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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder App User Positive Comments 2024

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder app received 42 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about linkedin: network & job finder?

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder for Positive User Reviews

YeahPopir.Version: 9.1.231

LinkedIn: the essential social mediaLinkedIn is a top level networking technology tool that allows the introduction of those working in areas of interest to its audience. It allows its patrons to connect with those who work within their industry from all over the world, gather the newest information to improve their skill set, and keep abreast of where jobs and pay are most plentiful. However, I believe it’s biggest claim to fame is bringing in those generations or individuals who do not participate in standard social media. Those individuals who have something to say from a professional standpoint, but still see the value in getting likes. Discussions on LinkedIn, bring in both an educated and experience level discussion on topics that currently impact society, making it essential when measuring a dynamic group of informed minds. Best regards, Francine Shannon.Version: 9.1.348

Networking ++++A great way to connect directly with the exact people you want to. It helps me as a contractor to get ongoing work..Version: 9.1.45

LinkedIn is the best professional appI have been a member of LinkedIn for about a year and I have to say truthfully it is the best professional career app I have ever used. It is even better and easier to use than a lot of employment websites I have used. It is simple to use but has lots of layers to it to help you find your destined career. Had it not been for LinkedIn I would not have realised my full potential and for that alone I am sincerely grateful for the LinkedIn app and the developers for creating such a great app for professional job seekers, even if you are just looking for a full time job it is an essential tool, two thumbs up plus a head nod from me. Thank you LinkedIn for being everything I need in an app..Version: 9.1.56

Better than any Social MediaThis is an actual useful app that actually helps you on day to day basis with lots of information. Keep you updated and close to people in your industry. You never miss out on anything new or currently happening like for me, opening of new hotels, jobs related to me, staffing, awards and many more things. It is much more better than wasting time on Facebook..Version: 9.1.59

Need more optionsWhen a job expires I can’t see it on the app only on the actual website. There’s to be a way to archive old jobs that I’ve applied to. When applying to jobs externally it reroutes you to a different web browser entirely so you don’t lose your application. Is there a way to add quick swipe left so when there’s a job that you’re not interested in you can hide it? It would also be nice to add a filter to where you can check “see only see United States jobs available for anyone in the United States and the state you live in for remote jobs instead of the app showing for example “Chicago, IL United States” and you can apply for these jobs because the job poster only wants candidates from that area state. This would make job searching a lot faster..Version: 9.1.334

Great App for easy access to Networking!When you're prospecting for investments and career advancement, the app makes it so much easier especially when you are in a large network..Version: 9.1.45

Love you LinkedInGreat app, so many likeminded people to connect with on LinkedIn, it’s not even funny. Keep up the great work guys!.Version: 9.1.52

Better as a creatorLinkedIn was okay until I became a creator. It takes courage to post but over time, like 3-6 months, it becomes easier. At that point it becomes a lot more fun and now I look forward to using LinkedIn and this app every day. Not sure what to write? Use the 2 year, 2 day, or even 2 hour rule (credit Nicolas Cole). Just post what you would have benefited from had you known it 2 years ago, 2 days ago, or even 2 minutes ago! Developers: thanks for your work on the app!! First request: wish the scheduled posts could be edited. Second request: wish commenting was just better organized for conversations. Like replying to a reply to a reply. Also wish that the best answers/comments filtered to the top. Would draw you in as a user to know that the first comments are the most valued by the community (when there are dozens of comments and you don’t want to sift through them all). Again thanks though for the great app!.Version: 9.1.340

Scammers!I was almost scammed by a gentleman called Solomon Onyango.. He claims to be a lawyer based in Kenya looking for investors. He is probably using the same tactic to scam other people. I realised he’s a scammer after short discussion where he was rushing me to get him investments but I realised there’s no coherence in his story and doesn’t seem to quite know much about the industry. He also changes his job title every other day on LinkedIn I guess to stay in hiding. I’ve blocked him, and reported him as spam..Version: 9.1.157

Great app, just one issueI love this app, easy to use and navigate. Only thing I would suggest is adding in the option to put a specific start/end date for roles. I just added my new job and it says I’ve been there 1 month because I put start month as July. I’ve been there 1 week. I ended my previous role at 3 months but the app thinks it was 4 months..Version: 9.1.185

Too many updates without any justificationThe app itself works great and I use it frequently - although I’m not a fan of the Random contacts from ‘sponsored’ partners ... but I guess LI do need to generate revenue. Removal of stars is because I’m all for CI/CD - but having to update an app every single week with little change is annoying. Either revert to only updating when a real change is made (and actually share the comments / details for the commit) or expect to see people like me uninstalling the app. I’m tired of having 20 apps to update each day - where the app developer did not have the decency to even post the actual reason for the update!.Version: 9.1.55

Love LinkedIn! But the app…Update: LinkedIn heard my prayers and fixed my app. I no longer get kicked out when trying to send direct messages, and the app works generally faster. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to utilize this awesome app to its fullest potential again! Let me start out by saying that LinkedIn has changed my life in so many positive ways. I found my new career through the app, and started down a journey of positive personal development when I rejoined the platform. Hence the four stars. I needed to take one star away because, at least in the app, it almost always crashes and boots me out when I try to send a Direct Message to someone. I end up needing to go in and retype the message 2-3 times before it will send without crashing and closing out. I know plenty of other people are experiencing the same problem, because they post about it. Please fix this issue, I love this platform for so many reasons, but this is frustrating! Thank you in advance for your attention and all that you do to make LinkedIn the wonderful place that it is! Update: my app has worked perfectly since the last update. No more getting booted out when sending DMs. Thank you LinkedIn!.Version: 9.1.299

Bk’s bush Telegraph Loves Life in Linked InLinked in was my first ever move into social media, two years before joining fb & is not a mile in front , Linked in is a Country Mile in front of any other form of social media in my humble opinion and my favourite way to professionally connect with new people, learn new ideas & follow the progress of those that I look up to & admire via a comms device. Well done Linked In crew ! Brian (BK) Kelly 🤠👍.Version: 9.1.59

All was well…that is until the most recent updateIssues with most recent update…having issue loading Home page.Version: 9.1.236

This is great application has connected me to some amazing people.Keep it up.Version: 9.1.45

Better than you’d thinkYeah the notifications are annoying, and the recruiter spam is annoying, but at the end of the day for anyone skilled this is a fantastic place to develop your career. It’s been years since I’ve felt the need to look on other sites to find new opportunities, LinkedIn makes it very easy to reach the right people and get noticed..Version: 9.1.209

Superb connections and quality jobI check out linked in almost everyday to see what’s out there fit jobs and to get ideas for business plsns..Version: 9.1.52

CVExcellent idea, if you have put your own CV etc together, I strongly recommend spell checking it eg: “which” vs “witch” this can put people off if the CV has mistakes, especially if the position involves articulation . 🙏.Version: 9.1.330

Freezes when using mobile *Amended*Freezes and you lose all information when applying for roles on the mobile app. Still has not been addressed in latest update. Please fix this. **Great to hear you are looking into this. Typically the app works very well. Im glad this issue is being revised - review amended**.Version: 9.1.110

Unknown reason for Temporarily restrictedEverything was going well, until I randomly got “temporarily restricted” and needed to show ID. I showed ID and it said “something went wrong. Try again later”. Now I can’t used the app on any device after I didn’t do anything wrong. Please help fix this issue, Thank you..Version: 9.1.332

Not able to open an app on my iPhoneUntil a few days ago I was able to open and converse through my LinkedIn app on my iPhone 7 Plus now all of a sudden it doesn’t open up I’ve deleted it I’ve installed updates on my iPhone I’ve done everything it said and every time I download the LinkedIn app it won’t open up I don’t know what’s going on I can access it on a regular computer but for some reason I can’t access it through the app on my iPhone I don’t know if I’m having the same issue as the person before me that wrote about not being connected to Wi-Fi Not being able to access itbut I was able to even get itWithout Wi-Fi about a week ago I don’t understand what’s going on.Version: 9.1.272

GreatHelps me heaps even when I'm applying for housing I put this link in lol.Version: 9.1.45

Great AppAn easy way to stay on trend and get the latest industry news & articles! A good way to relate with professional contacts..Version: 9.1.45

Not so comfortableThe feeds updates are not consistent It can show some people updates and others no, no matter how many time you refresh the app it keep show feeds from 3-4 days ago. Yet not all the new feeds are visible, The settings and the settings updates need to be more user friendly to use.Version: 9.1.128

Good but could be better.There is so much content to process in my feee. Something that I do on Facebook that would be so convenient on LinkedIn, is share posts to myself. I see the saved section but this would be seperate and much smoother. Can be additional..Version: 9.1.324

Top but....Why we can't just apply for any job with our linked in account??? Witch would be much easy when we apply they can see our full account and decide if they want us or not... no more cover laters no more cv's ..... !?.Version: 9.1.45

Good but some suggestions for improvement- in the same way you can save a job for later, it would be good if you could hide jobs from the list view that are not relevant or a way to mark them as ‘not suitable’ once viewed. - could you add a way to tailor what you get notified about? I get so many notifications daily it’s just spammy with no way to tailor what I want to hear about (I don’t care about business contacts’ birthdays or how many searches I appeared in this week).Version: 9.1.130

Dark mode please. My eyes are burning!Generally the app works well and there are no issues. I like LinkedIn and it is the only social media I use. For the love of all that is holy please give us a dark mode option. Edit: apparently I didn’t know it was there. Thank you. Review updated accordingly.Version: 9.1.251

LinkedIn App is easy to useI appreciate the ease of use in the LinkedIn app and actually prefer its functionality over the web format. I access it in my iPhone daily. Highly recommend this app!.Version: 9.1.50

LinkedIn is Life-ChangingAbout 5 years ago I began my journey on LinkedIn with no real idea of how life changing it would become for me. Back then (circa 2014), I began to see LI as more than just my online CV....I saw it as a place that I could “get noticed” and begin to build an open network of influence. So I set about creating ‘content’ with a zest and determination to persist no matter what the short term results were. And like most success stories, there was very little short term success, but as I consistently honed my use of the platform, along with my content strategy, I began to notice some positive changes. Fast forward 5 years, and I have totally transformed my career, left the corporate world, launched my own business which now has global customers. I’ve developed a solid network (28k 1st level Connections) and reputation as a genuine ‘thought leader in my space. LinkedIn Australia even honored me last year with a LinkedIn Top Voice Award. To say that I love LinkedIn would be a gross understatement, and whilst the platform continues to improve all the time, I’m extremely grateful to LinkedIn for having changed my life (not just my career) for the better! Keep up the great work LinkedIn....I’m forever grateful! 😁.Version: 9.1.152

Please Add Zoom and RotateGuys, the app is generally great, though can you please add the ability to zoom and rotate when touching on a post (ie: when it forwards to the specific post after selecting it). Makes it very difficult to read things sometimes when on a bus or travelling etc. it’s just a good thing to have in general, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks..Version: 9.1.71

Always can be better!LinkedIn is a very professional App which helps many people find their jobs. You can also make some professional friends and build up your own professional networks in LinkedIn. LinkedIn helped me find my first and second wonderful job in a foreign country and helped me meet some interesting and lovely people. I believe I can find my third desired job in a foreign country through LinkedIn. I believe LinkedIn always can be better and I wish LinkedIn all the best in the future!.Version: 9.1.159

Finally working againIt is now working - not sure what the root cause of the issue was as i had removed it from my phone and loaded it again and found it worked.Version: 9.1.83

Weird bugI’ve been using this app for a really long time and have never experienced any trouble. However, just today the app for some reason could not update itself and then my phone told me that I had to delete and reinstall the app from AppStore. New update’s been taking ages and after some time I received a notification saying “this app was not installed from the AppStore and must be installed manually”, which was certainly weird, as if where could I get it from if not from AppStore :) Other than that it’s a great app and would be great if you could look into this issue so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else..Version: 9.1.66

LinkedIn all the timeThe LinkedIn app for iPhone is awesome. I wouldn’t be without it..Version: 9.1.58

Recent update glitchThe most recent update (I always do all updates for all apps as they become available, and updated LinkedIn 3 days ago) has caused the app to automatically log me out each time I try to access the app after having closed it. I now have to sign in every single time I launch the app! Very frustrating..Version: 9.1.200

Great app but...I love this app however it frustrates me that the current job title seems to be the only factor that is included when recruiters are delivered search results. As a consultant, my title can be anything and it may be quite different from my functional role and area of expertise. Depending upon the currently listed job title, I’ve noticed a sharp difference in the number contacts I receive from recruiters and the roles they are seeking. I wish that other factors such as education, certifications and skills would be considered when recruiters are delivered search results. Also, LinkedIn should allow subscribers to search by certification or certificate. Currently a search for common certifications returns no results despite the fact that these certifications are listed within job descriptions..Version: 9.1.152

Awesome appIt is an awesome app for networking.Version: 9.1.45

Unjust censorshipFB tries to quite any voice raised against any injustice worldwide. They support the oppressors and oppress the oppressed..Version: 9.1.342

Was better....I preferred it before the update to the job search. It used to tell me if any new jobs had been added to my top ten searches so I could look more quickly. This was really useful because there are so many jobs. Now I can only see 3 searches and I have no idea if there’s anything worth looking at. Also, I wish there was a way of removing job suggestions that are of no interest to me. Possibly with the option of saying why. Some sound great but are based too far away. One thumbs up or down thing isn’t enough when you want to be specific..Version: 9.1.192

What is going on !!!!I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn but Im unable to access anything right now!!! I am not unable to respond to my messages, or update anything….as soon as I try I am forced to open the app that at first said I didn’t have an account so I reset my password….. even though I just had it open online…. now the app won’t open because it’s prompting me to fill out a page about my future job hopes and dreams that goes blank when I attempt to response. I don’t understand why I can’t use my online account anymore apps aren’t dependable!! All I wanted to do is update my resume and read some articles! I apologize for my frustration I know it’s an app thing! Please please please fix this issue!!!.Version: 9.1.226

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