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Google Chat app received 50 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google chat?

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Google Chat for Positive User Reviews

FantasticGot it for work, and it works so well!.Version: 1.0.146

GreatI think this app is amazing for schools and other organisations.Version: 1.0.80

WonderingHey I was wondering if you could add a calling feature so that it is not just google meet.Version: 1.0.153

Does it’s job. Needs an iPadOS 15 updateThis app needs an update to iPadOS 15 to enable multitasking features - why I can’t split screen with a simple chat app or bring it in slide over I don’t know. It doesn’t need the entire screen real estate..Version: 1.0.128

Vicki8643I enjoyed this social media app very very much. I am sure all users agree with me. Thank you so much for the wonderful services rendered..Version: 1.0.114

FabulousThis app is really good to communicate with others. I really recommend using this! U can send calls which is easier instead of going on the app..Version: 1.0.142

Great app BUT…Great app, love using it every day!! But I would love to have an option for the app to show double messages if one is sent right after the other in the notifications when they show up on my phone. I’ve missed a few messages because of it and have to go into the app itself to see if I had gotten a second message if the second message is delivered seconds after the first one..Version: 1.0.142

Google ChatI love the site the only thing I miss is the phone that was on Hangouts. If that feature was there it would be perfect!.Version: 1.0.152

Chat GroupThis app is amazing but when I got on all of my groups are gone, I decided to delete and download it again but then it wouldn’t allow me. I hope you can fix this, Thank you..Version: 1.0.142

Google chat hangout.Love the chat so much it’s a really good app..Version: 1.0.118

Good app just not my stylePersonally I think it is better than chat. Although the way it looks I don’t like as much. They need to make it so that you can change how it looks and the receiving and sending is on the left which in my opinion is annoying they need to make a user preference box where you can change the color and what the receiving and sending looks like and be able to add multiple photos/ videos..Version: 1.0.114

Google ChatI find this app more than adequate in its aspects of conducting a social conversation with anybody around the world. There a multiple Funtional options to style up the social aspect of the conversation and a great feature of having a group conversation. More than happy to recommend this application to anyone of my friends and or family or colleagues..Version: 1.0.124

Safa SayeedI love this app because I’m not allowed social media or anything like that to chat and this lets me chat with my friends so u can still stay in contact with friends even if School shuts down because of COVID-19..Version: 1.0.86

Good start to a comprehensive Google Suite experienceWe stared using Google Chat and slowly reduced our usage of Slack. Yes, some “basic” things are not there yet (like guest accounts), but actually the most required ones are there and it plays a more complete integration with our already paid Google Suite. Continue with the good work and give us those extra features!.Version: 1.0.11

HangoutsFor me it felt like a reaking ball and that’s kinda a good thing also just the way it’s layed out it’s just a bit over board but anyways keep up the good work.Version: 1.0.44

Great appAwesome app, it’s good for schools and you can see who is online..Version: 1.081

Pretty Good, Liked Hangouts betterI’d been using google hangouts for years and found it exceedingly user friendly, loved the option to call, not FaceTime, and appreciated everything it had to offer. Then Chat came along and I found myself unable to do anything but text and FaceTime, and though it looks sharp and I like the layout better, I’m missing that option. Also one thing I never liked is that people can see if you’ve read their messages or not. I think that should be an option. Over all a good platform, just less usable..Version: 1.0.150

Best app 😩👌I rated cuz i liked it and it happens rarely so yeah chill.Version: 1.0.138

LolI prefer hangouts.Version: 1.0.142

Good appEasy to use and faster than most messenger apps.Version: 1.0.150

Question and reviewCan u call on the app?..Version: 1.0.150

GoodNow i don’t like google but this i like.Version: 1.0.146

OkayI like the app but I would really love to be able to schedule my work hours so that I don’t get notifications of the chat outside these hours! I work in a 24 hour business and so we get messages at all times of the day. (I can’t just use the schedule on the iPhone because I need to hear the phone in case of emergencies..Version: 1.0.130

Out with Hangouts, In with Google Chat.I (we) have been using this now for a couple months and I like the way it sends and receives the messages. Sometimes I send by quick touch a partial message, but it is easy to just resume with next one to send and is almost seamless. Photos send very well. This is a fine way to stay in touch with someone anywhere in the world as far as I know. Thanks Google!.Version: 1.0.114

It’s great but...I have been using Google Hangouts for years now to communicate with my friends who don’t have phones to talk with. I love the new interface they have added for Google Chat. But I have a few issues with the app. (1) In group chats or rooms you can’t see if anybody has seen your message or not. This isn’t something that would be a life changer but it would be nice to have. (2)One of the features that Hangouts offered was the icon features. In Hangouts, if your friend were to be on your chat with them, their icon would be visible. If they went off of the chat their icon would fade a slight bit. I would also like this feature just because it helps me tell of their actually online. (3) When somebody goes offline from Hangouts it takes 15 minutes for Chat to get the I formation that they went offline. This is a big thing that needs to be worked on..Version: 1.0.101

Cool like iceCool.Version: 1.0.146

Incredible!My experience with this app has been great. Would recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.0.122

HangoutGoogle Hangout is a very good platform and app to communicate workmates and even family. However, why did they remove the voice/video call on this app? They should put it back because it is still useful to many..Version: 1.0.153

Super chatI love chat because it helps me talk to friends if I’m in lock down or things like that.Version: 1.0.134

It isn’t that bad!Ok, setting aside the lack of audio/video call features, I actually prefer Google chat over Google hangouts for several reasons. (1) there’s dark mode, (2) the interface is smooth, (3) you can react to messages with emojis, (4) I can actually see everyone’s profile pictures. Is it ripping off discord a bit? Yeah, but I don’t mind. The only downside for me is that you can’t switch between accounts easily, or see all your contacts (unless you have an open chat with them). But overall it works fine, and it feels much better than hangouts. Hangouts has been going downhill for a while (like mentioned earlier, I can barely see anyone’s profile pics + no dark mode). And the calls in hangouts never had good connectivity. I know this wasn’t a “me” problem because my friends also had similar issues. So overall, I definitely recommend Google Chat as a replacement for Hangouts, especially if you mostly text!.Version: 1.0.100

Hangouts stickers for Google Chat please 🥺I love the new app but I really miss the Google Hangouts stickers pack from it. Please add all of them to the Chat, I’m using them with my family and we love them 🥺.Version: 1.0.130

Google chat is okay. :/I mean, I guess google chat is fine, but it kinda is complicated. Google hangouts had this really good design that didn’t take up too much space on your device, and with chat, the rooms bar takes up a little bit too much space. If you are texting at night, the chat design will prevent you from seeing well. It is way too bright, but other than that, it is kind of ok. Please make this better though, I do a lot of texting in the morning or late at night, because I am usually busy during the afternoon..Version: 1.0.108

Business jianiuzhang 1234567890Jianiu business.Version: 1.0.150

SmsWish has sms … iPad phone be sooooooo good.Version: 1.0.110

Love itI absolutely love Chat so much better than Hangouts. I was confused at first as to why it was forced on me and not others but I went with it and was happy it was compatible with hangouts for awhile and don't mind that it no longer is. This app works for what I need. I can easily upload videos and my friends get them relatively faster than usual even if the app gets closed by accident. This app just works for me..Version: 1.0.142

Great app!Love this app, it works great for me. I already saw the options of creating a group & the option to take myself out of a group. I have enjoyed this app a lot. This is pretty simple. Thank you. I can see why you created this app, so it can be integrated into the gmail app. Very nice as I use this within my gmail app too. 😊.Version: 1.0.110

Great app!Google chats allows me to talk to friends easily and there isn’t much of s problem with it. It’s simple and easy to use for younger people. Many times I have accident sent something to the wrong person. Google chats does not allow me to delete any messages which is frustrating because it just stays there. Besides that it is a great app for all ages and perfect to use..Version: 1.0.150

We’re can I find hangoutsIf I want to download hangout how can I.Version: 1.0.150

WayneI sincerely enjoy the app as it safe secure as I communicate with my friend 👋🏿🤪🤙🏿.Version: 1.0.150

What no delete chat functionWhy no delete function on the app.Version: 1.0.134

Infinite animation loopGoogle needa to add a "stop infinite animation loop" to pc, iPhone and ipad versions.Version: 1.0.114

HiGoogle chat is ewww!.Version: 1.0.148

A very good appThis is A very Good app to use to catch up to friends and hang out with people further away from you and Call etc.Version: 1.0.118

Google ChatI think this app is very useable and has an easy way to communicate with friend or work colleagues..Version: 1.0.132

Oh my goodness why is this so good!!The advanced tech on this app compared to google hangout is so amazing my brain wants to explode! The fact that I don’t have to scroll through all my chats to privately message someone 😍😍😍. There are so many cool improvements on here like being able to tag someone, and also being able to react to other people messages. Anyway this goes out to all my weird friends that think google hangouts is better (it’s not). WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOY MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY TO SEE A MARCHING BAND!!!.Version: 1.0.118

I want more apps like this, 10/10.Perfect app!.Version: 1.0.138

Just one more thing…In the laptop/desktop version of chat, you can send GIFS, can you add that on mobile?.Version: 1.0.152

Bit of bothGoogle chat is good and bad beacuse sometimes I go off the app then I go back no , then it says ‘ find someone to chat ‘ when I was on it a minute ago.Version: 1.0.150

Mostly perfect.This app is brilliant and I know this is only the beginning of a new chapter however well this is a brilliant start and a decent move from hang out, I still believe we should have the feature of voice calls and video calling from the chat option rather than having to set up a meeting just to reach somebody. I hope that you’ll add this feature soon..Version: 1.0.116

To googlePlease add voice and face calls.Version: 1.0.118

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