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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Negative Reviews

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder app received 196 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder? Can you share your negative thoughts about linkedin: network & job finder?

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder for Negative User Reviews

Really disappointed and frustratedReally disappointing that LinkedIn has stopped supporting iOS before 13.0. Like many people have said my iPad is fine just a bit old and I don’t need the latest tech especially when reuse lengthen use and recycle is key in the attempts be more sustainable. I also don’t have the funds for a newer iPad. As a newer job seeker linked in is pushing the “ let recruiters know you are open to work” feature, the only snag being you need the app to do that. So LinkedIn instead of creating an even platform for all you are creating more divide and inequality. Am sure that’s not your intention and if you can fix this there will be many more happy users..Version: 9.1.276

Crashing!For the last few months I've been receiving "no internet connection" notifications when trying to refresh the screen - even though every other app on my phone seems to work perfectly fine. Secondly, I'm not receiving my inbox messages until days/sometimes weeks after they've been sent to me. Please rectify as this looks unprofessional when liaising with potential future employers. ————————- You allow customers to access LinkedIn premium via the app/from a mobile phone, yet when I have tried to unsubscribe I receive the following “Sorry, your plan can’t be cancelled on this device. Please visit LinkedIn on your desktop to cancel.” You are about to charge me a years subscription (over $700) to something I can’t currently cancel..Version: 9.1.295

Can politics be away from LinkedIn?LinkedIn should be professional! Okay?.Version: 9.1.257

Job searchIssues thus far: * sorting by latest took 2k results to 8 sole results * filtering by just today, lists 8 and says 230 available. * there’s a big blue bar asking me to save my search…I shouldn’t need to lose my UI space for something I’m not going to click very often. * I should be able to filter out contract work and recruiters. * I shouldn’t need to scroll through 100 postings by the same poster for the same job across regions. Why do I have to scroll through 8 “promoted” postings for every one or two real ones…when I am sorted by newest? Why should I keep paying for this when I am treated like a dumb product that shouldn’t be allowed to sort but is expected to land a nice tech job pushing out more advanced features than that?.Version: 9.1.234

App isn’t workingBeen getting a pop up error message for a week now saying the app no longer works and to go to the mobile site. I have deleted and reinstalled but pop up error still in place. Please advise..Version: 9.1.228

Changes to LinkedIn.I too am very disappointed with LinkedIn and the direction it has taken. This previously was a great site for people to communicate with other people and companies. Whether it was trying to get a job, improving their position, finding a new workplace due to moving to a new area or trying to move up to a better job, talking with others about how to improve their job skills so they can prepare for a better job or keeping in touch with friends they worked with in the past or, even better, finding old friends and learning how to stay in touch with them. It WAS a great site. Now, as the previous commenter said, LinkedIn is now just another Facebook or Twitter. It’s totally lost all the professionalism it started with. If anyone in power within the LinkedIn organization reads this comment, please, please, PLEASE change the format back to what the original people or person had as their vision. If you don’t, I can foresee this site going down the tubes. I, for one, will do my best to start a new site with only one goal... to make a website for companies and individuals to get together and help each other grow both as a company and as individuals who want to help a company grow and a company willing to help their dedicated individuals grow within the company. Also, have learning institutions small and large contribute to the individuals growth. Is anyone out there with me on this?.Version: 9.1.156

Timeline Sorting IssueI’ve recently increased my usage of LinkedIn and am becoming increasingly frustrated that you can’t sort your timeline on mobile devices by ‘Most Recent First’ and instead every time I open the app I get random posts ranging from items a month old to current. It just makes my usage of the app less enjoyable and effective..Version: 9.1.110

UselessNews feed won’t load, updates to work experience won’t save, may as well delete it now..Version: 9.1.142

Unprofessional on accessibilityLinkedIn is good. I have always found the app has a second rate user experience. Even worse - being visually impaired I sometimes use text to speech - parts of this app are unusable with VoiceOver in iOS. Posts cannot be read once any notification is followed - I.e. outside of the newsfeed - and only “actions available” is announced. The bar containing the interaction button a (like, comment, share) is treated as one object; double tapping it activates the comment function, but what if I want to like or share?? LinkedIn, you need to get your house (including accessibility testing) in order please. I really hope you’ll read, respond and reply to this. I would appreciate knowing what you are going to do..Version: 9.1.185

Crashes a lot since the last updateLinkedIn Premium subscriber. Disappointed that simple posts and images cause the app to crash frequently since the last update..Version: 9.1.209

App crashes and crashes again.I downloaded the app again because I thought it would be easier to use on my phone. I’ve been using it for about 30 minutes and it has crashed 3 times. It crashed while I was sending a request to connect. I was attaching a message to this request because the person doesn’t know me. Now, It has sent the request and I can’t finish my message. I don’t know if it attached what I typed already or not. Given that LinkedIn is a tool to help people network and make professional connections, this is more than frustrating. Now, to reach out to this person, I would have to pay for a premium account and use “in mail.” I’ll not be using the app anymore which is a serious inconvenience. I stopped using the Linked In app years ago because it would lead to accidental connection requests while scrolling through searches or suggested connection..Version: 9.1.99

Trouble finding people to connect with!I love the concept of LinkedIn however as a young person very new to the job market I find it difficult to find people I actually know or have worked with, to connect with. What I think would be a good idea, would be to be able to connect Facebook or another social media with LinkedIn, as many of us have our work colleagues, people we went to school or University, added on Facebook and this would make it so much easier to make connections, especially when just starting out using the app!.Version: 9.1.75

This is worse!Really, this new App is the best LinkedIn could do? Sad to say but the previous version had some better features. My issues are: 1) Crashes often, especially when scrolling through connections, 2) No index or alphabet letter in connections, 3) Not easy to navigate to connections, one of the most important sections of LI for me, 4) Too many news feeds, most of no interest, either topically or geographically, 5) No group list. Ok this can selected in the setup, but the choice is all groups or one group. Needs a clickable list. 6) User should be able to select how connections are displayed, eg list, small icon, large icon, etc to make scrolling through connections easier, and quicker, 7) Group order appears to be random, so making it hard to navigate to desired group, 8) Connections are slow to scroll through. Do we really need photos? If having photos slows it down, I'd prefer not to have photos. Please take above as constructive criticism and some things to work on and improve. Thanks Dave Mitchell.Version: 5.0

Useful app. Too many notificationsI’ve been using LinkedIn for a few years now, and find it useful. However, over the past few months, the sheer number of notifications has steadily increased, to the point where I can no longer discern when something really does require my attention. After reading reviews from other users this morning, I’ve now gone in and changed the settings to reduce the number, so will revisit this review in a few days. I feel it would be useful for LinkedIn to give the Settings feature greater visibility..Version: 9.1.51

Please readI downloaded this app on my phone just so i could advise everyone not to use this website. For a senior project in my AP english class, everyone needs to create a LinkedIn account. Everything was going fine and I had spent about 3 hours working on the profile and only had about an hour or less of work left to do. The next day, I go to log in and there is an error message that says I need to submit ID due to suspicious activity. I talk to my teacher and this seems to be a problem with many other students. She contacts LinkedIn and they said it was due to a mass login on the same internet, and it will be fixed soon. The next day, very few students were still locked out, including me. I submitted my drivers license. The day after that, I was one of two students locked out. Skip a few days (3), and they FINALLY respond to me saying my account is permanently banned. I am now drastically behind in my class and this program is going to ultimately lead to my failure in this college class. I hope you guys fix your support team and maybe look at issues a little deeper before banning people..Version: 9.1.281

Latest update not compatible with iPhone 6Is there a reason why you're not allowing your updates to be available to cover the iPhone 6? It keeps telling me to update your app but then says it's unable to do this and asks me if I want to update to an earlier version but then it just keeps on trying to update the App to the latest version which it can't do. Really dissatisfied with your customer service or lack there of. Your Developers have missed the mark here and I’ll never upgrade to Platinum at this rate..Version: 9.1.235

The app hangs as soon as I start to browseThe app keeps hanging all the time. I open the app scroll down a bit and then it’s not letting me do anything. Click on any tabs, scroll up or down. Have tried to open and close many times still no improvement. Using iPhone XS Max. I hope development team can see this message and replicate and fix the issue.Version: 9.1.224

Nice concept, but still a lot to doLinkedin is the unique and useful platform for work. App improvements: Message: When you send a message often crash and you need to rewrite everything from the scratch. it is very difficult to find an attachment(cv, cover etc.) and send to the recipient. When you send an attachment from a message to an other message, the attachment isn’t visible to the recipient. Job search: It should be more easy to use the research. When you find a job and have to apply, it should be possible to add the cv and the cover letter. It should possible to see all the applications done in date order or company order. Groups: I don’t understand what’s their purpose.Version: 9.1.86

Keeps trying to force me to update but won’t.I used to like this app and was a premium (paying) user with my iPod gen 6 (not the current one, but that immediately prior). The new LinkedIn app will not run on the latest OS I can use (12.5.x), but the stupid app doesn’t comprehend that and keeps pestering me to update (at which point it fails, because I don’t have iOS 13+). Listen, we understand you don’t want to support the old app “forever “, but at the moment, the app itself works fine—it’s the neverend nag messages that are the problem. If you can’t tell someone is at that latest iOS they can get, let them manually disable the nags and keep using the app for as long as it works. Anyone, it became so annoying, I don’t use it nearly as much as stopped paying the monthly premium charge. Good work..Version: 9.1.232

Dark ModeI use my iPhone on dark mode full time. I’m glad to see that the app’s launch screen is now available in dark mode. But, why isn’t the rest of the app in dark mode? Fix this, and I’ll change my star rating to 5 starts!.Version: 9.1.237

Poor notification serviceThe notifications are inconsistent and unreliable. Things pop up on screen that don’t appear in the log, and there’s little control around categories of important notifications. Notification settings are cumbersome ill categorized and not at the right level. Very frustrating I would have thought these bugs would be fixed by now!.Version: 9.1.50

Generally a very useful app!I like LinkedIn and make regular use of it. The connections feature and messaging feature are very useful ways of maintaining contact with colleagues and partners. I'm dropping my review down to 3 stars at the moment as the app is constantly notifying me there's a connection request or notice. When I check there's either nothing or a "do I know" this person connection opportunity. I wouldn't mind but it keeps asking me about the same person!! I've clicked close, dismiss etc over 20 times already. Very annoying!.Version: 9.1.108

BillingAutomatic visa debit without notice, hassle to determine what the bill is for, hassle to cancel..Version: 9.1.168

Chronological content feed - second attempt.LinkedIn... I love your platform. I have already posted a comment on the lack of a sort by “recent” function on for iOS. When I’m on my phone, the work around is to go to your mobile site, then request the desktop site, then select “sort by: recent”. The most recent update you just pushed out now has “lives” or something that feels like a clone of Instagram/YouTube/Snapchat/Facebook, etc. I do not subscribe to these platforms because I believe LinkedIn is the only social media platform of any substance. There is quality content and networking happening everyday. Why did your newest update add a cookie-cutter “lives” function and not a simple “sort by:recent” function. Why am I seeing 3 week old posts with recent posts scattered about. Totally ridiculous... The one platform I thought was doing a service to a community of professional people is slowly becoming just another social media platform..Version: 9.1.111

Posts should be in chronological order!Great app but it doesn’t make sense that posts don’t appear on the feed according the date they were posted. I’m not sure what the algorithm is - it might be that the posts that are most popular appear higher up the feed - which makes sense for an app like Instagram but not for LinkedIn which most people primarily use for job searches. I often have a job post at the top of my main feed which was posted 3 weeks ago, whilst I have to scroll to actively search for the ones posted today. A job posted that long ago is useless for freelancers as it is usually filled within a couple of days. This makes it very difficult to find jobs as a freelancer on LinkedIn. Please update and change this! (Note - when I mention job posts, I mean text posts on the main feed where freelance jobs are usually mentioned. Not the ‘jobs’ section of the app where mainly permanent job applications are posted.).Version: 9.1.277

AveragePremise behind the site is great. But recently I tried to send something to a connection, it failed to send so I retried. Still failed. Although I’ve stopped tapping to try again it keeps trying. So its constantly coming up as the last message attempting to send. No way for me to discard the message. And if I scroll up the conversation it force closes. I was in the middle of replying and scrolled up to address something said to me. App forced closed and wiped my entire message …..Version: 9.1.270

Lack of compatibility with older iOSDisappointed that the decision has been made to effectively brick the app on anything earlier than iOS13. My iPad doesn’t update higher than 12.x but is perfectly functional. I can see the latest timeline has loaded in the background. I also understand the push to stop supporting old tech, I work in the industry and have done for 20+ years. I live the pain of legacy versions every day. However, you could take the route of retaining access via the app with the warning that as you develop some features will either stop working or be unstable. Most users would accept this, it’s not a life critical app, it’s effectively social media. The experience on your mobile app through the browser is less intuitive, less friendly and actually just painful. Perhaps you could improve that UX instead if you’re pushing people down that route. You should do that before removing access to the good UX. In an age of focus on sustainability and discouraging throw away culture it is perhaps time to reappraise abandoning users because they are not on the latest kit. Those people may be on older kit for the right reasons. If it isn’t broken why would I consign it to the bin?.Version: 9.1.233

So much spamI wanted to keep the app because I do like the core functionality but the spammy notifications constantly are awful, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn them off. The app will actually send me push notifications for pure advertisements quite often. Unbelievable. I’ve gotten so fed up I don’t even care anymore if I miss requests to network, I’d rather get rid of the app and check a few times a year or something..Version: 9.1.137

Broken appYour last version seems to be broken. I have to login every time I switch screen, the login does not persist. It’s beyond annoying.Version: 9.1.200

Opportunity for improvementGood app and great platform. But needs to be able to change the feed to most recent and not see the same posts for the last 3 weeks to months. Job postings etc that are weeks old and now closed, posts I’ve already seen. Allow people to sort to most recent and keep updated on all content, not the same repetitive content. If other platforms can do it (Ie Facebook) I’m not sure why LinkedIn cannot..Version: 9.1.165

LinkedIn lies in wait for new card details; beware!If you think you have avoided the enormous charge after the trial period, think again. I entered new card details MONTHS after using the free LinkedIn trial and they quietly and craftily charged me the guts of a hundred dollars. I wasn’t successful in my job search earlier in the year and this will constitute a burdensome hardship for me. But do LinkedIn or Apple care? Of course they don’t. There is no option to reverse the payment because “technically” you “authorised” it. I guess nothing in life is for free (except the infrastructure and education of the workforce in every country that Apple operates, as it pays no taxes to any Government). Enjoy all your free stuff Apple. And enjoy my money. I would have used it to feed myself, but I guess you’re not well capitalised enough already..Version: 9.1.87

Linked in is malwareLinkedIn is copying the contents of your clipboard every keystroke. IOS 14 allows users to see each paste notification..Version: 9.1.183

Keep on crashing , horrible experienceI am facing serious issues with app. LinkedIn app keep on crashing. Specially when you are in the messages and trying to type something. You spent 10 minutes to wright something and it will crash and you have to wright again. Horrible experience with new version. I have tried to uninstall and remove app data nearly 7-8 times. Still having same issues. Please fix it as soon as possible..Version: 9.1.230

HorribleThe newest update has them limiting your preferences for your job search an forcibly showing you state wide jobs like that helps. If someone like myself has set up job preferences why take them away and why start showing jobs to them that are outside of their preferences like a job search isn't already hard enough and tiring enough. Now I'm every time I open the app instead of being able to scroll through the recommendations I have to create different searches because the jobs recommended to me are 8+ hours away and don't interest me in the slightest. Just because I live in a state doesn't mean I'm comfortable commuting far and doesn't mean I'm trying to relocate to the opposite side of it. So who's dumb idea was it to add that useless and annoying feature that shows jobs to people outside their now very limited preferences. I don't want to be shown state wide jobs and according to the customer service rep it's a feature I can't manually get rid of. Dumbest update to date..Version: 9.1.160

Annoying and disrespectful appI turned off almost all notifications in the app, but I daily get a badge on the icon and the notification in the app says that there are no notifications. Very scammy and disrespectful way of trying to get me to launch the app each day. If this doesn’t get changed the app will share Facebook’s fate on my phone and get deleted, and I might check LinkedIn once a month or so through the website. I don’t want to turn off notifications completely because a few of them are useful and wanted. Just don’t create fake notifications.Version: 9.1.116

Great app but..Great app but I have a lot of non-English speaking business acquaintances that post in their native tongue, which the app does not translate?? Maybe, LinkedIn could make a translate tab to make it easy...Version: 9.1.89

ZionistIslamophobic.Version: 9.1.224

Horrible interfaceThis is a perfect example of what NOT to do in mobile app design. 1. Useless messenger button that does nothing but try and get you to download the app by popping not one, but two screens (if you don’t have it). I won’t load Facebook Messenger because it won’t let me select no tracking without constantly being harassed. 2. Extremely small “x” for closing annoying ad windows so that if you have any normal or larger than normal finger (god forbid you try and use your thumb) then you end up opening the item instead. 3. Allowing you to block some advertisers for only 30-Days at a time??? Seriously. If it wasn’t bad enough that you show me adds from advertisers I’ve already blocked, now you’re unblocking them after 30 Days?? 4. Extremely small “x” for closing annoying recommended groups windows so that if you have any normal or larger than normal finger (god forbid you try and use your thumb) then you end up opening the item instead. Can I just get you to stop recommending stuff to me? I’m not sure what algorithm you use but the recommendations are horrible. 5. Translations are rarely ever correct. Give up here and just license Google’s translator. I’m not saying Google Translate is good, but it would at least be correct more than your translations are. There are more, I’m sure. But we will stop here..Version: 9.1.52

Software issues/ recommendations sectionGoes to a blank screen and hangs every time I seek or try to provide recommendations (both on the phone app and on laptop). Drop downs don’t always work. Very frustrating and leads to the screen blacking out and reloading app being the only way to kick start the app again. Reloading , refreshing app several times has not worked at all. The issue seems to be occurring when the finger tip doesn’t land exactly on the drop down arrows in recommendations. Very sensitive and very frustrating..Version: 9.1.282

Not user friendlyLinkedIn itself is basically Facebook for your working life but the only people really using it are telemarketers who use the info you publish to target your role for whatever the scam du jour is. Worse still every time you launch the app it asks you to invite every person you ever knew, looked at or heard of as a contact which completely negates any benefit from having the personal vetting process that a link (should) entail. That is essentially a referral system and the main reason I joined this ... whatever it is. Anyway if you need LinkedIn on the go by all means use it, but if you want a good experience as well don’t. You might also want to assess what benefit you are getting from using LinkedIn at all..Version: 9.1.102

Dissatisfied CustomerBe extremely careful when using the LinkedIn Ap from Apple. I agreed to LinkedIn's 30-day FREE Trial and then overlooked cancelling at the end of the FREE Trial period. My credit card was just charged $69 for Automatic Renewal for the next 30 day period. I attempted to cancel the 30-day subscription, as I found that it was not benficial to me, but Apple does not offer that option. They take your money and allow you to cancel, effective follwoing the current 30-day subscription. So, the FREE Trial cost me $69 and a great deal of hassle trying to get reimbursed..Version: 9.1.122

Useless in China nowLinkedin used to be a perfect app in last 8 years. But after the new policy release in China it just become useless..Version: 9.1.255

Privacy!There should be expressed action and change to the private information of your users. In particular is Search History and Financial information. Search should not be kept as there is no beneficial reason to keep it, once a search is competed, what benefit is offered for keeping it other than to sell it. This isn’t write nor part of the service business model to your users. Financial information more crucial as any purchases made within or of services that LinkedIn offers, once the transaction is completed other than a record of the purchase length of time of the service being offered should no longer need to be kept. This is very dangerous and always ends up in a leak when security is breached! LinkedIN already was a subject of end user data being leaked back in 2019!! once end users remove their payment information then LinkedIn not longer has right to that payment data. Period..Version: 9.1.213

Fix this apoKicks me out whenever I try to unfollow something..Version: 9.1.214

Updates.........lots of updates, which seems to be the way of things of late. Why make something nice that works and just leave it alone when you can ‘update’ it. Since a recent ‘update’ I get a persistent notification badge, only to open the app and find it tells me I have no notifications. Later on the badge will be back and so on... There are also so many notification options. Surely I don’t needs all of them?? I’m switching some off but it’s little unclear as to the usefulness of some of them. This could be simplified..Version: 9.1.67

App gets stuck while scrolling down the newsfeedThis has been happening on my phone from a long time, there have been several updates for this app which i thought may fix the issue. But it still happens, making the app unuseable for me. Please fix it.Version: 9.1.116

Text entryOn iOS I’m used to using the native swipe to type in pretty much every app I use. It works well apart from in the Linked In app. Could it be that you’re doing a lot of processing that gets in the way? Whatever it is that’s happening it means that words often get missed increasing the friction to add content. So much so that I’m reluctant to bother adding value this way. Can you fix, please?.Version: 9.1.192

New UI layout has no consideration for people with visual disabilitiesPaid for a premium account which now I cannot use because the UI is very bright. I am hypersensitive to light and I can’t use it. Want my money back please. Thanks for your response. I am rather dissatisfied and disappointed that you have ignored the core issue: which is essentially lack of consideration in the UI layout for people with visual disabilities. People with disabilities- you ignored those when redesigning the UI. You have not considered nor did you had in mind the user experience. At the end of the day is not about the money it is about wanting to use the product but not being able to because the extreme brightness harms me and I have no option to tune it down from the app or from the webpage..Version: 9.1.193

Good app but bad recent changesLinkedIn is a great professional app and I love how I can work on my career and look for opportunities using it! Haven’t had any weird glitches with it yet that downgraded my experience. I do have to deduct some points though for recent changes. The messages button was moved to the upper right and in its place on the bottom middle of the screen is the add a post button. This seems like a worse UI experience because I know I check and respond to messages far more than I post up a message and it’s kinda awkward to move the messages button up there. I also find that I can’t swipe to the right to go back to the last page I was on. Instead, I usually have to tap the back arrow in the upper left, which again, could be improved..Version: 9.1.122

Deserving of a “0” star rating, but there is no for this..Slow to take action in matters relating to national security, disinformation..Version: 9.1.221

Too many sponsored posts !Ridiculous: 1/4 of posts on my LinkedIn feed are sponsored posts. Come on, give us a break!.Version: 9.1.215

Annoying experienceOverall experience with the LinkedIn app is annoying. Starting with 1. “Getting started on linked in” bar keep coming back when I scroll down. Takes too much of real estate and I can’t even see other things because of that annoying bar. 2. I have accepted the one request so many times but every time I open the app, it keep asking me to accept the same request. 3. Buttons and behaviour feels like app is just running on a Browser. It feels subpar compare to other social media apps. LinkedIn really needs to modernise the app..Version: 9.1.111

One step forward, ten steps backUpdating my review (Jan 15, 2022): Everything below PLUS app freezes when trying to post or upload a photo. (Yes, I deleted and reinstalled.) No such thing as tech help from what I can see. Just consumer forums and FAQs. Down to 1 star and deleting from my phone. —— I used to enjoy this app, but it seems that it is getting less and less user-friendly on iPad and iPhone. For example, the landing page and profile page do not mirror the most important features that are on the laptop version. It would be nice to be able to easily view my recent updates and make changes to all of my profile sections--not just certain ones--from the app. A new thing I've noticed now is that some articles or links can't be opened in browser or forwarded through email/text. The "forward" arrow icon pops up with a "cancel" message instead and no other option. So weird. Sadly, the "app support" is just a forum of somewhat useless info, which is why I'm posting here. Hopefully the designers will read everyone's feedback on App Store and correct these issues in next update..Version: 9.1.250

LinkedIn won't updateIt was working fine until few days ago when upon launching the LinkedIn app a pop-up message said I had to update the app. Having no other choice to dismiss the message, I clicked on update but AppStore doesn't show any option to update but only to "open" app. I am guessing my iPhone 5 has reached the end as I cannot update LinkedIn. This is unnecessarily frustrating and now I'm not able too launch LinkedIn app anymore since I can't update it! Please either fix this or let me continue using LinkedIn app without updating!! The only way I can access my LinkedIn now is to use a browser like safari but that is too inconvenient as the fonts are so tiny..Version: 9.1.106

Atrocious customer serviceAfter being charged over $600 for a product I didn’t realize I even bought due to their confusing interface I am being refused a refund and sent the same generic message about their no refund policy over and over again. I have used this website for years and am appalled by their dishonest practice. If you decide to ever use this website or app don’t ever buy premium (it’s useless) and don’t ever put your card information on it or you might fall victim to what I’m going through. They make it too easy ti misinterpret something and buy something with an insane price tag without realizing what you’re agreeing to. The app is also poorly designed as well. If you check Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau, they have a one star rating which is a huge red flag. Personally I would say avoid at all costs and don’t ever give them any if your information except for the bare minimum. Don’t expect a transparent app, business practice or to ever any kind of real conversation with customer service. Avoid at all cost but if you must use it Keep your expectations extremely low..Version: 9.1.285

Horrible InterfaceI swear this site has provided me with so much stress just trying to set it up. I didn’t dropped out of college and I left my job but they are both in my interests and I cannot change them. Whenever I open the app it tells me to finish updating my profile but I don’t have anymore information to add. There’s no way to say no. When I tried to leave things blank because they don’t apply to me I couldn’t. I got a notice that I had shown up in a search but when I opened the notification I was taken to a page within the app that did not work without a laptop. Why would this happen on the mobile app? It makes no sense. I’ve made all the connections I want to for now but every time I open the app I have to skip through the page to make connections with random people I don’t know. This app and the website are infuriating to attempt to use. I use all kinds of other social media that work at least decently. This platform is by far the most angering to use. Maybe the team is overworked or has no time to fix these issues, but they are too glaring and long lasting to still be around..Version: 9.1.136

Freezes, Can’t apply for jobs, links don’t work! NEEDS THE TO BE FIXED!I’ve heard so many people speak highly of LinkedIn, so I tried it out. Unfortunately this app does NOT work, as it needs serious updates. When you try to apply for any of the job listing your are given the option to give permission to attach your LinkedIn profile in replace or your resume, it does NOT work. Once you click you get a white screen or when it does go through to the next screen where it will ask for your name and contact info it freezes. Therefore you can not apply for any of their job listings. So I look up the company on google to find their website and then apply that way with my own resume. The only thing LinkedIn is good for right now is to locate a job listing. Then apply on their site. I gave 1 star because at least they still proved job listing I can apply to on the companies web site directly..Version: 9.1.112

The app on mobile is getting worse.Try and post with a picture or three or five and it just won’t work. You used to be able to post an article with pictures, but in the last month it’s become useless. When a post fails you get a button to tap so you can ‘retry to upload’, except you can’t tap it. If a button looks like a button and is a button, make sure it’s tappable. It’s basic UX..Version: 9.1.71

LinkedIn Good, LinkedIn app infuriatingBig fan of LinkedIn however the app is maddening! I end up with around 15 notifications a day, as it sends me Bobs birthday, then Tina’s birthday, then Terrys service anniversary, then someone I’m connected to shared a story about something completely unrelated to anything in my profile, then Arthur’s birthday, then I get a notification to check my news feed despite their being nothing new. Daily see who you know notifications, someone viewed your profile (click through and it’s still shows the last person to look at your profile a week ago). Afraid I’m having to delete the app until it’s be rewritten to package things together neatly (everyone birthday together, all service anniversaries/promotions together etc), and sorts out notification to refresh sync..Version: 9.1.113

The app is not supported?I’m not able to use the app anymore, as it’s not supported for some reason? Instead it takes me to the website, where I have to login each time. Extremely annoying! Why discriminate users who don’t want to waste money on the newest phone just because of apps if my current phone is working perfectly fine! Why don’t you support all versions? It says it needs iOS 13 or more, I don’t have it! My phone is in excellent condition and is working perfectly, why are you pushing me to buy another one? Don’t discriminate users!.Version: 9.1.233

LinkedIn engages in profiling through barring certain searchesWhile I have benefitted from certain services that LinkedIn provides such as LinkedIn learning, LinkedIn no longer appears to serve the individual user as much as it serves corporate recruiting efforts and corporate advertising. I work for a large educational system, which by this time has hundreds and hundreds of individual users with LinkedIn profiles, and while manually searching through a number of these profiles, the software app recently tried to force me into signing an agreement that I would voluntarily limit future searches through my own organizational network for others to connect with to a certain undisclosed, arbitrary number chosen by LinkedIn without any further information from LinkedIn to me or face suspension of my account by the app. The software has not allowed me any further access to my own profile until I sign that agreement. I strongly recommend avoiding this glorified recruitment service in favor of other newer, more personable services which allow the user to be more in control of his or her own searches..Version: 9.1.277

Frustrating when openingThe functioning of the app is fine once you get in but it is super frustrating having to click through a dozen pages of people to connect with on various platforms every time you open the app. I don’t want to do that every time! I would rather have a big “find connections” or “find links” or “link me in” button that will take me through these steps when I want to, or one page that asks if I want to go through possible connections that goes through the pages of I say yes and skips them ALL and logs me straight in if I say no. It really deters me from using the app more regularly..Version: 9.1.152

Woke GarbageConnecting professionals sounds so simple but no, it has to be woke. Pushing pronouns and whatever else is the next woke culture nonsense..Version: 9.1.264

Add key FilterPlease, to reflect the changing World and to support transparency and inclusiveness, to promote better and time-efficient experience of using your App, sounds critical to add a Filter to clarify whether Jobs offers mandate any medical measure (example covid-19 vaccination ) as essential condition of application. The clarity of this information would be appreciated by many! Would you be able to implement this? Thanks greatly!.Version: 9.1.255

Great idea - poor executionI’ve been using LinkedIn for 5 years plus now and believe it to be a great platform for networking and sharing relevant informations and promotions related to you industry. However, accessing LinkedIn via anything but a desktop computer/laptop is so frustrating that it lets the platform down. This includes mobile web app versions, fluidity and responsiveness of the iPhone or iPad version and considering LinkedIn is built for business - company pages cannot be managed or updated via the app. This is shame because LinkedIn gets active posting when at conference but from my professional point of view - would avoid using it offside on trade shows!.Version: 9.1.51

Why is LinkedIn App is not working on any ios version above 10 and on any iPadI have been updating regularly my ios on my iPad and did the same with the App accordingly. Apple is blocking further update on some ofits device ( probably to force you to buy a more recent iPad) so the Linked App can't be upgraded further. My iPad is running under ios 10.3.4 version but apparently linked App in is not supporting this version anymore and i can't use any longer the app which is very disappointing in deed. Why can't you support it?? Something that use to be great the LinkedIn App now turns really bad because of a stupid update!! Why?? Surely Linked in best interest is to increase its number of active users not to drop them because of technical updates. I am sure that the executives at Linked In and Microsoft should be able to understand that!!! Could you please listen to your users and do what is required to support us what ever version or update we are on!...Version: 9.1.106

Can’t Make a PostEvery time I try to press the post button the app crashes. Also the LinkedIn learning badges aren’t updating for the proficiency tests I passed..Version: 9.1.295

Feel abandonedMy LI app will no longer run, I'm forced to upgrade the app, but my iPhone doesn't support the new minimum de for the latest app. Sad LI made that decision to not support earlier sw versions :( and being in transition spending $1k on new phone isn't the smartest idea right now. Laptop only going forward :( Still abandoned- their support said delete app and reload, there was hope as when I was reloading it said that it would load the sw that was compatible with my phone and that some features may not work. Ha, who knew the feature that wouldn't work was the app itself... they have a screen that comes up stating "update for the latest sw" but you can't get out of that loop, my phone doesn't support latest iPhone sw so it can't get the latest LI download. A silly loop they could correct if they wanted, I guess they don't want to, they closed my case because I didn't respond back in the hour, like all I have to do is mess with this app, ugh. Now you know why I feel abandoned....Version: 9.1.106

App crashing frequentlyIOS version: 16.2 App is crashing frequently when messaging people. Sending a message takes a lot of time and app keeps crashing while waiting after pressing send button..Version: 9.1.295

Photo issuesApp is fine apart from photo issues. It automatically puts a strange dark preset on all my photos. Makes them grainy and over saturated. Fix this and the rest is ok..Version: 9.1.171

NotificationsWhat’s with the gizzillion notifications of jobs that match my criteria then when you click on them it says nothing matches my search...Version: 9.1.153

Nice to finally have an iPad app, but needs serious search improvementsThe app is good, and it makes using LinkedIn on the iPad much more convenient and intuitive, however, the search is barely useful due to the inability to provide advanced options and filters. It makes it next to impossible finding people I encounter during my business trips that are outside of my network and don't live in the same country. Also the search has a preference for the US and UK it appears. Though that may be biased based on the names I have searched for..Version: 5.0.1

LinkedIn, not professional a fee grabbing platform.As a 30 year truly global travelling Investment Banker, I know and appreciate honesty and dedication. I have front on faced professional behaviours and teamwork. In my opinion LinkedIn is in the business of selling professional memberships deals only. With a platform closed to close scrutiny, they operate a zero tolerance to criticism. They support filthy favouritism for big fee payers. Undeserving awards abound to help support faked job advertising and personal self serving tweeters. A horrible platform that needs to be shut down and stop the serial scalping of honest job seekers. An abhorrent HR unskilled collection of liars. Faked job adverts, faked profiles and false claims. An HR exercise in time wasting. Easy Apply is s con, designed and promoted yo score new members..Version: 9.1.271

Needs chronological orderNews feed is not in chronological order,i see news that date back to 4 weeks ago all the time. Bad bad bad..Version: 9.1.48

The app itself is garbageThe app itself is a rather impressive spire of garbage, from its notification settings maze to its secret privacy conditions, and the service forces you to connect to 30 people and write a bio and fill in your education every tab you flee to, all while piling in an endless stream of sewage from the web and through their pay gates, into your inbox, as all you can hear is “we’re selling you as a product, you, you dear user, we can make so much money by pushing these entirely irrelevant articles down your throat that it’s hilarious - and we’re still going to push for you to pay us in the form of a premium service run on the insecurity of eager-to-be-hired starting users!” While some people might enjoy this, I recommend they go back to Instagram, this is a site that was - somewhere along the lines - intended to get us jobs and expand our connections. To sum up, this application and the service it provides are comparable to that of a dysfunctional table leg. The minimal amount of effort put into development and cartoon-style silhouette left behind in place of the user consideration make it a laughable attempt at, well, anything. Welcome to LinkedIn - ew, what’s that on your feed?.Version: 9.1.133

Frustrating on iPadOk so LinkedIn has become a default for all of us when networking professionally but if I can't update it on the move (which I am A LOT and my iPad is my go to device) then it's near useless. I work in a project oriented way and this is one of the sections I can simply do nothing with on ios. Well, it's even worse than that. It seems like I can go into accomplishments/ projects/ add projects but then there is no save button! It is impossible to save! How ridiculous. I have checked recent software updates, de nada. Back to clunking along via a browser? C'mon guys, sort it out..Version: 9.1.65

Suggested connection link is brokenWith the latest update, when I click on the suggested connection carousel on my newsfeed, it will open up a random connection. Far example, Linkedin suggest person A and when I click on it, it will open up a random person Z 😳.Version: 9.1.294

Very buggy appThe app does its job in working the same as desktop. However, the notifications only work 1/10 times. In fact, most times you try to click an external link that will open the app, the app opens on an all black or all white screen and stays there. You have to force close the app to have it load normal again but if you were trying to see what the notification was about, I hope you have good memory. The app also does not hold your place in the feed so clicking anything for example a url will open their in-app window and returning will refresh your feed. Since LinkedIn is built on an algorithm to keep you interested in the app, you most likely won’t ever see that post again as it generates new items it thinks would be of interest. Lastly the other night I had spent 20 minutes writing a long message regarding business with another user. I was on my last sentence when the app suddenly crashed. If you’re wondering, no, the app did not draft my messages and I had to type everything back out again. Overall, it does its job but be prepared for a lot of bugs. And the notifications Never work..Version: 9.1.231

Just want to use the mobile site...It is so annoying that every time I want to use the mobile site, i first have to get redirected here... The app serves no useful purpose from a user perspective - it has exactly the same features as the mobile site. It’s just a tool to hoover up more data (e.g. by surreptitiously uploading your phone contacts to the site) and for spamming you with notifications. Spyware, voluntarily installed - with all the usual disadvantages that come with infection - reduced battery life, increased data use, lost memory space... Still not actually using the app - will continue with the annoyance of redirect and back button.Version: 9.1.149

LinkdInGreat articles to peruse. Should be able to turn the app to view sideways though..Version: 9.1.51

BlowsThe new app sucks its slow and isn’t compatible with older phones.Version: 9.1.205

Unwelcome changeI have enjoyed LinkedIn for many years and although I haven't been able to update your App on my IOS 10.3 iPad for sometime I was still able to use it until now. You are having a pop up saying to update to enjoy your latest features but you can't cancel it, you only have the option to update so I am locked in a cycle you need to update but I can't update! The app is displaying in the background but I can't use it. A simple x on the box would be helpful to get out of the cycle..Version: 9.1.106

PatheticYou cannot save anything on this app, straight up joke and waste of time..Version: 9.1.183

Keep having to log inIn the last update the app asks you for your login credentials every time you open it. Please fix..Version: 9.1.200

Option to improve feed needs to be improvedThe app is solid and very easy to use. My complaints are the content in the Feed and that the option “improve my feed” really offers no real options except adding new people to follow. It should be flexible and let you choose what you want to see more of OR less of. For example, in my feed I don't need to see every single time a connection “likes” something. I also remember I always used to see when my current connections connected to new people. I used to see those a lot every day. That was helpful info if a contact connected to someone new in my industry. It worked well in conjunction with the other “people I may know” info. I almost never see those types of updates anymore in my feed. Can you explain why the feed offers me zero flexibility to see the things that are most important to me?.Version: 9.1.61

App stopped working iOS 9.3.6When start app, get prompted to update to the latest version and you cannot get out of the prompt. Go to the App Store, and it just says open app which takes you back to where you were. Tried deleting and downloading from scratch and get the same result. Cannot find any help. App now unusable!.Version: 9.1.88

Hate speech from other LinkedIn members and employeesNot a safe place to have a professional opinion in most professions. Especially if you are a women. LinkedIn does not respect women whom have professional scientific reasoning and professional opinions that vary from the political slant posted by either a member or otherwise linkedin; however LinkedIn will continue to push the political slant into your feed continually inviting you to acknowledge the political topic which is slanted and not academically or professionally sound. If you don’t like it and if you contribute your intelligent, professional and academically sound comment LinkedIn members state hate things to a person such as Members stating hate statement to me and others I have witnessed ). Very disappointed in the lack of professionalism from LinkedIn employees whom allow the members and themselves to be so hateful to women and others on LinkedIn whom state professional scientific academically sound verbiage on a topic..Version: 9.1.194

News feed is annoyingGreat app. However the absolute most annoying feature is not being able to sort the news feed by most recent. I just constantly see posts from weeks, even months ago, some of which I’ve seen before. I’d rather be able to see the most recent so I can keep up to date with my connections (which is what I thought was the purpose of this app). If they introduced this feature (which clearly isn’t that hard if other apps have it), then I’d reconsider my rating to 5 star. This is the only thing which constantly annoys me..Version: 9.1.219

Account RestrictedMy account was restricted this week for no reason. LinkedIn asks for a copy of either my passport or driving licence to verify identity! Absolutely no chance! I wasn’t asked for this when signing up so why now? There are no numbers or email addresses to contact for the uk. Customers services is non-existent! I’ve deleted the app now, no point having it anymore. I had built up 186 connections and gained work from them. LinkedIn do not send any information regarding why the account is restricted. And I’m definitely not sending in ID as they’ve been hacked before and that is the last thing that I want is someone stealing my ID! Can’t give 0 marks, unfortunately!.Version: 9.1.104

Usually great until...Usually this app is great until I tried to purchase a premium subscription. After making the payment via iTunes I wasn’t able to use the feature. When I contacted LinkedIn they told me iTunes/apple hadn’t passed on subscription details for my account and I needed to speak with iTunes. When I contact iTunes they told me the issue was with LinkedIn and I needed to go back to them. Basically I’ve been sent on a wild goose chase with no solution. I’ve since requested a full refund as I haven’t been able to use my premium account. Very disappointing..Version: 9.1.130

Get more onLinkedIn feature that has been added recently is terrible and annoying. Covers up half the screen and never leaves permanently. Boo.Version: 9.1.179

New to LinkedInI’m new to LinkedIn and in the whole don’t mind the app. There are a couple of things that I find frustrating; the newsfeed is all over the place, I see things from 2 months ago before seeing something from 2 days ago or today; I lose posts all the time when I know they are there; I cringe at the automatic post for work anniversary...I’d prefer to post my own content please. If you could solve these, I’d happily increase the rating. Thank you..Version: 9.1.216

Forces users to updateStop forcing users to update the app to keep using it. You aren’t a live service game, you’re a website. Imagine thinking all users can afford to download updates with their mobile data..Version: 9.1.238

Messaging has become terrible and extremely frustratingThe main thing I use LinkedIn for is messaging and the past couple of months with these updates the messaging has gone so downhill with more glitches and bugs than ever it makes me not even want to use it. Sometimes I click on a person to message and it just never pulls up the conversation or freezes when I am trying to hit send. Also, when you have a search going, it now disappears the moment you click out of the app to read a text or something which makes you have to keep putting in what you are searching for and it never used to do that. This app used to be great before they ruined it with pointless updates that only made things worse with no noticeable improvements. I would have rated 5 stars before these updates if that tells you how frustrating this has become..Version: 9.1.288

Bug in latest versionLong time LinkedIn user and subscriber to paid versions. You have a serious bug in the app. The majority of the time on iOS the app does not show any information, telling me “something went wrong”. To troubleshoot, I deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled. And during the install process when asked for my or and password, your app consistently told me I had no Internet connection despite being on 5G and able to surf the web etc. I switched to WiFi and could then login and use the app. Move off WiFi and back to cellular and I return to the “something went wrong” bug. The latest version of the app appears to work on WiFi, but not cellular - at least AT&T 5G. I am running an iPhone 12 Pro Max and latest version of iOS and your app. Please fix. Love your app, but it worthless right now at least for me..Version: 9.1.271

App continues to crash, messaging is awfulLinkedIn app has been slowly performing worse and worse.Version: 9.1.295

Not possible to see ‘most recent’ at topI just don’t understand why the mobile app would only show ‘top results’ at the top, rather than ‘most recent’ posts. Does anyone have interest in repeatedly seeing what someone posted weeks ago, rather than what is current? The job search algorithm needs some work as well. It doesn’t distinguish between jobs in different academic disciplines very well, so it’s hard to find ones that are relevant. Better for professional discussion than other social media, though, as not (yet) overwhelmed with bots and trolls. Although moderation could still be better..Version: 9.1.253

Can't upgradeNew version of LinkedIn doesn't work with my iPad on operating version 10.3 , why can't you make these upgrades backward compatible?.Version: 9.1.106

Stop snooping on the clipboard 👎Come on now..Version: 9.1.183

Great app - destroyed by updates! 😡I have an old iPad. It works. I am happy to be off the escalator of "Must have the newest tech". About five updates ago the update said it wasn't compatible with my iPad - but I could still use the old version. The next few updates arrived with a notification box that said "Update now" or "Later" so I could continue using the app. The latest update arrived with a single option "Update now" and I can no longer use the app. So, dear developers, goodbye!! I guess it behooves me not to be associated with an app that is so technologically inept and exclusive to new tech owners! 😥To add to my woes LinkedIn did contact me (good!) but didn't really listen (bad) and then closed my ticket without my agreement - they sent me a message "We are closing this ticket unless you click this link 😳 but when I clicked it I got "Sorry, this ticket is closed" (worse) and the app still won't update or work on my iPad!.Version: 9.1.106

SlowI get it it’s a growing network but it’s been around it a while now, and yet their system is still slow. Using it is like using a Facebook for work, but with 1 bar of wifi that keeps turning off 24/7. Other than that, it’s just like the web, it’s great for networking and everyone should get started on it for their careers!.Version: 9.1.143

Great app. Unsubscribe from emails before Earth Dies.In all complete honesty, LinkedIn as a great app and it’s net work is good, but seriously, the amount of emails that you get from this company probably emits as much greenhouse gas as mining bitcoin. It’s in my opinion, one of the biggest email cloggers I have yet to experience. I have the rest of my life to see one that is worse, but challenge accepted, I guess. I’ve been on this app since I was under 18 and I’m 27 now. I have spent many an hour clearing these LinkedIn emails, and it’s to the point where I fully understand that it could potentially be causing a detriment of heat to the earth due to the amount of emails they send out to literally anybody who is on planet earth and has an account. You will get carpal tunnel from swiping these emails into archive..Version: 9.1.224

Chronological feedIt’s annoying that you can’t sort your news feed chronologically in the app. I often find that I only get updates from significant contacts *weeks* after they were first posted. At that point there’s little point in responding as everyone’s moved on. I don’t really understand why this option isn’t available in the app when it is available in the web version. It really devalues the news feed..Version: 9.1.249

Serious VoiceOver accessibility problemsI am a blind person using the screen reader voiceover for iOS and I am having some serious VoiceOver accessibility problems. For one thing, in the new version, when I double tap on my Contacts, the app crashes every time. Secondly, when I am browsing through my people you may know section, the app get slower and slower and slower the longer eyebrows. Thirdly, if you were using voiceover, there is no option to remove someone from your people you may know list so that you do not see them anymore. The accessibility problems with this app used to be somewhat minimal. I am really looking forward to seeing this app fixed and using LinkedIn again. It is one of my favorite social networking platforms. I apologize if other people are bored by this review, but LinkedIn also does not have any where in the app or on the app support page to provide feedback about the app. I would also be kind of nice if developer of LinkedIn provided details about its updates in its release notes, but many App developers don’t do this. It’s just a pet peeve..Version: 9.1.71

IPhone XNumber one, if your application in the Apple IDs door would support a dialog box when selecting apps support I would be writing this in that dialog box and not under reviews. My review is based on the fact that Face ID is not used by LinkedIn. LinkedIn‘s responses leave your app signed in. I do not wish to do that, the information in the app is too private for me to take LinkedIn suggestion. The technology for Face ID has been incorporated to I would say 70 percent of the applications at this point, so it tells me that updating your app to use this functionality cannot be that difficult. I’ll be waiting for the Face ID recognition in your app soon. I would use your out more by not having to manually put in my password, holding the phone to your face makes my motivation to use your application what greater than having to use my large fingers To type in my password. Thank you, John.Version: 9.1.59

App stalls all the timeIt’s been a while now I am struggling with this app now thinking that it might get better in the newer updates but no luck so far. It always kinda hang when I open it, even if at some time it shows up, it stalls in couple of minutes. Disappointed. 👎🏼.Version: 9.1.107

LinkedInHey, When I first downloaded this app on my iPhone X(my current phone) it used to work fine and now this just freezes most of the time. Could please find out why this is happening?.Version: 9.1.82

Horrible app/ Customer serviceThe app/ website is difficult to use and the UI is as good as a brick. Windows 98 is easier to use. You can’t contact customer support via the phone, at all. If you can’t log in you can’t get to their email to contact them and when you finally hear back it’s “violated terms of service” and will not elaborate. IV read the TOS and there’s nothing I’m doing wrong. Can’t use the app/website on multiple devices or it will lose its ****. Relies on community mangers to help solve claims but it dosent help at all. I had to google a phone number and email to put in a support ticket while being locked out of my account. The phone goes to an automated voice that only tells you, to refer to their help tab that has useless information. LinkedIn needs competition because this is a huge pain to deal with. I strongly suggest you look for an alternative to LinkedIn..Version: 9.1.252

Crashes on photo upload from iOSEvery time i write a post with a photo uploaded from Photos from my iPhone 6s the app crashes and never posts. This has been going on for years and has never been fixed. Rubbish given I have to use the web version on a desktop- defeats the purpose of the post tool on mobile apps..Version: 9.1.69

Cannot post from appI have been trying to create a post through the app (standard post with one photo and tagging 4 people), the keyboard glitches, tagged people don’t appear in bold and the app eventually crashes every single time..Version: 9.1.283

Stop sending me notifications for no reasonI’ve edited all of the notification settings that are available, because I want to see if I receive any messages, but every time I close the app another badge pops up. When I open the app to see why, it directs me to my network and says “no new invitations, here’s some people you might know”. This is blatantly a way of tricking users into opening the app again, but is going to backfire, because I’m going to delete it and rely on email notifications instead..Version: 9.1.156

Okay app - false notifications?App is okay, but there have been multiple times when the app says I have a notification and I log in the app just to see there is no new notification at all. The app would be much better if I don’t get these false notifications. Edited: we keep receiving the same response that our reviews get fed back to the product team, but nothing has changed. How long does it take for LinkedIn to fix a bug like that? Is that a bug at all? It’s unacceptable that I have seen people complaining about the same problem for months and years and nothing has been done about it. Sorry, down to 1 star for me..Version: 9.1.129

Clunky and slowLinkedIn’s iOS app is not a joy to use. It feels slow to respond to button presses, scrolling, etc. Social competitors like Facebook pour money into their apps to make them feel like good platform citizens, and LinkedIn just feels slow and wrong on iOS (maybe it’s better on the other mobile platform). For these reasons I use the LinkedIn app because I have to, but I grit my teeth and put it off for as long as possible..Version: 9.1.223

Constant ‘no internet connection’In theory this is a good app, use it when it works. However over 50% of the time it doesn’t work and requires you to hard reset your internet options - which isn’t worth doing for an app. Deleted.Version: 9.1.196

Login inNeed to enter login information every time you open the application..Version: 9.1.200

Linkedin (and the rest of social media) has become terribleAfter being a paying premium linkedin member for years, my account was suddenly deleted by linkedin simply because i chose to talk openly with others on it about being treated for sickness i’ve dealt with that was related to the moderna vaccine - and trying to spread helpful information to others who may experience the same issue. i’m also a single parent trying to find work ASAP after the past two years of struggle. linkedin has been deleting actual doctors who have been trying to help with this stuff as well. it’s clear the people in linkedin’s trust & safety department don’t care about any of this and have joined the insane groupthink cult governing too many of these companies now, censoring anyone who might displease their advertisers, even to their userbase’s detriment. the fact that linkedin has started using engagement and suppression algorithms like twitter and facebook is making it an increasingly more toxic environment as well. i’ve switched to indeed. linkedin has become absolutely inhumane and will sink its own ship if this is how it continues to conduct business..Version: 9.1.264

Doesn’t work well on iOSI love LinkedIn and spend a lot of time on it. I have noticed more often than not errors about no internet connection (when I’m on LTE), ‘oops something went wrong errors’ or other random issues. Please fix them!!.Version: 9.1.109

A lot of bugsLogging me out. Nothing this refreshing. App crashes..Version: 9.1.210

Has turned into a trashy dating siteWas once a great networking site with professionalism. Now I receive unsolicited messages from businesses I have absolute interest in, requests for friendship and connection requests from people I’ve never met. All I see are so called “inspiring quotes” and people who call themselves thought leaders. I’m a hiring manager and I much prefer the old fashioned way of receiving CVs, shoulder tapping or people giving me a call..Version: 9.1.75

Clingy and irritatingEvery time you open the app it bugs you with un-avoidable notifications. Connect with these people. Invite(spam) these people from your contact list. Follow these topics. Follow these companies. Update your profile. Then you make it through the defenders and you have 40 connection requests from people you don’t even know. I’m sure it’s useful for power users - people who use it to spam and connect to 1000’s of people at once, but the downside is that it’s an awful experience for the average infrequent user who just wants to network with people they actually know..Version: 9.1.53

The unsafe fact about LinkedInLinkedIn is not safe to use, I made an account on here for jobs- however when I didn’t find any jobs I deleted my account, my profile picture has been uploaded to google search without my permission. After I deleted my account, my profile picture is still on google. I never realised- like Twitter, Facebook pages and things like that- that LinkedIn is just as public, I really thought it had my safety things and setting surrounding the app. I shan’t be using this app again, it’s too public and unsafe to use. It’s now the waiting game for me- to see if my profile picture gets taken down from google, I really hope this app becomes more safe for people in future. Maybe in future, don’t put people’s personal details online- that they’ve used to set up their account. Anything can happen, like for example identity theft- I really hope that someone doesn’t save my photo online, and scam people pretending to be me because of you..Version: 9.1.178

A failure in corporate governanceThe app works quite well against the basic proposition - once you’ve actually managed to reach that point. To get there, you’ll need to summit K2 - metaphorically at least: Every time you launch it, you’ll be taken through a cleverly crafted set of Yes/Next/No/Continue questions designed to get at your address list and all of its contact details. If this isn’t what you intend, be very careful and alert on each launch. I found it much simpler to just uninstall and give up on the app. Whoever decided this corporate policy has made a huge mistake of judgement..Version: 9.1.91

Notification IssuesI’m a job seeker and I’ve been using LinkedIn to aid in my search. However, I’m afraid of missing a job opportunity as whenever I get a push notification I never hear any sound, unlike with my other apps. I always see a red number on my LinkedIn app widget showing me how many new notifications I have however I never hear any sound. All other sounds seem to be working which leads me to believe it’s an app issue rather than a phone issue or operator error somewhere. Please help! Thanks! Also, unless I’m just missing it, I would LOVE the ability to select a custom notification sound within the app so I can identify a LinkedIn notification from all others. Thank you! Be safe! Oh! One thing I did forget to add is that I LOVE the section called “My Next Job Should Offer Me” where we’re able to specify benefits we’re asking for as well as the schedule we need. Oh and the Name Pronunciation feature is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!.Version: 9.1.187

Very frustrating appThis app is REALLY frustrating because whenever I open it, it constantly hassles me to add all my contacts and go through and add more people, and it's a multi step process to dismiss this. It's also deceptive in tricking you into sending requests to people who aren't even on LinkedIn, without making it clear that's what it's doing. As a developer myself, I really don't like this app. Please make it less annoying and then I'll give it a better rating. I don't recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to be frustrated by it attempting to be a Facebook copy. - Just updated this review, and even a year later it's still just as bad - And more than year later, it's still just as annoying with a multi step process if you haven't opened it in a little bit trying to force you to add more people and follow more. Honestly hate this app now. Very unprofessional. - I notice a developer reply - but what a token effort, if you're actually interested in taking on this feedback you would read what I've written above and make your app less like ad-ware and more user enjoyable..Version: 9.1.78

App is now unusableThis latest update has made the app unusable for me. When opening the app, a window opens requesting that the app be updated and it cannot be ignored. There is no option to update later. Tap ok and it takes me to the App Store. The only option at the App Store is to "open" the app, the Update button is not available so hit open and the app then opens. Almost immediately a window pops up to direct me to the App Store for the app to be updated. And so the circle/cycle continues. I can now only use the web site, which has always been the better option. Have deleted the app to reinstall it and when opened again it immediately requests to be updated - with the same cycle. Unusable..Version: 9.1.159

No response back from recruitersHey guys don’t waste your time on this app. I needed a job ASAP, as I was working casually in a warehouse so I uploaded my resume and offer letter in this app. For sure they showed several jobs matching your profile but none of them give you a back response . It’s been more than a month and I was really hoping that this app would help me to find a job. Even I didn’t get to celebrate my Christmas and new year because I was unemployed.Version: 9.1.295

TerribleAlmost as buggy as their website. The LinkedIn app feels like it's been developed a board room by business people..Version: 9.1.69

Mobile app needs workThe mobile app keeps crashing. Especially when you’re using it to type a DM in the messages tab. This started happening since q3 2022. Needs to be fixed!.Version: 9.1.295

Can’t post picturesThe post option is frozen. Please fix.Version: 9.1.249

Location update FailureDespite many updates, the location update section to improve profile strength has still a problem..Version: 9.1.182

Better edit abilityWe need to be able to edit/ delete photos from a post, not just text.Version: 9.1.232

Bad updateThe app keep signing me off after updating it..Version: 9.1.200

Its just OK which is NOT EnoughThe LinkedIn app has several limitations which seem unacceptable as one of the top social networks in the world. To begin, you cannot fully edit your own profile in the app. I’ve tried and there are either error messages that populate or entire sections unavailable for editing. Secondly, when finding content on your connections profiles which you would like to share, the “share” feature does not work the same. It displays on your feed as “Shared on LinkedIn” instead of the thumbnail of the content from connection that ought to display. Thirdly, the UI looks pretty bad and not designed responsively. On iPad, there is tons of dead white space along both the right and left sides. Why? I guess I expect that the app version of LinkedIn should be probably BETTER than the web since we live in an age where most people are on the move and don’t have a computer screen in front of them..Version: 9.1.98

New sign in request on every time you open the aplHey Team at Linkden! Don’t know what have you changed in the new update. Everything time I open my app even with the FaceId recognition it still asks me to login and put my details manually! It’s become an absolute nightmare using the app. Being a professional I have to go on the app and use it..but now it’s insane.Version: 9.1.209

Needs improvementI was just trying to apply to a job on LinkedIn. They said to contact the employer by email and provided the email. When I press and hold LinkedIn does not allow you to select text to copy and paste into your mail. The email is also not a link I can click on to email. I unfortunately have to manually type in the long email letter by letter going back and fourth. Please fix this. I was also recently searching for jobs and reading a number of job descriptions. Many were in my field but did not apply to me. I would like to be able to hide them so I don’t see them in the future. Don’t see a way to do this. I only see Apply and Save buttons; no hide. When viewing a clients portfolio web link and clicking on it nothing happens within LinkedIn. This link should open up in Safari; I can not copy/paste it into Safari either and have to go back and fourth typing letter by letter..Version: 9.1.226

Racist platform - sells your ID on the Dark WebWhen I first joined LinkedIn I had support help me consolidate two accounts and that wasn’t an issue. Then because I debated some racists and debunked their lies, LinkedIn decided I was the guilty party and suspended my account. They demanded a copy of my ID front and back and/or passport. My identity could’ve been verified through my contacts who are high level attorneys, CEOs and even the Chamber of Commerce of which I am a member and LinkedIn sees that. They refused to reinstate my account. They’re racists as revealed by an article in NY Times in 2019! I then created another account and rebuilt my profile. After a while LinkedIn seeing I was getting a lot of traction to my posts restricted my account again this time claiming I had two accounts AND I NEEDED to provide a passport or ID again! These people are insane! Suddenly my credit report warned that my email address was compromised and was found on the dark web! Guess who did this? Yes, LinkedIn. This company is a racist lying bunch of thieves and you should really avoid it at all cost. It’s no longer the professional platform it once was..Version: 9.1.265

Log in every time I open the app?!The latest version keeps logging me out and I have to log in again every time I open the app! Please fix it!.Version: 9.1.209

App crashing when trying to open articleI keep trying to open this article on LinkedIn on Spotify’s LinkedIn about Black History Month and the app keeps on crashing. Seems a rather weird coincidence, isn’t it? All the other posts work just fine, but this one seems to make the app crash. All the annoying ads you keep shoving in my face work just fine, and this inportant article about Black Culture and resilience can’t be opened because this app ‘crashes’. You should be ashamed of yourselves. On top of that, there’s no tech support email address anywhere, so shockingly no one will be able to help this. Will uninstall. Can’t use an app that does not support Black Culture and Black History Month. And don’t ‘thank me for my feedback and ask me to contact you through the link’. I opened the link. That’s not tech support..Version: 9.1.206

Always has the “Something Went Wrong” pageHave had the LinkedIn app for years on multiple phones and 4/5 pages will always have the “Something Went Wrong” screen on it so that it’s nearly impossible to use the app. I’ll get notifications and messages and can’t see them on my phone no matter how much a refresh the app. Probably one of the worst performing apps I’ve ever had, especially for a well-known company. Very frustrating..Version: 9.1.237

Some bugs that block functionalityPops an empty black screen when requesting your work email in order to link to open roles you’re hiring for or join a company community..Version: 9.1.295

The absolute worst networking app...LinkedIn is the absolute worst, corrupt, and non user friendly social app out there. There are too many reasons to even begin mentioning all of them. Just to name one: if a user wants to unfriend or leave a group, LinkedIn intentionally makes it impossible to do so on the mobile app. I’m also still dealing with a “glitch” that the app had a few years ago. Without giving any permission to access my iPhone’s contacts, LinkedIn automatically dumped every one of my LinkedIn contacts into my iPhone’s contacts. Well over 500 contacts were combined with my personal contacts. Not a big deal you say? Well those contacts birthdays were then automatically also added to iPhone’s calendar. Everyday I would have at least a couple of these birthdays showing. For well over a year I was manually removing these contacts one name at a time. LinkedIn admitted to the error. Thanks that did nothing to help. So at this point I have zero trust in the integrity, honesty, or reliability of LinkedIn..Version: 9.1.136

App is great except cannot choose languageApp's languagefollows ios system' language, not like linkedin website, you can choose preffeted language..Version: 9.1.104

Cost now?I’ve had this app before at no cost, why do I have to pay to reinstall it?.Version: 9.1.161

This app allows spam emails and scamsWATCH OUT After signing up to LinkedIn I started to receive 10-15 emails a day from spam companies many which would lead to dodgy websites. None could confirm where my email address was taken from nor did they care I opted out 2-3 times from their email services. Shortly after opting out EXCEL FINANCIALS started to call me regarding investments (scam) which leads me to believe that LinkedIn does not care about your privacy or who is operating their app. My suggestion is to have a FAKE email address to sign up. That way your BUSINESS EMAIL doesn’t get spammed continuously. I’ve had trouble understanding who were actual clients and fraudulent clients which made me lose clients..Version: 9.1.122

Where has the ‘Search Appearances’ analysis on my profile gone?I’m a premium user of LinkedIn as I like the perks of having features that regular subscribers don’t. One of these features is the weekly update to ‘Search appearances’, which shows which companies the people who’ve seen me in a search result work for. I find this very interesting, but since the last app update it no longer appears in the ‘Analytics’ section on my profile. I think it’s pretty poor practice to take away a piece of premium functionality that I’m paying for, hence the reduced star rating. Please look into this and bring this functionality back, LinkedIn folks..Version: 9.1.275

Please add an unlimited word countI love LinkedIn, but would like to see an unlimited word count. There are so many times that I have a post that exceeds the allotted word count and it’s frustrating. I could condense what i need to say most times, but sometimes I need to be able to say more than what LinkedIn allows. If the post is good, people will read it. If not, they don’t have to read it and can just scroll on past. I’m sure if you took a poll from other LinkedIn users, you would find that most of them would agree that LinkedIn needs an unlimited word count. Don’t limit it solely for the purpose of making sure people’s posts are shorter. Give people the opportunity to add as much as they need to their posts. Sometimes you need to be able to add more to your post to properly say what you need to say because tightening your word count doesn’t always cut it..Version: 9.1.176

Merging accountsSo when I moved job a few years ago, I lost access (I thought) to my original account and so set up another. Now I have regained access to my old account I wish to merge the two accounts. Unfortunately, this has so far taken more than two weeks, with assistance from LinkedIn only to have access to my old account properly disabled (by LinkedIn) and without access to my old connections. Still hoping to get this resolved shouldn’t be this difficult. I may change the 3* rating friending in whether this is resolved successfully!.Version: 9.1.150

Love LinkedIn - hate this one tiny bugPlease please please for all that is good and holy, please make it so when you connect with someone on the app, it pops up a “personalize invite” modal like it does on the desktop version. Or make the desktop version work like the mobile version (but the desktop flow is better IMO). The amount of times discrepancy between the two platforms has caused me to accidentally send an invite to early & blow a connection because I connect, want to personalize, and then can’t, and then need to withdraw and wait 3 (THREE!!) weeks before I can resend is just bonkers. Please please please fix this and I will come back and make this review 5 stars and love you forever. LinkedIn is a great platform, and could be a lot bigger than it is with people spending more time on it. They don’t because little stuff like this drives us wild..Version: 9.1.247

Can’t live without DMsLinkedIn Direct Messaging is reason enough for me to use the LinkedIn mobile app. It gives you a chance to dialogue easily, and even send voice messages, and video messages! Message search capabilities are slow and poor, but hopefully the new app release in October 2020 will be a better experience..Version: 9.1.194

Page admin bugI am no longer able to edit my posts as page admin. Can you please fix!.Version: 9.1.234

DifficultI was just trying to make an account for the app but it kept going back to the first page I was on when I first went into the app. It typically was frustrating with every single time I opened the app I had to go through a sequence of questions regarding friends that were on linkedin and inviting those who weren’t. It was too much effort just to look for a job. (not that is should be effortless).Version: 9.1.178

My linkedin Profile has disappeared without traceMy personal linkedin account which i have had for over 10 years, through different roles and sectors in which i had built a large network, has now completely disappeared. No records come up when i search and no log-in combinations or recovery solutions have helped. I had not used the account for 18 months+ as i was not in need of it at the time, but if i had been warned that the account was going to be deleted or removed i would have acted to stop that happening. I have tried to get in touch with linkedin, but apart from a telephone number in the U.S. there is other way to contact them directly about this. Absolutely livid.Version: 9.1.179

Rediculous bugI have to login everytime I open the app in my phone. It's rediculous! It's logging out automatically.Version: 9.1.200

Useless update.....So linked in Upgrade their system without any thought for existing users. It must be Linked ins responsibility to make any upgrade compatible with existing software. What makes it worse is that it works fine on my phone but not on my iPad. Both using same level software. As one of the original members I feel that your focus has moved from members interests to money making and you now need to get back to the original focus of bringing professionals together. You have lost this. Half the time I find adverts and promotions of stuff I do not need rather than the forums we used to have..Version: 9.1.267

My eyesNo dark mode 🤯.Version: 9.1.215

Dear LinkedIn can you please fix this, thank youThank you for reading my comment and enquiry today. I have a problem with the certificates section, I added in my latest certificates and they dropped to the bottom end of the certificates section. For example, I added in the certificate for providing CPR, but it is eventually put to the bottom of the certificates section. I think the latest certificates should be displayed first Otherwise, for me it would be great if I can drag and move (re-order) the certificates/licenses. Similar to what LinkedIn did for Education/volunteering section. My profile is Thomas Minh Tuan Thiên. Just in case. Thank you LinkedIn Team(s),.Version: 9.1.233

Cancelling premium is impossibleFrom your phone it is extremely difficult. Why can’t that option be included in the app? Hate blatantly making cancelations difficult.Version: 9.1.112

UnusableThe app is completely unusable in the evening due to the lack of dark mode. If you are using Linkedin then the chances are you work a day job and in front of screens for a large portion of your day. Why would you then torture yourself at night by exposing yourself to this draconian looking app. For a company worth 20bn+, I can’t understand why the developers are so far behind on the implementation of a feature that has become a staple for all mobile apps. I’m writing this review in dark mode. I read news in dark mode, I respond to texts in dark mode, I even have an app on my phone created by a solo dev and that has dark mode. While in thisrhythm of flicking through these apps, tell me WHY would i subject myself to the blinding torture of using the Linkedin app? Because I can’t find a reason It makes me think that Linkedin will be left behind in many other areas of technology in the coming years..Version: 9.1.232

I’m supposed to pay for this privilege4 days ago I paid for premium and my first communication the app crashes every time I add a photo. Now when I try to cancel my subscription l receive a msg saying I can’t. I cleared all pending support cases and it still says I can’t cancel AND now that I must contact Apple” Wasted a great deal of my time in the first instance of trying to use premium services and now I’m getting the run around. My attempt at communication and premium services failed me terribly and I have now completed my communications through other means. LINKEDIN CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE - APPLE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE - Could you make this whole experience any more difficult?.Version: 9.1.71

It’s so soBeing honest I love this app. But lately every time I chick on the app it’s telling me every second to login in. It’s getting frustrated. Could someone please fix this. I am only giving it a 2 star because it’s time consuming doing this..Version: 9.1.200

Logout on all closeThe latest update logs you out every time you close the app in iOS. It sucks having to sign in every time I open the app. LinkedIn please fix this. This wasn’t happening before the latest update..Version: 9.1.200

Scrolling through job search results… how are you making this so annoying?On mobile app scrolling through job search results is painful. Initial scrolling is ok. If you then try and continue scrolling your app doesn’t respond until a second or third attempt to continue scrolling through results. Super annoying..Version: 9.1.289

Job search section needs improvingThere used to be a separate job search app, which was great, but this has been retired. Job searches on the LI app are now a nightmare. I set up a filter with my criteria and it keeps deleting itself so I have to reset it every time. It used to work before but since a few days ago this keeps happening. Even when it worked, it would not save my filter search to “most recent”. I don’t care about most relevant, as someone looking for work, I am constantly searching so need to see the latest!! Please do something about it, it’s really frustrating. Still no progress. It’s actually getting worse and worse. Won’t let me select a city if I filter by country. It’s just so user-unfriendly 🤦🏼‍♀️.Version: 9.1.138

Surprise chargesSigned up for the premium free trial, didnt like it so deleted my account well before the trial ended. you would think deleting yourself off of linkedin would mean you wouldnt be able to open a premium account and get charged $50 for nothing but that is exactly what happened. so yeah, if youre unemployed and on a limited income - beware of the risks of using this service, not only did it not provide me any work whatsoever it scammed me out of $50..Version: 9.1.148

Stop it!I’ve gone back and made sure all notifications have been turned off, however this app just doesn’t give up. I don’t want to keep seeing the same contract list “do you know this person” pop up, and I am not interested in the same jobs (which I am most definitely not qualified for nor interested in). The constant red alert numbers over the app is frustrating. Although the concept of LinkedIn is great, At this point I might as well delete the app. Until a fix is made for the notification issues I won’t be back! * I have followed all articles provided to others with the same issues that you have replied to here in the comments, and those do not work for getting rid of the push notifications..Version: 9.1.59

Only sort of usefulAn account is basically required by potential employers if you’re applying to white collar jobs, but is incredibly difficult to sort thru or actually get a response from companies- especially if you are applying thru linkedin itself. Would recommend only using the app to find companies that sound interesting, vetting them thru glassdoor, then applying via the company website itself. Suggestion 1 for better UX: limit applications to 100 per job with job listings closing automatically upon hitting 100 apps received. I am tired of seeing open job listings with 100+ applicants because i KNOW that the hiring managers are only skimming the top 5% of applicants from the pile and then underpaying them for their experience. Suggestion 2 for better UX: Years of required experience being listed as a filter within job listings search. I am not interested in a job that pays entry level wages or says “fast paced environment” and then requires 5-7 years of experience AND a bachelors..Version: 9.1.221

SafetyLinkedIn in only allows you to block 250 people, which is not many people when you consider the large number of users worldwide. There are many fake accounts (common to all social media platforms) that we should be able to block. Unlimited blocking is required for the safety of many users..Version: 9.1.102

IPhone X issue or app issue?For the last month or 2 now I have missed out on opportunities and new business due to not being notified of any contact. When I first realised I double checked every possible setting in the app and in all setting options on my iPhone X handset - everything was on as usual. Put it down to the recent GDPR regs and thought nothing more of it. Weeks later I’m still not receiving a single notification, even though there has been plenty of activity on my account in the same period of time! Frustrated beyond belief at the prospect of losing any further opportunities - please advise what I should do to rectify - thank you.Version: 9.1.86

Had become a nuisance appWhy have you designed the app to generate pointless notifications? I get a red dot notification, and when I go to the Notifications tab, I’m met with a message telling me I don’t have any notifications. It also tells me to complete my profile, but after navigating to my profile it is not made clear what you think is missing. So I leave the app - only for you to create a new notification. And so the cycle continues. Unless you remove this ridiculous stream of boy-who-cried-wolf notifications, I’ll have to remove your app. Update: Thanks for the response but it does not address the problem. There is no specific notification to mute. A notification is generated by the app but does not correspond to any real notification. I have pretty much all notifications turned off except for activity involving me. I thought this was clear in my original text. Update 2: I’ve not made any further changes but the issue of being ‘notified of nothing’ has gone away since the latest run of updates. They must have either knowingly or unknowingly fixed it..Version: 9.1.84

Logout bugApp keeps logging you out..Version: 9.1.209

Intrusive and annoyingI like LinkedIn as a service but the app is painful. I’ve turned off all notifications because it constantly lies about there being things to see. It persistently asks you to let it have access to your contacts even though you say no. Even though I’ve said no to allowing access to my contacts, it deceptively suggests adding people I know who aren’t even on LinkedIn. Sometimes I have messages from people that don’t show up in the app. It’s a disgusting app..Version: 9.1.51

Unprofessional customer service and inaccurate algorithmsAfter using the application for quite a while that I have added too many connections that I have never talked to. So recently I was trying to clean up those connections. Because I didn’t find any option to delete all unused connections all at once so I just manually deleted them. All of sudden I received an system notification that I was using a third party software and restricted for log in in 1 hour. I was so frustrated that I never used anything like that and I was just simply cleaning up my unused connections. I mean if LinkedIn has the option to let me delete them all at once then I don’t need to manually delete one by one and create a ‘high volume’ as they claimed. It is the inaccurate algorithms that mark me as something called ‘using the the third party software’. In fact I don’t even know there exists this kind of third party software. The customer representative was like this is a done deal that you are using the 3rd party software and any tickets regarding to this would be closed automatically. So LinkedIn made a mistake that they don’t admit it. And the customer has no right to point it out! See this is the way how they treat their customers!.Version: 9.1.235

Dm functionality crashingNot able to send DM’s on mobile. Crashes and freezes. Messages dont open, leads to a white screen. Have no idea whether I've replied or not to recruiters or colleagues. Terrible experience and very unreliable. Super disappointed in LinkedIn nowadays..Version: 9.1.295

Atrocious AlgorithmsI’ve wasted my time for years with Indeed trying to search for jobs, and most of the wasted time is related to having to get through the pile of unrelated jobs thrown at me without any relevance to my job search. It doesn’t matter how deeply I attempt to tweak my search, get rid of unrelated jobs or even supply comments to this company as to why their jobs are irrelevant - they keep on sending jobs that have absolutely no connection to my search criteria. Indeed could apply a significant fix by limiting job results to only those which have the exact match in the job title, but that’s not an option. Why not? Because Indeed gets paid for the number of times a job shows up in a search, not whether it has no relevance. “Failed algorithms which waste job seekers time” - I suspect that this is the vision statement for Indeed. I depend on LinkedIn instead, and so should everyone else: Same jobs, but less wasted time and effort..Version: 9.1.266

Spyware (Microsoft definitely knows better)App is constantly copying your data from the clipboard. Anything text, images, etc. that you copy is recorded by the app. Even when using other apps. Privacy NIGHTMARE. Their excuse of this being a “bug” is obviously bogus..Version: 9.1.183

NOT for dedicated job seekersThis platform is no longer useful for finding a job. The app does all of what it can to keep the user locked in to the feed section. If I’m reviewing a job and my screen lock becomes active (or view something off of the app), when I return to the app, I am immediately taken to my feed. When I go back to the job section, the job I was reviewing is no longer visible. I’m sure it’s not deleted. It’s just hard to tell which one I was viewing, especially if you’re searching for similar jobs. It’s like as soon as you put your phone down, you lose place in line. It creates nothing but wasted time. For anyone who has experienced a layoff, unemployment is a lot of work and it can easily wear you out. The last thing a person needs is a tool that slows them down. Of course a person can look elsewhere for jobs but why even have a job section if it has basic flaws..Version: 9.1.266

Not able to access on cellular, only WiFiI recently transferred Service from Verizon to AT&T. The LinkedIn app only works on Wi-Fi it does not work connected to cellular service. I have gone through all of the troubleshooting steps with AT&T as well as Apple. I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro. Everyone has said it is not an issue on their end that I should contact the developer. Please advise if there is some thing I can do to make this app push through on cellular service. The app is up-to-date with what’s available in the App Store for me. I use this app for business regularly and I’m currently only able to use it on my home computer or I also cannot access the LinkedIn website on a browser unless I am The app is up-to-date with what’s available in the App Store for me. I use this app for business regularly and I’m currently only able to use it on my home computer or my phone but must be connected to Wi-Fi. The strange part is on my phone I also cannot access the LinkedIn website on a browser unless I am connected to Wi-Fi. Please advise. Thank you..Version: 9.1.271

Terrible customer supportI have created an account, and I updated my basic info. I left the app for a few days and when I tried to log in I received an information that my account was temporarily restricted, for God know what reason. I haven’t received any email regarding this. Now, I can’t contact anyone via phone, because Linkedin doesn’t offer this kind of service. Instead there’s a forum, which is useless. They say that you can use ‘contacts us’ link at the bottom of the page. But it still asks you to log in. My account is blocked, I can’t do that! The support service is poor, and hard to find..Version: 9.1.179

Sort function for posts is sadly lackingReally like the app, the chat function could be more visible, but this app is totally missing a sort function for posts especially a Chronological sort.Version: 9.1.219

I HATE the saved job changes in mobile appPlease leave this section as-is. I have spent YEARS building my saved jobs list and organizing it to my liking, and now you are auto changing it and making my saved information harder to access. Seeing them in one list, in order of save date was much more helpful than moving some to an unnecessary “archive” list. We already could already see which saved jobs were no longer available (aka “archived”) so this literally provides no new value other than altering saved user information. If this saved jobs features goes away (or access to old saved posts) I will literally quit using LinkedIn that same day. It’s by far the most valuable feature and pretty much the only reason why I use this app. Thank you..Version: 9.1.259

Good app, frustrating notificationsOn the whole, this an excellent and well designed app. The notifications however are a nightmare, not only do you receive dozens of notifications per day, it is complicated to alter which notifications you don’t want to receive as push notifications - to the point where I have turned all notifications off and instead periodically check the app. An option to toggle off all notifications except connections an messages quickly would be really appreciated..Version: 9.1.283

Missing featuresNot having an option to remove connection or unfollow while scrolling through the feed is annoying. People who keeps posting junk or irrelevant content that completely hiding the industry news, when I try to remove connection with such people I don’t have an option to remove or unfollow them right from the feed it forces me to go their profile page and remove connection. Also the improve feed is not effective, I don’t want my feed to filled only with the recruiters post how advertise as if like they are looking to buy / commodities. I want to use LinkedIn to stay connected with the industry in ways that let me easily grasp what is happening in the industry. Should have different section for recruiters feed!!.Version: 9.1.167

Don’t like companies that forces you update appLinkedIn hasn’t been user friendly for a long time.Version: 9.1.192

Privacy concernsThis is probably going to sound strange but I’m encountering an issue with this application/website. There’s been a few times I search for a company or job role and suddenly, people from the company or role look at my page or search my name. Is there a reason why this is happening? It’s really strange. At first, I thought it could be my imagination or the algorithm. I think that it would be great if a feature was added to view your recent searches. I normally don’t search for people due to the profile viewing feature, but I would like to know why and how certain people are finding my profile. This also happens when I am logged out of my account and searching companies via Google. It seems like an invasion of privacy and I am considering deleting my account..Version: 9.1.243

Not worth of cost1. Standard system generated response will come to this comment rather than some logical answer. 2. Advertisements are irrelevant. Even YouTube is removing advertisement after becoming a premium members. 3. Premium courses are not up to mark. 4. Benefits of premium members are not worth the money..Version: 9.1.201

App crashes when I want to read my messagesLinked In, actually is the best app among other social networking apps, because off its focus on professions and professionally. But after updating to last version in iOS platform, when I want to read my messages, app crashes that till now I couldn’t read my very important messages and unfortunately I don’t have any access to content of my messages in my email or etc.😡 I don’t know the reason of this huge volume of updates without any improving in speed, reliability and stability of the App..Version: 9.1.122

Pay attention to the reviews here!LinkedIn is a decent professional sharing platform that I have been using for years. But it’s highly frustrating when the developers go around making all kinds of updates but ignore the the fundamental issues that users are asking them to fix! Just look at the reviews here - something definitely wrong when you have so many users complaining about the notifications! Too many and they keep re-appearing even after you have cleared them multiple times. Only solution seems to be to unfollow the contact - which defeats the whole purpose of being on LinkedIn!! Get your act together and fix this problem- pay attention to the users!.Version: 9.1.137

Adding profile pictures messes upEvery photo goes all dark and is ruined.Version: 9.1.172

Please fix article scrollingI was reading an article published on LinkedIn and noticed that as I was pulling up a new paragraph the scrolling of the page ‘bounced’ up so that more than one line was showing at the bottom of the screen. I assume this feature has been A/B tested and shown to increase reading duration. This is presumably because I as the user will be more likely to read the paragraph if the text is on screen. However, the bouncing detracted from my experience and will discourage me from clicking on articles on the platform in the future. If you want to microengineer LinkedIn to keep people on the platform for longer, it will inevitably come at the expense of value gained per unit of time spent for the user. I imagine this is a big reason why people have stopped using Facebook (for example) because they eventually realise their time spent is not meaningful..Version: 9.1.271

Deleting messagesEasy to delete messages when online(web). Once you open the app messages are still appearing. Hard to contact HELP support through the app..Version: 9.1.177

MehToo many spammy notifications.Version: 9.1.295

Professional Subscription - RIP OFFA rip off. I seemingly got a free trial (I never used) and now I get charged $NZ90 for something. I only know this because APPLE billed me. It tells you on the web how to look at your subscriptions but certainly I cannot see it on my phone and I really OBJECT to being charged for something I do not want and did not (knowingly) use. Thus is the worst form of selling and a disgrace to an organisation which should have more transparent business processes. Also they say they refuse refunds, So far I have paid a massive fee for nothing. What is more I am quite to keep writing adverse comments every week until I get the refund I feel that I am owed..Version: 9.1.19

App is freezingAfter updating the latest version, app is freezing often..Version: 9.1.178

Need Auto-Saving for DraftsI spent about an hour carefully crafting a reply to a message, had assembled a bunch of links and useful information for the recipient, and had to navigate away from the app momentarily to grab a link. When I switched back to LinkedIn, the app opened to the main landing page and when I reopened the message I had been composing a reply to, the text field was empty. I lost an hour of work and I feel so frustrated, distraught, and disheartened. Auto-save for in-progress messages is pretty basic functionality for most messaging programs and if your app had had it, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I wish I could setup a LinkedIn auto-response that directs everyone who messages through LinkedIn me to contact me on a different interface, so that I could avoid using LinkedIn’s messaging tool entirely. Objectively, the app is basically fine aside from this issue and does not really deserve only one star. I’m just still reeling from the emotional blow of this experience and looking for an outlet for my frustration as well as to share this feedback with you while it’s fresh and in a way that will help your team feel the pain that can be caused by this product gap and really understand the impact. Thanks for reading..Version: 9.1.226

One bug always kills meOverall a functional app, could do with makeover / aesthetic review to make posts more readable. BUG - when accepting a connection request, you are automatically sent to a list of suggested connections. Attempting to EXIT this list (X) freezes the app on iOS and requires a restart. This has been persistent for months now - please fix..Version: 9.1.118

EhI honestly have never written a review before, but I left LinkedIn because of this when I was fond of building connections on LinkedIn. However, someone had to make me very uncomfortable. LinkedIn is for professional use. When posting, there should be a sensitivity filter so what ever comment or post is being shared on LinkedIn directly is not hurtful or disrespectful. I had a horrible experience with someone disrespecting my profession and the person said “in ms your considered a joke” on my post that involved my profession having an appreciation week. That is the total opposite of what LinkedIn in is used for. Update: it’s sad to see that my review was overlooked and not cared about. Bullying or any form of making someone uncomfortable especially on a professional job app should be taken seriously. You should be able to post about your profession without someone trying to undermine a position. What a shame. Adding on to my review: I hope LinkedIn is able to talk with him, and give him a warning. It’s sad because I did not want to leave LinkedIn, but because of this behavior that should not be tolerated I left and it was probably for the best. I just wanted to be recognized for all the hard work I do for my job and post it on my page and someone had to ruin it all. I know it’s not you LinkedIn, but I hope you can help me..Version: 9.1.248

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