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Amazon Prime Video App User Positive Comments 2023

Amazon Prime Video app received 98 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about amazon prime video?

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Amazon Prime Video for Positive User Reviews

I think it is better than the others I have.Great shows and great movies. Awesome to watch and easy to use.Version: 8.4

Best film streaming app ever 🤗This app has much more films than other apps of this type. And if they don’t have something you can often buy that film to keep. I recently bought Westworld seasons 1&2 and as I don’t have a tv had waited ages for Netflix to show it but it just didn’t happen. Then I seen it was available to purchase on here for not much at all . Absolutely worth every penny! However everything else I wanted to watch has been available free . Prime is absolutely amazing and I will be unsubscribing from Netflix when my next payment is due. Prime is now better by miles !.Version: 7.10

Not the best app.If I watch an Episode on my IPhone then go to my IPad later to watch another it doesn’t save my place. According to the app on my phone I’ve watched 3 episodes whereas my IPad says `I’ve watched ten and skipped 3.. not sure why the account doesn’t update between devices. Also, have issues with subtitles. I rented midnight express recently for a re-watch, which has lots of foreign dialogue and there were no subtitles available for it so as ended up not watching it (waste of money there..) Content wise it’s fine, it has lots of shows I love, but in terms of the app it’s self it is nowhere near as good as it’s direct competitors Disney+ and Netflix..Version: 9.6

AddsI pay for prime, so I don’t have to watch adds or promos, please stop putting adds on when I want to watch a show. Update better movies that are free, not ones you have to buy. You and Disney are doing it wrong. Just use the original Netflix format. You copied it, and it works!.Version: 8.30.1

You Can Do Better!! 😡😡What’s with the way you play series’s out of order??🤬🤬 Been trying to watch Andromeda, and regularly chucked from here, there and all over the place. Would like to get a good view of the storyline!! Do something to fix it!! 😡😡.Version: 9.3

Little Fires everywhereRead this book and have just finished watching all 8 episodes of Season 1. Thoroughly enjoyed..Version: 8.38.1

Awesome platformLove it how you can look at who is in the show or movie whilst watching it. Some really good binge worthy series. Super easy to use..Version: 8.38

My favorite streaming service, but for 1 BIG problemI love the movie and show selections included in Prime. I LOVE the selection of crime shows from the UK and the shows from PBS. The one complaint, and it’s a pretty big one, is that stream frequently fails/crashes/goes back to the selection screen. This happens several times every week. It also happens on both iPad and iPhone apps. Sometimes it will resume working when it select play, but usually it will continue to fail and Nothing but time will resolve it. When this happens have tried restarting the app, uninstall/reinstalling the app, switching from WiFi to cellular. Nothing I have tried has provided a better solution than time away from the app. Please fix this..Version: 8.7

Why ads?Plenty of old content if you like or miss tv shows from early 90’s through to naughties I don’t like that there are ads or other prime show promotions running between episodes or right after resuming an episode.Version: 6.0

MoviesI really love this streaming service and the quality of the service is amazing. Brilliant TV shows and some brilliant movies, however it feels a bit linear and claustrophobic when looking through. It feels like i’m just scrolling past the same shows over and over and while the TV shows and movies that are on here are great, there isn’t as much variety as what I expected. A way this could be changed is by potentially having more films suchh as (‘Interstellar’,’Dredd’ ect). Films like these and just overall increased variety would be the best finishing touch possible. Possibly a change in user interface to a more open and friendly vibe.Version: 6.6.1

Reliable, but with issuesOverall, this is a pretty good app. I use it on my iOS devices and my Android-based smart TV. The one very irritating issue I have is when browsing categorized content (movies listed under categories like Drama Movies, Historical Movies, Comedy Movies, etc.) on my TV, if I select a movie and add it to my watchlist, when I go back to resuming browsing more movies in that category, I am not returned to the appropriate category. In fact, I’m generally returned to an all together different category, some random movie selection, or the landing page. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I have to scroll around to find the category I was browsing. It’s very irritating..Version: 9.19

Slow to load videosCan you fix the bug where the video loading screen spins but won’t play the video? I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted my iPad, and have the latest iOS. However, I still get a black screen with a spinning circle when I tap on an episode of a show that I want to watch. I have no other issues on other video streaming apps. This issue started two updates back. Update: I have updated my iOS, the app, signed off and signed back in and I still get a spinning circle animation when I tap on the episode I want to watch. UPDATE: I fixed the issue by removing my old devices from my iCloud account. UPDATE 2: I am getting the spinning circle and playback error again..Version: 9.10

“A Haunting”I love to watch paranormal shows and Prime has a lot of options…” A Haunting “ is a great example of the shows I watch. I have no adds on my service, so idk if this is the problem when watching this show. This is a very edge of your seat program, the problem is, when it come toward the very end of every episode, Prime ends the program immediately after what would be the last commercial break, so I never get to see what happens at the very end. UGH!! THIS IS SO FRIGIN FRUSTRATING!!! It’s an awesome show and the end of it, I’m sure, would be incredible and not to mention the nformative. But I will never know what happens to the demons/spirits/residents or mediums/priests/paranormal investigators because PRIME DOES NOT SHOW THE END OF ANY OF THEIR EPISODES!!!!! PS if anyone reading this experiences this while watching other programs/shows, PLEASE write a review stating s. Hopefully Prime will get the message and fix this frustrating bug!!!.Version: 9.24

Scrolling through titlesThe app is amazing with a vast library really enjoyable. Nothing to complain about but would be nice when scrolling through what to watch then clicking on a title for more info then going back out to the scrolling options again you get sent back to beginning of the list to scroll again through to get to where you were previously can be a bit annoying. Would be great if you could continue from where you were. Cheers!.Version: 8.10

Great app BUTMost movies are free but I find movies I wanna watch in search and it makes you pay more money I already pay for the app…? Why can’t it be like Netflix? Or why do you have to pay more to see super old movies or super old tv shows makes no scene Otherwise it’s alright.Version: 9.7.1

Great shows for biding time only on Prime VideoIt has been something of a revelation to find I could watch movies on my iPad or on my iPhone provided one had the time. My wife and I had been travelling overseas for 4 months, constantly on the move with some quiet down time along the way and they were the moments I reached for the iPad and watched a show till our next move to the next town or country. Thank you Prime Video for helping me to bide time. Regards Nicholas SPARTALIS 😇.Version: 9.16.1

AwesomeThe more I browsed through the titles the more I liked the app. So many cool movies, and old school ones too..Version: 6.9.2

Great valueOnly downside is if the person wants to sign up to or cancel any extra channels through Prime, they still have to go through the website. With Apps getting more innovative I’d have thought they could and should have allowed that process to be available through the App itself. Also giving people the option to subscribe to those channels with just iTunes voucher/credits should be an option through the App as well.Version: 9.19

Prime VideoI love Prime Video because of how there is a selection of movies and tv shows. But there are some things on there that you have to pay for this is very annoying especially when you are in the middle of a good tv show and then the last season is not on prime that is extremely annoying. The only improvement I would like is that if you are on prime you do not have to pay for anything on there apart from the membership thing. Thank you x.Version: 6.6.1

Great app. Only one small issue...I found that if I pause what I’m playing on the app only a minute later it will totally close whatever it is I’m playing. I have an iPhone so other media apps will linger in the background so that if I pause for a moment I can come right back to it where I left off without having to reopen the app and press “play” again. Also I can’t make it a background window on my phone without full screening it first which is another thing other media apps do right away which is odd. But over all it is not too inconvenient of things. Just little nitpicks that could make an already great app even better and rival other media apps!.Version: 8.30.1

A+++Better than Netflix.Version: 9.19.1

Good, but flawedI love the prime video app overall. For the most part it remembers where you left off on shows from device to device. I can save my favorites, and it recommends shows for me. The first flaw that bugs me, if I pause the movie with around 5 minutes left, and come back to it after the screen shuts off, it always skips to the next episode and cuts off my last few minutes. This happens on my Galaxy, Firestick and iPad, so I know it’s not my device . Drives me crazy. Next flaw is I can’t clear my watch history on just one show. I’m rewatching some shows and lose my place because it shows that I’ve seen all the episodes. I don’t want to clear my entire watch history, then I’ll lose my place in current shows. I wish this was a feature. If this feature exists, I haven’t seen anywhere to click to make this happen. Other than these two complaints, I enjoy prime video very much!.Version: 7.8

Where's the subtitles?How can they release movies that have foreign language for minutes and don't have any subtitles? Sure there are lots of great movies and series but it's frustrating to be twenty minutes into a movie where there's whole conversations not in English and subtitles only show for when they are speaking English. What gives? Other than that Prime I feel is better than Netflix which seems to make so many movies and series with constant blood splattering throughout..Version: 8.10

BonesEnjoyable, relaxing, up to season four and have given up smoking and drinking by using prime videos to relax at night over the last 5 weeks, worth its weight in gold - my new best friend 👍😇.Version: 8.28.2

Recent update may have caused a bugSo usually I have no issue casting prime shows TJ my TV, however, since this new update I haven’t been able to cast to my device. I know it’s connected to my wifi and the chrome cast itself working properly however the casting butting is now showing.Version: 8.36.1

Well done but room for improvementOverall, very good coverage of the US Open matches. The only downside is that most times you have to start the matches from the beginning again when you take a break or pulse a match for sometime. This can be very frustrating, especially when watching long matches. It can be difficult sitting through 4 hours of tennis in one go, especially late at night and one should be able to carry on watching the following day from where you stopped the night before!.Version: 7.4.1

Great value of moneyFor the price it’s great. I payed for the year so I saved a bit compared to paying per month. There is a lot to watch and some content is in 4K. Refreshing not having to pay more compared to Netflix. Actually quite hard to justify paying for Netflix when you get great content with any other subscription..Version: 8.3

I tried another, this is betterI wish for one series and that is the office But easy to uses, downloading is handy. Documentaries is a great addition.Version: 4.7.2

Pretty goodPrime app works great. Overall, it's relatively user friendly, awesome that data syncs to your other devices, and the content is fantastic. However, I have a few complaints: My biggest gripe: I'm not a fan of subscription-based payments, so I believe the monthly Prime membership should include access the ALL content, not just some content. It needs a more functional layout (it's too cluttered looking). Also- the Search function is tedious and time consuming if you don't have a microphone, you have to click letter-by-letter with your remote and pause typing before it will populate matching results. And what's with lack of predictive text here? Finally, I also wish users could make different shareable playlists for other Prime users..Version: 6.8

Good app10 sec jump forward or backward is used by me all the time. Either see what I’ve missed or skip through a slow-moving show. X-ray feature gives me info and trivia about a production..Version: 8.26

Prime Video - awesome platform, awesome price!Love using prime video as it’s super affordable and has great shows, especially their originals - such as the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (highly recommend!). Also obsessed with the X-Ray feature! My only problem is their small range of movies/shows; I hope we will see more classics and popular shows outside of their originals in the future. Not the biggest problem though, it’s absolutely worth getting their gold, like no other documentaries and shows you can find on here!.Version: 9.11

Great but could use more parental controlsCheap, good selection, just would like a pin lock on adult profiles, and to bar certain shows for kids. Otherwise really good..Version: 8.15

Good stories availableBut, not stable enough to cast for more than 15-30 minutes. Most annoying. Watching on my fabulous iPad. Prefer the big screen. Please fix or advise..Version: 8.4

A couple of issuesI like the selection of tv and movies available, plus that it gives me access to my ever growing digital movie library. One problem is that if you are binging a show and pause your TV show in the last few minutes, and exit the app, it automatically assumes that you don’t want to watch the end of the episode. The next episode automatically comes up and you have to backtrack, scroll, and watch 2 minutes of commercials to see the big reveal in the last few seconds of the episode. I also see a lot of episode reviews are incorrect (looking at you Smallville). Hopefully these issues will be corrected in the future..Version: 8.33

Amazon StackGood app with great shows, but if I’m paying for it I don’t want commercials..Version: 7.0.3

Great App - Needs Menu Help to be AwesomeLove Prime! It’s my favorite streaming platform. To make it needs a user-defined view for purchased movies/shows! The cataloging views on my phone, tablet and TV are second rate. Let the user define (by different views) how they see their library! I don’t care to see a default chronological sort of what I’ve purchased! I DO care that 4 movies in a series are grouped together so I don’t have to scroll through 300 titles to find one of them. Also, show two or more rows of my purchases. A single row scroll is sooo yesteryear! I have 200 plus purchases and it’s getting harder and harder to find things. Please help. Last comment, allow purchases on my iPhone! Don’t make me log into another device for purchase..Version: 7.5.5

Worth the Watch!Come on Robin Williams one more time heck yeah! I love humor and I love Christmas, and Robin Williams and Candice don’t disappoint! This movie made me smile 😊 and keep smiling! With all the world upside down and the pandemic 😷 and sooo much more Robin Williams last movie 🎥 yesss I would watch this again. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 folks and Happy New Year 🎊🎆🎈 2022 bring the year on.. I would have given the movie 5 stars ⭐️ but Robin Williams was a super comedian and he was always working on his humor, so out of fairness to one of the greatest comedians ever 4 stars ⭐️. So Robin where ever you are there’s always room for improvement! I see you just beyond the veil laughing and smiling 😊 and telling anyone within the sound of your vortex some really awesome jokes. We just can’t stop laughing 😂…..Version: 9.2.2

Amazing App but need’s an Edit UpdateThis is an awesome Streaming app. The massively wide variety of movie’s is very good lots to watch and experience and customer service is amazing. The only annoyance is navigating through the movie’s i have purchased and downloaded, having to scroll all the way down to watch the 1st part of a movie to then scroll all the way up to watch the 2nd part. Don’t get me wrong i have somewhat gotten used to doing it multiple times but if you guy’s could add an edit option to move movie’s to wherever you’d wish or have movie’s such as Back To The Future all together instead of having to find them everywhere else. I hope you can do this sometime in the future as I believe it would make me and alot of other customers very happy..Version: 9.6

Quality programmesIt’s all class on this site - why go anywhere else..Version: 5.4

Slick. No gripes. I like it.This is a good app with a good array of content. If you want to watch their content, pay, it’s a hassle free experience. I’ve stopped & started several times. Only thing to watch is it is surprisingly easy to buy by mistake. Simple resolution. Didn’t touch the mistaken purchase, & contacted customer support immediately. Again, no hassles. Can’t ask for better than that. 4 stars instead of 5, ‘cause 5 is for fans & 1 is for haters..Version: 9.11

Forensic filesIf you could just put all the forensic files seasons back on and then leave them alone, that would be fantastic..Version: 8.30

Lack of content$16 per month for almost no content. Why do you muppets show me hundreds of titles that are location locked such that I can't view them? Idiots! Why would you do that? Why not just show me the stuff (albeit limited) that I can actually watch? Very frustrating tapping on an interesting title only to be told it's not available in my location. Again and again and again!! Only a couple of titles that I'm actually interested in. $16 per month is a total rip off!!.Version: 4.8.2

The app vs having on your tvI hate that you guys made the phone version that has the rated for what age group up in the left hand corner and never goes away. Never going to watch a tv show with words that just hang there on the side? What’s wrong with you buddy..Version: 9.24.2

ReviewI highly recommend Prime Video! The variety of up to date programmes and movies are available to watch, and the monthly subscription is the cheapest. AAA+++.Version: 9.18.1

Why cant you pay with a credit cardThe love the shows but hate that you have to use apple to pay why cant i just login and pay with a credit card. Annoying and frustrating specially since apple is slow and dodgy.Version: 8.36.1

SubtitlesPrime is great, but when I’m watching series or films on my phone it’s automatically on subtitles, which is pretty annoying when watching a series having to turn it off every episode. I don’t know why it does this, whether it’s just me or not but can you please change it so it doesn’t have subtitles unless you turn them on. I don’t understand why it does it on my phone and not my tv, but I have tried to change it in my settings or in the app but nothing seems to work. I’m sorry if there’s an inconvenience with this..Version: 8.3

Love prime showsThank you for creating prime shows I rented few movies and came across some really clean cute shows free prime with Ads thank you I love some of the rentals and free movies I not into violence shows those should not be shown with the shootings violence we have here in America I like to see you make more shows showing kids to respect their elders like Doris day, Andy griffin show something like that this generation of kids need to see more of this you may think I sound old fashioned but what I saying is the truth put on shows chinny chunky bang bang wizard of oz these shows shows respect this is what kids need to see more of thank you for all you do.Version: 8.29.1

Where’s the rest?Where’s Prince of Egypt? Where’s Joseph King of Dreams? NOT AVAILABLE IN NZ!!! I honestly hate this. The fact that you have limited content restricted to certain countries is so disappointing and I don’t understand it. I would not download this app unless it was free (which it is) You’re contents pretty outdated but would be great if you actually had stuff available in New Zealand 🇳🇿.Version: 8.15

Not badOnly got it to watch Rihanna’s lingerie show but decided to keep after free trial over, it has some pretty cool series/movies.Version: 7.5.4

Love this App!!I love this app, not only does it have a great selection of shows and movies, the smooth tradition when binge watching shows, to the option to skip adds/promotions. The app in my opinion runs much smoother than other subscription apps. The only thing I would recommend is an option to skip intros..Version: 8.17

In-between-ersWhat about us kids who aren’t teenagers yet or necessarily little kids either i wish there were more show options for us i want to watch river dale right but my parents wont let me just yet and so I’m having to watch the archies comics there good but not much like Riverdale and for us girls that are my age 12 we want more options a lot of the shows for our age are animated sometimes more leaning towards the boys so if you could get other options that would be great other than that prime is good well there is one more thing a lot of these shows you have to buy or rent ok other than those things its a good app.Version: 8.22

Brilliant & awfulThe concept and everything with it is great. The app however is abysmal. Quite often I have to load it several times before it works and it’s better if you’re not connected to a network when you do otherwise it can be painfully slow. Speaking of painfully slow, the download speed is the worst I’ve known since dial up! I give it four stars because I wouldn’t be without it now, I prefer it to Netflix and on the whole love it. Make the app work as well as Netflix and it’d be perfect..Version: 9.11

Very goodI quite enjoy the selection of films on offer, love some of the original shows and like the fact many (if not most shows) tell you trivia about the show/actors and who exactly is in each scene. Only downsides being that subtitles aren’t always correct. For people like myself who just like subtitles this isn’t a huge issue (irks me slightly but I can live with it) but for hard of hearing d/Deaf people I can imagine it is very frustrating. Sometimes they’re missing (if the camera isn’t on the speaker, if it’s Afrikaans/British for some!) or they’re just wrong. I also don’t like how it doesn’t automatically fall into landscape mode when I play a film, like Netflix or other streaming services does, I have to manually set what way the screen is..Version: 8.4

Good app!!Always has a show or film to watch never left so TV out finding something to watch. Easy to sue and navigate the layout. Overall great app..Version: 8.41

Good but needs an editI think the pictures could be a little bigger in the menu plus when i click the free to me button it still shows movies to buy/rent. Also in my watch list when you go into a movie to read the details and come out again it goes back to the top of the list again which is very frustrating when youre near the bottom.Version: 9.14

Loving it!Lots of fabulous content for a really great price. I love the convenience of streaming apps and Prime has all the best features of Netflix, like continuous play when watching a series or the download to watch later feature. And for once, I actually don’t mind the advertisements that come on before watching a show, have discovered many other things I’ve enjoyed watching through these trailers. Would highly recommend Prime...👍👍👍.Version: 7.10

My AppreciationAs a modern person of 65 years, I’ve enjoyed thoroughly your own developed programmes, especially Clarkson Farms and Victorian Farms. Both delicious and delightful! Congratulations!.Version: 8.32

Best streaming appI normally don’t make reviews but prime video is honestly getting better by the day like that fact that you get it when paying for prime delivery is already bonus but they are starting to get a better up to date selection than Netflix! They’ve recently added all seasons of bobs burgers which caused me to create this review because it’s my all time favourite show (Just need Prime to take over rights to Tuca and Bertie for season 2+ please!!!) also to find shows is easy to use, considering unsubscribing other streaming accounts as they don’t see as beneficial.Version: 7.3

I love prime videoI love prime it’s amazing you can watch anything you want but some cost money and i’ve been wanting to watch “How to train your dragon: The hidden world” but i can’t because it costs money and i’m sure lots of children want to watch it too but it costs money and some parents let their kids buy it but others don’t, my mum just came out of hospital which means she’s not got a lot of money right now so she can’t buy it which makes me sad because that means i can’t watch the movie so i think it should be free for children but not just that one i think all the, How to train your dragons should be free because lots and lots of children like it. Other than that its amazing and i highly recommend it 👍🏼.Version: 9.11

Why are you reading this? Download itPrime is an amazing app and honestly one of my favourites. You can watch literally ANYTHING! meanwhile Netflix and other platforms sometimes don’t have everything, whilst prime does. There is something for everyone on there, but unfortunately some programmes you have to buy or rent. Buy meaning, you have it forever and you don’t have limits although it’s more expensive. Rent however, You get 30 days to start watching it (which is clearly plenty of time) and 48 hours after you start watching it to finish, you can watch it as many times as you want within the 48 hours and it will tell you how much longer you have left. Amazing app altogether, 100% recommend!!.Version: 9.25.2

A decent app with one problemA decent app, this - pretty good at keeping on streaming films and TV even though my internet connection is painfully slow (roll on the upgraded connection, due soon!). My only issue is that there is no option to switch off subtitles entirely. I have coped with having to switch them off every time a new episode kicks in, but trying to watch Babylon 5 free with ads, and having to switch off the subtitles after every ad break is deeply frustrating, and makes it a rather less immersive experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that subtitles are available - they’re utterly necessary for accessibility - but to have a control in-app to allow those of us who don’t need them to switch them off if we so desire would be a wonderful thing. And hopefully not too complex to program….Version: 9.15.1

LockdownI have Been on lockdown nearly 7 months . My lockdown started the last 2 weeks in February. I have COPD with No Cure so I am slowly dying there are 4 stages with this disease because it slow it might 9 month to 5 years so I have to be careful as I am on Oxygen tanks when I go out and machines at home . I am terminally ill and on the risk list . I have tried other apps they are completely Rubbish, but this one is fantastic and by watch different films it help me with my pain and paying the subscription is so worth it . So thank you so much you're definitely my medication.Version: 8.12

Ok but some issues need to be fixedEnjoy some of what prime offers but it’s not my go-to streaming app as there’s just too many others out there with more content. A couple of things that I dislike about this app is the forward and rewind functions (instead of just forwarding or rewinding, it tells you you have to hold to forward or rewind and takes a few second before it actually does it, whereas other apps just forward and rewind right away). The other thing is it doesn’t always go to where you last left off. Finally, my biggest complaint is that I started to watch more foreign shows, particularly Chinese drama, and problems I’ve noted include audio and video not syncing, and the audio will go out completely in parts of the show. Would be good if these can be fixed..Version: 8.24

GreatThis prime video gives you whatever you want because I want to watch the whole season of Thundermans and is it what I said and now I can watch the whole show it’s the best watching thingy ever .make sure you download now because it’s the best ever!!!.Version: 9.5

AmazingI love prime for a number of reasons but I personally feel that all kids films should be free I’m an adult so I don’t benefit me and I don’t have kids but imagine a child already paying to watch a film in cinemas to them have to pay for it on prime I think that’s a little unfair. However yes there are other platforms but some of those don’t have the same content so personally I feel kids films should all be free. Overall I love prime as now I’ve come across a film “some like it rare” yet I have to pay and I’ve never paid for a film on prime I’m my life but this is worth the watch so y’all got me here 🤣.Version: 9.11

The Grand TourI love the picture quality and the content please keep this show going for us! Fabulously entertaining and no swearing! A proper family show!.Version: 6.2

Doesn’t work in NZDownloaded it and began free trail to find that because I live in NZ no media works... it’s stupid to advertise it in NZ if that what happens...really quite sad for us New Zealanders.Version: 7.10

Advertisement before customer serviceI won’t buy another video from this site! I own all 7 seasons of a TV series, that happens to be on HBO. Half the time I try to watch the series I own on “PRIME” HBO’s adds keep me from getting to my videos, prompting me to buy a subscription to HBO NOW. It’s frustrating, and then to call customer service and English is not the first language of anyone I spoke with. Which would be fine but they couldn’t understand what I just explained. They kept telling me to renew my subscription, which I don’t have or need to watch my videos. For extra fun I was hung up on 3 times. I have been a fan of Prime for a long time.........not anymore..... Ssshhheeeeeesssshhh I just wanted to watch my videos..Version: 5.1.2

Please supply Rifftrax movie presentations, with the option to mute the comments.I would like to offer some feedback, but have found it difficult to do this in the right way. So firstly, as a new subscriber, I am enjoying the service, and can give it a high mark. I recently found that I could watch the cheesy, “The Sword and the Sorcerer”, movie from 1982. Unfortunately for me, it was shown with, what I felt was juvenile and not funny commentary from “Rifftrax”. This movie, when first released, was not meant to be taken seriously. Rifftrax’s comments wrecked the movie, and stepped all over the not at all subtle comedy, and non PC attitude of the original, replacing it with pretentious boorish comments. Whilst I accept that there may be an audience for this, it would be nice if it was possible to watch the original presentation. Thanks..Version: 8.13

GREATThe best thing I ever got (I suggest the Vampire Diaries best TV Series I have ever watched.Version: 9.10

LOVE PRIME VIDEO!Basically, everything you want is on here. I love that there are parental controls per the device you’re using and that you can have multiple devices watching prime video without an extra charge. I can sync all my digital movies from here to movies anywhere website, I prefer that over iTunes video any day. I also love the primer discounts for rentals and purchases that they run every so often. It’s about as cheap as red box but lasts longer, sometimes 7 days after the first viewing, and I don’t have to rush out of the house to drop it off by 9pm Kiel redbox requires. Another bonus is I can get HBO and other channels through Prime and cancel at anytime. LOVE that feature. I highly recommend it!!.Version: 5.5

All those Bollywood movies!!!I am loving your Hindi film collection!! your app is the only one that I have seen so far that actually drops the latest Bollywood films like “Dabaang 3” and “War”. Also thank you for the English subtitles. My only request is, can we get Hindi tv serials, I’ve been searching for “Dev Ke Dev Mahadev” or “ Mahabharata”. Finding Hindi tv shows with English subtitles is a trial here in Aussie but the Brits have heaps of channels with them. Moving on, when is “Carnival Row” coming back? Anyone debating on whether it’s worth subscribing, my response is “Yup it is” another must have app to your streaming ones😌.Version: 8.3

App no longer works after update.I updated the prime video app on my iPad tonight and now the app won’t open, press the icon and nothing happens. I’ve tried opening prime video on my browser but it won’t play any of my films, press play and the browser closes. What has happened? Any help appreciated. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, same problem, tried restarting my iPad, same problem. Help!.Version: 9.4

Ads during title?I pay for this service yet I still expect to get an ad at the intro to every film/show. A little annoying..Version: 6.8

Awesome app! RecommenedTbh i only downloaded it so i could get the free skin for FORTNITE, then ended up browsing through it and actually ended up liking the movies and shows it offered. Could really do with some more current and recent year movies for sure but awesome app either way. And only for $4.50(NZD) a month so im not complaining. Would definately recommened espcially with the free trial available.Version: 5.3

Last update made bugs worse on iPad app,Hi AP I did the free 30 day trial to acorn TV on Thursday, ever since trying to watch anything on my iPad app just means it stops after a few minutes and closes the app. I got rid of the app and downloaded it again and it’s still doing it. Is this a ploy so that I don’t get a full 30 days. Happening with all shows on prime app too! Normally it works well. iPad up to date on updates as are apps.Version: 8.36.1

Good not awesomeLove the x-ray, hate the fact most tvs in Oz don’t support it, some issues in hd streaming and sync after minimising on an ipad, good that i can minimise. Still doesn’t compete with Netflix but i do enjoy many originals here. Needs work on their streaming and software, needs a larger selection of “paid for content,” as in i’m paying for prime and nothing here is tech free… dislike the idea they’d have a “free for me” switch as if i didn’t pay to be here..Version: 9.2.2

Not available in your current locationThe app itself is fine, it does what it’s supposed to, however, the content is a huge disappointment. Why on earth would anybody pay a monthly subscription for a steaming service that promotes amazing shows, only to prompt “not available in your current location”. Seriously, 90% of the shows aren’t available, what’s the point?! Thanks for the free month amazon, but even that wasn’t worth my time..Version: 4.7.1

Finally ChromecastFinally able to use chromecast, rating gets an upgrade too.Version: 7.2

GreatI do love this service, so many options which is great. The only little thing I have a teeny issue with is the movies/ programs showing available but I’m unable to watch because I have to pay for it. I cannot purchase the via my app service..Version: 8.7

Fantastic some good shows well done guys and ladiesThe shows are very good albeit very small we don’t see as much as what the Americans see which is disappointing we should be seeing a bit more content as they say Australia is number one and America is number 10 and that’s why we don’t get a lot but what we do get is okay keep up the good work.Version: 9.11

X-ray is such a cool featureI have held off getting prime and have had it a short while now and I thought to watch one of my classic faves. But whilst watching on my phone on the bus I come across the X-ray feature which added more entertainment value to my movie. In the trivia section It shows continuity mistakes, facts behind quotes, inspirations for costumes and characters. A lot more valuable than Netflix or Disney..Version: 9.19

The best thing Anyone could ever wish forI don’t bother with television anymore because all you see is rubbish the same old rubbish that’s been repeated year after year week after week and we have to pay a massive television licence to watch such rubbish .If you haven’t yet get prime it’s amazing I watch it every single night and fall asleep watching it on my iPad can’t wait for the next horror movies to come it’s a five star for me Kevin from Ruislip.Version: 9.3.1

Nice, but it can be betterLikes the live sport shows. Enjoys the Grand Tour in 4K. Generally, I like the access to 4K contents without having to pay premium for it. I would prefer having different in-app profiles for at least me and my kids. I don’t like it that my kids have to see pictures of grown up movies while trying to navigate to the kids section. It is not right especially for people that watch lots of movies inappropriate for kids. I also think that the GUI for the apps could be improved generally. It could be made more exciting to watch and navigate..Version: 6.8

ComplicatedYour account setting is not user friendly. Compared to other provider this is very difficult to navigate! Make your account settiing simple and easy to understand!.Version: 9.1

I love it but …But I hate that you have to purchase some movies and the look of the app like do you even like celebrate Christmas day and Christmas movies and Christmas stuff do they make the ad look like a head scarfs Christmas hatSnow and that’s it and the prime video logo I want to see that and awesome oh well but also because you know I’ll be watching it are you watching odd squad cars are yeah are you getting into child Hood State because I mean don’t we all remember our childhood and I’d be watching pretty good stuff on there not really much to be watching but I like everything about it I like that they have all these movies and stuff I hate that you have to purchase some but it’s OK#HatingLoveNotReallyHatingLove… This is Hannah signing off PS do not hate love..Version: 8.35

Love it, but could use some improvements!Our family loves watching Prime! Access to family friendly shows is what we look for most in our TV viewing. There are some PBS shows where we can see a few episodes or seasons and then others cost too much to buy. Would like to see shows like Murder She Wrote, etc have more seasons added. Also, I enjoy watching Law & Order SVU, so more seasons of that and other similar shows would be great. Would like to see more of the movies for kids be “prime” instead of having to pay for many that we would watch. Overall, use it way more than Netflix....thinking about giving it up, if Prime offers more..Version: 7.6

TrashAds on a paid service. ZERO class amazon..Version: 8.20

I just have ONE questionSo this app is clearly very successful and has lots if descent reviews but my daughter has a question, so apparently there is this series called just add magic and there are multiple seasons, my daughter wants to know if after this covid 19 crisis there will be a new one as she really enjoys Just add magic and she loves the whole concept. I would be very grateful and and my child will be very happy if you answer this question, overall this app is very decent and has a lot of great reviews. It also has a lot more kids content than Netflix..Version: 8.8

Pay a subscription and then pay again to watch stuff not fairI’m ok with the stuff thrown in with the subscription but they advertise the good stuff that isn’t included. They should separate it so you know what you can watch instead of clicking into things that you fancy watching and after clicking on loads you find one that you can watch without paying more. Just put them in their own category, like “included in subscription” or “Pay More”. I’m just so over it. Thinking of cancelling..Version: 7.8

Buffering-really?We are HUGE Reacher fans and have read most of the books. We are hoping for many more seasons. The issue causing one less star? At least 5 times while watching a buffer wheel comes up, then the video stops. This happens with other videos as well. It happens on the LG TV, IPhone, and iPad. We have streaming through the cable service and there are no outages or issues with them. If we wait 5-10 minutes we have are put in at the correct part of the video but anywhere from 5-15 minutes the buffering starts again. All connections are fine and there is only one thing left - Prime. If we were not big Reacher fans we would not continue watching..Version: 9.3.1

CoolC’mon whiners it’s less than the price of a coffee each month. Yeah there’s ads and not a load of new blockbusters but for the money it’s great. Plus it had Highlander!!! NOBODY has Highlander. 👍🏻 There can be only one..Version: 6.7.1

Great way to survive winter.Prime is a great service for people as it provides an amazing range of films and tv programs to engage everyone! I have watched whole runs of different series and discovered fabulous actors, writers and the values from the early 90’s to today. This also shows cultural and social changes especially for women, gay and trans people and how openly they were invisible or derided in scripts and how this changed over thirty plus years. Way to go Prime! As someone whose mobility is compromised and wet weather increases pain, Prime has made many a dreary day pass quickly. I also have Netflix, Stan, Disney and Apple courtesy of my generous daughters but I spend most of my time with Prime. Thank you for your great programming..Version: 9.21

ReviewThe app is good but it could use more shows as it only has a few.Version: 7.2.1

Does not fully clear when closedI have discovered that Car Play texting and reading texts doesn’t work if Prime Video isn’t fully shut down on my iPhone. Even with the app closed, my home screen still thinks it’s there and shows me a play button. I think I may have to fully shut down my phone to clear it (cached?) before I can drive anywhere. This never happened with Netflix to any degree. And this is after the most recent update from Sept 8/21. Other than this frustrating bug, great app. UPDATE: Definitely have to power off my phone to clear out Prime Video so I can send and receive texts via Car Play. Prime video also shuts down if I use another audio app via Car Play..Version: 8.37

Feeling left out down hereI love using Prime, the ease of finding something to watch is unmatched, however I really wish there were no global limitations. I can’t watch the same things in Aus, as my friend in the USA. In this day & age I don’t understand why. Please allow us to watch the same programs, no matter where in the world we are..Version: 8.0

Does the JobMovies/Series aside- the App is not as good as Netflix app which has better tracking of which episode you are up to.Version: 8.15.2

PLEASE DONT CANCEL TENNIS!Really sad to hear they’re planning to cancel their genus coverage. Sadly I’ll be cancelling my subscription as without the coverage it’s not worth it for me. Some specific feedback I have, watching tennis replays is extremely frustrating as playing the video shows the video controls and so crucially, you end up seeing how far through a match is. So if you pause the match after one set, you end up likely seeing who is going to win as if the progress bar is at the half way mark, you know the person who win the first set is going to win. This sounds like a really niche problem BUT IT’S NOT! I would watch a lot more matches all the way through with this change. For some reason they have also recently disabled Picture In Picture for live tennis on iOS, or it’s at least inconsistent. PLEASE bring this back, I can’t watch it otherwise as have to do other things on my phone at the same time! I’d like to thank the developers for not moving ahead with their AB test where they added ads to tennis breaks without warning. For someone who has paid a lot for a year’s membership, this was very far from what I agreed to and if it had continued, I would not have been renewing..Version: 9.20.1

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