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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream app received 117 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about youtube: watch, listen, stream?

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Annoying Bug which just happenedI just updated the app, and yes i may have an oldish ipad, i can play other games and apps which are bigger. But when i updated the app, it loads and has the white screen and the logo, then just closes, full out closes, i have restarted my ipad 2 times no difference i have now just re-downloaded it for the third time to see if it works, used to be great, now a buggy platform..Version: 14.32

LogarithmThe app is great but the logarithm is really annoying when you watch one random vid ,you end up with more of the same adinfinitum or the same vid constantly turning up in in play list On the whole,quite happy even though I pushed four stars it showed five.Version: 16.15.4

Some suggestionsSo you know when you just searched something and you click on the wrong video and then that annoying channel stays in your recommended page so you should be able to delete certain videos from your recommended page and I also think that there should be a age thing so you can enter your age and that’s what the recommended page will have thanks for listening and I’ll see y’all later bye shout out to you if you know who that is.Version: 13.15

Squish THIS bug!I upload videos and recently I just uploaded a new one. But when I uploaded it I realised it was set to private, I set it to public but when I was done it still said private. I tried again. It didn’t work. so I reuploaded it and made sure I set it to public before it was uploaded. It still said private, I set it to public for the fourth time and it still didn’t work but then from the corner of my eye I saw something pop up from the bottom of the screen. It said something about an error when trying to save me setting the video to public. I tried setting it to public twice more but it still didn’t work and that’s what brought me here..Version: 15.18

Amazing app but tiny annoying features.I love this app. I have met many amazing people through it, and it’s sort of a pass-time mostly for me. The only things keeping me from giving this the 5 stars it deserves, are it’s new updates. I haven’t checked computer updates but on mobile description and comments are completely separate from each other. Instead of just clicking a button to read the description, it pulls it up completely covering everything else, same with the comments. Instead of just scrolling down, it is right by the top, which I don’t think is much of a problem other than confusing, but the fact that it takes up the entire bottom half of your screen if you click on it is annoying. I really don’t like having to take the time to click in and out of these. I really don’t care a ton or think it’s the end of the world, it’s just really annoying..Version: 15.41.2

BugNow when I post a video the videos title says ‘untitled’ and i have to upload 2 videos in order to delete the first one cause it doesn’t show on the ‘my videos’ tab. When I tap edit to edit the title I notice that the description that I had filled in is empty. Then when I fill in every thing and press save it says ‘cannot save changes’. This needs to be fixed pronto. And this has been happening since the new update.Version: 13.10

It’s good though it has so problemsI love this app. I get to listen to my music and watch some creators I enjoy on here, but, there are some problems. For starters, I don’t know why or how but, my Playback speed started glitching on me. When I put it on any of the speeds it starts to glitch the sound and it used to not do that before. It’s unbearable and makes the music sound horrible. Secondly, the comment section and description update is kinda unnecessary. Why put the comments up at the top and have the description ox come upwards instead of downwards like it used to? Thirdly, random crashing, it just kicks me out of the app and it’s very annoying. There are more problems, like playlist glitching (when I try to put a video in the playlist, it does show up or it does have a checkmark in the box next to said playlist I put it in), constant loading, and more, but these are the main ones I am facing/see others complaint about. Hopefully you’ll see this and fix them. That’s all!.Version: 15.45.2

Playlists glitchI’m encountering a glitch that continues to survive your updates (I’m using YT Premium). On some playlists (perhaps those with more than a certain amount of videos), when I’m changing the position of a video by scrolling it up or down and have scrolled the video past 3-5 other videos, the glitch arrives and the video defaults to its pre-scroll position, while the list automatically scrolls toward the bottom or back to the top. The only remedy as it stands with that kind of list is to proceed by a series of small, one by one or two by two positional changes adding up to the position one is attempting to reach; but even then, after each small alteration the playlist bugs out and takes me to a wholly different position, from which I then have to scroll to find the new, partly-changed position and begin the next scroll-leg of this pointlessly extended odyssey. A bug-free, smoothly alterable playlist (even a large one) every time would be splendid..Version: 15.26

Im triggered about the comment sectionI hate the new update for the comments. I hate having to press something just to go trough the comments. I would rather scroll down then tap on the bar thing. I hate when the videos are really big i like it how it used to be. Please change it. Hi again! I have some issues I would like to address! So on the Ipad im begging to have community posts able to be seen. Just make it like the phone but wider. Its stressing me how much I miss stuff because people normally post on the community post option. I have to go on my phone just to see it. Another one is PLEASE update the notification area. It use to be amazing before until you guys changed it. I am not going to lie but you people are ruining your app to the worst. I don’t wanna come off harsh or anything but it is very annoying. I am gonna keep my rating on 4 stars till you guys improve. For now it’s staying on 4. Another issue is the search thing glitch (i think glitch). It would just not let me delete my search or click on it. I have no idea why but i would like to no because its annoying me a lot. I wanna say thank you for your time!.Version: 15.44.2

Can’t use for musicFor the past 3 updates, there’s been a bug where the audio would turn off, and then either stay off, or turn back on later- only to turn back off again, makes the app pretty much unusable.Version: 14.23

YeetHi I am going home now to see what you gonna is the time I can come to join us and do a lot more work to make sure you don’t spend the night at home or not sure what to do about you there is that I wanna is the day you get a boat I wanna is a day for a new house and I have to go to the house to pick up the ice cream ice ice maker and I have ice on my house and then I’m coming to get my car and I wanna was ice and I wanna is ice cream maker I wanna is a new ice ice day so we have to get some food for the kids to get ready lolol hehe. Jeff Donald.Version: 14.23

Too many changesI love you tube. It’s a great way to learn things from people who want to teach or share their experiences. That said, that’s the only good part of You Tube. Ow the bad. What’s this craziness going on in respect to content being ok for children? Your scaring the heck out of some very good people. If it’s a concern, divide you tube into two apps, one for children and one for everyone else. Then add parental controls for parents to keep their children off of general content if they are worried about it, and leave everyone else alone! If you start taking my favorite content off the web, I’ll find something else to do! And if this is your way ofreniging on monetizing content and the people who make this content are hurt in the process I am certain that a msjority of viewers will boycott You Tubd in protest, and in support of their FS oritee providers..Version: 15.04

I love you tubeSo much to see or read, always before I sleep and at least 2hrs (time flys) I tune in, I can always find anything that I want to watch/read and I mean anything.. it’s amazing, from personal stories to people’s dreams.. I can’t possibly put into words how lost I would be without it.. I don’t Google anymore lol.. I YT instead.. most highly recommended to anyone who has time to kill as through my personal journey with YT I (given the chance) would be on it 24/7.. great help when I want to learn something too, I.e cutting a dogs nails to building a porch.. amazing stuff! Many thanks and please never close it.. I would never relax again. Lol.Version: 15.04

Pure awesomeness but...The app is unbelievably good and runs really well but here are the issues that NEED to be fixed: 1.the notification-the notification system use to work really well but nowadays it’s broken and it doesn’t notify the subscriber about the newest upload. 2.the lag-this problem is caused by disconnecting or lagging right when you click on the video, when this happens the video plays but with the quality taken down and the audio of the video not being set as the video(the video plays but the audio starts after a few seconds). 3.same problem but-this problem is basically the same but it happens during the video with no lag or disconnections. 4.comments-for some reason nowadays when you want to add a comment in the comment section there’s no problem but when you’ve added the comment and leave, after a few hours if you return to see your comment for a reason it’s not there. 5.basically the same with the likes-it’s just the same but when you like the video and leave and after a few hours you return the video isn’t liked by your account. That’s it, this is what I’ve been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. I apologize about the few grammar mistakes I’m not American or English so I’m sorry. I hope you read this and I hope that this helps you to fix these problems. ♥️♥️.Version: 13.24.9

GTAll looks good. Can you please add option to play videos in the background when the app is not opened? This will help to listen to audio when the file is run in the background even if the app is closed and phone is locked..Version: 14.01

It’s pretty goodMostly really happy with the app. A few funny things happen with connecting with a chrome cast. Also, would love if they had a way to search but not change the feed. I know it’s trying to help but sometimes I want to view something for a specific reason and don’t want to watch other vids of it after..Version: 13.32

Buggy videosRecently I have been watching videos and the skip ad button will be glitching between numbers and the picture of the ad, also in the videos it’s self the bar which indicates the time of the video will be glitching as well, the bar will glitch the time of the video from 0:00 to whatever time it actually is on. Also the bottom right of the video the youtubers icon will be glitching aswell which is really distracting, please fix the problem as soon as possible, thank you.Version: 14.18

TubeFor the shear diversity of subject matter, I believe it would be hard to beat, from entertainment to documentaries ,from DIY to gardening. If you want to know about just about anything, chances are somebody, or more than likely, many somebodies have already made a video clip about it for you to access and enjoy, and not to forget last but not least, music clips galore of every instrument imaginable, and quite likely, some you have never even heard of before, enjoy!!!!.Version: 15.13

New update has caused more bugsWhen playing a video, if I press the pause button the whole screen it will glitch and then freezes, which I then have to try and tilt my phone to landscape and back again and wait for it to unfreeze. It also still resizes wrong when changing between landscape and portrait, which I have to do the same thing as in the previous issue to fix it. It’s getting really annoying and I hope that it is fixed with the new update..Version: 12.35

Too many glitches.Personally I love this app. But there is too many glitches no matter what there’s always a glitch. I’ll name three of the worst glitches I’ve encountered. Number 1. When I close a ad that’s on the recommended videos and I zoom in I can’t even pause or exit full screen I have to turn off my iPad and the sound keeps playing even when it is off this has happened two times. Number 2. The screen sometimes glitches by making it smaller and black screens on the side where the comment section and recommend videos should be, this has happened a million times to me. (a lot) number 3. When I’m typing a comment and typed some I don’t wanna post the comment so I end up press the keyboard down button but the bar is still there I have to press the top right of the screen for it to go away. This has been my review and I’ve given it 3 stars please fix all these glitches..Version: 14.12.7

What I love about U Tube!Almost every site starts out very user friendly, useful and most of! Unfortunately, as greed goes, so do new fees, so called upgrades and no so updates that turn out to be new fees. Not so with U Tube! As with anything now, the are great people for the most, that use this service, but there are crazies that have abused the service. The only complaint is an innocent little video that I put out about kittens that someone put some very nasty comments about it. We rescue animals to save them. This person was very creepy. I do recall that it was a person that had put together voices that were imitations of John Lennon and Paul McCartney talking about events that never happened. I’m not a Beatles expert, but I knew the conversations never happened. I commented that the conversations weren’t real. I’m sure that’s why the author made the comments on my innocent little video..Version: 14.45

Goodness gracious this thing is a god🥰😍😇First of all im just going to say how much i love this app...from watching my favourite content creators to simple tips and tricks the community provides this app is my second to go to google. And the subscription part: 😘. Being able to follow the people you like and be alerted when they upload is really useful. One thing i recon could be improved is the fact that when you watching a video and then refresh the app the video your watching refreshes too meaning you have to repeatedly set the video to the right time over and over again. I dont know if there is any way to fix this but i would still highly recommend this app. 😤.Version: 15.34.3

Could be a bug from the update?I recently updated on Christmas night (25/12) and after I updated I was going to use it for the first time that day. As I clicked into the app, a black screen showed for a second or so before loading into the home screen. So then I thought it was something else, so I exited the app and tried again two more times and both times had a black screen before. I deleted the app and installed again, but I don’t dare to use it just in case. If you can, please look into it and hopefully fix it in the next update! But besides the bugs from updates, it’s a pretty good app Thank you.Version: 12.47.16

Glitch...I love this app, to get away from the rest of the world, to watch other people’s videos. BUT I found a glitch, not sure if this is because of my device or not. So I make it full screen then I exit it. Once done it only shows half the video and the rest of the screen is back. ALSO, sometimes I’m watching a video and in the middle of it the last sound repeats at least 5 times before closing the app without me doing anything. Though I did say it might be because of my device though I doubt it as it does not occur in different apps. Thank you..Version: 13.44

Bring back oldNot many people (that I know of) like the new update with the videos when you slide it down. I'm one of those people. Otherwise I love YouTube.Version: 12.35

Just a requestI wanted to say maybe could you add my request? My request is for you to make there a spot for us to see who we disliked or commented on, because we can see who we liked and subscribed to. Thank you if you can do it! But if you cant its fine..Version: 15.49.4

CoolThis app is quite good, especially to modern day kids, but it has a few problems. The suggestion bar is a bit useless, knowing that you can always type what you want in search. It’s really easy to ruin the recommendation page as well, including the “weird” video suggestion that are put there (y’know, YT algorithm). Other than that, I appreciate the app. I don’t watch it as much as other kids, since I have better things to do. I trust myself YT, even though it’s 17+, considering the fact I watch considerately (I ever only watch psychology, informational videos and instrumental videos, followed by Music and other things). Thank you for taking the time to read this, please watch carefully. :).Version: 16.14.2

UwU dis is coolUwU Dis is cool but……… Why is there Gacha heat that is not appropriate ( Btw im 7 yrs old) i like how some youtubers play roblox but whys there gacha heat yt plz remove it its unipropriate For “Teens and kids like me” so i beg u to remove it love Jada from 2021 :) Also do u have yt If u do PLZ Sub to my channel i have 6 subscribers my channel is Mirajoy cantara (Hope u got my message 🥺).Version: 15.49.4

Safe Heaven..Of those ..BeautifulPearls of ..humanity.. That without your canvas .. We would have sensed it but never ..may be .. Truly exxxperience....😳 Oh yes can’t you see.....all Those dainty .. Tiny .. Daisy ..lifting their heart to beauty kindness vulnerability compassion cocreativity empowering our Journey... Resources of this commune ...Heart and soul.. Pulling through the Webb their infinite Blessing..yeepeee..🎼🎼🤩 In..deed shines ever so brightly within..the night For each of us to .. Stand still As if we were children out there in the big garden..⭐️⭐️⭐️ To still any fear to wait for .. One by one ✨✨✨✨ The stars to show them selves... In.. Front our very be mused ....eyes ..that one second before could not see them...💫💫💫💫💫🌜🌛💫💫💫💫💫 Yes infinite vibration..🌎 Blessing us all 🌈 if we care to..follow the lead and as .. A fair play ..infinite gratitude Sent forth towards you yes..YOU....guys..and girls .. That made the ..conch shell of this.. .. AMA z innnn..wwwwwweb..🌸🌸🌸 Wwwww..for Wwwwwwwwonder..!!.. Let’s ..rockkk...😉..our blue planet... She does have wings .. So do wwwwwe.. Three cheers and...counting ,!..💞💞💞💞😷😳🥳🥳🤝😋🌎👏🎼🔭🙃👍.Version: 15.12

Not as good as it was FIX IT!It’s annoying when I’m on wifi that I don’t have an option to select that allows me to default select the highest resolution available for the video! I have to continually manually select it and it’s extremely frustrating. It’s also really frustrating that you tubers I follow a lot of the videos they post don’t show up! I have them selected correctly but still nothing shows up half the time FIX THIS youtubers are struggling and I’m struggling to find the content half the time..Version: 12.43

I have an idea for the inbox tabI love using the app so much, and other than the comment section being moved, it’s great. I have an idea, though. What if you change the way the “Inbox” tab works? Like when you click the “Inbox” tab, there are two separate tabs on the top. One should obviously be for new videos from your subscription feed and the other should be notifications from comments you’ve left. I tend to comment quite a lot and often find myself scrolling through many videos in my inbox just to find the comment I’m looking for. I also know that many don’t like commenting, so that tab will be kinda useless for them, but what if you make it an option for the users in settings? It would really improve user experience, especially those like me, who like commenting a lot. It would be nice to see this implemented in the app!.Version: 15.22.4

Ruined my life (and all of my friends!)Great app 20/10 Doesn’t aim to just keep you addicted and harvest your brainpower for energy (clicks, ad viewing) like the machines in the matrix pr all those other apps out there Highly recommend to anyone who wants to ensure that they will never be able to escape the downward pull of technology, and who prefers some classic hardcore 2020 anxiety-inducing escapism rather than the achievement of any meaningful progress in life. Lose seconds and minutes and hours and days and eventually years of your life with this great app, I promise it doesn’t create and aggravate mental health problems and contribute to a low self worth and sense of regret from wasted potential. 69/10 would die again.Version: 15.49.4

Can’t watch videos stuck on loading screenOkay so you may have read the title yes I try to watch some videos sometimes, then it’s just a loading screen please fix this it’s been happening all day and I wanna watch SSSniperwolf pleaseeee fix this!.Version: 15.40.4

General bug report for the latest updateWhen you do the thing (don't know what it's called) where you tap the little down arrow at the top left of the screen the video displaying in the corner shows only the top left corner of the screen. It continues to do this until you return to the video, at which point the video is shown at half it's normal height and continues to remain this way until you click on it at which point it will return to normal. Please fix this soon, very annoying to deal with, otherwise good..Version: 15.02

It’s great but can be better!I love this app so much!! I use it everyday and you can get all sorts of videos. Of course some types of these videos can be inappropriate for children under the age of 16. The point I want to make is that the app itself is great, but there are ads all the time. Now a lot of people presume that there would be a lot of ads because of this is a video platform. You can buy premium and get rid of ads which I think would be great but I would rather not. You can also go to your settings and change your picture tod how who you are when you comment. I forgot to mention that you have to verify your email account to be able to subscribe to other people! -REMINDER- Remember that this is just my opinion and if you download the app you will be able to see what your opinion is. But you never know unless you see. I hope you have read this review and decided to get this app because it is really good! ♥️💕😊.Version: 14.18

Better for truth than the British press.In recent months as the British press took to heavily censoring readers comments on contentious subjects such as politics.I found their deletion of comments they disagreed with, to be very annoying. With many reporters views if you disagree with them, your response or comment was summarlily dispensed with, as it might influence readers in the opposite way required by the publication or author. And so. Sick of wasting my time, I took to you tube, as did many other people. But to be fair, you tube also came u der attack from the business advertisers requirements. And thus people like Tommy Robinson were deleted out of our view. But, like the British press. You tube will lose their users if they keep bowing to their advertisers. As well simply go elsewhere again..Version: 14.43

ImprovedI once used the app in the past and it was only 2 star at best. Due to a browser hack I now mostly use apps, and this is the only reason I reinstalled. However I'm pleasantly surprised - I've yet to encounter any bugs or annoyances. Congratulations to whomever fixed / improved the app..Version: 13.20

ChangesI have paid a monthly fee so that advertisements are eliminated, but since the upgrade the ads have started again. I cannot find where to re- adjust this matter and it is most frustrating.Version: 13.04

Suggestion for new featuresI think you can add a thing that you can organise your subscriptions to a folder because I have tones of people subbed to and it’s annoying because I have to scroll to find them every time then sometimes I miss them. With folders I can orangiste them into like Music, Roleplay etc.Version: 13.30

Deleting viewsStop deleting BTS music video views . Bring 67 million views back , YouTube sucks , you nasty people.Version: 15.08

Terrible updateMy app was working great until I updated yesterday and now it’s freezing every time I try to use it. The audio continues to play but the video is frozen. Then when I try to get out of it it won’t even shut down, I have to close my phone down and then double click to shut down the app. When I restart it it immediately freezes again. I tried to watch a different video and when I opened it up it was playing the audio of the new clip but still had the frozen picture of the last clip. Please fix! I use this app so often I’ll start having withdrawals soon..Version: 12.44

MusicAn easy way to relax & let the strains of life filter away , music is good for the soul & with such an huge selection of brilliant selection of music available to suit all taste. it’s certainly worth a look at to find your taste in music & find to time relax. UTUBE should share music to sell to the market to help secure the Copy Rights of all aspects of Music & Films made up of musicians & all parties, but where the need to share information with the authorities with a court order provided from the High Courts Globally they should do so in the interest of safety/safeguarding/protection & any other way necessary under the laws of the Country in Question..Version: 14.16

ALL Hallmark moviesI love all the Hallmark movies but every single one has something wrong with it. The sound cuts out at a crucial point in EVERY movie, at least once. They are often blurry or misplaced frame, or the ending is cut off and the movie is often different to what the title says it is going to be. I know the membership fee isn’t very expensive but I work really hard for my money and I do not think it is unreasonable to expect you to give something in return for the money you are earning - what we pay for. In anticipation of a correction of this matter I thank you for consideration of mine and I’m sure other people’s concerns. 😊.Version: 14.37

This app is great but..This app is great! Connecting through society and watching others do what you love to do! Although, there is this particular glitch that happened to me a couple of times, it’s when I watch a video and the time bar glitches out rapidly, going to the start and to my point of the video. Also, there is another glitch where I go to skip the ad but it keeps rapidly switching to “skip ad” and “video will play after ad”. And the last experience I had was when u had been in the middle of a video and I went to skip it but it put me back at the start of the video again. If you could fix this, I would be really happy!.Version: 14.20

Tutorials/instructions and moreFor me it has been an absolute must to be able to get as much information on so many topics. One of my main interests has been in knitting,crocheting, and quilt making. Having the ability and accessibility to get the best possible tutorials and general information has been immensely helpful. You Tube has given me the freedom to feel better able to make something that hopefully I can give to others to possibly enjoy. There is no better pleasure than to give something hand made. You Tube has helped me accomplish this and am very grateful..Version: 15.45.2

Profile Picture BugThere are bug on my profile picture I can’t change it when I click the picture it won’t show up my camera roll (on IPad) Other then that the app is amazing.Version: 14.05

Comment sectionI use this app a lot. Some would say too much... Now the layout of the app before the latest update, I thought, was great. In portrait mode, while watching a video you had everything you needed. Channel information, recommended or similar videos and at the bottom of that, the comment section. Such a simple design and easy to navigate. But with changing the comment section to make it have its own window doesn’t make sense? Just one scroll and you used to be down in the comment section. I don’t think the move of the comment section makes sense design or convenience wise..Version: 15.19

Playback controls being a painI’m not sure what’s caused the recent issue but it seems during viewing videos on the iPhone X at some points the playback controls pop up. As if you’ve touched the screen when you actually haven’t. It’s been like it for a few months now and still happening. The rest of the app works well. Dark mode turning off when you invert and revert display colours is unfortunate so there’s a bug there but the rest is fine. Watching videos is a little sloppy right now with those playback controls getting in the way. Fix that and you fix the video playing issue and i can give it a higher rating. Until then, it stays at 3 stars..Version: 13.43

BRILLIANTTop marks for Dresden version of Pirates of Penzance. and also for not being ULTRA SENSITIVE (and deleting) THE BEST EPISODE of FAWLTY TOWERS -DONT MENTION the war. It’s a classic. I’m 86 and rock with laughter when I watch it. As I grew up in wartime Britain I think I am qualified to speak. Rather than jumping on the racist bandwagon make sure your own government is not fighting unnecessary wars and bullying smaller nations..Version: 15.23

Very bad bug but otherwise is greatThis app is great except there is a very annoying bug that I have come across multiple times. Occasionally when I’m watching a video, my device doesn’t recognise my touch on the screen. Strangely, the only thing that does recognise my touch is the video. Not the comments and not the suggested area, just the video. Even more annoying is I can’t close the app when this happens or change the volume. In fact I can’t even turn off my device. I simply have to wait it out and then my device automatically restarts but instead of shutting down, it sends me to my lock screen. I hope that you get a chance to fix it when you can! If this device-breaking bug wasn’t present, I would of given 5 stars..Version: 13.24.9

Leaving Comment to Interact with Media PlayerWe should be able to access the video by; rewinding, pausing, altering playback speed etc. all while having text in the comment line. I have on countless occasions needed to copy and discard a half done comment in order to find a timestamp or revisit a moment in the video to leave a better comment. Perhaps a lot will have to be reworked in the comment section, but I know I’m not alone in wanting this convenience. Also Add to Queue the exact same way it is on desktop. I love temporary playlists..Version: 15.47.3

It was fine when everything wasn’t for kidsDon’t get me wrong I understand that some cartoons are meant for children but when you notice that there are animated adult content that’s being counted as being for kids too. I watch adult animated shows and I sometimes like to add a comment but I can’t do that anymore because apparently it’s for kids. The comment section is where you can post whatever you want but if you feel you wanna speak your mind about something then that’s okay. The most annoying thing about this is, that’s not even the worst part about it. I get ads that are about toys or whatever even though I’m watching something that has nothing to do with what I’m watching. Anyway, another problem that I have is that the loading takes awhile even if it’s connected it takes awhile and then it crashes. Overall it’s still a good app I just think it still needs some more adjustments and I still miss the way it used to be..Version: 15.45.2

Channel BlockingYou need to make blocking channels easier. I have tried everything and have even followed directions from online guides and unwanted channels still show up on search results and recommended. Furthermore, the same channels still play when the app is on autoplay. This needs to be fixed..Version: 14.16

Turn overI would like to see freedom of speech return and this platform stay but not just for those who can pay to play, and where intellectual property is stolen and one narrative controlled by a few dominates in the most hypocritical way. All done so few reap the financial rewards not genuinely earned, and wealth is stolen and not shared. The people want that if not this will have to be replaced with one who will. I hope that measure does not have to be forced for the sake of EVERYONE there is ENOUGH for ALL. This is my prayer in Jesus I AM name. What say you?!.Version: 14.22

I Love You TubeFrom a personal point of view I love You Tube. I really would miss it if it were gone. I hope that never happens. It is very intuitive to my genre of watching. It brings to me videos that I would otherwise have missed. It works really well for me on my iPad. The only gripe I have is the addition of the live feed of the chat with replay tutorial. It takes up a lot of space on my iPad and obstructs my viewing. It would be good if we could decide to have it or not. Maybe we could have a toggle that we could toggle on and off for the live chat feed on the replays. Other than that I give YT five big stars. Thank you guys..Version: 13.08

BadBring back all the hard work BTS and ARMYs put into streaming..Version: 15.12

It used to be so different...I have no issues with the app itself but it’s sad that over the years Youtubers are being demonetized for saying a few cuss words. A few years ago nobody cared but now you have people that are too sensitive for their own good. I get they have kids but it’s not like they won’t hear these words out on the street anyway. I mean come on the app is rated 17+ so i don’t even know why these complaints from parents were even taken seriously. This clearly isn’t an app for 5 year olds just put them the kiddie version of yt instead of denying these hard working people what they deserve. Censoring what kids hear and see leaves them in the dark about the world around them... also please give us a way to disable screen casting because it’s very annoying to constantly make sure it’s not connected with the tv. Edit: With a new update comes an edited review....put the comments back. You don’t have to keep changing the app every couple of months it’s annoying. Edit 2: Really? Again with the censorship. I mean come on this is way too much. Your censoring auto-generated captions? You guys are dropping the bar lower snd lower. I cant wait till these big you tubers move platforms so i can delete this app. STOP DOING THINGS NO ONE ASKED FOR..Version: 15.47.3

Great boredom busterI think it’s a great app to go on when your bored! So many videos to suit your mood and current hobbies, it rlly helps cure your boredom! And you can make all kinds of videos to get tons of likes and views, and there’s really everything in there. Roblox, unboxing videos, heck there’s even Peppa pig videos if ur into that stuff! 😂 great app, would recommend! Not many flaws at all! 😍😍❤️ and if u make an account, u can comment and like and subscribe to ur favourite youtubers! ❤️❤️ personally I love this app, it’s quite addicting, also I’m surprised if u read this far, I can’t stop ranting about how good this app is!💕 anyways, bye and have a very merry Christmas 🎄.Version: 15.47.3

This app is goodOverall a very fantastic app with some annoying glitches. I will say one of the thing is the comment. I love a video , so I comment to share my feelings and to support the video. But when I try to type the comments, the ads come in and interrupt my typing. Fine, you can say it is how ads work, interruption is normal, but after ads, can the app bring me back to where I am interrupted. I have to scroll down all the way back to comment and start again, which is very annoying. Same things happened when I try to read some interesting comment, when the ads come in, I have to start over from the 1st comment. Please consider ..Version: 15.06

Paradigm shiftI definitely recommend this app. I don’t think it’s in any way an understatement to say that this app has completely changed the entertainment landscape for better or worse. Many attempts have been made to imitate, copy or replicate the success of this app, all to no avail. This app gives a voice to many humans who were figuratively dumb for all of the prior history of media. I don’t believe it’s an understatement to say this app is literally power for the powerless, hope for the hopeless, faith for the faithless, strength for the weak, breakfast for the starving, and much much more. Other than the wide spread use of the internet itself, this app has had the most profound effect on society any Jeff could possibly imagine. All that being said there are way too many adds on it now. I hate that there are adds within videos now. So much that I might stop using the app..Version: 15.42.2

NoDeleted views for no absolute reason. give it back coward - army 💜.Version: 15.12

In the youtubers video section isn’t showing, is it just me?So in the youtubers video section where all the latest to oldest videos are there aren’t showing up like only the main popular stuff that you would see after pressing their home screen thing and next to it is the video right, so all the videos in that area is gone like it won’t show up no matter what I do!!! Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee fix it!? Or is it just me? It is just me then can someone tell me how I can fix it? Thank you.Version: 15.34.3

Sub count annoyanceTHIS APP IS EXTREMELY GREAT! But there’s one thing that just bugs me and i’m hoping u can remove this feature because it ruins some things for content creators trying to make subscriber specials. This problem is the rounded sub count, when a content creator (like me) wants to make a sub special they usually go onto a live sub counter and show them reaching it no u can’t do it, it just doesn’t feel as good. Also when you’re trying to study a bigger YouTuber you can’t (accurately) this really annoys me and i am begging u to remove this feature. Now I understand u removed it for a good reason it’s just bugging me soooo much. Thank u for your time and your app :).Version: 15.19

Normally good but....Constantly crashes I can t even view videos anymore it just freezes then Go's back to home screen . Fix this soon please , I'm trying have a good channel but not being view or comment on videos is really NOT helping....Version: 13.01

Deleting videosThere needs to be more options than the two or three same that appear. Not interested due to Australian News coverage is a major one for me. I use utube due to its music and for no other reason. There are more adds etc on my page than music this has become very irritating. Please note l don’t won’t adds about haircuts, travel or any American awards nights. Whilst I live in Australia I am only too aware of the bush fires that have been raging since September. We watch the news. Sincerely Danni.Version: 14.51

Great but why this?I love the app it great but- why did you update it where only laptop and computer users can change their profile picture???? I want to change my profile image but can’t! Not everyone has a laptop or computer please change this, And recently i found a glitch, I think it’s a glitch? Or somethin else. It makes it so it doesn’t load and my videos don’t come up in my recommended? It’s just all white and when I search it only comes up things that when you click/tap on them it takes you to another page full of more videos and you keep clicking on them it takes you to more videos and it keeps going, whenever I search for a certain thing that I watch a lot it takes me to channels even ones I didn’t even search for. Say If I searched for pewdiepie it would come up a lot of channels EXCEPT his channel. The same for the rest. Please fix this! Thanks :).Version: 15.32.3

What the-Everything is just fine, except for a few details, this may just be for me, I don't know. I am unable to watch certain videos because restricted mode is on, I assure you I checked and turned it off on multiple occasions. The other thing is that when I search for a video to watch, instead of the video showing up, I see movies, ads, channels, and other completely unrelated things to my search. This makes no sense to me, I have never had a problem with this in the past, and it has started happening fairly recently. I have checked here in the app store, maybe to update it, but I can't. I am confused about why this is happening to me, and if possible if you could fix this. If anyone else has had trouble with this, and knows how to fix this, please let me know. By the way, this is my first time making a review, it seems a little formal (Not really)..Version: 15.28

THIS IS DRIVING ME MADWhen a creator has music videos as well as other content that would previously been split up into separate channels, usually a Vevo one and their own one. Now they have been merged which is not the problem. A crucial feature is missing!!! It is impossible to sort their videos by date uploaded or number of views. The app shows a random selection of videos that can’t be sorted. Either restore the ability to sort videos or put the music videos in a separate “Music” tab on their channel between “Home” and “Videos” and just give us the normal option to sort all videos by date uploaded and most popular!!!!!.Version: 13.49

Please revert old comment placementI just want to preface this by saying I love the new update. The ability to filter my homepage is incredible and improves the app over all but please revert the comment section to its old placement. The comment placement was at the bottom so if I was watching let’s say a review of a movie I wouldn’t see spoilers but usually the top comment is always Massive spoilers. I thank you for the filter ability but PLEASE revert the old comment section placement..Version: 15.18.4

Good app with small glitchesIts a great app! I honestly have an obsession with these kid vloggers 😂 And i just love this app! I think what they could add is sometimes when you get the app it gives you like genres for things you like and what you press would end up on your home the most. They could replace that with a search button on the top where you could search a channel that you really like and it would appear on your home screen the most like you did with the genres but even if you didn’t add that this is still a really good app that is perfect for just chilling out and watching your favourite youtubers. I recommend this app to all ages who are looking for something addictive. The only reason i gave it 4 stars is because sometimes it glitches and i cant get the screen full screen but its still an amazing app. Thanks to the creators!.Version: 15.49.4

You TubeFind anything you wish to study learn explore here. From Artists sharing their amazing skills to profound wisdom talks by eminent scholars and spiritual teachers. D.i.Y tutorials and endless variety of a labyrinth of information and entertainment. Music library is extensive and covers even rare and obscure artists that it would be difficult to find anywhere else. Favourites can be saved in to personal files to view anytime. Possible to subscribe to particular channels that are of interest. Adverts can be a bit annoying at times but Can be skipped after 5 seconds and think you can pay not to have them now. As an app it’s probably the best there is and it’s all freely available..Version: 13.39

Great❤️Awesome, love everything is good way better than the browser version..Version: 12.35

Very bad service, no full programs. No consistencyNot happy with your service, why would I pay when its not consistent. Useless trying to watch a whole program when it cuts out half way through.Version: 14.37

App keeps crashing nowThis app is great when it works but recently it has been crashing continually. Please fix this, I cannot watch a video or listen to songs even ones that I have downloaded..Version: 14.31

Sasha StoneVery Articulate, able to express from a Soul level, a very awakened man and hits home with his interesting interviews. I only came across him for the first time just a few months ago because I was doing my own research into what was really going on with the Virus, my gut was telling me to trust in my own intuition for answers. He suddenly popped up during my many searches on internet and I’m a fan now...he has great energy and very passion driven on his quest to bring information needed to Humanity especially now. I hope to meet him in the near future in gratitude..Version: 15.20

Bugs, Swipe em’ away!I love This app, I like watching videos, but theres a few bugs flying everywhere. Like other people’s reviews, they say there’s bugs, I mean, just try the app and I’ll prove those bugs are really annoying to deal with. I do know that you can sort it out but there’s a lot of bugs so why don’t anyone fix it, when this update says fixed all bugs, I mean, seriously? I don’t get it, how is that all bugs fixed? Does anyone reading my review agree with me, I feel SO annoyed, don’t make me refresh the app, listen to this story. “Ah, this is a wonderful video!” I said. “Ah! Glitches and bugs!” I try to fix the glitch but soon I have to refresh it. “Now I refreshed it, my video is ready to be watched!” I happily cheered. Soon I check my video...... “No! My video’s all gone, I really enjoyed it!!!! I’ll put revenge on you glitches and bugs!! Yearrrggghhhh!” I yell angrily as my video was all gone. That’s the problem with refreshing, it fixes it, but takes away the video you watch, so please, fix all the bugs. Bye.Version: 14.49

Generally Good PerformanceThe app generally works well but there is a very frustrating issue. If I leave the app open with the phone locked or minimize it temporarily if only for a minute, when I come back the app seems to either close/reopen or just refresh the page entirely so if something was open such as a channel or video it is closed and the I am taken back to a refreshed home page. It’s not the biggest issue but it can be very very irritating, I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the app or just iPhones in general and I know obviously phones are different to desktops but you should be able to minimize something and be able to come back and it’s there waiting for you untouched..Version: 14.45

Garbage on iPadGoing full screen, moving around the video, or just have a transition from the video to the ad will almost guarantee that the whole app will glitch out. Not only do I have to exit out and close the app multiple times to fix the problem, I have to wait for the sounds from the ad/video to stop playing-even after I exit the app-then go back in and have everything back to normal. I also have to click on the notification feed multiple times until it registers that my inbox has already opened and stop displaying that number on top of the icon, which is the number of new videos uploaded by channels I have the bell ringed. And lastly, there is just no support for the implementation of the community feed on the iPad, even though other devices do. It’s just stupid. Garbage company, garbage decisions, garbage staff. Vimeo is looking better than ever..Version: 14.32

Adding to playlist bugAbsolutely love the app. One thing I’ve noticed: I’ve found that there’s a bug recently in which when adding a video to a playlist, usually you can select a playlist, but when I go back into ‘save to’ after placing it in a playlist, there is no tick showing it’s in it (even though it is). This bug means that you can add the same video multiple times to the same playlist. It’s rather annoying..Version: 16.05.7

3 major issues1. On iPhone X’s, the options button next to each and every video doesn’t line up with what the GUI is showing, the 3 vertical dots are not in the correct place you have to press below the button to make it function, otherwise it just loads the video which is incredibly frustrating. 2. Screen tap glitch, video’s will bring up the pause/fast forward screen without making contact with the screen. Another frustrating issue. 3. When in full screen the shrink button is incredibly small and difficult to accurately press, similar issue to the 3 vertical dots (save to watch later button).Version: 13.49

Almost Flawless but small IssuesFirstly this app is brilliant and holds up to computer versions and is one of the highest quality apps I own. However recently on iPad I’ve been having some minor issues with the small screen feature, when in small screen while browsing the video playing seems to zoom into the top left side of the video, and when resuming in the medium screen, small screen is active, so half of the page is black and compressed vertically. It is very strange and difficult to explain however I trust that if this issue has been experienced by others and is known, then a bug fix shall be out soon. Another bug (at least I presume it’s a bug) that is becoming more prominent is when searching, the suggested search fills up with, well suggestions which can be very helpful. However it can get very frustrating when upon clicking multiple times, the suggestions never work, and you end up having to type the whole thing out. These are only minor issues and overall the app is excellent, and I expected nothing less most content creators are genuine, and it is easy to upload content of your own..Version: 15.02

Let our thoughts be open to the publicI feel from the president all the way down to a man living in his basement all should be treated equally and all of our voices should be heard no matter how loud or how soft we should not be judged by the content of what we say the public should be the platform if you allow yourself to be done as such your customers will be much more satisfied don’t ban what we say so we all have a thought and we all have a process I just pray to God that it all involves Jesus Christ above all this. The one that is probably reading this message I pray for you that you’ll use this as an opportunity to see Christ...I know that this world is a vicious thing but you can be a piece of the puzzle to spread love joy peace and happiness and help out a brother in need whether he be black brown yellow white does not matter have a blessed day.Version: 15.28

New featuresI think that the comment section should have some new features, one in should have a search option so that you can search for comments or replies, the reason I want this is because if you ever respond to a comment someone else has written and then you accidentally close the video or your device goes flat it'll take ages to find that comment again that's why I think that it's a good idea to have a search section for the comment section.Version: 14.44

Very good, butI use the app quite frequently but the one and only thing that ruins the experience is having an ad right in the middle of a clip. If the ad was at the beginning or the end then I’d most likely look at it, but as it is I just turn the volume down and look away until it’s over. It totally ruins the experience. Everyone I have spoken to at work regarding this says that it’s put them off watching videos on you tube. Shame. If the subscription was £5 a month just to remove the ads I’d take it, but £15+ not a chance. Just too expensive for what it contains - home videos..Version: 15.42.2

Gets Stuck!This app is awesome. Use it all the time and like most people probably spend too much time. Although recently the app has been constantly getting stuck on a point on any video and crashes. I’ve got an iPhone X. But this has happened ever since I updated 2 days ago. Please fix because it happens after 1 minute of watching any video. The image gets stuck the audio keeps playing but the screen is not responsive. Happened on my other iPhone 8 Plus aswell. Thanks.Version: 13.20

Love premium when it worksI love love this app but recently my app isn’t working and hasn’t been for months I bought red and premium through Apple and when I click out of the video the song stops when I click back on it it’s buffering, it often won’t play a full song and will skip back to the beginning etc. Please fix this as I really love having music in the background when I check my phone etc but lately haven’t been able to. Awesome when it works though worth every cent.Version: 14.25

Lovely thingsI’m writing this review to thank the people that put that on this website I thoroughly enjoy looking at what people can do with different things it’s amazing I love this website I have been looking at it for over four years I am a pensioner I live on my own and it gives me great pleasure in having something new to look at I also like Pinterest but with Pinterest when I say something they take it off my website which is not making me very happy there is so much lovely things to see and do your two websites are my company as I haven’t had very many people to talk to through the day so it gives me great company thank you again for this website and all the best for the future Jane x.Version: 14.38

This Is Great For Entertainment And Audio But...Personally, if you are recording a video and want audio, people are nice enough to post audiobooks and music on here as videos. There is also extremely high deleknis, meaning this is available on all apps. You can also watch streams, which means you can talk with other friends, strangers and peers, also meaning the person running the stream is doing that exactly now! But, one thing I don’t like and would like to be added, is how everything is non-exclusive to PC’s, Desktop’s, And etc. But not, IPad, IPhone And IPods. Like adding channel banners, great for Computers, but not possible for IOS such and such. Thank you for reading, and please fix this..Version: 14.32

Its amazing and I love itI love YT it always helps me with studying and when I’m bored i sometimes love to go watch my favorite Youtubers and I love to watch family videos talk shows and funny youtubers and when I feel sad or mad I watch there videos and they help me forget everything sometimes the quality might go bad but in a talk show u don’t really need to watch sometimes and it helps me sleep a lot from asmr and when I can’t sleep I watch YT sometimes and it really helps me fall asleep to videos that are not asmr just them talking or saying funny jokes or a family blog together and I love the way it’s always available it never says sorry it’s not working. Sometimes it doesn’t work cause of the WiFi but rather than that perfect quality all the videos u need sometimes movies to and if u install this app u will be much happier..Version: 14.26

Some issues with the latest updateI use this app probably more than any other app on my iPhone. For the most part it’s really great, but not without flaws. Most of the videos displayed in the Home screen no longer show the video length timestamp in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail which is really irritating. It looks like all other views in the app show the timestamp, so hopefully it’s a bug that’s fixed ASAP. A couple random videos in the Home list show the timestamp while the other 95% do not, which makes no sense. Sometimes the video rotation gets stuck in landscape and will not revert back to portrait view, only the opposite landscape view. This has been a problem for a few months now, and the only way to fix it is to force quit the app. This is quite irritating. Finally, a good addition but extremely overdue feature is the ability to sort the Watch Later playlist. FINALLY this utterly BASIC feature exists. I have no idea why the Watch Later playlist worked so differently than regular playlists for so long, but that’s fixed now. The best addition from a few months ago was the feature of double-tapping to rewind and fast forward. Every video player needs this. It’s incredibly user friendly. It’s way better than the rudimentary 15-second skip buttons that many players now have..Version: 12.45

What happened to the home screen?Edit: The issue is fixed, back to 4 stars, good app, a few issues but would still recommend it over the browser version The home screen used to have 10 or so videos on it at a time, but open opening it on my iPad today it’s just a single video filling up the whole screen! If I want to find something to watch rather than just looking at the first ones on the screen I have to scroll for about 30 seconds to see what I could see immediately before! It looks bad too, the thumbnails are low resolution so when they’re taking up the whole screen they look awful. What happened?.Version: 15.31.3

Just a few problems.So when I click on a video nowadays it would be loading a lot in random places. You know with the rotating circle in the middle. Even when I have all bars it still won’t sometimes. Also it would always put a video in 480p or less although I put it 1080p in settings. I have to “not interested” a video because it is too scary for me and I come back later and find the same video in my recommended section. Also there needs to be more detail to the reasoning options for not being interested in a video. There is only 2. Otherwise this is a great app. Wait one more thing. There are too many ads about google app showing off its song finding feature. I have no problem with the feature, its just the ads itself. All it is is three different people humming or whistling the tune to dance monkey. AND I HATE THAT AWFUL SONG. It’s just absolute trash. I think an alternative title would be: VOICE CRACK 10 HOUR VERSION. I don’t want to be halfway through a good video and it being ruined by that damned song in every advert. Just tell them next time to choose a different t and better song or I’m switching to bing..Version: 15.49.4

Mostly Good...The overall app works fine, but I have issues with the screen rotation sometimes and the overall layout of the app. And the whole reason why I wrote this review: YouTube’s new swipe to increase volume. If you keep on swiping at the top of your screen (when watching a video in full screen mode) your sound will sometimes go up. This feature is annoying. If it wasn’t there, or if it at least was more responsive or easier to understand (I’ve still not fully figured it out) then it would be more tolerable at least..Version: 13.47

Love it but... - Please fix this!It’s a very good app but I hate when we cannot write a comment that’s annoying and the adds kill me! Maybe you guys can change some stuff..? I hate when I want to write a comment and watch the video still an add comes up like whenever I go to write a comment there is an add and sometimes I cannot press skip on adds and when there is an add without the skip button I have to watch 2 adds and that annoys me so much , change that please! Bugs! That is annoying! I have an Apple device and I need an account to subscribe , like and comment and that kills me cause I had a Samsung device too and to like , subscribe and comment you did not need an account so please fix that! But it’s a great app anyway! Like it but fix it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 15.20

Algorithm needs work.I wish you would change the algorithm. I get recommended the same videos over and over that I have passed and don’t want to watch, when I could be shown other content. I am finding my recommended feed is repetitive and boring..Version: 15.33.4

Overall good app but there are some problemsI use this app very often! But of course, any good thing also has some down sides. I think that you guys should ban the people who truly deserve it. And there are TONS out there who really need to get taken down(Mainly Logan and Jake Paul) also, I think the three dots by each video should be put in a different spot. Because if I am trying to press it, it will click on the video and I will have to try to tap on it repeatedly until it finally works. For example, say you see a video from a youtuber you dislike, you try to press the three dots to get the video off of there. But when you try to press it, it clicks on the video instead. You go back and try to do it again. But it clicks on the video once again. You do this repeatedly until it finally works. This has happened to me too often. But overall, this is a really well made app..Version: 13.33

Annoying glitch thingLove the app but there's one problem I have with it and it hasn't gone away even though I've updated the app twice now. The problem is that when I'm watching videos, the app seems to think I tapped the video and makes the controls come up and it's very irritating. Please fix this issue ASAP because it makes me not want to use the app because it's that irritating to me. Thanks :).Version: 13.49

Great, but there’s 2 things wrong with itLove this app, use it everyday (oops), but I’ve noticed two problems: 1. THERES NO LOOP BUTTON!! You can loop things on desktop but I’m on a mobile device and it’s so annoying! Please, please, please, please, PLEASE make a loop button. :) 2. THE COMMENTS! Don’t even get me started on the comments! If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! My favourite thing to do while watching the videos is scrolling through the comments! Okay, yeah, there are some bad people out there but there’s wayyyy more good than bad. I think the creator should have the ability to remove single comments if they want (If someone’s hating etc) but everything else should just be left how it was. And by that, I mean MAKE THE COMMENTS WORK AGAIN. Please. Yeah, these “issues” aren’t life-changing,I can deal with them and there’s way more good than bad (obviously — that’s why I still gave it 5 stars) but I feel like if you fixed these, you’d have many more happy customers :)..Version: 14.19

Love it but too many ads. 😅 Requested features!👇Queue and 'play next' features for the mobile version also please!! 🙏 Thank you! Also please cut down a bit on the ads especially when i put something on a playlist so that, i can enjoy the contents without worrying about the selecting it, the ads will be so many and so long that, it's like i'm watching ads instead rendering the playlist feature almost useless. :v i wouldn't mind a short ad but it's like it is taking advantage of the situation instead of creating an useful tool for the user..Version: 14.51.5

Why?!?When getting rid of a video after minimising it you used to just swipe it away, now you have to find and push on the little x to make it go away.. not very easy when your moving and the phone is bouncing around .. you just about have to stop to do this now.Version: 13.19.7

Okay. Don’t know why someone thinks it drains power from his iPad.It’s really good! But there’s some issues I might have to address. Sometimes, when I watch videos, it get very board so I try to click off it. However, when I try this it doesn’t seem to work it just.. Well.. FREEZES!!! Won’t let me click of the video or do anything! Not even turn of my PC! Also if there is any animal go video’s just make sure to DIS LIKE IT. But that’s not the picture. As well, 1 issue is that well, some people actually had this issue, the zooming out button is very close to the connect to TV button. So sometimes, I actually click it when my mum is doing yoga. Then if she doesn’t know what it’s called, am practically dead..Version: 14.14

Love the app butPUT THE COMMENTS BACK WHERE THEY WERE!!! Personally I think that moving the comments to where they are now, please put them back to the bottom of all the recommendations where they were before! Also, can you make it easier to see your subscribers on iPhone/Tablet? Just right now you have to go on google, then search the website, then press your profile pic, then go on desktop, then go on your channel and THEN press your subscribers to find out and it’s super annoying. Finally, please make it so when your comment gets hearted, by the maker of the video, and you edit the comment, please make it so it doesn’t delete the heart, please. I am saying please so much because my comment hot hearted by my favourite Youtuber so I decided to edit my comment saying thanks and when I finished, the heart disappeared and I was devastated. So again, please fix this. Other than them I love the app, it’s awesome and would 100% recommend to anyone and everyone. If you’re reading this, you should definitely go download the app. :).Version: 15.17

Arrgghh bugs!!!!Great app, I actually prefer this to the desktop website. But bugs. Full screen is almost completely unusable. Sometimes in portrait mode the bottom bar from the home screen will show up and the video will be really laggy, and in landscape mode the video will sometimes be stuck in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I also can’t exit full screen mode, the button doesn’t work and the swipe gesture doesn’t work either. Also when I was trying to exit full screen the app crashed. I am on the newest version as well so I don’t know why it is doing this. This is really annoying because I really like watching videos in full screen..Version: 12.44

Record your hobby, viewpoint, loves and hates.The You Tube channel allows people all around the world to communicate in a visual way with each other. This can take the form of entertainment, education, information or persuasion. Provided it is done in good taste it is usually permitted. Well done You TUBE channel..Version: 15.49.4

You Tube : “ What it gives me as a service “You Tube, First & foremost , thank you so much for providing me “memories” at the touch of a button. You open the door to my childhood through material of the period . Your productivity gives me the foundation & choice to fertilise memories of my past and bring them back to life if only for a moment. Through your music/documentary , visual & audio etc you put in focus my thought process. I embrace ‘ Algorithm ‘ within the You Tube concept & platform . It’s like an unknown friend that feeds my subconscious which I’m well aware of and might I add appreciate . From a young thinking 56 year old 👍.Version: 15.46.5

Great but there is an occurring bug.This app is a great app and I use it all the time, but there is one constant bug which hasn’t seemed to be fixed yet. This bug is the “ error while loading tap to retry” bug. No matter what I do or how many guides I follow, I can’t seem to get this to stop happening or reduce it. I have kept this app up to date with every update and uninstalled and reinstalled it but this glitch will not go away. It stop you from commenting, looking at the description, looking at recommended videos on the side, the only thing you can do is watch the video. And if you are watching a stream, you cannot speak in the chat and this bug seems very common using streams..Version: 15.26

Closes itself randomly?I don’t know why but the app on my iPhone 8 spontaneously closes itself for no reason. I’m in the middle of a video and the app just closes. I updated the app, restarted my phone, restarted my WiFi, everything I could think of I did and the app still just up and decided to close itself randomly... I have a strong internet connection and good cell service but the app still randomly closes. It’s so spontaneous and annoying. I have to go back, open the app, wait for the app to load?, wait to see if it says whoops something went wrong to resume video or go to library to reload the video where I left off which doesn’t even do that it’s somethings way off when it reloads my videos too like 4-11 minutes off, and then pray it doesn’t crash again... what is causing this?.Version: 15.34.3

App wont open (May 22nd)The app keeps saying it is no longer shared to me anymore therefore it won’t let me open the youtube app. Fix this..Version: 15.20

👍🏻I have really enjoyed using this app and I give it a 4 star only because there is a couple of issues but not many major ones. So the first issue is that when I get notification there is a notification place and it takes forever it delete them so I wish u could add a delete all button because I hate not being organised but it’s not ur fault. And the other reason it that when I search someone up and if I click on there channel it puts me on there most recent videos I believe but I have to press videos for that and u don’t even get much variety just saying and everything else is perfectly fine only if this could be internet free OMG I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT IF YOU COULD THAT WOULD HONESTLY BE AMAZING 🤩. But that will never happen I guess because I bet they will never see this and reply hi. Anyways great app and I would recommend you to try it out and u could even upload ur own videos its that simple! Anyways great app would recommend to anyone that’s the things I would only fix but I don’t really mind it but it would be a suggestion. Great app I use it all the time gives me lots of information and Yh honestly the best app yet thanks for reading and I will always keep u in my prayers. MAKE SURE U DOWNLOAD THIS APP. Pls if the developers see this I would love for you to reply and honestly mate a great app u have made this is my LIFE! It makes everyone so rich and give them enough money for there whole entire life. GET NOW FOR FREE.Version: 15.49.4

Please fix this bug!I love YouTube, Its my most used app on my phone, it's. A great app and super helpful and entertaining. However, lately my YouTube recommendations have been really weird. The app keeps recommending content I don't watch and am not interested in such as sports videos, wildlife videos, random music video's, gaming video's, etc. And I barley get recommended any videos that I'm actually interested in. I have tried everything to reset my YouTube recommendations to show content that I actually like. Because of this, i am only going to rate it 4 stars. If you could please fix this bug as soon as posing or at least look into it, that would be great.Version: 12.35

Amazing but a few annoying bugs/glitchesOverall the app is great I enjoy the content and for most of the time the quality (Pixels) are good. However there is this one particularly annoying glitch where I pause the video for a few seconds or so and it doesn’t let me start it again until I have to leave the app for a couple of seconds to than let the video start it is annoying and I hope it is fixed. Thank you for your time and hope you receive this feedback and fix this bug.Version: 13.05

Repeated updates that make app worseApp needs updating every few days and each update just makes the app worse. Latest update means that if you get a push alert to a response to a comment and click on the alert, the link doesn’t load the comment anymore - just loads the video and then you have to click on comments and scroll to find the comment in question. Just small things like this highlight why google will be playing back up to Apple for many years to come. Google start putting the end user at the centre of the experience, rather than endless geek tweaks that do nothing but make the app less user friendly..Version: 14.51

App.Great app, Best app for watching videos, not that there is many other apps for that but love the YouTubers on here and I overly recommend it for all ages. Ads can also advise you things and merchandise is also cool. If you have kids on this app then I recommend age restricting them and you can also see the news. Also shows that appear on T.V tend to be on there. Not overly what too put but all types of content is Available. You can like the videos to show support and dislike them to show that you have a passionate hate for the video. Overly, if you want an app to watch songs, comedy, romantic stuff and etc..Version: 15.43.4

Bring back our viewsI know it’s very petty to do this review but i can’t just let this slide. it’s so fecking disrespectful to remove views on a video that you know people had worked so hard to gain. especially if you know those people put so much time and effort into streaming those videos. we aren’t ‘bots’. #ytbringback67m ^you took away more than 67m tho.Version: 15.10

AddsI think the amount of adds has been crazy 2 adds to start then adds during and after. I can understand an add at the start but not 2 and maybe an add 20 minutes after. I’m sure you’ll work it out with the best people on it. I think it’s got a little better lately but hard to say..Version: 14.36

You have removed many channels I enjoyedWhy have you censored what I like to listen and watch? Many of The channels I watched have been removed ! So sadly disappointed in your big brother iron fist control system ! However while many videos seemed far fetched - your removing them makes me think there is truth and it’s suppressed and controlled now.. so I guess I should say thanks for your confirmation lol.Version: 13.34

Four starsI’m only giving four stars because there are 2 glitches that stop me enjoying watching videos glitch 1 when I watch vids and there’s a add at the start it just freezes (it also sometimes does that when actually in a video glitch 2 (this one doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t affect the videos but I still thought I should say it) the voice search doesn’t work and I know both of these reasons is not my internet because my internet is really fast so please fix these glitches.Version: 13.14

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