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Annoying bugHave used this app for a long while and notice now that when I click through to an article it opens a safari window in the back going to google search. Annoying and also unnecessary as it requires switching back to the app Pls fix google.Version: 5.20.1

Go-To NewsGoogle News provides just about every newspaper from both political sides like The Guardian and The Telegraph or CNN and Fox News. It even includes Tweets so if you’re not interested in reading articles and if you don’t have Twitter, you can simply go to the Google News app and scroll down to the Twitter feed on the home page. Speaking of the home page, the UI is simple and modern and easy to use, I really like it. Everything’s easy to find. Really good..Version: 5.32

It doesn’t remember where I left offI would like the app to remember where I had reached in the news feed. Maybe refresh from the top each day? Every time I open it, the news starts at the top again..Version: 5.67

Its okay manually is teddiousIts enjoyable to use u STILL get what you didnt want ask for like stocks you have to delete what u dont want manually it seems to ignore u what u dont want!.Version: 5.64

Topics are goneI don’t like it cause It took years to build my topics up and then there gone the app should of merge the data for a smooth transition, since I have to start again I will use the Apple News instead..Version: 5.5

Better than other news + appsCompared to other news apps from well known, reputable developers, Google news does a much better job of presenting you with free content, supported by ads. With some other news apps, 75% of the headlines I click on immediately present a pay wall for stories that aren’t exactly exclusives..Version: 5.27

Nice summary of news dailyThe choice of articles covers many aspects of the new giving a nice review. My only objections for some of the articles is that they are blacked by their publisher like the Washington Post, USA Today, & others unless you pay to subscribe to their papers so you can only read their headline. I would like to see those articles entirely removed from Google News as they are useless & I am not interested in subscribing to a paper to read one or two of their articles every two weeks or so. Other than that, I give Google News 5 stars for its coverage!.Version: 5.86

Dark modeThis app had a huge improvement prior to this release. Although the app is a tad white so maybe a black theme for night time would suffice..Version: 5.2

Constantly crashingThis used to be my go to app but now it constantly crashes or fails to load stories..Version: 5.40

Better than apple news!This keeps me up to date for both local and national news. Short articles to read so brief in contents, good when you don’t have much time!.Version: 5.32

Highly Recommend to Everyone!!I’m a huuuge follower of the news, and recommend Google News to anyone who enjoys staying up to date with current events. A variety of news articles from differing biases and perspectives helps one to see the bigger picture. With a simple click of the “Full Coverage” button, you can see how any story is being talked about across the internet, including on social media sites. The design and layout of the app is sleek and orderly. Stories that are most relevant to your interests will send notifications to your phone, if enabled. I love the app!! If I had to make a recommendation, perhaps Google could make a “Biased” meter utilizing machine-learning to detect the nuanced biased choice of language from any particular story..Version: 5.66

BestI switched from the CNN app and Twitter to get my news through here. I like the new “For You” tab. The interface is a lot cleaner and quicker if you just want curated news. I like that you can tap headlines and see latest news. It’s more national focused, while I have the curated one suited to my interests and local stuff. It’s a really nice way to see the news without other people’s opinions in the way. The new app is a lot cleaner and easier to use. As a student taking advanced classes it’s important for me to keep up with news and in general keep up with the news. The news has become a very important thing in my generation now. I think it’s important to know where you are getting your news from and this app does it right. It’s not just one source it’s many so you gain perspective..Version: 5.0

Source of my daily newsI read it everyday.Version: 5.37

Non stop pop-upsSince the last update, when I open some articles, a window on Safari opens up. I hope a fix is on the way soon. The app has been experiencing some issues lately..Version: 5.20.1

My most-used app, but I have a wish listGoogle News is far better than Apple’s news app. First and foremost, Google’s has a more natural scrolling feel (like Safari or other browsers), while Apple’s is overly sensitive in comparison (a slight scroll sends me halfway down an article). I also like Google’s rate of updates throughout the day and the customizability their app provides (not as good as it used to be however). I’m able to block news providers as a whole on Google (like when random British tabloids of ill repute kept showing up, I was easily able to block their content). Wish Google supported comments within the app like it used to (now have to navigate into the browser to view/reply). Also, the ability within the app to choose to view articles in Safari is now more limited. I now have to copy paste the articles into Safari instead of just clicking “open in Safari.”.Version: 5.10

Great app but iphone 5 support needed!Google this is a great app but iphone 5 support would be great!.Version: 1.1.2

Paid news - get rid of it on Google News. It should be freePaid news - get rid of it on Google News. It should be free.Version: 5.12.1

SuperbI highly recommend this App. After I was fed up with Apple’s demand to pay for news, I found Google which has an easy navigation & a clean design. Thank you Google.Version: 5.28

Better than Apple News AppA lot less ads compared to the Apple News app and I prefer the layout of the news articles on Google News. Overall I find this app easier to use and provides better news articles than Apple News..Version: 5.24

Great app - No notification soundsI like the app overall. Only issue is that there is no sound for notifications. There is no sound toggle in the app itself but even when turned on i the Apple settings there are none. It’s been like this as long as I can remember. Would be nice to have the option there..Version: 5.50

First app to replace Apple news on my phoneReally great app, usually just use Apple news but I’ve found it full of click bait lately. This app knows what I want to read and even compares the same story from multiple sources..Version: 5.0

Fantastic News AppThis is honestly my favorite way to get my news now. Not only does it have a beautiful user interface, but it aggregates so much useful information together for you that just saves you time. For example if there's a big national story, many similar stories from various news organizations are aggregated together, which is nice because you get all the perspectives from Fox News to CNN. I also love how it's automatically personalized. Google, in my opinion does a great job of using the data they already have on you, while also giving you the option to personalize even more if you prefer. Great app, would highly recommend!.Version: 5.0.1

Best in Class with a Bug or TwoI honestly prefer Google News over Apple News because it incorporates my Google search history and provides stories I might like. The problem with that is it “uses my Google search history to provides stories I might like”. Apple News uses learning too but while it’s more private and isolated on my device, it’s siloed. Whereas Google gives me a far reaching spread of news tailored for me by my behavior. The iOS app refreshes when I leave the app (while reading an article). This is annoying because when I go to return to the article, the app refreshes and goes to the “for me” section from the start so I can’t return to the article that I wasn’t finished with..Version: 5.15

Google NewsGreat catch up on news site..Version: 5.38

GoodIt’s good, but what will happen to the other Google News in the App Store?.Version: 5.0

Please add Night ModePlease add a Night Mode for those of us who like to read the news in bed, before we go to sleep..Version: 5.0.1

It’s very helpful to have news, that knows my interests.It’s not perfect, for instance it thinks that I’m absolutely mad about sport, I’ve told it I don’t want sport, but no matter, everyone likes sport, wether or not, they actually do. In the same way, as in advertising, everyone who likes electric vehicles, is somehow supposed to like internal combustion vehicles, they’re noisy, stinky, high maintenance, costly to fuel. But I still get tons of adds, for 4 wheel drives. It also forgets everything, I select, you have to read it there and then..Version: 5.16

Wide News CoverageI have only been using this app for a few days but have found it to have the latest news as well as a variety of other interesting articles. Would recommend it..Version: 5.27

Darn good news serviceThis is my daily read, it continuously learns and gets better at picking relevant news that one cares about. I monitor several overseas news sources such as Aljazeera and really appreciate that they are available. A couple of improvements would make it even better. One would be to remove annoying news sites that require subscriptions even though they are not marked as such. NPR, San Jose Mercury, Santa Cruz Sentinel are examples. The other is to remove the irrelevant or not credible news sites that usually have a very small print and barely legible unrecognizable logos and present regurgitated clickbait news, several examples of this are in the physics and science categories..Version: 5.43

So much better than Apple News!Fully configurable, so you can choose your news sources. If you're sick of Apple News force feeding you Murdoch’s paywalled Times and Sunday Times garbage switch to Google News!.Version: 5.34

Superior to the Apple News app, easilyI have used the Apple News app religiously before discovering Google had their own alternative. Apple News is built into iOS making it convenient but I had one continuing issue during our time together, no matter how many times I marked certain types of articles/editorials with ‘dislike’ it seemingly had no affect on my news feed. Google News doesn’t have this problem, in fact within a week it seems to have already figured out what stories I want to read and which ones I don’t. This is something Apple News didn’t do in well over a year of use. Thank you Google!.Version: 5.5

All good nowWasn't a big fan of this in the beginning but it's great now..Version: 2.1

Overall it’s goodAlthough I like it, I’m not really enjoying the news they provide for me. It often provides those similar ones which I knew it’s based on our user experience, but sometimes they are too many duplicates and can be quite annoying:(.Version: 5.32

Repeat headlinesThey need to get someone with an understanding of basic English to read through the articles & remove all the repeated headlines, & make sure there is some actual content relating to these. There are interesting things about the subjects you choose to read on a regular basis though..Version: 5.16

Pretty goodI’ve always like google as a news aggregator. The “for you” section is pretty good at suggesting relevant articles. The top news section is decent when it comes to showing articles from the right and left sides of the news spectrum. My only complaint is that if I’m using the app and have scrolled down a lot, and have to leave the app for a minute and open another app... sometimes when I open google news again it refreshes rather than leaving me where I left off. This can be annoying because I have to scroll past a lot of stuff to try to figure out where I was at. And sometimes it will even refresh the ordering. I wish it would wait for me to tell it if I want to refresh..Version: 5.4

A Mixed Bag of Rich Content and Frustrating PaywallsGoogle News is a comprehensive and efficient news aggregator, offering a wide range of articles from various sources. As a user, I appreciate the diversity of content and perspectives it provides. However, one significant drawback is the prevalence of articles behind paywalls. It’s quite frustrating to click on an interesting headline only to find out it’s paid content. This issue interrupts the browsing experience and often leaves me feeling disappointed. Google News would greatly benefit from a feature that clearly marks which articles require a subscription, allowing users to make informed choices before clicking. This addition would enhance user satisfaction and streamline the news reading experience. Overall, Google News is a valuable resource, but this improvement would make it even more user-friendly and accessible..Version: 5.88

Much nicer than Apple News appI don’t use the Apple News app anymore because the Google News app is so much better. The layout is much cleaner and easier to navigate and read. Animations are lovely and smooth. It feels like there are way more sources in Google News and the reading experience on iPad is much more comfortable. It’s a very smooth app. Also, it surfaces the right news at the right time and I find it easier to train than the Apple News, because every article has a “more of this” or “less of this” toggle so you can easily tell it what you like. I still use RSS for a concentrated view of my tech news, but for general overall news this is the best..Version: 5.14.1

Great news stories!I appreciate being kept up to date every day!.Version: 5.27

Ive lost google news.Oh dear. Prompted by a persistent lead article on google news to delete my current version of Google news (which was working fine) and to download the new version, I am now told that the new version is not compatible with my iPad. No more Google news for me then..Version: 5.3.1

No more swipe to go back on 14PM zoomed display? - editedUpdated review: Ok Google, we complained and you listened. Thanks for bringing back the swipe right to go back! Changing my review to 5 stars because it is my favorite news app! Original review: Hey Google, why’d you get rid of swipe to go back and instead force users to tap a x to close an article? And why are you showing so much stuff behind paywalls? This used to be my go-to news app but it’s gotten worse over the last year or so that I’m now using 3-4 different apps just to get what I need. Please start thinking about the UX and not all about how to generate revenue..Version: 5.88

Love This App Google NewsI never used Apple news in my whole life not even once and I never opened Apple news not even a second never used Apple news. I love this news it’s much better than Apple news the Apple news I don’t know it this app shows old news. But I still like it..Version: 5.15

Language changeI don’t know why language/country change became so difficult. It was easy with the old version. I have been waiting for this to become easy again, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Otherwise nothing really to complain..Version: 5.11

Cruise Ships . Keep them off our Australian shores.Keep the cruise ship passengers off our Australian shores. Don’t let them in. Charity starts at home. We can’t save others if we are sick ourselves. Thank you google news for the frequent updates..Version: 5.20.1

Google News is my favorite aggregated news service!Google News is my favorite aggregated news service! Many independant news services charge a monthly or annual subscription in order to read their articles. Luckily Google News offers multiple news outlets on the same news story so I can always find a news service to tell me something about the news worthy event I’m interested in learning about. I’d like to see Google News offer a multiple subscription service bundle to the leading news outletsNYT, Washington Post, that would allow me to read 25 to 50 articles per month from a variety news outlets. Although I would still be seeings ads, I feel this would allow me to become better informed without have to commit to multiple and costly subscriptions needlessly..Version: 5.84

Love Google News; sometimes it’s too recursiveI spend time with Google News every day and it’s a great app in terms of amalgamating lots of sources on multiple topics. My only complaint is the navel-gazing algorithm. It seems to base my feed off of (1) news I’m reading and (2) my search history. I end up in recursive news spirals where (for example) I look up a Glee cast list one night while watching Netflix, am fed an article about Naya Rivera the next day, and from then on get 2-3 Naya Rivera articles every day. It’s as if that single seed had a very outsized influence on my news feed. Similarly I clicked on Ask Amy once and now I get Ask Amy AND Miss Manners multiple instances in my feed. Wish I could choose “show less of this” or something to tune the algorithm..Version: 5.23

Terrific but one big bugLove everything about Google News. It's become my number one source of news. I only have one issue though. When I open up ANY article from CBC News (and only CBC News) the article will show and then go white after a few seconds preventing me from reading it. This only happens with CBC News. I'm currently experiencing this on iOS 11.4 on an iPhone X..Version: 5.1

Not badIt’s interesting to experience the differences that the alogarithms of Apple news ang google news dish me up. Both are very good but not perfect. Somewhere in between the 2 would be the ideal.Version: 5.23

AWWESOMETHIS APP GAVE ME A NEW LIFE! I have rediscovered my reading hobby. Thanks google..Version: 1.1

Widget pleaseGood default recommendations better than apple news but really need a widget working on the screen please!.Version: 5.26

Push notifications only work sporadicallyIt would be the best news reader I’ve ever used if the notifications worked properly. I’ve tried reinstalling it and the notifications come back for a couple days, but then stop again. Otherwise I love it. It has a great range of sources. It seems to learn what I’m interested in much better than Apple News. I love the “full coverage” button that brings up stories related to the one I’m reading. The layout is both pleasing and functional. I like that there’s a tab for stories tailored to me and another for top headlines in general. If they fix the notifications, or if you’re lucky and don’t experience that bug, it’s an easy 5 stars for me..Version: 5.14.1

Most legitimate sites availableI’ve tried a few of these news apps. Half find sites that claim to be unbiased that are very biased. Which way? Doesn’t matter if it’s lies. More than most of these apps only seem to find sites that rewrite Reddit am I a jerk nonsense or look another Karen to hate expose. This would even include microsoft’s attempt at legitimacy. Start over. Google still finds news sites that are a joke IMO, but I can easily remove them with a click. And I’ve yet to to see gossip ranked before actual events. I just wish they’d realize what a waste of time the New York Times is for most readers and cut them themselves. Oh the reason their local news is bad is because my local news is a joke. They can’t fix stupid, only source it..Version: 5.88

Love I can curate but why is it all jumpy?One of the best news apps as you eventually can get it tuned in to “exactly” what you want to see. But the jump “up” after a while, as it adds additional articles to your feed, after reading something, is very annoying. I have to prevent my thumb from scrolling up, while I wait for the “jump” / insert of another article on a topic I just read. Sooner or later I forget and I touch the screen and the “jump” takes me all the way back to the top of my feed again, where I then to curse and have to flip/ scroll past ALL the stuff I already read Hoping one day this will be fixed..Version: 5.53

CurrentsExcellent app if you are wanting quick up date on stories..Version: 1.1.1

Much betterThe new app is so easy to use. More information and up to date articles..Version: 5.3

Maybe Facebook giving Australia the big miss, GN is worth itGN will be worth it, it also unclog FB. Still can’t believe FB kicked a leg from under the 4 legged FB Table, FB will now wobble. Congratulations to Google for doing the right thing. Maybe Google should do a better version of FB anyway?.Version: 5.27

Better than Apple newsFar better than apple news, more tailored to you. Apple news has half of it taken up by click bait articles wanting you to sign up to News+ with every one of them behind a paywall It takes up like half of the feed.Version: 5.29

Hard to customize.Can no longer easily customize as i used to. The previous news app was way better. A lot of the news is now irrelevant. For a supposedly intelligent app, it’s quite dumb..Version: 5.6

Crummy appGoogle News has the same headlines from four days ago and it won’t update!.Version: 5.73

Works for me as an aggregator just fineGets most things but would like to see more SBS here in Australia.Version: 5.22

Google news is fairly goodThe Google news app for the iPhone is fairly good and the news articles are well curated. I am a blind user and have to use voice software to navigate the app. The app is fairly well coded for blind users and the tabs across the top make it easy to find different categories of news for example world or UK. sometimes when clicking on a news article in order to read it, my voice software sometimes fails to read it properly. occasionally my iPhone hangs when I scroll through a news article to avoid the adverts. This is a little bit annoying but otherwise the app is generally very good..Version: 5.44

News has never been easierI love to read the news, and do so almost every day. You always get bogged down, however, with certain organizations taking certain political stances, or you’re unable to get several perspectives. However, Google News solves all of that. I’ve gone from using specific news source apps, to apple news, and now to Google News. It has one of the most user friendly UIs I have ever worked with, whilst providing an awesome experience. You can customize which news sources you’d like to see more of, but Google News will always give you a huge range of coverage. Not only does it make reading the news easier, but it also makes it easier to get several perspectives on any given story. One of my most used apps, can’t recommend a better News Application than Google News..Version: 5.21

Important features do not workFor example, options to filter out unwanted content fail. Personal preference is paramount. If I cannot customize my experience, I find it very difficult to continue using the App. Google should know me better by now. I provide enough feedback through the App for a proper algorithm, but it is like no matter how many times I tell Google NO about something, they tend to come back with a YES response, which is quite argumentative, rude and provocative. If I say I do not want to see a source, Google does nothing about it, other than gather data on my preferences. Gathering preference data and not implementing it to accommodate preference feels like being swindled. I gave you my preference, but instead of RESPECTING my preference, I am constantly DISRESPECTED every time Google ignores my preference data. A data-harvesting algorithm is useless if you drive users away with BAD DESIGN..Version: 5.10

Good, but with a couple of issuesMy go-to news app along with Apple News. Articles sometimes don’t load properly meaning I can’t scroll past what was initially on screen. Turns my iPhone X into a portable heater. Having this app running in the background heats it up like no other app I’ve used before..Version: 5.0.1

Negative changeI used to be able to scroll quickly over lots of subjects quickly and look at what I wanted. It takes longer now, especially if I have slow internet. The worst part is losing the sections where I had set up the subjects I wanted to see using keywords..Version: 5.5

Everything you need. In one convenient place.The best news app out there!.Version: 5.31

Major New’sWhen the public is Counting on health update’s with the COVID Vaccination information it is available. I have been following the fires in BC & air quality as I have family in friend s in the Kamloop’s & Vancouver area I Count on google maps & weather report’s throughout the day..Version: 5.34

Done beautifullyHave to be little more easy to pick the selected news..Version: 4.3

Great but please add filtersThis is a great app I would highly recommend this for someone who wants to listen to the latest news but I would’ve rated this 5 stars only if they added filters like latest news first and oldest news last Thanks for understanding google.Version: 5.18

Great news appThis app works brilliantly and you can choose which news you get to your feed. There were a hell of a lot of adverts which became very annoying and I was forced to use an ad blocker. At one Point there were so many ads there were more ads than news. Works very well now..Version: 5.38

Google newsMost of the time when I am waiting I open Google news and enjoy it.Version: 5.10

Needs dynamic fontsNeeds a dynamic zoom for those of us who aren’t 20 anymore. I can’t read half of the stories.Version: 5.1

A decent news appI have switched back to Apple after a few years away, but have installed this app on my new phone. It’s a really decent news app which captures a nice blend of international, national and local news. Google have finally got it right, it’s good quality and just works..Version: 5.25.1

Good but not great (yet)Better than Apple News but still far too much noise and stories such as sport and Coronation Street of which I have no interest. I’m still working on the settings and hopefully given more time the stories will be relevant to me. Given how much we willingly let Google know about us I would’ve expected the stories to be more relevant. It would be interesting to know where and what data Google is using for its algorithms to generate the newsfeed. Hopefully, Google News product updates will be frequent and provide incremental improvements to the service. For now this will be my main daily news feed until somebody produces a better system or the Google product improves..Version: 5.24

New widgets please.Absolutely love Google News fantastic news app. I just wish you'd update your news widget to the new iOS 14 design. I personally think your new widgets on other applications such as Google Search are superb and they've certainly improved the UI experience. I've still rated it at 5 stars as the application is still brilliant regardless, plus from previous experiences I do believe Google will sort this minor irritation quite promptly.Version: 5.27

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