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Google Chrome app received 75 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google chrome?

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Bottom bar!About time they did the bottom bar in Chrome. Much better..Version: 69.0.3497.71

Something I would loveHello, Chrome is a great app and especially the best because you also can’t delete it. In Chrome, I would love a new feature that you can take a photo of something like an artwork for example and then it will come up with the full picture. I do art classes and I would love to find the pictures they put in the books. So can you make something that you can take a picture and then it will originally give you the image you’re looking for or related images. Overall, this is great! :).Version: 85.0.4183.109

New update is a tad buggyThe recent March update has a few issues with it? The main issue I face is when I try to hit the tab button and look at all of my open tabs. When I exit a tab to do that, all of my tabs disappear and I can only see the black/grey background, along with the New Tab, Tab Count, and Options buttons. When I hit them they don't do anything, and I have to restart the app to have my tabs come back. I can't tell if it's because I have a gazillion tabs open (which I wasn't facing this issue a few days ago, before I updated and had a bunch of tabs open) or if it's just a bug with the new update. Otherwise, it works great! I just hope this gets fixed :D.Version: 65.0.3325.152

BookmarksYou can no longer access bookmarks in incognito mode and that's the only time I use them as I do not want my family finding out what I am buying as presents so I bookmark the page I was on and go back onto it another time but I can no longer do that as you can't access bookmarks unless you are in a normal browser Please fix this as there was no need to take that away.Version: 63.0.3239.73

Won’t workSince yesterday I downloaded 13.7 on iPhone 11 Pro max google chrome app won’t open just comes up with messsge about analytic and goes away I’ve deleted and re installed google chrome know it won’t open from here.Version: 85.0.4183.92

Good browser..Good browser specially syncing between devices and sending pages between devices. But when will they include the feature of when the browser crashes and you loose all your tabs.. just like on the desktop where you can restore all the tabs. For this reason 4/5, if they had this feature it would be 5/5..Version: 101.0.4951.44

Not really a review more of a requestI am someone who uses tabs a lot but 3/5 times I will hit incognito mode because it’s too close to the new tab button. I would have to get out, close the tab and try again and I would think it would be better if the incognito tab had some sort of lock of “are you sure” text to even having it at the bottom.Version: 74.0.3729.121

Very goodYou ask em they answer.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Really good just one problemSo I was using google chrome and it is so good because it almost always has the answer ok the problem is when u go threw your search history and sometimes u want to delete it I did and it was STILL THERE like if it says delete then delete! That’s all I got to say.Version: 94.0.4606.76

Use this over SafariOccasionally safari won’t show something properly or won’t respond to a button press. Chrome has been less buggy, even with the Apple website, which did not load the iPhone XS preorder page properly. I tried opening it in chrome and it worked just fine. Same thing with the Razer Blade website, button presses responded more often. Safari loaded something that chrome didn’t only once, which was the Samsung Galaxy website. Also safari doesn’t sync with my PC, which Chrome does, so that’s a plus. It also has a smarter layout and the new update makes it look better than ever..Version: 69.0.3497.91

Juan.Juan..Version: 87.0.4280.163

Stupid other peepsThe app is actually really fine so they need to stop being big babies and deal with it..Version: 102.0.5005.87

Why are u all complaining?I think this browser is perfectly fine and you guys are making a big fuss. What’s the deal? I believe that there’s nothing wrong and it is fine just the way it is. Don’t put the developers down people! Encourage them! 😉😉.Version: 81.0.4044.124

GoodEasy for 🟧⬛️.Version: 93.0.4577.39

It works so goodI ❤️ this app.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Really good search appThe app is amazing I can do things with ease and I can also use Face ID on my iPhone 11 to sign into websites, I do highly recommended this app..Version: 84.0.4147.71

Wow! Almost like there’s nothing wrong!I have been using this for almost 3 years and it is doing awesome! Like the cool swift layout! And not lots of storage!.Version: 72.0.3626.101

An update for IPad please!!Google is way better than safari - don’t get me wrong, but chrome on iPad is not so great. It would be amazing if you could add tab folders (like the computer has) onto the iPad, as those would help me organise my life so much. Also for some reason I can’t see what I’m typing in the search bar? It’s a bit strange and VERY annoying. If you see this - thank you so much! <3.Version: 92.0.4515.90

STILL Waiting for a “Bookmark all tabs...”You miss out on star number 5 due to the absence of one simple function that is available on computers, but still not available on the phone app. Seriously guys, what the hell are you doing? Integrate “Bookmark all tabs...” into the app already! It’s very much needed!!! Do that, and you get your 5 stars!.Version: 97.0.4692.72

Most recent updateI’ve been waiting for the mobile app to get a hi update for a while it was clunky and hard to use while on the go away from home, by now the new Ui is amazing and very fast wow every little detail like new tabs automatically opening to google is just perfect and so seemless as well as super fast. The search button at he bottom that allows you to start typing with out needing 2 hands to google something is perfect that has been my biggest problem when trying to google something quickly. 10/10 update!.Version: 69.0.3497.71

New Update SuggestionChrome is a good app, but it would be good if it would be able to accomodate the chromecast device, similar to that of the desktop version of google chrome. So having the chromecast button would allow users to connect to chromecast and also be beneficial for use through a mobile device..Version: 63.0.3239.73

New design is brilliantJust got the new google update to their design, outstanding, love it. So much better than the old way, I can now reach everything at the bottom of the screen which is much easier on my device to get to because of screen size, it means I can hit everything from the natural positioning of my thumb without having to stretch or adjust grip. Better looking too than the old layout, I like the new tabs management layout and the way each is displayed as a square in a grid format. Huge upgrade to how ascetically pleasing the app is..Version: 68.0.3440.83

ChromeAn excellent web browser I use it on all of my computers and IPHONE.Version: 72.0.3626.101

The best app everThere was no failures. It is fast and secure. I can sign in to chrome easily. It is best for, pretty much everything. But I would give 4 stars because it isn’t the first fastest. I would say it is the second fastest because there is another browser called Firefox and Puffin web browser. Google chrome is fast and secure but Firefox and puffin web browser is faster and much more secure than Google chrome but I would say Google Chrome is good to use on an iPhone..Version: 71.0.3578.89

It’s a good app for school workI can do my school work on the app and reacher💻💻💻.Version: 86.0.4240.93

I have an issue while uploadingI enjoy this browser. However I want to address that since the last update and this new firmware I have an issue with uploading documents online on this browser. I’m using an IPad Pro 10.5. On the last firmware anytime I selected the document and hit upload it will just go white with the google chrome logo in the center of the screen. With this new firmware, once I hit upload and it will display my open tabs, and I’m able to exit the tab selection by tapping on done. I have closed the app and have attempted over and over. I hate using Safari, but I need to upload my resume. Please fix!.Version: 69.0.3497.91

Log cabin Dalton designHighly recommended I visited the show site at bourne end on three occasions before making such a large purchase, the sales guy was very informative and had time to explain the options and differences. After three weeks the cabin was delivered and erected without any problems the erectors were professional and polite. The whole process from start to finish was very professional and would certainly recommend to other people.Version: 79.0.3945.73

Good but...It is really good to use and stuff but there is one thing that I really don’t like about it. When I use incognito tabs it says all cookie will be disabled but when I type like on letter for example, s, it immediately shows seesaw (which I may have searched up before several times). This proves that google search cookies still work even when they are not supposed to. Overall it is a great app..Version: 87.0.4280.77

AwesomeGoogle Chrome is way better than Safari and Microsoft Edge. You will find yourself a lot happier and there is incognito mode which can allow you to browse privately and your history won’t show. Hands down best search app out there in the world..Version: 85.0.4183.92

Does its jobI have never crashed or had any issues and I think the app is deserved of five stars unlike the other reviews it works just fine like any other browser on mobile and works as good on mobile as it does on pc. Solid browser..Version: 95.0.4638.50

Great updateWhen I read that Google had updated Chrome I winced as updates are always a risky concept, especially when they say completely redesigned. I’ve stopped using Safari about a year ago as I fully intend dumping my iPhone when my current phone stops working. Chrome has steadily grown on me, but the new update is really nice. The new update has the search and navigation buttons at the bottom which for me is better, and easier to use. Thanks for the update..Version: 69.0.3497.71

WellSong finder not working.Version: 99.0.4844.59

Very goodNew iPhone user here, not really used to using Safari so going to use Chrome for internet which im very used to..Version: 84.0.4147.71

?Help me to go to por.Version: 87.0.4280.77

New update - FantasticDon’t normally write a review ... think this is the first one ever. The new chrome app is fantastic the ability to go between screens see what you have closed and the overall layout is awesome. Not many apps can improve so much with an update but this has done so well !!.Version: 70.0.3538.75

😹😹👐Amazing app loving it people are just lost.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Good Bad In The Middle!!!Google chrome is a fantastic 😁 app that lets you search up anything you want!!! But on the down side 😡 sometimes it doesn’t work by glitching really badly. Sometimes it even takes ages 💤 to load. Also if you have kids 👶🏼 it doesn’t have an age setting so they could search for inappropriate things I suggest if you have irresponsible kids than maybe wait a few years.Version: 81.0.4044.124

I love this person appI hate it.Version: 97.0.4692.84

Just awesome applicationEverything works when I need it to, extensions work and I can use or sync it across my devices. Well done to the people who look after it. Thank you..Version: 93.0.4577.39

I love thisIt's fast it works and I can watch YouTube on here.Version: 92.0.4515.90

HmIt’s a great app to be honest it is pretty old, but it works really well! Thank heaven there isn’t ads!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

It’s amazing and I totally recommend it!Now google chrome is absolutely amazing! It has everything you need it’s just like any other google apps they are also wonderful but this one particularly caught my eye as it had mini games that you could play for free! Namely, T-Rex Runner and many more I have heard rumours it has been hacked but I’m sure those are fake seem as though I play it everyday! This app is wonderful and I totally recommend it for teachers, students and even workers and many more!.Version: 77.0.3865.69

Bug Report: Tab not closingApp works fine, but when I close a tab and then close and remove the app from memory, if I reopen Chrome, the last tab I closed will magically appear again. If I close that tab again and then close Chrome and kill it from memory, upon restarting the app, that tab will have finally been closed. There is a bug which isn’t instructing something to clear. iOS 14.4, iPhone 7..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Full screenSome video players online since ios13 can’t turn full screen. Pressing the arrows to do so doesn’t work nor other ways..Version: 80.0.3987.95

Great app but a few features could make it amazingI love this app due to the syncing of all my history and bookmarks. The new update feels smooth and easy to use on larger phones, but I think that if you could add vibration feedback when you force touch certain buttons such as the tab button (where you can open and close tabs), kind of nit picky I know but it would be a nice feature..Version: 69.0.3497.71

Currently faultlessI always use google chrome on my phone. I like the feature that allows you to swipe between incognito windows as well as the usual browser. It’s easy to access accidentally closed apps by selecting history. The app is the same as the one on a computer. My favourite browser by far!.Version: 81.0.4044.124

A perfect browser to chooseGoogle did a great job with chrome, making it the best performance browser to enter your favorite sites so you can browse better, no hard writing. This. Is the browser you should get on all your devices. Get the browser on Mobile, Laptop or Desktop and tablet..Version: 86.0.4240.93

People complaining about poor results vs safariOn an Apple device?... Are you that naive? Apple need to do very little to ensure their versions of everything come out on top on their own device. If this is your startpoint no wonder youre all laughable shills for Apple. Chrome works as wel as it can work on a direct competitors device. Wake up people. Youre being played..Version: 86.0.4240.77

I really like all the websitesI love all the websites including the ones where I saw big bums.Version: 86.0.4240.93

No Reader Mode stillThis is my go to browser app for my iPhone and iPad. I can’t fault it. I’m able sync across my devices, even to my windows laptop. However, the one bugbear I have left is the lack of Reader Mode. They’ve added Reader List which is nice but most of the sites that I visit, I prefer to declutter the noise around the article I wish to read. Apple put this into safari a few years ago. Please can we have this too?.Version: 62.0.3202.70

I would be indebted to you if you did thisI love chrome iOS, I’ve not had any problems with it which is great, but, I would love a way to organised the tabs, I have an iPad that I use for university purposes as well as personal purposes , and it would be great if there was a way to separate the tabs into new windows or subcategories or something to easily switch between and navigate school related webpages and personal casual web surfing related pages, if you could somehow do this it would be amazing..Version: 65.0.3325.152

Needs an updateThis app really helped me a lot in the home schooling! After I did my work, I just watched videos and played online games. It’s really good but I think it needs an update because that annoying bug messes things up. The update should be bug free! Still, this is a really good app!.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Good browser, annoying bugLove having chrome on iOS! It’s very useful. Power optimisations could be realised (please, please for chrome on macOS!!!) However, on iOS, when selecting ‘open in...’ for a PDF file natively in chrome, it never copies the file to any option (including notes, google drive, iCloud files, etc); merely making an unreadable ~10KB file of the same name. Very annoying when trying to save files to google drive. If that could be fixed, it would be almost perfect. Thank you!.Version: 65.0.3325.152

Congratulations for your excellent service.My best congratulations to the Google team, in my opinion you are currently the ones who are providing the highest quality service, speed, security and professionalism, with your apps being the best, standing out among them chorome navigator, I wish you many congratulations and very good successes for the new year and continue to be the standard bearers in internet services.Version: 63.0.3239.73

Plz read thisChrome is a very useful app and I recommend it to all please download this app and take my advice you will not regret it plus it’s free so you can get rid of the app if you don’t like it but that won’t happen so why not get it it answers all your questions I’m telling you to get it.Version: 87.0.4280.77

HiThis year(2021)It’s been very good and it’s fast to.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Issues & glitches!Chrome is a very good app, but I have a few issues and glitches. First glitch is nothing.Version: 91.0.4472.80

Easy to useThis browser is great because it is very easy to use and all aspects are useful. I have had no experiences with the browser crashing and all sites run smoothly. The design and layout is clear and salient. I find it it much easier to use than Google and Safari. Great browser, no complaints🔥🔥🔥.Version: 87.0.4280.163

Best browserI’ve gone through a few browsers now on my se. Safari hangs too much. Dolphin and opera weren’t as smooth or as quick as I hoped and with dolphin some videos on websites didn’t work. Much as I’d like to support the smaller developers nothing is as slick as chrome. Plus it syncs all my bookmarks that are linked to my google account..Version: 67.0.3396.69

Works well, but can’t save photosChrome works really well and the layout is good, but it won’t let me save any photos to camera roll! With safari however, it’s as simple as pressing the share button and finding save to camera roll. Please fix this!.Version: 70.0.3538.75

First app review !I don’t do many reviews for apps in this store but ... Google chrome is amazing especially for storing data on your phone and computer, makes it so much easier, this version is great, I had this issue yesterday, I literally thought of suggesting to allow to use my chrome passwords , the only thing at the time was downloading all your passwords in PDF form, now Apple and google has made it so you can select auto fill passwords , chrome now is one of them! So I have my Apple and chrome all in one place. Maybe you saw me have the issue lol. Thanks for one of the best browsers and now more simple to use our stored private data..Version: 85.0.4183.109

Better than Safari but...In my opinion Google Chrome is a great app wayyy better than safari but why, why and why is it 17+ I just don’t understand that is sooooo un nessasry I mean, seriously? It should be available for all ages even everyone in my class uses google chrome and I’m 110% sure we are not 17 or over. Overall Google Chrome is the third best app in App Store. (First would be minecraft, second roblox, third google chrome tell me if there are any better apps).Version: 84.0.4147.71

Mobile Google Chrome app connect with ChoromecastHi I’m using Google Chrome In my phone and laptop but I’m using laptop chrome cast on my TV and I’m surprised I like my laptop Google Chrome connect with my chrome cast and you know I like to open any website on my TV so I just want to suggest you can you please update Google Chrome mobile app to connect with my TV thank you very much.Version: 67.0.3396.69

I wish it is an optionI mainly work at night so I like when I can have things dark or change my back ground. Would you please make that an option to change your background and also to dark mode? Sometimes the iPad does it but rarely works, and no option in settings. Kind regards..Version: 100.0.4896.56

LOVE the Update!No more thumb stretch, HOORAY!!! I LOVE that you moved the back button and tabs down to the bottom! My thumb thanks you as well. I try to never use Safari so I can’t say if it looks like Safari as the Reviewer who didn’t care for the update mentioned. Frankly, I only care about the “useability” (this should be a word and not 2 words). I’m a busy mom with young kids so I need to be able to navigate quickly and switch between saved tabs often for teams schedules and recipes and shopping and poison control. You have made that infinitely easier with this update. BAM 6 screen views at once, swipe for 6 more....GAME CHANGER....dogs that ate entire packages of Oreos saved! Thank you..Version: 70.0.3538.75

Good as Always...Chrome has always been a favourite of mine, but I moved away when it started to feel a bit dated. Since the design update on desktop, I moved back. After downloading Chrome once again, I must say that not the most impressed with the fact that the tab design has not been changed and the whole UI feels a bit lacking..Version: 74.0.3729.155

Chrome web storeOnly problem is chrome web store is only available on Computers..Version: 95.0.4638.50

This is crazyWhen I first watched MegaMind I really didn’t think it was to good until I kept watching it everyday and ever single night. After a while I found a girl who was also loved MegaMind. We fell in love and had kids which was crazy. Now me and girlfriend are now getting married and will be also having a megamind themed wedding. Oh also before I go I still get hard to MegaMind.Version: 96.0.4664.53

Google translate departures back!I wrote a one star review yesterday because I had updated Google Maps and Google transit departures had disappeared from the front of my iPad and iPhone. I switched my iPhone off overnight last night and this morning when I switched it on google transit departures had reappeared, thank goodness. Thank you google please don’t do that to me again!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Love itThe best app ever.Version: 87.0.4280.163

It’s chromePeople giving 1 star are rats lol. it’s chrome. How can it be bad lol.Version: 97.0.4692.72

It’s fineIt’s the perfect browser. The reason why people are giving this bad reviews is because their iPad or iPhone isnt working properly. It’s not googles fault. it’s people blaming the app because they have ruined their iPhone/iPad and can’t take care of it. Don’t blame the app for something that you did!!! Google Chrome is the best browser!!!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Google chromeDont get me wrong i LOVE google chrome and i use it every single day and i dont know what i would do without it!! However the latest update i do not like!! The app itself works fine but i do not like the new layout. It now has the tool bar at the bottom instead of it being at the top and i think it looks more like the safari app design the way its layed out. So please change google chrome back to the normal design!!.Version: 69.0.3497.91

Same one else stop me to download chrome please help me ? thank youCheers Alison Pirie.Version: 79.0.3945.73

EpicI think it is awesome and very helpful.Version: 87.0.4280.163

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