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Awful site .Nothing on this site is easy to do , trying to claim ticket subsidy is a nightmare, (not every one has a pc and using work pc’s is not always possible.)I gave up trying as couldn’t make head or tail of what I should be doing . Is this a ploy to stop people claiming subsidy ? !!!.Version: 2021.35.0.342659

No more Face IDThe app itself is actually really good like it’s convenient for both the employer and employees because you practically see everything about your job which is handy these days. However after I quit my old job to go to my new they were both using Workday so I had to log out from one account to a brand new one. Anyways long story short, I can’t use Face ID anymore like it doesn’t give me the option anymore so I’m stuck typing in my password every time which is obviously way slower. Any Workday devs reading this, please look into this and suggest a new solution for this please..Version: 2020.05.0.34104

Functionality iffyWhen booking time off remaining time off is still not calculated correctly. I have not been given a reason for this. Having got in with a temporary password this is now not being recognised when changing password. The view password fiction when changing is not been recognised. Eckart Jack.Version: 2019.24.0.235595

Everything In One PlaceThis work-related App is a welcome addition to my Smart Phone. It’s easy and intuitive to use and enables me to check things like my Annual Leave while on the move and to book it at the same time. Very important functionality in an Agile World! :).Version: 2019.13.0.124736

Just a fabulous appA single app, can do everything you need, and links up with notifications and inbox. Fast, efficient and easy to use..Version: 2020.51.0.508104

Feedback- the approval screens did not provide very good information on what I was approving - it’s very hard to track the audit trail on leave accrued and taken ..Version: 2018.10.0.6128698

10/10Sometimes it sends nonsense messages which you can’t do anything about but it works perfectly for booking annual leave etc.Version: 2018.51.0.30568627

App is quite buggyApp is very slow to respond; touch log-in not properly working (works on my iphone itself so the app is the issue)- you still have to use pin even after signing in with touch login. Then app takes forever to actually get to the main screen. Not recommended..Version: 2017.48.0.29290184

WorkdayI love Workday so much.Version: 2023.14.0.135143

I love itFinally, I have everything in one place. It’s fantastic to be able to book time off, submit expenses, check my payslips, give feedback to colleagues and find internal job vaccines..Version: 2018.15.0.9150513

Notifications still show after viewingThe notifications in Workday still persist even though you’ve viewed them. Hope they fix that bug in the next app update release.Version: 2023.09.0.83546

Junk. Shame I have to use it.The app is really average. Appears to be some hack web experience. Slow response, locks up often, notifications are inaccurate showing unread messages when there are none. The whole thing is unintuitive, and I find myself attempting iPad user techniques, only to find I should be thinking more like a web page user. I hate using it, waist time and would never recommend any company use the workday platform..Version: 2019.31.0.297394

Understanding of how the system worksThis has been very helpful for me as I am dyslexic, and the help I can put in information of the training I am doing at work. And understanding of what I am doing I am learning day by day knowing I have a lot of challenges with reading and spelling some words but I am getting the understanding of what I’m doing, great system..Version: 2021.43.0.423122

Very useful appThe app works very well and does everything it's meant for. Submitting expenses or requesting holiday is very quick and easy and I like being able to do it on the go. Very handy..Version: 2017.35.177.351164

Easy to use & does a lot!Easy to complete day to day tasks from expenses, return to work, updating my information and managing leave. 😄.Version: 2022.10.0.85260

Great appLove the app, very easy to use. Very intuitive as well..Version: 2023.09.0.83546

HappyThe system is working well today.Version: 2022.21.0.199914

Great features but no noticeable updatesPlenty of good features have come out but the updates I feel don’t do anything. I’m not sure why I have to still set up my pin/Face ID every time I have to reset my Workday password or why I have to turn back on Push notifications for clocking out every shift. I also don’t get prompted to religion after changing my password after the app. After a day or two it’ll have me sign in while I’m rushing to clock in. There also needs to be a notification that my password needs to be changed soon instead of a surprise redirect when I try to login into the app for the day (again while rushing to clock into work)..Version: 2020.15.0.140881

User friendlyPlease make it user friendly. Also please make ease to transfer a staff to another store. Thank you.Version: 2020.51.0.508104

Workday review responseYes I like our new time system (workday)for many reasons. The only thing I don’t like is that we have to go to the job computer site to make certain changes; such as passwords re-set, or to create one, etc... if we could do them on our laptop or tablet?! This would be a 5star site!! I especially like clocking in on it because it keeps us all from touching the same machine at the facility. I’ll give it a 5star during these un precedent times. Keeping me safe!.Version: 2020.25.0.243166

WorkDay.Version: 2023.14.0.135143

Can’t save login informationI have no problems with the app itself other than not being able to save my login information. I constantly have to be sent a text to verify my identity and go through the laborious trouble of having to re-enter my information. It would be very convenient feature to be able to save my login information to not have to go through this process every time. It takes a long time to finally get into the app. If there is a way to do it I have not found it, I have looked at different areas of the app. If anyone else knows of a way to do it please let me know.Version: 2018.39.0.23237902

AddingToo complicated and too laborious.Version: 2020.39.0.382826

Works flawlessly for what my job use it forI can understand the negative reviews, each workday app is different and set up to the companies standards. My job doesn’t use this app to clock in and out, we still clock in the ole fashion way, badge and kiosk, we use workday to request time off, and keep up with our PTO balances, and view/ print paystubs. So basically no problems on my end, password is saved automatically and Face ID works. I’ve had to re login quite a few after the updates, but long as your password is saved in keychain(iPhone) you want have no problems logging back on and reactivating Face ID..Version: 2020.11.0.104667

Easy to useEasy and quick.Version: 2023.03.0.27963

Overall good, but new issueOverall, from an employee perspective, this app serves my needs well. Unfortunately in the last few days myself and several other people with the same position have had an issue where, while checking in, filling in the necessary fields pushes the button to check in with outside the frame of the screen, making it unreachable, causing us not to be able to check-in. This has been irritating to us, and has made more work for management as they have to correct our clocks..Version: 2021.38.0.374228

Can’t open when needChange password every time.Version: 2019.42.0.414150

What would I do without itGreat app! I can log time off, view pay and get notifications from my company all in one place. All really intuitive and easy to use also!!!!.Version: 2022.47.0.463308

Work day app is easy to useGood app ,easy to use , helps managers and staff keep up to date information . Managers can see an overview of who’s off on annual leave perhaps a way for other staff to see how many requests are on the same day without showing names would be helpful so they know not to submit if it makes staffing too low to run the business efficiently ..Version: 2019.09.0.501089

Work DayEasy to use.Version: 2023.09.0.83546

Forced on me by employerMy employer recently introduced this system and made us start using the app or the portal. I am yet to see any benefit to anyone in the company but it has made things more difficult for the employees, which as the customer in this transaction is not good. I’m sure this helps someone do something but it’s not helped..Version: 2018.37.0.22018886

LogoutMaybe you should fix the fact that every now and then the app is doing log out by itself.Version: 2019.42.0.414150

Works well, but needs Push NotificationsThis application seems to be working well, but would love Push Notifications when I receive requests that require me to approve (like leave requests)..Version: 2020.21.0.201668

Change of passwordWorkday is great to use but the only problem is when we have to change our password every so often. It’s very hard to remember new password every time . Can’t we keep the same one forever?.Version: 2022.25.0.239460

Calendar appearance when approving time off requestsIt would be nice to have a calendar appear when approving time off requests..Version: 2023.03.0.27963

Why is this different to the iPhone and pc versions.Seems this has never been updated?.Version: 2021.24.0.233111

Holidays / payOn mobile cannot view how much time is left to book. General comment on the whole system for viewing payslip is poor also, it’s broken down into morning and afternoon when going over time, not easy to see as your looking at it in too much detail. System feels old and dated..Version: 2020.19.0.181534

ProblemsThe site always seems to be down. I thought that part of the reason moving from partnerlink was for less maintenance. With partnerlink it gave you a breakdown for the days and hours you work on your payslip. Which I can’t seem to find on workday..Version: 2020.35.0.348411

Great app. Seamless between app and desktopA pleasure to use. Seamless between all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop. Any actions on the app reflect immediately in all areas of the system. Simple to use and allows work while on the move..Version: 2018.15.0.9150513

Finding Workday a successHaving only used Workday for a short while, I can honestly say that as I am starting to use it more, the simpler I’m finding it. E.g. updated my 3 goals and found the process simplistic. 👍.Version: 2020.35.0.348411

WorkdayIn The next update can you add the Apple Watch feature through the next update many thanks Matthew Greg Pearson ☺️.Version: 2021.51.0.501416

Security?I think this app should have an auto log out in case a device is lost. I wouldn’t want someone to find my phone and be able to just open the app and see all my work related data..Version: 2018.12.0.7100403

Awesome accessible appA fantastic app, Accessibility is really high quality, works with VoiceOver nicely and I’m able to do job officially on a daily basis as I use a screen reader. More access to content through the app would be really appreciated..Version: 2022.17.0.161016

Easy to useOnly real improvement would be to have user name saved as an option less typing especially if like me you keep losing your glasses😳.Version: 2017.44.031.428684

Keeps Crashing after Latest UpdateApp keeps crashing after latest update..Version: 2023.08.0.77238

PasswordJust hate whenever you have to change password you have to call and do it and do it from work such a pain..Version: 2020.42.0.417610

Updating goalsI like the ability to add comments to goals online. Saves doing it in work hours so you can think about it more..Version: 2020.25.0.243166

Workday AppSo easy to use - intuitive and all in one place. Great for leave, expenses, training and career insights. So easy to understand..Version: 2022.31.0.299788

Convenient, but not intuitive.It’s nice to have this with you at all times as an app on your phone. But if you put in a start time of 8 o’clock, and the time happens to be 637 when you’re doing it, the end time automatically is at 37 minutes. It would be nice if there were an easy or quick way to automatically get that minute to :00 or :30 since most people start at the top or the bottom of the hour. Then at the out time, it does the same thing. It should into with that if I started at in o’clock, I’m going to end at an o’clock. But there’s that 37 again. It’s not a big hassle just an unnecessary inconvenience.I would think this app would intuit that my end time minutes column is probably going to be equal to my start time..Version: 2017.44.031.428684

User ExperienceSimple to use, super intuitive & saves so much time !! Love it..Version: 2022.10.0.85260

Style BoardI do like the work day app but the Stle Board training is not a training but rather a brief over view. Often times new programs are rolled out to the selling floor very vaguely and piece meal with many kinks that need to be worked out. Then the new program goes away. If Nordstrom would do a thorough in depth training as they do with new hires I think we would be more successful. I can appreciate the new advances in technology and thorough training is equally essential to make these programs work..Version: 2020.35.0.348411

Great appWish I knew about it sooner. It works very well and allows me to be able to check my holiday balances and book time off easily.Version: 2021.04.0.31482

Requesting leaveAn absolute breeze to use!!.Version: 2019.24.0.235595

Meat Cutter Highlands Ranch COWork day along with all other Whole Foods applications have provided me with transparent communication from the company I dedicate my time with, working here for now approximately 2 months I have seen a dramatic change in overall operational standards in the meat department, my observations & views are also taken into consideration when dealing with the unprecedented Covid19 virus. The management team at my location truly does care about the safety & wellness of everyone who enters the business. I am appreciative for my part I perform here at Whole Foods to be in part of a greater cause we make in our team of exceptional employees & our community service..Version: 2020.13.0.125329

Banquet ServerThank you for having this app it is very helpful very easy to handle I love it I can access at any time and do my learning lessons at my convenience time, without going to a classroom specially if I am off I want to be off not to go to a learning mandatory meeting and it safe money to the company , also it prepare us to be ready with all the knowledge necessary to be successful at work and have or provide excellent service with our wonderful guests so I love it THANK YOU.Version: 2021.24.0.233111

WorkdayThis is an excellent way of keeping up to date with training tools especially in this current situation we are in ....Version: 2020.15.0.140881

Great progressAll about st hospital is the best. This app getting better and better. I also love st Vincent the best for me to work for. Great job to all of you guys..Version: 2019.42.0.414150

AccessIt’s great to be able to access my information from home.Version: 2018.51.0.30568627

Clock in feature.While it’s greatly convenient it would be nice for it to be slightly more Intuitive with regard to the time of day it is vs alway defaulting to “a.m’. Also there is a limit on job codes which makes it difficult to add the different locations we have in our company’s area. Finally for some reason I have no availability to select a pin any longer it just goes to a black screen. I spoke with my IT rep but we had no resolution..Version: 2020.51.0.508104

Too Slow!I enjoy Workday about as much as one can while doing expense reports. It’s user friendly and I’m thankful that my company uses it for finances, Human Resources, etc but the time that it takes for things to load could drive me up a wall. A simple task that should take 5 minutes turns into a 30 minute ordeal with the majority of the time spent with me screaming at the loading bubbles on the screen. Also, every now and then I just get kicked out. Whole app closes and returns to home screen on my device. I have to log back in and luckily my work is usually saved as drafts to pick up where I left off. Just seems like a little glitch I could do without. Other than these couple issues, thumbs up..Version: 2019.47.0.467829

Using workdayTrying to self help and change my home address. No information available on how to do this within workday. Very frustrating.Version: 2019.51.0.507646

Comment on reviewsAs a Workday admin (client side) and when I read some of these reviews...If you are experiencing issues it is most likely your company setup of business processes and security. I recommend you engage with your Workday internal team and raise support tickets etc. The app isn’t perfect but it does have great features (especially on iPad)..Version: 2020.25.0.243166

ImpressedThis is by far the best work app I have ever used. I can view every team globally, my current and historic pay, request time-off, browse learning, provide feedback to anyone in my company, complete career check ins, performance reviews and much more. The app is responsive and feels just like other apps I use daily, unlike any other poor performing clunky mobile apps I have seen my employer roll out in the past which have never made the grade. Great job Workday!.Version: 2020.25.0.243166

Cheryle GrasbyThis system is very easy to use on any mobile device at any time..Version: 2020.09.0.83510

LimitedIs the main reason for a company usually when given responsibility's individuals can make a bigger impact personal matters are handled in that way to.Version: 2022.05.0.38488

Could Be ImprovedThis app is really handy except it doesn’t allow us to see the total amount of leave we have remaining which is inconvenient..Version: 2019.40.0.388038

TasksWhen given a task to change an employees status, the ability to edit the errors does not work at all. This makes workday very frustrating and we have to submit a ticket to our service center for theses changes. Further more most of the reasons we have to transfer employees back and forth is because workday has moved an employee for no reason. It’s very frustrating and way to time consuming with no ability to clear the task through. Not sure if it’s workday or something within are corporate errors but it’s very inconvenient and causes a lot of issues..Version: 2019.06.0.309701

MumHello mum.Version: 2021.45.0.442122

App is much better than web based versionI have a lot of complaints about web version, trying to view work weeks as a 12 hour shift worker is a nightmare especially when your work week extends through the weekend. Web version is much more manageable. I wish there was a overtime worked setting where I could keep track of my annual worked overtime, but this option is not avalible. I really like the vacation request system, I do wish there was a way I could put in my normal hours worked or expected to work rather and then link it to my Apple or google calendar..Version: 2022.17.0.161016

Built for the futureTo be transparent. I’m a Workday employee. I’ve spent the past 17 years working within the enterprise software industry. What I’ve learned is that technology changes rapidly. Institutions need software that can adapt to new technologies as they are introduced. I use Workday at least a couple times a week for processing expense reports. Recording time off and managing my performance evaluation among other critical functions. I’m especially interested in using new functionality to support learning and the budgeting and planning process. The products are great! At Workday we call it the “Power of One”. All customers are on ONE version of the software. There is ONE elegant user experience. ONE in memory object data model. ONE security model. ONE business process framework. ONE integration platform. It’s the “Power of One” that is different by design. Enjoy, and have a great Workday!.Version: 2017.48.0.28658448

Additional hoursI found adding additional hours very straightforward and instructions were clear and easy to follow..Version: 2023.09.0.83546

Useful toolI enjoy having mobile access to some important tasks for work. I’m able to submit timekeeping to the minute because of the mobile access. Able to see pay slips on the go and work with my leadership remotely. Only flaw would be regarding timekeeping that sometimes the app will tell me there is an error when there isn’t one. Eventually it goes away but it does redirect me to correct entries that don’t need correcting. Small inconvenience but I have faith that the workday team will correct it. Thankful for this app and workdays partnership with my company..Version: 2018.30.0.18255053

The latest update not working for meIt just opens up the blue screen with Workday logo and that’s it..Version: 2020.35.0.348411

WorkdayIt’s easy and very convenient to access our paystubs even when you’re at home👍🏻😊.Version: 2019.42.0.414150

Easy to useFully functional (most of my work apps are not as fully functional as the desktop version).Version: 2022.21.0.199914

Orthopedic technologist/Cleveland clinic Akron general orthopedicsWork Day is wonderful but when the training came out for Work Day is sad a lot of us did not get to go in the training I think if a lot of us got the opportunity to go we would’ve definitely figure it out the bugs on it but we’re finding out as we go through this we’re have to learn on the girl he deafly need to give a Refresher course on it so Employees don’t have to go through this like your blindfold it it would be helpful to all employees. Yours truly. Ricky Allen.Version: 2018.48.0.28580830

Add option to save payslip as PDFAs per title, add an easy to find menu option to save as pdf. I have just found I’m able to do it by selecting print and pinch to zoom brings up a share option!.Version: 2020.09.0.83510

Easier to use than thoughtThankfully workday has been improved upon, and is easier to use and understand. Well done 👍.Version: 2021.29.0.282068

SimplestAn application that has every detail needed. Simple and easy to use when and where I need to access my personal information..Version: 2018.5.0.2671642

Holiday entitlementHoliday entitlement for the while team is very confusing, there should be an option to see how many days are available YTD with future holidays that are approved and unapproved both.Version: 2022.51.0.498288

Makes my life easierIt feels like a consumer app more than a business one it’s that easy to use. The best thing is that it works in tandem with your desk top and is constantly up to the minute. Start your expenses in the office and finish off on the train home..Version: 2018.50.0.29970850

Nice to have a appI’m liking this app, however would be nice if we could view our monthly shifts in advance and perhaps have a overall guide to the courses already completed on the works PC, I mean guide by a FAQ or a refresher reminder, overall limited to things u can do but like the fact you can update your performance and view your wage slips and p60.Version: 2019.50.0.493303

Consumer Like App ExperienceThis is the most useful and easy to use business app at my company. Everything about my pay is available at my finger tips. Time is easy at my company but I don’t know how others have configured their time tracking bc some of my coworkers in different jobs have a different tracking views/ways to check in/out. I also can complete learning courses and review my team members on mobile. There is even automatic expensing with a photo of a receipt and my manager showed me his financial performance dashboards. Very cool..Version: 2020.21.0.201668

Another appThis app only lets me look at certain things that has to do with my paycheck. It does not let me put in for time off. Although that’s what it shows - It does not show me my commission. Belk made me download this app for what purpose ??? Belk has a very hard time with communication and their employees. As an employee in the store I should be more important than the customer. Even the commission information is incorrect.. I have several incorrectly paid paychecks and no one in the company seems to care.Version: 2018.30.0.18255053

WorkdayI like the app and that I can access it from my phone rather than just while I’m at work. One thing would like to see is being able to manage my direct deposit a little more freely from the app. For example if I have my income directly deposited in to two separate accounts I would like to be able to manage how much I would like in each account at a moments notice with a tap on my screen rather than doing it the hard old fashioned way and calling the corporate company and it taking weeks to make a slight change..Version: 2018.12.0.7100403

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