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Gmail - Email by Google app received 76 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about gmail - email by google?

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Have used gmail for yearsNever had a problem.Version: 6.0.230122

Select AllHi google, Can you please add a select all option to the app? It’s almost to the point of having RSI having to tap the emails I have to delete in group lots after being out of internet service and then coming back into a service area to then have to delete so many emails without the option of selecting all. Other then that, great job, well done, amazing work google mail team, you’re all fabulous! Have a great day where ever you are ;).Version: 6.0.220530

Simple, I like it that wayFor those who want a simple approach to the online world, this is the app for you. As I’ve heard others say, this very product designed by google has simply become the standard in the way email websites are presented today. There’s no doubt about it. The interface, I would say, is user friendly. The app itself is fast and from my time using it, I have experienced no bugs (that’s not to say they don’t exist, however.) There’s one minor inconvenience and I’m not even sure if this is a google classroom issue or a gmail issue. I use this service for schooling, and I rely on it much more these days because of the current state of the world, and consequently I have to do online schooling. Gmail and classroom don’t work together. I’ll receive an email hours after the assignment itself has been posted, so at times I’m not in the loop as to what I need to have turned in. When I do receive an email for classroom, I’ll tap the “open” button and it doesn’t take me directly to the assignment/announcement. All it does is open the app so now I have to dig through classroom to find it. Regardless, this app is great and if you want a simple approach to email, this app is the way to go..Version: 6.0.200826

No Problems with gmail App updatesI always update this app every time they become available, I have never had issues with any gmail updates, I rely on gmail for constant important communications on both my iPad Air 4 (OS 15.4) and iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 12.5.5). A lot of people are put off updating by reading negative reviews that may be relevant to their own devices, but my experience has shown me that if you have not had update problems in the past… still won’t now!.Version: 6.0.220220

Nearly silent inbox Notification songI would give 5 stars if you give a way to change the nearly silent notification song in return. Occasionally I lose some clients in my business because I can’t hear it and there’s no way to change that. However, I still love the rel-time alerts of the emails (when my phone is just right in my hand), which is a great feature compare to the native Apple Mail app. So now I’m about either to find a 3rd party email app with push notifications and the possibility to hear them or change my booking email address for my business... thank you for your consideration..Version: 5.0.171119

Had to download another appFor some reason my Outlook email won't open in the app and keeps telling me I have the wrong username/password so I had to download an additional app just to be able to open that email address on my phone. Bit frustrating.Version: 6.0.190505

Absolutely great app!This is an amazing app! And as a child I struggled to find an app that would support people with a kids gmail account. So I found this and I only then realised that this is the actual app for gmail accounts 😂- I feel so stupid! When I signed in I found all my emails there in my inbox like they had been on the gmail website that I had been using before hand. I love the features of this app and it doesn’t glitch or fault at all! Sometimes I found that I hadn’t received the apparently sent emails but that probably wasn’t anything to do with gmail. Altogether this is a great app that I would recommend to anyone with a gmail account..Version: 6.0.210808

All Inbox- finally!The latest update puts all email accounts in one inbox. For someone like me who uses iOS Mail for personal and GMAIL app just for work email and has several work accounts this is the feature I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for the update..Version: 5.0.181119

So bad😤😤Trash worst app I have ever used😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬. It is confusing an dumb. For example when my friend Jane was coming round for tea 🍵 I emailed her. The email went as follows “hello Jane I just wanted to know if you wanted to come for tea and cake at 4:00 today. Remember don’t bring your dog he hated my husband. I hope you can make it just remember no dog it wants him and you to die. And sorry to hear about your husband it is sad how he was dead so quick and remember we are here for you not laughing or ha ha” the email was cut up by the stupid app and read “hello Jane I hate my husband I want you to die your husband is dead ha ha “.Version: 6.0.230319

Amazing!Gmail is a very easy to use app which means we dont have to go here and there trying to do a simple thing. Plus the new feature of making a google meet via gmail! The interface is nice and simple which makes it a lot easier to find things. Gmail is highly recommended by me because it is an easy-to-use app that doesn’t have some sort of complicated things just to do something simple. Very happy using gmail. 😃.Version: 6.0.201115

GrantI was using the Apple app for three years then I got a message saying because I have Gmail that I was using the wrong app then I bought a security camera and I switched back to the Apple app and I wasn’t getting my messages I wasn’t then I worked out that it was because I switched off the Google app which is much faster than the Apple app which comes with the iPhone.Version: 5.0.171120

Help needed as regards to notification problemI had this issue of no notification for a very long time. It came up out of nowhere, and was fixed when I changed to a new phone (still IOS), didn't set up the phone as new, everything was synced, all good for 1 month, then notification stopped again. It does not push up any notification on my Apple Watch as well. I've checked that all settings are ON. It's so bizzar and ANNOYING!.Version: 6.0.220612

Signature blockThis is a great app except that the business version used to automatically insert my company’s signature block at the bottom of each email. This was very convenient when I was on the road and not in front of my computer. Now it doesn’t have that functionality- I don’t know why nor how to reinsert it. Please let me know if it’s available or reinstall it as a feature if it’s not. I’m paying $$$ to have my business account through this and it is an essential feature for looking professional to clients..Version: 5.0.181021

Good Google email App; would be a 5 star with a few minor improvementsI enjoy using the GMail app. It works as expected and it is actually the only email app I use on my phone. However, I do have a couple of suggestion to further improve the app functionality and efficiency. Please add the ability to search for folders when moving messages from the inbox. It is really time consuming and cumbersome to “Move” a message out of the inbox, because you have to manually scroll through all your folders to select the one you want to move to. If there was a search option to quickly find the folder you would like to move the message to it would really improve my productivity on the app. Secondly, if the app could put my account email signature in the message like the desktop version does that would be real nice and help out a lot with my professionalism on the go with my phone. Thanks for your hard work and please consider incorporating these suggestions into the app if possible..Version: 6.0.220109

Gmail is great: A suggestion (or two)I have been using Gmail for years. It is easy and it is as safe as can be. I always use the two steps authentication and feel my data is relatively safe ( on the internet, we can never be sure 100%). I do have 2 suggestions though: That on the apps, we access gmail with additional security, like the fingerprint touch they use on other apps. Yahoo, whatsapp, banks, all have this added security. The reason why is that if anyone accessed our phones while unlocked (I.e you lend it to a colleague to make a call), they wouldn’t be able to noseley wander through our mail. That we have the choice, for our personal folders to be locked and only accessible through a pin or password (apps and web). In certain folders, I keep sensitive emails. I want to make sure that info is really safe. If these two step were feasible, then Gmail would be the top of the tops. in any case, from my personal experience, I would always recommend Gmail..Version: 6.0.200628

Integration added to availability & dependabilityThe Gmail product line was foreign to me, and switching our business email to the new system brought about apprehension and worry. I was quickly releived to find how easy the setup was to configure and the instant nature of the cutover made it very cost effective. It quickly became clear the system design was thorough and insightful. Now as our team continues to implement more complex systems and network wide applications and components to interact with additional platforms of all types, the gmail platform continues to provide the intended service of e-mail delivery with added functionality. It has become the focal point of communication on many levels with Microsoft, Apple and the other OPEN SYSTEMS of wildcat programmers and entrepreneurs in todays world-wide-web. Thank you for the product line and great support! Google!.Version: 6.0.220821

Great email appThis is a great app for managing Gmail accounts and other providers. It is easy to use and a clean interface. Not everything is perfect though. First, I would like the ability to re-order my accounts. It seems to just list everything in the order they were added, with no way to change that. This is really annoying as I have my account listed a certain way in every other client. Second, other providers (like Outlook and iCloud) support aliases for sending email yet there is no support for that feature in this app. Third, it does not sync my accounts between iOS devices. I have to add all of my accounts again on each device. I understand that some devices may not want some accounts, but it would be nice if I could choose whether or not to add them from a list. Lastly, I would like to see this app support M1 Macs so I can use this on the desktop (since Gmail’s non-standard IMAP doesn’t work great in some apps)..Version: 6.0.220801

There should be a passcode/ faceID function to open the app!Generally happy with the app, however, there should be a separate passcode/fingerprint/ faceID function to open the app for extra protection! I’m concerned that if the phone gets stolen, and they know the passcode to unlock the phone, they will be able to access all emails and Google-connected accounts through the gmail app, lock you out, etc. I understand that if someone wants to get your data, they will find a way, but making it a bit more harder for them through an additional step would maybe give you more time to get home and take control over your mailbox at least..Version: 6.0.230319

Gmail appOverall is very easy to use. However, there isn’t a select all or delete all option, which is frustrating when there are a lot of unread emails that you wish to simply mark as read or delete..Version: 6.0.190602

Casper DunkelI am very handicapped physically and the lady driver that picked us up on Friday in Clearfield at 5:05 PM was absolutely AWESOME!!!! She deserves cudo's with her customer service. However, we were forced because of LeBus schedule to not come north on weekdays, which I feel is outrajous, you will take us out there but not bring us back???? We had 4 free nights at Montego to use and wanted to do so. But because of your policy we had to stay one night and waste 3. And then we have this ignorant driver (Curtis)that would not let us board the bus, even though we were prepaid & had as much right ad anyone else. He said office mistake put us going out & not coming back on that day. Maybe si but would be awfully strange to go 2 days in a row & never return. The guy reservations were made with was fully aware we were going on Friday returning on Saturday was discussed over & over. So either way you do need to make some employee changes..Version: 6.0.201115

New updateI don’t like it. Lost all my labels and cannot find out how to get them back. Why change something that was working fine. Update: solved the problem deleted app and loaded it again and now it is working just fine..Version: 6.0.191117

Love the lookIt's clean and easy to use.Version: 5.0.170827

Please fix phone call bugPhone and video call doesn’t work on the gmail app, but Hangouts is being discontinued. From the gmail app you can’t seem to call a contact direct, and when you send a meeting invite the other person can’t seem to join. Very frustrating as it’s a good way to keep in contact with the kids when they’re home schooling (as they don’t have mobiles). We’ve had to revert to hangouts..Version: 6.0.210905

Dark ModeHelp! I can’t change my app to dark mode because I’m unable to find Theme under Settings in the Gmail app for iOS 13. Any ideas why? Both my phone and app have the latest updates..Version: 6.0.200112

Fabulous app, however there’s a few minor bugsI have been using the Gmail app for as long as I can remember, and it is absolutely great. I could never switch to another E-mail service provider, because Gmail is just perfect for me. However, yesterday I noticed a small bug when I tried to reply to emails. I would click the reply button and begin typing, but after typing only a few words, it would begin to lag, and the keyboard would eventually disappear and I couldn’t type anything. I tried closing the app and opening it again, and I tried turning my phone off and on again, but it still didn’t work. As there were no updates for the Gmail app, I decided to delete and then reinstall the app. I tried to reply to the email again, however, this time, the keyboard won’t appear at all. This only seems to be an issue on the Gmail app, because I can use it on my laptop perfectly fine. Apart from this, the Gmail app is amazing, and I’ve never had any other issues with it over all the years I have used it.Version: 6.0.191117

Forced to use Gmail. Farewell Inbox.Been using Gmail since beta. Inbox came along and it quickly became the only client I used daily. I understand that without Gmail as a solid foundation/backbone, there wouldn’t be Inbox. However, Inbox’s features are not something you can just unlearned immediately. I really hope Google Gmail/Inbox Team could see this message. The feature that I will miss the most is Bundle. Behind the scene Gmail uses labels. It’s not easy to simply bring Bundle to Gmail because it already has the feature called Category, which is too similar. If there could be one feature I want to see in Gmail from Inbox is Bundle. Why? It does a very good job grouping mails (customizable) into my Bundles. I can quickly open up each, scan though mails that I care, then archive the entire bundle in one tap/click/swipe. No better/quicker way to have a clean mailbox like Bundle enables. Thank you for your service, Inbox. Farewell!.Version: 5.0.180826

Great app - needs iOS11 OptimisationI use this app for work all day every day, and it works great, there are a few things that, now iOS11 is here, could be better to increase productivity. - split view support: you cant use this app in split view, and its quite frustrating as i have my calendar or browser open at the same time and it would be fantastic to use split view. - mobile signature: I use a dynamic signature for work which includes images and hyper links, when you use the app you cannot set this up, you need to have done it on a computer first. Apart from that, its great!.Version: 5.0.171020

Dark mode ipadOSHi I’m not able to activate dark mode on my iPad I don’t see the options in settings. iPad 7 gen. software version 13.3.1 (17D50) App version 6.0.200223 Please fix.Version: 6.0.200308

Works greatEverything you would want..Version: 5.0.170827

Dark modeWhen is dark mode coming?.Version: 6.0.200223

Problem after latest updateI have had gmail right from the days when it was still in its beta stages & you had to be invited to get an account, I would never go with any other email tbh, it’s great, I have noticed though that since the very latest update the gmail icon on the bottom of my screen (iPhone XS Max) has disappeared, I can still click on the empty space and it takes me to my email account which is good, but just wondering if the owners/developers know about this issue and if they do are they going to fix it, if the don’t know then hopefully this will inform them and hopefully prompt them to fix it! Love gmail though, big 5* from me!!.Version: 6.0.200126

Bring back the cursor when doing repliesI used the GMail app all day long on my iOS devices. One thing that has bugged me for awhile has been the missing cursor when you do a reply. Typically in most email apps when you do a reply the cursor will be at the top and the on screen keyboard shows. Sometime ago GMail also behaved this way but they took it out. Now when you do a reply you have to tap where you want to type, which sometimes you just can’t tap in the exact place you want so it’s frustrating. A couple of days ago while visiting with my 80 years step father he said he can’t reply to anyone anymore in GMail and I immediately knew what his issue was and I was correct. He said Google was stupid for doing that, how’s anyone supposed to know to do that? Please Google, fix this for all the frustrated senior citizens that want to reply to their kids and grandchildren..Version: 5.0.180408

Notification problemGmail is convinced I still have a notification for an unopened email I have but I’ve looked everywhere and there’s not?!? It’s just annoying having the red dot for a notification I can’t find.Version: 6.0.200112

Google alert annoyingEnjoy using the app with the features it provides. For the past few months I’ve been getting warnings “ Critical security alert for your linked Google account”. This is annoying as the app is used regularly on 3 apple devices (2 phones & tablet) + desktop/laptop via Chrome. Can you fix this as it’s very annoying. It would be helpful if the warning could indicate the device..Version: 6.0.200810

Love The App! Push Notification Problem in iOS11I’ve used the Gmail App for ages and think it’s awesome. In the update to iOS 11 something has broken and Push Notifications come up but don’t go away when you’ve viewed the email. I followed some steps online which involved deleting the App, doing a soft reset and re-installing which worked for about 1 Day and then the problem happened again. Would love to get this fixed as having good lingering notifications on my home screen is starting to do my head in. Thanks for the great work!.Version: 5.0.170910

The Most Excellent Email EverWell, I just have to say that I am extremely happy with Gmail. Prior to 2011 I had always used Verizon email, and occasionally as a back up used. Now I do sometimes wonder whether Google is listening in on conversations that we have at home, because we do sometimes see ads suddenly appearing (email promos and other online ads) that correlate with discussions my wife and I have had in the last two or three days. And it seems mighty curious. I hope they’re not actually listening, and it’s just a coincidence. But aside from this I do think that the way Gmail screens my incoming messages and files them under three separate tabs is a very good format / system that helps me keep my mail, all of my mail organized & manageable. As someone who cares about aesthetics and having control over what my personal belongings look like, I like the freedom of choice that google offers in Gmail. I also like that there are color and highlighting text, and choices for colors or photos, etc. So aside from the possibility of spying, Gmail has been my favorite email system since 2011… That means 11 1/2 years! So way to go google kudos to you, and please don’t listen to of your customers for keywords and ultimately to bolster advertising revenues. Please contact me without hesitating if you want to further discuss any facets of my honest opining about Gmail. Thank you..Version: 6.0.230109

Excellent AppThis is a great App, and I now use it instead of the mail app. I have a feature request. I use multiple mail accounts, It would be good if I could have a different notification sound for each account. This way I know how important the notification is depending on which email account it has been sent to. Otherwise, very easy to use!.Version: 5.0.171119

No light mode optionI have my phone in dark mode... but I want my emails in light mode because then I can see it the way it was actually sent without having gmail apply it’s own broken dark mode adjustments to my email... What’s the harm in having a setting to force light mode for us users who have our phone in dark mode but want light mode for emails?!! What’s the harm??? Please bring the option back!!!!.Version: 6.0.210207

Classic Sound Missing from NotificatioHi Team, I have been using Gmail for a long time on my iPhone, iPad etc. I have recently purchased a new iPhone 14 Pro Max and after setting it all up I figured that the “Classic” Notification sound was missing. Can you please update when this will back on board? My iPad and iPhone 11 still has it just not the 14..Version: 6.0.221113

Love gmailSo easy rite emails and attach files. I can be on several accounts at the same time. I’ve always liked gmail so I don’t really feel the need to change email people..Version: 5.0.180520

Couple tweaks?Would love to be able to change the app colour to whatever I want without having to use a widget app. Also, filed and consolidated all my emails on my Mac that are linked to my gmail app and once I opened the app, none of that updated. Tried refreshing it, nothing happened so now I have to do it twice because the app won’t update it? A bit annoying. Still, Gmail is much easier to use than Apple’s Mail app..Version: 6.0.201004

Go GoogleGoogle rocks! Your anywhere and everywhere! Search, email, communicate, promote my business, offer total business solutions, and a whole lot more..Version: 6.0.210809

Things to improveAll features is great except for ads and multiple selection when moving and deleting is anoying.Version: 5.0.180325

Great mail app except for browser preferenceIn general I like this mail app a lot. I am happy to have my inbox sorted as it is on the desktop. I wish it was easier to attach documents from “Pages” and “Files” instead of only from the camera, recent attachments and drive. But my biggest complaint is this: When I go to open a link from an email and it asks if I want to use chrome or safari, I choose safari because that is my preference on my iPhone. I switch off the little “ask me every time” button. The very next time I go to open a link from an email, it could be the exact same link one second later, the browser preference window opens again, with the button switched on. It adds an unnecessary step every time I look at things from an email. Also, my saved safari things don’t all translate over to the safari that pops up within the app. I know you want me to use chrome because it is your product, but you offer a choice so it would be nice if that choice worked 😊.Version: 5.0.180122

Fast and reliable.. But..This is my preferred email app because it seems to be quicker than most other email clients. However I would like to see more swipe options like 'mark as read' or 'snooze'. Also templates would be awesome..Version: 5.0.181230

Finally no message threads!Awesome that you can now turn off conversation view in the app. Thanks for fixing this finally!!.Version: 5.0.180729

SnoozingI have GMail on an iPhone, iPad and PC. I get a lot of email, and I often use snooze as part of how I organise items, such as diarising certain items for an office day, or a hobby day or whatever. The whole idea of snoozing is often about moving an item out of the inbox as much as it is about re-diarising an item. It is so annoying that snooze doesn’t remove it from other devices. The item is shown on other devices in the primary box telling me it was snoozed (der.. that would be right I just did it!), and you then have to go through and use ‘archive’ to clear snoozed items from the inbox. It is like GMail is device centric instead of being person centric. The other thing that is annoying is how the interface diverges depending on what device you are using - you would think that something as simple as the ‘send’ button as just one example, would be in the same place no matter what device you are using. But it’s not. It’s like there are different teams writing the app for the different operating systems without any overall interface standards..Version: 6.0.211101

Great AppGreat app to use get emails... have been using it for few years now and got to say it’s good... the ONLY PROBLEM with this app is that it’s not organizing the emails correct for example any unread emails should always be on top of the list rather than having to scroll through the entire 1000 to 2000 emails to see what emails have been left unread and I’m hoping the gmail actually put that function in to place on the next update. That would really help a lot and save time and the hassle of going through the list of emails to see unread emails apart from that nothing else to be said about gmail...Version: 6.0.210222

Unread emails but nothing there 🤷🏼‍♀️I’ve been using Gmail for some time now for school emails and such but recently on my iPhone, the little number showing that I have a new email has been popping up but when I go to check the app, there’s nothing. No new messages. No new emails. Nothing in my spam or trash. I have updated the app and the notification number went away for a day or so (of course besides the actual emails I did receive). Then the notification number randomly went to 5 but I don’t have 5 new emails. No where to be seen. It makes me panic because what if someone did send me an email but it’s not coming up. I hate seeing those little notification numbers and when I can’t make them go away after checking the emails, I guess OCD or ADHD kicks in and just makes me go insane. Thanks for taking your time reading my review. Hopefully Gmail can fix this or I can solve it myself.Version: 6.0.230319

Very useful but……..The app is really good, but there is one thing that’s bugging me… So basically the other day I cleared all my messages and read them, in hope of never seeing those red dots for notifications again! But when I exited the app, it said I had 76 notifications on the red dot.. I went back in and searched for anything that was left of my emails but everything was empty. I really don’t have anything else against the app and I think it’s great, but please….just fix the notifications!.Version: 6.0.220501

Notifications broken?I love this app. With each update it’s become so streamlined and efficient. I love that I can switch between email accounts with ease. And as a person who constantly hits the wrong button, having an “undo” for every action is extremely helpful. I also really like being able to delete an email from the notification banner so I don’t have to waste time opening the app and reading it if it’s unimportant. My one issue has been the notifications, specifically the red badge when you have new mail. I keep a clean inbox and it’s always satisfying when I have no new mail. I’m not sure if the newest update has a mistake or maybe it’s the new iOS, but the badges have been stuck and take a few days to catch up to reflect on actual new mail. It’s frustrating to see the app icon and think “oh I have mail” then open it and find no, that is incorrect. I’m hoping the issue will be fixed soon..Version: 5.0.170910

Some long-time glitches, new forced to use dark modeAt the time of writing, this new version of GMail has removed the theme setting and now I'm forced to use the system setting for light or dark mode. While I use dark mode on some apps, I find it hard to read my email, especially email with images designed to be read on a white background. I'm also surprised that often when I snooze email on my IPhone, it still shows on my iPad (or vice versa) until I select one of the snooze email at which point it starts to remove them from my inbox one-by-one. This bug has been present for a long time now..Version: 6.0.210124

EfficacePratique, simple, efficace... je l'adore !.Version: 5.0.170827

Just works where apple did notI don’t write reviews normally but wanted to say anyone else having issues using apple mail for gmail and hotmail, where emails not coming through till you open app no notifications after trying all fixes, I gave up and downloaded this, now using this app all mail working all notifications working as should, easy to use and does work with attachments so not sure about other reviews that say it doesn't. Just one thing id recommend doing is keeping account for apple version still in settings, but turn off for mail that way you don’t lose contacts and calendar inputs like i did first time round this way you don’t get mail in 2 apps. Hope this helps..Version: 6.0.200412

Dark Mode?Excellent email app, although it would be great if dark mode could finally be released.Version: 6.0.200209

Très satisfaite et bravo !Bonjour à tous, Je suis très satisfaite d'utiliser le Gmail car il est rapide et efficace. Merci et au plaisir.Version: 5.0.170827

Good, but not amazingIt’s good, but not amazing. There is one problem that really bothers me, it says that I have whatever number of emails, but when I go into the app, there are no emails whatsoever. Which is really annoying and the number of emails it says doesn’t go away, it’ll just stay like that for a few days..Version: 6.0.220904

Fantastic Application !I’ve been using the gmail app on my iOS device for years and frankly it’s one the most amazing email apps I’ve used to date, even more so than the vanilla mail app on the iPhone. The bundling system helps keep my emails organised as I’m so used to it now I can predict which category my emails are being bundled into. I do however have one request. Being a user of several mail applications and accounts for both work and personal use, id like to see the developers introduce a method to name and perhaps add profile photos to the non-gmail accounts. If there is however a pre existing method to do so please let me know..Version: 5.0.181119

Very Good but.. needs some fixinI like the app, it’s very easy to use, have and change into other accounts (if you can log in💔). I recently got a new phone and set everything up then I finally get to logging in to my email accounts but what bothers me is that google isn’t currently working cause it instantly crashes and closes when I try to open it even if I delete and reinstall it on my device. After I tried logging in with google multiple times I use the “other” option and I put my email in but when I click next it tells me to use the google sign in option which isn’t working so now I’m locked out of all my emails for like 3 weeks now. I did try the other log in options that wouldn’t need the google tab but it’s not possible for me to use because I don’t have an office 360 or Microsoft account.I wish there would be an option to log in with an email without it having to open the unnecessary google tab..Version: 6.0.220612

“Move” needs a Label Search OptionHi Google, Is it possible to add a search option after selecting “Move” on the Gmail app? Or at least the option to untick the “Inbox” label from the email. My work account has hundreds of labels, and they are relatively long names. Every time I want to move an email from my inbox back to its parent label I have to scroll through all of my labels and hope I see the check mark because the labels are too small to read. In the browser I can simply untick Inbox and the email goes back to its parent label and I have a nice and tidy Inbox. It would be a great addition to your app..Version: 6.0.210725

Notifications not workingI’m not sure if this is an iOS 11 issue or what, but notifications are no longer working properly. I’ve used (and loved) the gmail app for a long time, but recently it’s become a big enough pain I’m considering switching to a different app. I’m an “inbox zero” kind of guy. So when I go in and check all my emails and archive them and leave nothing in my inbox and close my app and it still shows a red badge on the gmail icon with 3 or so unread emails, it’s maddening. Sometimes I’ll pull my phone out 20 minutes later and it will still show unread emails, I’ll check, and it’ll still be zero. Ack!! Totally defeats the purpose of a badge icon with number indicators. It’s making me waste so much time, feel so inefficient, and making me question why I continue using what feels like a broken app. I close the app often, regularly keep the app and my iOS updated, and power off my phone frequently. And none of it seems to help..Version: 5.0.170910

Works greatGreat app!.Version: 5.0.170910

Keyboard fails to come up TO SEARCH. when not using Apple keyboardWould be great to sort by sender or recipient but the keyboard issue is my main gripe. I'm using gboard which should work well since it's also Google's. I have Swype also (best keyboard when it was still live), that also does it so appears anything other than Apple keyboard causes three issue. Other Google apps work 👌 Compose works but not search..Version: 6.0.210530

Continuous improvementsKeeps getting better. Handles multiple accounts well, and supports a couple of different workflows/ approaches to managing your email depending on how you like to do it..Version: 5.0.180520

EmailsEver since I updated the app I can not reply or send emails. If I go to my sent box there is a little icon that keeps going around like it is trying to send. I can’t stop it and it is using my battery power. It doesn’t matter if I am using data or connected to wifi. There is no where to change this in my settings that I can find. My emails worked perfectly before I updated the app..Version: 6.0.190602

Select allLove app but after searching to create a group of same email , and then hard pressing first email in group you get a circle beside each email in that group, would be great from there to be able to “select all” to delete in bulk.Version: 5.0.181119

Great but just one thingI’ve been using Gmail for as long as I can remember. There is no better email service and I’m convinced of this. That being said I have one complaint. I’m one of those people that hate seeing the little red number on his apps. So I constantly check my notifications and read my emails and stuff to make sure it goes away. However, about 80% of the time, I’ll get a number, and I’ll go in and it matches the number of unopened emails. I’ll read them all, 1 at a time, and after I exit the app, it still has a red 1. And it will stay there unless I delete and re-download the app. Or if I wait long enough for another email to come in and I read that one, then *sometimes* it will go away. Anyway, I realize it may seem small, but it really gets under my skin. It’s been doing it for months now. If that were fixed, it would turn my 4-star review into a 5-star review. I hope you see this Google..Version: 6.0.191023

I love it!The app is amazing! I can talk to my friends and am able to switch from private to work accounts! But I can’t seem to send videos to people please fix this issue! 😁😁.Version: 6.0.200412

Ability to back up accounts to icloudI never liked gmail app before but now i like it but hate it to set up each account on every iOS device. Can you please add the ability to back up accounts on iCloud so when login to another iOS device all the accounts get restored such as yahoo and icloud.Version: 6.0.190505

Good especially as a reliable alternative when own email crashesLast October 2016 my personal email which received all important and spam email was stopped, technical error which took a month to correct. I changed the ‘offline’ email to a gmail address for the relevant and important contacts to me, namely bank accounts, web server provider and any other log accounts to ensure I was contactable. A valid email is often required for logging in after an update or change of device, so I feel future proofed with a having a gmail email address..Version: 5.0.170910

Compatibility with iPhone XHi Gmail, Have absolutely loved the gmail app since my move to an iPhone. I use my phone as my office most days, and use GoogleDrive and Docs for everything. But on my latest upgrade to iPhone X the bug that stops mp3 attachments from opening is a real issue. I’m a music teacher and rely on these things working. So far the things I’ve read about it pass the blame back and forward between iPhone and Gmail and I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough. Surely you’ve worked together before on these sorts of issues. FIX IT.Version: 6.0.191023

Notification issuesOn my iPhone, gmail used to have the little red one and two over the icon. Now it has gone up to ~400 plus however many new emails are in my primary inbox. I don't know why gmail has started to include my promotions/socials in the notification count but if I go into the app and then check the new ones I receive, it goes away (generally). As someone who likes a clean screen, this is quite annoying for me....Version: 5.0.170925

Great, but...The Gmail app is great, but there is one feature that I’d love to see in a future update. On other mail apps, like the default Apple Mail and Outlook, when you get a notification for new mail, there is an option to ‘mark as read’. If I get an email that I don’t want to read, for example a promotional email, I like being able to mark it as read so I don’t have to go and manually do so. Other than this, the Gmail app is great. Hopefully this feature is added soon!.Version: 5.0.181103

Moving emailsIt would be great if you could swipe right to move an email, and then you could ‘search’ for the folder where you’d like it to go. I hav stop many folders to scroll down and find. Apart from that... love it!.Version: 6.0.210222

Great app but can you look into thisBeen using the app for years and it’s been great. One thing always baffles me is that I can’t seem to search emails in the folder I just clicked on, so it always defaults back to ‘all mails’ when I search and I have to manually type in the name of the folder first to make sure it’s only searching in that folder. Any chance you could improve that functionality by not requiring a manual input?? That would make search much easier. Unless I missed something obvious. Thanks..Version: 6.0.191023

One thing drives me nutsI am using the app because I can’t get my gmail on the Apple app anymore for some reason. Don’t mind it. But hating the way everything gets linked together which I hate and struggling to work out how to delete one in the conversation. I like to keep the most recent not the whole lot..Version: 5.0.170910

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