (I think Apple is probably ok with the “mistake” label, otherwise they’d let me set a default app.).Version: 10.5.2

Excellent, mais...Transforme mon IPhone en véritable appareil photo. Lis consignes d’utilisation ne sont pas claire. Un outil de retouche serait un atout..Version: 12.2.3

Awesome app.!!:).Version: 5.0.2

No Camera Use Your Phone!I was in a rush whilst going up to London today so didn’t have time to sort out my camera and check the batteries etc. But with this ProCam app no worries I can still get brilliant quality images. Can’t wait it gets darker and the Christmas lights later with this app..Version: 11.2.1

My favorite camera app - Raw and Depth featuresI’ve tried many, many camera apps and this one is easily my favorite. The ability to control almost every aspect of the shot is fantastic — as is the ability to let the app automate some or all elements for you. The freedom to shoot in TIFF or RAW is awesome, as is the depth/portrait shooting. My only complaint is that I wish that shutter button was either larger and/or moveable. I can’t always reach it properly without causing camera shake. I would also like to see live monitoring on the WatchOS app like the native camera app. All things considered, this is my go-to camera app and well worth the price!.Version: 10.3.4

Amazing appThis is like having a DSLR without the weight! Love it!.Version: 10.1.1

Soft focus not a problem after all!Thanks to the ProCam team for great customer support. Helped me to understand their product so I can get the most out of it. See below for the story. I’m not sure why but the app doesn’t focus as sharply as the Apple Camera app. I’m sorely disappointed because the app has so many great features. I like the idea of having a camera with me at all times that can do many of the same things as a DSLR. I’ll keep playing with it. Maybe there’s a solution. UPDATE: The out of focus problem seems to be related to shooting in RAW. Pics are much sharper in TIFF and JPEG. Still disappointed because I want to shoot in RAW. UPDATE II: I contacted support and they explained that when shooting in just RAW (instead of RAW + L) I’m going to see a low res version of my image in Photos because Photos doesn’t support the RAW format. It will look great in programs that support RAW. You get a clear preview image in Photos when viewing an image shot with RAW + L because Photos is reading the JPEG copy and not the RAW image. Nice to know. I can now shoot with confidence. I can’t wait to really dig into it’s capabilities..Version: 10.3.1

Great Photography both Vídeo and StillIt allows to really get the most out of the phone as it stores still pics in various formats and video in RAW. Easy to use and many manual settings to be able to control your image. Recommend it for those who just like having full control of your photography. Also has all the normal Auto settings..Version: 10.2.1

Simply greatOne of the best camera apps out there. The option of sIow motion is especially very cool. Great job..Version: 2.1.2

I have to use this app because iPhone 14 Pro camera constant switching is unacceptable.(THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATES!!!) This app fixes my anger with the factory camera and it’s app. Ever since I got a “Pro” iPhone, the camera can’t figure out which lens to use so all of my photos are a blurry mess. Every time. Literally. I have to use this app because iPhone 14 Pro camera constant switching is unacceptable. If this app didn’t exist?? I would be forced to go back to my iPhone 12. (Edit) I just realized how long you’ve been updating this app. My gosh man. Update kings..Version: 14.2.8

Time lapse function doesn’t work with wide angle camera on the iPhone 11 Pro MaxI have contacted the company many times to explain the bug with this app and they have told me that there’s no problem. Here’s the issue: Time lapse function won’t Work with wide angle camera on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I proved my point by installing the app in 3 different iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you select any other camera (for a time lapse) it’ll work, but if you pick the wide angle camera for a time lapse; the moment you hit record the app quits. The company keeps telling me that they cannot replicate the problem so it appears to me that they’re lying to me. I want to know if other iPhone 11 pro Max users are having the same issue. Please speak up..Version: 12.1.3

Pop Ups Stop Video RecordingI love this app. Especially the fact that I can run video with the focus locked, but the aperture on auto. I couldn’t find this combination anywhere else. My only criticism is that anytime my iPhone has a pop up, such as “low battery,” it pauses the recording of the video. Is there a fix? Also, I shoot long form videos, and after about two hours of constant shooting, the app seems to shut off the recording. Is there a way to prevent the auto shut off?.Version: 14.1.0

Full screenThe photos are not seen in full screen that fails Bad, iphone 7 has 12M but the application only offers 9M back camera raw😒😒😒😒 The colour Ui very nice✌️👍👍 Don’t support camera raw full screen 16:9.Version: 10.3.1

48mp ProRAW is awesome! 3x, not so muchThe new update for this app is really good in terms of image quality and detail seen on the 48mp images from my 14 pro max. I have had this app for a long time, but didn’t use it much do to semi-average image quality. Now the details I see from the 48mp is insane. I have been using NOMO RAW2 which has the best image quality by far… however this app looks very similar. The 3x camera quality needs a lot of work. ProRAW ISO 640 and above indoors is terrible!! The iPhone default camera at 1600 ProRAW is so much cleaner. Lots of blotchy textures and noise seen on the 3x camera indoors with medium ISO ranges when using this app. So, 48mp is great (1x camera), but please fix the 3x camera quality, it’s bad. I’m not a huge fan of the 3x camera, Apple really needs to use a much larger sensor for the 3x..Version: 14.1.9

Excellent manual focusThis camera is great, for getting the perfect shot! I’ve tried almost all of the camera apps available. You won’t be disappointed with this one!.Version: 12.2.4

Great App and Great customer servicesI use this app every day for work, it’s brilliant. I reported a bug issue with the App and the developers sorted it straight away. Can’t complain at that customer service, 5 Star!!!.Version: 14.0.3

Raw mode doesn’t work iphone12 pro maxHas been excellent app until now. Changed my handset from 7 plus to 12 pro max and the Raw mode doesn’t function. Where you would normally see Raw in the camera mode to make your selection that space shows blank!.Version: 13.0.3

Good app! But some time slow reaction.Good app! But some time slow reaction..Version: 5.2.1

A very good appGreat for all kinds of photography level from beginner to expert. Does most things I need. Just a couple of requests to make it even better: 1) Can we have focus bracketing ? 2) Can we have the option to have only 3 pictures taken in the AEB mode as opposed to 4. Every camera I’ve had does 3 AEB bracketing (-2,0,+2). When there’s an even number it means I get an unbalanced number of shots. Yes I can just throw one shot away, but it would be nice to just have the option of three (+,- and zero) EV balances. I’m probably being far too picky. It really is a brilliant little app, keep up the good work guys. Updates are regular too, which is great..Version: 12.5.8

Problems running on iPhone X ?Hi, I’m having issues when trying to use the functions... motion blur, light trail or low light and the app just crashes. Any ideas? Does anyone else have this issue? The devs helped me out with this issue, thanks. Updated my rating accordingly 5⭐️.Version: 10.3.3

Best Camera appEnjoying this app as it lets control the shutter speed and other settings like on an analog camera and delivers a much wide color spectrum then the ios camera..Version: 10.3.1

Excellent.I like the app and highly recommended. I don’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t recognize my plug & play wireless microphone. So, if I want to film, walk away and talk it won’t record my voice..Version: 14.0.9

Best camera app on app storeIf you want to have fully control under your iPhone camera then this is app what you really need. This app allows you to used maximum of your iPhone camera and you can shoot on manual settings and get photos in RAW format. When you travel or you see something really interesting and you want to make a photo you don't have always your camera with you but you have always iphone with you. With the original app you can shoot nice photos but with pro cam they're incredible. I just love it because you can do great photos and you can edit them straight away in your smartphone in few seconds. I recommend you keep same free space in your memory because some of raw photos are huge and videos as well compared to original from iphone camera app.Version: 10.2.1

Its ok, has some bugs.Within 5 minutes of installing this I ran into a bug that was only able to be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. That’s not good QA. Controls are average, for example the Increase and Decrease buttons are tiny arrows at the end of a slider bar, a very small target. Has most of the manual features for general camera use. RAW mode is available, but don’t believe the hype about quality. There’s almost nothing to be gained by shooting raw mode if you take mostly “normal” photos. There may be some technical photos that would benefit. Had I been able to preview this app, I would not have bought it. Six bucks is not much, but relative to similar apps it is more expensive..Version: 10.3.2

NiceNice.Version: 7.5

I like it a lot.I have only used it a couple hours when I was prompted to write a review. So far, things have been very good. I would like to see a couple of tweaks. When you are looking at the photos you’ve taken, apparently one can’t just single tap on the camera icon to go back to taking photos. This is in place elsewhere as a safety feature which I love, but it is not necessary here. Also if you are viewing a photo and go outside of the app and delete that photo, the app will crash. No big deal, but it would be nice if the app handled that more elegantly. Above all though, I’d love to have the option of making the grid lines black. I take most of my photos with a white background and the white grid lines are almost useless under such circumstances. All in all, I am very happy, well worth the price. If I could just turn the grid lines black or at least a dark color…..Version: 14.1.0

Best photo/vid editing app availableI've tried tons of apps since my first iPhone in 2012. This is by far the best. Love the iPad version and love this version. Worth the $. The best way to learn its power is to spend time playing with the app...especially on a weekend when the weather forces you to entertain yourself with indoor activities. You’ll become hooked like I did. To the developers: outstanding job with creating AND maintaining this app. The updates never leave me without my fave solo pastime. The ability to choose the front facing camera option AND locking it as a preference would be useful. It’s a minor annoyance to toggle it back every time you change between video and photo for example. Besides that tiny personal preference I have no other criticism. Again, thanks for a great app!.Version: 11.5

A pro camera app for allThis App is just the best I personally have purchased and used among the many others I have invested in. It allows you to shoot in Various formats including RAW. The video function is awesome, if not better than my handy cam. Long exposure night shots turn out real well, just make sure you have a tripod or hard surface..Version: 12.1.2

Great app but numerous crashesBrand new iPhone 8 with ios11. Crashes a few times in the first hour of use. Would love to love this cause it’s otherwise great..Version: 10.0.1

Use It Every DayAwesome for capturing doccuments, but the OCR doesn’t do very good for store receipts. I’m guessing that the latest iPhone doesn’t have the power to do very good OCR on small text that isn’t crisp. But I did get a little better results by making the receipt text a little larger. I took three 5 foot high filing cabinets and used it to copy all of the documents, and moved them into folders (albums) in my Photos folder, and it’s all backed up on the iCloud for a couple bucks per month, with an additional backup on a 512G USB memory stick. Then I tossed the filing cabinet in the trash :) If I ever need to alter one, this app allows moving it back and doing an OCR. I spent 20 years designing databases, so I am also creating a database app that is 100 times better than the iPhone Photos app, with the ability to use multiple folder levels and naming and searching capability for the picture documents. So I will be moving all of the documents to the database when I am done. The bottom line is that I love this ScannerPro app..Version: 10.5.7

Brilliant powerful appReally brings out the strengths of the Apple iPhone. I enjoy playing with the manual settings and learning more about photography, as well as getting better photos. I especially like the slow shutter modes for amazing light trail photography. Recommend this!!.Version: 10.1.1

Just gets betterI’m using an iPhone 8 Plus in place of my digital camera. This app gives me immediate control over every aspect of my exposures because I see them on the screen. It’s quick, it’s accurate and I endorse it unreservedly. So will you..Version: 10.0.1

Nice but a fatal bug...Its a really good app for youtubers like me but theres one bad bug... every time I record a video and use the pause button a huge chunk goes missing, then when i record another video, a chunk from that gets cut off and is replaced by the missing chunk from the video before. For example, i record a video at the beach and in the middle of it, I pause the video to go to the ice cream shop and then unpause it, then i eat some ice cream and then pause it to go to a surf shop. When I'm done recording the video and i look at it, the part where i eat the ice cream vanishes into thin air. Then next, i record myself at my house and then, I pause the video to go to my pc and then unpause it and play Fortnite. The part where I play Fortnite goes missing, then me eating ice cream at the beach replaces it. Please fix quick.Version: 13.0.4

Pro camGreat app, Love it, best one you can get for your money!!.Version: 12.2.1

UpdateThe new update promises better depth performance. However, I’ve noticed banding in the background of the blur, plus edges are not really that improved. Overall this is a fine app! In the depth segment, I’d prefer to see f stops rather then more or less blur, this would feel more pro..Version: 11.0

Excellent appGives so much more control over standard camera in an intuitive interface. Recommended.Version: 10.3.1

Unsure - sorted! ✅This is a great app to get the most from my iPhone X, used it to create an awesome Instagram story! Edited it on Final Cut Pro X! but the app seems to edit the video for me and save it slowed down and then normal speed at the start and end? Is there anyway this can be turned off?? If so I’ll be able to change my 2 star to 5! Thanks for the fast response! 5**.Version: 10.5.1

Working as expectedAll cameras including front facing and extra-wide can do long exposure in my iPhone 11 Pro Max now, saved my money for upgrading to iPhone 12..Version: 13.0.4

No zoom availableI have an iPhone7 plus. According to the manual I should be able to pinch to zoom in or tap on the greyed zoom icon. For some reason I cannot pinch zoom nor is there a zoom icon. What is it I am missing. I have tried all options of mode. Single lens and dual lens..Version: 11.5.6

Replaces the standard app for photo professionals on iPhone XSThe iPhone XS does a lot of image processing and tweaking in the standard app - a colour balance here, an HDR there - the end result is to give you the image that most people would want. But for those who want the control over the tech - for portrait and general lens, there’s ProCam. ISO, shutter speed and colour balance are all controllable if you want to - but even if you don’t, the overly processed look of the standard app isn’t there. Add in RAW and TIFF shooting and you’ve got a bargain priced winner of a camera app..Version: 11.3

One of the best.ProCam is one of my must-use photo apps. Allows me to control every detail of a shot, and is dead easy to use..Version: 12.1

Serious about photography.... this is the app.I had my camera bag stolen earlier this year. It contained my much loved Canon EOS5D Mark III and L series lenses. What's this got to do with reviewing ProCam? Well, I couldn't bring myself to buy another DSLR. So instead I downloaded a couple of apps for my iPhone 7 Plus camera. ProCam smashed my expectations of an apps ability to control the iPhone camera settings. ProCam is a perfect and only accompaniment necessary to obtain control over the iPhone with fantastic results. ProCam is so good it renders DSLs cumbersome and redundant..Version: 8.9

Light trailsReally worth the money. I wanted an app that could shoot light trails, none of them were very good except this app. The app is well made and all photos are very good quality on my iPhone. Would definitely recommended..Version: 14.0.8

Crashing and laggingOff on holiday and didn’t want to take my camera so going to put my IPhone 7plus to the test, downloaded the Pro cam 5 app due to the awesome reviews... mistake! Constantly crashes and when it’s not crashed it lags! Followed the advise given for lagging and crashing but still happens! Shame because it looks as though it could be good! Waste of money!.Version: 10.5.2

Takes better photos than the Apple Camera appI’m really delighted this app gives you fine control of camera settings to take great photos. Low light photos can be clear with brightness and tone adjusted to your preferences. It is far more “Pro” than Apple’s point-and-shoot camera app. I recommend it, even consider it essential to get the best out of your camera..Version: 12.2.4

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