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Google Chrome app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about google chrome?

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Google Chrome for Positive User Reviews

Google chrome is the bestBecause it alows your kids and yourself to do what you need to do especially for me because I’m a teacher Chrome is one of the best apps to get.Version: 85.0.4183.109

Mobile Google Chrome app connect with ChoromecastHi I’m using Google Chrome In my phone and laptop but I’m using laptop chrome cast on my TV and I’m surprised I like my laptop Google Chrome connect with my chrome cast and you know I like to open any website on my TV so I just want to suggest you can you please update Google Chrome mobile app to connect with my TV thank you very much.Version: 67.0.3396.69

The best app everThere was no failures. It is fast and secure. I can sign in to chrome easily. It is best for, pretty much everything. But I would give 4 stars because it isn’t the first fastest. I would say it is the second fastest because there is another browser called Firefox and Puffin web browser. Google chrome is fast and secure but Firefox and puffin web browser is faster and much more secure than Google chrome but I would say Google Chrome is good to use on an iPhone..Version: 71.0.3578.89

Chrome is an exciting experience for all ages!Ever since I got Google Chrome, I have had numerous ways to connect with the internet and answer questions that may pop in my head. Google Chrome is an open learning opportunity for young children still in school as it holds multiple educational websites that can help your child study on future tests or just practicing work they are learning about. I would highly recommend using Chrome as it allows humans to grow their personalities and skills..Version: 119.0.6045.109

AmazingIt’s gone faster and it works.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Please read our suggestions… small feature! PlzIt would make a WORLD of difference for someone like me who has hundreds of tabs & windows open (IPad & laptop) at any given time…... a small timeline view/hint when you’re scrolling through all open tabs in that window - like when the tab was first opened/created or modified last , or something similar. Another addition - To Name/title any open Chrome window. Not only folders of open tabs like Safari allows (bc that syncs to any open window) or bookmarks folders. But the windows themselves. I like to have multiple windows open at a time so this would be a small help when sorting through all my shhhtuff. Hope y’all read this soon, otherwise great work!.Version: 117.0.5938.104

Timothy AllenOf all websites I search and research trying to find a true answer. If I could suggest searching different websites is a waste of time number one you could be concentrating on the subject matter at hand. Number two who really wants to waste their time in the future effort which has no end. Isn’t that why we have search engine. Number three how much time do you waste searching around for a basic format or answer without having to read endless questions. I think truly in my heart that I have I deep sense of loss for the future generations that are never truly narrow down A very simple question almost like this text,.Version: 115.0.5790.130

Very goodNew iPhone user here, not really used to using Safari so going to use Chrome for internet which im very used to..Version: 84.0.4147.71

Clunky loading… now fixedUpdate noticed today that latest version uploaded seems to improve this issue and upgraded to 4 star. Thanks so much. I use chrome to save all my passwords, but find this app is a little clunky and jumpy loading websites compared to the safari and Firefox apps. I am web developer and all sites work great on chrome desktop and all other browsers and apps and this is very clunky in comparison and not smooth. Sometimes it is and most of time not and not great for browsing. I’m sure it used to be better before..Version: 109.0.5414.83

Letting things goLook for the simple in life or deny everything and be hit by the covid19 faster then ulyou would think.Version: 83.0.4103.88

I wish it is an optionI mainly work at night so I like when I can have things dark or change my back ground. Would you please make that an option to change your background and also to dark mode? Sometimes the iPad does it but rarely works, and no option in settings. Kind regards..Version: 100.0.4896.56

Bottom bar!About time they did the bottom bar in Chrome. Much better..Version: 69.0.3497.71

ChristopherSo I wouldn’t say I was having fun I would say it’s very very very clever to use this app. You must know what you’re doing. Do not just press any button because it doesn’t get you anywhere you need to read every inch of every corner of the screen or screens. Please be aware that this can lead to mental health problems so parents always be guided. Do not do it alone apart from that. Stay safe kids enjoy Google. I think this comment I previously made was perfect. how are you?.Version: 122.0.6261.89

WOW!Chrome is an excellent way to do work - you can keep many tabs open at a time, allowing you to go to one thing to another without deleting the one you already have. It catches internet very fast and is very efficient. One thing I must comment though - whenever I try to open a Google Doc or a Google Slide, I can open but I cannot edit and it says I must download the app based on what you need to do. Other then that, it is amazing. People can open their work tabs and let their kids play on others. Super efficient, and those of you who use Google, Chrome is an improved version of Google! Yay! My life has been better since I downloaded this app. Thanks for making this I highly appreciate it!.Version: 124.0.6367.71

HmIt’s a great app to be honest it is pretty old, but it works really well! Thank heaven there isn’t ads!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Just awesome applicationEverything works when I need it to, extensions work and I can use or sync it across my devices. Well done to the people who look after it. Thank you..Version: 93.0.4577.39

Lack of basic features can be a deal breakerChrome is a really good browser, but it lacks a lot of basic features that are offered in most browsers. With chrome being the biggest and most used browser I know google is focused on the deeper more complex features, but some basic features that are missing are a deal breaker for many. Some features that I hope to see in the near future are new page screen with customizable themes, locked private browsing, synchronized shortcuts that are synced with MacBooks and other devices. I also have gotten use to my search bar being at the bottom of my screen you guys should make it a choice to have it at the bottom or the top. I know these might be small features to a lot but these little features could make or break someone using chrome. Overall a good browser..Version: 117.0.5938.104

It’s chromePeople giving 1 star are rats lol. it’s chrome. How can it be bad lol.Version: 97.0.4692.72

Always in the knowWhen I ask I always get what I want to. Thank-you.Version: 113.0.5672.121

SweetThis app is better then safari.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Thanks google with several appsI am a student and all my requests establish by chrome, find all words meaning and i am finding new places. I solve problems with chrome and all equations that refer at calculators such as differential equations and integrals equations,equations for triangle and factorial and algebra and calculus almost all parts of algebra meanwhile when I don’t know new equations in chemistry and physics only with one finger will find my problems in this app as soon as possible we find our problems maybe some browser have this information but in such fast time never pay all information especially this app give five gigs free place that with huge amount of data it’s important and essential I thanks so much from developers and preparing such useful information in a place this is one of best apps of google and usually is usefully thank so much..Version: 120.0.6099.119

Chrome changed my life.You can really tell how much money Google put into this. A beautiful clean design, quick search results and a beautiful clean design. When I got this earlier this week, I never expected how much of an impact it would have. When I opened the app for the first time, my doorbell rang shortly after. When I checked the door, a small man, similar to that of the “man” from Aunty Donna’s Coffee Café. He took my sister and I have never seen either of them since. I have been much happier since the pest has left. Thank you, chrome and your strange men..Version: 120.0.6099.119

Bug Report: Tab not closingApp works fine, but when I close a tab and then close and remove the app from memory, if I reopen Chrome, the last tab I closed will magically appear again. If I close that tab again and then close Chrome and kill it from memory, upon restarting the app, that tab will have finally been closed. There is a bug which isn’t instructing something to clear. iOS 14.4, iPhone 7..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Octogenarian starts new careerTo date I’ve found Sellvia helpful and now, starting with “high ticket” products, I look forward to the same help and guidance. DropShipping certainly saves the inventory cost and associated costs like storage, packaging and shipping. It makes sense to allow Sellvia to set up a turnkey website (store), upload the products, guide me thru product marketing leaving me only to manage and bank the profits. If I get to achieve my dreams, then anybody can. Watch this space. Simmie.Version: 121.0.6167.138

Not really a review more of a requestI am someone who uses tabs a lot but 3/5 times I will hit incognito mode because it’s too close to the new tab button. I would have to get out, close the tab and try again and I would think it would be better if the incognito tab had some sort of lock of “are you sure” text to even having it at the bottom.Version: 74.0.3729.121

Stupid other peepsThe app is actually really fine so they need to stop being big babies and deal with it..Version: 102.0.5005.87

Very goodVery good at 🟧⬛️.Version: 111.0.5563.72

No Reader Mode stillThis is my go to browser app for my iPhone and iPad. I can’t fault it. I’m able sync across my devices, even to my windows laptop. However, the one bugbear I have left is the lack of Reader Mode. They’ve added Reader List which is nice but most of the sites that I visit, I prefer to declutter the noise around the article I wish to read. Apple put this into safari a few years ago. Please can we have this too?.Version: 62.0.3202.70

Most recent updateI’ve been waiting for the mobile app to get a hi update for a while it was clunky and hard to use while on the go away from home, by now the new Ui is amazing and very fast wow every little detail like new tabs automatically opening to google is just perfect and so seemless as well as super fast. The search button at he bottom that allows you to start typing with out needing 2 hands to google something is perfect that has been my biggest problem when trying to google something quickly. 10/10 update!.Version: 69.0.3497.71

Good Bad In The Middle!!!Google chrome is a fantastic 😁 app that lets you search up anything you want!!! But on the down side 😡 sometimes it doesn’t work by glitching really badly. Sometimes it even takes ages 💤 to load. Also if you have kids 👶🏼 it doesn’t have an age setting so they could search for inappropriate things I suggest if you have irresponsible kids than maybe wait a few years.Version: 81.0.4044.124

Google chromeDont get me wrong i LOVE google chrome and i use it every single day and i dont know what i would do without it!! However the latest update i do not like!! The app itself works fine but i do not like the new layout. It now has the tool bar at the bottom instead of it being at the top and i think it looks more like the safari app design the way its layed out. So please change google chrome back to the normal design!!.Version: 69.0.3497.91

Congratulations for your excellent service.My best congratulations to the Google team, in my opinion you are currently the ones who are providing the highest quality service, speed, security and professionalism, with your apps being the best, standing out among them chorome navigator, I wish you many congratulations and very good successes for the new year and continue to be the standard bearers in internet services.Version: 63.0.3239.73

It’s fineIt’s the perfect browser. The reason why people are giving this bad reviews is because their iPad or iPhone isnt working properly. It’s not googles fault. it’s people blaming the app because they have ruined their iPhone/iPad and can’t take care of it. Don’t blame the app for something that you did!!! Google Chrome is the best browser!!!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Why is this 3.6 out of 5Google is literally the biggest search engine in the entire world so I have no idea why Google Chrome has a 3.6 out of 5 I could go on and on about the good points of without Google, some people may not even be able to do their homework that is why I give Google a five stars out of five stars that is the end of my review.Version: 111.0.5563.101

Wow! Almost like there’s nothing wrong!I have been using this for almost 3 years and it is doing awesome! Like the cool swift layout! And not lots of storage!.Version: 72.0.3626.101

I love thisIt's fast it works and I can watch YouTube on here.Version: 92.0.4515.90

This is crazyWhen I first watched MegaMind I really didn’t think it was to good until I kept watching it everyday and ever single night. After a while I found a girl who was also loved MegaMind. We fell in love and had kids which was crazy. Now me and girlfriend are now getting married and will be also having a megamind themed wedding. Oh also before I go I still get hard to MegaMind.Version: 96.0.4664.53

New design is brilliantJust got the new google update to their design, outstanding, love it. So much better than the old way, I can now reach everything at the bottom of the screen which is much easier on my device to get to because of screen size, it means I can hit everything from the natural positioning of my thumb without having to stretch or adjust grip. Better looking too than the old layout, I like the new tabs management layout and the way each is displayed as a square in a grid format. Huge upgrade to how ascetically pleasing the app is..Version: 68.0.3440.83

Best everChrome cast is responsive, works every time. Love it over the so-called ‘not-so-smart’ Smart TV remote selection grrrr.Version: 117.0.5938.117

Needs dark mode ASAP!Just wanting to post my two cents since everyone else is doing the same, lol 😆. I love Firefox for desktop. But iOS Firefox is so hilariously flawed, I just had to switch to iOS Chrome (referred to simply as Chrome from here on out). Chrome allows me to flawlessly sync my bookmarks across all my devices eg, iPad, iPhone, laptop; the Chrome bookmarking feature is light years ahead of iOS Firefox // But all is not perfect in Chrome Land. Eg, Dark Mode is not baked into the browser; nor is it available as an extension since extensions are currently not supported. If extensions were supported, I would totally download the Dark Reader extension right now! This oversight can probably be explained by the fact that the devs probably use the Chrome app daily in a bright office setting; they are not typing this review, surfing the web, reading, etc on their phones laying in bed at 3:00 am in the morning in pitch darkness, lol 😂! If u made it this far, give yourself a pat on the back and thanks for reading my endless rambling..Version: 109.0.5414.83

Good but...It is really good to use and stuff but there is one thing that I really don’t like about it. When I use incognito tabs it says all cookie will be disabled but when I type like on letter for example, s, it immediately shows seesaw (which I may have searched up before several times). This proves that google search cookies still work even when they are not supposed to. Overall it is a great app..Version: 87.0.4280.77

ReviewFantastic does everything I want or need well done I use it on all of my devices.Version: 118.0.5993.58

AMAZING!!Totally awesome, let’s me do what I need.Version: 84.0.4147.71

Auto mobile browser everytime you use& it opens appsI love Chrome but on my iPad Pro it’s always opening on mobile web settings, and there’s no permanent switch so you constantly have to faff. I didn’t spend a grand on a tablet to use web services a Nokia can run. Worse still it opens apps on your device, you’ll search eBay an the app opens.Version: 108.0.5359.112

Easy to useThis browser is great because it is very easy to use and all aspects are useful. I have had no experiences with the browser crashing and all sites run smoothly. The design and layout is clear and salient. I find it it much easier to use than Google and Safari. Great browser, no complaints🔥🔥🔥.Version: 87.0.4280.163

Really good search appThe app is amazing I can do things with ease and I can also use Face ID on my iPhone 11 to sign into websites, I do highly recommended this app..Version: 84.0.4147.71

Google Chrome is just the best browser in the world!Hello All! My name is Jamie Robertson and I’m 22 years old. I’m a student at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have been using Google Chrome for five years now and I love it! I especially love the voice search and news articles modes! Chrome has moved on since I was a kid using Windows XP! Thanks to Google for developing it!.Version: 120.0.6099.119

Great updateWhen I read that Google had updated Chrome I winced as updates are always a risky concept, especially when they say completely redesigned. I’ve stopped using Safari about a year ago as I fully intend dumping my iPhone when my current phone stops working. Chrome has steadily grown on me, but the new update is really nice. The new update has the search and navigation buttons at the bottom which for me is better, and easier to use. Thanks for the update..Version: 69.0.3497.71

ChromeI really liked chrome after extreme learning disasters I would like to say thank you for making my learning prefect.Version: 123.0.6312.52

New foods to try.I use Chrome a lot. For every food I eat For the care of every pot plant. For precise knowledge of every garden plant and how it likes to be looked after. I want a monarch butterfly and bumble bee and bee flower garden. I eat a dairy free, gluten free, nearly vegan diet. Still have eggs. No sea food, except sea weed. I can Google the alternative to eggs and just try a few choices. Great vegan recipe's. I have had vegan fish made of banana flowers. It was really yummy ! Exploring new foods has never been easier..Version: 118.0.5993.58

Google websiteI have used Google and gmail for years ,I have never had and issues with either platform ,if I need to search for anything Google is my only search engine and I always find what lam looking for with my gmail lam always informed if there is any spam and my other always come through very fast very happy,.Version: 113.0.5672.121

Excellent web browserI have always used Google Chrome because the other ones just use too many resources. And I like the integrated Google Drive and apps. I use it on all my computers both Windows, Mac and Linux. I would fully recommend Google Chrome. I have tried many browsers back in the day like Netscape but still go back to Chrome..Version: 124.0.6367.71

BoredomIm rating this because im bored.Version: 87.0.4280.77

It’s amazing and I totally recommend it!Now google chrome is absolutely amazing! It has everything you need it’s just like any other google apps they are also wonderful but this one particularly caught my eye as it had mini games that you could play for free! Namely, T-Rex Runner and many more I have heard rumours it has been hacked but I’m sure those are fake seem as though I play it everyday! This app is wonderful and I totally recommend it for teachers, students and even workers and many more!.Version: 77.0.3865.69

Something I would loveHello, Chrome is a great app and especially the best because you also can’t delete it. In Chrome, I would love a new feature that you can take a photo of something like an artwork for example and then it will come up with the full picture. I do art classes and I would love to find the pictures they put in the books. So can you make something that you can take a picture and then it will originally give you the image you’re looking for or related images. Overall, this is great! :).Version: 85.0.4183.109

Y’aMan.Version: 87.0.4280.77

Bruh over aged like o(*≧д≦)o!!Why do we have to be 17+ like bruh〇△☆☂.Version: 96.0.4664.116

Google chrome is the best internet browserGoogle chrome is the best internet browser. i use PRESENT NEW WORLD ORDER'S google chrome internet browser for accessing and communicating information far far more highly classified than merely ts75. its the most stable and secure internet browser on the market. and google incognito is really neat for metadata free internet browsing, Hail 🔺 Sincerely, john.Version: 108.0.5359.112

Log cabin Dalton designHighly recommended I visited the show site at bourne end on three occasions before making such a large purchase, the sales guy was very informative and had time to explain the options and differences. After three weeks the cabin was delivered and erected without any problems the erectors were professional and polite. The whole process from start to finish was very professional and would certainly recommend to other people.Version: 79.0.3945.73

Google ChromeI definitely prefer Google Chrome to Safari . It’s so much easier to use. In my opinion Safari doesn’t take you to or even look up quite what you were looking for without having to reword the question 2 or three times and when you’re moving along at a steady pace that’s the last thing you need is a browser that almost seems to be lagging. The two things I missed the most when I started using my iPhone was Google Chrome , Google and Google play store. Those three are most definitely the best and Apples Safari does mot compare. Thank Goodness you can use Google or Google Chrome as your default browser with an iPhone or that would have became a deal breaker. Undoubtedly the best browser to ever use..Version: 121.0.6167.66

Other browsersI started using Chrome when it was still in Beta. The iOS version is nearly identical to Chrome on a PC; I haven’t found any discrepancy. Over the years, other browsers began to mimic Chrome, most notably Microsoft Internet Explorer when it began offering tabs and later with an omnibar which allows users to type search terms or internet addresses in the same place. The omnibar does have one downside of confusing people into thinking that the search term is an actual website and not a result of a search. My parents, both in their late 70s, have problems distinguishing the results. But I don’t think it’s their age. It’s just one more new thing to understand and they aren’t interested. I’m almost 50 and am not interested in learning all the things social media can do; I'd love to have ZOOM show my face as an interactive kitten, but I don’t care enough to learn how..Version: 115.0.5790.130

HiThis year(2021)It’s been very good and it’s fast to.Version: 92.0.4515.90

They don’t have the technology to turn off their adsThey’re that stupid for not adding or creating of an app connected to taking off the person no ads but they can’t start a good search engine but it’s very poorly done they can’t turn off the ads permanently then maybe Google Chrome should shut down..Version: 97.0.4692.84

My chrome review 😀I think chrome is fantastic! Because it is very safe and not that hard to do things and you can sign your account on google chrome it is very secure but if you have parental controls than you might not be able to do a very few amount of things but it is a very good app. Google lens comes up with the same pictures you took as an example flowers it would come up with the type and where it is from. Microphone is really useful if you are not bothered to type like a bunch of words That was my review hope you enjoy the app.Version: 123.0.6312.52

Thank you googleI used chrome for years now and for Christmas I had got a chromebook so thank you google for helping me for a long time..Version: 87.0.4280.77

Best browser I have ever usedGreatest web browser.Version: 83.0.4103.88

Oxford BathroomsOver the last few months we have had several bathroom quotes. The last quote was from Oxford Bathrooms,Brookvale who completed a bathroom renovation for our neighbours. Our neighbours were so happy, they advised us to get a quote from Oxford Bathrooms, because of the excellent work completing their bathroom renovation. We have now accepted quote from Oxford Bathrooms and have locked in a date for work to be commence. Our decision was based on cost, service standards and presentation of material. Sue, Rachael and Melvin have been the key stakeholders that made our decision easy. Well done. We now look forward to our renovation commencing next year. Excellent service. Steve and Marg Springall.Version: 120.0.6099.50

WellSong finder not working.Version: 99.0.4844.59

I would be indebted to you if you did thisI love chrome iOS, I’ve not had any problems with it which is great, but, I would love a way to organised the tabs, I have an iPad that I use for university purposes as well as personal purposes , and it would be great if there was a way to separate the tabs into new windows or subcategories or something to easily switch between and navigate school related webpages and personal casual web surfing related pages, if you could somehow do this it would be amazing..Version: 65.0.3325.152

HeyI noticed that where it tells you how many tabs you have open it’s a smile face.Version: 108.0.5359.52

Easy to figure out how to use. Good interface. Many shortcuts.When you open chrome it greets you with the chrome logo and you have your search bar, the Google logo, which we’ll look into in a while and your shortcuts and recently visited sites. At the bottom you have quick functions which make it much easier compared to Safari in which you have to press the tab button and press the new tab icon which is a minor inconvenience. Chrome gives you a list of shortcuts when you press the 3 dots, although it doesn’t have text to speech, the shortcuts make it more convincing to move to other sites quickly or if you want to pick where you left off on a website that you visited. To conclude chrome is one of the most convenient browsers I’ve ever used and it really helps to get the job done and is best when I want to browse in my free time.Version: 119.0.6045.169

Great but minor issuesThis app is is pretty good for a search engine, there are two issues that need to be addressed. One is that when I search for something it does not give suggestions, if i misspell something I may not notice until I have hit enter. Suggestions are also just nice to have as it may save you time typing. The other fix needed is that it is near impossible to copy text from the search bar if you have already searched it, you double tap the text you want to copy but if you try to move the bubble to copy more than just a word the copy bubble will disappear and this will continue to repeat indefinitely. Other than that it works just fine and has a nice UI design..Version: 116.0.5845.90

Good browser, annoying bugLove having chrome on iOS! It’s very useful. Power optimisations could be realised (please, please for chrome on macOS!!!) However, on iOS, when selecting ‘open in...’ for a PDF file natively in chrome, it never copies the file to any option (including notes, google drive, iCloud files, etc); merely making an unreadable ~10KB file of the same name. Very annoying when trying to save files to google drive. If that could be fixed, it would be almost perfect. Thank you!.Version: 65.0.3325.152

Better than Safari but...In my opinion Google Chrome is a great app wayyy better than safari but why, why and why is it 17+ I just don’t understand that is sooooo un nessasry I mean, seriously? It should be available for all ages even everyone in my class uses google chrome and I’m 110% sure we are not 17 or over. Overall Google Chrome is the third best app in App Store. (First would be minecraft, second roblox, third google chrome tell me if there are any better apps).Version: 84.0.4147.71

The only search engineI have tried others in the past like Firefox wyzo and the extremely annoying edge and always return to Chrome i have it on six current devices and love it especially now it has google lense where you can take a picture and search the web for a description or replacement i won’t be changing it’s the first thing i install on a new device..Version: 119.0.6045.169

FANTASTIC APPI have used Chrome for years now. It is now the only search engine I use. It is quick with fantastic graphics, that gets you to what you want to know in a fraction of a second. The one thing that Has changed everything for my daughter who is dyslexic, she can use Chrome simply using the microphone. By doing this her school grades have almost doubled. In fact the high school where she is a student are now supplying students Chrome Books. I can honestly say Chrome has changed her life..Version: 117.0.5938.117

Love itThe best app ever.Version: 87.0.4280.163

I wish googleThis is for you both Google and Apple so you can both improving I think Siri should be able to launch google fine show the request and when Siri is on Google car mode opens Google Chrome when Google Chrome is it you’re at your different bronzer and if for example if you say hey Siri show request on Google Chrome for the ratings of a restaurant it comes up saying the reins of the restaurant you exactly said.Version: 120.0.6099.119

😹😹👐Amazing app loving it people are just lost.Version: 92.0.4515.90

LaggyIt’s good on mobile but on a Mac its super laggy.Version: 87.0.4280.77

BookmarksYou can no longer access bookmarks in incognito mode and that's the only time I use them as I do not want my family finding out what I am buying as presents so I bookmark the page I was on and go back onto it another time but I can no longer do that as you can't access bookmarks unless you are in a normal browser Please fix this as there was no need to take that away.Version: 63.0.3239.73

Essential to my everyday livingI am a 60 something man that is dyslexic and live on my own without the aid of Google and chrome life would be a lot more difficult. I’m dyslexic which means I rely on text to speech. They also rely on speech to text without Google Chrome. Life would be a lot more difficult, thank you for being there.Version: 118.0.5993.58

GoogleGoogle is the best app ever to me it does all I want it to do..Version: 84.0.4147.71

An update for IPad please!!Google is way better than safari - don’t get me wrong, but chrome on iPad is not so great. It would be amazing if you could add tab folders (like the computer has) onto the iPad, as those would help me organise my life so much. Also for some reason I can’t see what I’m typing in the search bar? It’s a bit strange and VERY annoying. If you see this - thank you so much! <3.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Chrome web storeOnly problem is chrome web store is only available on Computers..Version: 95.0.4638.50

Google Drive link does not open in appI use Chrome exclusively except for when trying to open some links in their respective apps. For example, I receive a link to a Google Drive shared folder through a messaging app. When I click it, it opens in Google Chrome (my default browser). Once in Chrome, if I try to save any pictures, it saves it to my Downloads folder instead of in my Photos. So instead, I have to hold down on the link, click “Open in Safari” and it immediately takes me to the shared album in my downloaded app, Google Drive. And from there, I am able to (with too much effort to my dismay - my gripes with the Google Drive app are different) click “Send a copy” to then “Save image”. The user experience here should be simple, and yet it is not. Would’ve thought Google would’ve figured this out and made their apps work with each other..Version: 107.0.5304.66

Full screenSome video players online since ios13 can’t turn full screen. Pressing the arrows to do so doesn’t work nor other ways..Version: 80.0.3987.95

Gorgeous apartmentIt was a pleasure to say at Audrey’s apartment. Three grandchildren myself and my husband had a wonderful time. The children played outside weather permitting which gave us time to prepare meals. Easily accessible to amenities ,cafes,the trams and of course the promenade. Perfect location. The apartment was well equipped -home from home and Audrey and her husband are the perfect hosts. We would love to stay again . Thank you Audrey..Version: 122.0.6261.89

Address bar update.I've been using Google Chrome on my iPhone instead of Safari for the past 3-4 years. Always been a big fan. They recently updated the app and now you can move the address bar down to the bottom, like Safari's update about a year ago. I do find it pretty convenient since I have the iPhone 15 Pro Max version, but the one thing I don't like about it is that as soon as you click on the address bar to type, it goes right back up to where it used to be. Kind of defeating the purpose of having the address bar at the bottom. Once they address this, I would happily update my rating to 5 stars, as it will not change my decision in using Google Chrome vs Safari.Version: 119.0.6045.109

Love GoogleWas just remembering how, back in the day, the amount of time I used to spend looking up information in my many & varied reference books. There are now significant gaps on my bookshelves as almost anything I need/want to know is available on Google! Thank you so much for this great timesaver and for the instant gratification you provide for my curiosity. 🥰.Version: 118.0.5993.69

Amazing ToolGreat for problem solving widely, getting information, checking the truth of data or trying to. Thankyou.Version: 118.0.5993.69

WHY DOES IT KEEP OPENING TABS WHEN I DONT HAVE CHROME OPEN????.?This app keeps using my blank tabs to open either RNZ or Metservice, this app is gonna be the death of meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 103.0.5060.63

EpicI think it is awesome and very helpful.Version: 87.0.4280.163

Google translate departures back!I wrote a one star review yesterday because I had updated Google Maps and Google transit departures had disappeared from the front of my iPad and iPhone. I switched my iPhone off overnight last night and this morning when I switched it on google transit departures had reappeared, thank goodness. Thank you google please don’t do that to me again!.Version: 92.0.4515.90

Issues & glitches!Chrome is a very good app, but I have a few issues and glitches. First glitch is nothing.Version: 91.0.4472.80

IndispensableI use Chrome as my main gateway to the Internet. If I'm writing a short story and I need to do some fact checking, I open Chrome. If a friend has a birthday and I want to write a couple of pages of interesting trivia about the year they were born I just open Chrome and type in the year. If I'm writing a poem and I'm stuck for a rhyme I ask Chrome "What rhymes with..." I can ask Chrome any question directly and get an immediate answer. How many metres in a mile? What's the time right now in New York? How do I cook a laksa? It always knows. We have come along way from the early search engines like "Ask Jeeves", and I now find Chrome to be indispensable..Version: 118.0.5993.69

AwesomeGoogle Chrome is the best-forget the rest, most secure and reliable browser for mobile phone use globally., always upto date & up with the play when it comes to the latest Technology!. I also use Google Chrome on my pc desktop, as it’s also the best and much more reliable rather than just settling for other browsers!., I gave it a 5 star rating because it well deserves the best review possible✅👍.Version: 120.0.6099.119

I don’t normally do thisI will rarely ever take the time to write a review on an app, they lucky if I even take the time to give a star rating. What makes Chrome different it’s been my go to browser since I can remember that’s what. When I get a new phone if Chrome isn’t already installed it is always one of if not the first app I download and then set as my default browser. Among my friends and family I am known as very tech savvy and when people are having difficulties with their browser and come to me for help the first question I ask is what browser they are using if it’s not chrome 9/10 times that’s their problem and a quick download resolves their issue. I will forever stand by chrome and if you don’t use it I highly lemme emphasize HIGHLY recommend you give it a shot and I’ll be willing to bet after you do so you won’t want to go back to whatever browser you were using. Sincerely, A long time HIGHLY satisfied Chrome user.Version: 119.0.6045.169

ComplaintI wrote this in willing that a producer will respond and help me with my problem, my problem is simple and short say hi to Steve jobs for me please.Version: 87.0.4280.60

9th Bday partyWe celebrated my sons 9th birthday party here today. We had Layla as our host and enjoyed a game of bowling, Lazer Tag and 30mins on the Arcade. She handled the boys so well. Kept them fully entertained for the full 3 hours we were there. Kids all had a ball. When I 1st booked I thought it was a lot of money but today I saw it was great value for the money spent. The food was great, the service 2nd to none and they literally took care of everything. It was by far the easiest birthday party I’ve done for my kids. Highly recommend!!!.Version: 122.0.6261.89

The Chrome Browser is my choiceI say Google Chrome has rightfully earned its reputation as the browser of choice for professionals seeking a fast and efficient workflow. Its exceptional speed, intuitive interface, seamless synchronization, extensive extension ecosystem, and robust security features make it the ultimate tool for productivity. Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or professional, Chrome's unmatched capabilities will undoubtedly enhance your work experience. Embrace the power of Chrome and unlock your true productivity potential..Version: 118.0.5993.58

Room for improvementCyber security is something on all of our minds these days and I like to think that Chrome has the resources to make going online a little safer. So that’s why I use there search engine. I give it 4 stars as my personal information hasn’t turned up through any leaks on there behalf as of yet but there’s always room for improvement hence why I haven’t rated it 5 stars.Version: 120.0.6099.119

I love this person appI hate it.Version: 97.0.4692.84

Won’t workSince yesterday I downloaded 13.7 on iPhone 11 Pro max google chrome app won’t open just comes up with messsge about analytic and goes away I’ve deleted and re installed google chrome know it won’t open from here.Version: 85.0.4183.92

It works so goodI ❤️ this app.Version: 87.0.4280.77

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