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Tubi: Movies & Live TV App User Positive Comments 2024

Tubi: Movies & Live TV app received 136 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tubi: movies & live tv?

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Tubi: Movies & Live TV for Positive User Reviews

Best app😁👌👌This is the best app to get if your trying to watch some shows or a movie. The thing I love is that it’s FREE and comes with the best graphics to watch! I LOVE this app, I highly recommend you getting this app!.Version: 4.13.1

Great watching optionsForget Netflicks this has several programs unavailable anywhere else..Version: 5.11.0

I found a show I loved from my teensI knew Tubi content wasn’t mainstream or new. I’m not a tightass so I was never expecting this to be the holy grail that miraculously meant I was getting the Netflix/ Stan or Foxtel content for free. But I found a show I loved as teenager and could watch all three seasons. I’ve also watched a few B grade movies, not too bad for a night where I can’t really be bothered doing much, so a corny movie sufficed in keeping me amused..Version: 4.8.2

AwesomeI keep reading it only had budget movies but since I’m into action films myself I looked in the martial arts genre and you have great classics that include films from Bruce lee, Jackie chan, Billy Chong etc. Some of the kids shows I saw they have really took me back, they have some older kids shows that I used to watch (I’m 19), I actually haven’t see them for years so it really took me back. For a free movie app I think it’s great, heck I can’t even these martial art movies on a paid app so I’m happy, I’m not really into romance or that but I would say it should have some quality classics too..Version: 4.8.2

Need moreMore aliens and Bigfoot stuff,,,,.Version: 5.12.0

Generally rather goodI liked it when tubi added a feature a few months back so one could see if a film was (probably) leaving the site in a few days (a “5d” for example countdown appeared on the small icon for the movie. Something similar is still available on the ROKU app but not at the website or on other apps, and it’s good to know semi-precisely :)) This feature no longer exists on the iphone app- I hope it will be brought back. One feature that seems unique to this app is a rating feature. Not sure if it affects recommendations but it’s nice looking for movies I’ve seen and giving my thumbnail up or down impression, and will do with films I enjoy here in future. Thanks, it is a rather good app and site and very nicely varied. Edit : the rating feature seems to have been dropped, but the days-left feature is back… (Late May ‘21.).Version: 5.11.0

Super Awesome!This app is literally above and beyond great, awesome, or good! It has kid shows, and most apps don’t have that because most of them are just, like, “ Oh! This is an adult app I think so we should only put adult shows!” No! But this app, thinks about everyone kid, no kid. Adult, no adult. The second reason I love it, it because it has like all the shows! You can search for some too! You can basically watch any show you want to! My favorite show btw, is Chicken Girls. I have almost watched the whole series! But anyway, let’s get back to the app. So, this app, doesn’t have any cursing in it... nothing! Even in most of the adult shows! But yes, if you are looking for the PERFECT APP to get to watch shows on, kid friendly, or just some adult shows, then you know which one to get! ( psst! This one!) Anyway, if the developers could please put this in the review list, I would love that because i really need to get the message out that this is a GREAT GAME!!! Thank you! Download Now! Sincerely, Cute&Cool&PopularGirl.Version: 5.0.0

Great valueI use Tubi mainly to watch anime series and the series I’ve watched have all been complete with no missing episodes, as well as showing great quality of video and on-point subtitles when necessary. I would like to suggest however that the series’ original season/episode layouts be used instead of alternative season breaks. For example, the anime “Bleach” has sixteen official seasons, each with a specific title. Conversely, on this app the series consists of almost thirty separate seasons, each only denoted by a season number. I think users would find it much easier to search and browse their favorite series if this were to match the official structure, and the titles of each season or arc were added to the user interface. There are many different streaming services available to people everywhere - small changes like this will give people more reason to choose your product over the competition. Thanks!.Version: 4.4.6

Tri loveA lovely tale of unseen forgiveness.Version: 5.17.1

ImpressedLove my horror movies, lots of gems on here. Class Of Nuke’m High, One Dark Night, Blood & Black Lace, Maniac Cop, Eaten Alive, Frightmare, I Drink Your Blood, Black Christmas, The Nesting, The Hills Have Eyes, Brain Damage, The Crazies, The Stepfather, Hell Night & heaps heaps more. Lots in my list i haven’t seen, looking forward to watching. Very impressed with this app..Version: 7.12.0

TubiTV only the best free tvFinally au App Store brought this app out I love tubiTV now just waiting for it to be available on the PS4. Keep up the good work guys. I made an American account just to get this app don’t need that account anymore finally it’s here.. if only you’s seen how excited I was when I seen this app here. ❤️ tubi tv.Version: 4.1.5

AmazingIt has my favourite tv show nutshack on there good app.Version: 4.1

Pretty good!Everything is actually free!!!!!!! But I just wish there was a way to change the language- please do that ha ha-.Version: 5.10.0

I enjoyed it!I like watching movies in there. Especially one movie I more enjoyable. “Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie.” I know that Jonah (played as Archibald Asparagus) was the prophet of God all over Isreal, but he was so worried that he didn’t want to go to the meanest place, Nineveh. I do not like the sound of that place. So Jonah asked the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything to set sail in the other direction, but he did a mistake and ended up swallowed by a whale! If he did a terrible mistake, he should get what he deserved, but he knew that he had to get a second chance to go to Nineveh and tell everyone to stop lying, cheating, stealing and slap people with fish. I’m very glad that he did it. My favorite part is when Twippo (who was also archibald asparagus) sang a song about Jonah, after the pirates told the visitors a story. Maybe, just maybe, if I got so upset about what I’m gonna deserve, I could get a second chance to do the right thing. You could also get a second chance, too..Version: 5.11.0

TubiI love this app but the only problem is that there not recent upload of movies.Version: 4.6.1

Best I’ve foundThere are only two things that can annoy some people. Can’t turn off the subtitles, which appear on everything I watch and they’re displayed a good 5-10 seconds after they should be. The other is inconsistency with the ads. Some shows you get 1 ad, but it pops up several times, sometimes just minutes apart..Version: 4.3.9

Age ConfirmationRequest age confirmation-I enter my age, tap on confirm-Nothing happens!.Version: 5.7.2

Excellent productGreat variety of films and programmes.Version: 4.5.0

AbandonedVery good.Version: 4.6.1

It’s Free - Don’t expect the moon.Clearly the films are 90% B grade. However, many contemporary A films are rubbish and certainly not worth paying for. A good search will reveal Spanish films with English subtitles. Very good for students of English. The true crime selection is ok. There are some documentaries of interest. Years ago I was paying for them on Foxtel. I’ve never paid for steaming. Free trials are wasted on me. A good option for people who are paying for streaming and rarely or never using the sites..Version: 4.15.3

YesOk.Version: 7.11.0

The best of the Best 👍👍👍I love all the movies very entertaining !.Version: 4.11.1

A+++Love Tubi especially the documentaries. I'm going to cancel my Netflix. Not worth the money. Just wish Tubi had more latest movies on offer otherwise it would be perfect. Keep going, I have put many people onto to your fabulous website👍🙂💐.Version: 7.6.0

My kind of movies!I absolutely love Tubi and cannot stop telling people about it. I’ve always loved some odd movies that were hard to find even when vhs video stores were around but oh how many goodies I’ve found on here! And there have been many not regular released movies by smaller or newer artists that I’d been trying to find to watch, got them too. I’ve explored old & new & am in love. I cannot afford paid anything so this being free is an absolute cherry on top of the ice cream Sunday that is my movie junkie soul. My only “complaint” which is more of a me problem, my watch list is growing as more is added and it’s a mess. Some movies I listed had only part 2 or 3 when I started & now have the original so trying to find them is, well, a me problem, lol. Maybe a way to organize your watch list in the future? But seriously, you are my comfort & joy on a dreary day. Thank you & keep it up!!!!.Version: 5.7.2

Awesome but..You guys should add Miraculous ladybug and also because my daughters use my phone to watch it so please add it.Version: 5.11.0

Sailor moonGimme Sailor Moon Season 3 now.Version: 5.10.0

TubiIt was great until it asked for my birthdate and then no further action was allowed... the request did not submit and now, tubi is no good and I wish you would fix this debockle!.Version: 5.7.1

Love Tubi!Tubi is my favorite free streaming service. I love their collection of many hard to find films, especially from the 60’s thru 80’s. Lots of Gialli and slashers available. Family stuff too, everything you watched as a kid. Unrated versions are usually available and picture quality is usually in HD. Some of the older films have never been restored for Blu-ray release, so those films can have lousy picture quality. Standard definition at 360 is better than nothing, when you’re really interested in a film. The commercial breaks seem to be timed well, not to interrupt scenes, and not as frequent as other services like Peacock/Hulu/VUDU. Unlike Paramount+, you can search by film/TV show title or the actor/director’s name. Often, I’ll preview a film on Tubi before buying it on iTunes or Blu-ray. Like all services, their library does rotate, but they give you notice 2 weeks before removing a film. Love me some Tubi!.Version: 6.2.3

Touching shows- real stories.Amazing. I got the app thinking it’d be a Netflix remake but it’s so, so much better. Live watched a show about what an American town was doing to curb meth addiction. Also watched a show about the city of angles and how some people have to live. So touching and really hit home. Shows I would have never found on other movie apps, I’ve found AND loved here. Thanks Tubi creators..Version: 4.10

Interesting material found on this providerThe ads are a bit annoying however the variety of shows and movies are interesting and worthy of exploration.Version: 6.0.3

VERY GOOD ! LOVE IT !Every movie on this app is FREE but there are no new movies , this app plays old moves that have still good quality you movies from as far as 2019 backwards but it’s good to watch it because it’s a good recap most of these movies I haven’t watched and I love it ! YOULL never run out of movies there’s plenty to watch here I love this app though😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 5.7.1

Free and goodNice anime’s and shows. There are 1-2 rounds of 1-3 ads every episode so the ads aren’t overwhelming. There are more ads in cable. Thanks for providing us with free tv! I especially like Naruto. Only reason I rated 4 stars is bc there isn’t a subscription for ad free watching. Thanks Tubi! Update: In regards to the “1-2 rounds of 1-3 ads every episode” there is really only 1. There might be one at the end of the episode, but you can just leave it, and go onto the next episode. They need money to afford these shows, so please don’t cheat them out of any ads besides (sometimes) the last one. If y’all were the developers, would y’all want to earn nothing for your extremely hard work? I’m leaving with a rating of 5 stars just to tell you how amazing this app is. If you can’t take the very few ads because you are used to Netflix, just leave, because they’re barely any anyway. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠.Version: 4.15.3

Funny TimesJust brilliant! These ‘old timers’ make me laugh as much today as when I first heard them. Some of the routines I know word for word—our gang used to quote lines from them half a century ago—but the likes of Bob Newhart still brings tears to my eyes..Version: 6.5.0

Better than NetflixBest place to chill better than Netflix.Version: 4.14.0

Really good app but...This is more of a question but does anyone know if this works with pictures in pictures?.Version: 5.10.0

Chrome castMy chrome cast isn’t popping up. I know it’s not my cast bc it works with every other app..Version: 5.10.0

Gratitude for Tubi expressed!I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for a positive experience such that Tubi has become for me! Please keep up the great work in providing this fantastic opportunity that you have been to everyone. I really like the fact that I can find relaxation for both body and mind at such a reasonable rate. Haha. I’m actually trying to be funny but seriously I don’t think I can find a better offer for this kind of service. Thank you Tubi!.Version: 5.13.1

Awesome apps for free moviesNv.Version: 4.5.0

Great appI’m not a fan of Netflix format 0 content. Netflix have almost nothing to see. I call it the Cheese burger fix. Is ok 1 or 2 times but all week all time. U end up getting sick and silly both very quick. This app have hidden gems all over it. If u can’t dig in and u want something simple, to put your brain to roast. Don’t get this if ur not a film buff Of course Stan is better. But Tubi have great classics and movies that are awesome to rewatch. Also a lot of crappy ones but so it Netflix.Version: 4.11.1

Thank you!!I love how you can get free movies. I couldn’t find the series, I was dying to watch. And I was able to find Tubi that not only provides free movies and series, but the series I like. So thank you.Version: 4.15.3

Stop jumping the gun!Hey, how about not asking for my opinion until after I have watched the whole show. I have to stop watching when I need to go get a drink and the minute I press stop you ask me to rate the show ….. c’mon 🤭.Version: 6.8.0

Pretty good reallyIt’s free and works fine. Really good if you like amateur movies/tv series or really old movies. I’ve found the original death race and gone in 60 seconds..Version: 4.4.6

Tubi Is Really Free🙂Tubi is a reliable streaming service & it is in fact Free. Plus, they offer foreign films which I love. There are commercials & 90% of the commercial breaks come at the end of scenes & not abruptly in the middle of a scene, or worse: mid-sentence🙄like with other free streaming services. That really makes a difference, especially if you are watching a comedy. Other free services will bring a commercial break literally in the middle of the set up for the punchline, or worse, while the punchline is being delivered! Comedy & even drama is ALL about TIMING & is ruined by ill-timed breaks. Tubi generally puts the commercial break(s) right at the end of scenes, not right in the middle of one. That only happened once to me in the last minute of a film during the big ending of a dramatic film. Yet, Tubi asked for feedback the next time I came back. I explained what happened & how it ruined the ending of that film & since then, the last commercial break has occured about 15 to 20 minutes before the ending of the movie/film. So they listen to feedback when you give it. You’ve got to respect that.✌🏽.Version: 6.12.0

Worth downloadingI really love this app actually- I’ve seen a lot of other streaming apps which claim to be free but really aren’t. Tubi is completely free and convient. It’s easy to use. There’s not too many ads and it has a lot of great shows and a lot of variety. My only complaint is the way in which the language settings work. it annoys me how if they have the same show in two different languages it shows up as two different shows. And if you don’t speak mainly English you may not want to get Tubi- I haven’t found many shows in languages other than English. I have found a few animes in Japanese, but mostly everything is English- I was looking for French but couldn’t find anything which is a shame because they have a couple movies that were originally done in French and I’d love to watch them in their orignal language. Other than that though, it’s a great app and there’s no big issues with it..Version: 7.0.0

Great underground options and classicsI was really surprised by the updated catalogue, there are so many mainstream movies that I often can’t find anywhere but Apple TV where I might pay like $5 to rent it, but it here on Tubi for free. There are ads like maybe every half hour but their fast and tbh if makes Tubi free, it’s welcomed. Also there are HEAPS of underground and indie stuff on here, if seen so many that are actually incredibly well written and a few that are good quality productions, I always wondered where those movies where that don’t often make it all the way to the cinema and there literally all here..Version: 5.16.2

Great selection of popular moviesTubi is definitely a streaming service that I would use again and again. Thank god Suspiria is on here, I always wanted to watch the original. There are a lot of B list movies that I don’t recognise though, but at least there’s 3:10 to Yuma or The Blair Witch Project for the time being (hoping we see some more movies on here from big named brands in future)..Version: 4.8.2

5 StarsGreat for finding shows that are hard to find and not a lot of apps or companies have to offer, but still has a lot of big name shows and great titles. Allows you to make your own account, despite being free, you can add shows to your queue so you won’t forget to watch it, and can click “Resume playing” on shows you have been watching, just like any other tv provider. This is a great app, highly recommended. As expected, only drawback is small adds which don’t take up much time, usually only 20-40 seconds of adds and most you can skip through. I don’t mind the add part though, because the app is so great, that I am glad they are getting payed to have adds. One thing to add is that watching foreign films or anime, every nee episode you have to click closed captioning or subtitles again, which isn’t much of a hassle and will most likely be fixed in the future..Version: 4.3.1

A Pleasant Surprise!For others such as myself, who grew up during the 60s and 70s, and remember what normal, actual "free" television was like back then... Tubitv is a wonderful gift!! Yes..., you do have a few commercial breaks during the movie. But nothing outrageous or, majorly over done. This app truly reminds me of what tv was like for us kids during those years! Another thing that is a great plus for this app, is that unlike a LOT of other "free" movie channels/apps Tubitv is that well put together. The picture is crisp and clean without any distortion that I could find. The sound is very clear and is easy to listen too..... On other apps I found the pictures were often bad quality. You just couldn't watch them. The sounds/dialogue was often distorted, weaved in and out, and varied from moment to moment. You would be watching a quiet scene in the movie..., it would cut to a commercial that was so bright, loud, and chaotic compared to everything else. Just awful!! This app brings back the joy of watching television the way it used to be from its early conception and release!! You cannot beat Tubitv , especially considering it's a free app! There are quite a few out there...., but very few make the cut to being a truly fine app!!! Thank you Tubitv!!! It's a pleasure to watch this app. Keep up the great work!! I really enjoy this app!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR MOVIE WATCHERS!😉👍.Version: 4.1

Such a great serviceOld classics that were forgotten, and some newer treasures too.Version: 5.11.0

AmazingThis app is amazing cause it has Attack On Titan. You should add season 2, 3 and 4.Version: 5.10.0

Love it!Great programmes - especially crime genre..Version: 4.15.3

Love this app!I love this app! Such a lot of variety of content and all free. Cannot recommend highly enough!.Version: 4.15.3

TubiThis is a Australian review I was watching a tv show called prison girls on free to air tv here in Australia. After the first episode I wanted to watch more so i searched up on google where I can watch the whole season & I am so glad I came across tubi no payment needed to sign up for a account.Version: 5.15.0

Great app for free moviesI’ve seen a few people complain about this app because the movies aren’t all new and well known. However I think people need to remember this app is free, all the movies and shows are FREE. Although most of the movies on here are B grade movies, there are still many well known movies that are available and I think it’s a great app considering it’s free. If you can’t afford streaming services such as Netflix, I think this is a great alternative with many hidden gems..Version: 4.4.3

It’s RealThis app is real. I’ve watched 4 of my favorite older movies since downloading it last night. Out of all of them I believe I saw one ad around 15 seconds long. There is no cost at all and from what I’ve seen there’s a huge selection. This is a legal app so they don’t have the newest stuff but the selection for me is amazing because it’s usually the older movies I’m unable to view elsewhere, I pay for several services to watch movies and television shows and none have the older movies I’ve watched here. I’ve not had any buffering issues or issues starting right back at the same pace I left off as I’ve seen some write. It’s possible people are using older devices and/or have slower WiFi or mobile internet. I also see people say they can’t get an account, I used Facebook to make one and had no issues. I’d highly recommend this app! Update: After a couple days of watching I’ve found there are more ads, about 30 seconds each but there aren’t tons and it’s still a free app..Version: 5.2.2

Let’s Get InventingExcellent.Version: 4.4.2

Outstanding Streaming Service with great Customer SupportI stumbled upon this app awhile ago while trying to find a place to watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 and up. While researching, this app showed up. After about a day or so the quality of this app was clear. For being a free streaming service the amount of ads is less than expected. The quality is great and the app is fairly easy to navigate. The main reason I’ve decided to write this review however is due to the customer service. About 3 or 4 days ago the button to turn on subtitles no longer appeared, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix this. Running out of options I sent an email seeking help and quickly received an email saying that they would work on the issue. In 2 days the issue was fully resolved and its worked fine since. I’d highly recommend this app!.Version: 4.6.2

P2dajAwesome.Version: 4.11.1

Great entertainmentThis is a fantastic free movie view site and I recommend it to everyone I know , you can get great things to watch on paid sites but this is the one I always come back to the most . Highly recommended.Version: 7.22.2

Great free tv app!I absolutely love Tubi Tv and movie app, first, the selection is great, second it is so easy to navigate through all the shows and live tv channels. You can heart your favorite channels, add movies and shows to your list, when you rate the programs you watch ( thumbs up or down) it actually learns what you really enjoy watching and helps with recommendations. I actually deleted Pluto Tv because Tubi is such a great app! Yes, there are Ads, but they are short, just the right amount, shows pick up right where they left off. The app is smooth with no issues. I really wish they would have more programs like “War Time Farm” “Edwardian Farm “ etc. and expand their British Tv Programs. That being said there is a great selection of programs and movies and they are actually current ! I am really hoping that they will get season 3 of The Village. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 7.12.0

Not very accessable with Apple’s VOHello, This app is good, but as I just downloaded yesterday, it doesn’t seem very accessable with Apple’s VoiceOver (VO) screen reader. Many of the buttons are labeled and clearly spoken, but some still aren’t. These include the button to the left of the right arrow—whatever that button is—for going to the next geanra of movies. While in playback mode, the orientation’s landscape for easier viewing, I guess. For those of us who are blind/visually impaired, VoiceOver hardly says anything but gives the special tone for starting or ending a list of items. Therefore, I can’t stopp the movie where I’m at/can’t do anything else with it when I’m watching. The last thing … where are any AD titles? This is Audio Described titles—typically from WGBH in Boston but can be other companies as well. I was disappointed to only have the data saver in the settings, nothing for having audio description turned on/think you should add the many AD==audoo described—titles which are available from say Blind Mice Mega Mall, for example..Version: 5.14.1

I LOVE TUBI SOOOOO MUCHHHH !!!!!TUBI IS SO AWESOMEEEE 🫶🏽🫶🏽💓💓😊😊🤩🤩🤩🤩😝😝😝😝 I LOVE WATCHING MY FAVORITE MOVIES FOR FREEEEE !!! DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW !!! YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL!!! sorry for all caps but I’m just so satisfied!!!! All you have to do is literally login or make a account and watch your FAVORITE MOVIES or shows for FREE !!!! it’s a lottttt of goodddd horror movies i love!!! There’s different types of genres like black cinema, horror, thriller, drama, romance, cooking shows, comedy, kids movies and sooooo much moreeee!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND especially if you don’t wanna pay for Netflix bills every month!!!! or even can’t afford it. Tubi is the best app for watching movies for FREE. y’all please download im so happy and satisfied. watch movies you love without having to pay for it!!!! If you love horror movies your gonna MOST DEFINITELY LOVEEEE TUBI !!!! 😉😉😉😉😉 the black cinema genre is filled with sooooo many good movies that’s made by black actors, women and men. you will love it im telling you !!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I LOVE YOU AND BE YOURSELF 💕💕😊😊 thank youuuu tubi much love,SUPPORT AND RESPECT !!!! 🫡🫡🫡 * hugs 🫂 *.Version: 7.16.0

Mike TysonBeautiful.Version: 6.0.3

BETTER THAN NETFLIX😍Bro this has everything. If you go to anime, you get more anime’s than Netflix has.Version: 5.10.0

Midsummer MurdetsSooo enjoyed the delightful and quirkiness of this English drama !!.Version: 4.16.0

Excellent catalogue of shows butI’d give it a five star rating but it’s missing a mini player mode for when you exit the app, but besides that it’s an excellent app!.Version: 5.6.1

Free, but really good:This is like the free version of Netflix! One can find many a good movie to watch here and yes, some of them are cringe but, hey, it’s free and that’s the best part of it. Thank you guys so much! 😊.Version: 5.5.1

GoodIts a good app especially for anime but the only thing is that it dose t have all the new movies and shows like now Venom and Naruto Shippuden so will u guys add these please other than that it’s amazing!!!.Version: 4.11.1

Only wish they would keep movies a while longerAwesome selections for any genre to settle what you crave for. Enjoying the old hits one more time along with finding new gems to happily watch again and again! Need something for family viewing? Have it! Craving something a little more intense for your thriller time? They have it covered! Wanting a suspenseful action? Also included! Need a little romance to chill out or a comedy to get some laughs? I enjoy them and many more things to indulge your critic delight! I am a huge movie fan and this covers a wider range than other applications that I have and this is my go to for something that I know others don’t include in their selection. I am just sad when they have to change the availability because of new releases they are going to share. I am hoping that they don’t increase their advertising time because that would lose some stars from me. Tubi don’t change yourself because you have been a blessing in disguise! They still keep all five stars after starting this review a few months ago.Version: 5.13.2

Great appHonestly I didn’t know what to expect considering it’s movies for free. There’s usually a catch. But I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve already found a couple I will watch soon. They might be old but you can’t really expect them to have the latest releases for free. There are some good ones that are only a few years old. So just dig through and you’ll definitely find something worth watching..Version: 5.10.0

So many horror movies!!I gave Netflix the flick for horror movies and started using this..the selection of horror movies is endless! Some feedback for the app - can you give users an option to turn off the auto play option of a random movie as soon as you've watched your chosen movie?? I really don't like this feature where another movie just starts playing when I haven't clicked on it. It then adds all these movies to my continue watching list which I have to go in and delete manually. Also - the continue watching and my list should be at the very top of the screen. Apart from that, great app and I highly recommend if you love cheesy, old school horror, and there are modern movies in there too..Version: 5.14.1

The Best Movie AppThis app is amazing! It gives you all the best hit movies without those annoying commercials. It's definitely recommend to all you movie lovers!.Version: 4.4.8

Version 5.2.1 - Where did picture-in-picture go?Tubi’s service is a wonderful rabbit hole of hidden gems, oddball cult films, TV from around the world, and the odd Hollywood film. There are occasional issues with the iOS app, however: Watch list: It’s strangely easy to add the same title multiple times over to your watchlist, which clutters it up unnecessarily. Continue Watching: Lots of titles can bank up in there that can’t be removed unless you’ve watched a good few minutes first. Otherwise it only gives you the options of “Play” or “Add to List.” Navigation: Scrolling through a list of titles, clicking on one, then hitting the back button always takes you back to the start of the list, which is tedious. Picture-in-Picture: This has suddenly vanished with the latest update (5.2.1) and is really annoying. It’s a great feature to have when you’re multitasking, and I’d love to see it restored. Oh and I know this is a licensing thing, but if Australia could get more of the content from the American Tubi library, that’d be amazing. Especially more Shout Factory content!.Version: 5.12.0

I love it .... but....Downloaded watched a couple of films ... LOVED it. Sure the ads are a bit annoying but to watch films and series that are not in prime and Netflix all for FREE - I thought it’s worth it. Unfortunately, a couple of days in, the movie would freeze on the 1st of the 3 ads, I was watching just on my iPhone 8.. so I kept having to come out of the app, clearing m history and trying again. Sometimes it worked again but mostly it went back to the ads... it played 2 of the 3 ads then froze again, so when I closed the app and went back in- it started it on the first ad again!! I’ve deleted the app and am going to try downloading again to see if that fixes it.... will come back and let you all know. It’s such a shame because otherwise this TV app is amazing ... with a great choice of films etc to watch. Fingers crossed my new download will fix my freezing issue !.Version: 5.7.2

Great appLove the app but a couple of suggestions: 1. There are some shows that the words and picture are cut off from the edge of the screen. Is there a way to change the format so that it is 16:4 so that I can see everything? 2. I would like a way to see at a glance which shows/movies I’ve already watched without going on the website. Overlaying a tick on the screen or something..Version: 4.8.2

Great Streaming App!To those having a whinge about content and /or ads, IT’S FREE!!! I’ve found many gems to watch on Tubi and I’m sure there’s many more just waiting to be found. Right now I’m watching Basil Rathbone (the best) as Sherlock Holmes. You won’t find things like this on Netflix or Stan! Thank you Tubi! Highly recommend this app to all..Version: 4.10

Great movie appI’m really liking this app have found some great horror gems, I have issue it should mark the movies off that I’ve watched as I sometimes forget what I have watched and have been starting movies I’ve watched before and also when scrolling through my list it goes back to the start like it’s having a glitch please fix these problems..Version: 5.11.0

JoJoJoJos BIZARRE ADVENTURE has 4 parts nice.Version: 5.5.1

Great moviesI like family movies, and movies of faith. You have a great variety of movies that I like. I am so happy to have the opportunity to be able have this. I love it. Thanks for making this possible for me. There is not much on cable tv anymore, so whenI want to watch something, I watch Tubi I love it. Thank you for great movies. I just watch another drama movie, I love dramas, and Tubi has plenty of them, I love Tubi, I watch Tubi movies quite often. Thank you for great movies.I just watched two faith movies on Tubi, they were very good movies, I really enjoyed watching them. Thank you Tubi. I love watching tubi, you have so many good movies. Look in the mirror was a good movie, with a happy ending, but it was a sad movie. Sometimes it’s good to watch a sad movie, it makes you thankful that you don’t have those problems..Version: 5.16.2

Love the content but the Apple TV app has some problemsTubi has just arrived in Australia and I am pleasantly surprised by the content. There are some excellent foreign films I haven’t seen and some classics (movies and TV series) I’d like to see again. The problem is with the Apple TV app. I have 2 Apple TVs. The iPad app can only find one of them. So, I’ve downloaded the Apple TV app but it only shows 5 programs in my queue & does not have a continue watching function. Undaunted I did a search for the TV program I had been watching only to be told it doesn’t exist which is clearly incorrect. Hopefully these issues will get ironed out as it’s great to have a free streaming service like this..Version: 4.8.2

A True Hidden GemMy sister and I were discussing various streaming services a few months ago when we happened upon “TubiTv”. This is a sweet little known gem of a service that is sorely underrated. Most everyone knows about the pay for play streaming services but very few are aware of Tubi. I have found many unique and comically quirky movies, some so hilarious that they command you watch until the end. The secret to TubiTv is its most amazing way that it is delivered to viewers. The cost is $0.00 for as many movies as you can watch. The only time that your viewing is interrupted is for 3-5 ads that last for a mere 30 seconds. Most people want non-interrupted TV viewing but as far as I am concerned the ads are but a minor intrusion. Give Tubi a try, I don’t believe that you will be disappointed. Look in your App Store and download Tubi, I hope that you find it as interesting as I have..Version: 4.3.7

Dial M for Murder.Really enjoyed watching.g that old movie again.Lots of good memories from when it first came out. More of the same please. George our.Version: 4.13.1

So goodThis app is so good because you can play it while your on a different app🤩🤩.Version: 4.9.1

Amazing I love❤️❤️itIt’s way easier to use this app with out paying money. My parents never allow me to pay money for games when I wanna watch movies but now because we have this app it’s now my tv for life I l❤️ve it and it’s also way easier to use if I’m going on trips.Version: 4.3.8

GreatGood app with a huge list of free movies, I do wish I could pay a small fee to remove the ads as it is annoying when your getting into a movie or show and a ad pops up. Other than that it’s really a good streaming app..Version: 6.3.1

Pretty decentNot the greatest stuff but you could find something you like..Version: 4.8.2

Awesome qualityGreat selection with good organisation for easy use. Smooth watching with minimal ads. Thanks!.Version: 4.15.3

Great free videos & moviesI can’t believe the quality & variety of movies Tubi provides. Have cancelled another provider as I found I was not using it as I preferred the programs on Tubi. I don’t even bother with TV anymore and have not bothered to have an Arial installed on my new house as the programs on TV are not worth watching and not anywhere as good as what I can view on Tubi. It’s a 10 out of 10 from me.Version: 5.16.2

Casting to tv from iPhoneCan you fix the casting from iPhone to tv please.Version: 5.6.1

Better than Pluto TV imoI really do enjoy the content Tubi brings, especially old 50’s to 80’s horror movies. There are even old cartoons and 90’s family movies I haven’t seen since my childhood! And it brings so much nostalgia. There are a whole lot of titles that I have never seen or heard of before. I really even look up the same titles on Wikipedia lol. Yes, the ads can be weary. But hey, this app is free for a reason. One of the things I like about Tubi is that while watching something, the ads will run only once, and if you want to rewind or go back to a certain part, you won’t have to see the ads again unlike Pluto TV. I’m a rewatch/rewind part-a-lot (you get what I’m saying? X’DD)person, and it’s annoying that you have to watch the commercials over again and try to find the place where you were last on Pluto. So yeah, I enjoy this app better. I pick something to just play in the background while I work on something..Version: 6.8.0

Glad to have this AppI have enjoyed most of the documentaries and movies. Even the Oldie Goldie’s. Some movies I’ve never heard of, and I do enjoy them..Version: 4.6.2

The best free streaming app out there!!I love Tubi. From the moment I downloaded the app, the amount of content it had to offer that differed from so many other streaming services was excellent. Commercials are tolerable unlike how other places have their set up. You can have a watchlist, it’s easy to find everything you’re looking for because they have sorted everything out for you and it’s so smooth. They change out things from time to time and it’s great because they keep on adding amazing movies and shows that make you want to stay tuned in and keep up with what’s new. Thank you Tubi for everything you’ve given! I’m very appreciative of this platform that you’ve created and the content you’ve chosen to fill it with. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants an app that is free, has great movies for casual viewing or for a movie night. Excellent app..Version: 5.16.2

What a find!Through a google search for a movie, I came across Tubi, the only streaming app that beats Netflix, in my opinion, because it has a variety of wholesome kid and family movies. Tubi doesn’t, however, broadcast to my Panasonic tv and I hope they offer that one day. I find more films to watch on Tubi now which feature some known and unknown titles that never fail to delight..Version: 6.4.4

LOVE IT!!!!Great to watch whatever with minimal ads, a lot a verity and amazing quality!.Version: 4.5.0

My reviewThis app is amazing I love it I didn’t know it existed till my big sis showed me and I immediately fell in love the fist show I watched was amazing how the apples worked for that show and I haven’t watched that show in years and it never came out so well I hope this rating inspires others to download this app because they’ll love it just like me and many others if you don’t love it then I respect your opinion but this is just my opinion I’m not trying to offend anyone but if I did I’m so sorry and I hope I can make it up to you even if I don’t know you just so you know you don’t have to like the app as much as I do this is just opinion about it and thank you to the creators for creating this amazing app I love it so much and I hope you make more like this sorry if this is long p.s my name is Shyanne.Version: 4.12.0

Can’t believe it’s freeI am so happy I found this app! I have been wanting to watch celebrity apprentice and celebrity ghost stories (can you tell I have a type?) and this is the only app or service that offers it for free. Celebrity apprentice I was even willing to buy online per episode but I could not find it anywhere. I don’t have too many negatives the only small thing I could think of is there’s not a huge selection of movies or shows but what do you expect it’s completely free. Another thing that kind of does bugs me a lot is when I leave the app and I go back after a while it won’t remember what episode I was last watching so I have to continuously keep looking for the series, season and episode. That’s the one thing that I wish they could fix. The ads get a annoying sometimes but they’re not that constant so it’s not so bad. Over all, extremely happy I found this app and look forward to what new selection is added in the future..Version: 4.11.1

THIS IS AMAZINGDude... this is not just one of the best free alternative to a paid streaming service but is actually one of my favourite streaming services. There are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING FILMS ON HERE. There’s a wide range of them and even some of my current favourite films are on here. I recommend watching Smiley face, No alternative and breaking a monster. I CANT BELIEVE ITS FREE DUDE. Anyways just download it because it’s very good and i barely use Netflix anymore because this is just way too cool..Version: 5.4.1

CoolFantastic.Version: 4.6.2

FantasticI downloaded Tubi app not really knowing what to expect! Then I found it has all 9 seasons of 24 hours in A & E and that was it, I am a fan 👍🏻 it’s a fantastic app the best free viewing app I have found on the App Store 👍🏻 Okay so the films are not up to day films but all the TV stuff is second to none 👍🏻 Thanks Tubi.Version: 5.13.2

Love it so much!I truly appreciate the like/dislike option. It helps me keep track of what I’ve watched. I watch Tubi more than any other app. Including Netflicks and the like. Recently there have been a few glitches though. When I watch a preview sometimes the actual movie will play afterwards or, if I exit out before the movie starts then the audio will start playing. This issue includes live tv as well. It usually fixes itself after I turn off and then back on again or sometimes I have to unplug the box altogether. I’ve gotten to where I will back out of the app after each interaction and then reopen. That seems to help. Also, would you please hold the suggestion bar until the movie is over and playing the credits. Sometimes, especially with old movies ( which I love) the suggestion bar will pop up while the action is still playing thus hiding part of the screen. If I exit out of the suggestion bar it just comes back and if I exit again the whole movie exits out and I don’t get to finish the movie unless I start it over and fast forward to the end and I still have to contend with the suggestion bar, so can still only see part of the screen. All in all it’s a great app, even if you don’t fix those things. Thanks..Version: 7.19.0

Make an account! For Parental Controls 😀The parental controls work great. When you set it up, it will block all movies and tv shows above that rating from showing in search functionality, recommendations and completely remove them. While this doesn’t prevent you from having to still make sure pg or content is good for your child or family without some supervision it does limit most adult or r rated content. This only works with a account if you use free it will show everything and anything. Overall this is one of the best free apps with parental controls and a kids mode I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind a lot of British, Japanese and foreign films in general could be miss rated as PG when it in fact should be tv-ma or r. Thus please do research before watching with the family. Update: privacy policy leads much to be desired.Version: 7.19.0

It’s goodU don’t have to pay so I’m in!!.Version: 5.10.0

Wondering if it’s possible.For the past few days there’s been a problem with watching. when you start watching some thing after a few seconds voiceover stops working. And what you started watching does not go to the continue watching section. To start out with I am blind. Could you possibly change the way you move the current position? instead of holding and sliding could you make it where you swipe up or down to change the position? By something like one minute at a time or by 5%. also I hear when streaming on TV changing the current position goes a little fast. and for the Netflix originals that have a new home on Tubi, the audio descriptions for those Netflix original titles did not come with. any consideration for possibly changing these would be greatly appreciated..Version: 7.21.1

EpicJojos bizarre adventure is on here so it’s good.Version: 4.10

NostalgiaDamn there are a lot of old movies on here, ones I remember from when I was really young. It’s so nostalgic and I love it. I cant believe people are giving less than five stars just because they don’t have all the most popular shows out there. There is some new stuff. I haven’t been using Tubi for too long but it’s not all super super old. I’ve seen some movies on here that i’ve completely forgotten about- I only just remembered them once I saw them on here. It has some really good anime shows. Remember everything on here is free and there are no ads. It’s completely free. This app is awesome..Version: 5.10.0

READ ALL OF THISOkay...this is an Australian review. Not a bad app considering the movies are free, however don’t expect box office latest release movies contrary to the pictures. The key to finding unexpected gems is to SEARCH! As a bit of feedback for the developers, your browse function should show the whole library for each category not just a selection of them, as it gives people the wrong impression that there isn’t much on there. I found a couple of decent movies and late release docos just by typing in some random keywords. The ‘you may also like’ section then takes you further “in” if you like. An odd way to showcase the movies but sort of a fun to discover as such. A word of warning: Adults, if your kids are browsing this app, be careful as it is spattered with semi-softcore and exploitation films and isn’t hard to stumble across a few. Unlike Netflix, there’s no ability to set up family friendly accounts based on searches..Version: 4.9.1

Just one question...Hey there developers! I just watch the la lloriona curse (sorry I think I got the name wrong) and it said it was released in 2019 so I thought it was the new movie, when I watched it I saw it was something else with the same name. This really annoyed me and I’d appreciate it if you could accurately describe your movies. Thanks for reading...please respond.Version: 4.4.8

Totally worth the “price”This has become my go-to app for movies when I can’t quite figure out what I am in the mood to watch. I love horror movies and have membership on shudder but honestly, wish I had known about this app earlier. Not only is it a free service you guys have quite an....eclectic selection. Have even caught a couple foreign films I’ve really enjoyed. Are there commercials? Yes but I don’t seem to really notice them. Because I am watching a FREE movie. I kept waiting for the membership requests/requirement to show up, I was thrilled when I found out they would never arrive. I’ve recommended to coworkers who are enjoying this app as much as I am. Knock on wood I’ve never had any technical issues with the app, it was even an app I could install on my several years old tv. Please don’t change - you’re perfect just the way you are!!.Version: 4.10.1

Yes ya’ll, its free and amazing!!For being free, this app is AMAZING! If you freak out about a couple of ads in a movie, I advise you to look at the 5 ads in your favorite youtuber’s 15 minute video. They use ads so they can keep movies and shows up! Along with this, they have an excellent selection of movies in my opinion. I just finished watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre myself :3 Now, I’m onto Wayne’s World!! I am going to check out the anime section as well! The reason I got Tubi in the first place is because I can’t afford any streaming services atm, and I think I’m going to keep the app, even if I do get Netflix. Also, there’s a review on here talking about the comparison of Netflix and Tubi: Netflix is HUGE, subscription paid, and is a big company overall. Tubi is FREE, for everyone, has a selection of movies that are quite good for the price of, ya know, free, and is just overall great! Tysm Tubi Team <3.Version: 5.6.1

Fantastic Free App (Canadian Viewer)I was pleasantly surprised to find SO MANY movies and television shows for free. The selection is great and there are all sorts of lost gems to be found if you take the time to look. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, it’s worth a look anyway and best of all... it’s FREE!.Version: 5.1.3

Amazing!!Okay, your gonna find some movies/shows you will love! None of the new stuff tho but plenty of great classic Disney movies you can find like radio rebel but anyway still a great app!.Version: 4.9.1

Tubi is Amazing!Tubi is sooooo awesome because you can watch free movies with just the click of one button. There is such a variety of movies to select. The movies I recommend are: Pants on fire, Zapped, A 2nd Chance, Standing Ovation and Tad the lost explorer. They’re wonderful movies that are family friendly and hilarious. If movies aren’t for you check out their tv shows for a shorter show time..Version: 4.4.6

Free TV/Movies!!Geez, some people can't see the forest for the trees. Or do you all have shares in some Cable or satellite TV company? Yep, some of the TV shows are old, like 50's-60's old. Most of the movies are B grade and older than the TV shows, but there is some good stuff if you willing to search and remember, ITS FREE! Sure Netflix has a "better" selection (not if your in Canada, though), but it should, you PAY FOR IT! Like cable or satellite, you pay for them too. I can't say it'll replace those others, but to do think it's a great app if your looking for something different..Version: 4.1

Could Use WorkObviously I can’t say several things that go against this app. It’s amazing this app has so many options to pick from that people can watch. I will say, one downfall is I usually get stuck with four ads, two are 15 seconds long and the other two are 30 seconds long. I’m not of fan of waiting a minute and a half to continue watching my show (I don’t know what the ads are like during a movie.) It is only one interruption during each episode as each episode is about 15 ish minutes long. Other than that, it also is a shame that some shows are only played in the language they were made. You don’t have the option to pick and choose which language you prefer to listen to. Instead of hearing what’s going on I have to read subtitles and can’t let my focus waver if I want to understand what is going on. I hope this might help someone have a better understanding, but with and without these downfalls, the app is still a great way to access media you can’t easily find elsewhere..Version: 5.6.1

FREE MOVIES AND SHOWSHonsetly for the people getting mad because of ad’s just be quiet. You should just be glad to be getting so many movies and shows with oUnt having to buy Netflix or prime!.Version: 5.10.0

How cool it is!!!!Hi I love this app I got it downloaded And I jast finish watching Santas Boot camp.Version: 4.9.1

Tubi tvI love it so far free long you got wi fi less add very clear and pictures go movies the onl thing skip in out here in three blue mood like that to be better just few shows it free not big. Deal we’ll pay for wi fi steam it but well worth it so please everone try it out love the movie and shows choices there a lot enjoy lots good movies new and old free long you got wi fi it dose skip pause at time but other then that I love it try it out everone not bad at allway better somes apps I try its free just make sure you in wi -fi eat you dated on your phone frist time got at&t plan with my apple I phone 4 you tube ate me alive watching hallmark no wi - rock save on your phone time it’s like $33 if you get the cheapest only use it at home out in your yard so far home most of the time not buy phone time since but try it out enjoy thank alicia hoke.Version: 4.1.8

There’s No Catch!I adore this app so much! There’s so many shows and movies you can watch without having to pay in order to watch them. It is truly the best app of 2020 (and hopefully for forever). For example, I love this anime called “Fairytail”. Thankfully, I can watch of the anime’s seasons. I don’t really mind this, and I know I will probably get used to it, but I would love if animes had an English audio choice. It’s not a big deal, but I kinda like it more with the English voice actors. It’s fine though, maybe I can learn Japanese by listening to the voice. I don’t know. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the developers of Tubi since they’ve created the most awesome app in all of the App Store! Thank you, and I hope you have a good day. - From a 12-year-old girl that lives in the United States..Version: 4.12.0

Tubi moviesLoads of based on true stories to watch. Free too watch and always find a good movie..Version: 5.5.1

AwesomeIt’s amazing free movies and tv shows for free?!?!? you only get like 15-30 seconds of ads it’s pretty cool.Version: 4.12.0

ResponseGreat. Loved watching the action movies.Version: 6.0.3

Absolute goldOne of the greatest apps to ever exist. It’s free. Has thousands of cult classics. And hidden gems. I would pay for it. You can cast through Apple TV. I love exploring all of the weirdness on here. You can make a favourites list. And if you don’t want to make an account you don’t have to. Alternatively you can stream through the website as well. I love you Tubi!!!.Version: 5.8.2

A very close but not quite “perfect” expectationI love Tubi. It’s a free app that allows you to watch different kinds of shows and/or movies without needing to pay! But of course, there’s always something wrong. I have a few things to complain that is a personal opinion. 1. there are so many ads in just a few seconds or one episode- I swear, the second i press a show; example Naruto, there’s an ad just waiting or me. And the ads can increase from 1-4 ads which is tormenting — i just want to watcha. movie and chill! 2. there’s not as much shows that are enjoyable for my liking- now, im not saying that you must know everysingle persons favorite movie and have them, but i mean it as the fact that all of the movies or shows are from atleast 2-3 years ago. And some of the shows are very… 1900s(they legit came out in 1900s). Now there is no problem with that as there are many enjoyable things from the 1900s; but the problem is that so many different and new movies/shows coming out, are nowhere to be seen in this app. Other than that, this app is beautiful..Version: 7.18.1

Tubi fan🤪This was a great way to find some anime’s that I couldn’t find no where else.Version: 4.11.1

Latest moviesIt’s a wonderful free type of Netflix but the only problem is that it has only old movies 🎥 so I encourage you to make it better by giving it a update that it can also have the new movies, hope you will get an updated thx 🤗🤗🤗🤗🎥🎥🎥🎥❤️❤️.Version: 4.11.1

Great content, UI needs workI love the content catalog for Tubi - it’s literally got something for everybody and it’s not littered with ads like normal TV and hopefully Fox won’t change either of those things. What needs some attention is the UI. When you dislike something it should be hidden from view and while I understand why you’d show the same movies in different categories that approach makes it almost feel like the app doesn’t have as much content as it does. Movies you may actually want to watch get buried amongst movies you’ve already rated whereas it would seem if you rated something it should be used to find similar content (which the suggestion engine isn’t the best) and to highlight unrated movies that are similar, tying back in a smarter suggestion engine. Rated movies you like could be moved under the Nostalgia category or a Watch Again category. All in all a great app but these couple of UI tweaks could make it even more love-able!.Version: 6.5.0

This app is AMAZING!This app is incredible! First I saw it on Instagram when i was going through my stories and saw it on an add. What drew me in was the fact that they had anime on it! And one of the anime's they showed was “Fairy Tail” I know some people don’t like this anime but i watched the first season of it on netflix so I kinda got drawn into it! And the app is SO COOL! There’s a bunch of movies and TV series that I’ve always wanted to watch and now i have the chance too! The only thing which i find kinda bothering (I’m so sorry if this offends some anime watchers) the anime’s were in like Japanese or whatever language they were in and the subtitles were the only things that could go to english. I know that sometimes its better if its their natural language but sometimes I just wanna listen to it and watch it instead of having to read the subtitles every time. This is a 4 star because of the languages on the anime’s but everything else is great! I just think this could be a 5 star for me is the anime’s could have an option where it could translate to english! Please at least consider adding an option to do that! Thanks for ready my review! Tubi is an awesome app!.Version: 4.14.0

Quite a good app.Quite a good app. A good range of slightly older movies (which is refreshing), but is FREE! And with more support, will grow well. Would like a “currently watching” section as sometimes need to scroll to find what I have paused. Overall well done..Version: 4.10.1

Awesome-ishThis app is great to watch anything, without disturbing adds or payments. But, the movies on here arent the best of movies. This app would be better if there was more new movies and more tv series were added to it. Also we could add some international movies, like turkish series (dizi) or other movies from around the world! The movies need to be updated and soon, because these movies that are currently available are a bit boring.Version: 4.14.0

Great appJust watch my first show and was amazed that there were no commercials. Great app and it's free..Version: 4.1

Great if they have what you wantThe quality is great when they have shows you are interested in and want to watch. I love that they have kitchen nightmares, hell’s kitchen, and hoarders and this is the best place to watch them but I wish there were some more movies and shows that are decently popular. I also understand that it is a completely free app though and that is amazing and would rather keep it that way if it means not having the best selection. You can add what you are interested in watching to your list and the app keeps track of the part you watch up to. A suggestion I have would be to make the forward and backward skip buttons more smooth because they take away the UI when you push them once and it makes skipping jarring. All in all it is a great app if they happen to have something you want to watch..Version: 4.9.1

Definitely would recommendTubi is great for being a free app- I am extremely impressed with the amount of recognizable titles ranging from movies I used to watch when I was a little kid that I can’t find anywhere else for my son to watch, to newer movies I’ve never seen but have always wanted to and not to mention the outstanding range of movies I’ve never even heard of that have been great so far when we have given them a shot. There’s been a few movies I was not impressed with and that I wouldn’t ever watch again, regardless though we watched them all the way through. The ads that play as a sort of “ commercial break “ to ( in order to keep the app free I’m sure) are not bad in amount that play and they don’t play often enough to be annoying or not make me stop using the app. I’d recommend it to anyone. We love tubi in our house!!.Version: 4.16.0

Very good entertainment appTubi tv is one of the best entertainment apps I have come across. It has a huge library of tv shows of each genre and a huge variety of movies organised into each genre. Tubi tv also has anime on it. It has not the biggest library but it still has a wide library to choose from..Version: 4.4.1

Great alternative to Netflix or StanI was sick of paying for Netflix and Stan, and going month to month without watching them because they had no content that interested me. Yes, tubi has mainly vintage content but they also have a lot more that I’m interested in watching, so why not give it a try? It connects easily to my TV with my phone and Apple TV, and it’s free - there are no complaints from me!.Version: 4.5.0

Tubi is a great FREE appAs the title says, Tubi is GREAT for free movies/tv shows. Obviously the ads are a BIT much to deal with but for free you can’t really complain that much, Tubi has operation costs so they’ve got to get their money from somewhere. I wish there was LESS ADS but like I said, I get it. My only REAL issue is that I can’t leave the main window and do other things on my phone while watching content on a smaller/minimized window. If you could build in that feature, I’m sure it would bring more people in wanting to use the app more. The main big name “streaming apps” that are the biggest competitors for Tubi all have that feature and most people LOVE it because many of us are multi-task people. Other than my one SEMI complaint, I have nothing but good things to say. Thanks for providing content for free Tubi, you are a DIAMOND on a huge pile of cubic zirconium..Version: 6.8.0

One of the Best apps 🥰👍👍I Really love Tubi you can always find something to watch.. One of the things I love is their recommendations tailored to the types of movies or shows you watch you don’t have to sit and search and search for something.. Just checkout their recommendations and just about every time you will find something.. They also have a continue watching section for you so you can find what you were watching and pick up right where you left off.. They are always getting in new stuff and also you can find some old favorites as well.. You don’t get bombarded with ads every other minute. Also unlike online there are No redirects ect.. Plus it’s Totally Free.. Being home bound and and not the richest person it Really means A Lot to me.. I use it pretty much every day.. I definitely recommend Tubi to everyone you won’t regret it.. 😊👍👍 TYSM Tubi 🥰💕.Version: 5.15.1

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