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Fubo: Watch Live TV & Sports Positive Reviews

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Fubo: Watch Live TV & Sports App User Positive Comments 2024

Fubo: Watch Live TV & Sports app received 17 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fubo: watch live tv & sports?

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Fubo: Watch Live TV & Sports for Positive User Reviews

The Best streaming TV serviceFubo TV is without question the best streaming service for our family. We stream tv using a fire tv stick on all our TVs for a consistent feel and functionality. There was an update recently which included a couple of changes that we don’t like and another I consider a defect. I have been a software engineer for more than 28 years. The two feature changes I don’t like could be configurable and allow the user to pick their preference. The fast forward was changed from 15 seconds at a time to be only 10 seconds. The visibility of this number was changed from center screen in a readable size to the bottom and not readable from a viewing position. Making it visible and the seconds per click configurable would really be a great way to allow everyone to have their preference After fast forwarding or rewinding the screen often remains with a black overlay until I arrow up and then down or something. This is for sure a defect and I trust would get fixed The other feature I don’t like personally is the new interface that defaults. Kind of a Netflix style but does not show you when the programs start or finish and what comes on after. Since the left menu provides an option to view the channel guide, it is an adequate work around for me. Overall great job guys, keep it up, I do not ever want to change services Timothy Bryan.Version: 6.16.1

Almost perfectI’m new to fuboTV. Love it for the most part. What definitely could improve is to have the ability to turn off channels you don’t watch or use so that they wouldn’t show up in the guide, etc. For example, I think there are at least 19 Spanish language channels I will never watch, yet there they are clogging up my guide. I’ve read that a clunky work around us to favorite all the channels you watch and then order them how you like. This is not an ideal solution. One, yiu now really don’t have any favorites, and two, those other channels are now just at the bottom of the guide clogging it up there. Plus, when you use network vii, their icons are still there making every else harder to find. Come on fubo, it can’t be that hard to let us turn off channels ( or at least hide them from the guide). Otherwise, I’m excited to use this service. Just wish they had a few other channels like CNN, History, TNT, TBS. CHEERS 🍻.Version: 6.4.1

Good service!I’ve had multiple streaming services. I switched to FuboTV because AT&T Now was getting too expensive and they weren’t adding channels. The main reason I switched to FuboTV is because of RedZone Channel. FuboTV has all the channels I want and on demand. FuboTV is the best live streaming service if you are looking for a service that has all the sports you can handle plus a good mix of entertainment channels. The only thing I don’t really like is that I’m now paying $80 a month. I’m getting a lot but at this point, live tv streaming services are getting just as expensive as cable and satellite. The only difference is that you don’t need a clunky cable box. If a cheaper streaming service pops up and it has the channels I want, I might consider switching..Version: 5.7.1

Fantastic for watching multiple sporting events at once!Tubi is awesome. Reasonable priced with additional tiers available for more $$ per month, the basic premise should be pretty familiar to most people. Where Fubo really shines is live sports. If you are a streaming only household, like I am, Fubo enables you to watch any 2 or 3 different sporting events at once in split-screen mode while making it really easy to switch between channels and enlarging individual channels. You even have different ways of displaying the split screen. All the channels I watch are available in Fubo, most in the basic tier. If you are a sports fanatic who hates cable and love to stream, FuboTV is about the best way to go, in my opinion anyway..Version: 6.4.1

Great streaming service!I love fubo, I recently got rod of the cable box to join the streaming community and I am definitely not regretting it! Streaming is so easy and way more personalized compared to cable. I can still watch all of my favorite shows (including msg), and not have to worry about all the wires hanging everywhere and paying for unnecessary channels. Don't even get me started with the fan view option for when you want to watch sports games... its amazing! Overall, very happy with my purchase. Fubo is great! I would recommend it to anyone wanting to switch to a streaming service, including the fact that it saves me so much money per month now as compared to cable. I basically got rid of cable tv, phone, and router and switched to fubo streaming service, with verizon gigabit wifi and its amazing. Totally totally recommend!.Version: 6.13.2

Doesn’t work—> FIXED WITH QUICKNESSIt doesn’t let me log in or go to home page or link it with safari when I log in through that. Just says that it’s expired and to go onto their site which doesn’t help. Had trouble wrote bad review (1 ⭐️) yesterday evening because I ended up missing the Real Madrid game and Sergio Ramos’s B E A U tiful free kick goal. They replied and had an update for me the next morning not even a full 24 hours later. Fully fixed my issue. Kudos to their team for taking care of my issue with the quickness. Only reason for not giving 5⭐️ is cause I had an issue to begin with. Would give 4.5 ⭐️s if I could since they handled it on the fly. Gave the next best thing, 4⭐️. Would totes recommend to an Fút, soccer, footy fans for sure. They offer that and them some. I know my opinion isn’t much but thanks to the fuboTV app team for taking care of my issues and getting back to me in record speed. Enjoyed the Chelsea v man city game just now thanks to you guys.Version: 5.2.6

Enjoying my FuboTVI’ve enjoyed my time with FuboTV. My main purpose was to watch the EPL but with it having movies you can watch I have been using when I get free time to watch television. I appreciate the 500 hours increased of capture hours. Setting up to record a series makes it awesome since you just select record series from a tv show and it captures all upcoming episodes and does not recapture the same episode. I mainly got FuboTV because of soccer or Foot ball as Europeans call it. I really enjoy in the movies you can stream when I’m not watching soccer. All in all I’ve been with FuboTV close to two years and they’ve done updates that it’s not the same from 2018. These improvements are the best and as a satisfied customer I am please to leave my review here.Version: 5.2.4

I was happily impressed with fuboI just recently cut the cord from cable, I was offered 10 dollars off you tube and 10 off philo (one year on philo) . I signed up and sat down on Sunday to watch the bruins play, when I realized that you tube didn’t have nesn on it, but fubo offed it. We canceled you tube and Phillip and joined fubo. When I use fubo on my computer it has sometimes buffer on you, I purchased a fire stick and it works perfectly. I purchased the ultimate package and I was extremely impressed by fuboTV. It has some bugs and it is new way to learn to watch tv, but I can watch tv now anywhere. I have tried the others and in my book fuboTV is the best package for what you get live, and local channels. Check FuboTV out, you might be happily impressed..Version: 6.3.0

Amazing No use for COMCAST since FUBO & Sling Apps became Available!!!!!Best App yet to replace cable or dish. I use to have have Comcast and had the highest package possible. I obviously don’t have as many channels but I can deal with it when I’m literally saving $210 to $265 a month. I’ve also used Sling which was great but FUBO happens to be better for me specifically for New England and College Sports as well as some local channels as well. If your looking to save money or feel like you have been Robbed get rid of your dish or cable provider and go with FUBO-TV or Sling-TV. I personally just switched from Sling-TV to FUBO and myself and my family couldn’t be happier and they both seem to be making great progress almost daily. Thank You FUBO-TV for finally giving myself and my family a way out of the highway robbery of Comcast..Version: 4.5.4

What a great app and cable alternativeI really enjoy the app and features. Works amazing on my Apple TV (4th Gen). I especially like the record option to watch scheduled shows on my terms. But what really amazes me is the ability to watch a show that has aired previously before I set up the “record series “ option. What I mean is I wanted to watch a show called “The Curse of the Civil War Gold” and I set up to record the series. But I had already missed the previous 4-5 episodes. I could search for the show and select it and hit play. Thus watching the previous shows through the history channel app. It did this without having to exit FuboTV and go into History app. Perfect for me so far! The only thing I wish it had was a indicator in the guide section that indicated a show is already set up to record or if it was already set up to record the series. This would just make things easier instead of having to select the show in the guide and then see if it is already set up to record..Version: 5.0.5

Cut the cableFuboTV TV is very nice! I only like a handful of programs at a time so it’s very helpful to have access to most of the ones that I like to watch that do not require 500 channels that I hardly ever watch or am unaware or never even heard of. FuboTV does have quite a range of shows and channels to choose from but at least I can reach the end of the menu without wondering whether or not someone is just trying to bombard me with repeat stations that show just about the same thing as the other 50 channels they have related to that topic Paying almost $300 a month for so many channels is a hassle when I probably only watch 10. Thank you for coming along fuboTV since I only pretty much watch the news and sports along with a few of the old classic television shows or the ones I remember growing up with as a kid..Version: 6.16.2

Not Great for Hockey FansI trialed Fubo and loved it so much I paid for it until the NHL playoffs, since I also had another streaming service (YTTV) as well. However, I went back to that other streaming service because I primarily follow Hockey. This year, since the games have moved to TNT, ESPN+ and NHL network I can’t re-subscribe because for some reason Turner channels were removed from Fubo last year. In terms of the app, it was good, I had a few freezes, but other streaming services suffer from the same issue. Personally, Fubo is my favorite and if they made a deal with Turner I would probably use it as my exclusive streaming service since it has all the other channels I watch as well. If you can, check out the trial, but just know all Turner channels are, sadly, not included..Version: 6.5.0

Much better than DTVNOWSwitched from DTVNOW to Fubo three months ago after months of frustration and have been much happier. The streaming platform is much more stable and we continue to see more improvements every month. Channel lineup has everything except ESPN and Disney and my husband likes NESN and doesn’t miss ESPN. I have all the news and movie channels I like to watch. One thing I really appreciate is that if there is a break in the stream, it reloads to where you were, or a little before where you were so you don’t miss part of the episode. Right now the only glitch we have is that when we have the tv and my iPad on, I will sometimes get a “too many devices” msg but it doesn’t boot me out. It only happens with one of the two TVs we have and I suspect it may be because of the age of the tv tweaks something in the software program. I’m hoping that Fubo will soon add the ability to go to the last station without going back to the guide, but I’m sure they’ll continue to add options..Version: 6.5.6

Good so far, but some channels freezeI’m at the end of the 7-day free trial and the channel selection is good. Streaming is good overall, but I have had issues with two local channels (abc and fox). ABC freezes within seconds, but audio continues normally. Thought it was because I was first watching a live event, but then realized that the issue continued. Also, FOX skips ahead trying to catch up to live signal I guess, but then goes back like 10 seconds and does it over and over again making it impossible to watch. Are you aware of this issue? If so, are there other channels with the same problem? I’m watching through the app on Samsung smart TVs. I rebooted TV, changed channel multiple times, got out of app, etc, but nothing seems to work. I’m experiencing the same issue on two TVs. Thanks for your time..Version: 5.6.4

Practically perfect!I recently decided to give a few non traditional cable companies a try using their free trials (Sling, Philo, & Fubo). Fubo was the first one I tried (even though I had never heard of it) & I immediately loved everything about it. The layout of the app, the channels offered, the price... everything has been great! I have not experienced a single issue. I have loved it so much that I canceled my other free trials midway through just so I could pay for Fubo & have everything I needed again. My ONLY gripe is that TruTV & TNT aren’t supported on here. But I get so many other channels that I love & can’t get anywhere else that it’s still worth for me! One of my favorite things is you can favorite your favorite channels so that they appear at the top of the app & then you can easily go through them & see what’s playing on your favorite channels. Kinda like a customized TV guide. It truly is amazing & worth every cent!.Version: 5.6.2

Great! Few Tech Issues & Low RECORDING SPACEIt has gotten better since I started with FUBO this past summer. For several months it was 1 issue after another - the frustrating kind. Most of the time the screen would Freeze & then I’d lose content. The other main problem was the voice wasn’t in sync with screen, video freezes. The later still continues but much less than before. One problem I don’t like that I really enjoyed with Spectrum was the amount of video recording allotted space. AND I DIDN’T PAY AN EXCESS AMOUNT TO DO RECORDiNG’s. There was plenty of storage by Spectrum BUT, WITH FUBO YOU ONLY GET 30 HOURS. WITH THAT LOW NUMBER YOU CAN ONKT STORE A FEW MOVIES, ESPECIALLY DURING HOLIDAYS. I’M RETIRED & CANT AFFORD EXCESSIVE MONTHLY FEES. PLEASE INCREASE THE AMOUNT, AT LEAST TO SENIORS. If I was working I’d have no problem with the cost. I’m in my late 70’s & TV MOVIES & SPECIAL WERKLY SERIES are my favorite shows to watch, but with Dr Appts, Physical Therapy & Choir Practice I miss many of my special shows & then recording space becomes limited. Love FUBO but would enjoy it more if I had more recording space. Thanks for listening!!.Version: 5.1.0

Great TV serviceMy favorite things I got from subscribing to Fubo is the NFL Red Zone! The best way to watch football!!! Easy to use guide and channel selection, and the most remarkable thing I must share is that Fubo customer service department sent me an email that I didn’t ask for and most importantly never experienced with any other TV service providers. The Email explained that I could save money in my next billing cycle if I canceled my sports package within the next few days, this was awesome because regular season football games in both the NFL and NCAA were done and all the games from then on would be available without my sports package. This is a big deal for me. It was like for the first time a company was more interested in me being happy with my service than they were making 10 more bucks off me for another month..Version: 5.7.1

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