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Finally!!! An app update that makes this stableI love google voice and I love this new updated stable app but I absolutely hated the old google voice app on IOS devices. Slow and laggy, would constantly crash or become unresponsive my favorite little quirk was that at time you would click to type a text and the text field and keyboard would both disappear and you would be forced to force close the app in order to possibly get it back up and running. NOT ANYMORE! This update resolved 99% of the issues that I ran into before the app performs faster and smoother and doesn’t have the little quirks it used to. Thanks google for finally tossing us IOS users a bone and getting this fixed and done right, next time maybe do it a little quicker than 2 years..Version: 19.11

Concept great but some big issuesThey really need more options on the notifications, I want sound on calls but not for texts etc. That is a hugeee issue, I do not need a beep every time I get a text. As well customized notifications for each contact would be huge, the ability to mute someone but not block them etc. Also it would be amazing if we could pay to have mutiple numbers, and that we could have multiple GV numbers that go to my cell. I’d hand out one GV number for personal reasons, and another for work reasons and then I’d be able to filter them automatically. I’d pay for that time saver! Rather than to have to customize options on how contacts calls are sorted. And then if you need to you can filter them additionally on top of that. Instead of a pyramid filter think of it as triangle on top of a triangle filter haha. Also a watch app would be amazing. I usually leave my phone behind and it would be great to hear voicemails from my watch. Thanks for your hard work!.Version: 20.38

Good flexible calling appLots of stuff to like here. I really like having a second number I can give out instead of my personal cell number. Excellent call quality if you have a solid data connection. I can use my Google Voice account on multiple devices and my laptop browser. I don’t travel much, but when in Europe I can call back to any US number for free if I can find WiFi, plus some of the lowest rates I’ve seen to international numbers. Unlike Skype or WhatsApp, this uses a regular phone number, so the other party doesn’t need some specific app, just a phone. Supports multiple accounts so I can seamlessly use both a personal number and a work GSuite number on the same device. I can transfer calls between my devices; start a call on my laptop, then transfer to my phone. This is really a wonderful platform and I’m happy to see google giving it more attention lately. I’ve been using google voice for years and it keeps getting better. Thanks!.Version: 20.26

When you don’t want to give your real number.So I got this APP years ago when I was selling a few items on Craigslist. A great comfort when you don’t want just anyone getting your home/cell number. Most of the time the APP/ service works great. Yes, its sometimes hard for the transcriptions to be accurate, just like any type of voice recognition. But it does a good job notifying you if you have a call voicemail and such. I have no problem “verifying” my forwarding number, but I have to wonder. Just got a new iPhone, and you know Apple, once you buy their products, little support or concern to the customer after that. Especially when it comes to 3rd party APPS. Anyway, I had to set up the APP again AND verify my number. A week or 2 later google wants me to reverify? Maybe an automated thing or bug with APP. Anyway, still works good..Version: 22.39

Great for teachers/distance learningAs a teacher who initially had to work from home, having a Google Voice account helped me keep in touch with my students’ families without having to give out my actual personal number. There are settings to establish notification times as well, so you can set up “out of office” or contractual hours times, where you won’t be notified until you are ready to start your day (for those families or students who are only available to call or text you during the evenings or nighttimes). It really helped to re-establish work/home boundaries. The texts came in like regular texts, and the audio for voice calls were just as normal as through my actual phone. I am pleased and thankful!.Version: 21.20

App keeps Freezing up while making a callThis is a new development and I’m not sure if it’s because of an update or because of the Bluetooth headset I stared using. When I hang up or if the call is dropped, about half the time the app will freeze on the call screen. All the buttons will be grayed out and I can’t go anywhere in the app. I can leave the app by pushing the home button on my phone, but it will act like I have an ongoing call until I push the end call button on my headset. Some times this unfreezes the app as well, but other times I have to delete and reinstall. The trouble didn’t start as soon as I started using the headset, but I thought it might be a contributing factor. If possible, please fix. I really like using this app for teleworking, as it allows me to call customers without them getting my personal number..Version: 21.10

FantasticI’ve been looking for a way to have the type of functionality iMessage gives you on iPhone/iPad/Mac, but with Windows instead of a Mac. This is literally perfect for that. I get messages, calls, and voicemails on any device, any OS, truly what I needed. Would love some of the silly niceties of modern messaging apps like stickers, read receipts, message reactions, end-to-end encryption if it isn’t already present, etc etc... If there were any way my non-GV contacts could see my messages as if I were on an iPhone, like if Google Voice were able to send my messages through iMessage servers via some kind of deal with Apple, then that would just be icing on the cake. My communication on any OS, but without my iOS friends having to deal with the green bubble issues like insecure communications and low res images and such. But for now, I really do love this..Version: 19.20

Works fantastically for me for my UK numberNo UK number support yet, but fantastic for my US number.Version: 19.18

Love the App, But Contact Management Needs Work 🌟🌟🌟🌟I'm really pleased with the Google Voice app overall; it's become a staple in my daily communications. The app's user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Google services are major plus points. 👍 However, there's a significant drawback that needs attention. It's quite baffling that there isn't a dedicated Google app for managing Google Contacts. In an era where everything is app-centric, having to resort to the web to manage contacts feels archaic and counterintuitive. 🤔 As a Google Voice user, the inability to directly add, edit, or manage contacts within the app is quite frustrating. It's inconvenient to juggle between the app and the web, especially for tasks like adding photos or editing contact details. This limitation hinders the otherwise smooth experience of using a cloud-based service. I'm a big fan of Google's dynamic cloud-based applications, but this gap in contact management is a real letdown. Can we get an update or a new feature to streamline this process? It would make a world of difference to have an in-app solution for managing Google Contacts, aligning with the app's overall efficiency and user-centric design. Here's hoping for a much-needed fix soon! 🙏 #GoogleVoice #ContactManagement #UserExperience #TechNeeds.Version: 23.45

Love it. Excellent for Legally Recording too!I have had this Google phone number attached to my regular number for quite some time. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and was exceedingly surprised at how user-friendly and convenient it is to have a second number that is really attached to my main number. And I do not have to download "sketchy" apps that want to download my contacts to their server and all the other things that are so questionable these days. The part I do really love and have used, is that when people call my Google number, I can press the number four on the keypad, and it plays a legal recording telling both parties that the call is being recorded. If they continue, that is their legal acknowledgment and then Google sends you that entire recording to keep or archive on their trusted servers for as long as needed. Overall, I really cannot say enough about the Google number feature. And the app that I am reviewing here, is just an added bonus that deserves 10 stars in my opinion..Version: 2.6

Google is great but should take some notes on refinement from AppleSomehow, online, Voice is marketed as a way to receive texts using your phone number. (For me, my number shows up, but I can’t register it. I will have to spend more time to try and get it to work.) Something Google should take care of immediately is how their Gallery app handles videos. Right now, it is the literal embodiment of a carcinogen in software form. A cigarette takes 11 minutes; getting a new video player, not having it work, finding cables for a second monitor (settled on using Windows) took around an hour, and that’s an hour unable to be spent watching my lecture video on a higher speed. There should be a California Proposition notification before playing videos on that app if it keeps on going to the next file whenever the left or right arrow is pressed (this resets the video too). This action is hardwired into my brain for over a decade. People pay over $300 for a chromebook… Does anyone working there actually use a chromebook? I like how Google has software availability and speed, but for users paying for Chrome OS, this is not a product I could recommend anymore..Version: 22.35

Mobile data calling is brokenGoogle Voice claims you can make and receive VOIP calls using WIFI and mobile data, provided you configure that you prefer this option versus using your mobile phone number. However whenever you are off WIFI and on mobile data, the app says your “Internet Connection is unstable” so it’s going to use your mobile phone number anyway as a fallback. I assure you my LTE service is excellent and I have no trouble with Zoom and Skype and WhatsApp video calls over LTE, so a voice only call on GV should be a piece of cake. By saying your “Internet Connection is unstable” Google is just making up an excuse for their app being broken. It’s actually Google’s app that is unstable. Too bad they killed making and receiving calls in Hangouts because that worked perfectly all the time. UPDATE: Lowering rating to 1 star. Google contacted me to say I should test my Internet bandwidth while on LTE. Obviously the developers didn’t read what I wrote above about other voice and videoconferencing applications working fine. They simply cannot believe they have a bug and they’re going to blame it on something else. What hubris! And by the way I see similar replies to other poor reviews of this App. Google, Ookla Speedtest shows 11 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up under the worst of circumstances. If that isn’t enough for a phone call, I don’t know what is..Version: 20.38

Google Voice helps me get by without a phone, on the iPad Pro 👍🏻🥳🥰I’ve been a Google Voice user since back when it was called Grand Central, and it works out great, now that I’m without a mobile phone, and I’m using an iPad Pro only, which doesn’t feature built-in telephony capability, on the consumer device end of things, at least. Google Voice manages my 2FA sign-in duties, messaging, and most website sign-in requirements - it’s enough to get by, well enough, as a web denizen, of most pursuits and recreations, and I do try to cover a large portion of things that ought to be done, on the web. People get to pick their own phone number, using the sign up interface, and I got myself a pretty memorable phone number through Google Voice. The service is great! Thanks so much..Version: 22.21

Works for me…in UK!I use this for my business. Maybe it only works in UK for business accounts, not standard gmail accounts. Not always the best but for the price I can’t argue, does the job..Version: 22.32

Minor issue but over all pretty goodI use my GV as my business # that I give to my clients instead of my personal cell #. It works pretty well and for the most part I’ve been happy with the app. Recently I was having problems not being able to make calls when the wifi/mobile data was on. It kept saying my internet was unstable and I’d have to make the call using my carrier. I could do everything else (make/receive texts and receive calls), but just couldn’t make calls without it using my carrier. It was frustrating and when it would use my carrier, my GV # that my clients are used to wouldn’t be shown on caller ID, it would show some weird #. I tried shutting off and restarting my phone, turning off/on Wifi, checked to see if there was a new update, but none of that was working. I ended up having to delete/reinstall the app, and now it works as before. I like the fact that the new update now shows that the caller is coming through as GV, so I know that’s it’s a business call, it wouldn’t do that before and I wouldn’t know if it was a random caller or business. It would be nice if they added a feature where you can set a separate ring tone for the app..Version: 20.47

Not badThe Google folks have been working hard on this app since they give it the functionality we all expect when we text. I have every faith that they will finally get it together and that one day it will work effortlessly like it used to before they added the features that we all asked for. Google voice, in general, is a service that I cannot see living without. In my opinion, google voice must be something that God created on the eighth day after he rested on the seventh I love it that much. I feel sorry for people who do not use Google Voice as their primary way to contact people. I can't think of any way that they could possibly improve google voice's incredibly rich and awesome features, except to finally get the app to stop crashing a few times a week..Version: 2.7

Works fine in Canada if you have a US Google #Just downloaded and it works great. I have a US Google number but using it on my Canadian phone..Version: 18.42

Best AppBest app but I don’t get to use this number for WhatsApp And I can’t transfer my account to another Gmail.Version: 23.25

Save money with Google VoiceI am an American residing in Costa Rica. For some time I’ve maintained my US mobile number with an AT&T prepaid account, which includes wi-fi calling, to handle US business, which was dependent on wi-fi availability, and to have service while traveling to the States. I also have a Costa Rica number which requires a physical SIM card. I recently purchased an iPhone 13 (iPhone 14 doesn’t have a physical SIM card slot) and the world of eSIM was opened to me! After doing a bit of research I found that if I ported my number from AT&T to Google Voice for only $20 (there’s no monthly fee for Google Voice) and install an eSIM from Airalo I no would no longer have a monthly fee. All I have to do is top off my installed eSIM prior to traveling to the US. An extra added bonus is that while I’m in Costa Rica my US number is no longer dependent on wi-fi because of my Google Voice App which works using my Costa Rica SIM data! This change is a win win! I no longer have a monthly fee, I can use my US number anytime I want and the service is fantastic! As inexpensive as the Airalo data is, with Google Voice being free, I am pretty sure that if I returned permanently to the US I would likely continue using an Airalo eSIM and Google Voice..Version: 23.27

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