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YouTube Kids App User Positive Comments 2023

YouTube Kids app received 146 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about youtube kids?

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YouTube Kids for Positive User Reviews

Kids YouTubeThis app is great.Version: 5.21.1

Good but...I love YT kids but some times there’s videos that are for kids younger than my daughter. Maybe at the start when you first get the app you could ask for the kids birthday date. That way it knows when to update it to older videos..Version: 6.34.3

Good, but has some Flaws1. Overall, it is a good app. It’s child-safe. But, now I see way more toddler videos, nursery rhymes, and LOTS of stories for kids read in foreign languages than before (as of 2018). Most of the channels I liked back then (Jessii Vee, PeetahBread, and a few more) were removed, even though they have safe content! Meanwhile, you put kids faking as if they were breaking into peoples homes, robbing stores, and doing very creepy challenges that I’m sure an innocent 3 year old would be terrified of! I would look forward to watching them every day! And now they are gone. Now Gamer Girl, Titi Games, and other childish gamers are on my ‘recommended’ list. 2. Let’s say if your 2 year old wanted to watch “WAP.” When they are in the search engine and put in the keyword “WAP,” it gives them a bunch of options like, - WAP music video - WAP lyrics - WAP performance And when you press on them, it shows Cocomelon or videos unrelated to what you pressed! I’m not saying I want to watch those type of videos but, there are options on the search engine that aren’t even in the app! Maybe fix that so you don’t get people’s hope up, and then they can’t even find it. Thank you for reading..Version: 6.22.1

I’m loving this thank you for making my day look beautiful.GOD BlESS.Version: 3.47.5

GymnasticsHi how much money at the gymnastics I will like to go if’s fear is not much money please can you tell me what it is called what Street it is and the letterbox.Version: 5.03.2

Add some old vids but AMAZINGI LOVE this app! It’s sooooo fun to watch loads of you tubers, but. Can you bring back toy videos? Like LPS ones, and the Cooke swirl C my little pony airport ones please? They might be a tiny bit childish, but come on, they were awesome! I really miss the old videos so pleeeeaaase put them back on! But anyway, this app is absolutely amazing and I think it really does deserve 5 stars I really hope you considered my question.Version: 6.08.2

Good for kids!I meant to make it 4.5. The only bad thing is it might have videos blocked in your country, I am not sure because I don’t look at videos blocked in my country (Australia). No swearing, but words like stupid are used a fair bit. If a child swears to the Siri Dictation it will bleep it out like this-(first letter)*(however many letters before the last one)(last letter). This is very good for kids to watch funny videos or videos from games such as Minecraft!.Version: 3.63.6

There needs to be a way we can filter what they watchWould be good if there was a way we could choose specific Channels they could watch without being able to browse through others so easily.Version: 7.45

Auto playLove this app for my nieces and nephews. I only gave it 4 stars because there is no auto play feature.Version: 3.63.6

Juno's is the bestI love it so much it makes me happy and makes me want to party and be able to see them all in one day and I'm so proud of you for the best things you have done in the world so much love you are my best friend ever almost so so proud of you for all the things you did in the years to make things for this thanks..Version: 3.31.7

Too many inappropriate videosLoads of recommended videos keep coming up showing children being violent, lying, and getting up to all sorts which I think is quite inappropriate for my little toddler. I also find it very hard to block videos as the app will not allow me to log in for some reason. I think I will give it a miss. Disappointed.Version: 3.02.9

AwesomeTotally Recommend this awesome app it's the only one I use my four-year-old.Version: 3.07.12

FatimaI love you tube kid s make everyone happy pls watch it make everyone happy I just love you tub kid s it lover everyone love watching it just funny like mr bean Pls have fun there people playing roblox I play roblox I not you tuber but you tub kids It like I play roblox I wish I had tuber it so much fun 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😊😊💗💗💗💕💕💕 love it so much you tub kids you make everyone happy thank you for making you tub kid s 😍😍💕💕💕🤞🏼🤞🏼😘😘😘💗❤️❤️.Version: 5.19.2

Amazing! Recommend and get it!There are really good video's. And the great thing I love about it is if u say like something inoprpit the it will say "sorry I don't think that is appropriate for u to watch 👍" which is really good if u have 3 or 4 year olds and other people who are young so the last thing im going to say is I LOVE IT REALLY! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.Version: 5.25.1

Good! A few suggestionsI love this app but I think that it could use some work. I think that it would be better if when the YouTubers that are showed post, it immediately shows up. There are probably thousands of channels that are age appropriate for The age range and none of them are showed. For example, I love to watch gem sisters in some of their videos never showed up. I also wish there was a column where you could post on Kid Tube and it would get approved so it’s still age-appropriate but it has better videos. Please take some of my ideas into consideration. Thank you 😁.Version: 7.18.0

It’s great yt kids to sleep with at night for me maybe not youI always use it for my sleeping at night I set it up before bed,cuz I can’t sleep good with out it, I never use it to watch only listen for the music 🎶 to let me sleep at night so gooder right now I have been using it on full volume so I can hear it when I’m sleeping so ya that’s it!!!!.Version: 6.37.1

AMAZINGThis is app is perfect . It has all sorts on it . I love the happy environment in it . It feels really welcoming , I think it’s really use-full how there are shows and all the categories are shown at the top! This app is just brilliant . Ignore all the moaning adults going on about their kids watching cartoons- that’s what young kids do - I mean there might be something you don’t like but then you can just block it so there is no problem! 🤣🙄 Thank you creators of this app it’s AMAZING!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The idea of having the music and the sound effects just make my Heart warm. Form Rose 🌹.Version: 5.42.2

You tube kidsIt has so many fun videos and sometimes it’s annoying when it auto plays and doesn’t say please change it but I give it a faster hopefully some other kids in the world will like it.Version: 6.37.4

Great app!!!❤️I love the app so much for my kids to use. They have great filters, and no comment section. But I hope that you can subscribe on some channels. Because every time that my kids are logging out the app, the home page changes and they really like to watch the same thing on a certain channel.. I hope that you'll have this on your next update.Version: 3.20.4

Amazing! Just one problem.This app is great for kids! My 5 year old little brother loves watching educational videos on it. The qualities are good, variety of different channels, and good system! Just one problem. My brother wants to watch his favourite channel, Babyteeth4 (Jillian & Addie) is not on this app. We keep trying to find their channel, but there’s no sight of it. Basically what I’m saying is, if you added a few more channels, you’d get a 5 star review. Thank you for reading this, bye now! 💞.Version: 5.25.1

Not a wide enough selectionThis app its pretty good but its small selection of videos is a bit frustrating. Every time I search up something, it never gives me what I want they only have wide selections of things of four and under year olds other than that, this app is VERY good I will rate it 5 stars.Version: 3.63.6

Great but varietyThis app is awesome been using it for over a year now and haven’t come across anything remotely inappropriate. However, a few videos by Alivia dandrea (who is completely clean) were taken off which is disappointing. It would also be good to see more videos up from different you tubers (e.g. I couldn’t find ANY Paige Mackenzie videos or many others) other than that amazing app would definitely recommend to everyone..Version: 3.68.6

Kid friendlyThis is the perfect appropriate app for kids and my children love it and they love watching this barbie show made bye graces world so a big thank you to grace for those videos. I find no problems with the app. But only thing is some of those TikTok’s ai had to block because some were a little bit in appropriate for my kid’s ages’ I suggest and edit to delete those TikTok’s there not kid friendly thankyou 🙂.Version: 7.10.0

This is great!!!My child loves this app so much!!! she is now 6, and started when she was 4!!! I like how when the parents sign jn you choose the child’s age, and it gives age appropriate videos. I also like how if you sign in, the children can change their profile and name, which my daughter really loves! She also learns and interacts with this app!!! I also like how many videos for kids you have and how you block videos for grown ups. I got this for my child because she kept watching adult content on my phone and now that she has this app, she stopped watching yt forever! Tysm for making this app!.Version: 7.20.1

Suggest some changes within approved areaGreat app , but don’t like some videos, so I was happy I could approve videos to watch, but after approving many quality channels and videos I really started missing the ability to search. Can the search be activated/integrated in to search within the approved videos.?.Version: 6.37.4

Thank youI’m a really big fan of Pokémon so could you please make some more Pokémon videos.Version: 3.31.7

Really glad I downloaded this app its THE BEST!So it is really nice because u can Watch shows and everything is appropriate and it doesn’t freeze up there’s no ads in this game and you don’t have to pay anything so overall I love this app .it’s so fun my kids love it and if there’s any shows that you don’t like your kid watching then you can just take it off of the list of things that your kid can watch and you can monitor everything you they do and I have to say it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played if I could give it six stars I would😁👍!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 7.38.0

It’s a great idea for an app😍I really love watching WHATEVER I WANT 😉 I go crazy about animals so… I suggest you SHOULD put on Gatcha animal/human beings. LOL 😂 I AM 😝 😜 it is very good 👍 and enjoyable it is very very good for sensitive people sometimes ALSO I enjoy 😊😍it a lot but it has 🔍 searching problems sometimes but it’s very suitable..Version: 6.44.1

EducationMy grandsons are learning so much from watching utube kids.Version: 4.3.12

Awesome 👍👍👍👍Great app. Puts my mind at ease when the kids are online. Recommended..Version: 3.07.12

Jennifer!I love it but..... you can’t search up songs you like even stuff like can you not have hotel hideaway videos. It’s because some kids are little and could say a swear word at home or school make a change. Thank You.Version: 3.31.7

Amazing my child loves itThis is a save and appropriate for kids my little girl loves it she is always doing the gymnastics she learned her back handspring in one day and it keeps her creative unlike some of the other apps where you stare at a screen all day like I said she did a back handspring in one day the gymnastics is very simple and not super rough I’m 37 and i did gymnastics as a kid and they thought me a cartwheel in one day.🤣But the videos are sooo funny she love this channel called ninja kids tv and what’s inside family. If you hear bad things they might happen on certain peoples I pad or what ever device but you should try it.Version: 7.02.0

Monitoring !!The people behind this app really need to be monitoring what’s being put up for kids to watch. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GOOD app, had it for about 2-ish Years now and it is educational etc, but knowing and seeing inappropriate videos being disguised as colorful “friendly” cartoons really worry me just as it would any parent. Don’t have to go through EVERY video but if somethings inappropriate(Guns/Gun hand movement/Drugs/self harm, ETC!), stop it from getting posted up, shared, or shown. Help reassure that this app is still safe and kid friendly for our kids. Kids are sponges. We don’t need them picking up anything that will be a danger to them or anyone. Thank you in advance..Version: 4.3.12

Very happy. Good and safe for kids.I love everything about this app. Very safe for younger kids. You can left them unattended while watching this. You can block the video or channel what you don't want your kid to watch. There is only one thing which need to change and that is super annoying music when you open the app. Please do something about it..Version: 4.14.1

Used to be goodMy mom got me this app because the you tube app wasn’t really age appropriate. But I started watching gem sisters all the time. And so they moved houses and were like teens and tweens when they did but a month later there new house tour and packing video and one of the prank videos they did just disappeared. I don’t know if too many people disliked or reported it but it just disappeared and also other channel videos disappeared from some of my favorite channels,so if you can find out what happened or put them back on there that would be great overall it’s one of my favorite apps on my iPad.Version: 5.42.2

MUSIC!!!!I like this app a lot! It’s fun and perfect for kids. And even has special videos for special ages. So if your 12 you get 12 year old appropriate videos. And if your 4 or 5 you get the idea! But anyway this app is very well crafted. I do however wish that would update the videos more...Some of the videos are old and aren’t really up to date. And sometimes they do put new ones out there. So I guess that is a good thing but also a bad one too. But the sounds of the app is AWFUL! The video audio is perfect. But the sounds that the app make is VERY pestering if you ask me. Like when you use your finger to scroll through the videos it makes the ugliest noises. So I’m constantly adjusting the audio. But it’s a okay app!.Version: 6.22.1

Cutest bumMy kids love the app. They enjoy the content so much. Smarter happier kids means happier families. Parents also love using the app as beautiful search engine for lovely safe content. My children love being able to have everything within seconds. Simple play turns into a life experience, a beautiful memory of a childhood full of love laughter and happiness. Super happy with the app..Version: 7.45

The best thing in the worldWhy are you not find this this is the best and if you’re young by this right now because this has no bad things no no no nothing that is bad but I am really excited if you buy this for me and for your own privacy.Version: 6.26.0

Nephew loves it but...So I got this for when I’m watching my nephew. He loves all the shows on it so far, one problem though, is there a way you could add in a lock screen feature. Something to stop kids from changing the video constantly? He is only just past 1 year old and is continually hitting the iPad to change the video, usually only watching a video for 5-10 seconds before skipping to the next and so on..Version: 3.23.3

The kids love this appKids love it! It’s safe and I don’t have to worry about them watchinginappropriate videos.Version: 3.07.12

Love it!!!!😍I think this app is great!! You can watch a great range of videos and are very appropriat. I am always on this app, and you can say what type you want. Pre school , school and all!! The one thing that bums me is there's no proper music and instead kids for example "kids Bopz"But I guess that's right for young kids. So Over all,you need to get this app for young children, and old ones to!!!!! Sorry from the length though..Version: 3.02.9

Good videos but ......Great app for kids, cannot deny that but the amount of videos that won’t play is getting bigger and bigger, could you please do an overall of the kids videos that have been deleted or corrupted to make the experience smoother for little kids. Again, great app though. Thank you.Version: 4.30.6

YT kidsIt has the best features but when it comes to security everyone in the family knows their times tables security is not good but overall it is one of the best apps we can use to watch our favourite shows and we would use it forever. Our family personally love watching on this app😀if you do see this review use YT kids a lot more🙃.Version: 7.04.2

Love YouTube kids!It is so good for children! No Adds!.Version: 5.19.2

Soo goodThe app is very useful for my kids.Version: 5.09.5

It’s ok but one big problem!My daughter has been watching YT kids for years now but one problem that continues to frustrate me is videos in other languages constantly pop up and if I don’t keep my eye on her she ends up just watching videos in another language and it’s pretty much pointless and not education at all since she has no clue what there saying, I find my self having to block video after video after video, Disappointing but other then that it’s ok keeps her entertained when I’ve been busy doing stuff around the place..Version: 5.34.1

Absouloutly amazingThis app is great because if you have got a little one and they have a iPad kindle or tablet and they like watching things let’s say that they where going for a nap and they were in bed watching something you can lock it so if you don’t like to much electronics they could have it for a hour and then it is blocked and like I was saying before if you have a little one then if they don’t know what there doing you can track down what they are watching and if they end up watching something scary you can block that video so they won’t see it again and I use this for my one and a half little girl and it is amazing with her and the family house hold xx 💖💖💖.Version: 5.05.3

Overall pretty good except for this reason:When I was setting up an account, I would get kicked off the app! Seriously what even happened here? Also I’m glad you have got rid of the stuff like those creepy vids that everyone talks about on YT If I could rate higher, the rating would be off the charts! 20,000 outta 10!.Version: 5.19.2

I like this but...Ok so I’m 8 and I still use this I use 8-12 I really think the adds on 8-12 should be a little more 8-12 adds and I really think you should add a kids YT shorts like in real YT and hen I search app “leave the doors open” (one of my favorites) at least don’t do kidz bop cus they sound dumb all my friends agree with me. You could add a part of settings if the kid could watch the official music video. And add some Laurenside videos and cup quake. Also I really don’t like that every day I wanna watch something it’s always the same. If you add this I will be like this 😆😆😁😁😄😄😁😆😄😆😁😆😁😁😆😁😆😁😆😁😁😆😄😆😁😁😆😄😆😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😃😁😆😄😃😄😁😃😄🥲😁😄😄😆😁😄😆😄😁😁😄😁😃😃😄😌 I will be so happy!.Version: 6.16.1

Love it!!As a 12 year old, I do appreciate this app. Sure, I'm older, but my mom wants to keep me safe. I love this app so much! Though sometimes, I do get bored. I used to be able to see things I loved, like Gacha, Roblox Bloxburg (Especially PeetaBread) and other. But now, those were deleted. Also, please add more older content for older kids, like me. I don't like watching Nickoloden every second of my life. I would appreciate more Mr. Beast, Peetahbread, and others. I loved it, but now it's not my favorite due to lack of introduction in the pick of videos. Maybe adding a 10+ setting, enabling more mature videos. I also ask for more gacha videos. I never see these anymore, and that's what I used to watch. Thanks so much for ensuring I'm safe! - Allie.Version: 6.24.2

About this gameThis app is super cool especially for my 5 yr old kid she loves it so much everywhere we go she takes her ipad with her and watches everything on here she loves karinaomg so she watches her everyday but i locked the horror games so she doesnt get scared so this is a really good app so you can lock the things that you dont want your kid watching so they wont get scared.Version: 6.08.2

I love youI love the Minecraft videos.Version: 6.46.1

Good but....It’s a great app but I’m 9 and I’m only aloud to watch it and there are no SONGS! And some content is just a bit boring for me anyways it’s a good app.Version: 5.27.0

Great for kidsI love this because it definitely kid friendly and free! It doesn't show any inappropriate videos in the search which is the main reason why I love it!.Version: 5.15.2

So happy and so goodWhen my kids go onto this app I hear them laughing because of so many good and funny videos I love that I hear them playing with each other after they watch these videos. The app is so good I even started watching it myself lol.Version: 5.13.3

The kids love it!I am full of praise! Avril, (aged 4) Zach (1) and Owen (5) all love it! After experiencing countless bugs on Netflix, we turned to this. My boyfriend and I are even checking out after the kids are in bed! Avril loves the continue watching place as Owen is always taking my phone over when it’s still her turn. I do think Zach is too young to understand turns, bless him. Bless the developers as well!.Version: 7.12.3

Amazing app one problem about parent accessThis app is an amazing kid friendly app and is great to use to make sure your kids are watching suitable videos and will be improving there education and not just staring brain dead at the screen. The only problem is that the parent access part is super easy for kids that know there times table back to front to access because the give you a question like 5x8 that you have to answer and my kids now there times tables very well and are always accessing the parent bit which i find is annoying but at least there is nothing that kids can change that makes the app less suitable . Anyway I really hope that the developers can fix this problem. Otherwise this is an awesome app and that totally recommend it. Devon Olsen.Version: 6.34.3

The bestI love yt kids u should try it all ages can use it.Version: 6.34.3

BrilliantBrilliant app for wee ones. My daughter is only 15 months and can navigate the app perfectly. I don't understand all these negative reviews. There's nothing inappropriate about the videos, some of them are annoying yes haha, but my child finds them most entertaining. You can't possibly blame the app for your child suddenly having a nightmare! The cause could've stemmed from anything. Snowflakes raising snowflakes I guess 🙄 The app got 5 stars from me..Version: 3.23.3

Nice appThis it is a nice app but I don't like it how it when it does not have no wifi but it's nice thanks for the app and byeeeee.Version: 5.34.1

Amazing app for all agesI’m not sure what I would do without it I just need a little more time to get to play outside but it is so much fun to watch all of the people that I love and I recommend it for anyone else who wants to be a little more comfortable with the life you have but I don’t want to be inactive to the world of wonder people need more exercise than you think.Version: 6.44.1

My dayThanks so much for making utube Kids you have made myself so happy.Version: 3.53.6

Feel so good!Hi, really nice and well protected for kids. Thank you for all the support that all of you give daily to the parents protecting this special environment for our little ones. We hope that in the future you can add some extra features likes the ones in the Big YouTube:History, Watch Later, and Play List this will make the whole place Safer and well regulated by the parents as well as you. One again THANK YOU:) ***.Version: 3.31.7

No swearsI'm so happy that my children aren't learning any swears I hope everyone else agrees.Version: 5.13.3

To youAll the story’s are so fun to watch but can you pls let people watch what ever they want and that’s the only thing that I want thanks.Version: 3.68.1

The search does not workSo I was trying to look up this I’m dodo kids story and the thing would not work and it was in raging me I was infuriated and I was so angry it doesn’t work I like the app because it does not because it doesn’t have like as many like him if they have stuff that would have like bad words but still stare it’s terrible with the search and this would be a problem but sometimes it’s hard to type stuff so I need them to fix the search would actually work so I can get so I can actually search up the right thing and I just have to look through 1 million different videos to find it well that ends this I would say it’s a good app you just have to know how to type stuff and it’s OK.Version: 6.46.1

Love itLove the app and both my kids use it. The only problem I have is the placement of the parents only padlock. My kids are always accidentally touching it cause it's placed over videos and it's very frustrating because they just want to watch without calling me to exit from that screen. If that could be moved to a different part of the screen that'll be awesome.Version: 3.31.7

Best thing ever.This app lets children watch whatever they want unless it inappropriate this is so easy to use all u have to do is log in and add the age of the child so it can scan what type of videos they're able to use I'm 11 and I find this amazing app so useful for my brothers and sisters, and even I like to use it and so does my mother in conclusion I love this app and u should definitely give it a go..Version: 4.22.3

A Few Recommendations..- Hello Google LLC, I hope your doing well. I have some recommendations that you could add and remove, Its just some personally abilities. 1) Remove LGBTQ+ From the app = Nothing is wrong with it, but.. Why is it in a LITTLE kids app?? I mean, 9-12, that’s a minor. THEY MAY know it already but 9-10 they probably don’t.. Again nothing is wrong with it, I just thought maybe you could add a older ability for 13-Above?? 2) Cocomelon in 9-12 = As a app user, I like that Cocomelon is added in it for the little kids, but as I’m older, I see in 9-12 that there is Cocomelon for recommendations, Though I haven’t even begun watching it, 3) My Total Review: It would be a 5 star, if these were fixed. But overall, This is not that bad! it deserves so much credit, and for those who said that Moriah Elizabeth is deleted, it is absolutely NOT. Thank you Google LLC for making this awesome app Update: Also, There is some language in the Younger ages?? as in the s and sometimes f word in the songs or music videos, I recommend that removed and maybe for higher,.Version: 7.45

GreatMy kids use this everyday and love it.Version: 2.34.7

Happy parentIt keeps the babies happy when I am cleaning up the house.Version: 5.40.0

Add more videos from different channels plsI absolutely love this app because of the security of it. I acknowledge its kid friendly but I get bored easily and there a channels which I really like (and are 99% clean) which aren’t on it which have previously been on it before? I don’t understand why they were taken off. But I would love it if you could add videos from SuperRaeDizzle, DrawingWiffWaffles, and Aphmau (preferably human fall flat videos!). I would really appreciate it, thank you..Version: 4.49.3

YouTube kidsI like you and I wanted to marry you.Version: 6.08.2

Fanatic but one thingI love this app, it’s really good I think everything is perfect for my 9 year old child but my daughter was trying to find the passcode to the app so she could use is for longer and she pressed the “forgot password“ so she deleted the app and reinstalled it because somehow she knows how to do that. Now she put her own passcode and she has unlimited time and I can change it because every single time I say time is up on the iPad, she says my time isn’t up yet. And if you put a math question on there, my daughter will either figure it out or just use a calculator, but other than that it is a great app!.Version: 6.44.1

❤︎❤︎❤︎𝐼 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑖𝑡 ❤︎❤︎❤︎A awsome app but can you do comments please that would be a good update.Version: 5.13.3

I love thisI’m really thank this app it is really good my child loves it she is in preschool and enjoying all the videos on YouTube it is really hard to find somthing my daughter likes but on kids YouTube I can find anything right away she loves everything I really thank this app I really appreciate it! Thank you.Version: 5.09.5

Fantastic! 😆This app is really nice because it has no ads and you can watch freely! Another reason I like it is because it's really simple e.g. you can easily search for a video! It's also safe for kids because you can 'block' and 'report'. One thing I don't like though is that you can't do stuff like 'thumbs up' or subscribe. When my son likes a channel, he can't 'smash the 'LIKE' button. Apart from that, I would recommend this app to kids and young adults..Version: 6.34.3

CoolWhen I first got this game I loved it I pressed preschool cause I was in preschool but now I do younger I am 6 right now but it does not stop meh my favourite episodes are gravity falls ones gravity falls is my favourite kids show I watch it almost all DAY! It’s the best show ever thank you so much for making this game it’s da best you da best the one who made this stay safe and stay strong don’t forget to clap for careers every Thursday stay home help the NHS bye love you all!.Version: 5.17.2

Great for kids but needs screen lockWe have 2 kids a 7 and 3 year old. And I like how they each can have a profile that parents are able to control what content they are allowed to see. My 7 year old does a good job sticking to her shows but my 3 year old is figuring out how to go into the other profile. And will be very touchy so constantly keeps switching back and forth from show to show and it gets annoying. Please add a screen lock so that way they can’t get out of full screen when a show is put on. Even with guided access they are able to get out of full screen. If you could take this into consideration it would be great. Thank you.Version: 4.24.3

Omg perfectIf you have a little kid it’s perfect no swearing no gore no scary things none of that. now one other good thing about this app is that your kid can be timed for hours or minutes one of the bad thing is that when your child is off it and on something else or not even on the electronic is that it we’ll still time your girl or boy but other then that it is the perfect app for your child another grate thing about this app is that I don’t have to be worried about what she is watching and thanks to this she can learn more and more next year she’s going to pre K and she will have a head start in school I’m so excited and so thankful for this app ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 7.30.1

I mean it’s okay -I guessBut when I wanna watch something like gacha studio it won’t show the one I want and it will only work on a certain internet but other than that I enjoy it but I don’t think you should have to log in all the time and I certainly think that it could load a little quicker and you should be able to have list of all the music videos and better music videos but I love love love the app so thankyou for making it but this is just my opinion.Version: 3.63.6

Please read this btw great app!!!💗💗💗💗✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻Hi!! I’m so happy that you added more Roblox YouTubers like LavenderBlossom, and FishyBlox! There is a problem, There’s this YouTuber, Erika Diane, There is only 6 videos, And it’s the same thing with a lot of other people. It’s really sad that I only get to see 6 videos from a lot of YouTubers. Also I don’t understand why sssniperwolf is not on there, She doesn’t cuss (most of the time lol) and she doesn’t post inappropriate content! Here’s some suggestions!!!!! 1. You should add YT kids shorts, where all the Shorts are located! 2. ASMR videos I love these so I can go to sleep. 3. Roblox Storytime, OMG I love these they are so entertaining!!! That’s it NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE.Version: 7.45

It’s bad like super badI was watching a video in the past and it let me watch it but later it didn’t let me watch it so there must be hackers. So that means if you use it for a long time then hackers will come. If you don’t think that’s bad we’ll…. If you use apple pen on it then it will just act like a bully I don’t know how to explain but just try it out yourself. Why is it this bad I actually was thinking hmmm this looks wonderful! So why is it not?!?! I wish people read this so don’t get scammed and no ads? Not true there are ads and most are long but you can’t skip it! If you want your child to use this stupid app then just go to yt and watch it with them so they don’t see bad or scary things. Or watch Netflix! In conclusion everyone should hate this app..Version: 7.24.1

It’s an amazing app for kids just one tiny problemYt kids is a great app but there’s one problem the times tables it always uses times tables that are super easy for some kids like 5x1 and 3x2 and YT kids should change that and I bet we can all agree with that so YT kids please fix it..Version: 7.24.1

The bestIt's great app because there's no ads I can see what videos are you watching another timer on and that is great because then they will get off on whatever time I sent it to. I think you should get it it's a great app and you can set up the settings it has a passcode so it's nice and safe.Version: 3.47.5

I love it!!!Great app! I love it so much! Here’s something you should do in the next update you should make it so that you can add friends to chat with. Here’s how it works. So you type in the persons profile name and then you can see what videos they watched recently it will show if they’re watching one of them right now and what they’re watching right now and then you can click on that video watch with them and you can comment to them like you can have a comment section but you can only chat with them on the comment section..Version: 5.42.2

How do you turn the app music off?Love the app, very easy to use and the kids love it as well. But even with the App music setting off, and sound effects setting off, the music still plays. I have tried reinstalling app and other tricks but nothing helps. This problem only occurs on my iPhone. On my iPad the music doesn’t play which is great. Any suggestions..Version: 6.20.0

I love thisThis is a really good app when I first downloaded it I got a lot smarter and I learnt how to write in English and read in English cuz of this app it’s really good for kids and like everyone with a kid in this family tube kids and it’s amazing and it’s really good influence on kids thank you for making this app it’s a really good one.Version: 7.04.2

My reviewYou tube kids gives everyone joy in there life and inspires everyone to be better and know that you can be famous like them you tubers in out there and also to know that you can be brave and fearless and know that everyone will love you when you put yourself out there because you are amazing.🥰.Version: 4.58.3

Awesome appMy little sis loves ♥♥♥ this app she always uses it she is 1 year old 5 stars for this app ★★★★★.Version: 5.15.2

Good for children and little onesThis is good for people that are under 13 and it has so many to explore but some children say that people don’t post dram a lot on this app then the original but I think they just want more of the Same Channel I think that’s fine but I think you should explore channels every single day to have more than just the same channel every single day and it’s good bc they don’t subscribe and they don’t like bc little ones and children under 13 shouldn’t be giving money to random people that have enough money to live there life From : A parent.Version: 5.07.1

Fix bugI’ve downloaded this and reinstalled multiple times because after about 10 minutes of watching, the screen turns to black with sound however with no video. This is frustrating. I’ve used this app for years with no problems. Please fix so my family can continue to enjoy..Version: 5.42.2

Pls ad more big kid kid stuffHi what I would like you to please do it please please do could you add more like like more big kid shows like Dan TDM like some good good stuff like it would be pretty good to be like two years old and 9 years oldWhat I would like you to do is like how do you some more baking stuff and add some more try not to laugh challenge is because it’s it’s kind of fun because like like whenever you get a drink and then you watch a video then you go and then you slept so hard forSomething I like so bad about this kids blah blah blah app but I would really love you to do is add some big kids stuff because it would be pretty good 8 to 3 because a lot of stuff is babyish and a lot of it’s not like eight years old-ish please add more.Version: 6.22.1

Me and youWe love your videos stamps can you do better.Version: 3.53.6

The best yet for kidsOmg YT kids is the best learning and watching thing for kids. It helps my child to learn what to do with strangers. You can also create a passcode on it so only you can get access to it. It will help your child to be a confident learner and will help them to grow with passion. I recommend this app to all of you out there with small children. I hope you enjoy the rest of you year.😀😀😚.Version: 5.42.2

Volume limit please!Love this app, I had a second child recently and big sister loves being able to control her own videos, I’d LOVE it if there was a way I could set a volume limit though, as she has recently been shown by some well meaning idiot, sorry family member, how to control the sound and is waking baby up. Otherwise would be 5*. Lovely thanks for keeping the content safe for our littles..Version: 6.08.2

Developers must read!Uhm for the 11+ I think you guys should put better content, like I’m seeing cocomelon and Daniel tiger pop up :/ can you please add -Serafina gargiulo - Kelpie the fox - Leah Ashe ( 9 year olds love her or 11 year olds) - Clean vines - Some Bloxburg home builders - Amberry A lot of these You-tubers are clean and maybe you could look at what other people recommend for 11+ :) A lot of kids have strict parent’s so these you tubers are clean and kids watch them :) Maybe we should be able to give videos thumbs up or thumbs down :) Why do we even need adds? I mean like 4 year olds can’t buy things 🤣.Version: 6.44.1

More Gacha life videosWhenever I saw Gacha life and can I have more videos With English please?.Version: 5.27.0

Love it. Just two thingsI’m not gonna lie I love this game ❤️ 💕. But racism. Plz change. What I mean is make it so that black people can be on that page. Make it so black people can be on any page. And one suggestion. Can you make it so there is a page with no gaming. Because I’m not allowed to watch gaming 😕😕. I can play video games but can’t watch them. Because my dad says that he does not like to watch them and he said “ why watch people play video games when you can play. 😒 ok so can you make it so that there is a tab with no gaming. And when I get older I can watch gaming. 🤩 I use to be able to watch but now for some reason I can’t. Ok ya I’m telling you too much about me..Version: 5.42.2

Love it omg amazing love itI love it it’s really good I think it doesn’t need improvement its great when you sign in coz it saves all your videos you have watched so you can watch them again also if you sign in you can subscribe SUBSCRIBE TO CRAFTY GIRLS LOVE THEM THERE SO GOOD Hey this is my edited review I currently can’t get into yt kids because when I go in there’s the intro and all then it says “oops cant load any videos” it’s be going like this for about six months please fix ths.Version: 5.42.2

Potential to be my child’s bestThere is so much potential with this app I would like to suggest a few things hopefully it will get to the right persons. For starters, I would like to be able to save my child’s favorite videos. I would also like to be able to delete particular videos, without deleting the entire channel or show. For example, there are some Cocomelon videos that I would like to play and there are some I would prefer my child not to see. I would also like for those commonly searched item or favorite videos to replay randomly throughout auto play sessions, and be able to access on demand. It would also be great to choose videos that appear in your chosen language. Sometimes I find that my child watches videos in Bosnian or Russian language, but he’s still learning English, and Spanish. This is major confusing for both me and my child. Please help where and if possible. Thank you..Version: 7.46.1

Good app! But.....This app is really good and I spent a lot of time on it but one problem is that I try searching for people and literally all that comes Up is 1 video that is related to it, I WANT THE WHOLE CHANNEL NOT 1 VIDEO FROM THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!! I try searching my favorite youtuber piper rockelle and all that comes up is 1 video from her, WHAT KIND OF APP DOES THAT??????? Another thing is I get it you want to make this a kid friendly app but kids don't always have to be 4 or 5 years old, some kids are 12 ,9 and they don't have what they wanna watch??? Oh btw I know you see these reviews but you don't answer them on purpose! Look don't get me wrong I love this app but really please fix this! Thank you!😬🙏🏻.Version: 5.15.2

Great but needs just a few improvementsI love this app it’s kid friendly and you can put in your age so they know what is good and what people your age shouldn’t be seeing at the moment but I would love it if they made a few improvements 💖 well number one is maybe do some more complicated questions for example some five year olds might try to do something on the app like rate it and to rate it you have to answer things like 9x6=? But I happen to know a five year old who has this app who knows what that equals so that’s number one number two is the app lags a lot and it can get really frustrating with a child coming into you 24/7 and complaining about the lags but other than those two things it’s a great safe app for all kids from any age group but maybe you guys could work on those small problems if you don’t it’s not like I’ll delete the app or anything it’s amazing to have and I definitely recommend downloading this one have a nice day! 😊.Version: 5.11.4

Great app for childrenI think this app is great for children but I do not know how to like the videos or where the comment section is but if there isn’t please add that although I do know how to subscribe and it was very close to 5 stars but actually 4 because adverts also get in the way before watching the video and that is not needed for me so please delete the adverts if you can. Bye for now! P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or stuff that you don’t know what I mean about.Version: 6.37.4

Only great with parental controls - make sure you curate a safe educational experienceThere is so much commercial, tracky or unsuitable content, but if you are willing to spend a bit of time, you can find some amazing educational content that you can preselect with parental control so your children can only watch what you’ve chosen in advance. Then you can safely leave them to navigate for a set time..Version: 5.19.2

Magma you haveMagma is a great addition to the next couple days I think it’s just me a few days later but I’m going back to bed now I just woke her and I’m still working and I’m not feeling good and she just needs me too I don’t think she’s a little baby she has a lot to go on her mind that I don’t think I have anything else I need her so she is just doing that and she just got me and she just said I was just going through all the stuff that she was going through with me so she was so mad at her for me she just said I was going through the same things she just got out and she was so.Version: 6.46.1

Love this app! Honest reviewThis app is amazing and this is my honest review ok so this game is amazing and let’s you and your family watch lots of amazing things in my opinion I would say this game is 3+ but that’s just my opinion and parents can set up an account for you or your kid and there are no bad words or rude things on it if u want your kids not to see that kinda thing this game is amazing but there is one little complaint so this is an amazing game but you can only play it at your house not in the car,boat,plane or wherever you are that is not your house but apart from that this game is amazing and you should download it now It’s for free and have fun!.Version: 7.06.1

The wolf is on tvThe wolf was watching a wolf show on the tv the. Then he was going to the wolf show for a while then he was going to go to park. Then he was playing on the wolf park.Version: 6.44.1

RyanYeah that’s what I thought was a good thing for you lol I know it’s not been a long day but it’s ok up here you have a look nice jack on the top and I don’t want you in a lot more than a couple other things I don’t like to see it I think so use the time you got a good idea I just want you know I got to go back and I get a lot done..Version: 5.42.2

My sons fav appMy 5 year old loves using this app it is so kid friendly.Version: 3.27.2

CamelliaI like your videos so much 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰👍👍🐈🐈✨✨🤑🤑🤑😇😇😇😇😊😊🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✨✨👌🏻👌🏻🌹🌹❤️❤️🐼🐼🐼!!!!! $$$$$$ thank you for getting the app YouTube kids please let me know if you received a message regarding!!!🧐🧐🧐😋😋😋🐅🐅🐅.Version: 5.42.2

5/5I like her other than the fact that it doesn’t work when you have no Internet I think that it’s for kids it should work when it doesn’t have on the phone or whatever you’re using doesn’t have Internet but other than that I rated a five out of 5 stars it’s really good.Version: 6.29.2

YouTube kidsYouTube kids is a cool fun watching kids place to watch movie, because some kids might be watching appropriate videos on the normal YouTube, this YouTube kids is monitored by parents, and screen time can be set on it, do they can take a break, so download it and set your child's tv! Enjoy bye👊🏻👍.Version: 5.17.4

Anytime I watch a good video it always stops at the best partI hate when that happens.Version: 7.02.0

No, no, and also NoI’ll be honest with you, kids YouTube=good for 1 year olds. ANYBODY older than that will hate this. Somehow, this app takes off good videos for no good reason, when I search up specific songs it somehow restricts the actual version of it and allows a “kIdZ bOp” cover of it, which frustrates me beyond belief. And it doesn’t even matter if it’s a clean song! It’ll just restrict it for no apperant reason! If you’re a parent and you don’t want your kids lookin’ at bad things this is the app for you. If for any other reason you want it, don’t do it, this is a flawed and crappy app, that could use some major improvement..Version: 3.63.6

Please read thisOverall I really like the app, but let’s be honest there are not many things you can watch on this app. Actually I feel like there should be another age for example 11-15. because all the 11+ who have strict parents can’t watch something that they actually enjoy. I should know because I am 11+ and I find that all the videos are extremely childish and something that isn’t super entertaining for me and some other 11+ kids. I feel like eventually there might be dirty things that your children may be able to find so before you download this app please consider not to thank you for reading my review -{Lo¥3_Bûg}.Version: 6.46.1

Good but...Needs a lock on the app to stop kids getting out of it and getting into everything else on the iPad 🙄will delete app until this feature is created..Version: 5.34.1

Needs one thing!My son loves this app with all his programmes on it, but what would be great would be some setting feature where the screen doesn’t sense touching on the screen as he does like to grab and touch the screen usually taking him off the app and then getting upset, something to think about maybe? Other than that 10/10!.Version: 5.17.4

You Tube KidsU tube kids great but still some videos that’s not good even though that not dangerous. Recommend to filter videos or that’s not good, such as anger -damage etc.Version: 3.20.6

Best game please read🙏It is so good because if there is no internet then you can look at the bottom of the screen and there will be a lock and you press that and then you ask your mum or dad to ask them like for an example 2x4= and that will say it is 8 and then you will right it and then it will come up with offline videos and you press that and if you have no videos there then double click you iPad and then go back on and do what ever profile that you watch then you will see vids and you will see three dots and you press it then say save to offline profile and it can be a vid that you like you don’t have to do like coco melon or something like that it can be any vid you want and then once you’ve done the amount of vids that you want then do the times thing again then go on the offline profile and you can watch your vids if you have no internet..Version: 7.43

It’s great for kidsKids want nothing to be scary so this is the right choice and no ads that’s awesome yeah.Version: 6.24.2

Sad faceI give it a 5 star for this app but I do have one complaint I’m in Australia and I can’t even watch all the Pokemon journeys episodes until it’s been like 3 years and I don’t want to wait for that long so my question is if you could just put the full episodes in English and have every single one there is I would really love that.Version: 6.08.2

Entertains my kidsWe discovered this when my now 4 year old was two and it’s a fave of our kids..Version: 2.34.14

Love + sad = delete! 😍🤬. I have been looking at reviews and checking the app after I see them and they all speak the truth a few times she was not allowed to have safari because of bad things on there so just no... And love + sad = dELeTe 🤬😍 sorry but u need to actually try and look through vids to check them before they go on here . Sorry to all parents your kids don’t deserve this! 😡.Version: 5.42.2

Great Fantanstic.....but VOLUME CONTROLThis is a great app, it’s a safe secure way your kids will enjoy it and you can rest assured they will love it but......the in screen volume control must be removed. My kids just blast this to annoy me. I can restrict or disable other functions through accessibility and all that but this app dose at allow that for volume control. Please sort this out for the next update. But again great app for anyone with kids. Excellent if not for that tiny little minute thingy..Version: 5.27.0

Dis da best appI’ve been watching this app for a really long time. I’ve been watching popularmmos, dantdm, stampylonghead, eathan gamer tv, brick builder, Alf ( a lego builder), lego Minecraft animations, and dinosaur shows. I am already 10 and I been watching on this app starting from when I was 4 til now. I can’t stop watching shows on yt kids. Every morning I will wake up and get my Crome book computer 💻, my moms phone or my dads just to watch shows on yt kids. I am addicted to this app and I can’t stop watching all the shows that I like. I would highly recommend this to all ages but you might to change some of the videos to a more kid friendly videos Otherwise, really good app.Version: 4.46.1

Not a bad app for KidsThis is generally for kids, and has many family friendly videos, except there are those that get to this kids app that curse or even do things that are inappropriate for children. But I hope that they fix that sooner or later, to be completely honest this has been great for my 3 year old niece and nephew. They have gotten a lot more creative with their toys and started to talk and help one another, even counting from 1-20 and can easily say the colors which for me was kind of fascinating. So I’ll rate this a 4.9 for me until they sort out the good videos and the bad ones. 😁.Version: 2.34.14

GlitchSometimes glitches/freasses.Version: 4.30.6

Love this app!So I think you should get this app because it doesn’t let your kid go on anything inappropriate. If you set it to their age then it will show age appropriate videos. And you can block channels and videos you might think are inappropriate for your kid. And your kid can be educated when they are on the app. Also you kid may also choose their profile picture! And what my kid loves about this app is that there is a cute little intro that shows you kid and me that their in the app. But what I absolutely love about this app is that you can set a timer when this app turns off. So if your little one is on this app then it will not let your kid in any of the videos. Don’t worry if your kid can get into the important stuff to control the app it has a math problem that your kid can’t solve. So this is the reason I think you should really get this app..Version: 5.42.2

Kids love it but needs focusThe format is excellent for short attention spans! My kid loves bouncing from one thing to the next - I don’t think he has watched the end of a single video! It would be great to set some boundaries to this such as; blocking some junk channels, there are lots of these and blocking channels that are subtle advertising. It’s great that the kids have exposure to different languages but some control would be awesome. Great job and keep on improving!.Version: 3.53.6

SAFETY INSURING PARENTS, CHECK THIS!We all understand that safety is a primary factor for many online apps these days. But what comes to a parents’ mind: not all apps base their app on something for kids or minors. Which is truly accurate. If your kid requests an answer for whether or not they could have THIS app though…wow..I gotta say yes. It is actually NOT too good to be true…it’s amazingly filtered and hand-picked videos are selected for little kids and a bit older ones too. It ranges from 4 and under to 9-12. Sure, trusting an online review can be tough. Is this person throwing crazy ideas into a public letter or actually proposing something phenomenal? Go and look into the app yourself. Act as your child, see what they can access. Guaranteed happiness and ensured safety and appropriateness..Version: 7.34.0

I love this app ❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳🤩I love this app so much you can explore all over this app. 🥳And it is so so so fun and kid friendly.😊 But there’s one thing it always says that it can’t download any videos and when I click try again it doesn’t work and it takes for ages for me to fix it. 😤But other then that it’s great 🤗.Version: 5.36.3

Auto playNeeded auto play as vedio just stops after finishing.Version: 4.8.6

Brilliant when it's working wellGlitches a bit and adult has to keep sorting ads but great for the little ones so they only view what they should be viewing.Version: 4.56.2

Things to changeWhen ever I go into yt kids it’s immediately the music that stands out but one thing that I think you NEED to change is the intro I thin it’s a waste of time like it’s not as bad as you think but I feel like it still does waste a decent amount of time other wise this is amazing.Version: 7.45

Good stuffLooking forward to seeing improvements coming through.Version: 3.31.7

Old intro and other thingsCan you please bring back the water intro please and love the vids can you please add more Preston plays videos and more aphmau videos and I’m on the 12 thingy and I can’t find any Preston plays videos or aphmau videos also can you more beanie boo videos thanks bye.Version: 7.16.1

Don’t let young kids go online!Look, there is nothing wrong with the app. But if your kid is young enough to not understand the idea that some videos are off-limits, they shouldn’t be allowed online. You tubers will always find a way around the system, so don’t be mad at the producers, and just be better parents. It isn't up to the “safe” internet to raise your child, only you are!.Version: 5.09.5

The best💫⭐️🌟✨🌈🍭🍬🏅YT kids is the best because it is kids friendly and there is no swearing . 💖💛👍💝💓💗💕❣️❤️🧡💛💚💙💟. Unfortunately there is one problem. This problem is that there are videos of inappropriate things such as kissing which I think is inappropriate but it's okay if you have a different opinion. Although you have this problem you change the age so you could do kinder garden and so on and so on! Have an amazing day😁😄😃😀😆👋٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ.Version: 6.08.2

Too GoodIt's perfect for people under 13.Version: 5.42.2

It’s ok...Just asking why did you add little Leah? She’s a nice girl but she can produce violent videos. One time there was a vid called “leah fights for her life?” And this “leahs daughter set the house on fire!?” And another “little Leah drowns”Tried the block feature does not work it works at first the you click the video again and it lets u on the vid! There are a few tweaks b to be done But I would highly recommend you get this app!.Version: 5.42.2

Thanks for making cool videosMy child loves this app.Version: 3.31.7

Great butI love this app my becoming toddler loves this for car trips when getting fussy. The only issue I have is with how long it took to block certain things. I wanted to block cocomelon out completely but had to block every moon bug Chanel individually then find all the extra uploaded ones I could to block I just think it would be cool if you could just block a specific content all together I guess..Version: 7.30.1

Amazing App! Could Hardly Get Better!This app is outstanding; it has brilliant features and perfect videos incredibly accurate on their ratings. This app contains different age groups: perfect for children up to 12 years old. My only problem is that in the gaming section for the 8-12 year olds, sometimes there is people playing video games that require you to be 12+ to actually play. Over than that, this app is perfect! P.S, this review came from an 11 y/o!.Version: 6.08.2

Amazing, coming from a child userThis app is soo good. It has all my favourite channels and videos and it is educational for the little ones. I have a couple complaints however. First of all, the videos come in extremely late. Some people post rarely and having to wait an extra 4 days or so is annoying. My suggestion for this app is to have a section where you can comment and like, and it goes through. This would be nice for the older section and we could reply to others. This might be a stretch but I used this app for quite a while and you have changed it a lot. Also maybe you could add a live section so we could watch live and comment live..Version: 7.04.2

OffensiveHi Ethical games please you ate sooooooo mean can’t your clearly bind daughter of yours watch something like the tannerigts yes I agree there are pretty stupid things on there but your searching up baby shows if you search up like Claire Crosby she sing like drivers license and dose cool stuff idiot also your daughter is the dumbest person i ever heard of and I’ve heard of someone who is 20 and dose not know how to walk so your very mean and you daughter is so dumb #idiot.Version: 7.32.0

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