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Google Slides App User Positive Comments 2022

Google Slides app received 170 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google slides?

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Google Slides for Positive User Reviews

Lovin it!Hi! I’m in Grade 5 and this is really helpful for school presentations! I will always use this app..Version: 1.2020.14204

GreatIt is great for group work where you can all edit slides at once but even greater that you don’t need WiFi to edit it (convenient if you are working alone). It is also on the internet which means you can contribute to you it anywhere you like: a computer from school or your phone at home. It is ideal for me and I really like it!.Version: 1.2018.50204

The bestI love it ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖💗💞💘💕.Version: 1.2019.44204

Superb - Easy to use, feature rich and great for collaborationI’ve used Google Slides for a number of client projects and it’s excellent - there’s just enough flexibility in the toolset without it being bloated and it translates well to mobile - recommended..Version: 1.2017.44202

BadI think it is bad.Version: 1.2019.24203

Wow!Wowie, this app helps so much! I use it for school and much more! I love it because you can just put how many pictures you want and it’s so simple! When my teacher explained it to me, I was AMAZED and I was so EXCITED!!! When we got to do our slides I went crazy with pictures. My teacher got a little upset but it was still really fun. And I loved changing the font and color of the text! It’s just absolutely amazing! Google can do outstanding things. Also sorry if my grammar was bad I’m only in third grade..Version: 1.2020.2202

SlidesI have the Same glitches with warhawk77 and 1 more. I can’t seem to put in most emojis and yesterday I could. What is that about? But besides from all that nonsense slides is great! It has helped me out so much. Thank you!.Version: 1.2018.04203

OhCool but once I deleted it later I wanted it back but it said need update lots lag please stop.Version: 1.2018.22200

Simple & easy to use with great resultsAmazing software that allows you to create documents & templates to a professional level. Simple to use & free. Get on board..Version: 1.2017.50200

Ish gud!It’s a amazing app, I use it all the time for school projects! I have to say you did a good job creator..Version: 1.2018.16202

Love it, but I wish there were a couple more featuresGotta admit, I frickin love google slides. I love fiddling around with it and making movie via it and just having fun, I also use it for school and projects a lot. I love it, but it needs to have things like voiceovers like adobe because that enables you to do so much more, I understand google slides is supposed to be a simpler version but it really needs more. I always would love more transition options, and things like that. Over all I 100% recommend google slide to beginners but people who want more professional Presentations should probably use adobe or PowerPoint. 8/10.Version: 1.2019.30200

This is an amazing appThis app I have been using for 3 years and I’m loving it it is a fun and easy way to give presentations. You can upload photos, videos, and more there are many ways to work with this app. It is an awesome app for your children’s presentations and they can turn it in nice and neat. There is this thing called grammarly that helps your child spell really good and gives them correct punctuation, spacing, and a lot more. I suggest that you download this app and you will love it 😍.Version: 1.2020.44203

GreatThis app is absolutely outstanding and so easy to work with, I do wish however though that explore was on here like how it’s on a laptop or computer!.Version: 1.2021.44201

Awesome flexible app!Great app overall, can be used as google drawings and is pretty much power point, I recommend anyone who’s looking for a reliable way to present etc... to use this!.Version: 1.2022.26202

Multiple photo uploads at a time would make it better.I use google slides for all of my classroom presentations. I also have my students use google slides to keep track of the artwork like a ongoing portfolio. The app makes it easy to drop single photos into the slide show without having to download photos or email them to yourself first. My only complaint about the app is that you cannot upload more than one photo at a time from your camera roll. I take a lot of photos of artwork for my students and shuffling through hundreds of photos to get to things I took months ago can take a long time-it would be so helpful to be able to click on several photos at a time. I do the majority of my editing of my slides on a computer, I could edit from my phone but it is easier to fine tune things on a full computer. I primarily use the app to transfer the photos to my slides..Version: 1.2018.22200

Can’t use picturesCan't use any pictures of the internet.Version: 1.2019.10201

Not enough optionsIt toke hours to upload my video for school. Still good much better then other apps just harsh feedback from me. Good job and fix this problem now!.Version: 1.2022.28202

Mobile vs ComputerIt would be nice to have options for images and animations like on computers in the app.Version: 1.2021.222

This is awesome!I love how this app dose not make your storage full on your device!.Version: 1.2021.48201

The future of slides is here ...... with this powerful online (and offline) PowerPoint replacement. It's easy yet powerful and allows for collaboration and sharing at its core by integrating fully into Google Drive. The Mac version is even more powerful and the seamless integration between the two makes working on and presenting from iOS devices a breeze. Google software rocks! I just wish I could present without having to be online!.Version: 1.2017.38204

StudentThis app is awesome,I use it all the time . If I could rate this app more than five stars I would . This app is so easy to work with it saves everything you do, it’s easy to put anything on it such as chart , screenshots , pictures , and images . I’m a student so , of course I have to use this app for all my work , and I’m not ashamed of it. At first I didn’t know how but use it , but I figured it out quickly. The other google apps such as google docs , and google drive are also so great . I use those too . I am absolutely in love with this app so much it is just hard to explain . Best app ever!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2020.14204

Great for working on the goI love using google drive so I can work on the go while travelling by train. It saves so much time to know that I can work on the go then open the same document on my computer at home or work when I arrive..Version: 1.2018.34202

Soooooo usfullI use this app like like every day and I really really really like it and I I am going to put five stars on this review because everyone says it's super good and I agree and also I really like how you can change the font and share slide with other people. Are use a slide or all the time and no one ever can stop me from doing that I love I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it pain spect I can't believe the reading is 4.7 it should be five point five.Version: 1.2020.2202

Slides is awesome, never going back to Apple or Microsoft.Congratulations guys on a brilliant platform, and its amazing flexibility with all my files. Even dumping Evernote. Cannot be more pleased, keep up the great work..Version: 1.2018.36201

The bestGreat app using for university it is awesome. Just wish their were transitions like PowerPoint.Version: 1.2017.36204

Slides=goodSlides really is good whoever made it deserves a pat on the back.Version: 1.2020.34204

This is a great appI really enjoy how you can eat poo and.Version: 1.2019.42202

My Review…Hello this is my review! google slides is a great app on both phones and computers. I honestly think that computers are better to use this app because of all the other options, on phones you have a little but can’t do a lot of things you can do on would be great if there was all of options on phones if there are I don’t know how to get them! Sadly you can’t use emojis on google slides which I’d like to be changed to “ you can use emojis on google slides! Now you can express in emojis!” Well I think that’s it! Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.2018.04203

GreatGreat for school.Version: 1.2017.38206

Its good app!Hello i am in grade 6 and this app is awesome! this is a great app for school.Version: 1.2022.40201

DecentI think this is a decent app, although the phone version doesn’t have much access to things. It’s good for “on-the-go” work, but when you’re at home, I prefer PC version..Version: 1.2017.40204

It’s very usefulThis app is very great if it was not here I would of got detention this app allows me to type edit and much more thanks to this app when we are in online school and my laptop is not charged I use this iPad and this iPad does not allow me to type or edit it just makes me look at the slide nothing else but when I downloaded this app it has made me a perfect A on my test because sometimes we have test online and if this app did not exist I would got a F in my safe I really love this slides app and I say everyone that is using a phone or a tablet or a iPad they use this app.Version: 1.2022.06201

Only problem I’ve had with it but its still awesomeThe only problem I’ve ever had with this app when i would press present an it didn’t present all it did was make my screen go gray so I deleted the app i am currently now re downloading it to see if it works other wise i will never use this app again and will use PowerPoint instead.Version: 1.2021.222

Access via google classroom needs to be easierWould be 5 stars if I could see my starred folders when I access slides via google classroom, atm I have to go through the whole process of finding the folders I need..Version: 1.2018.02202

A problemIt is quite good approximately, but when you add a photo or Change the background, it is, I just can’t describe it, a big big problem..Version: 1.2020.49201

Really goodI’m using this to work on a history project with friends due to schools being closed. We’ve had no issues so far and the app is really cool. We can all work at the same time and chat together in the meantime!.Version: 1.2020.14204

Please make more like the computer versionI use google slides all the time for school presentations but one thing I absolutely hate about this app is the fact that i can never add animations to the slides. I always have to sign on to a computer to finish and its a huge inconvenience because i use an iPad for my everyday use. I think it would be much more easier for me and others to get animations on the app version Thanks.Version: 1.2018.36201

A student’s view of Google SlidesI rate this app 5 stars, but I’m a student, so I use apps like this all the time. When I found this app, I was kind of confused of what to do. After getting to play around with this app, I got used to it and I was enjoying it very much. I used it so much, whenever we needed it in school, so my teacher was becoming proud for me having my own device and using it ahead of time so I didn’t need to do it with the rest of the class and I had lots of free time. It’s all because my best friend recommended it to me. And she wouldn’t have found out about it If it weren’t have been made so, thanks for all the hard work on this app!.Version: 1.2019.04203

AMAZING APP!!!!!!!!!!I’ve Been using this app for 4 years it’s really helping my learning.Version: 1.2020.20201

This is awesome, but it needs one more thing...This is my honest review of Google Slides. (and the other document creators by Google) I started using all of google's document creators on my computer, and finally decided to try out the mobile versions of them. All of them work pretty much the same when it comes to settings and customization. The one thing that really needs to be added is options for page setup. None of the mobile apps allow you to change the size and color of the page you're making, and that's a true disappointment. Other than that, Google Slides and all the other productivity programs from Google are great and easy to use!.Version: 1.2017.48208

Great app, some bugs.Overall a great app for working on a slide when your on the go, or just at home and don’t want to go to your desk to work on the computer. There are barely any problems with this app, besides that there are some missing things from the desktop version, but I expected that. However, there is also a couple of bugs. The most annoying bug is that I can’t add an image to my slides. I select the photo I want to add, and hit ‘add’, but it never works. No photo is added to my slide. I tried this on my IPad Air and my IPhone 7, but it didn’t work for neither. Google, please fix this for everybodies convince!.Version: 1.2021.38202

NiceSo good 😃😃😃😃😃.Version: 1.2019.12202

My opinionI’m 5th grader and things have been tight so for my projects it makes it easier but I would really like it if you can animate the text.Version: 1.2022.20200

Love it, but it can use some improvements.I’m a teacher, and with this distance learning, I have been relying heavily on Google Slides to help me make interactive assignments. I just got off of Zoom with a student, whom I was trying to help for an hour because she said she couldn’t complete her work on Google Slides. I pulled the exact same assignment up on my iPad, and I discovered that I couldn’t type anything on the slide. My qwerty keyboard never appeared when I clicked on a text box nor when I created a text box. I have a keyboard set up to my iPad, which I discovered I could use to type on the document, but my student doesn’t, and she doesn’t know how to complete her assignment because of this. If this is a glitch or a fluke, can you please fix it? If we were just looking in the wrong place, please let me know so I can help my student. I don’t want this to be the norm when I assign work to my students..Version: 1.2020.34204

I love it!This is such an amazing thing to use especially now since we are forced to do online school and most professors are putting us in groups so we don’t go through the semester alone. I like how everyone can use it and how simple it is to follow. All I wish is that there were more template options like powerpoint and if they did suggestions for the different slide when you add a picture like on powerpoint. This would be such an amazing tool and for that very reason, i know more people chose powerpoint and don’t mind putting in extra communication with their groups because of the lack of options with themes. This would truly put it over the top and then i’d give 5 stars.Version: 1.2020.18202

It’s amazing!Hi! I’m in grade 6 and Google slides has helped with a ton of school projects it’s and amazing thing and I love making random stuff with my friends! Me and my friend made a slideshow to convince our parents to let us have a animal walking business! And it worked! I appreciate that google has made this and I use it all the time!.Version: 1.2022.32203

❤️❤️❤️It’s AMAZING because it helps me do my school at home on my iPad too.Version: 1.2019.16201

AwesomeThis is a great app especially at the corona outbreak it helps me and my sis with school projects and is super easy to use my sister uses to make her videos on her channel which helps her with great content also I love explore it gives me ideas though this better on a computer or Laptop it is still a good app by It’s self 😀.Version: 1.2020.26206

Good work google... butI started off really liking slides the features are great and presentation styles are awesome but... there is a really bad glitch, two actually the first one is where you go in to slides it randomly has that selection of choices where it says cancel, undo or redo and if you press any of the buttons you cannot type again and you have to go out of the slide and back in, the second glitch is where random people join your slide some of the names who joined my slide where, turtle muddle captain awesome Ben brown and a couple more people. Overall the app is pretty good I would recommend it to others as well, Anonymous :).Version: 1.2017.46204

ReviewOne word:Awesome.Version: 1.2019.06205

SpeedIt is slower than working online like for example in power point but still being always online and possible to share change live... more convenient than power point..Version: 1.2020.26206

Has everything you need and nothing you don’tI’ve created some really good stuff using slides. Recommended..Version: 1.2017.44202

Awesome and reliableThis is a fabulous way to create and share things with classmates. Our whole school uses it and no one has issues with it. I really recommend this especially for students..Version: 1.2019.24203

Absolutely BrilliantThis app is so good because you can reach it anywhere and you can use it offline as well which is really good!!!!!!!!! 👏.Version: 1.2019.36202

WOWSERS!!!!!!!!!!!You’re way way better than google docs tnx 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👻👻👻👻👻.Version: 1.2019.22200

Pretty good, but we need moreOk, apps great, I use it for school every day, but I want to know if google forms and google drawings will ever come, I could really use them and I would appreciate them on mobile devises, otherwise, fantastic app!.Version: 1.2021.30202

Great appIt's so easy to use with quite a range of functions. Love it!.Version: 1.2017.36204

Report/suggestionI love slides but i really wanted to add a video and we were finding it impossible to add one. If there is a possibility that put a video on a iPad on a slide presentation plz make it simple and easy! PLZ..Version: 1.2018.38201

Transitions and BackgroundsI honestly prefer Google products over most Microsoft, and Slides is a definite win, especially after seeing a mobile app. I took my iPad to school, prepared for the presentation, and I tapped around, seeing what all they had. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the “theme” option, but what about backgrounds? It’s kinda tiring looking up images, dragging them into slides, making it full size, sending to the back, and not helping your team all at once. Please add the “background” option. Also, since I begun Slides, I always tried my best to use my best format, honest opinion, and make them as interesting as possible. However, after looking around, I found I still couldn’t find yet another option- transitions. While yes, I agree that we need more, newer ones, we also need— well, the basic options on mobile. I can see them on my iPad during present, but I can’t find it. (If it’s there, please respond where.) Other than those, I’d say 5 stars! *****.Version: 1.2019.42202

We should be able to select them and delete themI need to be able to delete multiple at the same time because I have over 300 slides and It is taking up all my storage but I will be sitting there for years trying to delete one bye one.Version: 1.2021.42203

FeedbackI myself use google slides for many projects. It has amazing features, amazing service…. but, I have a suggestion - can you guys add a drawing feature like Microsoft PowerPoint. I personally didnt have a Microsoft PowerPoint account but had to make one couple days ago. If you add that drawing feature it would be a big help. I would then rate your product 5 out 5 then I promise..Version: 1.2021.32202

Great For ProjectsAs I have a lot of presentations to present a lot, a gave Microsoft PowerPoint a go but then I was told about Google Slides, now it is so much easier to make projects!.Version: 1.2018.34202

Work readyThis is amazing for school and work you can also send your work so get this app.Version: 1.2020.18202

Can’t complainI have to use the app for school so I have no choice. Never the less it is a really good app.Version: 1.2020.18202

AwesomeAwesome app for presentations and school project. Great job Google. A well managed app and easy to use 👏.Version: 1.2017.38206

SlidesIt is a great way to make presentations for school and things.Version: 1.2020.18202

Love itThis is a very good app. I use it for college all the time and it has just made my life easier when am try to do a power point.Version: 1.2017.38206

This has been really helpfulI really like this app. Google slides has been very helpful during times I need to create slides.Version: 1.2020.46204

Good Work GoogleI have just recently became aware of this program and use it for TAFE at least twice a week its great could use a few more features but all in all a great program and is handy how it shows up across all my devices once signed in and dose not lag !! Good work Google.Version: 1.2017.40204

Awesome, just 1 preference...This is a great app. I love using it, great for workplaces and schools, and super easy to work with. Great to be able to add images, but it is only possible to add videos from Drive/Camera roll on the web. If you could add this into the iPad app, that would be great. Otherwise, another great application from google!.Version: 1.2020.16202

I love Google Slides!Guys, Google Slides is absolutely excellent! You must download it! It is awesome, there is transitions, designing, you can make it move you can add pictures... It’s like Google Docs but moving. You must buy it, it’s awesome so come on, it doesn’t even cost you money! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉.Version: 1.2019.20203

Amazing appIt helps me in school and it's always my first choice to go to for anassignment!😄.Version: 1.2017.36204

Good job google 💩Nice but you googles need to combine computer 💻 and iPad and iPhone 📱.Version: 1.2017.36204

ThemesIt is honestly a great app, much better the Microsoft PowerPoint. It is really easy to use and has some great features, such as, the infinite amount of fonts, background colors & options, and different templates for the slides. Although the app has many great qualities the only thing I find that might need fixed is when I do a whole slide theme that is offered and try to add a slide the slide I try to add is not apart of the theme and I have to add it every time I add a slide. Over all though it is a great app, and I recommend it especially if you need to make a slideshow for school!.Version: 1.2022.12202

Google slidesI think google slides is a very good website because you can make really cool websites and slide shows. So yeah I would rate this a 5 star review and how you can make things for school and that its easy and educational for children's and adults progress this app shows how good you are at technologie. This is a good app so I would recommend this app to other people, who ever is reading this make sure you recommend this app to a family member friend d or anyone you know. Thanks For Reading this ..... Bye 👋👋👋😜😜😜😁😁😁😊😊😊😆😄.Version: 1.2019.28202

TobyGoogle slide is amazing in lockdown and also because we’re doing homework online on Google classroom we need to use Google slide to post our homework that’s why it’s very useful you might not know but maybe a few years later this is the time this is a year that slot down was it was 2020 and Google slide has just been amazing to do homework onto right stories onto it’s just so amazing you should get it this is how I so feel I just so great with Google slide my life is just became a lot better with Google slide so please download it it’s free it might take up a bit of space but to download it you need to think of taking away some apps or games that you never use not one thing that you have to pay for but games that you just don’t use much just delete them don’t hesitate let your mum says blah blah blah blah blah yeah yeah or your children are like hey I was playing that game it’s just annoying sometimes.Version: 1.2020.24201

My reviewThis app is amazing! I use it all the time for my assignments. Can you please add a word count. For my assignments in need to have a certain amount of words, but when I use google slides, I cannot find how many words I have wrote. Please add this..Version: 1.2019.16201

No no hahahhahahaPoo poo My son and I got divorced because of the app because he ate my wring off my toe to my foot and it wasn’t too bad and I was very disappointed in my experience with.Version: 1.2020.49201

Pretty GoodLiking Slides, feedback wold be to add word count in. This would be appreciated. It would also be nice to have some more original designs for the format.Version: 1.2020.47207

Great appHi I am School student my teacher used to always have us work on this app it is great fun my favourite part of the app is hyper links and sharing all and all this app is great.Version: 1.2019.32201

This is amazing appWe love to use at school thanks for making the app we enjoy use it a lot.Version: 1.2020.49201

Awesome... But...I use this amazing and rather powerful slide creating tool for most of my assignments at school. Its pretty effective and really dipped with simplicity but undercut with elegance and... well... awesomeness! I'm only 12 but I think this app would do soooooo much better if a video option was added. Come on, we need to add videos! Anyways, thanks Google, and I can assure you that this app is continuously being appreciatively used by many people like me today. Bye!.Version: 1.2017.42201

No flaws, it’s amazing!With all of its features, google slides is great for presentations, and more! It’s has a variety of fonts, colors for words, bgs, transitions, backgrounds, pictures, and so much more! You can pick any background just by the “google search” feature for backgrounds, and pictures! You can also import pictures from your phone/ any mobile device, and you can also take your own photos right from the app! There’s soooo many more features for this app, but here are just some! Google slides, your amazing! (All of these same features and things apply to google slides on computers/laptops too! -Kendall 💕🐝✨.Version: 1.2022.04201

Amazing appIm currently using this for speeches and the quiz cards are amazing and its so much easier.Version: 1.2019.28202

Rocco .O ~ England, Suffolk.I think the app is amazing especially that you can use it offline ! When you cannot print just share, simple as that. But the creators should add a few more templates. Other than that I think the app is absolutely brilliant that’s why I rated it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars also to mention google docs is also amazing. Credits to google amazing !!!!!.Version: 1.2019.20203

It’s really goodIt’s really good because today in class we did a presentation but we had not saved it but because it automatically saved we were able to do it when the power came back on..Version: 1.2019.49202

Amazing ❗️😍😍😍😍😍I love this app so much! You can write stories you can put photos on there you can pretty much do everything! This is the best app ever ever ever ever so good! I am never deleting this app because it is the best I will never find an app better than this one ever ever ever..Version: 1.2018.36201

Ok goodThis app is awesome but it has some flaws like IT is dreadful logging on because u are sad u have to do DLP( distance learning plan) BUT other than that this app is amazing for teaches especially in COVID 😷So I will give this app a FIVE STAR RATING Peace out in COVID 😉.Version: 1.2020.36201

Create an slide!Awesome!Amazing app for beginners and others who have creative mind and I was writing in my book and I wanted to do something different because it was making it easy and finer for me and hopefully you too..Version: 1.2020.40201

😄 AMAZING! 😄Great for school projects!.Version: 1.2019.44204

Amazing!!!😁I love and prefer google apps over the Microsoft versions. Google slides and docs are much better than word!!! Although word has more options the google format is simpler. It is easier to share document and edit them with google. When ever o use word o have issues sending my work to friends and colleagues. But not with google it works every time! It also tells you if you type in the wrong email do you don’t have to worry about sending your work to a random person. You can also choose what the people you send your work to are aloud to edit!! In conclusion LOVE google it’s performance is flawless I highly recommend it!!!😀😀😀.Version: 1.2020.16202

I use it for schoolI write reviews for some games,but this is the first one I ever done educating. This app I have been using for ages. Its the best. Go check out google docs!! It’s good for writing long story’s or essays I think?.Version: 1.2018.28204

Generally greatI find this app very useful; easy to use, easy to understand, easy to work with others from different locations. It has so much you can do with app! Templates, shapes, tables, photos. The only reason this is a 4 star rating is because I can't directly upload videos onto the slides, and I need to do this a lot. Everything else, brilliant. Just wish I could upload videos directly..Version: 1.2020.6205

Loving itIt just amazingly works! 100% recommended.Version: 1.2017.48208

Fun app just a few problems…I have this app at school and at home, but there are a few problems. This is my favorite G suite app, but on mobile devices it won’t let me put backgrounds, I always have to put a gradient on the text, and stretch it. I also have friends that can’t spell so please let Grammarly in this suite. I’m very tired of correcting them :(. The font Pacifico is fine but on mobile it says it doesn’t work, so please fix that because it’s working fine. For images there’s a bug in the built in browser the images look cursed. The only images that work are the LGBTQ+ flags. Me, and my zoo partner Jason have to copy and paste images it’s so fun but annoying in the built in browser put better images. We needed red foxes but the foxes are costumes on the built in browser. The projects are done but I just wanted to say this..Version: 1.2020.44203

Good for everythingSo I really like it so far I have just made Spanish flash cards for my class on Tuesday but also I think it’s extremely easy access to use and very easy to use if you want to make things like presentation and so on but also it gives you multiple options of slides to choose from instead of one like in the app presentation so definitely get this app..Version: 1.2017.46204

Used to hate it but now I love it!So basically I couldn’t figure out how to do things when I wanted to. Now, I’ve played around with it a couple times and it’s gone through multiple updates since I first started using it and hating it. I couldn’t do everything I wanted to and now I’m good. If you’ve ever used Keynote, everything is in similar places to that. I prefer Slides over Keynote though because I think it can do more and you can always access it anywhere and work on it..Version: 1.2018.38201

Mostly usefulI’m a teacher and use slides basically everyday. I love the options it provides but the app is limited in comparison to everything you get when you’re on a browser. I don’t know why it doesn’t give you the option to add a video when you’re on the app but you can do it when you’re on the browser. The app also doesn’t give you the option to search the web for images. Then, on an ipad at least, when you try to open google slides on a browser it automatically opens the app. The only way I can open google slides on a browser is if I’m on incognito mode. Those are the only drawbacks I have found from using the app. All the other features I use/need are there. It just takes some time getting used to using the app because certain options are found in different places than the regular version..Version: 1.2022.38200

From ZoëWe should be able to put music on a slide.Version: 1.2017.40204

GreatSuper easy.Version: 1.2018.48204

Read this you need to hear it!! 😍This is a very good app I’m so happy with it! My child’s teacher set a task for the hole class and it was so easy to find because of this app! This app lets you find your tasks and set tasks easy and no adds or payments! But there is one thing. Sometimes it takes a little time to get use to the app. If you get sent something on your app it will come up a another tab. A tab is just another task and sometimes there is to many tabs and you can’t delete any. But over all this a a very good app I’m so happy with this!!! 😍😊.Version: 1.2021.34201

Great work: keep it up.This app is the best that google made apart from chrome. The only suggestion is that you make it so you can make personal slides where other people can’t edit it..Version: 1.2019.49202

Amazing app!!I use this app all the time at school and I find it so simple to use I’m well a bit technologically challenged 😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.2019.16201

I love this app!I struggled to find an app where I could write (etc.) for free! Microsoft PowerPoint and word are not good apps tbh. But this is really good! Ty for privileging me to be able to acc do my work for free!.Version: 1.2020.18202

EpicThis app proved itself useful for online learning. Now because of coronavirus in nsw we can choose to stay home. I am lazy, so I chose to stay home. This makes it extremely easy to access slides to do the activities. Thanks for this amazing app.Version: 1.2020.10203

IPad Pro seems buggy on poor connectionI have a work google account and a home one. When I try to open a file that was shared with me via email it says the file wasn’t there or I do not have permission to it (when I know I do). Not sure if this is related to being on a poor connection (4g train journey) or some other reason. I removed my home google account but still an issue. I bought an iPad Pro specifically to be able to work on presentations on the move so I really hope you can fix this soon. This must just be a bug because it works brilliantly on iPhone - sadly not so well on iPad Pro..Version: 1.2019.40202

Love itI think that Google’s slides is so much better and easier to use the google docs even for just an essay because you can add pictures and make text boxes so you can have key words and titles anywhere. On the iPad it is not so easy because I can’t put pictures in or make drawings and add them in, but other than that 👍.Version: 1.2018.50204

AMAZING APP!!!!!!I am in university and I use this app sooooooo much it is great for anything even my younger sister in 3 grade uses it it is so helpful! Thx goggle!!!.Version: 1.2019.36202

❤️✍️I love using google slides for presentations at school, it’s really easy for me to understand as you could say i’m a little technologically challenged, especially when it comes to complicated apps and programs. anyways, a great app i definitely recommend :).Version: 1.2018.36201

Great for sharingI think that personally, it’s best feature is the fact that you can share it with other people. I often use it for school because it is so easy to use and also share with my teacher if I can’t print it out. I can also use i easily for shared projects which I love. Finally, I think that it is easy to use with great fonts, themes and access to many backgrounds: I think it might even be better than power point! I really reccommend getting google slides (especially as its free and has no ads)!😁😁😁.Version: 1.2018.22200

Amazing— just a suggestionHi! I just wanna take the time to say that your app is really good, and I use it for a lot of my projects. I just have a small suggestion. So, because I use a MacBook, for some odd reason, audio doesn’t come up for me. I am able to use video and it plays music without audio. I would like for the music to play continuously on either the entire slideshow or just selected slides. That’s really all I wanted to ask. Thank you for putting time and effort into this app and give my request some thought!.Version: 1.2022.02200

It’s amazing but...I love that you can choose from different images and templates and there's just so many aid to do! I just have one little tiny problem... when I search something, someone's it doesn't come up and I get annoyed because I want to add that thing but it's not there. 🙁 But otherwise it's really good to have!.Version: 1.2020.18202

Can’t change theme or slide master making this completely uselessI can’t change theme or slides master using the version available for iPad Pro , making this completely useless. Google please add this function or let us use the online version directly please.Version: 1.2018.10208

Great and easy way to make your presentationsI use google slides all the time to create my presentations. It is quick and easy and I can edit them anywhere, anytime and on any device..Version: 1.2018.18203

My ReviewTy Google for making an 𝔸𝕞𝕒𝕫𝕚𝕟𝕘 app called google slides. It helped me a lot for lockdown; school homework project, and all that stuff! I’m still pre-teen/nearly teen but this helped me a lot for studying! You should ᎠᎾᎳᏁᏞᎾᎪᎠ it ᖇIᘜᕼT ᑎOᗯ! I bet it’s going to help you as much as it helped me!.Version: 1.2020.44203

GREATIT IS AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH GOOGLE!!😛😁😄😃😀😅😂☺️😆😁😁😊🙃🙂😊.Version: 1.2019.24203

YaaaaaasI am loving the google slides, it’s very fun and useful. I would definitely recommend getting his app..Version: 1.2019.26204

4 starsGreat use it all the time, the only problem is it takes up so much storage.Version: 1.2022.30201

GreatAlthough it's better on pc or chromebook I have found this tool to be quite helpful.Version: 1.2019.12202

Very goodExcellent fo.r those last minute homework and on the go, but 4 really needs dark mode, some other google apps have it and it’s really a necessity. Apart from that very good and works as it should..Version: 1.2019.49202

Good ProductThis product is an amazing mobile adaptation of the website version. I think that the company did a great job in making this. I have only one complaint, and it isn’t a huge one. I understand that most of the tools won’t be able to transfer, but if there is a way, I would like to see more of the tools that are on the website when I am unable to use a computer/chromebook. Other than that, there are no complaints and it is an awesome product that you don’t even have to put money into..Version: 1.2020.14204

One problemThe app itself is really good but there is just one problem whenever I open multiple slides on a document it just randomly switches slides..Version: 1.2020.49201

Useful for Students!This app is very useful for people who are still at school or work with an enviroment that uses powerpoint etc. it is free to use and you can share it with teachers and friends :).Version: 1.2020.16202

Yeah....Yes this app is amazing but I wouldn’t recommend using it on iPad. And I just don’t like how you change the stetting for iPad an computers like can’t they just have the same settings, because on the iPad or iPhone you can’t do certain things like you can on a computer or laptop 💻.Version: 1.2020.44203

CoolCandy floss cool.Version: 1.2020.18202

My review for youThis is sooo good I’m really happy it helps me so much good job make a picture tab get new colours because the colours are boring get new ones good job high five well down good job have fun get new colours please they are super boring I want new and brighter colours to do stuff with because you guys have really ugly colours and get new fun stuff please I love puppy’s get new colours please huidswcdcsw.Version: 1.2018.16202

One SMALL problemWhen I add a new slide link to a different slide I go on the link but then it says get app I go onto AppStore and it says Update and I was in slides like 2 seconds ago and nothing is updated! Which is pretty annoying but otherwise thiss is an amazing app.Version: 1.2020.36201

Glitches, and in need of more options. But great!Don’t get me wrong, I love this app! But when I tried to create a presentation for my book report, it only let me fix a certain amount of things at a time, then wouldn’t let me adjust anything! It says bugs are getting fixed, but it doesn’t seem like that. Also, I wish it had more options! Maybe add stickers, or different backgrounds! That doesn’t bother me so much though. This is just my opinion and experiences. Overall, great app to use for school!.Version: 1.2021.46200

We made a movie called off-road movie!!!!!!!! By Benjamin and dan 7-8Our movie is awesome!!!!!.Version: 1.2018.24204

Great for studentsThis app is absolutely amazing, great for many occasions. We use it at school all the time! It’s great to share with class mates and we use it for our presentations. (If teachers are wanting an app/program for class google slides is the one) One problem though, HAAA THERE IS NO PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS APP IS LEGENDARY!!!!!!.Version: 1.2019.34

AmazingGoogle slides is amazing with a five star because I go to school and this is so simple and easy to use and I’ve been using google slides for three years now.Version: 1.2019.42202

Good for school!I use this for school at the pandamic, (still now) at online work it was really good for me especially multi tasking, it was well done for school. I actually found some bugs when it comes to sizing the boxes it moves it around when I want to change the lengh/ hight. Although I find it really good for searching my PowerPoint or Slide because of the search bar..Version: 1.2021.16204

Great 👍I think it is great google slides, I use it in school and at home so I recommend you try it because it is amazing! You can do homework or just make slides , so be sure to get it ! By HVG.Version: 1.2020.8202

Great productIt’s such a easy and convince product.Version: 1.2019.04203

Highly recommendI love using all of your products such as google docs, slides, and more, but there is one problem. That is the use of backgrounds aren’t very good. It shows great pictures, although when I equip it, it looks like it had been ran over. Other than that, great app, if you are reading this I want to let you know you are beautiful, amazing, smart, and no matter what anyone says, don’t let their words hurt you. They’re probably jealous of how amazing you are. Anyways, highly recommended!.Version: 1.2020.10203

The insert line is garbageThe app is nice and really useful, but the insert line or scribble function makes you go back to your cursor every time you place a single line and that’s annoying. If I want to change the thickness or color of the line I should be able to do that before drawing the line, not after. Also the scribble function keeps trying to make my lines straighter and smoother which is nice, but it also makes me incapable of drawing certain simple things like the number three. The scribbles correction functions makes drawing corners or pointy bits pretty much impossible. Lines also end up shorter then I intend for them to be. But other than that, it’s cool..Version: 1.2020.49201

AwesomeI had to ask someone how to do the background though.Version: 1.2019.16201

It works well, but...It works really well but it’s often hard to find my stuff because of a reason idk why but it’s overall good.Version: 1.2021.28201

This app is amazing 🤩I’ve been using this app since home isolation for my iPad. It has really been amazing for doing my school work. I recommend it highly. It is the best app yet. (That isn’t a video game 🎮😉).Version: 1.2020.20201

Yes sirIt’s lit.Version: 1.2019.51204

A problemOn mobile it is slightly annoying how can not have a background otherwise though, great! My favourite slide maker thing!.Version: 1.2021.28201

YASSSSorry, is it ok that I am also reviewing Google Docs here bc it won’t let me review it from there… Both Google Docs and Slides are amazing!!!!!.Version: 1.2022.36207

Great for schoolwork!I love google slides, and I use it for many school presentations, but I wish I was able to print more than one slide per side of paper, as it’s hugely wasteful when giving everyone in the class a copy of the presentation, and it amounting to 30 sheets or so. Please fix this!.Version: 1.2018.06204

Slides is so usefulHi guys I just want to confirm that slides is AMAZING 😉! Thank you 😊 for existing! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😊🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 😁🤓😉🤪😁🤓😉🤪😁🤓😉🤪😁🤓😉🤪😁🤓😉🤪😁🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳.Version: 1.2020.22203

A Review Worth Reading:On Google Slides I could so so much. I could make things only I could do at my chrome book at school, but when I left it behind, that was it. But the Google Slides app on my iPad let me be able to access my slides an even talk to my friends, from my house. It opened up a whole knew worlds for me just on a computer screen. I strongly suggest that you get this app pronto, you can create wonderful slides that are full of facts, or could just be for talking and messing around..Version: 1.2020.6204

Great app, could have some improvements, but still great!It’s a really good app, and I use it in school, but it only has the things you have to have in a presentation. It lacks the amount of transitions, and there’s no animation. Also, the app can’t display different types of font other than the main font. Still, it’s a wonderful and useful app, and it probably saved me sometimes on occasions when I need a presentation at the last second, and the ability of having multiple people work on one presentation all at once is amazing and convenient. Great app!.Version: 1.2018.02202

Great app but one thing....I love this app! It is absolutely fantastic when you have a project for school or work when you don’t have access to a computer all the time. One suggestion would be to make getting out of present mode easier. I am on an apple iPad and can not find a logical, sensible way to get out of my slides. Other than this small flaw I have not found any others in this wonderful app. If this changes I will be happy and will be satisfied with the workings of this ‘lifesaver’ app..Version: 1.2018.16202

It’s great, but there is no application for MacGoogle slides is very useful but every time you are going to present you are always logging on when presenting from computer.Version: 1.2021.06207

HeyThis app is great I always use it for schoo,l and stuff with friends I would love it though if u are added to a group only u can make ourself leave not the owner.Version: 1.2017.40204

Great!It is great to use when your working for school, it’s best feature is you can share with people . But there is a big bug with iPad Pro’s which I request to be fixed . Overall it’s brilliant ! Thanks for reading , I hope you understand.Version: 1.2020.16202

❤️Works Great!.Version: 1.2020.14204

Pretty GoodPretty good👍👍.Version: 1.2018.38201

A Teeny Tiny SuggestionJust like in Google Docs, I wish you can use Google itself to search things inside the app and place them..Version: 1.2019.34

Needs to add proper bluetooth keyboard support for iPadIt’s all fine apart from that pressing the space bar on a Bluetooth keyboard connected to my iPad 5th Gen does not create a space in the text, it selects a separate item on the app, such as the font selection or the confirmation button..Version: 1.2020.18202

Awesome appI love this app so much because it’s easy and you don’t need a internet connection to use it It’s a really useful and fun way to do school projects or just mess around with. My only problem is that I can’t figure out how to animate on this app but other than that it’s pretty much perfect and has no adds as a bonus.I definitely would recommend not only this app but other google apps such as google mail because there so great to work with.👍🏻.Version: 1.2018.34202

Good for schoolI really love it for school.I love that you can share it with people.For me this can be really good for group projects!.Version: 1.2022.40201

Student workThis app has saved my life. As an 8th grader my teachers are transitioning us from more paper work to more digital work. The teachers are also having us do more presentations to “prepare us for public speaking” and before we had to sign user agreements as well as our parents. My dad originally wouldn’t because the agreement said we would have to be the ones paying for repairs. Since he didn’t sign I had to do everything on paper, including presentations and I can tell you I 100% prefer the occasional having to push a button more than once. I’m currently working on a pitch for my schools media arts program and with how much I’ve had to correct on my slides I am so happy it’s not on paper 😭.Version: 1.2021.34201

Great... butI wanted this app as many people have recommended it to me however, whenever I try to download it, it loads and then it goes to download button again! Have tried continuously but still won’t work!.Version: 1.2021.30202

Extra updates neededI use on an iPad, phone & desktop. The desktop has more options & control F lets me search but could the iPhone and iPad have a search tool ? Rather than scrolling down to find the page if the document is large. Also it would be good to be able to lock text boxes, image locations so that it stays in the place it’s meant to be like a template but others can edit it to write descriptions. We have multiple people inputting into this and sometimes the boxes get moved around if used on an iPhone. Take a while to generate the slides to print document..Version: 1.2021.18204

Good update!Good job google LLC i’m so happy.Version: 1.2020.16202

This is cool!I really like this this is a good presentation review and when you work on the presentation it’s amazing I also use your other apps you’re really pretty good use can you make an app called google folder or google save? The details and stuff can be whatever you want I just want to save my drive stuff in there! This is a really good use for presentations and other stuff you can share with people in our comments and can you call them on google slides to?.Version: 1.2022.222

Awesome app I love it!Awesome app I love it! Is easy to use and brilliant! (#getskippyonzooba).Version: 1.2020.40201

GreatI love this app so much because it is so easy to use and so reliable I even think that it is great to use to start up clubs where everyone can share their ideas! So all in all I think that it is a great app.Version: 1.2020.14204

Good for schoolGood fo school for power point the same with docs aswell for some reason it took a while to downloading ad I’m not sure if that’s just the app or the fact that it’s just downloading slow but still a very good app thank you for making it on the phone so then we don’t have to use a computer all the time as a phone to me is easier to handle and I find it more efficient to type..Version: 1.2017.38206

Amazing just one thingNow, this is an outstanding app I would just request 1 thing... make it so when you go to insert link there’s a “Randomise” button pressing the button let’s you choose which slides you want to be randomised this would really help on my Rock Paper Scissors map and I don’t want to download any links for an add on because I don’t want any virus.Version: 1.2020.34204

Great! But...I love this app. I use it on desktop first and it worked beautifully and I was really happy. I made a bunch of stuff whether I needed to or not. We get free time sometimes, so I’d normally go on slides and make something random. I was really happy, again, so downloaded it on my iPad at home. Again, worked amazing and I was happy. But the but comes in here. I downloaded on my iPhone and there are a few glitches. It just got me to my home screen mid type and I just lost a bunch of my progress. And I can’t move a small text box, I have to expand it one way and shrink the other. I’d appreciate if these small glitches are fixed, and it’s a little picky. But all in all, I recommend this to anyone and I love it!🦄.Version: 1.2018.50203

Would be 5 stars if we can access our templatesWe have some custom templates setup but these are not viewable when you go to the template screen. Real shame as would be 5 stars if added..Version: 1.2018.06204

Printing problems...I have but one problem with this app, the rest is perfect and simple to use. It is in the aspect ratio of the slides themselves. I DO NOT HAVE PROBLEMS GETTING THE INK ONTO PAPER! When I print the slides, i have white bars on the top and bottom of the page. I do not know if this is an easy fix, but i need you to fix it so I can have a full a4 sheet of paper covered in the aesthetically pleasing themes. Again, good job on those pre-installed themes.Version: 1.2019.12202

Pretty goodI am a grade 4 student and I always use your app, it’s just when I search up my work it doesn’t usually pop up and it’s a bit difficult to find my work.Version: 1.2020.22203

I really love this appI realy love this app because you can do it with other people and friends. I have done a lot of things on this app. Most of the things I do is animal things. I love horses and I usually do horse things. Horses are amazing. Horses horses horses horses horses horses.Version: 1.2018.36201

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